The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1946
Page 4
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PAGEPOUK BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1946 !' Published Every Friday in the literal of Farm Families of This \ , Agricultural Section. ' FARM NEWS^FEAl'URES Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Cotlon Specialist DisocsesOutlook Special Attention Is Being Given to Postwar Production. Place ofv cotton in the future ngrlcultnre^of' Arkansas is being widelj discussed, according to Dale MeGrcgor7 "extension/co lion' ispeclal- ist, In -an- article "Cotton Pro- duct}6ji ii> the postwar Period.", ; Hisr .article followsi -,:.. • " Perward-k»king leaders, re- ccgi}lJii)g?ttils' l^ripdrtince, recently me(. in,'a :sgfif£.${'• flve'coUon' meetings and discussed information that might'throw' light on the subject. "This faclual Information should " '"considerable, v food for »nd' discussion'. It is for this*V^soh it ;is presented here. "gtimc^pfs'Uie. .'questions looming stroagly iiv the minds of Arkansas cotton producers, as well as thos* ovcj£"thc,': entire cotton-prpduchig SouUv..*re: .."What lies ahead .In thc'*rpirre;-expanf5ion and develop- mci iT^or .foreign cotto n produ ct ion T' 'l^ftiaC factors uiust : bc considered •tf'-iwc • are. to continue. to 1 sell Ainertenii 'cotton -in competillon witr^I^i'eign^ cottons? " ..'V- '"Outlook Abroad Mr,- P. K: Norris-of the Unjtcd De'pnrlment of Agriculture, 'of Foreign AgrlcuHxiral Re- latibiisi declared thai India, China an<l*Esyl>t have little op|»rtunlty ror v '^jcrea:sing cotton production duoL^p^JXJ prossiiig need 'for ' food production. Russia,, on the .other hand, may increase : cotton' production, but will probably: have need for several ..times. as rinich coltcn as it is producing at present for use'nt'home. '.'"'. "Brazil af]d,"Argentina are finding cotton ^production profitable, particularly in-new areas of chciip lund wlict6' ni'ecrmnlcnl production luethotls'/caji fip ' npplicd. In puft of these-areas, -the' only cotlon- feoct farmers are --allowed to plant is that furnjshqd by the government, 'resulting, 'in effect, in what POWER SPRAYER BRINGS DEATH TO PESTS Tomato Blight Curtails Yield; Extension Agents Offer Cure 4- Are Distributed Farm Bureau Aids Extension Service In Providing Books. The Norlli Mississippi County Boys aiul Gh'ls'4-H Clubs now have year books- of Ingenuity of niomhi'i.s ittul sixmsors, In co-operation with .extension agent leaders. Tin' ljuoks were prepared at the >ffk:e ol Miss Cora I^c Coleman uxl Ki'llli J. liilbrey, extension agents, by use of tiic mimeograph machine. wi(h attractive covers. These are designed with the 4-H Club emblem on the outside of a four-leaf i-lovcr, with a cow's head in Ihc 1 center and the motto "Make the Hi'sl Belter" printed on the , , - home demonstration agent suggcst- . , . . , , eel Bordeaux mixture, copjier-llinc 11,,. ye:ir books contain order of (lllsl (hc insoUll)lc 01 . rlxcd „. business in conduct,ng a meeting , )cl . s|)| . ays alK , (Ulsts lcllpr ^ K . counly extension personnel, coun- oxil| er oxychlor | de ana b ,, sic ly .1-11 council officers, calendar c()|)|)cl . Rull> i,., tca) . Allliougli a. 4-4-50 Bordeaux mixture is the most cffee-tivc against leaf blight, it may cause! a delay in ripening, she pointed out, and Prevention of leaf blights or defoliation diseases Is one of the major problems In producing a croj) of tomatoes, Home Demonstration Agent Cora Lee Coleman said recently in making suggestions to Mississippi County homemakers for control. . These diseases often affect the greatly decreased or the plant is plant so much .that production i* entirely killed, she said.' A heavy. Infection may destroy all the'plant' leaves, resulting In loss of the plant or enough leaves so that the fruit will be subject to sunscald. Usually recognized ISy the cir- culsr, brown or gray spots on the leaves or cankers on the stems, the disease may be controlled fairly well by spraying or dusting with various copper fungicides. The Gallic grubs and heel flics (see inset) cause a Si00,000,000 national annual loss in meat, mill: leather production, according lo the U. S, •Department of Agriculture. By forcing out grubs and killing them widi'n !'o\ver Sprayer, 01 product of Food Machinery Corporation, ranchers believe they have found n way townui ultimate control of these destructive pests. Tiic 1'ower Sprayer has nearly a score of other fa.m uses, ranging from painting the barn to spraying mol.i.sscs on old hay and dry grass to make it edible for cattle. of special (•vents, comity awards to he nii'iic at 4-11 winners banquet, schedule or meetings, .suggested inuithly programs, honor roll for lf)4r>. Hub officers and leaders, a brief ft'snme of the work and words fu .several popular songs used by Ibis group. Gust of the year books was jriic by ihe Mississippi county 'arm liiircnu which also snpporl.s his organization by promoting the ilrhu: of two assistant extension mixture is then ready for use. Fixed copper dusts or spruys may be purchased from loc:il garden supply dealers, she said, and will have instructions for use printed on the container. Inland Seaport making a three-gallon mixture: Dissolve one-fourth jjouixl of bluestone (copper sulphate) cither In Iquilos, Peru, is only 500 miles .he . powdered. crystal form or Ihc ' " ' large crystals in three gallons from the Pacific ocean, yet it is of an Atlanlic scajxjrt, since ocean- water. Use a wooden tub or nu going vessels ascend 2301) miles up earthen ware crock. Do not use [the Amazon to reach it. wooden tub or croc galvanized buckets or tubs. Stir until all the. blucstone is .dissolved. Then, /while stirring, slowly add five' ounces', of Jiydrated lime. The arc onc-varlctv states.. Efficiency |side.rabl e divergence between (lie T more rapid rate Ulan Iliosc areas ' ' in production hi these Jdfylgn '' ' 0[ American, iimr Jfprchjn iwilh a smaller ' production cost. tries''is further c'nsitrcit through cottons. At present, foreign 'coun- > Should cotton .become t less pro- thc use or (he iiswrat American gin lrlcs lu ' c , selling cotlon at from jrlliiblc in the filturc, It/ Is logical machinery niirt Uu> newest Amer- !;ix I'o seven Scents per pound less | to assume that 'the areas with ican f'lnn' mnciiiiWy includiii!' ">"" American cotton of cmiHl: the higher costs of i>r<xlu<:lion, mccliBiiical I'Olloii pickers. gnule and staple. I such as the hill .section ol,„..- . ' "Formeriy, a little more than RHK, \vould nvobahly continue to •famcc November 10, 1941, when h;>|f of Ulc Unlu , ( , R[ , U[ , s c(>Uon , mlm . c coUon acreage uiore rapidly h;m other areas. 1 ' the export .subsidy Into effect to permit the sule uf American cotton at competitive world prices, liicrc hu.s Ijeen a con- HOW AVAILABLE crop was shipped to foreign countries. At present we are paying an cxyort subsidy and leanding to ^_* I many for ptifehasc fo American cotton, so. our export should be FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY In 1040 or as long as this program lasts. • •• > Exchanges Essential "If we .arc to continue to sell cotton, to '.these, foreign 'countries in the'years ahead, we must buy an equal amount of. foreign goods or services. In the past, Ihe United ~talcs lias discouraged imports, with n' feeling that we produce about nil we need. ,'.. cipan ' " - ' rMtP?^ 4-H Club Girls Gain Poise in Public Speaking Farm girls ni'c 1,'ninini; self-confidence • and poise through livimrii and leain members, sclccl- :d from tlio county winners, cucli cccivo \\ S50 U- S- Savings Bund. Til,- drmonsLrulions arc contliict- t-d uiuicr tin- direction of Ihc Ex- rii.sioii Service of (he Slutc Agricultural College, the USDA cooi)- craliii'ii. ' yc:\L''s state chatiipion incli- idiliml (ionioii.striilor in AvkiuisnS ivji.s Ji];irUia Jsinp Futrcll of Van- tin !e. The state's highest ralinj; in comprisc-d MattJc Bt-ll Victory or Nt-'Wpnri and Wilma Rodeu also tjf Newport. during extremely hot weather may cause some injury to the plant. The fixed copl>cr .sprays and tlusU are less effective, but .arc not <^s likely to result in injury. The reason for applying sprays • dusts is to have the 'pliuiUs thoroughly covered at all times. The continued production of new .foli- E necessitates that applications be repeated at .seven to 10 day intervals throughout the season. Dry Bordeaux mixture may ho purchased, and with the addition of water is ready to spray. MLss Coleman sugycsls for' the gardener who wishes to make up her own saint ion, the following directions nnkufia! FARM LOANS Low In Prompt S*rrlo* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving ThLs Section far 21 Yean US So. 3rd. Plytheville, Ark. Tune in Prudential Prorram Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREC Baby Chicks $1.00 to $12.00 prr 100. 3 days to 4 weeks old—At Store Feeds and Supplies. WANTED Eur and shelled Corn—All grades. One bushel uji - Outs - Wheat - Burlcy - Alfalfa Hay and Poultry of all kinds. 1'ay lop market prices. Elevator Feed Store N. 4th Broadway at KK Crossing J. J. Field, Mgr. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. (il al Stale Line I'hon: BlvtheviUe 714 s, financing two county \vin- and county winning clubs, furni.slimg pri/.o calf .show, lonrnanients money ng in lours. for 4-H stw~nr cotton" fncturc in the National -1-11 Dniry FOoil.s Demonstrations. ^ For their demonstration!;, ,i>arli- clpants torn \vuys of utiliKiiii; and >n "" K dairy fuoiis in relation !e com'--' Suitable for Sawmills, Unloadcr Fans, Irriga- tion Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. petition offered bj* synthetic ; fibers. Synthetic fiber production Is increasing in vnlnmc mid quality, and willi present cotton prices Kl)ttH''rs ai'e being cacoiirnged lo use myon or .other synthetics in preference to cotton. "Efficient production Li fibsolnte- ly/CK.scnti^l if the growing of cotton hi the future is to be coi^lnu- ccl^ on n prnfUnble basis. Production costs vary \\ idely, a recenL .slujrly revcnls. \ Proilucllon Costs Com pa re il The cteltu nrcn of Arkansas, | Mississippi, and Loui.siniia had the lowest cost of production among nreus in which the study \\\\s made, in 1044, about '2.'2 inlUion bales were produced >U n cost of 17 cents per pound. Another area which comprised parts of Texas, j Alabama, Georgia and South lin'p pKMiuceii around 4,5 uu'Uion pounds during ih R same year al n 'cost of la cents per ixnind. These two HIT [is together produce about the entire amount of cotton normally consumed in the United States. "The balance of the cotton-pro- 'dnciiu; urea of" the South, which , includes tl>c Arkansas hill counties, jhad ii production cost of about 2'J cents per innuul, mid produced | about 4.5 million bales. "Tins last area, with the high- rsl t't'ist of production, has been reducing its cotlon acreage at a td'.-family. dietary-needs,, .Thcy.nuiy,, select any dish or coinbinutioa jpf, di.shcs using milk, creAm, chcfiso^ov butter. Tli rough showing others what has been learned they rtovcloj) teamwork aiul sportsmanship. Awards for exceptional demon- vntkms arc donated by the KraTt Foods Company, They comprise silver and gold me tin Is to each county champion individual and ., t'.\p,r mcmbcr teum tleinon-stratovs, re'- spccfivcly- 'i'hc state champion in- It Is Now Time to Use ATLACIDE to kill JOHNSON GRASS - For Sale By E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 551 Blytheville, Ark. FLOORS REFINISHED New Floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Took New—Modern Sanding Equipment Used. Calf 409 for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awnings 104 So. First "We Clean and Wax Floors" Phone 4fif DELTA Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blythevffl* VoL 4 Friday, May 31, 1016 No. 41 Farmers! Plain Burning Cultivators Can be Easily Attached to All Standard Tractors. You Can Plow and Burn With Just the Driver. These Burners Will. Do the Work of 25 Cotton Choppers. Uses Either Butane or Protane Gas. See the now Cyclone Air Cleaner on display al our store. This Air Cleaner is made lo fit all makes of Iractor.s, power units and Crawler Iructors. This is a pre-tleaner for the air before it enters the oil bath cleaner. The Cyclone is by far the most efficient and practical prc-clcancr on the market today, and embodies all the: latest improve-. \ menls in design It. c;in p - > also be used tb aDwIjidvanlage on combine and hay W: O. House, who lives iust West of Yarbro has a food No. 10L F-20 Farmall Tractor Mower. This mower can be seen on pur lot. -DI- Come in and See How Our Modernized Service Shop Is Equipped to Take Care of Your Equipment More Scientifically! •*-You owe it to yourself to give our jnodernized tractor servicing facilities ice man. Let him show you how we can keep your tractor in first-class the once-over. Stop in the next time condition. We'll grim! the valves . . . ' "jou'rem town and look over the corn- plete set-up of equipment we have, all specially designed for servicing John " Deere tractors. -It's one reason why it will pay you to have us do your service work. :ill loose parts . . . clean tho carburetor atvl oiling system . . . give the engine a thorough "timing-u|> . . . O r handle any oilier servicing job your tractor may nced-ntt at a price j;, n [ W M surprise you. See us now— Talk-with our f acton-- trained serv- i-ou'il find it well worth your while. Missco Implement Co, RLITHBVUJUI O8CEOI.A *<M rt *_l ONLY GENUINE JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS 2 Row Burners , . . $295 and $395 With Spark Plug Ignition $495 4 Row Burners Hquippcd with 115 Gal. Tanks; (Not 60 Gal.) With Spark Plug Ignition $750 '550 Compare These Burners with Any Made Southern implement Manufacturing Company P. 0.^0x313 CLARKSDALE, MISS. 1>. S.—Or ('outart Your Local Ittitanc Dealer Who Can Call Us j... II. T'immons living southeast of Hlylhe- . ville on the Promised Land Road, has a good set of rear steel wheels for a Farinall H for sajc. ' ; -DI- E.'S. Mnllins who lives South of Blytheville on Shady Lane has two No. (it jMcConnick- Decnng engine driven combines i'or sale. DI . All our users of the M.:ir<iuctle Farm Weld- tr are extremely well pleased wilh the performance of Ihis welder. Simplicity of operation and welding done to your .satisfaction make this Welder one (if (he best for ordinary farm welding jobs. DI '- J We can make immediate delivery of a few- more welders when our present stock is exhausted we ean promise nothing, however, regardless of when you wish to pur- chas a welder, see us. -DI- Wc have just a small shipment of flared type boxes for wagons and farm trailers. Tliose l>oxcs are insulc of the best materiai we have seen in a long time. •'These boxes arc grain tight and ai'e ideal for soybeans and any other grain. COOD CONDITION PAYS! GIVE YOU* TRACTOR A CHECK-UP N4W!

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