The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1946 BLYTHEVILLEMARK.) COUNTER NEWS Nazi Scientists Aid U.S. in Tests V-2 Exports Working With U. S. Army On Powerful Rockets. By WIl.LAKI) C, IIAKKMIUSII L'nitni 1'rcss Stuff L'orresiiiuidcnt ' LAS CRUCE3. N. M. (U.I 1 .) — Toj) German scientists whose pay is oiil}' enough to keep them In clgnreltes lire helping eagerly in desert tesls by the U. S. Army slimed j;t, development of super- rockets. Army experts in charge of Arnericiin rocket development, have disclosed Hint the Clennnn scientists wlio developed the dread V-:! rocket, in the lust war are ns- fiembled ill the New Mexico desert at Wliile Sands Proving Grounds. They nre co-operating—willingly, the Army says—In American tests and research aimed at iievelo|>- ment of super-rockets which would make Ihe V-2 missiles which pounded IXDndon and Antwerp last year look like n Fourth of July ioy. Names Kept Secret German experts living under Army custody at the. Isolated While I Sands installation arc nameless as fur as the Army is concerned. "We captured them in the last days of the European war and induced them to come to America with us to help In rocket research," said Col. Holgcr N. Tottoy, the ordnance department's chief of rorket development. "We are not Hiving them individual publicity." Reporters who flocked to Cruce in mid-May to \vi1ness the icst firinir of n captured 14-ton V-2 rocket discovered the German civilians at White Sands. Reluctantly. Col Toftoy and other high Army officials told the story. "The Germr.ns came lo America of their own free will," said the Colour!, -when the war ended, Ihe Russians asked these same men to help in Soviet rocket "experiments. They declined, and almost eagerly came with us." .. Save II. S. itlillimis The Germans were forced to leave their families in Europe. Mast of their pay—and Col. Toftoy said it was small pay—Is sent hack to Germany to help keep their families in food. The experts eat In Army moss halls, wear old clothing and spend Ihe few dollars they retain from the IT. • S. Rescued From Potomac River PAGE THRBf ^- - - ,. All n A r,Ue 00. and his wife, Mary, 57. of Hcllevicw, Maryland, cling dc.-pcralely to the line thrown them by rescuers when the strong current of the I'o lomnc Uiver threatened to sweep them downsi rerun The couple liad been fishing from n rock above Oh uln Hrid[;e near Washington, j) c wlll , n lMc m ,,, r mishap occniTcrt. This dramatic photo by Charles Jo lies was iiuule just us the two were about to be pulled to shore. <NEA Telephoto.) for ciyfcrcltes. They are under military guard in thai* they cannot lenve the confines of the desert outpost without an armed MR I •But they have yjvcn us no trouble and we expect none." said Col. Tofloy. They Imve told us all they know about the 12 years j of research and the vast outlay in money in which Oermnny i^ave to develop the V-2. They have helped us assemble and test captured German rockets. "We have saved years and mil-' lions of dollars in development ol American rockets through using I the Germans. We'll be thepi home soon, because we arc going on where they left off rocket development." "Ruin" pf Toads Great numbers of toads transform from tadpoles all at once, frequently near the time of heavy showers. It is this sudden ap i pearauco of tiny hopping loads that has given rise lo the belief that they are rained from tlie clouds. Atomic Bomb Accident Victim Dies i LOS ALAMOS. N. M., May 31. <UP>—Officials of tile atomic bomb laboratory here announced today that Dr. Louis Slcilln, '.Hi, exposed to radiation in an accident last week, died yesterday. Rlotln, n unlive, of Winnipeg, Cnu- sciidini; ada, was one or eiKht scientists injured in Ihe accident May 21. The olhers ale recoverlni; or have been discharged from the 'hospital, officials said. Slotin was credited with "dispersing fissiinablc material" when the accident occurred, preventinj; more serious injury or death to others present. The nature of the accident was not disclosed. <; Th c deatli was the second at the laboratory. Another scientist died I nine months a(;o after being ex- posed to radiation. Slotiu's parents [lew here- from Wcnnipci; and were al his bedside when he died. Vcrsalllc. ( • COI.UMUUS, O. (UP)—The Hov. Michael Wondrow Wdliiltii, assistant pastor of Columbus St. Mary's parish, is triple-threat muu In the hobby field. Ho works with bo.vs at St. Mary's school In the i;ymiui;;liiin ami on the baseball (iclcl. Ho is mi accomplished wuud. carver, mid plmi.s lo liiibllsh his first book in the near future. Army to Abandon Old Installation Jefferson Barracks Near St. Louis to Be Surplus Property. Hv H MKR C. IIKO/. lif<1 Press Staff <'i>rrrs|K)intrnl ST. LCIJlo (U.I'.)-.Unrul B niss imd towering weeds will soon mat Hie historic Jefferson llanwks pa- nidc ijrouiiil, hnrd parked by Die I lump 01 such fainoiis men as Ulysses s. Oriinl r.nd. Hubert E, Krlifdulrct for abandonment as 11 military Installation, (he 1'JO-year- olrt post 1ms been declared surplus imcl will be lurni'd over to I ho Win 1 Assels Administration. lUrMlie Mitjor I'nrl Already elty officials and other ink'iesls are .'•cranibUim for the wooded acrcnKc on tlie banks ot the Mississippi. Homes sonio day will sprliijf from Us grassy sweeps, bill (lie history and Inulltlon. It Una made will not be fornoUeii. Already a strange ([iilel hr.s set- lied over the post, burking back lo Urn >'.'llrirrn<>ss. When ". few tlnv log buildings housed nion who went out to fight .such troublesome wanlprs as HUick Hawk. Named in meinorv of Thoina.* .li'ffcrson. who died a few days before UK- property was bought h 1 July. 1820, (he barracks lins become one of the major military posts or the nation, Threaded tliraii[;h Its history an such immes ns Jefferson Duvl.s William Teoumseli Shrnnnn, Phil Sheridan, ZHchnry "Old Hounh aim lieidy" 'niylor, John C. Fieinonl, and arnnl and I*?. The young Lt. Clrant Inovi'd Into the post on wpt. 30. l!Ha iiflor, the shiulow of wur with Mexico huntf over Ihe nation. Houghl I'jrm Nearby prinil moved out with Ills ivgl- lubnl, Imt lelurticd wlicii thv clouds cleared. Ite R'llred from |in> Army and bought a (nun on m'ar- by driivols !(oad. Tlierc IK' mai 1 - rloii JUlla IXml and It was from Hits" (lU'm he luvulttd covdwood toj • I is poitiayccl In the row of white swim. After r««cul<m ;<*»« AOUK; CKIS.WS thai guard over the she stayed.on the »c«nf whflf h* Union and Confcdcmte dead .In run for' Help. Frank Bufleld, fih-" . (hu cemetery at Jefferson Bar- er of B«Uy iruT WlUlu/WM'OB* iSnS.» i; =s:»£ : ;siliiS Three Boys Lose Lives While Wading in Pool Head Courier News Wniit Ads. ^PIMPLES L BLACKHEADS SKIN SUCCESS. OINTMENT .msf-cnr line In 81. l.oulx. when ic Icumctl cnites nuiikcd "inai-ble" olng down the Mississippi con- alned BVIUS and aniiminlllun, be c-tlitercct (ho Army, ills military •iifcer wlis climaxed by his ';uarcli IhnuiHh Qcor|)ln" •Ihe nttcrnmlli of the Civil Wai Quick action by Helty Ilnrflcld, t:t. Wlllliun's filsU-r, saved the life of tlio fifth mcinlx'i 1 of Iho pnrly, lu-yciir-olil ulchard Adams, who was atlomptliiB t u mwo his IhrcD lellowii. ; lielly wiis Ihe only 0110 who could ElfloiUi to revive thtm with a-pul- tnotor were .unsuccittful. ' ---- ECZCBI ItehhTg, Bviiii( Distress Q*ti DM, EM* Ml MK\':;. .: No HLifrcVt?r can nflford io p»«B hj> thlH hontrtt offer o( vutlMfactlou or immoy buck. ' lvJ llin IIJK l ]) o past 3C yviur* thou.-i , finiuln'of hollies of Moon(i'n yitnef*\A t^ll Inivo l>ct'ii noJ<J lor Jn«t such li oii]itf'Hoji:o,Hii|'fa<jy itkln cpitJItion*, Oo to ('our tlitiKKlxt tod*iy &F14 ' irct a jnimli crlKLiiikt botH« *ot' (Omcrttlcl 0)1 and HBC ntt directed;-V <Hi H ^pl relief <|i]lcKor tlmh you . ovi-r nx|]>clci| — jiltllng 1 iialvlre. It Jn:1pa iii-uirioto /Hstor tieuJhjy— xtuln- . Ao( -to'dti^i Oil' oiir a^otut* *iiar- anlco ot wuU.siuctlou or money ba '" Woods l>rui Htor« - City Ur*ff 500 other DJONAROt foods-alt lu« Don f Say Bread Say.-. : ^ HART'S Bread I UNDERSTAND THEY'RE "EXPECTING-" AT STUDEB AKER, TOO! Watch for big news.. . " "^ That will change your car-style views! STUDEBAKER, with a background of 92 years of skilled craftsmanship and the most modern manufacturing and engineering methods feels both pride and a deep sense of obligation for the important position it has earned in the automotive field. STUDEBAKER... The Pioneer and Pacemaker in Automotive Progress Celebrates Automotive's Golden Jubilee May 29th to June 9th STUDEBAKER's millions of friends throughout the world arc now waiting to see a truly remarkable automobile when the first new 1947 STUDEBAKER "CHAMPION" and "COMMANDER" make their bow in the very near future . . . dnd you won't be disappointed. The new 1947 STUDEBAKERS—the world's FIRST Completely New Post-war Cars—are beautiful beyond any automobiles that hare ever.been designed before. They're low, long, luxurious, and roomy. They ride better and handle like dream cars ... a "melody in metal." - > -•> y t* ' •f- ij ^* • «> * ••• ¥ 4'' We'll Help You Keep Your Cars Rolling! Let our "Doctors" in our modern service department keep your cars and * trucks in perfect condition by checking them at regular periods. We are equipped to service any make of car or truck. Let our Paint and Body Shop fit your car with a new suit. It pays to take care of your car or truck. And we can do it! Don'* Miss the Safety Parade Sat. 3 p.m. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex Chamblin Sales STUDEBAKER Service Railroad and Ash St., Blythexille, Ark. Bill Chamblin 7 don't care if I get ten tickets ... Vm going to sit here till I find out all about the big news from Studebaker!" ,

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