The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1949
Page 11
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r MONDAY, MAY 16, 19« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms AIN'T ALL' GITTIW A PIECE CHICK.IN cxrr HIM SMELL* 7H' JOB/ a ewuNou-d^*, ->m v & U&ffgfvjfei ? l ° °$> A^nr^'M SM * VJ6 ' I - L 6hii °V J«i \. js2 B H?s^ M^'• ^ * B -''~ W6 KME FOR PCESSI»JC^S| e ^S&"r'D 1 ^\ ^H^^ D u£ E ,'? e SOlWC - - sPeo How6 TO win. m \ ACT**?-? 2^9 IT < • Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopla BT.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIEK NTTWg Jap's Economic Board Now Studying War Loss TOKYO—</)>)—The government's Economic Stabilization Board estimates Japan's war losses cost her one-fourth of her national wealth exclusive of the vast overseas holdings that wont, rioivn the drain. The board says japan's national wealth Is about that of 1935 Heavy 1 losses In shipping and from air raids and naval Bombardment wiped out the wealth gained since that year. COfYKKXT tY HUgH LAWMNCE NEtSON DISTItliUTtO »Y NU SEKVICf, INC. B y Hugh 1-awrence Nelson TVeaf Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFIS Heel Ureifus . . . Wear .llli\\i::,T \l\l\ M I«H ii KIIMII. iimHiui u All Work Guaranteed You .Are Cordially ( Inyited to Visit I The | Accessory Shop j Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite j Hotel Noble Klclg. J Blythcvillc, Ark. " UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • SoffbaU Get Our ['rices DR1VHS UNIFORMS TAXI and TRUCK All Colors — Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier- Tailor I Have At All Tim« For Sal* KTeral tractor, and cqglpmnt bttlb new and used I hare JOB* l>eere. rarmali. P«r4 and *tber make*. I no* na*e ne* fam tractors and equipment rea*> foi delivery at dealer, price I will trade for most anything T»» hare- lernu can be arranied s*« F. C., CROWE I adfe Mth «t ••I. !»«• sr»,.il,... • o »r <l Br«,,,f, I, |.|rf k I 0«k. •kipprr .1 Ihr k*«l. i tbr mmtvmmtle wktch fef a ry*» **r r*»trm\»* mm4*r lfcivf. !>• tbr [•lavd m*m. .Ilk Aenr. rink. Hit*! »»« I Illj H.rrfl. >r< kr llrnr; Goxk K»r4l» t . *r the f«U*d, Rjirk *f th« *«rtre« • letter fran Ik* fl AJ GOUGH HARDING'S close-cropped hair, either gray or blond, fitted his massive skull like a cap. His deeply tanned skin his bushy black eyebrows emphasized the blue of his eyes. Bea watched his long fingers stir through the contents of the lour bags. He stopped poking, fished out the tiny revolver "Which of you felt the need for this?" "It's mine," Bea said. She (elt a rush ol color to her face as he stood there studying her. making no attempt to hide his amusement. "And you are?" "Miss Cosgrove." He picked up her letter. "So. Miss Bea Cosgrove. Spinster. Schoolteacher for 20 years. Hair dark. Eyes hazel. 1 would have said green. Weight 125. Heigh five feet live. Age *o. Excellent character, moral, trustworthy and dependable. Hmmm." He looked at the gun again, tossed it in a short arc out into the water. "So." He picked up another letter "Mrs. Lilly Warren." "Here," Lilly said. "So I see. Mrs. Warren, widow Private secretary. Hair natural red. Eyes black. That's interesting. Weight 115. Height five feet four. Age 41. Well spoken of by last employer. Vivacious and gay.' He picked up another iette -Mrs Jones, also a widow Housewjfe. Hair brown to gray Eyes brown. Weight 110 He Ove feet nine. Age 44. ' Recom mended aj a quiet, devout, hard working woman by pastor of 1, Firth' Red splotched Agnes cneeks as she waited for 1 to begin on the last letter. "Mis Agnes Firth, spinster. Social serv ice worker. Hair blond Eyes blu? Weight 118. Height five feet three Age 43. Excellent record at socia work until her resignation ove two years ago." Harding tore the four letters into small scraps, scattered them into he water. "On Speare Island w« \\^ e , P resent »"<J the future When 1 tore up those letters I erased the past and any holdovers of the necessity of lying and scheming in the world you've left It is a new beginning, a new chance lor you all." r ^HE house's jtone foundation and the veranda on the west fi? , S ° l u h s ' des blcn d«l with the hill to the north and overhung the sheer drop of clirt to the east Broad stone steps on the west led up to the veranda and the wide front doors. On the south, the twin narrow-gauge track* ap- oeared abruptly on the sleep slope leading u> the cove and disappeared in an opening in the foundation. The glistening while of the two- story structure was saved from the appearaoM al an overgrown box by the square tower at tit* aoutb- west comer. Inside the hou*e the mutton- smelhng candles on the large dining table Bickered when Henry Harding stood up to and the meal "I know you're all tired, and 1'li not keep you long. There are some tilings to be said, and a decision lo be made. One of you may become my wife. I intend to be blunt now to save future misunderstand - ings. "First, »omethin| about myself. Some yeare ago 1 wu * small town r«*l estate dealer. Oil WM di.- covered an some property I acquired. I sold part at my holding. Bea watched his In,,* (inters stir through the Wl.lcnl, of U ,e four bifrj. |l e fi.hed out the liny revolver. for millions. "I acquired this island. Sonic of you may remember the newspaper headlines: 'Eccentric Millionaire to Found New Eden.' People laughed at me, but 1 poured a portion of my money into Speare Island. The boal you came on has been under my charter. For over year now I have had crews of men working. Putting up build ings, starting the gardens, th flocks of sheep, bringing in sup Plies and storing them away safe'*• These, candles we use were made here, represent a first step in my desire to make Speare Island independent of oulsicie help. You saw the last of the crews leave We are far from the palh of plane and steamers. Everything now i" up to us." He paused, frowned "Now, a word about my money i-eii ,f a marriage is consummated, my wife cannot hope to ge any of my money by leaving or ou living me. The monc y stav , with Speare Island. It is tied up 'ally with the island's lu' that understood?" 'J'HERE were nods and murmurs from the women. "Good. We shall not mention it ,am. For you [our. the next three onlhs can be looked upon as a period of trial and adjustment *ou must prove to me you can a your old ways of life. True -,;. ma * be- easy since you we..' neither happy nor successful, •e, each will have certain tasks At first we will rotate these tasks each week. By trial we will de- ermine where talents lie. I have outlined roughly what ahead. Do you slill wish to slay? have arranged with the master >' the Simpatico to lie offshore omght. If I light the beacon on he water lower he will return tomorrow. Anyone wlio wishes can cave then." Henry Cough Harding smiled, » the table for a moment and eturned with malcriab ot varied olors over his arm. He spread wm out, showed Ihey were gar- nents. One black, one orange, one lue, and one green. "Roughly speaking your duties 'ill b« separated inlo those of the fuse, the Bock, the garden, and s*«—which covers supplies." picked up the black. "Mi»s osgrove, since you volunteered to et the meal tonight, may I ask lo take charge of the house th* first week? This u your sogt of office. Please wear It "morrow." Toe black was lustrous. The material though nf a coarse weave was soft, clinging. She said, "If it fits, I'll be glad to wear it" He soid stiffly. "It win fit. 1 have had your measurements 1 have planned. The green and the garden go to Mrs. .Imies." "I cnu garden," Mabel said. "I got a green thumb." "To Miss Firth, (tic orange, and the sheep." "I'll do my best," Agnes'said I don t know anything abou: sheep." '•.lust keep them away from the cliffs. They're stupid animals apt to commit suicide." gEA COSGROVE'S lingers lightened. She glanced quickly al the man, but he had already turned to smile at Lilly Warren. 'The blue is yours. For the present there will be much to do the lower storeroom." "I'll look forward to it " Lilly said. "One thing more. There are no pockets in your costumes. 1 do nol know whether any of you ladies indulge in the lobacco habil On Speare Island during the dry season there is no smoking, no carrying of malches. Fire is our enemy. The brush and grass are tinder dry. In a week, or two or (hree. (he rains begin. Now any questions?" Mabel Jones tried to slide yawn. "I'll clear away," Bea said "it is gelling Lite." She lim.sheil clearing, washed he dirfics and pans and hung Die ca lowcl on a rack near the wood- k 'irnnii; stove. She blew oul.all the candles but one, moved quickly to the sugar cupboard, hiked up her skirts with >ne l;a;id while she made a ncsi iclwccn bags wilh Ihe other. She orced Ihe auiomalic in Ihe cavity latled down the bags. ' A sligln sound, a movement ot air made her lurn. Site stood mo- ionlcss. The swinging door moved ;ently back and forth a few limes before it came to rest. Suddenly, blindingly, there wa* _ blaze ot light. Bea looked around wildly until she made out the cunningly concealed electric light*. ihe walked inlo the now brightly it main room. The three women lore stock still near the table. Henry Harding came in through he front door. "For tonight, at a special occasion, I've turned on the encralors so you may have liglu - relire wilhout candles. Good (To Kt Onlinued) Police Investigation* Delay Trials in Poland WARSAW, Poland -<*>- p er . ions who go to Jail in Poland usually stay there a long lima before they face a trial court. The s«,, r . ty police take their time In their mitigations of persona whom they arrest Thus, it's not uncommon for accused to be Imprisoned a ~— or more before they ir* tritd. Mo»l ol Hit trresU MW beinf made by security police are based on "anti-state acllvities" or alleged membership In underground Bands when seek to overthrow the jovernment, by force. Employes of foreign embassies or consulates are not exempt. The security police recently seized three ^•nch citizens and one Polish wizen »t th« French consulate In Wroclaw. All art accused of subversive »ct* ugalnst the Warsaw rtf- imt. But th«re'« no Indication when they will be tried. Three employes ot foreign missions in Warsaw were arrested !n early December, 1M7. They, too nave not yet been brought lo Lrla and specific charges against the have nol been made public. All a._ Polish subjects. One woman worked for the U.S. consulale In Warsaw. Two other women were translators 'or the Belgian and Swedish l*g»- Uonj. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKRRILL BLOSSBI eur t ALW*-I«S neu> LORD CHIMNEYS IROOSestS/ "Th. wanderlust hits your father .very .pri.ig— thit I. twiw this week he', late et i— t twiw this week he', late getting horn, from tb, offlc. MONOAV _ THAT'S WHEN t' " HLIS&AND LEFT-OVERS/ SO DO I. THAT'S WE. EAT By CANDLE-LIGHT' BY CANDLE-LIGHT I 'I'ool (if His Triule HV ftlH'HAKi, O'MAU.Ky «nd RAl USt YOURHEAD. . POND. I'M GIVING YOU RIGHT MR. CHANNEL. YOU WANT 7MS PUCE MOKE THAN , BUT WR60T VOt* PW4. It* A IOMC JUMP FROM (MCKfTKWNe TO U6ITIMATI SUSWtSS, Ulrt ITt Of THIS HOUSE AND All THAT'S tN If. THAT'S 6O CSANO AlORt THAN IT COSf YOU. •UT IMADf IT. DON'T FOR6CT, AND I'M NOT JUMPING BACK/ WASH TUHHS HV I.HSUK TURNER NOW I MUST WeiTE BUfcKE, CATHY.,.TO TELL HER VOU'EE AT lAST HAPPILV O IU » L1TT.LE HOUSC VOUE OH, THATU 86 NICE'. AWDTELL HEK I'l/E GOT *, CWa WITH 1HE lOUOEST TAIL 1M TOWN SJ HEASP fEOM MR. McKEB TOpAV, 610. HE WAWT5 ME TO LOOK UP A MR. UPaET O«(t WWW AS A TRIVIAL IMCIOENT! .M STOCKKOLDEC9 IN IMPUSTKIES WlfHOUTA FISH1M LICENSE. I GOTTA HIDE WHILE I FISH...THEM WARDENS APE GOTTA BITE ALREAPV JTAWST WEIGH A TON The l.niiy Knows UV V. T. HAMLIN WELL, GOOD MORMIMG. DID SOU SLEEP WELL? POOR LAMB/ Y VEH.BUT ITS SAY, DIDN'T j AM ELECTRIC HE BRIMS HIS \HOT PLATE COFFEE-MAKIN&\ RIG-MO GADGET ALONG ?J GOOD OUT JUST BUILD ME A FIRE, BUSTER, AND I'LL SHOW FIRST PAY OF THEIR TRIP IM DOCTOR. WOMMU6'S MEW CAR WAS WITHOUT INCIDENT UNTIL THEY RAN AFOUL OF THOSE NO-VACANCY SIGNS ALOMG TOWARD EVEMIWG. TOP.' OL' DOCS WOT DO<M' SO BAD KIEITHER; KY EDGAR MARTIN

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