The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .,vv;^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL XXVII—NO. 28G Dlythevlllo Courier, Biythevllle Herald, ISlythevllle Dally N Mississippi Valley loader. l.U-:, ARKANSAS,-TUKSDAY, KlOBUUAltY 17, I9H1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS LTHRE SEMITE REFUSES OF Wife Finds Dean iifP O * " . 119 loo spiritual E Newest Attack on State Roa<] Derailment Fails; Audit Bill to Governor. LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 17 (UP)— The special house committee wh eh conducted an investigation recent-! lv of payment of read Imnrovenir-nt district b"nds by the state highway department was Riven a "cl»an bill of health" today wl-en the lower chamber of the general assem- My voted to reject a resolution de-' Kisiyd to subject mrmlwn of the committee to nncstrnlnij resard-: Inr its reuort. The resolution was' defeated by the vote of 51 to 25. : Th: committee, composed of Representative Kitchens. Columbia rountv. Smith. Pulaski county, and, Wlicatley. Craighead countv, submitted Us report some lime ago !Y?ltiri7 out It failed to reveal any . Irregularities relative to payment! of the bonds in question and making certain r?c"mmendaticms rela-; live to comp'etltm o; tbe state highway system. i Johnston Flaw Matthews I Shortly aflsr the house convened 1 Representative Johnston, Johnson' county, a hitler opponent of the; lilehway department, offered a resolution asking that the special in-1 vestlgatlng committee provide the' ch'.^f clerk of the house with all testimony and exhibits presented. RL RULE IN HE'LL OBIT Three Burn to Death New York Tenement rJiPE mm I King, Facing Crisis, Promises "All Sacrifices {or Spain's Welfare." MADRID. Fcl). 11 (UI>)— Constitutional guarantees were suspended tcday by the acting government. I Newspaper censorship previously I had been restored by the resigned ! cabinet of General Damaso Ber- cngurr, acting until tiie present I goreriimcut crisis Is solved, j The government also took wide- j spread precautions against revolutionary movements, rumors of uprisings having bern circulated ! thrc.ui;h the capital. Troops were j held in their barracks all ciay mid I civic guard units heavily armed 1 vr-r; concentrated in suburban and | clher strategic points. NEW YOHK, -Fell. 17 (UP) — Three were burned to death, eight injured and 10 i^scned today wheii fire, believed tc have been of in-j cendim-y oilgln. swept, through a six story teiutrient onildlnx today. | Th: Injured all of ivlicm wero: cviicumc by smoke, were IrtiUedl by r.mbulance singcoiis. The Ihel Queen of -Mavdi Gras uy r.mwiiance singeoiis. -inc nrei , '»« i r apparently started In a baby car-'Announcement Made 01- Memphis Company's j i Flan to Cross Mississippi rlagc In s. luv.-cr hallway. Decision on Farm Aid Law Expected March 16 i 1£o(lc l LITTLE ROCK.— It will bo tat natural gas may come to niythevllle liefore many month* the i.jis ix, cll revived by the announce mlddlo of March or later before mcnt at M cm ,,i lls yes terdny Hint the $1,500,109 recently voted by the H o 3coU> , )resWeilt o( t|,;, M( ,|,i. Mate legislature to assist In the phls ., m i, lra i g[ls company. Had ap- ' establishment of agricultural fln- provnl nn cxpal , sion |)rol! r,, m that aim- corporulioHs can become im ,| udes - MADRID, Feb. 17 (UP! — A Statement attributed to King Al- fcuso, XIII. today by General For- uplls. acting under secretary ofj v.-p.r. was interpreted by seme as indicating the king is willing to abdicat: it his abdication would be fcr the (joocl o'. Spain. Gcneial Fornells said the king, after '.isHtng General Berenguer »ester:!ay. spok; to the chiefs of bureau? of the ministry and army and told them he was willing to n , lllle nor .- n (ro , n n receiv(xl by oraccl . s oullc Ar [kansas-Mlssourl Power company [ l^ere this morning, and 110 staie- jmcnt concerning the company's I plans for gas service was therefore • possible, assurances were given some (line ago that it natural gas . was made available In this territory the Ark-Mo • company would iseelc a franchise to serve Tllylhe- ; vllle. lion tO Make Depart- lMom > >hl5 Neu • . . K i plans to spend -!,?l:r Spain's ll sacrifices welfare." necessary for Will Recommend ural Gas company . . i plans to spend approximately S2,- mcilt beif OUStaming. iSW.OOO In development, ot the west ___ I Tennessee and northeast Arkansas WASHINGTON, Feb. - 17 (UP)— ! territory. Of this about $300,000 President Hoover will shortly send, would go for a line across the .\Tis during its hearlnz for tin- tnstvc- j chirr,,,, ,h-it i,» r >,i, c h^,,,i h n ,i ilams wel[nre - , ,, In-! Increased po: tion -f house members and further! ^ t ^I s^cl -T h "h "irittn' Gcne . :al V, orho115 qvlo ! cd lhe * '"I «m»lly announc- that it provide answers to 11 ones-; *?°^ a r nr *,",,f'!,,>, p ! 3 ; ! as saylns he Droved everything Housc ,„„ .!„„, ... „„> ;„ »>.. j . i standard for his life to the extent -ionp in that, direction. " ,, .<,„ ,„„„ (o congress recommend- iaIss'PP 1 river to. serve communities | ncrci > 5 f:<i ,, os i a i ra t E5] he per- on the Arkansas side. tions set out in the document. • ^ > \, * j • ,,,1. More than half of the questions i Tth » b ^ '' ad "eglectea her. Mr£ set out in the resolution involved'. ^ lle ' 1 . M ' Noe - ™<<; ° r P™" Israel alleged activities of Justin Mat-! Hardmg Noe of St. Marys Episco- thews. and members of the high-' P?> church Memphis, Tenn. .has V-ay commission who, Johnston! flM slllt for divorce. The dean. ' charged, benefited from the sale! rertor of the richest and most tin- of th- b^nd^ through ownership of" Portant Episcopal church in_ Mem-, a Isr^e-poiftun of the" propertyjPhls, the-resident"pulpit of Bishop ' comprising district 27, located In Pa- 1 Thomas F. Guitar, is s-own hero laskl county. with - Mrs. Noe. Speaker Irving Neale relinquished his gavel and took his seal on the hour*? fl'Mjr during the debate and vigorously defended the workj of the investigating body. He also took exception to remarks cast at John S Tarks. member of the highway commission, by Johnston! during his talk in favor of adop-i tion of the resolution. Neale represents Sebastian county where Parks also 'l-ides. Audit Bill Adopted The senate pasted house bill I number 56. providing for an audit of all county and township offices. The vote was 28 to'4, the bill carrying the emergency clause. An as done in that direction. General Fornclls' denial of a re- :ed at thc While At said The matter of a gas franchise 1ms (been before the Blytheville city the same time Mr. -Hoover j council of! and on for about three he had signed the Kendall j years. Two franchises were grant I»H hi ported revolutionary movement in[ b jn pn) v!ding for a 44 hour weet'ed, but became void because of fall- the army was General Emilio ; ure o[ the contracting companies • - - - ..... .substantiated 'Barrera, chief for postal employes. p oln( "i, lg t o prospects that the to provide service within the speci- >ified time.. Recently the council re- itary instruction, defllcU of , hc post onlce dt , pan .; ic United Pr!s=.; ment thls nscal year wlu ^ d05B i . fused to grant a franchise for ar- the section of mint Interviewed by the .u "The fact that you find me In j roVVicKcM.OOq"" the president . said'tlficlal gas, and in.the absence of nfy office 'defeats the fantastic| u W!!s absolutely' necessary that-any Imme'diate. offer to furnish n»t^ rumors Unking me with allesK-. congress pass some kind of legls- ural gas tlie mater was permitted plotting," he said. "My only do-1 , =Ucn to brin? , he pDstal ^^^ to drop. If the Memphis company sire is that Spain may have thej satisfaction of peace and work." nearer a balance. King Alfonso arrived at tlie mln- try of tlie army to confer w'" General Berenguer at 11 A. M. t..e min- aj-n '\J' '. f D'l istry of tlie army to confer with Villi Vlolt Lamp FIKe Jail Matron Pictures Prison as Health Resort 0 -C. Ganske Will Manage! CHICAGO. Popular Price Hosiery Shop. - The cook n i D • PL ~J ccun '5° J ail today was pictured ropUlar rriCC Ohoe and a health resort for most of the 20,• OQO women who have enteerd Its ! doors in the past 20 years by Mrs. ' Mary Kennedy, 55, chief matron A new firm, thc Central Shoe; during the period. attempt was made to exempt Jef-J store, is to open for business Sat-J Regular sleeping and eating hab- fersin and Mississippi counties by.urday In the building formerly oc- ] (s as wc]1 as exper t medical trial- amending, but it failed. I cupied by the Bootery. Floyd A. mmi nave ena t,i e ^ many women t? The measure was passed by the [White and Jeff Roland are owners i lcave ^ institution in perfect phy- house February 9 and now goes Governor Parnell for approval. to lot the business which is to have jfor its manager O. C. Ganske. Miss ' Geraldine Richardson bo in sical condition, Mrs. Kennedy said. Reviewing the two decades of her supervision. Mrs. Kennedy said I anrl N Flagman Falls charBe of the Il03lcr y department. | £h(; "believed 'that" li. ana n, rwgliirtii i ana Tn , j,, . . .. women sen- have shoes and ! t cncc d to Jail terms in recent, years ; actually cresses the river with a -. natural gas line it is anticipated |the Arkansas-Missouri Power com- : pany, which Is understood to havE OH C. M. T. C. Inquiry a -working agreement with the . , Memphis concern for distribution of Its gas in this territory, will seek at Blythevllle and near- Thc highest honor been won by Miss Gladys Gelpl, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Vivia Oelpl of New Orleans, who has been chosen queen of the New leans Moid I Gras carnival. Socially oovcr Veto Predicted De- spile Overwhelming House Endorsement. WASHINGTON, Feb.. 17 UJP>— ebiite on veteran's compeim- on legislation reached the senato ulny wllh explosive force, dis- ipling the legislative program of epubllcan leaders and threaten- B for a lime to bring an Immedl- . c vote on Iho Issue. Scnntor Heed, Republican, Pen- yslvanla, said on thc floor he itendcd proijcslng on amendment, nd It became known there would considerable support fcr -an mendment to reduce the Interest ato below 4',G per cent fixed by no house. . A demand on the Red Cross for pprcprlatlon of 315,000,000 from is funds for furlht-r drouth relief ,as made In (he .sci;ile today hi lie form, of a resolution offered y Senator Bratton, Democrat, New lexlco. Veto Predicted Despite administration opposition, he House yesterday passed the •ctcranr,' loan bill by the ovcr- vhclmlng vote of 3C3 to 39. 11 provides for an Increase from 22 V- to 50 pw cent In thc loan value of thd. adjusted compensation certificates which were approved by Uie House, 355 to 54, In 1024. The measure was s.ent to the Senate within r.' hour after Speaker LongwortU opciwd the way for consideration. It carried with . it move than enough votes to override a presidential veto. • Similar- decisive action is expected In : - the Senate. • • Despite the overwhelming Houss . soi)th, .Miss Gelpi Is c'wisldefcd A.,typical £Outhcrn..rK:auY.j,. igill*?. .V?. 1 *-..^..«"-Predicted ih.^admhiis- j Jast year's queen, she I" a brunct. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (UP>Major General Johnson Hagocd, commader of the Seventh Corps/ Area, Is scheduled to arrive here : communities. today t»j investigate conditions at' Driver Pl'ODeriv Camp Pike relative to the estab-i . " r '°P«ty ' : involved in .Contest lishment of a citizen's military 1 tiainlng camp there next summer- Colonel Barnard lentz, Fort Snelling, will accompany General New Orleans Celebrates Annual Fete With Parades and Queen's Coronation Suit has been flled In chancery Lentz has been selected as comma ndar of the new training camp. K-ing to the Inadequacy of Driver to Abner Driver Involving the estates of S. L. and J .D. Drlv- Wvnns Antn ArrirJpnf \\ ynne Auto Accident Costs Lives of TWO 1 The £llcp wi " From Train and Is Killed hose for men. women and children ' i, avc no t been as "tough" as during «' popular low prtes. while the•the early days of her matronship. MEMPHIS Feb. 17 (UP)—Death | higher grades in tlie same lines will | Most women held in the jail rrde the "Dawn Express" today and". be carried al the Bootery. ! awaiting trial on murder charge: ended 27 years ef service of F. L.I The building is being remodeled : have eventually been freed, Mrs. MeKelvy. 63, veteran flagman of. with the interior redecorated in; Kennedy said. thc Louisville and N'ashvil!^ rail- ; green with display shelves and cas- ; road who slipped from a rear plat- es in addition to the regular stock- j R Qar J fQ D g F s f a }- ( lic]]a(l [seriously injured today following an form of the train three miles north shelves. , BOarfl K> B6 ..StauUSnefl automo b ile Jaco!dent * ear nereg , ate : I>r!vcr, of Paris, Tenn, and was killed. , Ihe owners have h::r- in the -,bx ] { or Court Sentencing vesterday The ve!.?ran's body was found on.b-jsiness here for several years, hav- j ° " — the tracks by a crew sent bach:| ng established, the Bootery, and n __ nT _ ... P ,., M1 .,, e , after attendants en the train mss-^tr. Ganske. is well known through- I Df71K O" T - (UP)— Establishment ed him after ' lor Memphis- The veteran last seen setting rear platform. the train left Paris; Olll this vicinity. He was connected:?! a ••sentencing board" to relieve iwith the Eertlg firm for a number i }!«" ne rCou " y J ! ldBCS of responsl- railroad man wasi or venrs ln Pa ra ? culd and Blythc-' blll(y . of Se(n ' e " cl "!, co " v '? e . rt mcn \-fVi lltz ll> tilt i*»ouc4ua*-j u* . t_ti_ i.i !_. equipment and personnel Arkansas' "• ' n whteh properties in Chicka- flill quota cannot be cared for at ^w"* district are contained. Caiiip Pike next summer, the Gen-! Approximately 380 acres of land eral said in a telegram to local of- ™tl considerable Blytheville city fleers, hue he assured them the property is listed In the suit, styled nuola would not be reduced. 3 - S. Driver, et al vs. Jessie F. .Driver, et al. Eighteen members of the Driver families arc plaintiffs in the action and seven are defendants. The plaintiffs In the action are: J. S. WYNNE Ark Feb t!7 (OP)— Driver . Lillian D. Rokland, E. S. Two menVere dead and another Driver, lone Driver Winton, Elsie Driver Polk, E. G. Driver. M. E. Ida May Quinn, Virginia Driver Potter. Ruth Driver Florida, H. L. Driver, Abner Driver, NEW /ORLEANS, Feb. 17 (UP)—-parade through the city, their route II was estimated 250,000 persons being lighted by hundreds of nc- wllnessed the parade oi Rex and groes dressed In white and carry- other carnival features on St.. ing white torches. Charles and Canal street here to- j An hour before midnight thc day. King of Rex with his queen, will More than a score of persons leave the Rex ball for that of Hi: were taken to hospitals for medical King and Queen of Coin'.is, where treatment after sullerir.g minor in- they will be presented at court, jurlrs In. thc crowded business dls- j only a select few will se; the ccr- trlct. Several persona were Given;onatlon, for the society list of • >emergency treatment after faint-1 city is rigidly checked for Inviia- ing or becoming exhausted. Police; u ons - Io tne Ball of thc Krewc were kept busy locating missing | Comus. children for a time. It was an ideal Mardl Gras day, j other merrymakers will "not lack Other Merrymaking with thc sun shining brishtly ar.d f un tonight, as night clubs, gam- the temperature 74 degrees at noon. |blmg casinos, speakeasies, and oth- ' BY BARRY J. HOLLOWAY Unilwl Press Staff Comsiionclenl NEW ORLEANS, Feb. n. lUPJ places of' entertainment, with ; hundreds of private parties, wilt 1 furnish amusement. Today climaxed more than 12 ver would back up Secretary .Mel- Ion's opposition with a veto'..House advocatc-3, however, were confident that such a veto could be overridden. Provisions of thc Measure. The measure is nn amendment to the loan provision of the adjusted compensation act, It reduces the rate of Interest to 4It per cent compounded annually and allows a veteran with a $1,000 certificate to borrow $500. Those having loans would be entitled to renew them at the lower ratft of interest, averaging nboul two per cent, and obtain an increase of 21Vi per cent. Sues for Divorce After Kissing Mother-in-Law CHICAGO, Feb. 17. (UP)-Kissing his molher-lnlaw at his wife's order caused Claude Erickson, chemist, "great mental anguish and brought on a nervous breakdown" he charged tcday In a cross-bill for divorce from Ills wife, Lillian Er- signal on the i vi]le an(t ot bte ]ias hecri with tn . New Dixie Store compiny. Spinnuig Wheels Used to Char]es Farrel[ and Aid Chicago Cnpples, Virginia Valli ! CHICAGO. (UP)—Colonial spin-j nlng wheels have dusty attic corners method of rehabilits persons developed here. The spinning wheels are part of the occupational therapy program I? 110 WR P 1CS Instituted by the Northwestern; llo "= ym ?9 n ' . . University medical school for treat-' Thc nim s(llrs secret 1™™^* ment of adults and children young to go to school. was advocated by Circuit Judge Alfred J. Murphy in a recent address here. Judge Murphy suggests that the >mpnscCi of n jud^c, a and a member of the probation department. "You can't know." he said, "the j The dead are Lloyd WhltesMc, 30. and Hugh Sadler, 30. Tne injured CooP« r M ™r, William Walter man is Mack Whlteside. who to!d ? rlv "> Jam « D - Urlvcr ' ch «'« officers the car plunged off the B ' Drlver ' Jettle Drlv « and Mar ~ highway and turned over as they f"" 6 , Drivcr , Shippen. The defendants: Jessie F. Driver, Edward —Thousands of masked men. worn- j weeks of celcbratloir. marked by en and children paraded the street? ; expensive balls given by n score or of New Orleans today in a last Ilin'i more carnival organizations, for the of gaiety before the Lenten season debutantes o! thc city. —the annual celebration of Ainerl- : The celebration b:3an Twelfth ca's oldest carnival— Iifardi Gras. Night, with the Revelers Ball. Tv.-a All New Orleans seemed to for- and three halls a we:k followed. get business and the city seeded until the last, week, when Momus. to be the one "care forgot." . .Protcons, ana other organizations were attempting to round a curve. '.£ naa "' s: Jl Thfl men ri>s!rtf-rt ftt -Rrlntlfv. *•'¥ Driver, The men resided at Brlnkley. south of here. Llndsey Bonnie Driver, Jean Driver. Donna Rae Driver. William Walter Driver •and Jessie Driver, guardian. II, Richard Cannon Freed : J - T. coston is counsel tor the on Bond Pending Appeal ? The high light of the day's acti- furnished parades and parties vltles was shortly before noon when ; which entirely filled (he crowded Rex— glorious Kin; of Carnival and social calendar. Its unrestrained merry-making, rode his royal c'r.ariot down palm-lined at. Charles avenue to Canal street, the main business thoroughfare. Qnecn of Carnival From a balcony on Canal street, at one of the town's exclusive clubs, sat the Queen of Carnival, who tonight will be given thc royal jewels of New Orleans ar.d reign over the 1; N. G. L. liner Augustus for Genoa I ~ ~ tv . »h'Di on B tnree months ftobfrt arm Episcopal South, was at liberty under a $1.000 Funeral services were held this end when the clock in old St. Charles Cathedral tolls midnight ickson, 21. Mrs. Erickson sued for divorce last October, charging desertion. South Carolina Will '.'_ Send Food to Arkansas CHESTER, S. C,, Feb. 17. (UP)—A carload of non-perishable food will be sent to the most needy drouth stricken county of Arkansas at ths end o! the month by the Chester county Red Cross. . Wolheim's Efforts to Reduce Cost Operatien LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17. (UP)Louls Wolhelm, screen actor," was 1 recovering today from a serious ab- bend today pending appeal of his afternoon for W. M. Sturgan, 64. an ^ ths ^ginning cf Lent i>n J-.. /-ii ...... , ..t.i-tt . uv"* & **.i, w».j \3ftt-- Origan r Vio«- rVicnrVf Ja " arl >' II JM • J ' y a senence Marian LtOVd mamedi cf the state labor laws. sentence to violation who" "succumbed Sundaf'lo "injuries' L N6B ; Orl <*<" has cbs - r ^ " wdl I received when he fell from a mov-! G ^ for m _°, r . e th . Dn . a ." n ' u . r f' ^ I Aoproval i Senator Nelson's Yosierday. ,!, The actor's appendbt ar.d another Rjll! obstruction was removed from bis , stomach. Thirsting to reduce for a | rtlm part WES bellavcd responsible fcr Wolrielm's weakened cor.ditio:^ ' lords recer.tly found reveal that LITTLE ROOK. Feb. 11.—Sena- has known ruch a c^le- i ' rr R - A - Nelson's bill'to Mparate and thc office of sheriff and collector GARNET FOUND IN DUCK OWOSSO, Mich., (UP)—A gar- the crop of a W. S. Evcleth Wlbd here recently, been mounted In a Cannon was convicted last week nEVERI.EY HILLS, Cal. Feb eports OMaboma and the negro Mardi Oras celebntors amend act 359 of 1925 to extend to HARTFORD. Conn. (UP)—Bench warmers In Hartford parks are' Setting bolder and more Impolite, ': only to find that "Dickie" was a Tivo PIKE '.vnr.H 35 POUNDS i canary. "Dickie" had suffocated. J1JRMTNGHAM, Ell?.. Feb. (UP) I —DOEplte fog and frcs'. ancllng • in M'dlnnd waters have' SAND REPLACES APPLES i vielded considerable sport since HARTFORD, Conn., (UP) — In A servant house on an alley cff - D!rcctl 5" behind his throne a fl*v« vears thc time allowed for the alee street was slightly damaeed ! P' c3snn ^ f»c*d nezro mammy to=s- j redemption of lands sold for taxes WASHINGTON. Feb. 17 (UP) — to police reports. Nuiner- Lieutenant Cornel Campbell B. . - . "i-'s c'mpialnls were if.3c.'i3 that nen : HccUps. President Hcovor's inilltarj- the first of the year. An amjler has addition to apples, unemployed ol 'c-Iused to allow girls to sit on aide who Is making a survey ot'cnptured a nracs cf pike woleh'ne this city have taken on a new llrj? - — slightly damaged , , by fire of an unknown origin lite - ed frled fis "' a r °5' al "erday afternoon. The house K ! Baiting crowds, property of J. H. Fisher. | Maskers Danced confusion resulting from. . A " afternoon cy, ti thc if road, drainage, levee Improvement districts. of mask- TORONTO, Ont.. ARKANSAS — Fair and somewhat colder tonight. Wednesday I'air. cr other! Acccr( n n!! to tho oftlcial weather (Observer, Charles Phillips, the tnln- ' j Im^m temperature here yfstcrday (UP)— Tr.ts ij! was 45 degree? and the maxlmhm, ics, Rev. E. • 51 degrees with .31 inches of rain. inches "to put oiv their skates. An scu'hv^tcriT drouth 'areas^'report-' Jj'nauiids" and 12 pounds- ReparU t:r the winter months-sand- the flre, two alarms were turned In ! ^ People danced and frolicked in. n;) tinc to ^ Ua ; a i Br!tai „„,. „. oiTlcrr asked a vagrant to surren-i -d to Sccrctnrv cf War Hnr'ay to-, from other sections show that the: Houfeholders may place orders for to thc fire department resulting In , ^\ s ^!f:/!!lF5Jl cs .J!. Sr f... i l.^" I l? 05 ? 1 ^ f 1 ""*" f old .members »' On thc same da >. a >ear a ?? '.r dcr hl« place to a girl uid lh« ; cliy that sufferers in Oklah-ma! tir.ier ThF.m»3 I? 5M11 ;'ioafer" struck the patrolman en' and Texas are being given "ado-1 side, but there arc plenty cf good: ed through chin I quate relief." 1 bank swims available. 3w tnai me• nouFenoiuerB may r>:acc orce.s iui ^« "«". "*« Mt^aiviuciiw IL-OULMJI^ m , ^ V.H.J.HL.T iiu.ii^, u,u IL^JILU..,^ w , — - - - on the fast.: sandm* ,, f sidewalk by unjmploy.a run also being made to the home!" 1 to those wearing the outs^nd-1 lllc honrd of carlton Street Unit- minimum temperature was *3 d.- ity cf gcxxii ed through th? Chamber of Com-;of J. H. Fisher at Walnut and|'"B costumes. ; C rl Church when they voted to grecs and ^the maximum, 31 de- |Se,venth streets. " ] Tonight the Kroive of Comus will' raise his pay recently. grees; cloudy.

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