The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1966
Page 11
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BIythevini (Ark.) Courier New* - Monday, June tt, UM - Pip Etevti, OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Malar Hoopla OUT OUR WAY IV J. IL William TIZZY J"iVAS,FWcMAN,MILK.wOU^\I -»£ \fj/\ac IT?T Ifitnf rnh&smKiir'K' AlrtfiT AjEAeil w ppnec/^r fnnnl I \ °^ "OR6 n r I LOST CUNPIC^elVCB , VOW MEAHLY PERFECT FOOD.'J 1 ... 4i.iv TH iijrt, O( J T( JcnUT^inc TIM'S «HtiRWIlU(IE3UVEN r M VUB nly I tARRieo A S«BIT'« ATE- ink TOSOB IM MSUKARM! \ l^SL^fa^^SS? 1 ^ THEN A FSW WVS OF PITCHIN* IMTH6 BACK VARO ANO VOU'Lt. SE ABLE TO REJOIN 1COUI.O W.MA30B, BUT W9UVPNTTITOC ME MORE «OOD IP I ATS IT IN*IWD LITTtfe RABBIT BALL,TOO =v ?1) ,«i,,».i. 6 IT THAT TIME OP SON/YOUN6EDTHE REST. "Chuck says 'phooey* on the moon. He wants to be th» first man on Moral" "My father her* will be your 'little merchant' while I'm at camp. Save the complaints till I get back!" 111 a < s III I COM'T KNOW WHAT IT IS W Ir TO CO UJH6W VtJU SW(d UP, LOVABLE, BUT WHATEVER IT IS. A GOOD eoccA: CAM nap you! WONDERFUL! IM \ UJHATIUY? ASA ) STATKMAM, A WPIOMM; A SOCIAL WORKER, •me CWITED M\ PERHAPS ? O INC I; NU, he. Television—Timighr, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 OKtC Ctiiuiiie) 3 Man. June 20 6:00 Aaeus w And? «:30 To Tell Trutn 7:00 I've Got it Secret 7:30 Lucy 6bow 8:00 And; omntb 8:30 Haz>i 9:00 fluent Scouta 10:00 News 10:10 Weatner 10:19 Late Mom 11:91 NIWB & W»th« 12:00 Blen Oil Tues. Juno 21 6:15 Summer semester 6:45 Above the Clouds 7:00 Good Morning 7:50 CBS News 8:15 Capt. Kangeroo 8:00 I Love Imcy 0:30 Ret! McCoys HUM Andy ot MayDerrr 10:30 Dick V«n DJM 11:25 OBS New» 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 auidins Lishi 12:00 Dee. Bride 12:31) AS World Turns 1:00 Password 1:30 Houseparty 2:00 To Tell Trutn 5:25 CBS News 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Ktnrm 3:30 Early Movie 8:00 WREO-TV New« 5:25 WHKC-TV Weatn. 5:30 Walter Cronklte 8:00 Amoa *N' Andy 6:30 Dalttarl 7:30 Red Skelton B::30 Petticoat Junct. 9:00 CBS News .Spec. 9:30 Focus on Mem. 10:00 Ten O'clock News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Movie 11:55 News & Weather 12:00 Slen on WMCTr-Cftannel i Mon. June 20 6:00 News Report 6:15 Weather 6:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camera 5 7:00 Jhn. Forsythe 8. 7:30 Pr. KSldnre 8:00 Kraft Sum. MUB. 9:00 Run tot sour UI« 10:00 News 10:15 Norm BTewer Re. 10:20 Today In SptB. 10:30 Tonight Show 12:05 TV Uhapel 12:10 sign eft Tues. June 21 8:55 TV Chapel 7:00 Today 7:25 Today In Mld-S. 7:30' Today 8:25 Today, with Peg 8:30 Todav B:00'Eye 'Guess 9:25 NBC News 9:30 concentration 10:00 Morning Htar 10:30 Paradise BaJ 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 LeiB nay mm O. 11:55 Midday Report 12:00 Looney Zoo 12:30 Let's Mak« Oeil 12:55 NBC News 1:00 Days or our LjlTU 1:30 The Docton 2:00 Another World 2:30 Tou Don't Say 3:00 Route 66 4:00 Mlfce Douglns 5:30 Huntley-Brlnlcley 0:00 Neva ffnoort fl:10 Trt state Report <:1S Weatner Report «:20 Sports Report 6:25 earner* I Aept. 6:30 My Moth., the CRT 7:00 PI. Don't Eat. D. 7:30 Klldare 8:00 Tin. HIM Movlt 10:00 News. 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today in Sports 10:25 Weather 10:3o Tonignt Dnow 12:05 TV Chanel 12:00 News Mon. June 20 5:30 Mavrrlck 6:30 12 O'clock Hlfb 7:30 Jesse James 8:00 Mon. Nile Movie 10:00 Mid-South Newfl 10:15 Moving Weather 10:20 Late show Tues. June 21 ••Jd Dnrcr worn 6:30 Agrlcultur* 7:00 Cartoons K:M aact La Lanne 9:00 Town & Count0 Continued From Preceding Page SALESMAN With Specialty or intangible sales background. $150 weekly guarantee tti man meeting requirements In Elythevllle Area. Call Carl Haas 763-7081. 8 to noon and 7. to. 10 p M Monday through Wednesday, 8-20 pK 6-23 Holp Wanted Male or Ftmala AMBITIOUS MAN OR WOMAN, full or psrt time. Supply Rawlelgh products In NE MtssUBlppI Co. or District of Blythevllle. .can earn 8125 per week. Write Rawlelgh AKB J10 1134, Memphis, Tenn. 6-ZO pk 6-21 "Hel'p No sxecutlve of our 62 year old firm yet, 40 Young aggressive Sales Dlans and world-famous GOOD- VEAR MAINTENANCE products are extremely profitable combination for right man In Blythevllle area. Write J. C, Byas, Consolidated Paint & Varnlnh, East Ohio -Building, Cleveland, Ohio. __ 6-6 ck 6-31 Building material: salesman • — Earn 510.000 and more a year. lead- Ing company offers oportunlty for ambitious producer, plus full fringe benefit program. Age 20-50. High school education> Snles experience and knowledge of building materials highly desirable. Call PO 3- (J67I for Interview. 6-3 clt tf Would H*« to tlnd sood home for 2 half Persian kittens PO 33240. fi - 18 ck tf come right on out to Blythcville Mobile Home Sales on Air Baso Highway and see our new 1066 - S^xlO Mediterranean styling 2 bdrm. Frontier. And » 1S66 - 60x12 front terrace llvlns room Early American style, J bdrm. Frontier. Seeing la. belleflnl. . : 8-U ck «-21 Laval house & Build' foundations. ,,0. ftmthlth St.' PO 3-350,^ ^ DIAMONDS No money clown. 12 months to tav saar Ire* Insuarnce. PAT O'BBTANT JEWELRY CO., MAIN AT SBOOND.'BLYTHEVILLB, ABJC. I buv. tell »n^ t"d> old coins. ..Ill Dcnton. PO 3-4B95. 9-18 ck tf Chain link tones Installed 85o tt. Cornet post t gates ««», Mye«, to 3-72« ;? ^ ^ roa MlHlulpPI County Cnlox M.'slon Bt«dii youi surplus clothing ifcsUi ««at. narawsra, run- etc Wt»n call ~»0 3-8380 m ek tt lltaafion War ted Itonln* and 111111 un.van ^ •4MI| •*• &• Would lik« to tutor children privately. HBTB college degree. Ph. PO 3-1862 . 6 ' 14 P k 6 " 22 Wanted to Used car or truck 56 to «0 model. Must be sharp. LE 2-8196: 6-9 pkT-10 Whoelcoair - aojustaDle ' legs, call alter 1 p.m. P(V$4100.' -3-11 ah tl WANTED: O8«a .mmrtufe. Halsell ft White. Ph. CO 3^»OS8 or PO 2-20C Personal If Dr. ««ys ulcers, get new Ph5 tablets. Fast ss liquids. Only 9Bc Klrby Drug.. ' --8-20 pk 6-25 Receive Fresueu Courtesy at 853 8. Division, Oroc'., & I20S S. Drrta- Ion. Shell Station. J-26 ck tl Snndf yard dirt; 83.50 load de- Uvered. PO 3-8393.. . 5-23 pk 8r24 Private. Rooms Rooms. Rm. & board.-115 W. Ash. Mrs. Casfiidy. •' ; '«-H pk'7-15 Nicely turn. Jront bedrm. Quiet home 1708 W. Main. PO 3-6248. • S-H pfc 622 Private room with private • bath. PO 3-7228 after 4 p;m... ; . 6-13 pk tf Boaroom, close In. W. bat« t ent. PO 3-4432. •'• . - :6--7 ck •« Bdrm., 121 B, D»vll..-p«. ent. & bath. PO 3-0843. J-31 ck tf Bdrm. private entrance. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050 S-» CK t! "Cowpoke" WESTERN SHOP SEE US... ; . For Nocon* Boo(«, Tack, Grooming Supplies, & Clothing, Driftwood •Amnfe- mcnts Sale ' ."•'.. .•'.'' South of Blytheville on Hwy. 6l Political Candidates The Courier News has been authorized to announct the following candidates for office hi the forthcoming Democratic Primary election: ; '"'"' Ugislalive Potl No, I . BILLY NICHOLSON #i" 'i.'-v'i 1 '" 1 ' •'•"••.' District Prosccutlni Attorney RALPH E. WILSON BOX STORAGE il-WA JUST. HOU> OFF Tilt I ARRIVE THENXX)CAM FCURACASEOg ITINTO)OU...IFTHAT'S WHAT YOU WANT. /WEWCATION WILL WORK /NRACLES...BUTITS SOMETHING rYfMr'..' WORTH TRAINS. IT'S WAY..NO,*»TTOHOH»OUR HNJP...NO PRESSURE EITHER™ I'M GOWMA WRITE R3SOTEST SONGS' THESE THINGS SOMEDAY WHEN YOU'RE MARRIED.' 6:30 Where Action Is 10:00 Supermkt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game 11:00 Donna Reea 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben uaaey 1:00 Conf. for women 1:30 A Time For u.- . 2:00 General Hospital J:30 The Nurses 3:00 Fun 4:30 WOOOT - woe-opt 5:00 News 5:10 Weather 5:15 News 5:30 Mavenct 6:30 Comeat 7:30 McHale's Navy t:00 F Troop 8:30 Peyton Placn 9:00 Trie Fugitive 10:00 Mldsoutn Ne»« 10:15 Moving Weatnu 10:20 Late Show WHBQ— Channel 13 BLAZES?,WH»T*ACT*? COLP, HflRP FACT*! P065 THE AIR FORCE FACTS THAT POINT V UFO TEAW ASREE? TO JUPITER HOTH6AD5 A5 TH' CULPRITS! NOTVET. TO FINP AM ojjjiSsauraft NO MATTER HOW FWJFBTCHEW I ME IN OM . AFKAIP TO ADMIT WOT GOT /iff DETAILS, UfST WE ALL PANIC1 ^ WASH.FROM SURE SLAP "X VES,,,tWA5 6TUHW6D1 BUT VOU'KE BACKi \ WHAT'S THIS ABOUT HIM SEWS BASY1 BUT WOT I WPNWJ5P BV SPACEWEM ? A SAP PAVI YOU KX; HeARt> A80UT MR.McKEES HOW WfS CHW.ES 1 THE MAN WHO ROBERT BMJWN / WROTE THE 0«fflM ...BUT OOP'S NEXT. PROSRAM IS /WHO'LL JUST AROUNP / YOU SEND THE CORNER!! HIM THIS TIME? Mir ALONGrsPHA^gRH.5 I'VE NESLECTEP m IDONTKMOWABOUT fhlAT, BUTVOUU. NOTICE FORTV-S£V£N,SIRE HERESlHE'USt HOW MfcNV £OUPFOI? OUR FIVE-V£AE-LONG CRUSADE INP2EDMV MOST. VALOROUS AND BRAVE ICNISHTS. AIRPLANE SPRAYING gr On SMALL GRAIN JOHN BRIGHT Phone JO 4-2475 NOW SERVING EVENING MEALS 5-7:30 p.m. Westbrook's Cafeteria PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Open Mon. - Sat. 7 AM-7:30 PM (Sun. 7 AM-3:00 PM) YES! Cold Storage! CALL TODAY — DO NOT DELAY PRyTEvT Your PURS and Woolens from Moths and other Summer Dangers with Professionally iaf« Vault or Box Storage. FULL BOX $2.95 PER BOX Includes $100.00 Insurance valuation. 2% added for each additional $100.00 valuation. laundry-Cleaners KO N. S«ond SI. ' Phon* PO 1-4474 OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL 8:00

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