The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1944
Page 8
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'' FACE EIGHT BAAF Subdues 1,5-3 _ 4 ParnelJ Takes Over • -Mound In Fourth To >Trim Tcnncsseans Tho BAAF. Baseball Team khock- ed'ofl another favorite In the dope- books, ori the 1944 MidSouth Service Camp Tburiiament, to be held at Memphis the last of the month, by defeating the Dyersburg, Term.; Army Air Field nine 5-3 there yesterday, ': Dycrsburg ruled with the Greenville. Miss., Army Air F:old aggregation; and the Fourth Ferry Command team of Memphis, as favorite to Will top honors In the coining tournament, according to sports writers of the Commercial Appeal, The men of tbn BAAF evidently had failed to read their hosts', clippings, how :vcr, ftt* they treated llic Dyersburif! - nine with disrespect throughout the fray. Earl Lnvell started the game for Blythevlllc and did well until the fourth Inning when the breaks went against him. He went to the showers with the score reading 3-2 In ftvor of the Tenncsseniis and Lefty Mel Parncll entered the game. From then on, Dyersburg didn't have a chance. Pariiell allowed only two hits, both of them of the fluke variety. In the meantime, Blythe- vlllK's big guus had gone into ac- Uoii. Start Sergt. Mack McWhor- Ur, first baseman, slammed n fourth inning triple that scored two runs. In the seventh! Sergt. Frank Sproul, outfielder, also spanked n triple into the most remote regions of the diamond, -scoring one run and bringing the- BAAP'; tolal to 5 tcI.Hes. Tim results of the game showed riyeisbiiru-wlth 3 runs, 6 hits mid 2 errors.- Blythevillc made 5 runs on 9 hits and had 2 errors. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER JEWS it* DOPE BUCKET BX I. t. KETAIXS GRID LESSON'S Notes from my little black "dojic" book: encouraging news for Bill Al- Mnnder, football conch at the University of Georgia—your former star pupil, Clint Castlcberry,. who now is nn aviation cadet at the Blythc- ville Army Air Field and soon will receive his coveted wings and commission as second lieutenant, apparently has not forgotten at least one of liis important grid lessons that you tnuglit him. . . Clint has not lost the art of tackling . . . This fact was attested by a whole host High School, Is manager of the crack post baseball team alia doing Qujlc well, thank you I ARKANSANS SHINE AT BOXING Arkansas Is represented in the boxing ring ... ulythevllle's own Don Burton, who ivns rated at one time os one of the most promising mlttmcn In the business, is a cor- Chlef oj the glove sling- poral, . . - l'ig brigade is Staff Sergt. Jesse Clom»nts, who once wore the Mid- South and state AAU boxing titles. . . . Sergt. Clements, a dead rltig- er 'for -Marvin Sanderson, former of GI personnel and officers during Luxor'a coach who nowH to na field day_ program .last Saturday, ,, t and stationed at Fort Bliss ", C ± ta ^ t0 ," °1J 1C ™. n "" U !*«*•.: '» "oxlng coach The celebration of the second anniversary of the field. . . Clint combined his football talents to win 525 during the exciting prograin. . . flow? ... By catching a greased pig. . . His method was .simple, but oh, how effective! ... He threw a flying tackc on the streaking nuwr- back that would have brought down the most powerful back In the co'.m- try, and without a doubt would have brought smiles of sat isf net Ion from you . . . The jyorker never knew what hit him . . . After the terrific impact, all Clint had to do was hoist the wind-blown animal on his shoulders, then go collect the fllinrter-century notes . Nice Swimming Class To Start Tuesday At Walker Park Boys and girls uf Blytheville again will hate (he opportunity of learning! to swim correctly through the > Red' Cross Safety Swimming program to be inaugurated Tues-! day morning at (Walker Park pool. Failure of the pool to open on the'' : dntc planned prevented the frpc lessons from beginning this week but final registration can be made -Tuesday morning, 9:30 o'clock, prior-to the first class. Beginners will be taught from 10 until, 10:45 o'clock and classes for more experienced swimmers will begin at-10:45 o'clock with these to be helrt each Tuesday and Thursday morning for about six weeks. ' -•.••• Mrs: George M. Lee, Red Cross Safety Swimming chairman, and Miss Alice Sallba, who again will serve us instructor, are in charge of the project which promises lo be very popular with children ot this city. The Red Cross civic project Is free but children using laundry bags belonging to the pool must pay -10 cents dally -for laundry charges but thcy^ will be 'permitted to come to the pool In bathing eults for lessons to save this expense, it has been pointed out. work—if you can do III COLLECTS ATHLETIC STAKS flip principal business of the Blytheville Army Air Field Is to equip the young American! birdmen with training and oxj>erlciicc In Iwin-enghie flying. . . But'in the process a whole raft of athletic talent of all sports branches Is being assembled at the base ... . Some of the s)K>rts stars are more or less permanent fixtures; others In the transient process as aviation a(lets, or student officers. . . For Instance, there ts Capt. Martin Biles, University of California track slur and holder of the world's AAU javelin record. . . He leaves Friday for New York City to defend his spear Hurling honors ... He will 'be accompanied by Pfc. David Murphy, Merryvillc (Mo.» Teachers College, who competes In his half-mile specialty . Pfc. Murphy finished fourth in the event last year . Football is represented by Student Officer John Chlckinero, a member of the University of Plltsburgl' "dream backfleld" In 1931 .'• . . . Goldberg and Cassino were members of that famous quartet . . Lieut. Monrovia Angel, who gainei "Little All-America" fame in 193' with Appalachian State, N. C,, Is here . . . So is Lieut. Cecil Slg- mon, who has .'played consldcrabli pro ball . . . John Gnffney, who played In two Bowl games, the Su gar mid Orange, with the University ot Tennessee, and would have trckct lo the West Const for the Blue Jill) ton nose Bowl, claxslc had ho ,re mined In school, is a flying off! er. . . . The P. T. department 1 tudded with former Arkansas lu linarics . . . Lieut. Bill Adapts, ori f Arkansas State College's great st field generals, Is physical train ng officer and doing a swell Job. Its first aide, Ucut. Cecil Garrison f Scarcy, played with Southwest rn of Memphis . . . Stuff Sergl lobcrt Tubbs, product oi L'lltle Roc' Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE - . . W. L. Memphis 29 Atlanla . 27 Little Rock .'•.: 27 Birmingham 25 Khoxvlllc...' 22 Nashville .20 Chattanooga •.. 16 New Orleans . 15 31 .326 AMERICAN. IE AGUE W. L. Pet. xSt. Louis 30 23 566 Boston .... 2S 23 .549 Detroit ,27 25 22 Pet, 17 .620 18 .COO 20 .573 21 .543 22 .500 25 .4-14 27 .372 xChicago . 22 24 xNcw York . .... .23 24 Cleveland 25 28 ^Washington . 24 21 Philadelphia . .- 22 27 x—Night game. NATIONAL LEAGUE \V. L. St. .Louts> \ 34 xPittsbiirgh xcincinnatl . New-York . Brooklyn . Boston . ... Philadelphia Chicago . .. 26 20 "25 24 23 59 16 .519 .411 .488 .472 .470 .449 Pet. .094 .564 .530 .510 .480 .434 .413 .364 Barns are good targets for lightning because the body ot warm air inside favors passage of electricity. A bellarmine is an ancient stoneware jug. • • .. 8II,BER\AGEL & CO., INC. j , - tUtte Rock, Ark. 'resiling field is paced by Stall 'crgl. Chris BcJkas, also holder of hnlf-dozcii or more weight lUt- IB titles . . . Staff Scrgt. John 'ill, Olympic weight champion; Is olng a lion's share In condltion- ng the boys ... So (ltd Staff Scrgt. Doc" Smith, tumbling expert and ormer professional wrestler, who rc- -eritly went ifito combat. . . EK- ellont proof of fine baseball talent s the current post team . . . staff 3ergi. Mclyln Parncll, young soulh- a\v, is considered a sure-fire major euer . . . Scrgt. Jimmy Brown, x-St. Louis Cardinal captain and ,iortstop, now with the Fourth Fery Group and stationer! at Metn- his, Is unusually high on Frank Red), Sproul, hard hitting out- leldcr, and First Baseman Mack WcWhorter . . . Stall Sergt. Wal- :r Blnlek caught foe Pcnsiscola, In., in the Southeastern Lcnguc Hass B, before donning the GI llv- cry. OAGK TAI.KNT PLENTIFUL Basketball talent, literally Hows on the fie" - — section .... Major Piilrldgo, who coached the officers, gained considerable fiunc with Rochester University . , . Lieut. Hoy Dcevers played In fast semi-pro company after four glamorous years at Southwestern ol Kansas where ho was high scorer for two. . . . Lieut,. Ifnrold McOulfey Is considered one of the finest products turned out ill Western Kentucky Slate, cage hotbed, Lieut. Jnck Kcefc was a member of the lamed House of David Scrgt. E. H. (Soupy) Campbell was an Albright mnn star . . . Same for Sergt. Jacob Meyer at Loyola of the South — - • ' . Lieut. Allen of Oklahoma, New Orleniis, La. Hurley, University _ served ns assistant tennis coach at tlic University of Iowa while doing graduate work there. . . He played football and also wrestled at Ills Almn Mater . . . Ucut. Richard N. Smith, base special service of/leer, was one of the nation's -ranking ping-pong players. . . . Graduate of the University of Iowa, Lieut. Smith won the California state championship one year. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LKAGUK NIGHT GAMES: Memphis 8, Nashville 7. ' • Atlanta 14, New Orleans 3. Birmingham G-9, Chattanooga 2- Littlc nock 3, Knoxvlltc '2. AMERICAN I.KACUIK Boston C-5. Philadelphia 4-0. Detroit 3-11, Cleveland 0-3. New York C, Washington 2. > St. Louis 10, Chicago 3. $' NATIONAL LEAGUE : St. Louis 10, Chicago 0. Night games: :' Brooklyn at New York, rain. I'.' Cincinnati 3, Pittsburgh 2. •'; Boston at Philadelphia, rotn. Bead Courier New« Want Ads. Wanted 1943-1944 GOVERNMENT Will bring $7 to $8 per bale :-,'.;, i '• Before you sell see L0UIS APPLEBAUM Glencoe Hotel Blytheville, Ark. Phone 464 WAS FOOD ADMDftSISATlOM yftlti of To tho Vtn 0. S. Su£pl *H Vomrn rreopilllofl of your exception*! record IT IM pro- icll (in of proeemd foorJi, iha «%r Twd A-r-inUlralion, n lh» rect«v,->nllcn of Ihe Of/io* of Mslrlbullon 1* ^«? Thli *»irvl li ay-ii flc^n over ynr ej Tour oil*l»n4lAC f d by trw -A" IXa;, to t rtljr jro-jri. War, Food Administration ACHIEVEMENT "A" AWARD For food processors This is Uncle Sam's newest »w«rd of honor—the War Food Administration's Achievement "A" Aw«d for food processor* with outstanding production records. In selecting plants for this award, WFA will consider, first of all, quantity and quality of production in tho light of available facilities. Additional stars will be given in subsequent seasons to signify maintenance of the record. "Outstanding ProJud/on Records" AND "Quantify and Qualify" HAVE WON SPECIAI RECOGNITION FROM THE WAR FOOD ADMINISTRATION While our plant at Belleville, Illinois, has been devoting its entire efforts to producing foods for the Armed Forces we have not been able to supply civilians with all the JflQQtto- Finer Foods you have wanted. But, we know there isn't one true American Housewife who wouldn't skimp to keep our own and our Allies' troops well supplied with good, wholesome food. ., There are a few ShOQfa- Foods going to retail stores. Watch for them. B.$. SUPPIGER COMPANY SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI BEIUVUU, ILLINOIS COUINSVILII, IUINOIS M CONVERSE, INDIANA MT. SUMMIT, INDIANA r n League Leaders j-fln the Southern ontinue To Win By United Press ' Memphis and Atlanta coiitlmic o lead the Southern Association jack, and each lias been doing as ,'cll ns could possibly be done. The Chicks and'the Crackers last night von their fifth straight games •gainst second-dlvlslln 1 opponents. It took Memphis 16 Innings to icat Nashville, but the Chicks did t. Each club made four runs dur- iis the extra innings, first . the tols and them Memphis, so the score kept tied up. Dut (lie Chicks Kirtc one without a mate In the 6th, raid won by 8 to 7. Atlanta meanwhile was sweeping ts scries with New Orleans in easy itshlon. Tht Crackers won H to 3 s Charlie Cozart limited the 1'cl- cans to four hits. Birmingham heat ' Chattanooga wlce, 8, to 2 and 0 to I mid trenglhened their hold on fourth ilnce. Bob Ferguson and Walter -Illncr were the winning hurlcrs. And In (lie night's other game. -Itllc Eock won a pitchers duel iclwcen Trcichcl and Osdcn by rating the Kiioxvllle Smokies 3 lo The rlglit-hniid licnilllghlfl of all nolor. car's;In ArgcntlnEi. Jirc erccn. THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 19-M Today's Games SnV'tUKKN LKAGUK Knoxvillc at Memphis, two night Nashville at Little Rock, two. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Jteton at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Only games scheduled, AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Boston New York at Washington, night. Only games scheduled. Snake Won't Go 'Way WELDON, 111, (UP)_ JO },,, Fo!o . well, a rallroaj section laborer, swears lie found a "homing snake" here recently, while at work he MincjcroM a six-foot bull snake 3S^C&Tu&TS£Rfte and took It home with him. For al "Boiiofire," or Werallv "firi> few days It was displayed at the I bones," was the oi"giii of our " " nf and re " lovcd to B. p. Wcne's home. The next morn- iiyre ing, the reptile was found basking in Folowcll'ii back yard. Taking the snake far down the tracks, he released It, hoping for the best, but in a few days was greeted by a hissing sound near his house—the' same snake. Folowel) says this time I he's going to try the tlmberland for the home-loving wriggler. to MEDICATED POWDER 40 YEAR FAVORITE —with thousands of families, mil relievo itching irritation of minor skin rajhw— baby sdinpcrrash. SprinkleonMeiMD* tho Moth ing. medicated powdc r contoln- Flour Distributor Wanted: To act as Flour, manuf; a jobber or retailer for famous KANSAS SEAL Family »,-<i r "ufaclurod for over 50 years by Barton County Flour Mills of Great Bend, Kansas. Interested only In an aggressive or- eantaiUon as 11 |iermanent distributor. Can ship mixed cars con- taiMliig 200 cwts. of flour, 400 cwts. MH.LPEED. Will bo willlnc to carry reasonable amount of advertising. For further informa- lion get in touch with FRED H. DESENDORF Kansas City, Mo. 300 Victor Building, Show Pop- He's Tops! v Father's Day Sunday, June 18 Another Day and All's OK Man wanfs but. little below or' above—in summer. Rut whatever that JiUJe is ... for night or day . . . we're glad to say we have it for him. Blazer Stripe Pajamas, ftiJl-cut for comfort, for instunce. Sizes A, B, C and D. Sturdy h.50 broadcloth at 0 up Shirts—lots of them lo keep from caught in a laundry A .24 « up Foulard Tics arc Kuod picking now—the more you rotate (hern (he longer < .55 they wear From I Accessories of every lypc include, "f course bold summer bells and braces, from IIOTCIICJ gum Is full of spice— EVKIIYONK says HOTCHIJ's nice! Spring and Summer ruwt- UP Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Belter Performance! T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dt»l*r P«rti & Benin Ul W. Aih I'bene tm CHICKASAW West Main Near 21sl St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:15 Night shows 5:45 . Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "THE GAY SISTERS" with Barbara Stanwyck & George Brent and "FLY BY NIGHT" with Nancy Kelly & Uichard Carlson Friday and Saturday Double Feature "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS" with Johnny Mack Brown and "A NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS" with I'rcslon Foster SERIAL: "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" Uonald Duck Comedy lso full-form and anklet are good buying 40 SOX 1 C up Shorts are always buyers' choice in July. Fine fitting, easy to gel in and out of; pro-shrunk—cool. Sizes 30 to 42 They're Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 R. D. Hughes & Co. Last Time Today 'Princess O'Rourke 7 with Olivia DcVavilnnci & Koljerl Cumminss News of the Day Short Friday and Saturday 'Black Market Rustlers' willi The Range iiuslcrs & Kvclyn Finley SKKI.H,: "King of the Mounlics" NEW THEATRE Manila^ Finest Shows Nightly «U 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday »t i Last Time Today 'CROSS OF LORRAINf with ricrrc Aumonl & Gene Kelly Fox Nws A Short Friday "DEER SLAYER" Kith Bruce Kellogg and Jean Parker Serial A- Short w-a,.-. >,.

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