The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 4
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roui BLXTHEVILLE, (ARK.X COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 17, 193.1' .. THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUR1EH MEWS CO., PUBUSHHta C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, AdvtrUang Sole National AdrerUlne Rrpii«nUUm: .', Ark»nsu Dailtes, Inc., ??ew York, Chlc««o, fcetrcit, St. Louis, Dallw, Xaw*s City.Hcmebli. Published Fvuy Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second matter nt the |>ost otflcc at B:ylhevllle, Arkansas, umtcr net of Congress, Oc- lobcr a. 1911. Ecrven DV me Umtnrt Press *•- BUHSUIUPTION RATES '•-' By carrier In the C«y ol Wlvti'.ovlIU, 15c per "—«rrk nr <(i 00 ixr year In advance. r^'maU iSb£. mllus ol 50 nil.cs, »3.00 per ~-yea , $1.5.1 (or <U montts, 85. for Il.ree m°n»>». -Thy mail In postal zones two to six. Iucluslvc, »!.».50 ix-r year, 1" zones seven nnd eight, "•per jcar, payable 1" advance. ~ The Volt m Pennsyloania T~ H is a liltlo (iiiriailt u> the ^victory of Sonalov David A. Hncd over rT:Gov. Gill'ortl 1'iiu'liol in tins I'cnnsyl- ^vaiiiii Ki'iniblii'Kii prinuiry can properly SI!bo eonstniwl as tho ru!)ukc to the 1^ Kooscvult iidminisl riilinu that Seiiatur ~-Rccd and other.- seem to consider il. ~ 11 is true llial Governor 1'inchol, a — progressive lU'|inl)lican, made his catn- ^-' paign its ;t Roosevelt supporter, and ^•'tlinl he WHS (lofealed by a niiir«in of more than 100,000 out of a total Republican vote that will probably tntal 1,100,000 when all iclunis are in. H is also Inie, however, that A,wo candidates l'«r lliu Oeniocratic senatorial iioniinalion, both of whom endorsed the Roosevelt program, polled in the neighborhood ol' 500,000 votes. J \Vlien final rottn n.s are reportsxl they twill show that approximately 1,000,- iOOO reniisyly'anla voters dust ;ihcir "priniiiry ualluts iu favor of candidates -who cncturseil Roosevelt and the "now -deal," whereas only about GOO.OOO vol- -cd for Heed. If a vtwnll of that kind, ^in the traditional stronghold of Re- Ipublican coiiservatism, holds any, r.n- "courageiuent for the enemies of the '.'present national administration, they .are welcome to it. Prodigal's Return . Samuel liwnll's return to America inafe jr^tHW-Spcclaclo—a ' blemling of the return of the prodigal sou, the arrival at the jailhotise of a fugitive coiner, and the advent of the captain back from the wars. The issues at stake in his indictment, his fliglit,.lm arrest, and his approaching trial are being overshadowed by the projection of his own personality. The whole affair is being dramatized, and it is being dramatized in the wrong way—as the ease of one individual, not the case of a system. For this trial ought lo do more than simply tell us what kind of man Insull himself was, in the days when he was mighty. II can tell us what kind of country we were in those days, what sort of economic system we lived by, and how power was gained and lucd. If we concentrate too much on the personality involved, we are apt to miss . an important lesson. OUT OUR WAY I' Debtors Lament President Roosevelt's decision that nations which don't begin soon to make a serious effort lo |>ay their war debts will be regarded as defaulters seems to have aroused something of a slunn in the F.nglixh press. One London newspaper rejiorling the story put (he headline "Highwayman Act" over it, implying that Uncle Sam is changing from Uncle Sliylock into Dillinger's kid brother. Now this is probably <piite human and natural; a mat] who has long since made up his mind that he is nut going to pay a debt is bound to feel deeply irritated when his creditor suggests that he ought to have a little something oh account. And yef il i< hard to feel a great deal of sympathy for the viewpoint. If Uncle Sam, who loaned a lot of money in a war that he didn'l starl, is a highwayman for wishing tin could gel some of it back, what arc the nations which emerged from the war with their pockets full of reparations, colonies, steamships and mandates 1 .' Hy I lie Governorship hisl-niintil^ filing of (he rr(nilr:'c3 parly ;incl p:i.vnK>nl ol tin? b:illol ice. former Sliitc Comptroller Howard Rml h:is nvaili; lilm- sclf the opponent of Gov. J. M. l-'utrcll (or the Democratic nomination lor -loci-moi- »l Ilk 1 August primary. The rlsflil of Mr. Hwd or ;iny oilier IX'inu- er:tl to seek the goveinor.ship Is not <]iic'f,lionL'd. But It would ttikc KII ovcrwlK'Imint; .shmviny, a islKiuiUc jo'> "1 convincing, nn upheaval In public opinion lo move Ihe |K-op!i - ol Aikansa:; lo disturb nn aclmlnfsliiUion Mini h:i.s certainly proved to be the klnil ihi- Klalo needed nl UU.s lime. Afk'r fnlline into easy-fo nniuicLil vays nluny v;ltli the rest t>f [hn nmnlry durinj: tlin llnsh yrnr.H thill cndi-d in 1020. Hit 1 slate yovrrmnunl had to be brought bark (o a basis vvhc'ic tl could honor Us obligations and meet, il.s current WILs lor Ilio iwrfonnaoce ol cssenlinl funetlom. In itlttickiiii! (lie pvobleuis of trtifnehmcnl nnd sound [inaiu-ial niiinatjc- inenl Ciovcrnor Pntrell wits diliuenl. cnnrayeoiis and MHTes-sdil. In seeking a .second lenn to uoinplele HUM tasks ami solidify Ihc cains nmdc inirter his nriminislrntlon he will be minimi; on a record of invaluable public service and achievement. • — Arkansas Gay-elle. SJDE GLANCES .. By George Clark "We don't know many people. I'm not a very g<M>d mixer; Oxygen First Essential to Maintenance ol Life !!V 1)1!. MOKi;iS ?dili.r. .Irllriial nf Mr .Mciliral AssnciuUoi, Hvefiit, Ihr Health 1 Atiu-riraii :uid uT '.jti'i'iU rxi-i'ci-s^ from ojn: and cine half to two tjiKirl.s a minute. Tlu: mr\-'. oxygrn that you ca • lair up in your body is aboi You niuy Ite able to exist \vilh-iilu-c:' quarts. 'I'hcreforc, ihe tnar out lorxl from 1 :«! (o in days antll athnn i miner in question is 'tis without water from live to .seven MIX ujj ills oxygen about [is fa: il:iy.s. but ytiu nun ilo without | as he can Ink? it in. oxygen for even five minuter.. irmvrvcr. nature provides 11 Jf you arc deprived of oxygen ijody with factors of safety ; [or even one minute, you wonltl ;h . u u is |K)ssil j| c lo nm U J, a ;r in H M'tiuus .-.ituatinn and if ,,. x u,,.|i drbt. Trained athlete Iliis should te eMendcd mily, im . ;ll)lt , „, rlln 1]p n,^ 1nfct . sliKlilly. you would become ml- j ] U!;n as ls r|U!lr i s O f oxygen, eonscions and life would :nid. I Th( , r( , llvo lhe nllHetcs who a: The mnrgin of OX.VKCII reserve - ;0 vvcn lrailu , rt tbat they do n in your body is so narrow that H ], ;1VP to W0] . r} . .,hoiit Betting is easily cirsr-cil. and yel it. is a | ... fullm i K - m( ] i ' r .j nrc t i, njr oxys BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Dailr lurday. May 17. 19Z4. 1C. R. IJlcluii'&oi]. proniliicul inlci 1 near Ytirbro, who sullei- an attack ot acme appendicitis •May and was taken lo a Meni- lis luuipitu). was reported Satnr- ay to bo dome as we'll as could * expected. H. li. Agi'.cw of the J. L. C. and railnny was In Blyllicvillc on flcial business. He told friends is company Is planning a new me card to become effective ithin 30 days or more, which ill Ito an advantage of the trav- Ing public mill to Blytlievlllc in •articular. John Suiollicrinan ol the Lee r i!son plantation near Armorel lys that if all the trenches lie as ring on his farm in the past. 0 days has been laid in a .straight, nc lie would have been in New irlcaus instead of Blyllicvillc. THIS CURIOUS WORLD CHURCH EXCUSES By G*o, W. BarfcJM Befoi'e I married Joe and rought liim into our family it icver occinred to me thai our eligioiis beliefs WHJ; tlie same vhilc our church beliefs were uite wide apart, nttd it seems we invc paid more attention to thc: hui-cli end of the matter he her became \vitlovrcrl thc last I imc am! bi-oiighi one load of her jtxfecssions and ctono to vioit .she; injected the baptismal :ion into the household. There ARE BUJLT *?OCS/y£J IN ORDER. VO PRESENT LESS SURFACE RESISTANCE TO WAVfS AND AS ONE GETS WfAfiefi 1HE EARTH'S MAGNETIC POLES, THE POM ON 1H= COMPASS NEEDLE BECOM£SMK4*W.. O 1*34 BY NCA SCKVICC WC, magnetic pull of the cimh is far below the surlacc. Thcrt- " ' . , , ,.,„ fore - ^ °"° npprnaches a point directly above either one of the than! magnetic poles, the horbonlal pull on the compass needle become i religious end and when Mo- > loss mid the downward dip increases. \KXT: \n the noiseitous toadstool and Ihc ctflilr rmrhraim relalcil.' ins been little or no j>eace 1:1 family and no church going ind not knowing any of the ministers in the community be known that I would i call by so:nc good loping to flr.d one the question and tojtifjdc that the Chris! nihiit lake impris2 a number ol preach- 1 en the subject should he pas~ . trs called and 10 my amazemen t ; hi is way one of thcs? preaclm.; I found they could not agree ; said there was no douhi in his and toir.e became rather outspoken i mind that should he come again 1 I let it about Ihc views Mother htld and I he would make headquarters in appreciate! ctheio seemed to think Joe ra- 1 ihe church of which he was pas- aA preacher] i her pig-headed as ono put it auditor, so the baptismal question is or two that when I rpokc of the possible al-!ftil! unsettled in our home. BEULAH POYN!ER» cos* v£f BK/ICS. ^t: Quick uit lakes a man inrthor in a ninlw- inlisLic dviliwilioi] lunn dfeades of (U'udyery. --Jim Tnlly. hunuiu author. m m m I'm aH right IK T am. When I need any rejuvenation I'll apply for H. —164-ynir-ulil Xiiro Ai;Vin, Turkey's oldest man. I can't .sjxil ernns. 1 ian pick out a politician quick. 1ml I don't recognize bacteria and genus so easily. —Mayor !•'. H. LaGunvdm ol New York. * * • The gang is a hostile society ivitniu the ucn- ctal society und ihcrcton: must go, else Mjcicty itself rlsLs destruction. —Dr. Waller Reck. German [KHlulO^LSl. The drift in the UnltM stales is a drift to Lhe right—lo Fiivlsm. In spile of the good intentions of Mr. Row* veil and Dr. TuuwelL —Norman Thomas. Socialist leader. margin beluwn life and death. AiivIhiny Ihm interrupts breath- inR is a menace lo life. Your wliol? breathing mechanism. IUOIL-- ovcr. Is to complicated that various types of Interruption are possible. There is Dial portion oi the brain which controls the automatic diaiauU'i 1 of breathing; I here lire, th? IHTVL'-S in the spine nnd ihrwe leading from the spine lo the muscles that arc involved i iidrqiiHt Grllinp ijofoin they start. second v:ind is .Ur, 1 >ment u! enough oxygen rc- .o cairy cm activity without" The Editor'i Letter Cox • ECtK Hi:UK TODAY DitN.vt C;AIIIIII:L and .ritr» -The (iaSrirl Si<«ter»" mre rireM« *rrr«rMrr». k'rnr* earlier MndrDnr mm swaj IroM her , pose m»rT7lns him now be- Inn from M RM:I t» aprr Umlrlinr ar- hr lakra !• t^rr Bart**• Mn^r- Ull.t in breathing there are the pns- sag-cs thvuLiglt which the air flows, and the lungs themselves. Anything that blocks ihe pn-s- ijies or thai b:eak.s the pathways nJong which the .stimulus to breathing moves may brinij ahout denlh. Therefore, tmr whole lives are .spent in yetting sntllc- icnt oxygon. The period for which anyunc can hold his breath without discomfort is apparently limited to 45 seconds. Tf, however, you pro- pa re yourself for holding yo'ir breath by broaching .s!ouly and euply for a cei tain length ui; Human Justice I To lhe editor:! The new bor>k by .Secretary of ARricultUYC Henry A. Wallace appeals to me as tx'inu a vault with a glass cover. 1:1 which arc preserved A-, prr^n^'fl several old nnd fundamental trn:hs. The idea thai rehsjon is for u>c only on Sunday Ls displayed; as also the. idea of nheyins ihe nias- tem here and getting reward over Hv William; THERE AIN'T MOTH I M' ISJ MV POCKETS— MOTHIN' MUCH.' WHY? \WEU-. THEN INSIDE OUT BEFORE T DO AMY •SEWIN6 ON THEM' I OOM'T WAMT'AMV PET SPIDERS, FROGS, VAJHITE MICE OR ANGLE WORMS CRAWL1MO OUT INTO MV LAP. ,c. yon may he able to d') \viUi- nt breathing for anywhere fmrn ve to six minutes. If. ii\ addition to Uiat, tin' air on breathe is .supplemented v.ith xtra OX.VKPH. you can exlond Hi? >e] icxl withnuL the motions iherc. 1 have heard the latter expressed ill the phrase "work hard and snvn your money." Another idea i:i plain view is that the truths enunciated by the 'ts and Christ are still I truths, und ate live i^ucn today; and also that the contra! Issue u>- j day. us of old. concerns HUMAN JUSTICE. Jf we examine closely, the prophets and leaders of old. we wi Mrr l>onnn pmfn llnr Sac lalU la Inrt \ SIDDAI. Madcllar'* rna^la. nwd mnuch kkr <• aKanmrd ol drrrlv- liiu Illll an* Crandlalarr ••« to nfraiil 1*1 irll fae irMlh. cn> 11AVII). rlrcBR aniMal (ruinrr. lprr» nnnna baf irara MjiiJrllnr irll> hlM Iknl hrr aarl- «rr In miirrlrd Con. bcUrrtnc Dnnan 1n*l In aiM. ncirrlra Hadr- llur TanMcli irrriflrri nl lat Itnnn nad lir:crH ear mkrk part In nal nl nnann'* Con «rfi« onr In 3ladrllar nnd dlkcovrrH hoiT fchr Irh-bfd alai Into marrlacr. cause jo» •wried me." iurst into hysterical laughter. "Of all tbe conceit! Don't tell me you still believe Douna would ever have hail you! She couldn't see you for dust at IDT time, and L knew it! Yes. 1 lied when I said they were going to be married. Why not? I was fool enough to think that if you knew you could never bave ber you'd snap out of It and begin to get Bomelblns out ol life—" "With roil?" "Yes, with me. It's only your truth, the God's tradi! OoniM lihfi crush on Rill SMUal ts« UrEt tl^ie she "Tin to visit my grasrtfallicr and I knew 11 she and Bill were thrown tosetber they'll •:"< married. You've 501 to toretre me. Ccn. 1 cant go on like this! It's lust killing me lo have you treat me this way." "I suppose it was your idea to have Uounn go to the farm after the acrlclcnt?" "Wet!. It was a lot belter tlian bavins ner stay in a nospual atiJ it fnverl — " "Ami threw ner and your fTO" citnis cou^i^i tosriJier! darned pride and conceit ibfit'.- , doe." your » eating you now. That's all It ever IJcuna's s^o: was between you and Donna—nnt) way?" don't tell me any different- I've CO O.\ WITH THE WUIIY j ]j VC( j w ^ n you i otl5 BllOllch lO CHAPTER XIX j know you'll never love nny one but the animals batJ been yourselt The only reason you wanted Donna was because you on Jitsi uINIL ihuik of him tfili urlrc» back throush been the covered runway and thc uproar had subsided Renfrew balled Con "WhM'3 the idea? 11 ne demanded. I* 0 "- Not an ? morc - couldnt hove her. i wish to God she'd married you! I don't want ;o altnos', 15 minute. " i find thr-m lo he. not only Ix^ard- II has l)cen pointed out that he sprint suimmm i tl :vcf:i*. Myinpic Gamc.s fci-ealhcd oxy^n: o rncofi and had i 'cd patriarchs, hut also men of 'vision, al urip.-; with the realities their day. Radicals if you of Ilr c When breathe , i The lime- is now- here, at which u, mage bec.H^ej t[ic pi-Qi,^,^ O j production has , j been &olvrd by science, invention .jand lhe Fkill :>f lhe human family. ^'"';We can prnclncc anything we need >""1 . efTon ih™, iniiinir. Whiie walking you breath,- atom a ,, llnr i nlo. and d-i " heavy 'ANNOUNCEMENTS The Cmr:i-r N"c*s Has hotn au- thorlrcct !o annoiinct llw folioul;-.? calulltl.llrs for pi.bllc olltrc. M;!)- tccl lo Ihr' "(At Aiifiist: IX:mecratlc primary Inr Cnuntr .Tltrt^p ZAt, I! HARRISON OKOKC'.K W. BARIIAM '"or Mrnilx-r nf Ctinsrrs^ CLISTCN L CALDWEI.I, I'M Shrriff and Cnllfrlnr CLARENCE 11. WILSON For nc-drriio,, f or second Ttrn l' r 'T ( nirnlT Trcasntrr JOK S. niLLAHUNTY "Trying to commU suicide or pull a new act?" "Neither." Tlie animal trainer strode through Hie sawdust-covered Kirrlilor thai led from the "b!e top" to the dressing tent. oruslUns ?.side everyone who stood In bis »-oj. JIndclinc wa? waitins at tlie door of inr dressing room. Under the •'Why. he lliiul;? she 1.= 1:1?— er he loves tier because — " "1 beard you ihe first time. Si» your grandfather [hm:.? Of:n: 1 .,i 15 you: H.ivput you toliJ me r.e u She dropped Into n chair, laid Ler head on the shelf beture tile mirror nnd bursl into angry tears I it -. T s;r .;i : " "Ye?. Xol rich. h::i liic 'ai::, l.i vvortli s;:i!iel riuig. HE'S co:n'u] tr:My lixed. WUy'.'" Tears were a dcleiiso Con could not combat. He paced the lime room, whlsllcd iliEconsolaiel? anil then swuns on his heels and left Because tbe scene still rankled nnd because both were stuunnrr: thc strained situation continued icon had never known niiniilii< onsc her checks were pale and her . ^. cvcr .„ j,| s jjf c i, ao \, e admitted • black. "Say. i-nafs tlie mnt- I j^ with you?" she began. i turos toward reconciliation would j me i!;at i:i your * lety to n\nv]-y vcur par of] so you far..-.4 ce: vmr rlur on me ro-j're ihiou-u "1 don't kr:o\v wlr.Tt yo;t n I)oni:a wo'jlo IIOVLT — yon i tiling IJnuiiS wnnia lii^iinrr into lcnvi;:p flfr llrr r.TTli'.. <'o v e>es black. "Say. "'bat's the ir.r with y Cfn c.-.u^bt her wrist, jerked the . Jn tho wron». '1'ne over f.uerrlrc' [ come In town aird I .v:c my friends ui'Ji Ibeir lag^rrl old .'.or,. ,:; | c]ot i le ,._ a|K] ,| )cjr f arr - ^ ltlin II think nl reduction of cotton and destniclion of wheat, and f won der if thc.s-' a:e zSni'jrican men." In hii cf.rr.T>fiicn for the limitation nf wealth. Senator Ijsnj may be overwhelmed. Iwcausr of thc "GM ouf he tolrt tlicm. I Con treated .Madeline with a super , ? c < lhe oi;l man's v|l| Both left n.iickly. witliont a | cilfous courtesy that Infnrlalert ni-r • ""C" s laMnnn [hnr in; nvi^t. i\.t* i •* f r ^^ t,f, ff . tl,;x. r-,.i-rin tf. word. Occafional rinarrcls and |an( ) fanned to a higher name ht>: even flglils were to tic cxrecte-n De- hatred and jealonsy. Trohalily <1i:i • Con ins those days when she complplcly fsnorod him ho tamo nearer tween married couples and was notoriously tcmpcramcnta Alone with Madeline. Con became a v.,iy in do it." Madeline'? \'.p' rurle-i ly. "^n'l you r!a:mrf! :n J Cflrclessness of the people. Tlie "crude bccinninux" of Hits admniLsir.ulon will lie .smothered by nncnrbed corporate wcal!h. My friend Hob Harris :s as inncli interested in a proper solution of lhe cnri-ent Miration as I am. He ..,.:„ ra ,,,ed. | faid "Every one should attend to I M . a "_ clin<! . ,. deadly calm. A smile that dislort- cd his fcaliites. robbing them ol nil attractiveness, spread over his (or. face. "So Donna Is to bo married?" he drawled. loving her than at any other llir.e 1 n:i>tli:riE: itmu: I told you that Lucy, tlie ficngal. wo? the only i Mill Ki'iil-ii. n:ii i do sum* :>• n- me of his beasts Con really rarer! ; na. S!ii? wnuiiint rn!' in'e ard nr, I.ticy cotild not be tamed. man coul'J Iml'im -in r to UT :» c • • I cticat me TII: of a;-,j:lilTij '*ra[l(J'.^ ; tiier nn^l-t Leave." "I ^uul'ln'l np t.-n f--ir«? I ST.>i?e jon l.eiH tniri lc.:ier?" "Nn. 1 'le?tr-.yer! il. Hul ji:M nil I'll wrr<- IHiKia i:ul a = k ner u!;r.i ff:e Uitr-:n|p to ,.o If C.r A KD It Wiis because ho li,iil n,c; ' hts match 1n Mils lu^sle ca: "Why— why. yes. > Ions lime »BO." llhat Con loved her. "Yes. you told met Von told mo, -„,,,,„ wn i c h out.- Kcnfroc before she had even thought ot | wnnlcr , "I doo'l havo to tell yon - '°. such a thing. r,cfs /«-"»*• | there are some cats you can't train ran n v tuonlbs as" «as It: Lous be. '^ be ., sl is a dc vil. You'll never : [ore you trapiieil aic— -Don't you say I trapped sou her." I "t t irruil Court (Ink HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITit " U IBKEKT) STOUT for County Court Clctk FEED FLEEMAN tor Re-E!cct!on tor 2nd Tcnr. for Assessor « t iHIH,V> QAINEa 0- C. (IKE) HUDSON 1 °r Comlamr. of Chkk.isawbi Township JACK ROBERTSON ] his business." \ nm doing 'that no'.v. 1 !nvc no biu-incss or desire that impels mr- to effort greater thnn to protnote HUMAN I JUSTICE. "Cliar.'-n of heavi." ''lonf; puffer! ms" and • ervxi lir.irtefinrss" have •been proiirhrti to u> a;)lenty. I Why c.Wl we us? a Ultle cle- jmcntary conirion MIIEC? [ Zcph O'Brien. I "I will K it's the ln.4 t!,iE S II i do! I'll make tier ci.iw] on her You know thnl if I i belly and like It." ndfa::>ei =!iou;rl d o'l Unnk ;hcr1 T^ll K'J'tu She will]3:|.' ' rlir rtoc^. lor y>: 01: ue sitre lo kt Do""" was soins lo |( Madellrie li,id learned a '"Why not hadn't I'lonci nia'rry ^'»t rulM cousin ot youra 1 . from the Bengnl U;cr f wouK.-"i have married yon. So you i have wan Con's love. II Hod Von told me she'd written continued to Ire aloof. COM yw. 'bat they were engaged— icr." L'n"M fiaat he would Ir. ti!:i r :nvc for You Jim Mid tuey'ro K o]n 5 to jeivcn what she had rtnnr ,i n ,l iwl she broke in. -I doa't it worth while to try to ie:: ; .=uic 'irnl tli" :"o oT l»j married." — , XBUW what you'ro lalklns about! htmsclt. Now you say I Itcd—" | But Madeline a ; "I'm talking about this." COD love. After the letter trom hu poet in . i;r lier Nellie and Jw Still Working GALLIPOUS. Ohio (UP> — The mule leam In 30 nnd 31 'years old. arc worked dally by their owner. Elza M. el and Sung « al her. "Oh. I re.d It! K you can convince me that Donna Gabrltl ever wrote you «b« thli loiter case you L ve I'm H» k'as i WCCK'r SG6 alternatc-il Ing Con ftmothered her priUe ea Gat iaiiou «oiild be it c',ranii[ather S:d- achlns [o- nun. ;UP tlal ^tioulri die. - s l'.e organ to won. • ied UK- der if Cca were 1:0! 3 t>fit?r ludss ,nf character iluo aerfp.l. Was "It was because 1 loved you." sbe . Donna, in i:ian>in; Bill, toblied. "I know u vsas a rotten looking tciwari) to a liitnre that to do but ! was )'-=t crazy j included propoity aad faluabls a;. you. I'm tellies you the' do Us (.'o^u:iued> „

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