The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 25, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINAKT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKAST A»KAN3A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 190 Blythevllle Courier, Blytheville Hera I'd, B'tftbevUle Dally News, Mississippi Valley leader. RLYTIiRVll.l.R, ARKANSAS, $ATi:HDAY, OCTOBER 2r,. Modern Rip Van Winkle Returns- After 22 Years * Blows Safe at Osceola Takes$150 OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 25.—A.bur- glar entering the Coca Coin, Bottling Works plant here at exactly SINGLE (XfrlEffFrMcBNTB •: King and Princess Marry OF IIY'SK Hoover and His Unemploy- Uir ™, min " los * Uircc °'^ "»'* Royal Mamaee ~. . C J . mornina bleu 1 (hp .snip mul escaped 1 J "miua^! mcnt Committee Optimistic Over Outlook. WASHINGTON, Oct. 25. (UP)—, A growing feeling of optimism' is apparent in . organizations which President Hoover. Is building (odea with the unemployment situation. Expressions "of .satisfaction by-Mr Hoover and a. 1 series of rapld : moves by Col. Arthur Woods' indicated a .high spirit ol confidence in the re- isuits 10 be attained. With his me| chanleal organization taking shape I and beginning' to function Col | Woods planned to go to New York : today to recruit 'other workers. His ! firs.!. taJ: is lo find • oul Hit: exacl situation in regard to ihc Jobless. In tills connection pledges bi manufacturers •not, to. diwhargE workers, given Mr. Hoover a. year ago. in his first conference .with business leaders will receive oucn- tion. There is no disposition to fiix out. who dismissed the-men'an. women "how out of work. but..concentration of unemployment in any city would be an index of the Jail! ure of employers to keep their plcd- ! s. • ' ' . Owen D. Young, Henry Ford and Jan imposln' garray of'industrialist;; met at tile White House a year ago when ihe full import, of the stock • market collapse was unfolding. Sc ! far as he was able to Mr. Hoover put these- men • o nrecord with promises .to maintain payrolls, initiate building projects, a:;d generally keep their chins up in i. 1 .. tressful moment. This was characterized by. Mr. Hoover as voluntary cooperation. Its spirit,'he said in a formal. statement yesterday had been strong enough to be ol substantial benefit. morning blew (he sale and esc with its contents—around $160. according to H. H. Ilicoks. local manager of the plant. Several people In the ncighbor- ood heard the explosion, but could ee no lights and paid no atten- on lo It until this morning when Ir. Brooks went down lo open the !ant and found where the bur- lar had broken one of the back •follows and forced nn entrance. The exact time or the explosion •as determined by the fact that lie telephone, which sits on top of lie safe, was rung by the 'explosion nd Ihe night operator noted the line. eel Today, a Compound Love and Politics. • FOOTBALL Final Army 7, Yale 7. Notre'Dame 35, Pitt 19. Third Quarter Princeton 0, Navy 25. Penn. 28, Lehi?b 7. . Half Alabama'6, Vandy 0. .Wisconsin 0, Purdue 0. .,,„., Missouri 14, Drake 7. Northwestern 26, Centre 7. First Quarter Tenn. 0, N. C. U. 0. W. & L. 0, Johns 0. L. S U. 6, Sewanee 0. Michigan State 13, Case 0. Tulane 6, Georgia Tech 0. Columbia' 0, Williams 0. George Wright Seeking Authority to Enter Restaurant Business, LITTLE ROCK. Ark.— George "it's Like Beginning Life All Over" Says Missourian Who Lost Memory. By- NEA Service KANSAS CITY.—A modern Rip Van Winkle is Cnarles Francis. 48. who h,is just returned to the little Missouri .town of Parkville to try to "pick up • the threads "of a life that was broken off 22 years ago. For 22 years Francis was a man without' a past. • without a sun identity—a wanderer plopped dowr in i far-western city to make ths best oT tilings in any way he CDiiM His previous existence in Parkvilb was as never had been. Then, suddenly" and by chance, he was called back to that- former life; and now he is trying to fit himself back into the mold that was .shaped about-him nearly 2 quarter of a century ago—trying tr> bring tack, his memory of old days and old places, to continue a form of existence that suffered a gap ot more than two decades. Disappeared in 1908 Twenty-two years a^o FrancL- lived in Parkville, a Missouri river town a few miles upstream from Kansas City, with his wife and his year-old son. One day he took n load of horses down to Kansas Citv "Last Frontiersman" Rests in Hospital at Memphis ME;«pms,-- Oct. 25. (up)-coi Hay E. "Arizona Bill" Gardner; 84 "last frontiersman" collapsed anc was brought to Baptist hospita here shortly before noon today. Gardner left San Francisco las January 15 with two burrows, "py riamlte," . and .-"Temporary," an< was headed for New yo.-k ween ar attack of stcmach ailments anc amlaria caused his collapse In Wes Memphis. .... Doctors said his condition was no| serious and the frontiersman cheer^ fully tolrt nurses he would" be bul and away In two days. New German Mine Blast j Entombs 82 Workmen FRIEDRICHSTAHL. - Germany Oct. 25.. (UP)—An explo3ion:in the Mayback mine trapped 82 miner- today. Five others, were rescued injured, white three' escaped .unhurt It was" believed only 90 men wen in the mine. Rescue, work, was or ganized immediately after- the ex plosion which occurred at 4 p. m Wright of Blytheville, former res- to sell them. That .was in 1908: taurant owner, filed an appeal in and that trip to Kansas City tc the Arkansas Supreme Court yes- sell horses proved the opening act terday from a decree of MississiD- of a strange and mysterious drama pL chancery court restraining him of disappearance, from re-entering the restaurant j Arriving in Kansas City, Fran- j business in that city. cis" plunged into a cloud of dirk- Tile injunction was granted on I ness. To this day he does not know petition of H P. Marshall, who : what happened to him. All he pnrchnscd Wright's restaurant bus- j knows Is that he found himself, iness under a contract providing »'eks later, in Montana. He had forgotten who he was and where he came from. He does not know yet how he got to Montana. He had on a strange suit of clothes the labels of which bore the name " Brown." Examining ihesr labels, he concluded that he must, j planning'to become associated with .be Lee Brown; but every event and i others In operation of a large rfs- I every memory of his past were I laurnnt a block from the buslne*; gone. He was Lee Brown, adrift in he sold to Marshall. I Montana, with no port in sight • and no log-book to refer to. That j Marshall was granted nn in- i was all there was to it. and he had Junction against Wrieht by Chan- ! to make the best of it. collor J M. Futrcll in the sprint ; It Is believed now that he waf Marshall was represented by Rf Id. j slugged and robbed and that ths F.vrard and Henderfon and the de- : injury deprived him of his memory, fendant by Harrison. Smith and causing him to wander aimlessly west until a vestige of recollection returned to Leaders in Row • Over Palestin Lfil TUR 10 Gams in Georgia, Carolina; Arkansas and Mississippi Down. WASHINGTON, Octt. 25. IUP1 — The United Stales census bureau reports D.252,011 running" bales ol cotton ginned to October 18, against 9,094.704 in the same period lost •ear. Gumings lo October 18 by states for the .two years follow: Alnbama 9C5.245 954,663 Arizona 41,308 42,087 Arkansas 516,163 . 888,446 California .... 53.67S 58,787 Florida .-. 45,856 26,186- Georgia 1,191,423 842.407 Louisiana. 532.696 683,819 Mississippi .... 917,4091,352.511 Missouri 99,682 . 71.219. New Mexico ... 33,934 25,219 North Carolina 462,812 227,331 Oklahoma. 444,946 511,669 Tennessee .... 201,065 212,36* Texas 3,051,5183,816,448 Virginia' 21,405- 6,878 All Others 3,246 : 2,110 Round bales included this year total 215,286 against 290,719 last year. • . . •„•'. . ' Glnnings • of'- 'American.' "Egypt were 7.308 this'year against .7,804 last year. Judge Impounds Whisky to Settle Argument CHICAGO, Oct. 25 (UP)—Four quarts of 33-year-old whisky, fifty wedding rings nnd bonds worth $50,000 wera found in Jd- ;iah Mower's safety deposit box which his wife, who is suing for divorce, opened when she. claimed her husband was concealing assets. She immediately claimed half of the liquor." . . Mower objected The Judge impounded all tour'bottles.' llial Wright should 1101 re-enter the business in Blytheville. either as an owner, partner or employe. The petition said Wright has operated a restaurant- in eight or 10 different locations in Blytheville in si" or eight years and that he now i At any rate, Francis got a job Taylor. Since the iniunction was granted George Wright's cafe, operated bv Marshall has been rtestroved by - on a far mnear Billings, Mont., as fire Marshall has not re-opened. Lee Brown. There. tor ( 22 years, he worked, unable to discover anything I about himself. : Found in Montana Finally, not long ago,'a Parkville man happened to encounter him in Billings. "Aren't you Charles Francis?" demanded the man. Francis was puzzled. "Guess my name's Brown." he Rov A. Griffith, Oil Man, Dies in New York NEW YORK. Oct. 25 (UP)—Roy A. Griffith of Tulsa, Okla.. president of the Sinclair Oil and Gas Company, died a t Doctors hospital last night. He had been undergoing treatment for some'time. Capture Deer on Roof of Connecticut Taxicab GREENWICH, conn, Oct. 25. S with them. (UP)—A deer with a taste for town said. Then, after a minute: "Cues' there's something familiar about that name of Francis, at that." The acquaintance notified Francis' relatives In Parkvillc and some of them went to Billings. There they made sure of Francis' Identity and persuaded him to come back life strayed Into thickly settled Greenwich today, smashed a plal? glass window, bucked an autom" bile, and finally was captured on 'Or* of n f-AxIrftb. It has been hard for Francis to Mrs. 0' Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty of Murder DENVER, Colo. Oct. 25. (UP)— Mrs. Pearl O'Loug'hUn today en tered a plea of not guilty when ar raigned In district court here on a charge of murdering her 10-year old step-daughter Leona. A plea of not guilty also was en ttered by Franklin O'Loughlln. un cle of Leona. His trial was set fo November 12. Attorneys for Mrs. O'Loughli were given until next Friday to nl any motion they may desire change her plea. Judge Henry A. Calvert said ch trial dale would be decided on nex Friday. Find Evidence of Plot , in Los Angeles Bias LOS ANGELES. Oct. 25. (UP)— Evidence of a "criminal plot" ; the cause o fthe $1,500,000 bla- which wrecked a portion of th Garment .Capital building Octotx o ASSISI, Italy, Oct. 25 'lUPJ-A lilinK impiiy princess became the :de ot a handsome' king-, here to- Gtovanna of Savoy arid' Boris 111 Uii)»arln. house of 6»xe Cotmrg- «l)m. were married in ' the upper lc-a of St. FfancLi,. famous n-al church where'the Prnn- a:ui' order was founded. The ceremony, simple In com- iiison with moM royal' weddings. KOH at 11 n. ni. und Was conclud- d In lialf an hour. Hriiicess Glovuiinu 1 looked very appy when the royal wedding my readied (he church. She was bvtoiisly calm for she smiled nnd poke to a Franciscan monk at the lurch entrance who previously! ad shnwn her over the Basilica. The bride wore a creamy white «tln rtress. Her head was covered ith a long veil and priceless lace, 'or motlwr, queen Helena'' of Italy as dressed in slate colored Millu nd wore 'a. veil. Premier Benito Mussolini wore is prime minister's imlform, com- leie wiili cocked hnt and sword. Deposed President Wa§h- iington Luis Is Prisoner in Fortress. By MILTON BRONNEK NEA Service Wrifrr LONDON.— The world's loneliest Ing. Boris of Bulgaria, is lone- no longer, for today he was larricd to tils pretty Princess Gioanna, third daughter of the King nd Queen of Italy. Both nations avc expressed tlieir Joy and plea- ure over the union In both has been empliaslzed (hat his is a love match pure and sim- le. And indeed It has been known or some years that Kiug Boris was mitten by the charms of the young talian girl. But tills notwithstanding, there some profound politics in the match, too, and once more the clever and masterly. hand of 'Mussolini Is seen at work. For the >uce the. two possible enemies of lis country are France and her al- Jugo-Slavia, which is Italy's 5 neighbor right across the narrow Adriatic, sea. To counter France and encircle Jugo-Slavia' has bseri he constant policy of Mussolini n the Balkans. To this end he played up to Hungary. With this nirpose, he backed Zog and made King of Albania, which is a umping off place tlireatehing the tery heart of Jugo-Slavia. It's i Real Love Match The love match between Boris and Glovanrm .puts the final seal on Mussolini's work.' Bulgaria, diminished in size and crippled as •o armament as., a result of her. being a German, ally. in. the 'world war, is already grateful to MUFSS- Inl for what he did for licr in the matter of. reparation settlements recently. This royal match virtually makes Bulgaria a future ally of Italy. In many -ways the royal bridegroom is the ablest and most, versatile ol reigning European" monarchs. Also one of. the wisest. His father,' the Ex-Czar Ferdinand, was crafty, intriguing, ambitious •and utterly cynical. He loved power and did not rest until he had succeeded in getting the powers to recognize his title as Czar instead of a mere reigning Prince or King of Bulgaria. "When he abdicated after the world war was lost by the Central Powers, his tluone fell to Boris, who loved the simple life, did not care for pomp and glory and display, and was as democratic as a prince can be. A Klnj With Many Talents He Is earnest, well meaning and Intelligent. He understands the Bulgarian peasants better than his ministers. Is at ease among ttiem and well liked by them. He loves lo potter about with machinery and can drive a railway locomotive with the best of them. He is the best royal linguist in Europe. He speaks Bulgarian, English, French. German, Italian and Russian with equal King Boris of Bulgaria, rlglit, k 3f years old and Is generally credited with being one of the man intelligent aixl democratic monarchy In Europe. It Is said that his murrlnge to Princess Giovanna left third daughter of (he King and Q uctn of Italy, Is a love, match, although Italy and Bulgaria will benefit politically (roin the union.' Railroad Held for Main. Street Traffic Blockade 5 DEBT GEfJICUT The Frisco railroad, represented by E. F. Blomeyer, agent, will face a charge of obstructing a Main street crowing with a freight train for more than Ven minutes In police court next week. - • A warrant was served on Agent Blomeyer by Officer A. D. Gwyim after a freight train is alleged to have held up traffic on Main street Obligations Reduced, Improvements Made, Barham Tells Osceola Club, .week.. OSCEOLA, Ark.—County Judge George W. Borham, addressing the Osceola Civic club here-Thursday OIL the condition, of county finances Thursday for more than ten mln- stated that the outstanding Indebt- 'i . " :edness of the county had been re- A continuance of the case was j duccd during the post two yearr •granted this morning until next; from the sum of 8160,169.88, to $89,-. t j 500, or approximately $71,000, "that •Ihinrke'cf'-lmprsvements in /.tounh: roads had been made, new roatl machinery bought and paid for and approximately $4,000 spent on Improving the Mississippi County home at Osceola. Judge Bantam paid tribute to the County Taxpayers association fo: Its cooperation with his .administration during the past two years and stated that 'no admlnlstrallor could make much headway finan- HIO DE JANEIRO, Oct .25. (UP) —The revolutionary leaders who- • seized control of the government ot Brazil yesterday amid, great confusion began today the difficult task"! of restoration of normal conditions. under a. stable provisional regime. Formation of a "government )un- la" headed t>y General TassoFra- coso was announced in u comuiu-. nlcjiie which said deposed President • Washington Luis had "handed pfcjs: the government after receiving all consideration due his high'post;" Washington Luis, who yesterday defiantly lold the revolutionary : leaders they might kill htm but h» would not resign, has been prisoner In Copocabana fortress, but the communique Bald all members of the cabinet had been "exonerated." , .'-. , {Welcomed by People A message sent 16 Brazilian di; plomatlc envoy's abroad said .-. tho. governing junta would include Pres- . dent General Tasso Fravoso, Gen. Manna Barrc'.o, and Admiral laias Noronnn. The program of the junta irovldcs for Ihe "confraternity of he Brazilian nation and fulfillment of national obligations abroad," the message' said. . '.The movement was realized without bloodshed and with great orderliness and respect for the deposed authorities," said the message, signed by Honald Carvalho, the new foreign minister. '"-.. The people accompanied the event with great acclamation aria . the city presented the aspect.of-a;. national festival." . . - : The message failed to clear up definitely the status of the power- - ful southern revolutionary leaders whose chief figure, Dr. Getulio Vargas of Rto Grande do Sul, Is due here shortly by-airplane or train. .:.•- Farmers Turkeys Fall Before Hunter's Gun QUITMAN, Miss., Del. 25 (UP) —Stories of hunting 1 wild turkeys .have- cost ' Elam .l^qrrls farmer, his.flock of birds. ' Norrls 1 Hock of '11 turkeys 'fell victim IT a young neighbor boy who after hearing the hunting stories started - out for'game. The boy believed Norrls' flock was wild birds and killed them 11.. - . . Rio de Janeiro harbor.' The Brazilian minister of the' navy officially apologized to the German legation at. Rio de Janeiro tor the bombardment of the Baden,'. :hc foreign office was'informed. ; cially without the support of the Taxpayers association. Miss Mildred Judd, pianist, nnr 1 E. B. McDonald, violinist, both of Blytheville, accompanied Judge Barham and rendered several musical r.umbcrs on the program. Air Passenger Rates on M k- I • r v Georgia Negro Learns Memphis Line Cut; „?, ..! r .. Miles Like Cotton Seed MEMPHIS, Oct. 25. (UP)—Robertson Air line officials today announced air passenger rate reductions between this city and St. Louis and New Orleans. Unde rthe new rates, approxi- uately five cents per rnilc lower j dan the old, the fare from Mem- thls to St. Louis will be Slo and rom Memphis to New Orleans $20. facility. He Is a keen student of birds and one of the best entomologists in Europe. He is happiest when he can leave his palace in the of his fishing and , ways of buttei- The pipe, of 3-4 inch size and j His home in Sofia has been run ,•„» f..f i^,,,, .h^^-oH *i,™c /,r hov. {or ]l[m by hls d ' cvotc( j sifter, Princess Eirioxla, who Is said lo have stated she would never marry until Boris had a wife to took after him. nine feet long, showed signs of ing recently been unscrewed, Investigators declared. Tne missing pipe, they asserted, apparently had been removed from a section of the gas conduit. Residence at Cherry And Second Damaged A two story residence at Cherry Here are the two leading figures in an <| sccondc £ '" els ' °™ c ? fc >' J ! frs the controversy that has arisen ever England's new declaration of policy in Palestine, assailed by Zionists as a discrimination against Jews. c Sulllv . an . of -' was f lously flre of an unlmo»Ti origin ' ernoon ™ c Ios$ * a1d lo Ultl "« w ": bf5 af- Tbo« Is Lord Passfleir Brltisn been partially covered by Insurance. ..... - colonial minister, who formulated' The-blaze, believed to have orlg- convince himself of his new-found |t ne policy bolow is Dr. Chalm In&ted in the rear of the residence, identity. When he first got back Uvefanann. who resigned the presi- i gained full headway and firemen io Parkville. «ll of his relatives dcncy of the Jewish Agency and!were forced to use several lines of gathered at Ws house to talk with tnc Tn tcmational Zionist Organlza-j hose before the fire was brought' lion In protest. under control. Now that his engagement has been announced, It is hinted that she may wed the Duke ot Spoleto, who is, a cousin of the Italian King. King Boris Is 36 and his bride-to- be Is 22. It Is an Interesting fact, too; that Boris is himself half Italian by blood, his mother having been. Princess Mary Louise, daughter of tihe Duke of Bourbon- Parma. Of Different Faiths The one thing that had held up tht engagement for so long was the vital matter of religion. The state religion of Bulgaria is the Orthodox Church. The religion of the Italian Princess is Roman Catholic. Boris himself was brought up as i Roman Catholic, but en- (Contlnuea on page three) CARROLTON, GA.. (UP) Henrv Park, negro tenant fanner, has discovered a new cure for the high price of stock feed. Without reference to dietetic books he • started feeding cotton seed to his stock. He boiled the col ton seed wtlh a pinch of salt and found orr.-third bushel of seed equalled one-half bushel ol oats and one- The new rates take eftect Monday , ourth of corn He fi?llrcs hc •' saves a dollar every time his mules ; consume with relish a bushel of I seed. - German Ship Firt* Upon .'•.'--.BERLIN, Oct. . 25. (UP)—The -•'.' German minister at Rio de'Janeiro .reported to the foreign offlee today ; , 20 were killed and .35 wounded when the Qermin' steamer B»deX ' was fired on.- by tte.piis ,<>? Gopor.'.:,- Bahal I* Quirt . WASHINGTON, Oct. 25 (UP>.— The. state department was advted today by the American embassy at Rio de Janeiro that, the deposed , Brazilian president had teen transferred from Guan palace to Cop- , Dcabana fortress for-safety. . ; ".-. A message from the' American, consul at Banal, 800 miles north of Rio, said the situation thers was- quiet although there .were seme minor disturbances last night/ . A Co-Ed ai 13 Convict Held As Suspect in Young Girl's Murder DETROIT. Mich., Oct. 25 (UP)— Albert Dodson, 22, an ex-convict, was arrested for questioning in tha murder of Alice "Toots" Collier. 15. who disappeared while on an errand for her. mother August 2 Her body was found late yesterday by a hunter in a wooded district on the outskirts of the city She had been strangled lo death. Harahan Crime Victims Had Sold Car is BeHei MEMPHIS, Oct. 25. (UP)—Working on the theory a third man acr companled Burton Hensley. and Woodrow Wilson. 17-year-old hlgti school boys of Bald Creek, N. C.,' murdered near here early this week, officers today centered their search in Mmphls. A third man was with the boys shortly before they were found beaten to unconsciousness. said he did not see the boys in an automobile. This caused police to believe they were hitch hikers. When the youths were .found in a wooded camp near the Harahiui viaduct one of Hensley'c shoes had been removed. Officers now believe the youths sold their automobile and Hensley was keeping the money in tils shoe. ! Presiding Elder Will DeKver Sermon Monday Dr. .James M. Anderson of boro, presiding elder of the district in the Methodist church, will preach at the Lake Street Methodist church Monday evening. 7:30 o'clock, for the last service before the annual conference. Following the sermon the church will elect officers. Plan Parent Education Meeting at Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS. Oct. 25. <UP> — William J. Cooper, United States commissioner of education, has announced plans for a national conference on parent education to be held here May 1 and 2 In connection with the national congress of parents and teachers. Audition Contest Winner Although she is only 13. Dorothy; J Q Woods is regularly t ~-ollod as a, freshman at Louiilann S' 1 " •'•- ll " ; v'erslty. Incidentally, she thereby upholds a family tradition for precccity, her cousin. Rodney Woods, having won election to the Louisiana senate at 25. She is a member of Kappo D;1U and lives In Lutcl-.rr. La. Ernest Jones, of this city, winner of the northeast Arkansas At- watcr Kent audition contest, will broadcast over KLCi temoon from 2 until 2:30 Because the popular vote will in the state contest at Hot _ Thursday the people of thl<- to hear his program Sunday. Earthquake Recorded by Denver Seismograph DENVER, Oct . 25. (UP) — An earthquake of moderate intensity was recorded on 'the seismograph. of Regis college h«re early today. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and somewhat warmer tonight; Sunday generally fair. Last night was the heaviest frost of the season according to the official weather observer, Francis Carpenter. The minimum temperature this morning was J8 d«- grees and the maximum for yesterday, 60 degrees.

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