Independent from Long Beach, California on May 27, 1963 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1963
Page 21
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ANGELS HAVE NO COMPLAINTS... BILLY IMORAN of Angels scores from first base on first-inning double by Charlie Dees as Kansas City's Haywood Sullivan waits for throw and --Atuxla'ed Pffu Angels' Lee Thomas lends assistance during . Sunday's game won by Seraphs. BUT THE DODGERS DO --Atuxlaled Prm Wirrctot DODGERS WALT ALSTON, Don Drysdale, Tommy Davis, and Pete Reiser (from left) argue vehemently willi umpire Ed Vargo after Tommy D. was ruled out stealing home against Giants Sunday. Picture of Tommy's attempted theft on page C-l. Dodgers Open 15-Canic Eastern Trip Tuesday Johnson Kales Ul-5 Pick ()V«T I'aslrano Dees Ends Long Wait, .Makes (Continued From Page C-l) lando Pcna (4-5) with his first defeat after three lifetime wins over the Cherubs. "It helps if you watch the ball." said Fregosi of his hit day at the dish. "Until today I haven't been keeping my eye nn the ball. Then Buddy HIattner noticed ' I wasn't keeping my left shoulder tucked in. I guess you guys do more than sleep up in the press box. When I keep my shoulder buried towards the plate I'm not such a wild swinger." When Fregosi look his shirt off he revealed a brighi orange undershirt bearing in large black letters "Bal Slate", a teachers college in Muncic, Indiana. "No, I've never been there,' said Fregosi. "This was a gift from Fcrgy (travelling secretary Tommie Ferguson), wore it all last year. This was the first time I've had it on this season, but you can bet t's not coming off." ANCtL ANCLES: The Ant*!, bel..,. «" Hunt will reomioer and reoort to rawail. I tried to IHI Ken rhat he ~ " " tk witn in before this home rr." la-d Rionev. "we're oo- (Continued From Page C-I) pardonable mistake of throwing behind the runner. As Perry threw to second, Roscboro dashed to t h i r d , double knocked o u t startci Pagan's relay hit Roseboro in Jack Sanford in the fourth the back and the ball bounced into the Dodger dugout, al lowing Roscboro to score the lying run. Don Larscn (0-2) was the victim of Pagan's third way ward throw in o v e r t i m e . Pagan threw away Jim Gil liam's leadoff grounder f o r a g e 62 points to -105 with a the second lime and T. Davis .452 pace in the past eight singled one out later to pro- games. His average against vide Drysdale with his sixth the Giants in six games this win of the year. year is .4.55. Larscn had done a remark- Able job in p i t c h i n g (he Giants out of a bases-loaded;^^ ~i"«''emptini t«'iteai~r«rrW". . , . , , , , Pie teurm Irtrvrra and F. Alow leaped to Kim in the Clghth inning and mate a enehand tatm at W. CUoV ,, i i .. , .. , .tiorre run bid to end trw Innmt. .. wall* allowed only the one hit by Moon, n turn, toot a»a a non-e nn Davis. The Dodgers werr rc-|i£,V'". l 3ii'S!! t^l^A^ln"^ miclcd to six hits, while Jim'E» fl !, ll ,2 a a; rn i., lt , 1 ' 1 ,V,",'J l K,,' l 7.;e,J: Davenport collected four and.Tr ISSnfSi JITS'»?,, Felipe Alou had three of the ""^ "*'· '*' * T »" "«" """ ALoU'S homer made it 2-2 game after Pagan's firs error, a walk and T. Davis Drysdale gave up the lead run in the sixth when he hit Or lando Cepcda with a pilch, F Ainu singled and Tom Mailer delivered a sacrifice fly. Davis, "just getting i n t o the groove," according to Alston, has brought up his aver- ^ OrvW*lf. f.ird Giants' eight hits. With the bases full and Ivvo rir7-7« nut in the cighlh. Larscn rc-l^'tf lieved Billy Pierce and fanned Frank H o w a r d on pitches. Howard. battin K Willie Davis, swung at a slow "*" ·' "" "" ·«·'· foul off a changcup l.let«r« it . l«d .1 (mil Miftier M Uvt lt« wmd rruiles hit fait three ,,,iE5 ^y and missed a fast ball, In that order. The first two Giant runs came nn solo h o m e r s by IXivcnport and F. Alou in (he first and fourth innings. They were (lie Giants' sixth and Sorrcr Cluli Tlnl. 2-2 Jeff Maukcll a n d Herb Rogers each scored once hut two Roach Soccer Club, 2-2, Sunday afternoon at Pan-Amerl- .og'd L, famd is ow,~ j*o Rignfv. "We're or ng to tt looirna *t · uxrrfe pljvea on thit ttand *rvi ii tnev c*»1 do tt* ct then writ brift« Km b*xk.- Cti Crt* »mi tr« rou tor tt* |». * r x'e'i fwo ctm *oo xnd Rionev re- f*tfd Anoel WTxrtt ^«*e tr«n treotng * teen rvt "ti tt« bo ngnnMrxler. "We're Atthm? Jill cvr farm h«ncn, but Eli .DeclAilr," ud Rifrxv. Fred H«ne» m«inta4ied tti*t h* H till tn trw ffr*dina bu,ine». De«d1*rt U LAS VEGAS (UPI)_LiRht! J T,;, 15 Dee,. H^ ^,,,, ,, -, ,,· heavyweight champion llar-ji, 1 d^Jl''i?"teC? r «3% »»,» old Johnson is a prohibitive i^ " favorite at 18-5 to beat clever Willie Pastrano at the Las Vegas Convention Center Saturday night in their title fipht. which features this week's boxing schedule. Their 15- round bout will be televised nationally to homes by ABC. Week's boxing schedule: It will be Ken McBrlde against rooh MKlev Lodcri Tueidjr me*it. Tb* Artoe are now Ml at horrn. KHIoy (Who Else) Franuteo-Rooer Rotne »l. SoenV tkin Boitot-lou Ctitlerret «. Jo« Waifiira ton. Titeidar-Ncw York Sumvtidel-Ol Diaz n. latlto Oa« Frevio-^ibe Ter- 1 n. Frank* Rarrurcl. Vockton- -- Aid »j. Rudy Corona. Hotnrort~Rio Rartdail vt. liaac looart ' ' ittk-td»» Cotton vi. xm. Scotland _ Cruc Caiderwood vi Von Clav Kavo Petenon. lan, lial»-wnlir Crcavn »«. Sandrv MaiimolK an) Alonio Johnuii «. franco Bucrlo. E . Hxn n. Mel Ferouvn. . tatirriar -- am) ted wnoM «». uotn«. Qrt. -- Babbv . veoat. Ne».-darold ' . .- Johmon vt. Witlit Pavtrano lA'orM Ueht nea«weieM Tltle)-lv. Captures Maralhon YONKERS, N. Y. OB -Slender, smiling John Kclley a 32-year-old school tcachc from Mystic, Conn., won th Amateur Athlcti( Union Maralhon Sunday foi an unprecedented e i g h t h straight lime. Kelley. long considered thi country's premier marathon runner, toured the 26 miles 385 yards over a scenic tour of Weslchcstcr County in 2 hours, 25 minutes. seconds. beating a field of 100 by about l'/4 miles. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch--Relieves Pain *« Ywk, N. Y. For UM ftrrt tine ncirnc* hu found a ranr healing snbtUnrt with OM awtotmhinit »bitity to ihrink b«morrhoiA«, ttop kth- t»R, «nd trlrrra p«in - wifhont iurir*rr. In OM bimorthnld nut »flrr Podrn came Kick gtuls In lie the with Mventh homers nf I he series, can Park, ll wan iho final urcountlnR for 10 of (heir Ifi R.ime of I lie nr.ivm for the nin*. | chili. lmnTOT«- wm tfported »nl »»ri« !K) bf a dottor'i obtrmtions. P»in w»« irlifTrd promptly. And, while Rrnllr r f l l f T l n c [win, Mlutl rrduction or r»- traction (shrinking) took plure. Ami mou »mitinc of »ll- thlt ImproTfmrnt WM main. t*ln*d In t*ti wh«rt t dwtor'i w»r« rontlnutd ·ter a ftrio4 of many tnonthil In f«tt, rmnlU wtn to Ihor- eofth thut itilTffrn were »hl« · rnuVe rath avrtonhhinf «t»t»- m»nt»aj Tiln hire te«wd to be a problrmr And amooe thew snfTrrtrt writ a *erj wide »». riety e htmonheid rooditioni, ·cmc of tt) la 20 yt*n'ttaodinc. All thii, withoot tb* DM of nuroticj, anesUMtki or attain- «tnU of anr kind. Th« tttnl it a n*w h*allng ntbttanm (Hin- Irne*)-the ditcorerr of a world-fumoui mearch inrtila. tinn. Alrradf, Hio-Dyw U in wid« u«* for hralinc injured tiitu* on all rart of the My. Thli it*w hulinc nb»tanr« li olTered in turruiiitry or pin I- mtnt ftrn ealled Frerxirotion II*. Atk for IndiTldralfj- tealed ronrenlent PreparaUon ti Sun- poillori» or Preparation II Ointment with irweiaj apnll* rator. Preparation n la *id at afl drof (onntrra. BO'S BUDDY BOOTS HANDED EVICTION Thin*! Jurned tour for ttn Bfllnvky Saturday and continued Iht same way for hit number one fan, Gypsy Boots, Sunday. Gypsy was entertaining fans on the loje level behind home plate at Dodger Stadium during the course of the Angels. 6-1, victory over Kansas City when he was ordered removed by AngeK' director of stadium operations Cedrlc TallU. After leading cheers, standing on his head In the aUle, and throwing kisses to the press box. Gypsy was partaking of an organic orange when two park policemen escorted the bearded oracle of Griffith Park out of the stadium and pointed him in the direction of Hawaii. "I did not feej I was causing a disturbance," said Gypsy. "Those policemen should partake of a little of my philosophy--don't panic, go organic." I'hil* Sign Collegian PHILADELPHIA Ml --Trie Philadelphia P h i l l i e s an nounccd the signing Sunday of Richie Kichman. 22-year- old all-around athlete at Villanova University, for what was described as an attractive bonus. The figure was not disclosed. INDEPENDENT-*** C-J I IMC*, c*M, MM. M*»V mi California a ikenl.eM II. Uamto II I*UI I ?. Santa BarDara 1-4. THE EASY solution to all renting problems: Classified ads. To get reliable tenants fast, dial HE 2-5959 today. GEKERAL AUTO REMIR Victory Garage 238 1100 LONG IEACH ILVD. ·I faciW Cll H»». 4ZM4M FLTINB A SERVICE Tim, Utj II (Meaoriil Day), lim Inikin Hotil I) Not*. Rcimrd Stlt lit Ri» Trip--SUO MERRr.MACS.4ll5L7lhSt.GE9-9908.GE8.6l48 WJ#Wtt:M:/l:M#aWM SALES SPECIALS FOR MONDAY THRU SATURDAY BATTERY BOOSTER CABLE SET ca battery to batter? anotfitr enr. FISHING ft HUNTING KNIFE CONSISTS Of TWO Q JT Hoi sKorp blade, fi.h ditgorgtr, cop- BRAND NEW PERFECT QUALITY 4 PLY N Y L O N T I R E S 6.70115 SET OF 4-35.01 MS MONTH WRITTEN GUARANTEE r«!5trjtr car use. Pto- ratf d monthly adjustment chirjt b j s f d o n rtjulir sellirj price, not list price. · LACK tUII TTM sin «9llS jrtiu IWPf B55 8.95 MtilS 1 10.45 JKHS i 13.45 (OCilC SrtllJjSltlMI Jilt 1698 17.72 20.90 26.90 10.55J JI.90 33181(15:15 35.09 41.10 (.7011 7.1 OitS ucn !Stii;sttiu 10-55 10.S5 12.45 U.IO|TMil4 j 11.45 43.80 ?0.98| 41 Jl 21.90 |4«fl 24.M) 43.60 22.90| 45 10 NOBoor tur NOIOOT UNoiitrnt nr iocs YOUR 010 T/R£S ACCtPUD RfCARDlfSS OF CONDITION! WHITEWALLS ONLY Marl »»r tin Milt ti»l TIRES MOUNTED FREE EXPERTS | B , ' INCLUDING fm.rl WEIGHTS WHAT A VALU£!\ HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES! FACTORY REBUIIT-KRFORMANCE TESTED GENERATORS HOME t HOBBY PAINT paint for a new coat or touch up work. R3S3?' II «W Ss£-3!-l EXCITING COLOS \ AUTO CUSHION fittcrf i~ to kitttd stnJvit. CAQ5 I ^-SC95 n.fl.a^K 5 ' 3 | - ·»«; *?| 1K« U...^ I £S? ^^ SIZE: 13!i"xJ4!i" MoldeJ ioctnt rubber t fait »on urrtttd in p t o i t i c fobtk. W*dgt typt. f , SI 98 Value I VARSI !I CHROME CLEANER -47 c» ** LUGGAGE FASTENER BIG SAVINGS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS AT PEP BOYS I VALVE STEM PROTECTORS Jf ^ Prelect tknt from I »kf*l diut. BIG V.'t TON CAPACITY . HYDRAULIC UNDU C«Wl LEATHER t PLASTIC CLEANER UNDU I A/-I7 ...JAV.I\ tiffing to**7« 7" to 14V. Sno«tk 'o»*r- (ng *»rH fin jtf · Up |ttuwt. Citra latgt LANTERN BATTERY k S "R * Fitt all tquan catt lanlerml dry Cefl batttr/. »»it»rr PA rrlM N1J' CM J7 CHROME MATED... LUG NUT COVERS t*i»!*.y KOOL SCREENS i «tl«r Sui MUFFIER REPAIR JACKET WITH ADJUSfABU SI«AP$ INSTALLED FREE! lOMG IfACH NORWAIK tAKIWOOD IM »«H »ea» |i. | m , ti .,,,,,,«, mr LatrwMl ·!. . IIUHOWH COMPTON DOWNtY IUII ll, Jin N l»M »M» ·!.« III! !»..(... U,i OtHi Mxriaf t IrKH tieoMtl Until t r. M (luinw.rr OMH liMai 0«tTl

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