The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ABK.) C'OUBIER NEWS Rugs Have Quit Being Old-Fashioned Social Calendar •MONDAYS EVENTS \W. M. U. Second Baptist church social meeting • at chureh, 2:30 PAI. ' i THORSnAY'S EVENTS \V. M. S. First Church o[ Ihc Naznicnc, meeting at church. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Dutch Luncheon club meeting ulth Mrs. A. O. Blnnkciishlp. Well Wrapped Food Is Best Insurance of Outing', Success Compliments i Miss Mildred Lou Hubbnrd had , u dancing party lost night at tlic hut for her housceucsls, Miss Uicy Crcnsha'w of Hopklnsvlllc, Ky., who is here for two weeks, and Miss Dorothy Stacy, of Memphis, who !b .spending tlio weekend. The CO B"es!,5'weiil to tlie Italic. Inn '•;. for Intermission. Included In the guests were also MUs Ma. .Han Allison, of Chicago, hmisc- •'guost '.- of ' Mr. 'and' Mrs. Chnrles Crigger :Jr., and Miss Millie Allison, and BUI Cramer mid Lindsay Driver, of Osccola. Miss Hubbnrd also hn<l a bridge party for Miss. Crenshaw '.when she entertained 12 guesU at her home. Miss Vuglnia Little van perfume for the high sccie pil/e, Miss Sam Garlihgtoii of Scarcy, !,wliO;ls visiting Miss Martha Ann '.iiyrich. received handkerchiefs for the cut prize, and Miss Crenshaw was presented a compact. An Ice coarse was < served. » • * His Btrthdaj Part). *' Bill Fowlci, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fowler, entertained 12 guests jesleulny Hflcinoon ivllh ,« party In honor of ills fourth birthday. , ,,| , He was assisted by Ills mother . and his grandmother, Mrs. II. E, Barnctt, in cntci tabling the boys and girls and Iii ''serving Ice cream and cake. i . . * * * ' ~ Ron Boni. . A soil was born to Mr. and Mrs. , J^C. Bohniining, of Loulsvillo K> , on July 1C,. The b.iby, who \\clkh ed Ec\cn pounds, has been iiam- ed Charles Robcit. Mr. Bohanning ll\ed heic for n number of , 5 ears. , it Birthday Dinntr. ' C ha lies Nmlham, who was CO ' jcars ol ago yesterday, wnb iiven a surprise birthday dinnci 'by his daughters, Mrs Erby Hodge mid , Mrs Hiram Austin, and Mr. HodJC *and 'Mr. Austin < / "' ' A .chicken jdlnner, \\\(h a dec crated blrtliday cake, featured tlic , all day affah 'held al Mr. Need I ham's horpc reast of-lheiciU i Mr., Ncedham has lived in Ihis , ucinily all of his life. i' Miss Uorolhy Thompson, of Hot j Springs, and Wcllfoid Bur "Buddj" Nally, of (his city, utre • married Wednesday at Osceoli ' The Rev R- o Morchcad, pastor ; of the Methodist church there. J performed the ring seivicc at his i home. f f Their attcnd.mte were Mr. and | Mrs. Scathvsord Campbell The bride, who has lived hi . Hot Springs for n number ol •years, came over .Tuesday to be ' the gucst.of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. , Allen. • The . bridegroom lived here for ( a number of years before mov- ' to Hot Springs and lie 10- Ccenlly 'returned here to be connected with the Sinclair Refining company. Ho is the sou of Mis /Delia'. Nally, o[ Hot Springs, and B. B. Nall>, of Dayton, o. They have, taken a arimmett 1 apartment ^ » * •Dntch Luncheon "Club Has Party. The Dutch Luncheon clt'.b met with Mrs Roy Head Friday for luncheon and -later the members went for a swim at the Walker pool park. Lunch .was. served on Lhc sun porch, which was decorated with garden flowers ; New members of this club arc .Mrs Victor Craig and Mrs A. C. • Blankcnship. [ Braggadocio News : Dyc-Wilkcrson. ; Friends were surprised to hear Pf the mauiage of x Mtss Eunice Dye to Mr. Billlc Wilkerson, of Hayti. which took place July n at' Blythcvllle 'Mrs. Wilkcreon U the daughter of MJ-. and Mrs. B. L Dje of Brapgadccio. she would have beon a member of the senior clars of the local high >chool Mr Wilkerson, whose parents Ihc at HaUi, Is employed by the West end grocery, there. * : * 4 <• Miaes Nona Davis and Nina Huckaba spent last week end In Memphis with Miss Huckaba's »unt, Mrs. Hunter. - Mrs. Claud Spencer, of East SI Louis, III, ij visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. JefT White • Mr. and Mrs. U E Benglnhcnn- er have as their guesl the former's mother arid sister, Ada, of Jackson,-rcvio. - Mjles Le»ls, Pearl Holt,.Albert Ercnt and A. Y. Huckaba left Monday for Bowen Springs, whcie they will fish and hunt. They tire expected, home this weekend. Mrs. J6IT White and daughter, Mrs. Claud Spencer, drove to Memphis. Thursday to visit Mrs. White's sister, Mrs. Lucille Hunt' ! Cnjcfullj »rappln* Ihc dimpoiiciiU of a picnic lunch in moisture picof paper or irllopli uir will kiep them >s dcllcloii Ij ficsh ,,s «licn llnj utit |) Wllfwi mid fnmi] v MM T-KI Is Mr.-Wilson's.. S l3t«r, Ind Mrs IJchcrty is his i,,eco. 'niey ^ ^"fflny 1'iorntng for Hope, Ark Uck W/lwn, son or Mr ,md Mrs. B, B WlUon, left Thttrl- <lny for n visit with h 1 Mr. and Mis E T Wralcht. •iiiirt. daughter, Sarah, and Mr nni Mrs. H c Martin spent yesterday in Jpnesboio IHtST CIlltlSTIAN CHURCH Carroll 'C'loyd, Pa&tor Bible school. 0:<5 A.. M. ll o. Wcslbrook,, superintendent. One more liot nioiilh, Let's hold'the! line until cool weather, Morning worship, 10:50 A. M Sermon subject: "Why Breach the Bible?" . . livening worship, 8 p. M. Sermon subject: "The Membership." Mltl-wcek service, Wertncs d a y evening. 8:00. After H vacation of three weeks wo should gel this service going .witji interest. . Young ixjoplc's meeting Sunday evening at 1 P. M. All young people of the church arc urged 10 iitlrnd. - SATURDAY, JULY J& KM Village Limits Trains To Speed of 8 Miles 11) MAH1 I n\GUF — MA Scniit Stiff Writer More and bcttci picnics' Is a slogan Unit I for one, emloist wholeheartedly Ilip'c July itajs its almost u mil. In oni family (o pick n him nci two or tlucc limes a moiilli nnd set out foi -i cool wooded spot lo cut oni siippei Picnics •me (Iisliwnsliliiji hblr linen and liblc selling Mot cot or we all uijoj them , | | Picnicking so oflcn l\c learned n few tiicks nboul packing oiit- tlooi lunches Tick I uncb { ircfullj I list of nil, the food ilioiilil be firmly siicj He-itlj nrnppccl in or d<!r ' to* pi fresh and rtppclliing fl mint be picked, too so tint its CUTJ to cans Wa\ed piper " nn hnnluibie ild niul so aic moisliirc-pioof bags of tianspnr- ent ccilulore Him papci napkins, paper plates ind pipu ctipb en-, llj diapered of nftti the meal no so nltrncli\e nnd IncvpcnshL Unit cicijone dLllgliU In using them Now for the picnic lunch itself— , Meat nnd cheese sandwiches (•any betlci Hi in othci varieties but if \egclnblc sandwiches me carefully niiulc nnd packed Ilicy oo, may be kept for several hours In food condition. I've learned one thing about sandwiches this summer, ami that is lo give them a chilling in t|, c refrigerator before packing for Iravel. It's best, lo prepare and wrap them lenst an hour ahead of lime. . Sandwich Fillings Lcllucc needs a dressing, but tiuiny oilier vegetables arc better without it, if dressing is uscrt with; other vegetables, include a lettuce laver next lo the brcnd to prevent, the bread from absorbing tno dressing. t Onion sandwiches need no dressing. Peel and slice onions and let them stand in cold \ralcr lo cover for one hour. One teaspoon salt to one medium-sized onion is a good proportion to use. iiiti mid chop very fine Put, ImUeT """ 5liCCS °' brc " d ma | Do not let butler discolor, stir | In salt, sugar nnd iimslanl nnd when pcrfeclly smooth slowly add water .nnd vinegar, stirring ' constantly. • Cook over a low lire iinlll Ihlck nnd smooth. Remove from nre nnd Mir In cog volks and juice of lemon. Let stand mill] cool nnd combine .with cream which has been whipped unlil' firm. Chill ' before lislng Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bnrlley anil Ihrce children, of Owensboro, Ky., nro: siKMuilng several clays here as guesls or Mr. nnrt Mre. w. M. Hartley. - : Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Wraighl and dnughler, Stira, nnd Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Martin wercMn Jonesboro Friday • nfternoon. Mis.-Bob'Smith, of Holland, is resting very Well nt -Hie Biylhc- Ullc hospital niter having : undergone n major oirernllon several days ago. Mrs. V. 'R. Fox, of Manila, is n patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mr. Uncl Mrs. Carl Davis nnd son, Cnrl Jr., nre at Hardy for the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Carpenter nre expected to return Monday .- from a two weeks motor trip | through the New; England states 1 nnd points ol Cnnda. . 'Miss- Vayc Lnnc will nrrlvo home Sundiiy from a vacation "spent in Weir, Miss., where! she formerly lived. : Russell Phillips underwent a minor throat opcviillon ycslcrdny at the Memphis Methodist hospital. He returned home this morning. • Mr. and .Mrs. Hubert Potlcr and daughter, Snooky, are visiting in points of Mlchlgnn. Tliey .plan ' lo return nbout August: 1. Mrs. O. W. McCutcbcn and Mrs. C. M. Gray were In Memphis and ciJrnt i T°' Cclcry Mrs ' 1<ln s »« "<>»*. Pf Meni- tlon tor I, ?, KCOfl comblna- phis, arrived last, night for n These mn J: Belnble sa »n*'iclics. brief slay with Mr. and Mrs. ,s used curd " ot P«""cltls Wedticsriay at the Bly- mayonnaise will n*i stand: Mr. and Mrs Joc P ' Prlc , c i, .Tr^^-^ at home. ' ^ ^ IWn *^ wllh Mrs ' VM ^ V"'*" Htr ''^ cf Memphis, ha, ^c ( cinicM C ai T ' 1C - eU " C - C fl ' r " 1 ' sht '°i lr '""'«i»^%ls 0 '\i C !mu«l Mr v,-icatto"! 'nrp i oi «i run me let-1 Jinvnig tilrcndy visited in Ncw •UL , io n t inc orcjicl nud there Orlcin^ no unappetizing willed' Miss ' Rebecca Holloway, of ,, . ! I . ! Memphis, is the guest ot Ken «ie recipe for a salad t Garrison for (he week-end. 1 Ihink you 11 like, for , Mrs. S. C. Alexander and dau- • (U,! Ehter, Naomi Boyce. of Tallulah. Ln.. arc \-isitliig Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Owen. Mary Emily Wilson, dnujhtcr picnics. Picnic Salad Dressing Three tablespoons liuttcr, 3 ta- nour, •! tablespoons su- ' ••... teaspoon while is visitins relatives in Hope, Ark. ' 1 1 -\ CU P. **• ««l »rs. C. W. Doherty cr«m ,i', , CUI> • whl P-i an " danshtcr. Ann, and Mrs. Joe !?•' J . 1Cm °"' • TO", of Fort Atkinson. Wls., have t butter and stir. In ..nour. been visiting Mr. and Mrs B B FIRST BAPTIST iCllllRCH Walnut and Eighth ' Alfred Carnchtcr, Pastor 9:1)0 A. M., anliday school. 10:35 A. M., Worship service by Dr. H. E. Wallers. Special music—Mrs. RusscirFarr ami .T. II. Hnyrnis. r' U:30 r. M., Baptist- Training Union. 1;30 P.. M., Worship service. Mrs. Hnrry Fritntils will bring a message in KOHK. CIIVRCH OF T1IK NAXAHENE Vine & Second Sts. : . HHTmoii Holt, jiabtor' Sunday ,SRhooi, 9:-15 a.m. E. L. Evans, supt. Morning worship, 11 n.m. "Drink of the Cup of the Master." The Lord's Slipper will be served after the sermon. N,' Y. P. S. 7 pm., Mrs. J. C. Crlner, president. . Evangelistic service, 8 p.m. Ry- Icc's -<iuartet will sing. Wednesday nigtit. the Woman'.s Missionary society will have charge of the service and will have u program In which members will tlrcss lo represent .various countries. , • . ' ' ' ' , ^ ' ASSKMIU.Y:OF <1OI> CHURCH 7ih & Ash Sts. . Sunday school, 0:45 a.m. Morning service, 11 am. Jail service, 4:30 p.m. Jr. C. A. class, 5:30 p.m. Sr. C. A. class, 6:45 p.m. Evangelistic sermon, 8 p.m. The Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Miller, of Ohid, . who are in n revival campaign in the tent OH Sixt hstrcct, are preaching some inspiring gospel messages to large crowds each evening.. One night next week Mrs. Millei will give lier testimony, telling how she was converted from the stage as a professional tap dancer, ntid from the Roinan Catholic faith. The Young People will conduct a street service Saturday night at 8 p.m. on First and Main sts., and the public is invited to each of the services throughout next week. FCRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH S. H. Salmon,. Pastor "God's Answer To Pharaoh" is the tillc of ttie sermon lo be delivered by Hit; paslor in the morning worship hour beginniiv at 11 o'clock. In Ihc evening worship service the message will be on the subject "Real Drouth Relict.' Sunday church school; will; ample facilities for any and all will begin promptly In all departments at 9:« A. M. ni.GRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH It. .T. Klcmdlnnsl, Pastor Snnday school, 9 A. M. Morning worship. 10 A. M. Sermon theme: "The Law's Threefold Purpose." No evening services during July and August. A cordial welcome Is extended to all. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Seventh and Main W. V. WomicV, Pastor Let nil who can possibly do so find their place in the public worship services on the Sabbath. We Invite the public to all our services. Church school, 9:45 a.iru Church worship, 10:55 a.m. The pastor's subject will be, "Paul, a Soldier of the Cross." Leagues, 7:15 p.m. Evening worship, 8 p.m. Sub- jeot, "Wisdom and Folly of Solomon." 1AJXORA rSAPTIST CHURCH U P. Vlcmmlng, Pastor 9:15 a.m., Sunday school. J. M. Majors, superintendent. 16:55 a.m.. Pleaching service 7 p.m., D. T. U.'s. 8 p.m.. Evening service. LUXORA METHODIST CHUIiCH Jas. T. Handle, Pastor 10 a.m., Sunday school, Mrs. Site Brown, superintendent. 7 p.m., Young People's Organi- Thcrc's nothlmr hewer in floor roieriujs .(ban the hani-sculptured chcmllc rii* (above) Tl.c ermi hint- of (he upholstery is repeated In the border of the rug which k woven «f soft beitc with -v dcqirr brawn design. A wclion of » provlm:!.-,! hom«pm, ru,; (ri B ht) sl.ows its fubric-likc pattern, made of soft mulU- .olors mill the chevron shape, oullinrrt in black. . An aiitlienlic Scotch Tartan in-spirc,! (| le plaid r uf , a s^,ion of wl.ich is shown (left). H a l.m backeromrf, hl«c ana ,;rcen ovcrplaid, u,,rt harrow , ta ra «r red and while at wirte intervals. (From Fir tli Carpet So., N. Y.) 11V l,Al)l(A I.OU BKOCKMAN NBA Service Staff C'nrrcspnndciit NEW YORK _ Porlmps you llilnk there's no style to a rug. If you do, then your-place is ut Hie foot of the class in home decoration. The .brand, new rugs coinhu; from . the looms these days—and they're coming fast, for lhe ncw season is just opening— arc us carefully styled, as up- to-tbe-miimlc in design as any Irlm little ; Imported gown with a Paris lubel. . The new rugs show a market, tendency toward inodcriilnm. It's there, even in the most, conserva- llvc Daltcrns. Often the strictij 1930 note is shown, not in a pattern ill. all, but In an unusual weave or texture. There -arc rugs thai copy tivucd and homespun .cllccls. There nre olliers, woven of novelty yarns to give a pebbly siii-fncc—prac- tical because it rielics the marks oven of children iind dogs. Plaids seme of them authentic rcprodiic- lions of celebrated Scotcli (nr- tans, arc very much in Ihu forefront of ri\g design. Orcalcr Variety of Sizes Another /adornment in rugs for fall Is air answer to American women who—certainly not unreasonably — • have demanded rugs made to fit their homes. .'.For years the standard ; rug has been !) by 12 feel, but, there is no such thing as a "standard rcom." Instead, rooms In homes and apnrtmetits are of such varied shape nnd size requirements Hint the old 9 by 12 rug is com- plclely out of date. This year manufacturers have adopted what is known ns a "comprehensive size plan," which means thai ccrlain rugs may bs bought in as many as 28 different sizes, beginning »t 27 ty 51 inches, nml enlitrgfiiK every 18 Inches up to 12 by 21 feet. Such flexibility gives Ihc purchaser almost a custom-made size rug for Individual room rcniiircments. Madc-lo-Orrtcr Chenille Rn»s CJnitc the most ultrn-elcsa'nce n floor coverings is to be had 'in hand-fashioned chenille rugs, shown for the first time this year Custom-made only, these are! Those whose pockelbooks will stretch suiTicicndy may choose Iheir own colorings and designs In ordering si:c|, a rug. . They may have It. marie lo an'v desired specific a lions, with a climik out here or there to alloiv for a bookcase, a fireplace or an ocld-sliapcd corner. All the ncw rugs have color in abundance, but shaded softly ahd unobtrusively. In solid color rugs, the choice Inch'des ail increasing number .of pastels—silver gray, lijlit, fcicgc. subtle ;rccns, wood tones and rust, with blue coming oti rapidly ns a rival. ' Millet May Become Tasty Breakfast Food ABERDEEN. S. D. (UP) — TllD breakfast food center of America may move westward, successful experiments here with millet as a morning meal cereal indicate. The experiments were conducted by A. W. Schnuer!e. Aberdeen miller, who steam-exploded millet in a breakfast food-making apparatus 16 eight times normal size. The results were pronounced by Dr. N. E. Ifanscn. of South Dakota Stnlfl College, as "tasty cereal, the cqiml of puffed wboat In flavor nnd retaining a langy flavor other grams lose In undergoing the same process," Since - millet i s a dry-wenlhcr crop, It can be grown successfully 'n South Dakota, u r . Hanson salcV DANVILLE, l>a. (U P) _ slrc . l ^ lined or-not, all Imlns , )a X- llirough Danville cannot Invlu v exceed eight miles an hom-i y .The borough council i ms been Di-tlcrccl to enforce nn olrt O rdl nance prohibiting train's f ron ", moving, faster than eight mile" nn hour. Trainmen are subject to Hues from $10 (o 520 for viola- lions. • Decision to enforce the ordinance c;i:nc after Councilman Ed- ivarel Waul reported trains were Iravellnj through the borough nt =0 miles an hour. COOLEST Sl'OT IN TOWN! I Saturday Only Border Patrolman Ann corijc O'Urien & |>ollv CaiToOll A; SPllTl "fl...( ^ . i, Final Cliapter ^ Gu """ 1 Admission M ;l lh,,. c & NIM m Saturday Midnight %rshow -..; Show starls promptly at U:30juii. I Luxora Society —-Personal Dr. and : Mrs. E. R. Bogan wcrc Memphis visitors Monday. Miss Catherine Davis, who has been in El Paso, Texas, for two weeks, is expected home next week. ' Miss Lillic Wells of Ucland, Fin., was a visitor in the borne of Mrs. O. G. Waller 'Thursday and Friday. Mrs. R. N. Forbes and Mrs. Eula Landrum are leaving lor Dawson .Springs, Ky., Sunday. They will be away two weeks. Mrs.; Charlie Thomas has as her giiest her nislcr, Catherine Tennyson, of Arkadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Joe , Powell motored to Cnmdcn, Tcnn., Friday to visit refativcs 'of Mrs. Powell. Their ciaujhlcr, Mrs. W. D. Mc- Clrrkin and Mr. McClmtin, of Diytlicviile. who arc attending summer school at Peab:dy college, 'will join Ihcm on Sunday to spend the day. "; : . .-•. , Mrs. Ellioll Williams had n.i h-i- ;ucsto Wednesday attra-noon for jridgc, Mines. Joe Hires, Sam Bowon, T. P. Hudson, R. C. Lang- itcn, Rtisscii ijowcn, Lena Gii- Icsple, L. C. Walters, John Crpd- :lock. R. T. Baliew. Sue Brown. Grovcr Driver and Charlie Mili' . I" tlic bridge finnics, Mrs Craddock was jiicscntcd n lim- cliccn set as high score award, second high went to Mrs. Gil- tcspic, a balli set, and lo Mrs Sam Binvcn, n party handkerchief, for low. * • * When Mrs. Thos. Dale Wllklns was irostcss lo seven tables of bridge Friday afternoon, cards were played in the Scout hut where bouquets and baskets of flowers made an at tractive set ling. 'Hie guests included Mrs. Donald Werlz, Mrs. E. S. - Crihfield nnd Mrs. Edward 8'egravcs, of Csccola; Miss Cnllicott, of Union City, Tcnn.; Mtss Catherine Tennyson. of Arkadclphia mid Miss Edith Lyons, of Memphis. Mrs. Wcrtz won a chromium plated ice tub for hijh score. Second higi, ncut. (Q Mrs. Charlie Thomas, a red Venetian rlass towl, low score went to Mrs. T. F. Hudson, n baking dish, and Babe Hires received the ert prize, n candy dish. ORDERS TAKEN FOB "BEENAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper M^s. A. c. Haley 1103 Chickasawba Phone 192 zations. Missionary Society, Tuesday afternoon. - n MANI.KY TOURS • n-m. Hold, Memptih All Expense Tours to Dallas each Sat., $23.00 Sin. E. A. Tea ford Osceola, Ark. rhonc 101 ANNOUNCING NEW EQUIPMENT which we have ji, = t installed in our Dry Cleaning Department, making it one of the most modern plants in Arkansas. A new distilling system just installed enables us to thoroughly restore om- cleaning solvent to its original condition. Tlie ordinary plant reclaims its solvent with a caustic solution wlnrli removes vegetable and annual fat?. o ui . ncw ( ]j s y|]jM K S y K . tern, liiwwrr, removes AM/ oils, including mineral and petroleum grease.', which will not clarify in a caustic solution.' This system enables us to always clean your garments with a pm -c, oil-free solvent. BI,YTI1EV!LLK LAUNDRY Phone 327 in the ilng or on a park teach/' ..J CHARLES BICKFORD : Florence Rice •. • -.Billy Bumid ' nobeitAllea B/<Jt r •^ -,. -, D. Rw. Iod«maal v ,v \ 'A COLUMBtA PlCTUSe " \J I j Aitmission oOc- pitis lr IT\ to nil ^ Sunday - Monday Faiaincunl News & \cvclty sliorls. Admission Jl.itincc & Night io c * S5c willt Ic ta\. Ccnljmicirs =hd«-- inff. TJ./K.SDAV, ,fUJ ; Y 2K—'• liAN'K NIGHT! .—COJIIXO SOON'-- "EAKTIIiVOlf M T U A (J T O n S 1 ' "illi Jca E. KroH'ti. "voi'iis 1'oit TIU: ASKING" «ilh Gccrgr, Ilafl. "CKKEN PASTUKKS" with Ilex Insiiiin. '•RHYTHM OX THE RANtiK" with !!inj Crosby. "1'OOIt I.ITTU; IUUH Gllil." witii SIiirlEy Temple and Alice Flaye.

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