The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1936
Page 3
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213, 1936 Germany on Good Behavior Until Big Athletic Meet Is Over My MILTON IIRONNEK NEA Service Staff Corresponiletil .LONDON.—Natfi Germany's next coup—the annexation of the Free City of Danzig—Is being held in abeyance. • • Nazi lenders' plans for the accomplishment of this new putsch will not b? revealed for some sly weeks. For Europe has a peace Insurance policy covering that period of time, its other name Ls "Olympic Games." Tile Nazi government has made vast preparations for the Olympiad lo be Held In llerlln In August, it Is anticipating a two-fold huge benefit therefrom. In the first place, a very larg? attendance of foreigners ' is expected ami they will leave behind them millions of dollars of foreign surrency which Germany so ba:llv needs for the purchase of raw ina- I, tcrials. in life next place, the Nazi J), masters sec an unexcelled opportunity for spreading pro-German propaganda. Strict orders have been given that until t'nc games are over, Jews are not (o be openly molested, socialists and pacifists are not to be hailed iiito court on truinncd-i>i) charges, and Protestant ministers are not to be driven Trom their pulpits because they will not conform to th e Nazi idea of what l, fitting. The whole) idea is lo impress t'nc foreign visitors that nil is lovely and peaceful in •Germany and (hat the niwsnansr men. magazine writers and authors of books who have said the con- trarv. ji.'d monumental liars. Keeps J'cace Internationally, Too The same motive is going 'to restrain Germany from "anv international overt ads until after August, if the Nazis were to start anything serious in Danzig at present, war clouds would lower, some of t'nc Olvmoic learns might riot come lo Berlin, and worst of all •foreigners u-oiild be afraid to visit Germany. Whatever mischief th» Na-'i^ contemplate as to Danzig will, therefore, be kept in cold storage -until • mid-September. Then they may "right" another "wrong." When t'nc allied treaty-makers got together in Versailles in loin they decided to restore the Polish nation, giving to the rule of its own people the" Polish territory Danzig Nazis Want Union BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '"-''• ,. , "Wlioo-oo-oo!" Such throngs of Nazis in Danzig demand reunion with Germany- an eventuality that must, tc postponed at icas i until the"Olympic Games nre concluded as a Free city under guardianship of the League of Nations. It was given a constitution providing for the election by its people'of an Assembly and a Senate. These would choose tlie municipal' authorities, but over air would be a League of Nations commissioner.••-. Poland was given control of its foreign affairs, ami customs duties and also of Its railways. , • Gdynia Port Was WOK- With Poland using the port Danzig boomed. But I'ne Dairalg people were not satisfied. They did thinps that seemed obnoxious to the Poles. Thereupon, to the astonishment and dismay of Danzig, the Poles decided to make a port ot their own inside the Polish corridor -ana just a few miles away Thus was begun Gdynia, largely financed by French money. Today it is a regular American-type boom city of 50.000, with a freight tonnage approximating that of D:inzi» Danzig's next clash with Poland came when it was inoculated with Nazi fever.-' Separata! from Germany the Danzigers tiled to out- Nazi the Nasis. Their storm Troopers turned the old place u]>sidc down.. They got control of the As-' sembly and Senate. Later they held I anoliier election. Their »oal 'Twas Hard Day for Townsend imnmo neitr'bv Austria, Prussia to oM n ,,' ', • ^ ? a and Russia. But'lhty-alsS'consid- m,i' *-M l ?° 4hlr(Is . majority s ered that a newly ramtltirM nTn ^ c4u d . c . han ^ the cbnslili.Ho, ered that a newly constituted and resurrected Poland : could hardly live unless it hart access to the sea. Therefore, the famous Polish cor- rior was cut right through Ger- 'iiian territory and given to Poland. It divided Hast Prussia from the balance of Germany. Close to that corridor was Danzig. There were those who wanted to give it to Poland. Lloyd George, the Premier of Britain, opposed. The result was'that Danzig and the territory surrounding It was set up '% I- S. Klein and crush the Jews, Catholics So cmlists and Poles. They failed U get what they "went rtftcr Eve since then they have been trying by illegal methods to make th'ings tint for their "enemies." One lone Irishman, Scan Lester, t'ne Lcagui Hieh Commissioner, has don" "hi. best to frustrate Diem and pro- serve the constitution. Hence their bitter hatred of him and the bitter attack recently made upon him before the council of the L"a»ne of Nations by Arthur Greiser. Naz President of the Danzig Senate. It is not improbable that some time early in the fall tile Danzi» Nazis, spurred on and backed by Hitler, will formally denounce League rule and will declare the r Place a Nazi town, even if they do great. leader, Susan f ot fo ™«"y declare it a German . , B. Anthony, will be honored by issuance of a new 3-cent U. S. postage stamp, on the IGth anniversary of the final rali/iration of the 19th amendment, w h i c h gave suffrage to the women of the United States. The decision to issue such n stamp was (he result of more than two years •of constant urging by thousands of women nil over the country. The stamp will hear fr J> i c I u r e o£ j -.-..... v, n, ,i UCI until town. That will concern the League' but even more it will concern Poland and that nation will find itself without a friend in Europe. The Prcncli were for Ion» years after tnc World War the fairy soti- molliers of the new Poland. They Waned it, money and technicians. They helped it build its army Tlien a couple of years ago. the I'rench and the world were as- lounded to learn that Hitler for Germany and the laic Marshal ; Pilsurtski for Poland had concluded I a peace pact ol ten years duration I between (heir countries. It was cx- | traordmary because ail Europe knew thai some day Germany wonted to get back the Polish cor- a~~ u"-n. nm I U11SII LOT- ndor and also portions of Uppar t>nesla ceded to Poland. Poland Facing Dilemma lnc Poles were.very proud of the —-~ Anthony, and will be re- nc w treaty, it showed the world «•-• r ° r _ s;llc on Aug. 28, 103G. tte y.werc no longer a mere ap- I'lac'c of first day sal been designated. le has not Miss Anthony not only was the Bring on Your Goblins and Joseph Dunnm W r Will . Pay Over the Gash. ; NEW YOKK—'ix-n tliousaiHl dollars for a liaunlcd iiausel • Ami worth it, too—every penny 01 It—according to Joseph Dun- nlngcr, who 1ms made Die otTer. .The house, however, must be In-. |lml)llc(l by honesl-to-goodness, 100 per cent spooks. , "I've never met a real ghost," Dunnlngcr fays, "but rd like to." It's not just a whim that Inspired the $10,000 olfcr. S]KX>k- slL'iilhJng Is nn nvocntlpn- wltlij Mr. Dunninger, nlniosl a 1 : pr6fes-| s!on. He's been looking for spirit acquaintances for n good uuuiy years, never met one, but Is iin- dlscouraged. I'rtixfmKy l o I'ile of Tomhslones . It has been a lively quest: "In' Los Angeles." Dunnlngcr says, "u man nml woman 'moved out of a new home because they; heard mysterious nips at night In the cellar. Not far away was a collection of tombstones taken from an old cemetery. The couple thought spirits from the burying ground must be paying diem visits mid making (lie strange noises. "I spent a uiglit In the house with lhc owner. Sure enough, I along about midnight wo /heard Hong about midnight wo -heard••p. 1 .i,-,. B ,, , rT; — — • raps coming through Ihc'^oorl! . ' " lc l"'°l°t'''«l!li(.i had n hah-iahlug pxpeilcnce m iHn- Ihe «Te went down into the cellar "'- mc Plcluie. .submitted as evidence n house «•-,, ),,„„, n vhcre a iot-of rubb, s h had been insists it couid be dup.ioatul bv „ d",b!e e'plue It j.wai^n-iqiilck snackv.during a hard day,''in Cleveland"' cour that Dr Francis E. Townscni was enjoying'here. Judge. 1 Samuel E. Kramer had allowed him just 15 minutes for his' pic am niilk before being called up foi qujzzing. Townsend, earlier ii the -day, had repeated his famous "take a walk" act during depoj-i'mn taking in a receiver. ship suit against him, and then had been pin-sued for five mile; and brought to court by a deputy Leads Spanish .Revolt Forces j-.. 0 i., ,i IllL-IU il|J- to French policy and also nattered their claim lo be one of .— .......„,,_, Muv uiu> wrfs, me. first class powers, since then Pioneer leader in llio movement! Ger »™»ys army lias become over- lor women suffrage, but she olso™- m ' nsly str onger than Poland's look-loading parts In nil activities j """" " .limed at equal rights for women in America. * * * Arrangemcnls have pracliralh been completed for extending the trans-Pacific airmail | iriC from Manila to Macao, Portuguese possession on lhc coast of China Final plnns for first fii K ht over llus roulc may be expected soon. Australia will commemorate lhc centenary of its foundation by n new stamp of three values, showing the original settlement of Adelaide, a present view of the same city, .nnd a/picture of lhc proclamation Ircc of Glenclg. Australia nlso is planning n series showing ihc animal;; peculiar to thai country. And another big issue comes from Italy—this lime a scries of u values honoring (he great llo- rnnn nocl, Horace, who was born just about 2000 years ago. f IZftn trio t,i in........ .. ** « German lamb has ijecome a n^io' i 10 !'- Frc " a ' enthusiasm for Poland has been definitely chilled, France has concluded a- military al.ance with Russia, wliich thus lakes the place in the French land™ 0 "" nSS ° nCC I)pld br I>0 ' mwc ere it r0< lr - i " ld f;hC " the Nazis Poland will face a very strong Germany all alone, it will also face tiro nasty alternatives. Either the danger of war with Germany to enforce Polish claims for preferred position in Danzig or else acquiescence to what would be merely the first German step towards ultimately grabbing back the Poik'n corridor and bottling Poland up from the sea, save with * IV.I" cons =" t "I'd on German conditions, which would make Poland virtually a vassal stale. The largest beetle of the 100 000 """'" spcclesjn the world is 'the ong. e wor s the ° t0 ' lalh ^><*»e of equatorial . It i, a bo u t foll , , nch(a A *fcr a bloody n*d victorious carnpolgn Rightist Insurgents under Gen. Emilio Mola, above, c^mrnander-in-ch!et of the northern rebel .army, occupied much of northern Spain, cap;"""£ San Sebastian and driv- ^'"« toward the French frontier. XT™, Kt nriv cr Hiiiilril NE\V HAVEN, conn. HJPI _ nirce Connecticut auto clubs arc conducting a hunt for the safest driver in - the s tnt c . TO qualify, entrants must have driven 50.000 "lies in the last 10 years, must have had no Iraflic accidents whatsoever nnd must have had no convictions for any traffic viola- lions. where a lot of rubbish had been stored. Back of two old trunks was the explanation of the ghostly rapping—a -large rat with oiic hind leg caught .in o trap. "The trap had not been bulled, but the lock liad sprung iii some way and the rat, trying to pull aim. only succeeded in rattling the trap. When anyone went into the cellar, lhc rat was ciuict, and therefore liad not been discovered. It had been In thc : trap about eight days when we found (lliostly Face al Ihe Window A ghostly, face at Ihe window frightened two elderly .Seattle women and lliey appealed to Dimntngcr to find an explanation if lie could. This was harder lo solve than the case of tlie rat trap, requiring five nights of observation. At the end of that I time Dunninger discovered Ihdt, when the moon shone brightly, a roup of scrubs in the yard out- slrte prodiiccd a remarkable silhouette. Through the window, ll'is silhouette gave some semblance..of a ; facc. Branches, wen cut from the/ shrubs and th ghostly visitor 'did not -return. So it has, been In everyr hausi Investigated.' Rattling ' shutters loose hinges—invariably there iouie such explanation. Haunts are varied, Dunninge says. The commonest to be re ported arc objects moving aboil a room, chairs misplaced, knocking on doors which, when opened reveal no one present. Sometime; a face or hand seems to appeal- Modern ghosts don't seem lo rattle chains as they once did Dunniiveer thinks this went out along with lhc passing of old- time mansions. A Spooky Coincidence "To my satisfaction," he says as an investigator of, 25 years standing, "no genuine proof has ever, been offered of the presence of a ghost. Personally, I'm anxious to see one. I'd gladly $10,000 to be convinced." Dunninger Is president of Stu'dies Airport for Ocean Flight pay Universal Councirfor Psychic He- search and was n close friend of Harry Houdlnl. Houdini's collection of spiritualistic data and records of investigation belongs lo Dunninger 'now. He was also n Mend of Howard Thurslon and tells a curious story about him. "Before Thurston died," says, "he left a small ima he e of II ivitli me. Tlie Image was in n glass case. Thurston told me that, If It were possible, alter death he would break the case and toss the image toward "No—(he gloss case didn't break, ind the imago is still Inside. But in odd thing did happen after Thurston " " painting died. I had a small Nebraska Pays $5-$30 Grants to 21,000 Aged LINCOLN, Nrt~(UP) _ Mori Hi'"' -MOOD need} Nelnaskan lire receiviiiR help from the st a U and federal governments hi the form of old due assistance :B riinl« ranging from $5 to 5:10 a month according to a report by stat Asstslance Director Irl D Toien At the time the report whs is' ' OKI n(jo iifisLslfiiici careincate-s had been granted nut moie than 2,000 additional applications were on file. Tolen omphasimi mat. tnc state does not pretend to give Its people old age pensions. To qualify a person must be 65 years or old- i or and must be needy T h, amount of the pension l s determined by the necd of tllp nppjl . The average payment lo old ace asslslnncp recipientsis about SIB ,r> mon li half of which ls con trtbuted by the federal .government under the social, security act Nebraska also i.s recclvingi moiiev from .lie federal governmeiT o b '»<l "-'Sislance, aid 1 0 depend- c, clren and M to cl , ]ed The possibilily that she would atlempt a transatlantic flight to her native Sweden was suggested by the inspection of Roosevelt Fie d. L, I., made by the beautiful Baroness Eva von ""xen-Finccke (above), noted btocklio m aviatrix. With Kurt Bjorkvall. Swedish pilot s i, e examined the airport's facilities for eog.j)f heavily-laden planes. able distance" of New YorkCity. ates Dakota Lakes So Low, Fish Are Imperiled wnnsTEri, s' D (upi rki, i,, the South nakola lak!s~ !e ,0,1 lace almost, certain extinction tills •»£l>To^,™CVvS, h £ l believe 1 ".' 5 '' g "'" C ^'"'"^'a" "l™ls The oxygen content of (lie water of Eci-th Dakota lakes now 'is only two points above ll,c absolute minimum necessary to • sustain fish and unless heavy rainfall is 'Delved to Incmise n, 0 oxy " ccntent. the fish will » c ,,rr±,'» . The purpose back of tlie Invest!- ; Icr. jation, he explains, Is to discourage "fraudulent" mediums w : ho, ic believes, have taken advantage )f credulous persons (o prey upon them financially. A jury of press representatives, lumbers of the Council for Psychic Research, and persons who claim to have seen the ghostly 'hcnomcnn will nliend these In- 'cstiyations. "If anything occurs," Dnnnlii- ger declares, "that I can not ex)lain or duplicate, or .If I <to not )rove the occurrence to be a lalucinalion. or If the jury docs lot agree that what has occurred s not the work of a «, i *mvi .L oitiuil -'•** fcuL. ^ui rx ui ii SHpeillUllir- pf a Hindu flageolet al agency, I will pay $10.000 to ii»ina ^« n,» ....ii .v,.._ the jierson who supplied the In- Wogon jx>st 50 Years' I, Out. <UP) —Lemuel Rachar, Welland . business man, ' s just recovcrcrl n ivagon !ie years ago. U was found high In he branches of an elm tree. It is ^'eyod it was placed there by Hallowe'en day in ™. 1886. slayer hanging on the wall above he Image. That night the picture Icll from the wall, but did not strike the case. "Personally i think it was a hot >ipe in the wall that made thr itcture fall.. O f course r don't :now—" < Ghosts on na>ligl,l Saving Men, Dunnlngcr thinks, arc list as susceptible to belief In ghosts as women, though women re mast likely to admit it. "I've found," he says, "that the vmge person first disclaims any chef In ghosts, then, with a lit- le coaxing, w ni usually tell of »™. seemingly supernatural indent that has baffled him" From 12 to 1 Is the witching our when these supernatural lamfcstations invariably lake lace Daylight saving doesn't, :e "' to llnvc Interrupted thh Odd. Isn't It!" Dunninger asks. Daylight saving must be an In- onvenience to ghosts. Bad for wonder how they manage It'" Jury lo Decide Genuineness He has received a great mini-, ber of letters since he. made hi.v offer of $10,600 for a genuine! haunted house, will Investigate all Ihose that arc "within a reason- formation about the house." Toronto Marriages Gain TORONTO, Ont. (UP) — Cupid was slightly busier here rturiiv 'the month of brides" tlih year than he was in IS35, siiit.istici Issued by the city clerk reveal. During June, 820 marriages were performed, compared with 787 In June, 1935. A large irrigation project in China, taking water from the "wang Ho river, is near completion nnd will reclaim 335,000 acres of arid land. Be Secure Insure your growing crops against damage by liail. THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEP'T. Stone lake, largest In nor, n theastern south Dakota, is n fairly good condition, investigation has revealed, because of fresi water received from lh c Llttl. Minnesota river. The condition o kncitiy Swim, pickerel ,,,,d Kain- pcskn lakes lias been described a 'extremely critical." By Helen Wclsliinier I wiSI 11 tlliln'i love you, 1 HAVE grown problematic;' ' bincc you can i love me. too; 1 I merely sit and stare , '•""""' "''••"""" : " - Ami wonilor what I didn't do Tliat fliiuht luwe made you care. Instead of concentrating Oinvorkilmtl should do I'VE thought, I've piaycil, I've reasoned. 1 Hill this almip is clrnr' Hul this alone is clear: ncc you don't care Thut I still love you Since you don't care; vou mustn't know i, IUMI! BACK ON JOB Palenls to Be Shown At Leipzig Fall Fair Illicit r*t II >*in-.m[ll '"'I or the newest patents and Ideas of inventors from „ scor , o eountrles will be a featur, of Uie Lelp/ij Fall Fiilr The object of the special dl* Play is to encourage Inexperienc6< inventors and those in search to profitable markets. Space Is allot 0(1 for displaying nnd demonstrating new - devices in every flevi the division being open on equa erms lo all nations. Expert ad vice Is offered as lo Die bes FACTORY TRAINED RADIO EXPERT Now nvnilable for repairs on all makes of ratlins. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. )IL set ;, new world" iccoul of II feel li", inches in the . lo the finnl tryouls, Gcoi-sc VarofT is bnck On Ins janiloi ' s job in San Francisco Instead of being in lid in, with Ihe. Americnn Olympic learn. The reason is that Voio/f wns set down to fourth phce nisi failing (a tjnality ]„ |), c ' inals. The handsome youngsler expects to go more'than 15 feet one of llicsc "days. He will be icen in eastern meets in August and Is lo re-enter the University of Oregon this fall.,' plans for developing new ideas and obtaining.patents and protecting them. A string,. when twisted, will i shorten.' A rubber band, when I twisted, will lengthen. Glows for Hours After Current Is Off CHICAGO (UP)-Aladdin'-i magic with a lamp Is being „,,_ preached by modem Indusl.lnl cnglnecis, «lm Imve invented n light which continue* lo shlna nfter It hns been extiugulihcd Intrcduccd during a home fiii- nl.siilngs exposition it. Uic Mpr . cho.Hllse Mart, the light lias a rlu-mlcally ticatcd shade which continues to glow- f or loins after lh c clcctrlo bulb te turned nil. Women Felons Set Ktcorl BOISE. I,ln. tui>)-Mrs. Edna ' I; Eckcisley. former treasuicr of Uwls county, made the tenth woman prisoner In tlie I laho penitentiary, hinging 1U female inmates to the tamest number since Its founding 59 years nto. EX PECT-MO OTHER COMPETITOR COULD CRAIG'S DAIRY FOR HIOH QUALITY GRAOE A RAW MILK Quarl iQc I'int fie Kuttermilk, Q! 6c Tests prove, salisncd users attest, and rcsulls show that Craig's'Miik Is SUPERIOR in everyway. Announcement- We wish to announce thai we now nave available a now form of contract covering practically nil risks winch will give the assured wider coverage at an actual savings, tt'e will appreciate an opportunity to explain this coverage to yon, ami especially urge our present policyhoklers lo discuss this with us immediately, FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 12

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