The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1966
Page 12
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- «yHievfll» (Ark.) Courltr Ntwt» MMrtty. June» «• NBA BEAUT? PAGEANT - Plans are in the final stages for the Miss Northeast Arkansas Beauty Pageant at Osceola June 29-30, according to Mike Warhurst, chairman. Some of the entries include Laura Meadows, Patty Bowls, Anne Webster, all of Osceola and Mary Ann McRae of Wilson. The two-night show will feature the crowning of Junior Miss NBA and Miss NBA and special entertainment. (Courier News Photo) Today In Washington WASHINGTON (AP) - Military officials are considering whether it will be necessary to replace French units pulled from joint Europeans defenses, with more I). S. divisions. "Is it going to be necessary to put more U.S. divisions into Europe to hold any form of shield or tripwire?" Sen. Stuart Symington, D-Mo., asked Gen. Harold K. Johnson, Army chief of staff. "This question of course is under active consideration right now," Johnson replied. His answer was included in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Preparedness subcommittee released Sunday night. WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Russell B. Long says the decline in President Johnson's support in public opinion polls can be traced to a sharper cleavage between those wanting to win in Viet Nam and those wanting to get out. "President Johnson is getting j it both ways," the Louisiana Democrat said Sunday night. WASHINGTON (AP) - The chief lobbyist for the National Association for the Advance- ment of Colored People says the administration's 1966 civil rights bill will be passed in the Senate without resort to the debate-limiting cloture rule. Clarence Mitchell, director of the NAACP's Washington office, says the power of Southern opponents to filibuster has been weakened by problems of age and health. Thus, lie said Sunday, because the opponents will wear themselves out, there will be no need to cut off debate through the cloture rule. Meredith, Carmichael Are Evasive on Civil Rights By JAMES MARLOW ,was calling the conference at Associated Press News Analyst that time when his international WASHINGTON (AP) — Stoke-1 prestige was at a low ebb and ly Carmichael, one ot the Negro lie was going to use it to try to leaders of the march into Mis-lbuild up his prestige." sissippi, was hard to pin down on a number of points when questioned on television. And James H. Heredith, who began the march June 5, was shot, and now plans to resume the journey, was less than specific when asked if this time he would be armed, although 10 days ago he said he would be armed. At one point on the CBS radio- television program "Face the Nation," Carmichael, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, said government officials are saying all the time the only hope for Negroes is to go into the Army. Asked to name any government official who said it, he replied 'I can't think of it right now." * * * He questioned President Johnson's sincerity in Wanting Negroes to vote under the 1965 voting rights law. He said if Johnson "is sincere about it. why doesn't he dispatch federal registrars where they are needed?" The President has sent them The fact is Johnson first disclosed his intention of calling !he conference during a commencement address he made last June at Howard Unwersity. conference — 250 delegates into session last November where the plan was made to have a final conference this spring. Carmichael was asked why — after watching Negroes register present march — he later told a | most of the program was taken group of yuung people: "Every courthouse in Mississippi should be burned down tomorrow so we can get rid of the dirt." He said he was talking "literally" — not "figuratively" and then explained that when he said "burn down" he meant a analogy used in this country all He called the first part of the/over by many people." But "literally" means "actually" and "analogy" means 'similar to." He didn't explain what "literally" burning down the courthouses was similar to. In Mississippi Carmichael has called for 'black power" and NEWS BRIEFS CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. (AP) — The Navy will begin construction next year on the first of two new nuclear aircraft carriers. The Navy's only nuclear-powered carrier at present is the Enterprise. Vice Adm. Paul H. Ramsy said in an interview to many counties. that work will begin next year Carmichael took another | Qtl the second nuclear carrier, crack at the President by ex-, The fiiird will be started in 1971. plaining why he and his organi-" zation earlier this month refused to take part in Johnson's White House Conference on Civil Rights. He said "we felt the President ADDED STATUBE— Sculptor Beniamino (Benny) Bufano could have in mind adding * little stature to hie own fee-foot height ben. Actually, the bead is for the glut rtatne <rf St Sanaa fit'* working on as on* of Hi* pnponlf for a afarine to to eooetncted on once-dreaded Aicatraz Island in Sin Aiaclwo Bay now that the outmoded Wand prison IMS ban ^ ferine waM high. feet ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - When James Edward Westmoreland graduated from Georgia Tech last week, he missed a perfect scholastic average by .043 of a point. Westmoreland, of Griffin, Ga., 1 had the highest scholastic aver-| age at Georgia Tech in 10 years J at 3.957. The highest possible score at the school is 4.00. turn in ttie fall. The department has been trying to figure out some way of attracting Canadian geese for several years. Thousands pass through Maine each spring, but for some reason, the geese bypass the state during the fall migration. The 78 geese were captured and kept in the state in an attempt to change their homing habits. up with whether he meant force and violence. He wound up saying nonviolence and violence "irrelevant" and that CAPITAL FOOTNOTES By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS President Johnson was accompanied to Father's Day religious services Sunday by his younger daughter Luci. Mrs. Johnson was at the family ranch in Texas and older daughter Lynda was out of town. The Senate Internal Security subcommittee says "the Communist party USA, brand may be found upon every phase" of campus demonstrations against the war in South Viet Nam. Dr. John Edward Wickman, assistant professor of history at Purdue University, is the new director of the DwigM D. Eisenhower Library at Abilene, Kan. CAPITAL QUOTES By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS "One should choose his television programs like his reading material"-newly designated chairman Rosel H. Hyde of the Federal Communications Commission. "I think they are as good soldiers as we have ever turned out"-Gen. Paul L. Freeman, head of the Army's Continental Command, discussing today's U. S. fighting men. were "when violent then it becomes acceptable." Rivalry is a way of life ,* ., -j < u among the village headmen of I myself decide to bt> h East African Anuak tribe. ;, if that is my objective. The chiefs are so . insecure that they spend frequent nights But he explained he hasn't urged anyone to violence. Before starting his march into Mississippi earlier this month Meredith explained his reasons for it: "First we want to tear down the fear thai grips Negroes in Mississippi and we want to encourage the 450,OOI> Negroes remaining unregistered (as voters) in Mississippi." * * * But in New York on June 9. three days after being shot, Meredith said he would return to take up the march but thi? time would be armed. Askert Sunday on the NBC television program "Meet the. Press" if he would be armed, he avoided a specific answer. But the point is ironic: lie started the march unarmed to help Negroes overcome the fear prowling about to eavesdrop for plots against him. Gautama Buddha prophesied leave the tranquility of their monasteries 2,500 years after his death and carry his teachings to the world. That anniversary was observed in 1956. Tiny South American frogs that exude the world's deadliest venom are being studied at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., by scientists seeking new drugs for human ailments. of being hurt. By saying he would return armed, he was admitting Negroes had a right to be afraid in Mississippi, as he found out. ; COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — The need for assistance to industry by the federal government in stream pollution abatement is ' : ghly apparent, says Sen. Jennings Randolph, D- W.Va. Randolph, chairman of the Senate Public Works Committee, said at a seminar here that Congress cannot ignore the problem very long. He said it is becoming so urgent that in some instances industrial waste is given higher priority than municipal waste treatment in the clearing of streams. FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - A group of visitors touring the Navajo Army Ordnance Depot was escorted into an 80-foot igloo that holds some 500,000 pounds of explosives. As the group gazed at a stockpile of 3,000-pound bombs, a highway construction crew working five miles away set off a dynamite blast. The startled Army guests, somewhat shaken, recovered and continued on their tour. AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) The State Fish and Game Department hopes that 78 Canadian geese that took up residence in Maine last week will like it well enough to itay — and re- AT R. D. HUGHES CO. No-Collar Coolers Are All the Rage Cbol and collarless, free and easy. No other shirts loob so good and fed -J so great. In light and breezy cotton knit with built-in give and go. Easy to wash, never need an iron. What colors does he need ? We have them. 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