The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 16, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Rent Directors Meet in Kansas Blytheville Official Returns from Topeka ^ With Data on New Act Significant rights are given landlords, tenants and veterans In the 1949 rent control program, according to C. A. Cunningham, area rent director tor Blytheville, who returned today from an Intensive three- day course on the new rent control law. The special conference was held May 9 to 12 iu Wichita. Kas. "Through a series of work cessions conducted by Housing Expediter' Tighe E. Woods and other representatives of the Office of the Housing Expediter, we were able to gain a clearer picture of the new provisions of the 1949 Act." Mr. Cunningham said. "As » result, we are belter prepared now to extend to all landlord.';, tenants, and veterans the benefits to which they are entitled under the 1949 Housing and Rent Act." The regional conference devoted considerable time to methods of quickly handling landlords' petit- Ions under the new fnir net operating Income provision, Mr, Cunningham said. These methods will be followed In the local office which serves Blytheville and Mississippi County. Another session was devoted to ^ke rights of tenants and loandlords fjladminjstrative proceedings. Under the 1949 regulations, either the tenant or landlord may appeal any rent office order on eviction rent adjustment which was issued at the request of the other party. This procedure assures the right to be heard In any matter affecting the tenant's or landlord's accomoda- Feature* of New Law Explained Among other new provisions of the rent control program studied at the regional conference are these: 1. Th« right of the Housing Expediter to control evictions. 2. The right of the Housing Expediter to seek Injunctions and to B»e for treble damages in cases of rent overcharges arid other willful violations of regulations. S. Responsibilities of the Renl Advisory Board In making studies and recommendations on recontro] or decontrol of areas, general ren' Increases, (ind in conducting hear- Ingi requested by landlord or tenant groups. 4. RitcontrollinK accomodatlons which were decontrolled tinder pre- vioiia legislation. Including trailer ^^•aces, units not rented for an; ^mtinous 24-month period between February !. 1945. ami March 30 1948, and units decontrolled when a voluntary rent Increase was term, Inatsd prior to April 1. 1948. 5. Extension of veterans prefer ence to additional types of new housing construction, and for eacl re-sale or re-renting. 'Molotov Plan/ Red Answer to Atlantic Pact, Forges a Military Bloc from Poland to China EDITOR'S NOTE: How will Russia ent scale. Specifically It answer Die Atlantic Pact? How docs Riissl* plan to use China's manpower? What has Vyncheslav Molotov been up to since he relinquished the Russian foreign ministry !i> early March? Where are Bulganln and Mlkoyan, who dropped out o( sight at the same time'? Here Is a highly circumstantial explanation obtained by NEA's special European Correspondent, Leon Dennen, from sources on the Coni- nlform which have previously proven trustworthy. Dennen, who has just returned to Paris after visits with state department officials ;n Washington, cabled his desk "This, seems to me. Is the most Impor- ant story that has come my way a long time." The United postolfices. States has 41.60C PrizeWinner lls for: 1. Unification under a cen(ra) Moscow agency of all military, ec- Industrial and financial Hy I.eon Dennen NKA Sp«'lal Correspondent PARIS —INEA)— Russia's alls•i r to the Atlantic Pact—a "Mol- tov Plan" for a military and ec- nomlc bloc that will extend from he Baltic city ol Stettin In Poland o the city of Canton—Is hiR forged in the Kremlin. Tile renewed Communist offen- ive In China may be the first step ii activating the plan. While the Russians spread rumors f new peace gestures In the Cold War In Germany, the master plan is }clns; put together by some top 'olltburo members tnvolvd In the Soviet cabinet shakeup early in March which puzzled the Western world. I have obtained this Information rom sources whose inside knowledge of the Comnlform has proven nstworthy on repeated previous occasions. These source* say the military .Iliancea, which will Include eastern Germany. Finland and China la wet! as the Russian satellite nations, is "the most significant international event since the rise of the Soviet sstate." The job of planning the bloc was given lo Vyacheslav Molotov, the thin-lipped, antagonistic vet- Iran of 21 years In the Politbureau who turned in his portfolio as Foreign Minister In the March 5 cabinet shift, presumably to work on the new "Molotov Plan/' Working with litm, according to lomniform sources, have been Marshal Nikolai A. Bulganin. who s Minister of Armed Forces In the cabinet until the shakeup; A. I. Mikoyan, who dropped his cabinet post as Minister of Foreign Trade; Laurenti Beria. head of the MVD (Soviet secret policel. and Georgi Dimitrov, who was recalled to Moscow from his job as Premier of Bulgaria. Dimitrov Is In bad health, but reliable informants Inside the Iron Curtain say he is neither desperately 111 nor in disgrace, as was rumored when he was recalled shortly after the cabinet changes. A.tormcr Soviet citizen and, * great favorite with Stalin, triese informants believe he has been recalled to take charge of an Intensified campaign against Tito and to resume his old job as general secretary of a revived and expanded Communist International. Foundation of the "Molotov Plan" is reported to be military and economic planning on a two contin- resources of the countries In Russia's sphere of Influence. 2. A Five-Yesr-Plan for all satellite countries, which will ultimately result In a. single system of communications and currencies strictly pegged to the rubble It not Identical with It. 3. An expanded Communist In- lemntloiia) which will replace the present limited Comniform. 4. The creation of an Intercontinental Eurasian army, which will be under the direct control of the Soviet General Staff and staffed by Russian officer! and political Commissars. Molotov himself, It is said, has Bulfanln: Inter- Mlkoyan: Inter- continent army, continent ruble. Price Day fabovcl of the Baltimore Sun *on the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished reporting on international affairs for a series he did on India's first year of Independence. (AP Wirephoto.) SWESTRU& EXPENSE! AvMtf extra«xp?(i»e by mUiac w»r* your trucks lie in »hip« foe ho< «u<her operation. See us for complete maoaer trwck prerwrspnn, incliwfinjc e«- tvtx-oo. nociCBtioo, •Ircmtii u»*i DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone «63 INTERNATIONAL IN BLYTHEVILLE! "~^TT^J y -,i: 'Hr;*, GEM CITY SHOWS SHOWS-RIDES-CONCESSIONS STARTS MONDAY, MAY 16 6 Nighfs and Saturday Matinee —NORTH 6TH STREET— Brought To You Under Auspices Of The American Legion 30 been designated as supreme coordinator of the foreign policies of all the satellite countries, while Marshall Bulganin Is charged with Molotml The supreme coordinator UKhtens Mnsco-'s grip. Albania. Hungary, Poland nnd Czechoslovakia, their "governments' >vill henceforth function on n pure ly local basis, directly subordinated to a central agency In Moscow pica Ided over by Mikoyan and Beria. England's King, Queen /nvite 3,000 to Tea At Buckingham Palace LONDON. May 16_(/p)_'n lrf thousand people will drop in 01 Klnx George nnd Qnccn Ell/nbetl for a cup of lea at Hiickinghar. Palnce next Wednesday nnd Thlirs dny. They'll be presented at court -i: the modern way—In one of the bi events of the social season. Th (flicsts Include 12!i Anifrlc/in <l|plti farming the Inter-continental Eurasian army. Although ciesigneo. primarily counteract the Atlantic Pact, will further tighten Moscow's grip | on the satellite countries where the ' "Titolst" nationalist heresy has of late been assuming alarming proportions. It Is not expected, however, that, Russia would court additional lion-1 ble with the Western powers by the' outright annexation of the satellite countries—a pattern followed In the case of Latlvla, Estonia and Uthil- | ania. Such an act of annexation would be an open violation of the Teheran and Yalta agreements. Tims, while the "Molotov Plan" does not necessarily Imply the formal disappearance nf such xnt- ellite Mates as Bulgaria. Romania. mats, debuantes and dowagers wh have gotten the nod from the king functionaries to come along and s! with royalty. *° | The Americans will be escorte Slayer of Two Seeks Release ' Self-Defens* Advanced by Slayer Of Wife and Escort UTI1JC ROCK. May !«. (yp> _ Release of an unemployed railway nail clerk accused of killnln his «liAnncd wile and her male communion wns .sought today. Defense Attorney Sam Robinson aid he would nsk that bond b* llx- d for Wesley K. Hunt, 40, who has >een booked by police on 'two harpcs of first degree murder, Robinson, former Pulaskl Couvfty nwecutor. said Hunt would plead self di'fc.nse. Dale for * hearing has lot b'.'rn set. Hunt Is accused of filing sevei'Hl 46 cali!>er pistol slue* through an open automobile wind"* Saturday night, killing his wile, Mrs. Mildred Hunt, 30, and Edwin Joe Finale. Deputy Prosecutor Tom Downle suld Hunt admitted the shooting. Fire, homicides and drownln^s claimed nt least seven other llvrs In Arkansas over the weekend. S'x-vcar-old TciTcnce O'Htnmh drowned In a stock pond nt Ills .udTniicntc' funn near A Salurdiiv. Tiie body wns recovered iev''ial hours later. Four children peri.shert rlu-ii fire destroyed their homr near North Little Rock the same clny. Sheriff Guy Hlckmnn said a SO- year-old Turin wnman, Mr.s. Vftllimle Heflln of near Atkins, was shot fatally In her lied Sunday by her husband, who then turned a rllle. on himself. He was Injured seriously. Franklin Hollnwny. 2fl. sprliig- duk 1 , itleil in a Fuyetlevllle liaspl- lal a few minutes slier he was slugged by a poo! cue lu a brawl nt Sptlnudale. A 1-owell man. Edgar M. McOarrah, W, was charged will) manslaughter. PAGE Voice for Voice? Known to millions ol Klti«»ni as Kyra Petrovskaya erf the. Moscow Th««ter, Russian war bride Mm. Elliot Shirk, of New Yovk, volunteered to broadcait over the Voice of Amtilcu. She wants to "tell the people of RUB- SIH Hie truth about Anieilc'u." Married in l«4« end In this country ahoiit two yeiri. Mrs. Shirk added. "Thii U paradise." Stale Department oMml* tit coasiderlng her ofter. Arkonson to Offer Substitute for Truman Proposals WASHINGTON, May 18. </D— President Truman'* clvt'l rights proposals will be up for a teal Dili week. Ailcansus' Brooks Huys said he would appear before House Com- mltlees Tuesday and Thursday to oppose, part of the President's program. Hays said he will offer allenm- tlve proposals for contUlerallon. One would submit the luesllon of iwll tux reiwal to the stales In form of a coiiKtlluMonal nnuMidnienl. The other would create * division of the Labor Department to work lo- ward iKin-cliitilinliiRUon in employment. Pulpwood "Harvest" Valued at $7,500,000 UMTI.K ROCK. MJIJ. 18. M>)_ Arkan.ixs titrms lusl yenr prodiUTd tl.760.000 worth of pulpwood. Harold A, Howcll, aurlcultniHl extension .service fore.ster, rei»rted. Read Courier News Wunt Ails. Jot Martin Retign* At Aide of McMath'i LVIT1J! ROOK, May 1». IJP>— Joe N. Martin, Jnnesbuio, Alk., Insurance executive, has resinned as :halrman of the Arkanua Board of Review. His resignation, effective 'Saturday, was Rtniniinced by Governor McMath. A successor has not been named, One robbery, burglary or theft Is committed every half-minute of every hour nf every day In the yr,v l.umljci mens Mutual Casualty Co. csllmales. by Ambassador Lewis Douglns. his King aim queen, (op hal topping ths bandage over the left eye he snagged with /Isliliook six weeks ago. Mrs. DotiRlas and their 20-year-old tlnnshter, Shnrmnii, pnl of Princess Elizabeth and Margaret, will go along. Only a fraction of the guests actually will be presented to the Don't Miss the Delicious SPAGHETTI SUPPER CEDARS CLUB —AIR BASE Tuesday, May 17 from 6 to 9 p.m. $1.00 I Call .<»«S Incltidinff I'ie & Coffee I F ()r Reservations Traffic Merit Through Damaged HoUomm NEW YORK, May ».'. (*) — Thi New York -bound tub* <X th* Holt land Tunnel, blasted utd ««u»d3 ' ei plosion and fire, tut been no*.' ened to vehicular triffk, but r*pt& work'U far from flnWwd, ; . , : The fhst autonv*IIe «UrUd through Hie damaged tub* at 4 p.m yestej'diy after the two-mil* tun. nel under the Hudson River ha4 been pronounced structurally »eund, The ea&tbound tube will b* cl«M</ however, from 7 p.m. to I ajn. lao>^ day through Friday nl«hl» until r*- p»lrs are completed . Workmen have removed all debrl* left by last Friday mornlnt'a flr«i set off by the exptoalon of a Mf truck, loaded with carbon dl*uI-> phide. A Camera Fans! Get cleir, sharp priitt at thrifty prict Hit to,.. M ,.(.J-, fM, i. 1^.4 K.V.i Alkxn. l,Mt l^*'l iMrf ft^lt. f,mikln« plint. Onl, ]J< \t, « .^ | M . fHiat ,.",1 III *rt t 't"'"t. M<! kit. PHOTO FINISHERS ku fla^l.iVe^ C-S —- .-|fL,Tirr. R«nd Want Adi STEEL BUILDINGS flfutnimtm AMMONIUM NITRATE I will h«ve a cur hert rient week for local distribution. Can mo If Interested, 'hones ,'M1R or .'115,1 Paul D. Foster Blylhevillc, Ark. C. A. Tani Consfmctlim Company Authorized Demlrr ft»r Butler Html Bulldtnii —Cieneral Contracting f. O. Bi>x H3 Thane KM Klythevllle, Ark. New 1 •id-HP PttkarA Safer Deluxe Touring Se<tjH—oni at ihi H new Gotdtn A.ntiivtn*ry Packard}. Thanks, Blytheville, fir the wayyoten celebmtin? our GoUen Anniversary f Soybeans For Sale State Certified Ogden Soybeans - - - bu. $3.50 (Blu/Tag) Burdetfe 19 Soybeans bu. $3.25 (Improved Arksoy Variety, Rtd Tag) * v: ' BURDETTE PLANTATION BURDITTE.ARK. Prior.*: Blythavilt* 782 Rent * Camera for Color Pictures The Meal w»y to rrmtmh*r •prtH^I occjuiiniiA. Also other type* of rani- era* for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G \V. Main Hume 3«47 4% HOME LOANS Klbcrt S. Johnson The Kciuitiible Life Assurance Society rhone SZ28 Krenlnia You've said "Just right" to the new Golden Anniversary line . . . I-i brilliant new models, in three broad price classes! 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