The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
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Be Sure To "Attend jti. County Fair t. 26-Ocl, 1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS "HIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AUlCANRAn Awn on,™,,,»<~, .,.„„„.,„. ^^ VOLUMK X-XXVI—NO. 150. Elylhevllle courier Blythcvlllc Unrnld Blj'lhcyllle Dully Ness Mississippi Valley German Activity On Western Front Grows; French Regain Gains PARIS, Sept. 23. (UP)—German Iroops Imvft begun t counter-attack heavily on the western front and Uic ttho! area from Uip Itliiiie to the Moselle liad become active the French high command announced today. German,shock troops were thrown Hired times agains the.French lines east of the fiaar river veslerdav niid war ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AHKANRAS, SATURDAV, RRPTKMHKlt 21!, i(K',ft SKILLED 01 thrown back each' lime. Big- guns 'pounded on both sides of Die front during 1 the night, and (his morning. It was believed that the German attacks mid heavy artillery fire, coincided with the arrival on the Cicrrnan side of Cal.-Gcn. Walter yon Hrauclillsch, army commander in chief, to (tike charge of operations. Communique No. 39 of the French high command said: "Several enemy attacks against positions we had conquered cost of the Saar Hlver were repulsed nt the close of ' yesterday afternoon. "There was great activity through- Inyitos Mayors To Be Gncsis At. Coimiy Fair Mayors and olbcv cfllciuls o towns tu this section will be guest of the City of Blythevlllc Wednesday to attend, the Mississipp County Pair which •will open Tiles day night. While the visitors may come cut the night on the front, par- f a . rly as tlic ' y l )Ie ase, special ticularly between the Saar and Ihe region southeast of Deux Pouts (Zwelbhiecken), ami on the Lnu- tcr." Tiie first paragraph of the com- munique referred lo the three vain attempts of Nazi shock troops to retake a forest the French had captured. French machine gunner.; and artillery crumpled-three successive waves of German troops that attempted to gel into the forest and meet the French with hand grenade and bayonet. German big guns \vere reported ti be blasting French positions on (he German side of the frontier and the roads behind the French Maainot Line. It was reported that artillery activity from the German side was of unusual intensity. Activity in the region between the Saar and Deux PonU was lo be explained because it was 'there that the French had made Bains which the Germans seemed to regard as important. It was understood that the French were now -in sizlit of Deux Pouts, which lies within the main German Westwail fortifications. ' The' Eaiiter Hlyer , sector, to which the. high command' referred, has -been .tfjjlgl' rtceVi'lly: •«;'••'is at the extreme eastern end-of-the front," whore the Rhine bends down toward Switzerland. In addition la the activity reported, it wns understood "that French 'and German- patrols were out .in No Man's Laud all night on the principal Saar sectors. French guns were rep.-rted to be exchanging shellfor shell.with the Germans further, the French as. sciicd that they hail aerial superiority and Ihat their planes were signaling movements of German troops moving up to the front lines. It was said alsa that observers were photographing (he German west wall and that fortifications in this defense line already began lo show the effect of French artillery fire. Newspapers; showing no confidence in Germany's neutrality guarantees (a Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, speculated on the possibility, of n surprise German attack through The Nether-! lands. tainment Is being planned for the afternoon and night, which wil include the serving of supper 01 the fair grounds. On the program for the after no-n will be n balloon . ascension band concert by Die lOSlh nel< artillery band and B rodeo ii addition to visiting- the exhibits and the midway. . The night program will consist of a band concert and a show by the Pimie nidge Follies. Announcement of the program was made by Mayor Marion Williams today. OF Insists Polish Question Has Been Liquidated As Re<)son For Warfare ROME, Sept.--S3 '-'(UP;,.. Bcnito ' MusscliniJ today "declared that' the moment,, has -arrived --to end hostilities • in Europe. In,his first speech since last May 11 Duce addressing Fascist party leaders at the Venice Palace said: "Tiie Polish question has been liquidated. Europe has not really entered Into war. "Armies have not yet met.' 'A clash can be avoided by realizing that it is vain to attempt to maintain or reconstruct Hint which history and Ihe natural dynamism of peoples already has condemned.". Mussolini said also that Italy has no reason to alter her decision to remain neutral or Hie decision taken by the cabinet on Sept. 1 when it agreed that Italy would take no military inialive in the European conflict. City Ready-Th Greet 1939 Mmmippl County Fair Werner Von Frilsch, Once "Pui-gecl" By Miller Now , Given Praise .,nERUN. Sept. 23. (UP)-Col- oen. Werner Von l-vltsch former commander in chief of the- German army and one of the country'.s erentc-st military stratesists. «.„, ..,„„,, , n llt . Uoil OM lhc W(U _ saw front on Scut. 22 It wns announced today in a dispatch froi the fuehrer's !ipadi|iiiirters. An ofjicla! romniiintqiie, date lined "I'-nelii-cr ircadqiiartcvs," .said 'Colonel General vim Frllso WHS killed the 22nd of Seplembo With ^the dnwnloivn slre'pls ot jinut adjitccnl '"' '" ' ' will he feted <luy lime uy Blylhcvlllo nlrendy gully decorated (ions already arrived, Until m battl "The before \Vnr«nv. fuehrer honored It was reported Hint the supreme war council meeting held In Ens- laud yesterday considered chiefly economic problems, and among other things discussed plans to keep the flosv cf allied exports lo neutral countries going so that the allies would be able to draw on neutral markets-for their necessities AV>ir- Orleans NEW YORK, Sept. 23. (UP)Colton closed steady. open high io w c i csc Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. . Marj . May '. July . Spots closed off 5. 003 877 869b 860 ' 839 821 905 878 862 842 821 900 872 854 833 815 nominal at got 813 86Gn S5G 834 815 908, New Cotton To Hold Shide Funera! Rites Sunday Afternoon •Funeral services for Mrs. Otto j Shide. formerly offelytheville who died Wednesday while visiting in Lima. Ohio, will be held Sunday afternoon a I the Cobb Funeral Home. Services will be at 2:30 o'clock with burial at Elm wood cemetery. George W. Patterson, 'pastor 'of the First Christian church, will officiate. Pallbearers will be: Dr. Carl Nics, Clarence Holder. J. E. Whilworth, E. M. Dark. J. o. .Barnes and I. Rosen thai. Mrs. Shide, who was almost 73 years of age, had resided in Memphis since she left Blythcville eight years ago. Her husband, the late ilfr. Shide; was in the tailoring business here for a number of years '•eforr! ills death. She is survived by two dmigliters, Mrs. John L. Fonncr of Lima, Mrs. J. L. Hudson of Chattanooga. Tenn., and three sons, Clem Shide of Denver. Colo.. Frank Shide of Tulsa, Okln., and Julius SIiMe of Memphis. NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 23. .(UP) —Cott:n futures dropped two to five points today due to uncertainty over what action congress lull take regarding proposed rc- vlsiin of the neutrality law. J'rltscli in an order of the day t (he army. "The fuehrer ordered a mililar and stale funcrn!. 1 It was announced night, tlm Hitler had moved his headquarter from Danzig to 'the ' field opera tions area of the north arm which drove lo Warsaw and en circled the city from the cast. That explained the datelln 'fuehrer headquarters" amiounc mg the death' in action of Col Gen. Von Fiilsch. He died on the Hlh day 01 vhlcli (he Poles in Warsaw' Iiai •misted tho German war machine Tims ended the career of the mall, precisely dressed, monoclcd nan who came back aHcr a Naz nirge of the army and died foi Us country. Fi'itsch was "purged" alon-s with ilher hish Crrmnn army officer- n FtbriHiry, 1938. Five weeks !at- r a military court of honor vlndl- ated him completely of nonynious asnersioiis. II, was ve- lorlcd that this was done at the 'rmnnd of ihe armv. jn June 1938 'C was nubllclv rehabilitated "ii eccfmition of his creat sbrvic»s i rcconslrucling Ihe army." Ir .umist 1S138 he was named lion- rnry commander of Ihe 12th iir- illery regiment. On thr- outbreak of the war, it ns announced llmt Col.-Gcn. Von ^'•Itsch . was leadina one of the eriiian Dannies /driving lownri! Olliei- qrtni"s drove on. Bu£ rikcli, regarded as (lie most bril- stratearst of the German <-my, wns slo«i)' > (l at Warsaw by ic historic defense of soldiers id civilians, under "stubborn tefnn" Slor/..vnski. mayor of Wav- nw and veteran of the World War lit of the Poles lor litarlv first cm lhc missions, then from ;hc rnnans. Fritsch was a Junker, epitome the soWicr of imperial Gcr- manv, unyielding,, imswcrvlng. He ndvancea steadily in rank under the kaiser and under tht> Weimar republic. Ill 19M. under Hitler, he 'jprmiic coimiiander in chief, of the army. Hitler was ready to rearm Germany in defiance of the Vcrsaill"S treaty. Frilsch was there to do it, and it was to his work in building up tin's new army—in leading a' unit of which he was kille'i—that Ihe citation of lite rehabilitation in June 1938 referred. He ivns 59 at death, ifc was (lie nratlons for ihe Mississippi C6ll|il> Piilr worn being mads today' for iho opening Tuesday nlfiiit.' ''•' That tho prognim vies syltlv t 'of any state fair is evliUnicoiV a resume of ihe events In to the regular fnlr oxhll contests whli-li attract ihoiiatimls of country folks mid their vir,bai\ friends. . ' A rodeo with "real Indjn'ns, • cow boys nnd mx girls" wilt ojiei'v Urn fnlr 'nicsdny nleht ;U tho' aniiio time the midway will prc-iieiil'iEnc-!- cial fcnlures while Ihe first'^plnerx are geUIng lliolv initial, vidw 'tit tlm exhllilts, all of wlilcli will lie (out- plelcd |irlor lo (lie formal opoiiiiiif. Exhlbils will be open at niiii) o'cl:ck in Ihe morning Wednesday. This will be followed by n street parade, rodeo In the afternoon, balloon ascension In the aftenicon, Pine md«u Follies at iil«ht, bnntl concert by Hie iceih Field Artillery band afternoon and night and' carnival attractions day and night. Thursday will show the rodeo hi the afternoon, Pine Rkigc Pollies at night, balloon ascension in, (ho aiternoon mid the midway opened throughout (he day mid night. . The youth ol Mississippi Comity. fill will bc --„ - 'H clubs of diesis two (Oiiiitliv) ivlth iidiitlsslon to the f.mnd stand fi-on in the afternoon i°r Ui« special .show to be stngeil W ir, clubs. There will nlxj )M> u bjilloon ascension in the nftcrnooji, I"' 1 only attraction of the ..., will be dm rodeo as Urn fair Is to .,*. nest to members of the Pino Din! mid Hlylhcvine football (earns fo a diinpo niul floor show nt iho ai w.iy following the football gam >.« no new attraction wiw plumw and the rodeo will be iirescnlcd fo (how who do not ntlend the gnim l 'l»! midway will also ije open da D<! nlglil. Saturday will be another lilg ilii lih the horse and mule piillln contest in the morning, fallows '.v nealh'B Holiday circus in th ftc-riumn and n^ht, balloon us 1'nslon In the afternoon ami car ilvnl throughoul lhc day mid ; The Sunday program another performance of Ineludo Death' Holiday Thrill circus In Ihe of Iniioon, rodeo at nighi, ballooi nscension in the afternoon am carnival day and night. Oilier band concerts, mule race ami other forms ot ciitcitalnmen which have not yet been compiled will be announced later. H!l Panama Speaker Says Americas Have No Place For Such Systems PANAMA CITY, Sept, 33. (UP) — Openiiij; lhc emergency Pan-American neutrality conference President Jiran Arosemeim ,of Panama Uday sharply rebuked' the Ideologies ol European dictator states. .Such ideologies have no place ill !he Amerlcns, said Aroscmena. who called on the delegates "to adopt' ill kinds ot precautions ncccssaoj .0 aEsure-,American neutrality 'awl make it respected." - ••' He said that the Americas cntcr- ain no thoughts of aggression or ctnqucsl or lo Impose ils Ideas 01 deals on anybody. "It docs however w!i,!i to ,.... crvc intact ils own culture lo main- ain tmconlaminatcd Ils cwn In- litulions, lo-carry out freely its wn coinmerce and .to freely dis- iose of' Its cwn resources." lie snld. Woman. 85, Has Snent 54 Years in Bedroom LONDON (UP) — HoiTlet l^ulsa Jrllehell. kncwn as the "Saint of Dewllsh" because of her couia- cons and gentle nature, celebrale'd er 8Slh birllidny In her liny cot- age bedroom, where she I -I years of her life. Jotiesboro-Blytheville Paving Now Complelec JONESDORO, Ark., Sept. 23 (UPi—flic newly paved highwaj between Lake City and Monctte Is practically complete except foi clcnn-U|) work on the highway shoulders. The road surface was finished recently with (he application of a tjmvcl coiitbiff on a short livo- nille strip west, of Black Oak. This coating, u fine brown chat, put on loosely will pack Into the top of the new road alter a week or two. This link completes the paving cf the 00 mile highway stretch between Blylhevllle and .lonesboro. H shortened the dlslance between Lake City and Nfonelte by one mllD. lias spent Miss Crllchell was only 31 when she was carried to her bed. She has novel- left it. She has never . — .._., s<*n mi nutcmoblle. a nlnnc. a son of a lieutenant (reneral, and woman smoking, a girl with paint- he'wns educated In bovhood lo bej e <l fmscrnalls, or any of Ihe inm- ' a soldier. He entered the army ns 8ii cusiEii in 1898, in the a.ith artillery. He was' made a lieutenant two years later, and a captain in 1913. At the slarl of the World war and one everyday sights of •rn life. But she keens in touch with the world (hrcu?h her radio a n d . -- — •— •--.. ---- .-„, ^^v .'.... Frilsch was on the gencrnl slnff.lslio does not k friends. There is not a person In the Dorset villaijc of Dewllsh ivlioti: . He wns made a major in 1917. By Ihe end of the war he was on the air force general staff. He became a lieutenant colonel in 1D22, 'a colonel In 1021 and a major general In 1D30. Then he became lieutenant general and. in 1934, general and commander in chief of the army. California Heat Wave now; net « joy or sorrow of theirs, which she does not share. Blind Correct Errors • Made by the Seeing HERRIN. III. (UP)-The siglillcss correcting the mistakes of those who see is Ihe paradox to be found here. Since the National Youth Ad- ... _. _ ~..«.* «.v. i^iuiuuni voiun Ad- Abating; (4 Dead, ministration organized Braille . • trnnscrlpttcm units here, .said to bc LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23 (UP)_! llie tn 'V °»W of tbclr kind in the TruclcDamaged By Fire This Morning The truck owned by licb Daker, farmer, was damaged by fire thlf morning. It W as discovered aflro at the corner of West, Main and 21st •streets as Mr. Dakcr was rc- .liirnlng home after linvinj; broke' a load om colto;i io this clly. ' FJnme.s were cxtineiilshccl by the fire department, before much headway was made. Of , pnl And Inlercsl Mad Under Williams Law MTTI.I.: rtooic, scpi, 23.-smi ii'iisui'iT Kurj Pntfo ye.slcrday liiull (Ml Ihr pjiyiitent.s of pvtiU'lpu ami liiiei-mi mi bonds ot oevta! mail Improvement, districts undo 'SIM WlllliiniR Act, which n» aunl S2K.OOO j.i .slato nl<l Co tun districts diirlnir tli« present bt The Williams Act provide,) tha UlMrlets which hml been create since Feb. .j. j.™ ^,, ra ( . ,, Ilio »lnl<t nld. • ' " Tiie (-hecks tcdny went lo th following distvlols: $H,100 lo |iay $10,000 of prindpti nnd $4100 Interest on $l(U,o<W o uonds of iiiaJntemince District I* I of road Improvement, district "No 5 111 Mississippi Coimly. $IM50 to pay $5000 of ,pr!nelpa anil SH50 Interest on $58.000 o bonds of the West Twelfth Slvee improvement District No. M In Pu laskl Coimly. Other districts which are (o re- ccive nld under the net when (iii-li principal and Interest payments become due, nnd amount owe'il dm'- i"S the bicinilimi Include: Crlttendon County, .Road Im provcmciit District No. I, $1G'000 principal and JT-IOO Interest Mississippi County, Lnxora-UUk River Rond Maintenance Dlsti-lc No. I. 514,000 principal nut)' $2200 •nlcrcsl. Wardell-whitkn Road Maintenance District No. 2, $7001) principal and $9100 Interest. Blylhevllle Rond Maintenance District No, .6,'$2000 principal nuc •nrum 1..I . . ' . 0600 Interest, Blyllicvlllc Rond improvejncnl District No. 15, $2000 principal nn<i 12805 Interest. Carson Lake Improvement Dla- rtct No. G, $-11,000 principal nnd J2«.m interest. Osccola mid tittle River Road inprot'einmt District No. I, $24000 •rlnclnpl and $17,750 , Interest. •• Joiner Rond Improvement DIs- I'ict No. 7, $0000 principal m,d iftflft lllfn-,,,,1 ;' • '.'•.--. Housewives Lose Prize To Male Cake Baker SACRAMENTO,' Cat. CUP)—California honseivivcs were humbled In their cwn domain, the kitchen, when a mere male look more first places thnn nny woman In amateur baking competition held at the California stale fnlr. Harry s. Pranks, of Manlccn, won lirst places with Ills checolntc cake, 'pound cnkc, and nut bread; second with pnnochn, and third with filled cookies, gingerbread, and prune pie. Idaho and Utah To Reap Record Crop of Beets SALT LAKE CITY, Ulah (UP) — Fears ot a domestic sugar shortage during the next year were al- nyed when western sugar beet re- Iner.s revealed a record crop will be available for ' processing this fall. Company officials indicated that •he American housewife should not fear any shortage of sugar, despite Ihe war conditions which ireclpllalcd a sharp rise in prices. | In at least two sugar producing Vgreed Judgment Is Awarded Negr« Woihan OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 22,—An igrcwl judgment was entered In :he case .of LeBcrtlm -Vaughn, plaintiff, aniitnsl , Denlon's oln- nery ut. Cliclfoni, Avk., In a» nd- oiirncd day of circuit court .held •ore this morning .by .liidfjo-G. E. Keck of niythevlllc. . . •' The sull. nied by the Vaughn iH'Rress grew out of Ihe.death of ner hiisljand. Dnvld Vinighn i ; 'm- ;)loyed ul the Ucntan ftin; from in- Vrles received when Ills. Imnd caught in (tie gin stands two weeks "go. Several lingers'-were- cut olf and the hand mangled. Vniighn ivlio was C5, died (he following day. The plaintiff, represented by Joe Rhodes, wns awarded $000 dollars, md the estate $29Q. Ivy niid Naming represented C. L. Denton, ,)r., and W. J. Denton operating (lie Denton Ginnery. Do Not Forget To Put/ Your Poll Tax Before October 1 SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS' Discuss Tentative Draft Of Changes In Neutrality Law Says liooscvcll. Should End Talk 'Of Thii-fl 'Tcrm NEW YORK, Sept.. 33 ([;!>._ Former Clov. Alfred M. uiiulon or Kansas believes tliat President should en nsorlcally that he docs not want a Ihlrd term and would not ,,cc<>pt,. (lie nomination oven If offered The 1938 Republican Mumlar 'ftrei-'ti opinion was revealed to day In u copyright Interview Ii tno ; ^erlpns-Hownrd newspaper by William 1'hlpps glimm, - Mmdoti is quoted as sayhm lha such a Btutcmcnt. by Mr. Hoosc volt would.-lip Ihe- greatest single contribute! to (he adjournment o pol tics which (he president couli finite In,the present troubled situ ttlon. ut Gcnnan '•.Announcement Apparently Docsn'l Include Warsaw Sept. 23, (UP)-— The German nrmy high ocmnimm 1111- oiiiiccd today llmt the "eaiiipatan ii, Poland'.', has ended. . . . . In 11 muubcr of "nmillillnllon bal- les '. the command said (tie biggest ml most. ..decisive of wliiclv :wns ought In '(ho liniitl.flf (lie Vistula ' V *' f '' e :-' 1 -*>' i p..».iimbc 1 :i l)( , ' urod or dispersed. .. benlen. 'ciip. . The comimmltiuc said tliat 'since' nst spring Fuehrer Adolf, Hitler lid officers of the' aormim-nrmv Igli catnmnml liavc been In p- s - -sslpn of polluli plans of opemtioii Pollsli lllci'atiire, Polish newspaper 2|i:rls and measures taken by the ollsh army high command allowed urly^ iicciirate' conclusions. : th c iiioimcencrit' «»!().••" •>••;.- Draft Dodger In 'Uniform' Stock Prices 1 NEW YORK, Sept. 23. (UP)— 1 Trading'on the stock market today open high low close dwindled to the smallest total since Oct ...916 017 914 914 Europe went to war. Dec 886 887 883 881 AT&T 1601-2 Jan - •' 878 878 877 877 Anaconda Copper 34 Mar 868 808 854 865 Associate D G 85-8 Ma* 817 848 841 843 Beth Steel 92 5-8 July ..:... 628 831 820 827 Boeing Air Spots closed steady at 904 on 5 The worst heat wave in California U ' S " of{icinl s have fouild it neccs- states—Idaho and Utah—a sugar history was abating today alter SBr ,1 (o cm P ! °y blind proof "rend- ; b( '. ct - cl 'op v.hich bids to exceed causing an estimated 74'deaths crs " '° Place the tlnnl approval i'"^ year's record tonnage will be since Sunday. "" ' " ' ' ' ' ' More schools and business establishments closed yestci today the big Northrop on transcribed volumes cf litera- lure More than transcribers arc Wheat Dec. MH open high low close 861-4 863-8 85 5-8 861-4 873-8 873-8 865-8 871-8 harvested. Throughout the sugar beet rotm- .-._ lr y. refiners reported a business .„,. U , K „„,,„,„,, airerai,, „ ,„ , ™rd into »«itt In'anticipation of the record factory in Inglowood stopped work C perforations that the blind «<>P- Railroads have hired an nd- on millions of d~llars worth of may r through a sense of alllonal 300 men to operate trains KHI- planes when the 'temperature „ • ¥*?*, cf " lc Irllest " ovcls wl ,V ch "'"' carry lhc bccls ' H ^ ; .. ., . _ ^ *\.li«lJl.nnlll. n j.p JH,.),,,),,,) ««,«.,„ it.- - PcHmnfnrl ll.n* I t IVlrt 1^1.* ._..,. men collapsed. nre included among the works estimated that 11.000 laborers will ,>•» ' 'ranscrilKd. Blind iwrsons in the bc hirc 4 to,mill and process beeLs nc' L<K Angeles post- ( stale may borrow lhc volumes free kr f °« companies In Idaho and f A'- of charge. Civic and public service uti>1 ' n'ono. Seventeen thousand Chrysler General Electric 41'3-i General ^fotors 54 fnt Harvest 70 Montgcmery Ward 54 ' ton house at N Y Central 205-8 ton gi n l lcr c „ , 3 7-8 fire last Pet •" ' Damages Cotton House At Manila Gin j clubs are sponsoring the project. To Air and Flies Alone Packard May Dec. CMcaf/o Corn , open high low close 575-8 577-8 571-2 575-8 513-4 55 ' 545-8 54 Dlt ™ 45 1-2 5 3-4 Brothers cot- ^estrcycd by The loss, estimated ' Ot! " loss ° r CO "0" to the alarm spread of Iho flames two-year-old Bert Allen has learned to fly because he c:uldn't let his 17-year-old granddaughter, Mar- celh Allen, get ahead of him. Marcella, flyh, ? since she was 6. has Accumulated 40 solo hours beet growers arc expected to hire an additional 8,000 workers to help 111 the harvest. D:uglas E. Senllcy, general' manager of the Utah-Idnho sugar company, estimated 1.100.000 tons of heels will be harvested in uiah this null, and 2,000 in Idaho. 'Gator Ltosc; i'olice Called OAPPNEV, S. C. (UP)-Clty po- admit they Wearing a U. S. uniform a! last reserved for military BY HENRY T, ClOnrtEU, »ltcd PrcM ' Bluff Correspondent LONDON. Sept. S3. (UPJ—The Wnrahw --radio .announced today llmt the city was still putting -up "(he strongest reslslauce" ugainst the beslegini; Qeriniiny army. "The nliemy continues to destidy the capital, particularly Pra^a (tho kctlon of (he city on the :ast bank of the Vistula river) by heavy,artillery," the broadcaster said nt Ii a.m. u a.m. EDT). "A pcnnnn nltnck -on Zaclsa' (a siibiirb) was cnslly repulsed. Germans twice tombed the clly. Two alriilaiics were shot down." The siege hhd taken a heavy toll of civilians as well- as Polish Iroops and the food .supplies were reported running daiiKcron'i- ly low. (Warsaw, 1 !! Mayor Stefan Stnr- zynshl. hero of llio"clty's defense, -.aid that civilian casualties nl- rindy lalalcd •;tcns. of thousands" and that there was an extreme shortage of milk and 'dairy products that endangered Ihe lives of! children, in n radio'to the United Press In New York.) <A Warsaw broadcast heard at Budapest,- directed to the people of Warsaw, asked thorn to report ,™ c <lm(t closely following Iho neuti wllty program laid down by i rcyhleiit • Roosevelt was expected lo be ready foi a full committee consideration Monday. Commatofe mcmbfis in charge of: diafllng tho Illation uill nltcmnt to wil. liwvirou discretion t'lvcn the IMWldwit. Infilling | ftw and "make (lie- intoia of coiiflewi as dcflnlle iis pcttlblc." R mii Clwlrmnn Key Pluinwi of Nevada. Meantime llio Isolsi'tlonlst sciintoih met in an almo-it continuous s( . r ics of hlialeuy conlerenccs. Senator ciouM P. Nye (Rep, . N. p), AiDmr H. Vaiidenberg (Kep, Mich), mid ircnrlk Shtp- (.(eiid, foiniei uborlto of Minnesota, conrcircd ttllli Eddie Hlokeii- baekci-, prcdilcnt of nnsteni Airlines Imd ivai time Ameiican ace. nifkenbackci icvealsd ho will make a ladio address Tuesday nlghl opposing the embargo icpeal. Anollier pnillclpnnl in the ,» s . ciisslOiia \vns J. o. Hoimcl, Minnesota packer and opponent ot any step which wild lead toward Alncr- ' lean Involvement In lhc European war. A .second meeting- biought together Senators Hiram Johnson (Hop,, calljtl, Bennett Clark of Mlsstml, Nye and Hoborl UiPol- leltc Jr (Prog, wis.) In a mectlnu w)icdulc<l for latci today. "I understand that this was a meeting to put Into elfect President Roosevelt's move to adj:iiin * politics by having a party caucus the fiiit thing,:' Clark said of tho "'tluian meeting, Nye asseitcd that "It appears that you haVe lo be Democratic and Ihn right kind cf a Democrat • to get Into these non-partls-an noetlng'j." "I thought politic was adjourned," LnFollctlo said when advised of the foroUn lelatlcus committee session. UFoletto Is a ncmber or the committee, Re)iuull<<nn reprcscntallveir from \Vlscoi\-!r(,-rn6,t n/id agreed -to op--r* Jose iciScal of.flie 'hrn^,'cnilnifgo ' * or dclegallon or 'iiUdittdha! clLscie- '.tonaiy piweis lo President Ho?e-ell 3sceolan Rotarians To Hear Tom Mull OSCEOLA, Ark, 3epl. 23-Tom Mull, Little nock, field executive f the Aiknlisas Fish nnd Oamo ;oii>niLni:ii, nil) bo the pilnelpal sjienkcr lit the special night mcet- ( lng of Iho Osccola notary club Tuesday night, Sepl, 26 at Die Community clubhouse nil Kotnty Amis will be ivlieii (jtwsts. Mr, NUiM will show nims of \Utd lite and achlevemenis In the fish and (jiime commission's program of conseu'alloii, particulaily m Arkansas Ife will remain In ihe [south ciul of Ihe county fcr tlnee 'dtijs lo misspeaking eiiea.gemenl^ before public schools In (life section nccoidlng to the announcement made by lhc Rev. Paul -V. Galloway, chairman of ihe pio- Bram commltlcc.- other cntortaln'- inriil fcaluies of the piogram Include immbeis by Mis. 'R. E L Deaidcn Ji.. of Luxcra, Miss Jean Cliiles and Miss Catherine Haiwell of Osceoln. Preparations are being made for eighty to attend the dinner meet- State' Employes' Are Suffering From Jitters - - -- •-- , LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Sept. 22 — ID city officials all cases of wound-, jitters amcng stale employs over L\T {S ^,^ t l C J';,™ ltl !?««!:!»?'«' *»' «* the next to^b-e d,s- ,, noors H. Italian Ship Carries Record Passenger List NEW YORK,' sept, 23, <UP)— The ftalian liner Conte Di Savola came -into part today with the largest number of passengers carried by nny ship since Ihe outbreak of the ffuropcan war. There were 2,156 on the passenger list Including 1,357 American citizens. tErf »«»™ Commissioner T. . Alfo|( , Mmlllllcd at h|g posl .rumors that he was to be icmoved Cast of 700 to Stage Drama of "Cottonalia" _ the week .Denied rumors that he planned to remove Alfcrd, but close friends'of the e\ccotlve insist that such a move has been Btnrled., Friends Of Day in Arkadeiphla this week uere advising turn not to accept the .commtsslorrslilp i£ Alford is rem:\cd and It Is'offered him on ihe grounds that It is a political graveyard for any cdu«a- lor who accepts the nost: -~, ...,„ ,.vv,,.,,Mi»k<.-u tv soiQ nOlirS imusnnl Kllllno 111 llinl%. wftt-1. \..L - «*.OLii-tu ujl Illlliluiy . : !££' ^VS«5K.'^ S ?r£5 f "71 ^ "°^ ^" ^TSF& s ^^~^ jT^f^ B& ±"'1 ^l, a ' rCatly COM -, thc "treet. 'Pclice, with the help o" 1 section, h? faces'TourTmarlia, " . w . 1 ?^?J«L.??!L b * ?.:S?!« C ot ' llc the street. Pclice, wllh ' liremen, got the Job rtono, n, he faces courl marlial < .1 additional charges of "escape". The play will bc a feature of the National collon Festival here Oct. 13-U. WEATHER Arkansas-Fnir t'nlght and Sun- « day. \\atmer in cast portion tonight, cojlef in northwest porttorT Sunday afterno;n. Memphis and vicinity—Fair Vnd warmer tnlehl; Sunday gen«t«Uy

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