The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 10-17 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS WhoiesalePrices 'At Turning Point' Retail Figures Hit Ail-Time High for U.S. !n Mid-February [i*. — ' 9f «y I.AI:KI:NCI; OOXIJKH I'liilL-rt 1'ivs.s Stair t'nrrrs|umtlc»l WASHINGTON. May :'.—Tin' La- 'jjpi'purimem reported today thnt ••• retail cost of living i'pdched a new all-time hiiih between Feb. 15 and March 15. The Department's Unrein- of Labor Statistics sal dretall prices lor food, clothing, house fnrnishinss and miscellaneous items broke sharplv from a GO-day quiet (o I is<> a full tv,'o per cent for the month. It said average retail prices en March 15 were r>B'l- per cent hu;l I linn the August, 193D average and 20 ]x-r cent above the same date a year ago. At the same lime. BLS said i- another report that average wholesale prices for some DOO oasie commodities dropped 0.3 per cr-nt, ioi Ilic week ended April 20. the overall average, however, was -it almosl 3^ i>?r cent a hove the same week ol .':'» and only 1.7 per cent IK low tin :.:-ycar hk;h reached last month. Wholesale food prices, mlliic'nccc by liberal supplies, declined 1.2 pel mil for Ihe week: farm products infers rose 1.3 per cent chiefly due lo sharp increases in egas. cotton and irc.sli fruits and vegetables pil- ci-s: and all other commodity prices wi-nt down 0.3 per cent. Elsewhere on the price fron*. Gael Sullivan, executive director of ihe Democratic National Committee, .said that President Truman has ordered all members of his cabinc-i lo "put the heat on the basic manufacturers" for price reduaituis. Kvllivun said that in general re _ ytailcr save willing to cooperate in UjJce cutting but Hint only Uashcs 5y* basic industry price.;, such as steel, automobiles and duraWe nooex. will mean "any real saving to the consumer " IT. K. T. of C. is Critical The administration's demand for Honeymoon Threesome NEW THREAT PAGE THREE .Jimmy Morri- ; •* A surprise honeymoon in Hawaii was (ho wedding present given lo IB-yoar-okl Kenneth Thompson, left, ot Oakland, Calif., and Ills bride, Jacqueline, 17, from her father, Cnpt. II. L. Turner, right. The threesome is pictured on the beach ,it Waikiki. After their recent wedding in Oakland, the newlywetls, Loth high school students, planned a motor trip through California. But Captain Turner, a Pan American Airways pilot, "kidnaped" (hem and U<Mv them to Hawaii without their knowing their destination. price reduction by businessmen was discriminated unfairly against busi criticized by the U. S. chamber of nessmen in his price canioaten. Commerce in its weekly newsletter. ' "Business Action" and by Earl O. Shrevc. newly-elected Chamber president. I At the closing session of the ur- banisation's :i5th annual convention,' Shreve told a press conference that ' he thought President Truinai, had Attention Storm Victims We ;ii-p prepared to liolp' you . . . we tan make im- mediiiit delivery on HARUK'n"S Snioi.lh and Sl.Ue Surface llnll Hoofing, 210 Ih. PoiiMe Cole Shingles and 107 1I>. Hexagon Shingles. Do not accept an inferior grade of roofing when the l.'fsl is available! Ji „ -.„„._.. You Con't Beat a Barrett Roof! mum HARDWARE CO. 2.T3 West Main Phone 2015 He .said that the surest cine foi hifih prices was inereascti production. "Talk alone will not briny prier down," he said. "Nor will the American people be fooled by eUeinptF to make businessmen scap^yoaU and to blame business alone for the wage-price spiral." The Chamber's newsletter sakl that "temporarily at leist the life in prices lias lost momentum" but thai the administration was tinjnst in putting the responsibility lor price reductions in business alone. "Industrial prices arc feeling the upward Ulrlisl of another round of wage increased in the heavy Industries." it said. "The businessman s problem of reducing pvic.'.-s is one of reducing costs. And. one nian's price is another man's co-;";.'' Cuntioufii rrum 1'agc 1. officials who Inspected slorm-dn- mnRcd areas yesterday afternoon wi"-t> C- <"'. liedman, disaster chalr- mnn; George Lee, chapter chnlrHMIH: and Mrs Kloyd llaralson. executive secretary. Fifteen Norlh Mississippi County families were found to be In need of assistance and will receive enier- Sencv aid, their report slated This aid will consist of blnnkets. bedclini!. clothlnj- null minimum liotisehold cqtilpmeiit All 15 families, about half of them Nenro. were tenant fanners rmd have been given other honslnii | iiunrtcrs by owners of tlie fnrins on \vlilcli they worked. allevlatiUK "' c assistance problem, tlie lied Cross sold. Because Ihe national orniml- yntlou aids In liandllns assistance In disasters where more than live families require lielp, funds from the national jtroup's share of North Mississippi contributions will be returned for this work. Mrs. Hanilso-.i snlrt. Mrs. Madeline Campbell of Osceola. executive secretary of the South Mississippi County Heel Cross chapter, has made nn Investigation of damage in that section, but reported that no culls for assistance have been received there. Much (if Stale Suffers (By United Pressl Avkansans are burying their dead today in Ihe wake of two wind- is which swept UirouoKh tile northern ccrncrs of the slate dlK- ili|! the past two days, killing ten ami enusinu properly damage run-' ... .. into thousands of dollars. An eleventh death, resulting from yesterday's storm, was reported m nr-'-V Southeast Missouri. I Funeral services will be held in Rogers. Ark., at 2:30 this afternoon for Mr. and Mrs. Arch Blnnsoll and their 8-year-old grandson, Paul J. Blansett, all of Drluhlwiiter, who were three of nine persons kl'U"! when a tornado struck Bcnto.'i Colintv Tuesday ni^hl. Services for Joe Williamson. 41). niifl his wife, 34. will be held at Snoderly Cemetery Salurdnv aftor- noon. Williamson died Tuesday when their ho;ne near Oarfleld was demolished and Mrs. Williamson died later in a HOKCTS hospital. The bodies ol Albert Cline, Mrs. K<^ITS. Sprini'ci- died under I lie wi< '. r'.;t:u- i'! Jiis Hi U'.litwater ilome. l-'i< ven other persons remained in 1!!,, ](;,.,,,„ hospital today. Mi.mwiule al Caraway- -in tile 'K'lih.M-.i curner ol the slate— ftin- ci;il rrucci \\vte incoiniilele for H" l.'e llohler. and\ six, only",as talalily in jcsterda:, 1 nil ini'ii:'*, windstorm. He died ye.'i- teirn :i1 1 ci ilium in a .lonesboro Shirley King Third On All-Star Play Cast "Ll :\ Shirley Klnn, ilauyhler of Mr. ami Mrs. W. r'Hchi'r kint!. liitli) Wi'.-t Main S! placed Ihlrd in the all- star cast chosen by Ihe critic indue and a composite tally <if l!ii> opinions of directors in ih>> t-iprljjK Hpcech Keslival of Juuli-r. lllch .Schools »[ Northeast ArScimsu., held last week In Jonesboro, U wu.j 1111- nonnced *nlny. Shirley, freshman student ,i( ];iy- tluM-Ule lllnh School, is a member of, Ihe i'ress Club and tin-it' club llonlta Slaiikard. K. II. G<-. Jr.. ruul Hilly I'rlvett. also lllythevillr frcli- men. accoiupanied her to J-nu'sbin'-i. T'WllHT I hoy i>re.M'nti-d "W!il;h ;s i "'*•' Wiiy lo Huston?", i one-act 0 other persons were Klwti{ ,,. , , „ l Ihe storm which swept: liette Iloyd', a'.Mllsh Ins. «-, t'. a,;!i for BI13. direct i d lather. S-l-vcnr-nld Le\ l .:K tilken lo a Memphis ''''' ^' tas^ nii'hl in a serious con- diini:'. \vhile the mother itnd tlnee olltci ihiUh'i-n reaiained in u Jonesb< -'> l'n ? ,pil;il At h'llst InjuK 1 !) in jV-.i,)-,,,,!. Mi« S lsslpi,l Clreene. ,, ull ,, ,1,,,.,,^,. I (i.n^cti ;uid liulejiendi-licc coun- and served as chapcrone» Bank Has Hew Manager UTTMO HOCK, Ark., May 2. (DPI - -Tin! Little Hock Brunch of Ilic Federal Rc.'iiTve Hank of fsi. liouh today had a new manager, C. M. Htewalt of St. Louis. .Sti-wiut. arrived here ycslerdtiy lo UM.snme maniiKtu'shlp of Ihe liank, rehevlui; A. F. Dalley. win lias re- tiretl after serving as niana^c:- lor 2'J years. 'Ihe new umnaijer bus been with the St. Louis bank since it opened as parj, of .the Federal Reserve System in ioitt Courier News Want Aas. tii- I the i>lay mid accompanied the Kii.up 1 lo Jonesboro. Miss Opal Woodcock ! ,•,1"!* ,«"",• oUl'lV^U^'-' 111 " Mks A1 '"""" "on- s ;Y ; n«,i^h,': ; ' ' ' n 1 Mriuuors, njislsloil Miss Hnyd. Mis. I'.. 11. C.ILV ucct mi pun led Uu 1 VI IT. vvlin \lvml m-;u Tyli . >" (In 1 Mississippi HKtT. I'nipntv ihinui^t' In llu- iHi 1 'Ku'iun'l M'cliou of imrl lion si kunsiis was rxUuislvp with uti ' i:M rMimiilrs uhirini', U dos FLUSH OUT KIDNEYS THIS DOCTOR'S WAY • Bncfcache. loss of tlic old pep, getting up nlfthli, add headache arc often caused by : iioUiiuK more than ijnproper kidney action due lo erxeaa acid in the urine. The kidtu.^3 are one cf NoUire's ways of removing impurities from Ihe blood. AnJ v/hcu llicae impurities back up, trouble. may start. ... So if you have these troubiei, give your kidney* unU bladder a good IhishiiiK out by luking Dr. Kilmer'* Swump-Root. It works on Hie kidney* to Hush them out . . . increiisiins the fltrv of urine to help relieve thnt. excess ncidi'y and ense tl-at burning icnRniion when you pass wuier . . , helps thnt bladder irritation that malcei you Ret up ntRhta. Madeor 1C lierlu, roots, vecet«bles, an-1 bidsniui, Svvnmp-Rf>i>t is nbsolutely non- ImbiL fonnhni. Millions h-'ive tjdftrn it. Tor 3 ^([i.Tutinns . . . often, with wumlerfuj rv.uUi. CniiUon L lake as Olrcclf i\. Kor free Irtnl pupply, itt«J lo Dept. Y, Kilmer & Co., Inc., Hox 1255, Stnmfonj, Coiiti. Or—Ret full-sized bottle of Swam**Koot to'lnv at your rtruifslor*r. Ai 1 - Mr-*. Hock. Takes Federal Post Banquet Will Honor Dell Graduating Class Doll HiRh School juniors will e-n- tei'tnln 19-57 gnuluatLn-' .students early this month with the :uunnl senior banquet. Date for the banquet hii.s not been set. Wiirreii Howard will SCVVL- as mn.s- tor t>t" ccrtinonie.s and |j nests will mcliule all members of the faculty ami Board of Education. Mrs. "Homer G. Hicharcls. sponsor of tue junior class, assisted by Mrs. O. E. Hnnni- ciUt, will be in charge '>f thL- banquet.. , They will be assisted in making sirrangements by juniors Maxine McCook, Betty Jo Morns, Dom.s Payne, Betty Raye Wilson, Virginia Dobbs, Frances Thrashv, Thomas Sheppnrci, Herman Stoic/, Jack Jewis, Mary Lynn Dmviui, Charline Armstrong. Tna .Jian Blair Warren Howard and JacK-c Lewis All juniors will serve on Uif* cleanup committee 1 - •LITTLfE ROCK, Ark., May 2. tUP)— George David Walker, a Helena, Ark., attorney, today took ever his new duties as assistant, to U. 3. District Attorney James T. Gooch i n Little Rock. Walker \va s sworn in yesterday in remonies conducted by Federal idge Thomas C. Trimble. He suc- tcds Gordon Frierson, w)io liasl Jnsper Lnwrcncc Dollar Value' DOLLAR Bring your car to our complete automotive plant. Here you'll find Blythe- vilie's best equipped . . . best opeerat- ed shop . . . ready to repair your car correctly and quickly. NO GASH NEEDED! We're equipped to handle anything that rolls the highway—efficiently! risk Tires Wrecker Service Gulf Gas , Plymouth . SECOND STREET Owned and Operated by Tom A. Little Jr. tired aftej* 13 years of .service ic district attorney's office. 'Walker is n graduate of .the niversiLy of the South at Sewiv.i- ?, Tenn., nnd hokls a hiw degree oin the University of ArkunsaJ. served three years in the Army World War II. Too Late to Classify PoJ -o ^Trnup A/*^A*-; in l.ittlc Rack n'lTI K DOCK. Ark.. Mnv '-'- 'Upl -\ rorif[»rnn;v Of i|i'h'['Ul--S from llir Infill HiyJon <if the Nu- tirn:>] Viiuudaiiini fnr Infant lie P'srulv^is wen I int^ its .srfoncl ami lin:ii duv in Little lto:-k lotLiy. with rciircMMitalivrs fruin Arkunsns. Missouri. Ok!u!iotn;i, Ti-xus fxnd I.oul'i- iii'ui in iitU'iidnnce. |Pnne\ d !:'>'• tif^-i ions lodny were |)ii"-iiU-<l over bv Wi'.sl J. AUenburi: of Nc\v Ytirk City. naUmml dirr:'- tur ol chtipiers. J^eiircsrnlti kinisrx.s a'. Ihe ronferenre art Wittkins of Ml tie Rock, rsi divet'lor of the shite; and l-:rnnce O. Wilson of Mllli- c*h:ii;ler executive secretary. Divorces Divorces (irnntod here rorenlly In- rlutliv Ciriulle Dhmdell vs ClKirli-I Hhindell; Vlula Mnltliews v;i Mnlh- nnicl Mn I thews: Vrrnii l^tvn'.'tui vs Ifie iVnrson; AIIU- H. ll'iln't-:; vs Nirvu Hue Holmes: lx)l;i ILnuUry vs I.^oniin! Jliuullcy; Jarnc.s linden I/jwery vs Llllie Muo Low^i' 1 ." M:uy Kllyubelh White v.s Alfred Whil'c nnd ICinuu' ICiiLjeno Cnnnitkle v.i Normun Lee Ciinnlckte. fiuils Ilk'd for divorce hsiVi? l>ej'n bv: lleunie Joe Vun Ciev. 1 \'^ Clarn Van Clevn: M. II. Anderson vs Vnitictf.s Anderson; He','I: 1 T-oui'-e lirndley v.s IlilUni llnidley: Kinllv St'tirey vs Luwrenee Rrurry. Franklin J. Short vs Ilci-n T. Short: J. C. Whittle vs Virginia Whittle; ItuLh Ucljn Newman vs NcAvnnn: William "THE GREAT VIRGIL" and His Wonder Show BHS AUDITORIUM Monday, May 5, 8 p.m. Sponsored By BHS Junior Class For Rent jh G. Gipson v.s Prances Gipsoti; Louise Colley vs Itobi'iL Cullvy: T. S. Crosby vs liulln Crosby; Lyntn nwre vs J. Clove Ducre; Dixv: Morgan \'s Armir.load Morgan. Jiimr.s D. Swrtii vs Rihiv Swcnl: Sylvia Miller vs Mintuu Milk-r; Nclhor Coker vs Andrew C-.'kf r; HIU C. Cobh vs I'utsy CJoblj; Louis'.' Dili vs Wayne Dill; Uorolhv t'haso v.s l r rnnc:Ls Clutsc; I la Uie Ji.ckM,«n \'.'i •Waller Lee Jitcksnn; tihltu-y P.i^l 1 vs Moctnn Murpiiy P»Ke; Iren:! Col- Lull Rollins \K O. W. Uoliin.i. Jauics \V. Spilier vs Hullic Leo ISpill: 1 !'. "sicy. ins >v. Kt-iim the Greatest Theatrical Production Ever Staged In Biytheville! Don'* Fail to Sec This Great Mystery Extravaganza! This ad sponsored and paid for by D HE IP US . \Vi!iir Itiiiiiminh Rnad Courier Ni'^s Wiint. Ads 31fi \VEST MAI\ ST.' STORES IN BLYTHEVILLE, MEMPHIS AND DYER6BURG For Sale Announcement of Resignation It IH with rpliietancc Ihat wo announce ai»- resigna- lion as pas'.ov of the Full Gospel Tabernacli 1 , t h c church Ihat lias enabled us lo make many friends in niylhevillc. However, because of health eoiulitions, we clcom it wise to move. \Vi; an; sure the Church will Re- cure another pastor soon . . . and a Rood ono. \Vi' fuel that this Churoli is worthy of tin: host. Sincere// D.R.Harmon Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj SIM T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI BT. PH. S6i In ('oiii wo are . |>i«:r!s ol' with I'rtfiiilent Truman's wish, our mai'Kin of profit on many 1:10 in our store. This yoc.s in our every line except in the r.-aso of FAIR TltADK riUCMS. We will pass part of our profil on to tlie coiisiinier in order that his buy- iii|T dollar will j;o I'm (her . . . buy move! Pictured Suite This Mnlingnny Diiiini! Huoin Sul'o is llllly n product of cxpri't rrafls- lilunship. U eumbim-s '.hi' t ui-h .»! hr[it]liru) inuho^ntiy \villi luieiy modern uphnl.sfery. K<->- ir in (.ur display wintln\v j;iT:iUy rr.'lui'rcl! formerly $315 Plan For Easy Papenf! We aiso Sell to Farmers on Farmer's Terms—Half Now —Half Next Fall! 113 West Main

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