The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 7
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BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.). COURIER NEWS ITSIS IHf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale Cheap. One National Cnsh Regis. ' ter. One Burroughs Adding Mas' chine. One Cttry Safe. Call 735. Daily rate per line for cansecu-' 20-pk-27 one S'^Sine....: iac ?500.00 Slock in HoTiS '-•wo times per line per day....oSc - " onle V 0 ' 00 sold to thu "•""- times per line per day..!<Ko highest bidder,- Terms Cash, 'lies per line cer day....05a Hail vnnv hirls In n nv -wi fix ti'iics per line per day.... Cards , Hail your bids to Box r\t i i. . •>• . . ~... . USED CARS arid TRUCKS Special Prices! Terms! Minimum Ads ordered for three or six . Ark. this will bo Htiy Now While Tlicy Lust! JWluevllie, /11'K. THIS Will UO "JO TL T 1 open for 10 days. 18ck-25i J8 ^n«v« ludor ilmes and stopped before expira- Von will be charged for the num-iymc" ler of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill innde. All Classified Advertising' copy •ubraltted by persons residing oui- »Me of the city nrust be accompanied by cash'. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular uisert ions taws the one time rate, No resilonstuility will be taken for more than... one. Incorrect insertion of any clossliled ad. 8 foot meat case. A good buy at Only for Kent $50.00. Sec Mas. Parks, Bly'tho 2' 16-!>k-23 500 theater seafe! suitable tor churches. Complete shoe shop equipment, Complete meat market equipment. SUidcbnker ambulance combination. All real bargains. P. Simon, Pl'ione 704. 8 room residence 110 S. Franklin, Rent for $27.00 per monlli, $1000, . $2CO cash, balance $25 pev Also will sell G40 Lako Street; resl- idcnce and store combined 1 forsaiiie I price.-Dr. J, A, Snliba, O-ck-10-5 room modern furnished apart- Selected double red poppy seed for inenl. p'rlvntp h»n, ,>,,,i „„!,,„„, sale. 25 cents' per ounce, postpaid. September ai\d October is JJ1P1H. 107 W. and entrance. phone G95. 22-ck-U' a room furnished apartment, with bath, r 535 'No. 6th. Call 327 or I , the time 1 to plant. Major Little, 2-pk-10-3 Pi-ont i-o'om, two beds. Single bcrt- room, steam heat, phone 280 J _ 19-ci-lf Three room apartment, furnislied or iinfurnishecl. Private ballr. Phcne 280. 19-ck-tf 20-ck-2a! tiiiriibcr. $18.00 per thousand feet at mill. Adjoining clear Lake Nice front- room convenient to bath. Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut. lS-cic-25 Bedroom. Twin beds.. All 1 conveniences; Call 581. 18-ck-tr Nice comfortable front, bedroom. 10DO W. As)). Call 445?w: Igcktf Unfiirnished aparement in Shane Apartment Building on w. Main St. Call' 571 or 19'l. . 15-ck-tt 3 room fi-'rnislied apartment 209 W. .Kentucky.. Mrs-. Sisk. 13-ck-tf Bedroom in private home. Garage. Prhate bath Gas heat Man preferred Phone 410 S-ck-tf Spacious llymg-bedroom for two business women T»m beds Phone 239 12-ck-tf Comfortable'-, single- bedroom for employed woman Phone 230 1028 Main lt ck _ t r' 1, 2 or 3 furr»shecl rooms Qcrs thin" modern <U4 Hearn > -j^,. / ^ 3p-ck-9-3f Store bulldfig for rent, si (Tarn lieated Parkhurst Co . Farm. D. R. Garner, Armdrel. Weliling _^ o EXPERT ELECTRIJS AND ACETYLENF WELDISG ne and heavy ivi sp«cialty: » Barksdale Mfg. Co. Drag line and heavy welding specialty: Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Dairy Satisfactory quality ojirt. service In Dairy products, Cattle free c: Bang's Disease, in best of physical •onditlon. Call Mrs. Grace Lcwe.-v. 503 J, for Halsbll's Grade A Raw vnii., Cream, Country Butter.- Buttermilk, .extra or holiday . orders, nspeclion encouraged anytime. (Itilscics Uiiiry Premised Land, Houte 2 Wanted To Biiy Seveial bushels green. tomatoes; <- Must be?/reasonable. Call Mvs'. Samuel p Norrls,.,C4arJ^after 6:00 PM <~ ' -" ,-•.-•.?'• '.;. ; Radio Service 3 room unfurnished apiilmen' Modern .met in first class condi-, ^ , Sh"on C °pho e ne M 76" """ ^Tck-Hi ^AHAXFEED l^^~w^ Nicely furnished front room, steam heat garage. Phone 5oO 5cUD-5 Washing, Ironing Expert mushing and Ironing Chean Rough dry and finish. 6 quilt> Sl.OO. One day, service. Willie ilell Green, behind City Ice Plant. . - 9-ck-10-9 Alterations Fur alterations, Phone ~2T5 iTV Henrii. Mrs. Alton Jaggers. 7-ck-10.-1 ~™—«-i^^^^HMMOTHiMHmBHiVQ CLEARANCE SALE . We Must Have Koom I noes ant! Payments lo Suit Your- Budget. 1938 Chevrolet Town ' *rin Sedan. A Beauty $Jl\) 1938 Hudson TerraiiJatie Biougnim Radio & Heater. Driven only 15,- 1X0 miles. Perfect condition )933 Ford V-8 Deluxe Tudor. Runs like new ...• 1037 Ford V-8 60. New paint factory recondilioned $495 1935 Clicyroict Sedan. A nice family car 1938 G.M.C. i!j T. Truck 2-speed axle 1837 G.Mc. I'; T. Truck motor overhauled 1936 Int. Long w.B. Truck, Ready to go 1936 Forci !•; T. Truck B. Factory motor . $489 $369 $295 "xV. RADIO SERVICE Wolf Radio Service . . Hume 51 • 22-l>k-lp : 'J2 Trade in your olil suit on 11 new one. S23.50 up. . GEORGE L. iMUIR Ulythcville's Only Tailor nr!(i\r, .$495 '37 Plymouth 2-Door $395 '37 Ford Tudor '36 Chev, Coach Master Deluxe, Only ....$298 '35 Ford Tudor Onlv .$198 '34 Ford Tudor Deluxe, only $153 J36 Dodge Tour. Sed. •Only $299 TRUCKS '37 Ford Pick-Up Only , $329 '36 International Pick-Up MISS THEM Notice Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOR YOUR CONVENMENCE WK AltE PREPARED TO ISSUE YOUR HUNTING AND UIRD KOO LrCU'NSf? AT Q[JK STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Shoe Repairing • . • P QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half soling, crepo soles replaced on any 6 i W e. Shoes dyed rniy color: Pbl.'shcs, Inces supplies. l>)ioi)o 120, free pickup fl-ck-lO-O I\ Found Boy's bicycle. Owner nmy Imre sums by Identifying nml paying «st of ml. 810 Ash. llooni fuu] Board Aromn Slu/JBlsli I.| V ( T , w m |< , O IT Hie btlo to rlii yoursolf of cousll- putlon, R ns pnlns. und (lint sour, punk feeling. Tnfcu 0110 box of KlItBY'S AC'I'IVK LIVK.R. FH.I.S- 2oc at nll.KJrbj 1 Stores H1EM OLD AT «! QKT PRP~ /few OSTREX Tonio Tablets contain invljoralora, sllmul'fliite, 73 , i J ' cru '' ol(1 doctor snys "I (nko cisi- KOOIJJ niljulmijira myself." $1.00'sl/.c, spcdul 'to- Ciill. wrlto KH'by BvdS. ICE-ICE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAN ICK COM) Room und Hoard, .,„„,,, uulul ., a;lm , a , s ball). Phone 33-1, Mrs. 2. A. Me-lrtR V .89e Ciili'llon. • • • ' — •- - . Now Located at 1C1 Nortli Srcond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS) • I>ro|B-|«lor niiikrji nf Krtnlli, Typewriter., Artrtlii, M.icliln*, » D< | Calculators—Itvpalrlnx—I'arls—icibbuni Only '35 Chev. Pick-Up : ;$177 '35 Chev. Panel .....,.., .;.:.$197 '36 Chev. Sed.Del'y Only .......:.-............'$264 '37 Ghev. U Ton Only .:.: ....; $387 PHILLIPS CO, -? ' " 15 lo " s ot so'i«« bwm removed frouv tlid cue «m«ll .spot of fo t «m o Without S«rgcr>-' iintl Guaranteed H 1 ," ll ; lnnless mt(Ma - .' connncmeul to /™" >™rk nnd with very little discern-' """" nsU " aS ' Cl <" DKS. JN1ES & NIES B 1»H,.»I „,, Ark Used Truck SFECIAIS )'()» KAllt \ VKKK ,. Kiiailslrr. 700 itliliw. l.l- , Onod- as 20" necou- . dllloncd tliroiinlioiH, '•'i 1 ? fi.M.C. Truck & S|(r!n«flcld Triiilbr ';)7 With lloily, New Tires :KccpndltlonCTl AT. LOW YSIAC 'I'l LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. PHILLIPS MOTO CO. '5th & \Vulmil $395 $289' 1937 Dodge 1 ton Pick-up truck. .Only ............. 1930 Dodge Vi .T. Pick-lip Truck . .............. ... Many of our Trucks Have Bodies SO Others lo Choose From ', Tom Little I , Chevrolet Co. Easy; G. ,U A. C. Payment 1'lan Phone "••• I'honc Siu HAUMA^ WOLt= it ALMOST CL'AVJEO OKAV I'M THROUGH ' Corner 5lh & Walnui Phone S10-8U for Denioiistratlnn iSlythcville, Ark; AND THAT MINERVA/i V | H '' THEWB^lW/WH OAM6 SURE MUST/ GOT THI5 50 WELL\G.H.R GUARDED A MOUSE For Sale or Trade HORSE > RojeoV VA DOPE.'I REGENT ACTIVITY IN THE GREEK CAME... AXES RING IN THE FOREST AMD SENTRIES ARE 1938 model Chevrolet. 13,0(10 miles. Good tires. A-l shnpp. For older mode) car. Box "DH" c/o Courier '' 0 room, house. 3','j acres of land. 1 mile" from town. Will trade lor farm land. Call 608. l-ck-10-1 STAR ATHLETE Answer lo Previous Vuxzlc 10 He earned a huge of <SSV GOT \T AU. 21 Gun. 2S Mature. 20 Opjxisito of awcotlicr. 27 Vassal.' SSScparnlor. 37 Moisture. .33 Inlet. VKKTICAI 2 Cranopurentn! -10 All, 3 Sphere. distributive!!'. •1 Graflrri. •!2 Kntluisiosm. ,-,, . '13 Snapshot. •> Cowboys. „,, Vl , }iu ,,i jnillli 6 HuOber trees. 45 Foot! list. . ^ Cravat. 'IG Bucket. ''it. •!? Measure. 9 He is an 18 UniqtiQ expert • person. today. lOVViiif.'p.irt ot athlete. a sepd. 51 Correlative 11 In the middle; of ewe. i>f. 52 Unit. 12 Fish. 5IMorindindvc, WASH TOBHS BY ROY CHAIN u 71 .ti Inuigiiuny ileihg. HS Numeral. 59.J!o : was Aunous for making ^8 I^btlcs. 39 Sprf. •11 {''eilUiic ot sliccplikc CO He wits, the irio^t plnycr of Ills time. »»a/«c<sf»VK.'ftc. r;n itt I'KKCKI.KS ANT) HIS •PUIKNDS BY MERRILL BLOSSBtj LIMB up WITH - STRNG , - •- GET IN AT QUARTER' SETCOMD STRING ? HOW COME" COACH, AMI. IM. THs DOO vsfc yAve A TRANSFER FROM UP NORTH .' HE LOOKS UKE A SENSATION! But HE DOESN'T LIKE THAT ? t. ID PLAY SECOND RDCLE To SOM.eOMe WHO WASMT EVEN PROVEN: HIMSELF ~K> PLAY, A. i WAKn" To HNCOU! MlW/ HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured former ball Player. 9 Ypimg street Arab. 13 fiont o£ an ; <irmy. 1 1 Medley. lo fetid. IT.Skin. !3 Freighted. iODecUircs. 22' Sprite. 23 Measure. 4'J.Di-ws _____ ......... protector. 2't To oblitcrnic. 53 Alley. Abbey, heads, f.5 To merit. >6 Hoisting machine; 32 Rc turbid. T<3 devolving

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