The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE Eram " BLYTITRynj,B. Razorbacks To Emphasize Ground Attack Insleac Of Aerial Offense \ rA\T3TTEVILLB, AiK Sept. 20 —A powerful line iiver.igln? 311 "pounds from -end: to end is flie reason why the University of Arkansas Razorbncks nro ready to rcsfun the title of "The passln team in the nation" in Javor o/ n more eonsenvitive ground attack. liurlnir (he past, three seasons the. Rav.orbacks threw 'tho record total of 855 pa-iies, an avciagc of 28,5 .passes for each of 30 games, Tlie passe« operated behind a •comparatively light line. Passers and lecelreis «eie plentiful and above the average But, comes 1S39 and Coach Fred Thomson finds that he lins a whole fleck of big and fast linemen, hard chaigets and blockeis, ulio cm open holes for the backs. So Tliomsen adapts Ins style of play to the material and consequently the Hazorbacks will hew to the ground, forsaking .the familiar short punt formation for the :'in ; gte wingback and unbalanced line. Wllh the single exception of een- ler, lho 'starting Arkansas line will consist of letter men. This start- in!! line will have Hickey and Frei- lergei at, tho ends. Mays and Caitei at the tacMes, nnd Thorpe aiv) s-'imington nt suard. Mays and Thoi-pe are seniors. The olh- C'K are juniors. Thk starting line,-with the addition-of Holly, a 1038 reserve, nt center, will average 211 pounds. A sfcond-strliv? line of equal welght would include four tetter men/two reserves and one sophomore. The line renlncemcnts are Eoutli- erland and Dritt, both letter men. at, end; Singer, a letter man, ancl Miller, lafl Arcar's reserve, at the tackles; Yales, n veteran, nnd Pprker.-reserve, at the etmrds; nnd Cfla, n sophomore, at center. Twenlv-one of the 2?. linemen iwned have had experience for cither one or two seasons. If the Pnrorb.icks deride to use some of Ih'ir'outstnnrtinT sonhomorcs,^ they \^ll rot sacrifice speed 01 weight Available for end dntv me the ftpsv>v sooliombre wlngmen, Adnms nnd Pit,).-:.' who weigh 195 and 100 rcCTeclivelv. ' Outstanding sonhomorc tackle prosnects -nrc Allinson, S23.; find Coats 215. For guard duty, Thomson 1ms available Claik, Sissnn and Sullon all well over the 200- liound mark. All nf winch makes it appear that the sK \pteinn Aikausns backs .will be operating behind p. powerful forward wall, no ma* lei whether. .-Thomsen uses- his first Silrjne, :his second string, or ills Konhbmores. Or mixes them up. The backfleld that v ill slait for the Hazorbacks consists of Atwood at ouorler,: Eakin nnd Scalet at ; tlie'-;iinlres,' and Cole at full. This quartet avernees 177. Scalet may not start against the Ccntial Ok lahoma Teachers here Saturday hecauss of an elbow injury If Jfajuberg replaces Scalet, Hie back' field weight average wilt RO down, but if Lyon or McDantel are in the lineup, the weight a\erngc \viV DR. BLACK'S EYE WATER KO UP. , Outstanding /•ophomorc tacks who will gel n clinnco to show Ihclr shift In the Reason's oiwii')' Here salurdny Include Lawlion, a 2l5-|>ou!)<l fullback wlia Is going to fce html to keep on Hit 1 tench; .Sclimldl. Ncal tmd Cnmpbel], 'flic lasl-namcd Is a tensfw who . liiis slioivn If (lip Arkansas veterans can punch over n couple of touchdowns on Ihc Edmcnd Teachers i;,irty in the game Saturday, Coac)) ' Thoni;;en muy decide lo look over S0[)lioii!oi-cs 'under fire. He ! ready for us<> In Saturday's sa tlirte complete lines ru'crajjliiij spectively 21). 2)0 nnd aoo, and .y COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade Ky HENRY McLKMORK Uirco 18-1 find 187, avcragiinj 177. Saturday's game against (he Oklahoma Teachers will begin .il 2;.10 rieferco Farrls; Head Uneinan o'clock. Officials: Umpire Downs; Moore; nnd ^Ficld Judge Ifcskins, Peanut Butter Pays Students' Way In College LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)— 1'ca- mil butter is paying the wuy or eight students Ihroitgh mile Hock Junior College. W. 1!. Travis, "fnlher of farm cheimurgy in Arkansas." conceived the idcu when he talked with fathers and mothers from rural srctlmis who brought pioduce to i Iccitl curb market, and found hat many children from farm homes could not hope for higher 'ducation. lie found there was no peanut butter plant. Ill Little Rock. Thus, (ho students ciriikl make and sell DETROIT, Sept. 22.<UW~Thls is a story about n man being l«l l>y the hand that bit him. In l»31 Joe I^Hls knocked out l s jJlm Uradclork lo win Ihc heavyweight championship of the world with a right, hand smash that all bin lore, Jim's head olf, loll him senseless en the floor, nnd put. lilm in Ihc hospital, h v /ns n U'i rifle punch—Louis say's It is just about the iiardcsl one lie ever landed— and every one In Ihc Wg crowd at Chicago thai nijiil folt, awfully, awfully sorry for Die veteran Irish- Hut Hint, punch was the' c<\ nt llw ringside, big cigars tucked 'In tnoir fncavlhey fount the customers ns they o?im> in, knowing tlmt each click of HIP 'ImustllPs Is money In the hank for them. : Every tlmo Unite liiiKls a. punch on hh challenger, Jim beams -Altb pleasure. The memory of that terrific rl^lit c.( two yenrs ajjo hn.s brcn erased by lime, nnd now (ln> punches joe throws puts money in Braddorjk's kick, instead of stitches in his face. It Is an ideal set-up for Jim. in i-ouls he )ia.<i a /Ighlluj? clifun- 'ploii, a man wlia Is willing; to fight any mid all comers HI any and all limes. No oilier champion CVH- tb'uehl as often, nnd only '3 few hnvc ever been ({renter box cnice drag's. And no oilier champion over BO completely dominated his field. Will) Pastor flattened in 1! round!!, there, Js no real • challenger left for Louis. He seeivw perfectly nut uiat, pi men was the nrsL' ,. . , — •"•' i^^^nj proniahle one any f| 8 hu?r ever "ok [."'If'* « >«"«""K «» "lie until Jl landed only too years BBO Wit I j 10| ," u . [, ft ' "' ll(1 ^ , n11 liie 10 butter without competing wilh anclher : Arkansas Industry. Travis broached his plan lo upwards of SIOO.OOO,' and judging frcm tlic cvent-s .of night, before Ifist It, will bring- him In tlmt more. The reason; Hraddock go !v cent of whatever Louis i.< for defenses of title. That was a Hide stipulation demanded by B would sign to at his title ai Schmeling, the man 1 who deserved a chance at the championship in June of 1937. so, the hand tiiat bit Braddcck is now feeding hlin. Wheii Louis flattened Bob "Pastor two nights ngo, It marked the eighth .defense of his title, Hrnddcck nnd Gould are against sucli a measure, naturally. They ure hoping that, Louis loves ihc business so much Hint )B80 iv'llf'flnd his and urouglit his earnings as champion-to around tivmillion dol- E. Q. Brothers of"jiinioV 'college.! !""• Nlnc hundred tlioiuniid, that Brothers was entinvslastic, and is > wceoiise n tcnlli of it found its »wn authorized R small loan frem ""I' to BraiWack nnd his smart lie school to .assist in eslabllshbig he plant. The eight boy's nnd girls oper- \ttng the plant: coine from ruml •flinillcs in. the vicinity of -Little Rock. They work five hours a :lny In the plant which Is located little.' manager, Joe pould. Brnddtck and Gould, (lie pair that once 'plotted Louis' downfnl), now nre his most enthusiastic backers. With a whoop of "he enn't hurt us" they arc nm:ng the first to nrrlvc on.'the scene when he at n local, curb market, and ntlend ffocp into training for a fight, «nd classes In their spare time. They tingle with Joy ns they watch' him are paid at,the rate of 25 cenus unleash his thunderbolt rights and an hour. :• • . ' lefts against sparring partners nnd T)i students do nil the work, i the heavy bag\ They lead Ihe rhey supervise the buying of Ihe cheering us he shows his power, licanuts, process them, nnd inoi-- speed, and cunning In his w:rk- iel the product' outs. But it is nt Joe's 1 lights that Briuldock'anrt Gtlidd gel the grcnt- Ilcail Ccurler News winl ads. ^^>^^rfW**^f f%$ S?"^* satisfaction, comfortably sent- ting Ills griiiulchtldrcn on the head, and shuilllnif off lo bell tho daylights out of some youngster who esvcls the title. Braddotk has the idea that,Louis can keep the lllie until the turn of the century If he really 'wauls to. "He's the greatest hitter who ever lived," Jim proudly says, "nnd that Is .what counts."' 5<end Ccurlcr News want nds New Bleachers Ready For Game Here Tdnight New bleachers adclhif> about •1,000 seals lo ihe capacity of stndlmn uml bleachers nt Hnley FicM have been completed this week and will be ready for use nt lonisi'il's ganie between lllylhevlllo nnd Plemlug Ky. ^ Bleachers have been creeled along the entire cast .side O r lho f'K'ld ntid with the sladhjm almost, completely clrclu Die playing field. While a Kcod crowd fs- expected for tonight's game,-it Is anticipated that the largest crowd In life history of Blythevllie. football will I witness' Ihe Blythevillp-Plrie IJIii/l' nine here next week. PRTDAY,J3E?TEJ\rBER 28, Abdul 4000 toiwiof mud a year ore picked up by London's buses and coaches, = The mo at Washington, D o, has fi rolleudcj) of 50 rare toads. WAK.NING OUDKIl IN THE CitANCKHY COURT OP CHTOKASAWHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. Leonard A. WYny, PlninlKi, v.s. Mo. 7011 Dorolliy Mae Wrny, Defendant. ! The defendant, Dorothy Mae! VYray, is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named the caption hereof ami miswcr the complaint of the. plaintiff, Leonard A, Wrny. Dated this 22 day of Sept. 1939. HARVEV MORRIS, Clerk Atty for Pltf. Nelll Reed Atty. ad Utem.-: cl B. Cook. 22-23-6-1 THIS WHISKY IS 3 YEARS OLD! "SLOW MASH" BOttUBi 01 .KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBOH WHISKY g Takes More Time and Grain to Make ••;•• ftROWN-FORMAH nlSIIUERY CO., I Al Loubrith in Krnlafltr Little Book. COMPANY,' Inclusive Distributors Tine RluH, Dcrmott, 9$rnv BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117-111 East Main SI. 1>honc b88 For Peonls;, Animals and I'onltry. Hormlws mid Painless, Contains No Poison. Will not in- ly. Safe for children's eyes. Xlsc Dr. Black's Eye Wnlcr freely and frequently to keep the eyes clean. Use H for Red and Pink Eyes, for Aching, Burning, Tired, Twitching, Watering, Weak, Strained and Trri- latcd Eyes, caused by dust, sun glare, reading sewing, motoring, picture s h o \v s, • manufacturing plants .and shops. Dr. Black's Eye Water is guaranteed to give satisfaction, buy a boltle today from Borum's or any drug store and be benefltted. -THE— Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE Is a A''..real Ure, Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only §1.75 per week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAH PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. '.<' EBfe' Snipes, Budget' MfrV Mb*WUM*~ - Phone Sit = MEAD'S EXCLUSIVES ! AS HOLLYWOOD GOES-SO GOES THE NATION Copied from the wardrobes of the best-dressed motion picture stars 90 PROOF , •' Wth Sensational FULL-FLOATING RIDEf ^ R Bigger Roomier, More BewtiW •Ssrww 1 . NEVER BEFORE a rule like this in a cor priced so low—ihc new Full- FVaaffng" R/rf« in the IQ'IO Dodge Luxury Liticrl ti's a 25-year engineering dream come Unel Car weight is sciemifically disiribulcd, wheelbaso is longer, wheels arc moved fcacftwarrf, seats forward, so ttint i;ow all pas- scngets rule in Ihe "Comfort Zone" between ihe axles! Your eyes v. i to its ; hixury roominess 1 words . tc ll, 0>c But no eyes can ^^^^ Ride r Hc rcis ' magic o! *e "^ ^" o " evpe riencc for yoursclfl So why not do ^ a ^° y{ ~c demonstration of NEW Cur- Wide Swlcil-Bcam HcaJ- lighls—all in one piece—gtvo you acui- tiH>* 50*^ lo 659^ more illumination! What's more, they're mounted car. wide in front fesiJcrs for safer nifi FLASH FOR USED CAR BUYERS! Because so many motorhti h*rc hnt - c been hirninc in fine Iftic moiUI u?cil cats in hade for rtew Uoilge carj, your Dtxlgc denier now hai one ot ttie ftnesl iclrctiom of used r^tu of atlmftfcciand models mMs history 1 Tli«t can fttc ?iilj "younsitcrs"—good for liiou- Mndi of miles of trotiblc-fre« motoHng— and BTC offered ftl prices you would never believe i>ossible for such stcnt valucj-1 Scr your Dodge dealer today for o de ,iMe used car at a nicney*»avine low Tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX First in films, and first in fashions. Thai's Hollywood! So if you like lo wear copies of the original models worn by toi>- flijflil movie slars you'll "gc," for these Four Star Fashions "f ours ns expertly (nilored liy Hsirt SehafTuer & Mars. This sniiu-t, Iiroad-sUoulitevcd, single-bveasled model, shown here, is only one idea in our "real collection. We urge you lev come in and see the other models as worn l>y (he stars. Other Hollywood Fashions from $20 •rpb** ^™ LOUIS GEORGE MOTOR CO., Osccola, Avk, TREE MOTOR CO, Marked Tree, Ark. C, W. WHITE AUTO SALES, Kennoll Crosby Square SHOES $3

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