The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 17, .1984 COURIER TH8KJI Jeff Bratton of Paragould Seeks Place On Bench College Closed by Stump May Be Reopened Tl;e I Two district contests will con- J T w; it r\ r 'front Democratic voters of Missls- . J. Walker UellVerS slppl county w!:cii they RO to the polls In the primary next August. Ik-sides Hie coiigrc&lonul contest, in which Itepresentntive W. J. Driver cf Osccoln Is opposed by E. K. Alexander of Blyilievlllr. Clinton Caldwell of Manila, mid W. L. Ward of Mnrlnnna. there Is a conii'st for eiivnli judge In the second Judiciai at Inn Church LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)—A movement to re-open Cotner College, activities of which were suspended about a yetir ago due to the t-slPeneles of a depression-beset budget, has been launched uy alumni and former officials of the i-chool. Dutance and Prize to Be Cut in Canadian Swim Rev. J. J. Walker. In his ut the evangelistic meet- Juries bo'.h seekino Ins U the 1' Christian church, liiH evening, said in part: "Tlie riyht tu choose is the in- lurc-nl ii.-;u of man. No oilier or- di-!~ o; life has 'other the capacity ur '.he ixm-r. This is one of the m-.ijui- differences between man and lower animals. Whether or not ue real!/' 1 it we choose daily the tilings ilial develop life's attitudes and determine Its destiny." U^Tii'dini! the choice before the church today he said: "The Church is no\v confronted with Lh'j tuf:): of making choice between doclrinl/ation and snirit- unliftilion. The chinch that clioos- (•i to enforce doctrines \\ill die. Ix-cair.-c doctrines r.c-ver possess Mustiiininsj (|u:ilUy. The church that chides .spiritual dymunic to .spirituality is an ever grow- ^ ] ' ls ^o more years to serve. "Government.*, too, are going to Will Play at Memphis ""•' — ' r TORONTO, Out, )UP)-The dls- tance of the Canadian National Exhibition women's swim this year v.'ill be shortened, and lit* first- place money will be reduced considerably, it Is announced. Although no definite decision been reaVlH'd. It Is understood tlu> distance Ls likely to ue halved, und tlie winner will receive $2.000 In- Fiavimmil Aylcswortli. former stead of $3.COt). The women's ruei- student and faculty member at the juobably will be held either tin- college ami son of the late William ilny before, or the day utter the ! I'nnce Avleswoilh. for 25 years men's swim. Coiner president, hns been named , The distance of Ihe men's nice head of a ^rouo which will nl- and the iirl/c \\-|ll be uncluiuycd. - 1 , was .suspended by election, will" be opposed by Jell, dmslo ». of lts triuiccs afler being Hratlon of paragouM. The 'nomi- : "I"'™'* 1 ') continuously since its nations will go to the two highest.| '"" Prosecuting Attorney Denver L.' foundation by i nomination in Dud ley of Jonesboro "is unopposed'" 10 Ni-brasfti f~r reiiomlnatlon In the second judicial district. In the twelfth chancery district Chancellor J. F. Gautney of Jonesboro Is unopposed for rcuomina- tion. There the Christian de- 18X8. Founded us Christian Unlvcr- atldillon by graduating a class of revcn men. six of whom later become college presidenls ami the seventh u - ho became head of u school of commerce here. I no state senator to be named this year in the Mississippi- L r ._._ n U r I'ninsett-Jackson county senatorial Ran S8S K3Ce Meeting Vitality And Other SlitnHnnl liriintls of SHOES 19 ; KANSAS CITV. Mo. (UP)—The I spring race meeting at Ilivcrslde With CaruthersvilU Band Palkl ncross th " rim ' '" plnttc ITIin V-aruuiersVliie Dana county, will open May ID. Already nearly 200 horses are In the barns I.eRov Brown, son of Mr. and and the dockers arc busy trying Mrs. Harry Atkins, will go to to get a line on their ability and Memphis tomorrow where he is to form. play with the Caruthersville. Mo., There will be 25 days of racing band during the cotton carnival, al this plant, the' only one in He will return home Sunday. Missouri. Young Brown was invited to | nl I'lay the trombone with the Mis-1 Bilious Attacks Breaks Leg at riayj^'irl group which has 40 mem- Mrs. S. G. liamey of Henryetta Ibers. have to make choice between the political sjK'll binder, ihe racketeer, , nlia r e sole motive is to lielicr his own condition in a world lhal .THUS yood euouyli and the type oi iwlitica! leadership that is genuinely interested in the betterment of government." Promised Land Boy William Lawrence, 12-year-old Eon cf Mr. and Mrs. Noah La\v- renre, sustained a broken leg during a scr.ool boys bill game at the Promised Uind school early this morning. Only Col a Tie; Game LOS AN'GELES, Cal. (UP)—Eric Mnncur, Hollywood high school pitcher, hurled a no-hit, no-run game against Bcvcrley Hills High T.-.C vonth leaped into the air to' recently but only got n tie for his efforts. Bill Sleek, of Ucverlcy, heir! Hollywood lo three hits to earn a scoreless tie in a 10-iiinlng game terminated by darkness. catch a touted ball and slid 0:1 the grass, doubling his right leg under l::m. Examination disclosed a fracture of the !t.-g above the knee. The schoolboy was carried to t're niytlicville hospilal this morning. Head Courcr N'ews Wain Arts j To an eavesdropper, a oceanic telephone message like a strange language. trans- sounds Okla.. writes lhat she has laken Thedford's Black-Draught about twenty-five years, when needed, and has "found it very good." "When I have a sour stomach and my mouth tnsles bitter, and 1 feel bilious, sluggish and lired. I will very soon have a severe hcadacha if I don'i take something. I have learned to keep off these spells b> taking Thedford's Blnck-Drau»ht Very soon I am feeling fine. 1 fee: that Black-Draught can't te beate,- as a family medicine."... .Gel a package of Black-Draught today. I —Adv. 2BP2 Our low and aunt.' wliitu shoe stock is l)riin Cull of new slioiis we arc asking you tf in and select youre while the si/es and widths ire complete. AAA to H n tics ami pumps, )iit,'li and low heels. And, too, our prices ar ;o reasonable! $450 ,„ $g New Economy Shop Ingrain llldjr. I'hone O.M-W LUCKIES DO NOT DRY OUT Luck i««Tem»de of only the cleinccn- round, firm, fully parked —no loose tcr leaves—the mildest, best-tasting ends. That's why I.uckies "keep incon- tobiccos. And then, "It's toasted" for dition" —do not dry out. Luckics are " It's toasted" throlt P rotcction - E ver y lucky Strike is always in all-ways kind to your throat. uckiet an all-ways kind to your throat lt*¥ 1S& Tldfo Only the Center Leaves -these are the Mildest Leaves COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday llOIIlL' (l! OWM (juar! • UOU Si/.c Do/en 25 c ' TOONS LARD lU-sl Conipciund 'ninul 7i9 2c SUGAR I'uro 111 1'mnnN 47c Sunny Hiuiik nr Canovn Jli I'nuuil NECK liCNKS MILK Slriflly A """"""' lm 6c 5c 3c TIRNIl 1 GRIiENS '"""f,',;:,!"" 4c I'ininil Our .Mothers 2-U>. Carton 19c MALTHI) MILK. 1<(! " od) ;l l V n r 19c HENS JELLO l)re un., 18ic Ah 5c Maxwell llotiso or Chasi! ^ OO/* Siinhorn. • l'<'ind ^B«/ \r Home (irown Hunch 3c I'ulTi'd Rice, Package ------- Me I I'nlfeil Wl'cal, I'iickanc - Klc GRAPE NIJT FLAKET^r _17c PORK STEAKS lto " 'Z* 15c SKINNERS AI;iciir .tt 1 " 7c E APPLES Ark. liliu-ks i'litltld 7c Me CAT^_ (: "t"o, f,,,,,, 14c PICNIC HAMS Sm y.!.ir...S r 14c TOILET TISSUE "~ w ...... £, MID .Mary IS .lare l.'s $1-70 12 Lhs. - - -Ilk' •>\ I, 1 s. - - S5c CABBAGE New (Jrccn I'linnd 2c mm 25 .<!t ^ 21 c li tw 25c I'nre I'oi'k 4 f\f*. i'diind Alrtr I'inlo, I'liinxl tic tin-ill Northern, U- r>.|,l). Sarlf 2!)U). Su-k Tennessi'i- Made t,;t i;n S9c Slitr.dard. No. '1 ("an <^^* — :: i .- fc i.r fT PEACH1S 14c BULK SALAD OIL XL BELL PEPPERS Mtlur( S. Kiml". I'etit I'ois .No. 2 Can ^ "" a 'S:,, T11WV VUI1IT fWl/TAII NO. i cun - ir.e UDDI rKUll llliMAILN,,. w, o..,^ Unity's, No. 2 1 /, Can - Itosviliilt*, Argd, Mo. 2'/ 2 Kui'kv I'nnl Kildl l!>e 17c 10c l.ihhy's. No. 2',j (.'nn lilc .Miss Cnlirnrnia, No. 2 1 /; (,'an ISc SALT MACKEREL Si/.e 15c PEACHES l.ilihy's. Iloval Ann No. 2'/i Can l.ibby's No. 21/ 2 C;m 22c Small Home Crown Bunch _16c 3c PLUMS ARK, PAND SPINACH ?o^ 2 VS^ ^/lUM " I'n" lir;iinl ^HS *•. ^1>I\ll n r,- ZJ3C NEWPCTATC^? """ ,„„„:__ 3ic pi[ffiTO~^ft/25c TOMATO JIJICE SllttiirI ' Mf( ;^; hilliI>; 5c RHUBARB , , 6c 7c l,iM>y'x Do l.uxi- &f*. KuITi'tl Cans OC Snuar l.:irj,'i- Half or Whole, I,li. - - Ilic Cured Si/.t _Cc-nler <'II(M, I,h. - - - 2!ic No. 'i Can Hie PINtfAPPI W '• illl 1 i lAs TOMATO COCKTAIL AS II KunvhcK 7c PIMENTOS i)nimt " !iry - JS S::::::'?: SALT MEAT Hi'-st I'ouiui TOFOflD KIDNEY BEANS LETTTO^ WESSCiVCIL All Hranclj for J«an of Arc Can Tic 25c 7c 5c .Strictly I-'rtsh Itivt-r Cut OC/» 1'onntl *«OC l-'renirh or Italian Slvlc- 33c Vienna HuiiH:-.i;e, Can 5c 1'ulleil iVIc-iil, 'i Can:i "ic While or Yellow I'oil nil 7c Itostiliik-. MKlitim Keil lii-l)/. Can littF ROAST !':'^ nnn t y j-:»i'«- or "in I iLJlL- '^ i}-r li'| Ij'L'* i-io- Otiari PtRt LARD ^"^ i 10c isc f~-ll \-Q'!~ Wisconsin No. 1 vjfii LLJ i' APPLS BUTTER "7,..' 13c PEANUT BUTTM ] '^^.^:% mm BUSTARD rriuii !!e-l 1\. C. Ik'cf. "••• »•' Cl- l.'l"l. I':>-1!J-1 Aliirco (J-i-i- l-.r .laylt-ai l<u v. II ().'.. }!»<r. -n-l lOc 23c I.nx or Lifehuoy <1 *jt ~ Itrnuklit'lil ^TS 1 ^?^* ,1 . jr a (P I o ml flK 8 Vk/ Donihio. IX Confi-cliiMH'r or Old ^J./* r'as ijr ri l'r-< ,-n. l.'i ' ; \ S 2^ Phihulolphia Cream 4 E M •>. I'iKH;-.!^- AOC CP AD ''• * (; ' nr <'ryslal While OC*» [.Liml "I! (;i:.ri| Hars r,,r A.9C

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