The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1951
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1951 BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOB 8ETEN Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopla OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams , MARTHA^ I. BECAME WHILE L6ACW ALV1W AMD LEAMDER. THROOGrt 1US MATES OP THEIR. WHVOOM-T T AM ADVANCED CLASS PAINlTlMG OK /MUSIC. PERHAPS YOU CAM ENROLL 6OMM- ' BODY TO> PAINT TUB .< MOUSt, BUT MO TROMBONES CLASHING (I* THIS MEET3 A BALL TO S6S ose OF youc PUPILS MO,NO,' I NEVER \ *J OTHER \ EVEW f>\<x UP A rvjoacs, GO PIECE OF PAPER I AN' HUNT WHEW I SEE TH 1 /FOE TH' REST REST OF IT <OFrr-touR- - \ SGLF-VDO COMRJRT-) AAAV FIND ' TH'MINE WHILE-dOLTEE PIECE I'VE EVER REAR ABOUT A FABULOUS LOST MINE.' IT'S NOT ALL HeP6 REAP rr.OR LET ME SOlhlG ">OO FOR. OTHER. IN6P1RATIOM NO CO-OPERATION Political Announcements Subject to' Municipal Election November 6. 195 L For Mayor DAN A. BLQDGETT Smart bride* choose Meyer'* Bread, For eacn and every meal. It keeps hubby straight, and he's never late. Meyer's Bread has bridegroom appeall Just What The Doctor Ordered! After yon Mr the doctor seriptlon to u. W« will Rll It eiacHy th* way he would want It. ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 423 West Ash HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? t— Sure 700 know? Maytx- your speedometer fa wrong— : and that could cost yon a ticket! We five one-day repair service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 1Z1 E. Slain Phone Z12Z FOR SALE LUMBER Seasoned Oak & Cypress All Dimensions E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 Ik EMERALD CRESTED HOOPOE Gordon Moctrwg* comiGMT mi •Y MA snvfct, INC XII AS Alan came up, there was Vroom, monstrously treading vat«r, holding his bundle at shoulder height, as a man might nold a heavy weapon. A bundle of something hard and heavy enough that if a blow had landed it would .iave crushed a man's skull. -A rip in the cloth showed scintillations of green light, washed clean now in the river. "The emerald hoopoe, eh?" Alan bubbled thickly as he kept out of reach. Vroom; clutching the precious weapon, tried to gain support of the upturned canoe. Alan paddled closer and kicked /room's stomach. Underwater it vas not much more than a shove, but it drew a grunt from Vroom. One great arm over the canoe, clutching the knotted cloth to support Its weight, Vroom chopped ihe other fist a Alan. It fell on Alan's shoulder with force enough lo warn him that be could risk nothing with this man. Alan paddled clear.-Vroom was encouraged enough to shove oft after him, thrusting his bundle again like a clu b. Too heavy for fas maneuvering, it missed, "Don't forget," said Alaa. "I came to kill you," "You kill me?" Vroom spoke derisively. "But you could perhaps escape me and be a nuisance So verree well, I buy you ofl Americans always^sell for money isn't it?" "And tt foe nothing else," Allan grinned as his hand had fount a weapoa. "Ill kill y«u just Jot that.* Alan's hand fished out a wea pon irom under the canoe— crude long-handled paddle tha had lodged in the airspace. Ala slid H with all the force of his arm, along ttw water's surface a Vroom's face. Teeth crunche Vroom bubbled a crushed, red ftained cry, lurching his bod way, his arm, holding the bundle. id off the canoe. Alan plowed after him and felt is own legs frantically clutched, snatch at the canoe's bottom nabled him to drag in a lungful f air before the weight at his legs ulled him under. The water became colder with epth. Alan kicked frantically, nd one leg was free. He stamped, hen suddenly the quick, weighted escent stopped. The thing that ragged was gone. Two hands lawed at Alan's legs, worked heir way higher. The precious unrtl°, weighted with jewels, had •en let go. Alan felt grimly confident. He ad taken a breath before going ,nder. Vroom had not. 4 LAN bent himself to reach the clutching hands. Not to tear hem lo ; to drag closer the head hat was at the other end of them; o buffet at it as well as he mighl against water resistance. A greal land was feeling for his face. It's palm found a hold under his nose ind the fingers gouged at his eyes 4e bit at fiesh that pressed against lis mouth. The hand let go. Alan cicked at whatever he could feel •low great a store of air had there >een in the fellow's huge lungs later, without any cloth-wrapped bundle. "If he'd let go of his confounded bird sooner he'd have had me licked and I'd be the one down in the muck." On the shore was a concourse ot men waiting. Some of them his ang-ducs, some wounded and udely bandaged, some missing. ome were teak coolies. The Fang- men joked like successful unters. "They were so silly," they aid, "When they stopped shooting nd we got into the house they •ere all dead." Alan beckoned the men to follow im down to the launch. He told ic interpreter to explain in sim- le language, "Tell 'em that the police will nd out about this and they'll omc up and investigate and make rouble for everybody. I'll be clear way by then. So these boys had etter be away too, I have for ach one a backsheesh of 20 iastres—that's almost two years ay for 'ein. Tell 'em to get back nto their jungles and change their names and get lost. You too. You et 40. Ill take the launch down nd think up a good lie on the way." He laughed as happily as he jungle men over their bonanza. *V11 say a green dragon with glass marble eyes came out of the woods and put the holy scare into 'em and hey up and ran. Everybody'U >elieve that here." • • • INCE he didn't want to tell anj more of the grim truth to Lucy Villiers he told her that same lie :oo. "And that's how come>" he when he bubbled and went under? But then the clawing, clutching bands began to slip away; to slid limply dawn his .chest, hooking momentarily on a button and tearing it loose; gliding oozily reluc tantly down the threshing legs. Alan came, up out of the murk out c4 the colder deeps; up int< warm water and sunlight. Th canoes floated serenely as thoug nothing had happened more se rious than a holiday boating upse Both paddles remained invitingl near, Alan retrieved one, turnec a canoe over, rocked it fore an aft to spill water and rolled in. sat searching the surface. Nothin else cam* up. It would do tha said, "I couldn't bring you back a hoopoe." She said, "You did better than that You brought me back a crazy American." _ "... .She" let Alan 'fiercely hug her too. He said, "So then 111 make a deal. If you'll shamelessly desert your patient, 111 let you kiss him goodby instead of me, and let's get the blazes out of here before they catch us." "You mean," she said, hw nose wrinkling in that kitten way, "you'll let this poor little country fight Communism with Just its own army from now on?" "Ill let my uncle help '«•*," Alan grinned. THE END Tha acreage of Irish potatoes grown In North America has dropped from 3.6 million in prewar 'ears to 2.5 million In 1950. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores i°* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CulTerts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 61 Rlw>} 8*. REPAIR SERVICE \ 11 appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radio* and small appliances. All oar work is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian ORleec Now ta ST. FRANCIS DRUG Phone 3507—Nile, Ml* New icTes? . . . new "eels? ... new lacei? . . H-fl LT€RS QUALITY SHO€ SHOP IZI W. MAIN ST. Real FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. 12 Inch t* 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete BaUdlDg Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pomp house* tenant houses, toot sheds. W* deliver. Call o> for free estimate. OSCEOUA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 Service Whatever kind of car you drlvt, you're Invited to bring It to H for expert, dollar -saving service. Try u». T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 1Z1 E. Main ' Phone Z1Z2 .-:, 225 N. FLKST Phon« 4161 • MACHINE WORK IAI1 Types! • LAWN MOWERS All Kind mowers and mower en- tine* repaired. • WELDING lAnj Type) • Bicycle Repair (Complete Un« of ptrfe) Authorized Service A Part* for Clinton Enrlnea. Sec ut WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. i Ash Ptwne ESU rriendly Stiiekaaer Dealer TRUCK Headquarters TRUCK "Prices Are Born Here — And Raised Elsewhere" • 1942 FORD V-8 1 54 -Ton Truck with new '48 motor, 825x20 tires . . . bargain ..... • 1947 FORD JJ-Ton Pickup that'l > goad buy ...... • 1947 CHEVROLET Save money on this extra good >,S-Ton Pickup Truck ............... • 1949 ?ORD H-Ton Pickup . . here's a perfect truck for yon • 1949 DODGE a drive In this H-Ton Pickup! Take clean Only • 1949 Studebaker Vou'll agree this '.i-Ton Pickup 1» jint like new • 1949 Studebaker Here's a heavier. *i-Ton Pickup that's bargain- priced! ......... : ..... FRKCKLU AND JIM FRIEND8 By MtBRtU- Now t« Kf«p It "Now's a good time to concentrate on tome »ound r»w tales ideas to bring up when the convention open* !" tomorrow!" PRISCILLA'S POP Concrete Evidence BY AL VERMEER YES, SIR! I CAN STILL REMEMBER MRS. BOTTS FIR'ST BI9CUITSJ AH, YES... I CAN SEE THEM YET SURE, I CAN. 1 1 USE THEM FOR DOORSTOPS IN THE. GARAGE'. VIC FLINT Making Hay BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THIS HERES OUTA "JTHAMKS PO1T TELL- MY TEEKITOeY. (60TTA SET PACK 7\ LEFTY TO NEW PLYMOUTH/ LETS TAK& A LOOK AT THIS F-LACe TV* OUK FKIEKJPS WEKS HOLES' UP JKJ. MOoEV COESfJ'T PRIMS HAPF')Ne5&, SHAWs X, TOO, AM LOrJEiVj CAPTAIN EASY The Payoff BY LESLIE TURNER HERE'S HIS BLACK WIG AMD W HERE'S TH' WHOLE THKT DREADFUL MR. ttcTIGS SHOULD U6 KMOWM BETTER TUA.U TO TBV M» FOOL Jk 6MW2.T HUSBMJD LIKE MINE.' MR.McKEE! COUNT IT! AklD SO IADSH- W H COKEE WAT5UKI) WELCOMES A HEW BUGS BUNNY He's Well Posted I DON'T GET IT.' TMS IS NEARLY OVER, AND •YOU DIDN'T WiTCH ON« THERE G0£<i TH GUN ENDING TH' GAME... C'MON/ ALLEY OOP H's a Pinch BY V. T. HAMLIN of these trucks are equipped with a radio and heater! STUDEBAKER IFYOUWANTA STAY HEALTHY/ BALONEY. 1 YOU'LL STAY /C'MON RJGKTHERE IN THE I GRANT YOU TH 1 GENERAL WHO WANT6DTO8UY MY GLADIATOR IS A MOST FORMIDABLE GUY... THATS BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST FRESH HE HAS HIS PRIVATE ,, TH ESE GUYS) RIGHT, WJEKP'S /BUB... YOUGLTfa «E UNDER ARREST.' TKPRONTIEKJ ARMY.' HE YOU KNOW ^CONTROLS TT HEDOm SCARE US NONE .ArtS SAY, EVENTH' GOVERNMENT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Trut BY EDGAR MARTIN

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