The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKU OP NORTHEA 8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XUV—NO. 35 BiythevlUe Dallj New? Blythevllle Courier lllyllicvlllu Herald Mississippi Volley Leader HLYT11KV1M.K, ARKANSAS, KK1DAV, MAY 2, 10-17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Conciliators Still Press for Phone '. *j/ Strike Settlement Workers Continue to Hold Out for Wage Offer From A. T. and T. WASHINGTON, May 2. (UP)- - Gowrnmcnt conciliators today offered union and management otti- Child is Killed n Accident On West Main Jsimes Law-tor. 14. was killed iu- lamiy loday about one o'cki.v vhen lie was striu-k bv a MIS.VS- i]>l>i County Lumber I'vu-k driven by Henry McCain at thr cm-ncr of and Main streets. James was on tile junior bike he rldc.s to make deliveries lor Owens Dnii? Store, where In- is employed. He was rushed in Wails Hospital where ti doctor's oxamma- tele- Aicman at Tomb of Unknown Soldier tion revealed he had been cials u new compromise .pr for c LU) UK l he 26-dny old phone sLi'ike. •AS the peace attempt p.ol under wuy iii'tho Labor Department, conciliators met separately with representatives of the conlenciiiiK p'Ar ties, Asked by reporters for tic tails of the new proposal, one o the conciliators said: "Don't rush us, don't rush us Give us time." The plan dealt only with tin loiu; distance phase of the dir. pitte hut officials cluni? to the hop i hat it ',vonld set a pattern for general settlement with all slrik iim nff tli.ites of the National Fed cratiou of Telephone Workers. Federal Conciliators Peter G Manno and William Marion's calle I his moroning's conference after lengthy night bargaining scsslG running well past midnight, failed. to break the wage deadlock be- J Uvrcn the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the long dis- r lance union, rt^The union continued to insist on A$C weekly wage boost. The con- pan-,- declined to make any \va^e offer, .standing pat on its insistence for arbitration of wages. Manno and Margolis declined to disclose details of their compromise but informed sources believed it would call on the company lo make a cash wage offer to the lens lines union, probably fo twrcu $4 and $5 a week. George Bring, assistant vice president of the A T and T long lines division, said the company standing on its demand for arbitration of the wage issue. John J. Moran, president of the NFTW long lines union, said thi. union was standing on its demani: for a $fi weekly wage boost. Bu' lie said he would consider the government's proposal with an "opci mind." Regional units of the Bell Sys tern wore coming forward with wt'.pc offers ranging between $ and S^ a w eek b ut w i th sea n success. lead several minut The child lived 11 Kist, Hlyllic- ville. He wns the M>:I of j'. W L-nvlcr. 01!) s. Lake St. iHeporl.s were dial Mr. McCain Klrpped as quickly a.s possible after hill ins the ehild. Details of the accident, under police invest ij;atio-i. were not available immediately. He was taken lo the hospital by W. H. Stovall of Cobb Funer.:! Home. The death of .VOUIIK ],awli>r murks tbe seventh traffic; fatality in Mississippi County this year and the second to dale iti the city of Blytheville. Subsidies Urged c or Cotton Goods S. Carolina Senator Soys Competition from Abroad is Too Keen integrated Bar Favored by Reid For Arkansas State's Lawyers Get Outline on Sweeping Reforms tor Courts i.rrn.K IKK'K, Arrc., M:»y 2. (U.P.i DivorrlMK thr Juoiciiil Inuiu'li ol Arkans.i.i ^.ovenmu nt !iom tin? |cv;t. i ilati\\' ,nul I-M. cullvo briiuchi'.s WLIS iidvnciU"d Unlny by Max: i). Kelt I of nlythrvLlle, .onl- pi Hur nl U. S-Britain Wearer Unity On Jew Issues UNITED NATIONS HALL. Flush- illK. N. Y.. May 2. (UPI Gvvlt Hiifain showed siyns of joining the United Slates in a compketc turnabout, of policy today by suppart- ititr a limited rote for Palestine's Jews in tlic turbulent United Nations debate of the Holy Land prrblem. Official .sources said the British delegation, while it i.s waiting for final instructions from I*onclon. was inclined to support an American plan for letting the Jewish iiponc;- present its side of the bitter Palestine dispute to a major committee of the UN Assembly in tlic current cmemrgcncy session. Secretary-General Tryt;vc Li?. v.ho nnniinllv sits silently during UN deliberations, broke in lo remind the .steel-inn committee th:it _^it would be setting aii important ,3 prerctlont if il invited a. non-pov- '* • rrnmentnl organization to spea'A before the assembly or any of its committees. f'ty 'Ainrrican proposals were Kc!iK?iilcd for ain airing i]i tlic .slecrinj; eommittcc's first meeting on tho Jewish ]ilea for a chance ceremonies at Arlington Omclcry I' !iit Ali'inan of Mexico laid u « 1 Iho Unknown 8'jldlcr. Ho Is shown leaving Ilic Tomb with Cie.r.eial Claude K. rin-enluiuKh. -out, Commandant of Iho Military District of WailuiiBton; and jinek. let! to rinht: l.t. General low u. Uklgway, U. S. Military Alii:, snul Hear Admiral James (jury Jones, u. B. Navul Aide, elrphoto.) 1 Miit- (NBA AUUSTA, Ca.. May 2 (Ul'l — Sen. unmet n. Mnybiink. D.. S . .said today that American colon farmers am] textile maiiutnr:- tlircrs nrc incapable of world competition and iirEo,] that tlie export or their products sulisidlzcfl if ncco.ssTu-y to insure full production for thr. cotton industry in the United Slates. Maybnnk snunrted the waruinc in speech before (he American Cnl- ton Mnllliaclnror.s Associaliou here and said he would repeat it in Senate next week to get it in the conuresslonal record. "It is my painful duly to ndmi that in tlie light of present, Ircnds our American textile industry nn< our Soul hern raw cotton businos arc anything hut secure." he said Mnybnnk saH he hail iier>n surcd thai. the Iniiiort-Ex Bank would spend Its capital qnl on .American raw_cotton.v.waste American cotton good^ for expo'r purposes. The .s^me went for 'Hi S30r),000.00n rteifclijncy aiX^r tions measure passed last wee for purchase of export product, he added. j Maybank said he hoped thr 1 f!OV- crnmcnt stuck by this promise because American financini; of foreign industry — especially in the textile fields — would cventunllv mean that thousands of Fouthorn cotton farmers would be looking for jobs that were not lo be bad. Maybank pointed out, that American cottoti fanners and textile workers are the highest paid in Ihe world in tiiis industry. "There remains a net dispnrily in labor costs between the tjnilefl Stales and the balance of the world which places our workers at a tremendous disadvantage ns they compete for their fobs against foreign textile workers," he snid. "We must use our every effort to protect these workers and thett 1 washes by prohibiting the irns>or- tation of cheap textiles and if necessary subsidizing our exports "Neither American raw cotton nor its major products are capable of meeting world competition. Du the years immediately ahead, unless we are particularly carelul, we are in.danger of spreading cotton production nil over the world and transferring Ihe IcFidership in thi 1 essential agricultural activity trom tlie farmers of Ihe United Suite. 1 : Marshall Faces Test in Congress Foreign Relief Bill, Slashed in House, Awaits Senate Action STKICI.K President of Mexico Given Royal Welcome in New. York HV JOHN I.. I'niliiil 1'ress Staff iWASMUNGTCN. May n. IUPI — =!::-.Trtary of State George C. Marshall was headed today for his fin t major brush will CoJHjiOoS \in~i- inkiiiK office—on the issue ot foreign relief i unds. ( ile wa.s expected to urfjc the Senate lo restore S150,CCO.CO cut by the HOII^D from the administration's ^"5?COO.C05 genera] foreign relief program, aiu» to eliminate some restrictive House amendments. iMar.'hall appeared to be facing a difficult task.cApprival of the fuu. President Arthur M. Vandenberg neighbor policy and for and Sen. Tom Connally of Texas—' Republican aiH! Democratic foreign :;ohry leadrrs. But .tome senators of both parlies hoped to retain at oast p'u-t o[ the House cut. ?on. Joim L. McClcllan. D.. Ark., NEW YORK. Mny 2. (U1 J >— Preside iiL Mif-ncl Alciu:ni (if Mexico <fri)vr tu New York's City Hull tlirnuiih'ii .stri'ols lo- day aiitl wa.s made ;ni lionovnry eitr/cn c>f ihu city lui tinned "the .sLiinulnllni; txuniple of u Lifeless, dynamic nctivily." Thotc Mayor \Villi;itn O'Dwycr, who had i;rr<Hod ihe vlsillnj: Pr*'- sKirnt on his early mornint; arfival at Pennsylvania Etui ion, oltichitly w!"lct'iin:(i Alemati with a rc:\nirnia- tioti of American-Mexican friendship. "We must never allow the comradeship of the battlefield lo he- come a victim of peacetime incllf- fetencc or misunderstanding." O'- D\wer snld. , i Aleman, iTplyino; lo Ihe welcome [in Ihe City Hall council chiunbor. said he found hi.-; reuepUon Soaking the Rich Held Poor Policy Profit Incentives Held Necessary to Business in America WASHINGTON, M:-.y 2. lU.P.' -A U. S. Steel Corp. director lo day urycd Conyoss to cut laxe: in Ihe uppei- income bracket ii orcl(!r lo restore the "prolit in ccntlvc to prodil':'!." M. Voorlii'cs Ink) OIL i-Yiml' iance -Commitl-jo l);at "::oakin h.'ttll'iui out. to all cVer-v eran ? " la ^ 'cturr-i to hi- Urns „,„„...« cxchiinKe of. wood* nnd ser- , i -* l ^J.l*!. lnt:h vices iH-Uvcen our nations." | "Today, on this spot, which sym- "• to answer speeches oil Palestine of the five Arab states during cm rent assembly session. American Delegate Warren Austin was ready to recommend that Die assembly's political committee, a r-5-nalion duplicate of the full assembly, open its doors to the Jewish Ancncy and tbe Arab .HiRii- rr Connr.ittep. The former speaks for Palestine's 600,050 Jews and the latter for tlic land's 1200,033 Arabs. Poland was expected lo demand however, that die Jewish Agency he Riven a .stronger role in the tlrlwte; a non-voting seal in lac full assembly if possible. Russia. Czechoslovakia. Yugoslavia and handful of Latin American slates also favored a stroiignr voice lor tbe Jews. Tbe Arabs were lined up against any part for the Jews. to foreign farmers." Waybank said Bald Knob Receives First Strawberries BAI.I) K'N'OB. Ark.. May '2. —The season's first crate of be.rrie.s has brcn sold fruit war, purchased by IV V bolize* tbe idrnls of political tree.- dom." he said, "I can no! but. think of all the efforts made by olcl :>. reporter he would srek it> pco])Io o( |llc united states in be- ),-e..rrvn al least S100.CCO.OMI of the ,, a|r ()f lhlls( , irtc , lK Mt . xlm has „]for them all along Us -;i;t by b'lnmiu^ American relief assistance to Poland and other Com- , nnnist. dominated nations. •Mc.niollan said it was "utterly ridiculous" to t-ranl, American re- lef funds to Communist dominated •onntries. while approviim expenditure of,ooo lo ston Comnm- isini in Greece and Turkey. | 'T?ep'.ib]i:-an Whip Kenneth S. Wherry said he would favor close scrulinv of the nosl-UN'RRA roli-f rnoa'.iire. He said relief must be held to ,\ minimum because of it.s effect on the domestic pries structure. The -Senate Toreien Relations Committee, of which Vniidenljerc is chairman and Connally is ranking Dcmorralic member, already has ppnrov.-d a bill to provide tbe fu 1 .! S53.CfC.rjC3 but has delayed mukini: it.s i ci'.orl public utilil it receives a letter from Marshall setting forth his recommendation. The committee also is awaitina whether to recommend early v.-ord irom Marshall before dccidin,; cation, of the Italian peace treaty, val j;roviously but since the unsuc- The secretary nrj;cd speedy appro- crr.slul Moscow foreign ministers Senate sentiment for delaying, rali- conrrrcnc-' there has been some fixation until the liiu Four aerec on the future of Austria, and Germany. The committee planner! • to conclude opposition testimony on '~!ie treaty later today ami then recess; Walhiuder as.- hrir. Thr ! whether )in sfil] Favors promp'- rat- Bud Wai-1 until Marshall makes it known Icr of S10. the Farmers' Market i'or "Red" Offices Bombed HAVANA. May 2 (UP)—A bomb exploded In the offices of the l'o,:«- Socialist, (Communist) P:iry early today, causing damage but no casuallics. striven for tlinn IrCublrd hislory and vc'contly, during the yard yuais ot the war. For 1 nose I drills, Mexican .sol'hrio, rif.;lilmi; shoulder lo .shoulder with your own lionps. .shctl Ihcir blood in our common of the i"J£hts tjf man.' 1 A henry from low-hnn-'tiiT clond.s which hid the fatuous New York skyline from its famous viM- ! tor cut down (he crowds which ; Ilirrtrfi Ak-miin. j Somn 5.GOO persons, many of Ihi'iu ; members of the city's Mrxiriin 1 colony, waller! outside* tin; station for his arrival. Small crowds, under umbrellas and raincoats, lltind tbe route irom tho Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to ihr City Hal] and hack to Ihe I lot •'! commodore where Airman was thu city's yuesl at lunrhc'in. ' • Airman loured New York, today hi President Trmnnii's oUicial an to- mobile. ;\ bieii was shipped br^c frnm Wash m^ I on yesterday. Ful- lowii 1 ^ the lunrhf'on he wa,«; to U" U* Columbia University to rrcoivc an hcnornry decree and lo pay a visit, to the Simon TJollvar monument, in Ci.'iitral Park. He was .scheduled to spend three dnys us a [.; of the city before lenviTii; for n vi.sit lo t,lie United States Military Academy nt West Point, Monday morning. Pnlire Commissioner Arthur W. ncd s^OO policemen lo Rimrcl (he rlty'w tlistitmui.shod Kuest aiirl handle tin* rrowrts expected to line, the parade route. TweiHy rookies from the poliee a- Incentive, lie sakf will In'iielll Hit; entire eroiin-ny. The eommUlcn rt-h! its I \I\A\ fUiy of tax hearing. 1 ), I'M cliaiiinan, Sen. EugciiG U. MilV.kin II., Colo.. has .said he l)fl*"\ r ['s l.he mxjnp will aj)provc In ';i;fu_'r;il the: Iloiusi! bill L<i t'nl tuxes from 10 T> per cent on llu; lii^, inr:«:n^ ic> :tO ]ier ociiL on 'U-: lowest. Other conyrcvs^-iKit dcvuloi)- CJenryiii Slate j mission*!!', askrd its- -Tom ],iiu!ei', Coiifire-sji to in- Uaders..'t"ci.u'y ol .Stall* William I.. Clalon In tlutcunlne whether he profiled poi' from the admiin.str iLiotr;> 'in il [policy. Op':":,iiiii tlic rici- (radc program, I jnder MI id "powerful inrineiuj^s"' \\i-n: 5 lyinu '•lo destroy our coUon indiistiy." He caid Clayton jpJ crests o'.viu:il huge amounts of coli'i'i lahti in Mexico. ol strong IcdeniL rent control hupi'd the Senate wom ; niixllfy Ihe House bill. The. llo-is-r bill would Rive local ^over'itnruV,'; a'.tiliut ily to say \vhni controls .should end in I heir areas. BNt ;i C" :)( t in: my .senators likt'd the HMIAI: .tli.-u. '11«: House passed it:; hill laM 'ii(;hl, after GO1* leader.; iieat down ;i rank-and-Iilc revolt wliich [ ,ujie clorie lo killing'j: measure. 'I h bill, lo cxlr-ml co'i'^n]:! utili! ]jcc 31 without a. gciHTrti incro:i:,:\ i passed 204 to 182. JjpcuUlnK in th«- :-etn:id tlay ol (hi- :.tule i;onvi"i'io i 1 asr.eitnl thnt alt liMi^h stumlon oi Arku t thr rourt :-y;.l-j n Is ;u iiially 11, InncK >n; i where and how" [ v; and (hi- KOVCMnoi 1 [irrinlts. "H tin 1 Judtrl-U Dcpmlmrnt is (o In- held urroti.itahU' i"i I lie pi'ivpi'i 1 , iidiiiiiilstri'ton i-f justice, should }}(.". tin id • trulrjH-iH'i 1 !^! iul placed umicr ih'- ninliu! oL i own 1 louse] lol-l, 1 ' he MI id, With that in -ill 1 in llrid pohileil a reporl ol tlK: "roiinnisMna mi iiurt rr-ornuill/.niion" \s'hii:h was dU'i- In the iluy. said Unit. Uir rnnrnl'.'.ion ,c.s to eslu'jli-ih - tlnnij-.U a .ullonul iiiiuMHlnv-'iit -n body railed the .hr.lUrlfii Comirii. round), ampwrd c! lour ., lour lawyer n]i[)i)ln!rd h v inukt! lix Judl itn i:.(iii:tion (if ;el ni> rules ol •eihn e, AL presL'iil j approval of (he. L'lun Sliulii-il I f the rnnucLL » longer would 1,0 a;i ilr t'hiinnos :in<l o'Jirr ]u i lalninf' lo the churls, T lie comml.'isitui repo/t result, of u ehulU'iMV former Aii.sociullon I J i i-,';id WilllaitUion of M.mlter c(>n\ r rnt icm In I ltd Upi I afjn. At lhat iLrr WilliumKoi eliari^cd tliul Lhe prc:;<'nt com system is anleo.ii'il.i'il a:ul Miuui-sl eel a complete; pl:in t'tv «••]-:]r^an ixation- portion!! of which uu wit ii lust ii ill oppir LlUiji. 1 The -oppitnltlon remit(\1 In Ihu | nppdinlnn-nt of a c untill:>';lon tx) study (lie, plan, Th ; .- connniriilon re ported today an,I ref|iu':;U:d further linn: for V.udy. QJIC of (.lie vital ,'hu v i»;os prti])oj;( tl by Ihe comml.ssi'iii would he tln^ itunitiaUon of al] jiuliu'.s l>y law- vr:; of thi- -stale or ilisti'irl.s t nd heir election by l'i>' |udlclnl 101111- il. After hcinu < iio.ii-n (he jiul^ti.s vould Mien f>'> '"••'> 1 '--' the |W(ipln or re-ele::( ion 01 rejection uL ,l:ilcd intervals. Reid (ixpluhu'd tlie prop'-:-ed Wins New Honor di».was presente Sl*Mi in member Osceofer Group Active As University Boosters OSCEOI.A, Ark.. May 2— John If. narnhlll. athletic director al the University of Arkansas, yestcr- presented with a check for ship payments by members of tlic Razorback Booster Club here. Tlie drive for new TCazorback Booster club members will continue here and it Is expected that within the next week another $1000 tn membership flues will be adcieii to IJie check s^'m Mr. Barn'mll yesterday. The check, was presented to Mr- Bai'nhtll at a luncheon mcctlrii; t>' tlic Razorback club here yesterday with Mayor Ben Buller as host. Mayor Bnller is secretary of l!w Oscooln Brow. N. Y. Stocks 2:00 T'. SI. Qi A T & T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Btth Steel ...... (Tnrysler ..... Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery \Varri N Y central ..... '.'. Int Harvester North Am Aviatnr. Republic steel Radio Socony Vacuum SUtdehaker Stanford of N j . Texas Corp Packard . ... U S STEET, ....... i-n S. Missco Gets New Assistant Extension Agent Clay Tf. Moore, of N'e-.vai-k. Ark., uid formerly county ;u!"iit of l^ird unty, has been n:ime<l E-ssislant county agent for Snnlh Mississippi "ounty. lo rcplnce XVillijtm 1'. nun- iop. who has resigned to nrcr>iit a position wilh the Velcrans Administration us apncult':re i'lstviiclor at Lnxora High school, the Ktate Extension ,Ser\-ice aiumuncerl torliU'. Mr. Mnore nttendcii !he University of Missouri and th^ Ull!^•cl•sity of Arkansas. lie L;r:iduat.-d from the University of Aifcans-.\s in 1!M1, receiving a USA degree. He served as assistant .suppn r t5or for the Farm Security Administration nt Harrison and as supervisor nt Van linren from !9!1 to 1!|I3. Until 1945 he was scientific a'-Fist- anl in chnrge of the Cotton limnch Experiment Station at Maiianna. M]'. Mnore will assume his duties May 12. Ho will serve ns assistant to n. V. Maloch, wh,) is coun- Osceola Jaycees Elect Swift as Vice President •hjin|.;("i wtjuld jii'iii.tbly ho placed >rfi)n' 1 In; prttplc In ill,: ^iMirnil •Irrllon o/ ItHH if UK; Inwytrri have worked nut ;iU clilfi'iijur^s. lirid, aflcr nutl! s ' lit': lihlory »T |;tu ;is tiscil In AiU;nv,:ii .unl Hit: res [ton si 111 I it IPS of liivv.vci'i, nil It'll in thr ulloiiirys (o "pnl nnv liinisc In nrdrr." "Thr busincixi of iioni'i.s is at low ohh." ho -i^i^-'tod, "we L l)oiiij: (rnrod In -nm crow^r-d unt by iin (,'Vtrr incif: islai; unin')! ]' of []inu.'.Mnn.s, ljut.".iu.;, li ilninal;; untJ »t!i ir,x» Ijiwyer.s ait'I emit Us. (;in- co w»vclcd a.s slow iiv. Ifc ;-..iirl Itial UK; t lie i c'^iirdrd jn; i^ht Ihctr wrou; Ycslrrday (he ii'fHJi am devoted he, principal ;i iy Judne Jlolori U. This iiMenioo nf Nurlliritstrrn Arhansas, niKglnfr out today from Ihc tit-tills Icfl hy i;alr-Hki- winds early yesterday, fated a new threat lo- day In the form of tliisl storms. Oiip ilimuixti f> tin; first btorm was not as heavy ;w the tlam- IIKU lo liullilliiKs wrerkcil over a whlo arcii In this see'-lnn of the stale uiul hi Soutlu'usUTii Ml.s.s<itiri where, most of Uie Injured were found yi'Menlny morning. Heprrts lodny Indleiited llml the first stonn stntck in haphazard fa.'.hlon. Ktuashhiy some areas while Kklrliny olhcrs. Utility repair were rushing rciMiIrs toduy and service was iiCHrincj nonnnl. ' "* lAddiLionnl rcpnrla on-Ihe storm inunge. today tthowed that Missls- Plil County ni-cns hardest hit ap- earcti to 1)2 those nrotmd Etowali nd MUlluan Rlcl^o while the wlndfi klrted IxMchvitlc nnd Manila, leav- thosn nrcas virtually undarnti^- d. Infonmilton from these IWT. owns was limited yesterday duo t^! ileimoiio lino danmgc. Telephone, light and power coin v.uiles loduy reported thai scfvic't vns In the last Hinges of being re Cored (o normal or near normal ioulhweslern Bell Telephone Cony >nny uud Arkunsas-Mlssourl Powi: ofllclal.s said, dmrmijc repa,!r void he - completed todav , nnd i vn.s reported thnt Rural Electrifica tlon service would be back to nor innl by tomorrow nlglit. laic rrpDrts of tTiimnRft In iitnl anmtiil Osreuln hiivi* puslictl the rslhiiiiU'il • cost of «l;mia<;es nast <h«> SlllO.Oin in:.rk, IL was sulil tn- ilay. County Agent Keith J.' Bilbr< Mile tnnrnlnt! pointed out that U brisk, dust-carrying winds that, fo lowed today in the storm's wal loam us n new' threat to this arc Whic there wns very little en (hmii(rr done by yesterday's ston lie said, a dust storm conttmih thnninhout lodfiv rould blow a\vi ei-iT,,nlc mailer En the topsnil c.ssei t!al to ci"^t> wrcwtJi. The Lcachvll nrea Is likely to suffer most h of the sandy nature of M soil there, he said. Tin; Chlc.ka,m\vbn District Cha Lcr of Iho American Red Cross n-nvlrlhip disaster relief and rel\a Ilitatlon for is Nortli MiFslssij: Countv families . leU homeless <he. storm .according to reports iii^ierllou trln of the wlnd-stru Red Cross officials who made i- ureas yeslcrduy afternoon. '•:-.» Some ^erlous'y Injured ^ Nhio Southeast Mssourlnns t Jii'Tfl i n the stomn remained" Wnlls Hospital today In condltic rant'iuf! from "paor" to "VE (wod." Six of them arc members Iho Holjcrt Marrs family of SLc{ Mo. Mr. Msrrs, 35, was renorted day In iinort condition and his w! 14. us "fair." pour of their chlkh were said Lo be in "very pot condition. They are Juwcl, 14; G rldine. T; Belly Fay, 11; and B 2. Bertha Jean Marrs, 4. was t nuVed from the hospital ycsterd Condition of Mrs. Vivian Lyr 34, of SLcele was said to bo "pc this morning while that of J Heulah Hodges. 22, was repor us "very Rood." 'Mrs. Alia Crowloy, 35. of ELo\\ is recovering from two broken f'nd bruises suffered In the. sto it wa.s reported this morning, son Bill. 12. received bruises lacernlions. They were treated a Lcn:into physician. Condition of George Nelson, year-old Negro of Cooter, Mo., renortcd as "seed." Mayor I. D. shertd of Ma -liuiie.s M. Koy, pivsl'lcu', of r.lytlievlllc Junior Chainlier Cojiimriec', yt-sti-rJay \\'i..s clt to nerve on the r.<°:utlve Coin miller of the Ai'k'o\'-as ,Junior _f)u KecVinn cif Ihe Arkansas Hc.r AK -soe.ijil Lou nt liter annual niec-Un In Little llouk. Wage-Price Row Flares in France Coalition Cabinet i May Fall os Revolt By Communists Grows PARIS, Mny 2. (UP)—Fiirncl with Communist revolt a(guin,sl the n'cnimrnl's wntjR-pricc |H'(>Knim, I'rcintnr Paul H»inn<Uci- <lpipn3i(tcit of Uu: iissmnhly lotlny ^ cluav-cut Vdlr of cdnlldcuct:. nntl Maid he would ([nil If In 1 did n(>l Ki'L U. Thr Communist PurLy Hli'cady had [innnumrcd llml It would votu Ihi,' Rovci'iuiu'nt. a|>puvc]il- Iy nssurlng (he fnll of tlie coalition M 3-4 15 1-2 8 3-4 2(i i-2 8 15 1-4 10 3-, CO 3-8 60 5-81 iy nurnl for Soulli Mississi;ipi Cnnv.- 0 3-8 1 ty \vitli offices localccl 111 the court- 70 1-21 house in Osroola, I hr.side Alc*innir.s car during the pa- rrtdr.s i Al n p.nv Ihc visitiui; President will I>f [livrn n rrccpli<jn by Now York City's Mfxtrrui rnMtMiU :>'! in Un 1 rvrniiu: hr will in.ikr an nrlfJiT.^.s nl ;i flinncr trivcn hy the Pan Aemriran Society. Inc. Long Range School Plan Outlined to Rotor/a ns Mrinbers of thr Rf>t:n-y Clitu heir'. Ihcir wrrkly tnt-r-litiM ycs'r-L-fii'.y n^nn nt thn Hot H Noble- with W. B. Nirh- olsiin. suprrintciit^iU ol Ulythiv.'ille schools, IKS pi'incii>iil sii'akci 1 . ATr. Nichnlisnn sjxikc: mi I' 11 "- p r o- poscd lo[i:;-i;irif:r program ff ro- vatnpiiu; an<l iiiiKliTiil/.iii^ tin- Hly- lliovillc M'hiK>l syslc-in. hni;inn:ns wilh Ihe p\n~<:h;uiC of a tu:v; M-:iiur hl^li schorl silo. N. Y. Cotton 2 < UP)— Cotton N. Y, May very sleafly Open Hich k- XFar. Ju'ly Oct. Dre. 280(1 3320 2592 28-17 T-ow 2771 't")-11 3310 2830 2815 Spots close rjf>23 Up 25. 'Henry J. Swift wa.s elected virr pre^ictent of the O; ceo la, Juninr Chamber of Coininorco and five ur-.v difoctors were najnrd for I tic or- ganixatioa Wrdnr.-.dny. il has been announced by James Ki'-tany. :icv- irlary. T]U« )ir\v dirrct'jrs a IT lyroy Owens. Tim Bowles. Monk A.s ton, Hay Morgan Jr. and Emmet Wilson. Willy Nicholson, pro.sidrnl, who with .T. W. Taylor, trni.surrr, at; 'Mr. Kittauy was dec tori thrrn' weeks a^o at the Krovip's fif 'l- uieothijJ. appointed the follow iiv; standing coin mi I tec chr.irnifii: | 'J'ratk 1 promotion. Mnvin Lar^J'.-^; Public Health. Dr. Curl is Hnld- win; IConvf'Tilion, J. W. T:o lc>r; Aviation, Jimmy Krwin; Sjrorl.^, Hintnni. Wilson; Membership. S:rn •Haqgrtid; Public Safety. Ray Morgan Jr.; Agriculture, Hilly Jo: Edrington; City IBeamilicatkm, MC, Stiles; and Governmental Affairs, Henry J. Swift. •xpi rlrc '. where atu Ijc- •iru piTMd 'nt lo ]] Itir r)U it »• is ' li^ vicc-prc'^i.l.-jit'.i .>po Ijtlli- Hock KiVjriicys talked. .IiMiinr It;iL' i;lc!'.-ts W. .Suinncrs of I.) ill is. 'IVxin. Irr- nu-r c on!;ic:v',ni.i-i L.ntl ln:i I'liini initn (jf Uiu Iliju^j JlK'Hi Weather ARKANSAS—Fnir trxl.iy and In- Hight, noL quite .so warm extreme South today: Bnlurdny paniy cloudy nnd .lames II. Hiilc of I'lVi'U'.villt tfjtlay hr:u!rd tin 1 J:'r.i;>r l',:,i Sj'i: litMi of 1 ho Aikatr-n?, H,n' As.s,'(L.i tion. Ifilli-wiiii: ii' i <-lr.;ti in yc:' Icrday. Tin; AHA i-(i:ii:U!ili v .i Us :i (jay annual couvt-it'.io-.i hell! to IIKUTOW. Ollirr officers "f the Junior Ha }:inii|) u;:ii!r<l yo:stiiibi; \vci'- O'.vci (,\ I'ral'cr of .Srarr,-, vic'.'-chai.ina liuin I,:i.'.cr <>l IJtl- I'.wk. foci tary; and si SCV-ML-NI.V.I rxi.Tiili cr-mmiUco iionijiQi'd c.f l-'rtd T Pirfcoll.s. Jr., of NI:WI> llou-cll of Little (si-l:; CoiirlHcy Croud) "f Spi insdali; l^iuis say of l'in c Ulutf, Htury Woods of Tcxarkana; H.tiiy Mulils of UUMKI.S; :ind JauH ( :j M. Koy of lilytlievillc. IV.uI Sullins ot Cio.«-it. rcliriUR diaiii'.iau. was ivum <l si lU'il'talo to (ho Junior Ba: coiifr.rjnce of the American War Association to ho hold later this year. Rnmadlcr told the assembly Hint Fnmcc's finunciiil .slUmtlon wns 'siu:h IhiiL lln 1 government could no nccept ttu: prlndpli! of Mcnci'al waK<- Increases "If you drctdc this Is correct, we will continue our tusk,'' he said. "If not, I hen let others shoulder the responsibility." The- Communist members sat lolldly silent while the rest of the luinibcr cheered vigorously. KnmadU'r said an iiKreement had peon readied between the govern- said the slorm bypassed Maniln innl. n:il the G.vieral Conlodera- the closest damage was about Ion of 1 aHor against, \vajsc In- •I'ea.scs foi' four months. He |>olnt- d out that only two months had lap.Mit, and the xovcrnnicnl amiin WHS fiiccd by WUKI- drtniinds Irom lulomoliile and mctalluriiical un- otis o[ the Paris renion. "I know the situation brings midship for many, but nevertheless the irccj'.luK of wages Is Indispensable as an Increase or imivokrs Increased prices," inadlcr said. Ha- Station Assembly Scene of Fights Among Deputies HOMK. May " (DPI—Commuuir,', and Kluhti.t (leinllles tatisjlecl In fist linhls on Ihe lloor of Hi.; Hahai AsM-liibly fii]' ITi minutes Uv.lay alter n l>iltrt exelianv.e over the massacre of cii:ht Mav D.iy mnrcli'jr.s iu KUily. Leftist deputies denounced I hi; Monarchist and Common Man party members of the House as "as- pav.ins." cliarcinp them with tu- stl[::itini: Ihe Sicilian inachine-sun- nin^ in which el^ht worker.; d nnd 33 were wounded. Ciiuliamo Oiaiiinl. 56. Common Man chieftain, led a rush toward the Communist benches after Gtiil- Inmo Li 7,ausi. Communist, touched oir a mass sht>ut ot "a>>s.i.^sli:s." About 20 deputies were Involved in the brawl. It began after Interior Minister Mnrlo Scelba announc- Max| c ,| the casualty toll In the Sicilian 75 persons har violence. He said been arrested. Temperature Drops A hlKh of 76 degrees w.vs recorded in Blytheville yesterday wlta r, low ot 5G degrees boiiiR rccoi'dctl hist ' nighl, nccordlng to Robert E. Blay| loek, official weather obsci'vcr. miles South of lhat town and I no injuries were reported tin Closest damage (o Lcachville • near tl] C state lino and none 1 In the town proper. Ma John Harm! said. Plidiie Line. Kepairs Rushei All telephone lines have been paired in tills area with the ccntton of n fc\v points bctv nere and Memphis, Jerry lilylheville manaccr of the Soi western Hell Telephone Co. i This work is expected lo be c plcted (crta.v, ho said. About 25 miles of REA \ blown down ncrvr Etowah and ] llsan Ridec, H, C. Knappenbe cf the Mississippi County Elei Cooperative said. Wllli 65 per i of service restored yesterday, remaining repairs will be com] ed by tomorrow night, he ! Ten 11 ue polos were broken In section and numerous service ? to houses were snapped. He ported lhat "as many houses barns were blown down as ' left standing. 1 ' Arkansas-Missouri Power service \vns scheduled to retur: normal today and all facilities be In operating condition by night, George D. Pollock, chief gincer for the company, said, of repairing . Ihc general dan will run in to the thousand dollars, he said. Service to SI Cooter, Holland, catchers' Kaytl and .Porlageville all in souri was restored last nlghl seven repair crews totaling workmen, he stated. Slany "Sightseers" Turn O Work on tha transmission between Holland and Stcele hampered by yesterday's blu winds nnd by heavy traffic .sightseers, Mr. Pollock added, repair efforts were directed al sloralion of ^'ater pumping I; ties, he pointed out. Chickasawba District Red ( Scf NEW THREAT on Van<

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