The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
Page 7
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FR!PAY,_OCTOBER 24, 1930 BLYTHEV1LLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS xwo cf nts i word lor first ln- *ertlaa sad one cent • wori lor Mch wibiMiutnt inier- UOD. No tdr«rtk*ao«ntuk« tor less than 50c. Count the vordt tad tend the «Mb. Phone 300 FOR SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS—Fresh Dally. tl. APPLES—Just arrived. Good ei'ade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from city hall.- FOR SALE—Tires, make gcod fires. Sacks for cotton sec-d. Junk Dealers opposite I-'risco Station. 22P-K25 FOR SALE—Late model R. C. A. R&uiola, all screen 'grid set. Bargain for cash or trade for good used Ford or Chevrolet coupe. 1920 West Vine. . 24p-k29. For Sale Used Car Bargains Now is the opportunity for you to set a Kcal Good Used at a very low price and on easy terms, too. ' ; - Every Car Carries Our 30-Day Guarantee, Every Car Is in First Class Running Condition. 1933 FORD TOWN SEDAN ..$495. 1930 FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. 395. 1928 FORD BUSINESS COUl'E '223. 1930 FORD SPT. ROADSTER 345. 1923 FORD SPOF.T COUPE . 295. 1928 FORD TUDOR SEDAN . 265. 1920 FORD SPT. ROADSTER 20S. 1928 FORD PICK-UP RDSTER 285. 1928 LATE FORD PHAETON 265. - 1925 DODGE iy. TON TRUCK 135. 1928 LATE WHIPPET COACH 195. 1923 LATE FORD TUDOR SEDAN 325. Fcssibly your old car will cover the down -' payment for you. Don't wait—See our USED "CAPt BAR- CAINS TODAY. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 811. FOK RENT RENT— Pretty, i'it't'le furnished -.'cottage. Rent $25 month. Tliom- as Land Co. - .-•. 24c-k28. FOE RENT— One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and. 571. 1511. FOR RENT.-- Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West. Walnut. Phone 678. 13C-TF FOR RENT—Two to eight room residences $8 to $30 per month Dr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 17ck24 FOB RENT: Furnace heated bedroom. Call 645. 1116 Chickasawba, ... . ck27. FOR RENT: Four room apartment complelcly furnished. Call 650 or 068. L. L. Ward. 21ctf FOR RENT: Nice bedroom for two men or two light housekeeping rooms for couple. Miss Minnie Lee Jones, 516 Chickasawba ave pk2" FOR RENT—Three room apavt ment. close in. Apply on pveni ises after 10 A. JI. 511 West Mair 23C-1 F. A. MCGREGOR TAXI At the Broadway Barber Shop Night Phone <58W Day Phone 16 NOTICE Wilh our recent partnership with Mr. Gco, Carney, we now have the best equipped Independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building . "We know we know how" LAURA LOU BRjOOKMAN AlJTHOPOP"PASr4 .ROMANCE." OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahen Ili:«]X HKKK TODAY . Adventure' PUICM Ike life ot CK1.IA .liri'Clllil.l,, 17, \rbrn »Ue dcRil In tillvr nntl iTviillIty. She llitllmorc lo live in New York with krr fxkcr. JOHN 5I1TCII- lll.l,, and krr nrlitiK-rnlla ifrnnd- M.IHUAKET UOOI'MS, Celin'* jiiuthi-r, 1» mnv a njdatr. having <Ilv.HC.-l Mllclu-M mid rcmiirrlrij Inler. IIAtlM-:V SII IKI.Il.l. youiiK lovt- wJili Ike (i.r! nnd before lu he myni (a lil«' love. HHrlitll n»k* VV1-:I,YN 1'AH- SOXS, lirn«l<ful wliliiw. Hi liilrn- ilure Itie r.lT) lo ynuiiK pi'iijiK'. -Mr*. l'nr>on* nsreow, ruiihldpriutf mill lit oncf lu-irln-r nchpiulnp: lo pd rlil ft lite lllrl. She Crilm- iln>F»- Oils lo vTOl) -JUHDAX, fni:rliirillii^ lint of riulilniiM rhar- arter, mid dci'« nil »be cnn lo cli-. cmir«Kr (lil» nintru. I.ISI; IHI.MJAN, ixirliillj- prominent, lu-ccuiiea Crlln> loyal (rtviiA. Ill* duuglil.-r nltrntlnni niuf 'for- Ijttli'hrr In Hfp'.lil^i:* Crlhi otTi hi-r prmuiiHilXer unj Ilir Hili-rlv ,Jlr». Mlu'hi-ll fi'lsns Illncn. :l.d Oe|i:ir<» fur 11 rtxt. Tlie ulrl i to Mr*, 1'nrKonn' I.nnK l.illlnd enme for n li-nstliy vUll. Jord:iu rail* tllere frequenllj. ^IrF. I'nrKoiis Imiphr* ulth .Illtefai-H nml he Ml* lic>r lie li InvcKliiriilvi] JiiTilnn's II.IKC . JIIH tint Hie yuunir ]imti 1^ u Bliwiljlc to Crljo. Next ilaj- Cflln, I.I. . -snA Jardnn attrod tkr TOCCM nnd ^?!ln f « rrt fs nllrncled liy fn.iiilllnr figure. . . : . •Kn\y i;n nx WITIC^THB STOISY CHAITKU XXXVII nnHE youns man's -\vas ce •-^.-toiuly familiay,.. It was tl why' lie carried liia broad Eliou dors, which first! caught Celln's V. iention. Her he-art'scorned to st J?ating. Siio kancd forsvard. era Ins; her neck lo sec more clear! Hie 'track. Ho did not turn around. There | was 'something about that gray tv.-ecd baclt that broiirht a quick rush of memories. II only he would turn his head! nut no-of course. Flic must be mistaken, it was just some stranger who lield his shoulders in the same alert way as Barney Shields. It would lie several minutes Iie- foro there would bo another race. The crowd all about lliem had begun moving. Toil Jordan, handsome in white linen suit and orange tie which set off his dark good looks, turned toward tlie t\vo girls. "Want to talie a look at the horses?" he said. <T. think I'll go down to tlie yaddock and see if I can pick up a tip." "I don't want lips." "Said Lis: glibly. "I've already picked mj liorse.. It's the one tliat cuto jockey in rod is going to ride. See, here's Ins name! And the borse is Tarn lly Row.' There's a bunch for you Tliat liorse ouglit to via w nioney!" Celii shook her licad. i "You go on. Tod." she said "We'll vrait for you." "See -yon later!" Jordan disappeared in tlie milling crowd, l.isi was turning and twisting, trying to take In cvcry- tliins around her. "If there isn't JimmiQ Webster. ••'Qv«r- there—see? .And, my Lord, u'-Kalo with him! Well, of all Cclia followed Idsl's esciled ges- irlng to. the .scats a few rowa lovo • where Webster mid Kato uucan wore sitting. I.Isi whirled jout Eulckly, :''Don't. -'look!" sho insisted, io'n't oven let lliem know we saw icm. Kntc'11 bo sure lo tattle." T HE young man In gray down In front had turned. Celia caught quick glimpse of sunburned lieck. eyes squinting agalurt the unsiiine—beyond a doubt Darncj ib'lelds! "Listen, Cella, lei's'move vork. Cella's eyes were chining. "Do you really think so?" elio asked Eoltly. "I'll toy I <1o!" "lint you dldu't answer my let- ers." "IXittersT I only got one. Did you send any more? Tuai's part [ all 1'vo got to tell you. Just wait until you hear! I've had some good luck, Cella!" "Yon look as though you had. Still, I don't sec ivl>y you couldn't write to me. You said you would, Barney!" Hut you won't alter you hear o, tho oilier side where Kate, can't c-e us." l.isi had taken tho oilier glrl|s arm. ;i ,'"01i, but nq can't now. How'i ra find TodT.': Sho hud to make excuses quickly, kecpiii!; one cy oh ' Darney. '"Cella's heart was muiidint?. Suppose I!aniey'should cave before sho could get lo him. I.Isi was silent for a few moments. Then she said: "I'll lell you. You stay and wait for Tod and I'll so across anu tind sonic seats for all of us. When lie comes back you two come over. Even if Kate does see you it's all rlgitl. Ob, boy—I'd like to put something over on that old girl. Tbe way she. treated me last night!" Cella agreed. She was only too eager to be 'alone. When List was out of sight sho' rose nnd walked down the nlsla lot steps. Itaruey had turned again anil was facing "Yes, I know, cnvo about tliat what's liapiieued." Men and women aronnd them had begun returning lo their seals, It was nearly time for tho next race. Celia noticed tlmt Uaruey had a camera at his side. "Oh—nro you making pictures?" she asked. bavo lo Listen. ivlien am I going lo linvo a ehaur.e lo talk to you? 1'vo got u lot of "Yes, worse luck! I'll be moving iu a minute. things I want lo tell you,'Cella. What are you doing tonight?" "I couldn't see you tonight," she said. "Oil. dear, let's see—" "Can I call you at your father's house?" "It's iiurc comfortable liei'c than It will be over there." "Hut Blic'a watting for us, Tod." It w:i< a ftniBKlo making llielr way tliiDiigh ibo crowded nlslc.-i. Cclia c;'.'.i£lit eight of Llsl's Muo rmnilkrri'hlef waving at lliem.'Mnii. fully sl-.p was KimnlliiK n neat on cltber flOn of licr. At Inst 'Celia and Jordan reached her. "'I'm ulaylng 'Family Row 1 stralcM." f.tsl told them gaily. "Old you set nuy tliis, Tod?" "Vi.-. A conjile. Highest odila in tho i.irc lire on your liorse. Did you nm.!ce dial?" "I don't care. After seeing Knto here I know 'Family How's' going to win!" JORDAN laiiglicrt. Invariably lio found Ms! nunean amusing. Of courte sho wasn't tbe sort ot ho iKM-sonally iulmlred, but liu liked to licar her tilk. Tin horses were, apvearlng on tlio A few minutes moro eurylblug was Forgotten ex- E giil shook her lieail. "I'm not staying there any She wns Just behind him now. clia tried to appear casual, but cheeks were hot. She Ml as hough the eyes ,ot everyouo ID tlie use Gathering were turned upon cr. Shyly slie touched his arm. "Hello, Barney," the girl said. "Why—hello! Say, this Is a sur- irise!" Barney Shields Tth !( his straw hat. His tace was one ucldy, delighted grin. He gvaliued or hand, crushed it In his own Is it really 'yon, Cclia? I cau lardly holievc il!" : 'It's me, all right," she told him smiling. "I saw you from where was Bitting. At first I wasn't sure but then you turned around. liar icy, I'm awfully glad to see you. "Never so glad to see anybody 1 my life!" the young man said em phatically. He was still holding her hand. "But how did you happen to be—" she began. . "Oh, it's a long story! I'll tell you nil aliout it, kid. Right now all I can do is think hovv srvoct you're looking! Say, you look like more." she said. "I'm living out on Long Island with a friend ot father's. Mrs. Parsons licr name s. Yoa'il better let mo telephone ou. Wliero can I reach you?'' . "Apex Picture Service." He gave icr the exchange number. "Barney! You EC-aa you're working there! In New York?" "Sure!" ho sold exultantly. 'That's part of what I've got to ell yo'i." Cclia stood In the aisle, half turned. Sl:o glanced up nnd saw Tod Jordan moving toward the place whero she and Llsi had hecn sitting. A wave of apprehension passed over the girl. Barney must not see Tod. "S;iy," the young man beside her drawled, "you're not alone here, are you?" "No. I guess I'd belter bo getting hack to my friends. You have to go anyhow now, don't you? cept the race. Celln with,11111 otli e'rs iv;i s on her feel, waving nnd checrini; frantically r,« Ibo litic s!:ot arouiul tlso lust Nearer and nearer! Through Clouds ol dust one straining nnlnial passed another. Deafening roars nlldl tlie air. NViircr and nearer! Suddenly iiandemonlnm broko loose. Tlie blaek horso liad featcd (he favorilc. Lisi was Jumping up and down, squealing happily. ,,,"Bnt It wasn't the horse you ori,^' L'ella rciiilnded licr. "No. but what a race! My dear, I haven't been so thrilled !or days!" Jordan was chuckling. "Well, my tip vras good!" ho declared. "Ought to pay pretty well, too." . T hey stayed for two more races, but neither proved as exciting as tlio last. Jordan was in excellent spirits when he came away from cashing hts winnings. • Lisi opened her purse and lield up a single dollar bill. "They all got wings!" slic murmured mournfully. .,0n the drive back lo Larchwood Cella was quiet. "Tlio other girl's chatter kept this from lielng noticed. When they arrived Llsl VPUT we S-fAMDlMcd BV A FROM VoUR -To UP M.& -To HARMess BULL IF I T M OME QF -TrT ' WOOD t '— I TOLD WAlTiMa TbR VOL! Looks UP IM -TTT "TREE CQM& tie FAAiS ME FOR A T?OP, W -TAKES -To STIR t AM(55 T I WAtffep MV5-f6Rioti5. BOARDER OUR HOUSE-fe PE£R ' ' AMP SEE VfliJ, 50 I COULD WAfcH HIS ?e-Aer,oAlS f _ o ij 30 or h « stnvKt. wo. Wliat's the best time lu cull, Bar- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MEOW! By Martin million Collars, Cella!" Blushes ^deepened her color. The ;irl did 'look attractive, licr tiiin green frock had flattering while frills about the throcit and brief sleaves. She wore while slippers and a broad \rhite straw with drooping brim. Flattery, that most artful of cosmetics, had dona Its ncyr "About the same. I guess. All times r-qually had. But they're careful about taking messages in the oflice. If I'm not there, leave won!. I'll get it all right." "I'll telephone in the morning. Oh, I'm so glad to have seen you!" "Ilclicvc my, I am, too. Well, so long!" - *.' :', Celia gave him a quick smile and then mounted the steps. "Oh, there you arc! 'Wondered what had becomo of you. Where's Lisi?" Jordan, greeted her. "She's over on the other side. Saw her sister up above and didn't want to be seen. List's saving seats for us. Shall we go?" i'as aware of a feeling when she was alone changed into her own clothes and departed. Jordan remained to dluo with Evelyn nnd Celia. They spent the evening on lh« veranda just as they had often foie. Cella \ of restraint will: J'ji'ilnu, but she let him her good night. "I think I'll go to bed nt once," she tpld Evelyn alter lie had gone. "Feeling sleepy." , " "Then you'd better go along. Good night." .,. Cella went to her room. Sho undressed, lurned out Ui6 light nnd got inlo bed, but sho could sleep. An hour later Cclia reached a decision. : • (To Bo Continued) FOR RENT — Furnished 2-room, steam healed apartment. 201 S. flkc. Phono 443. P-K-26 New York Cotton IOOM and Board, for two young men in furnace heated home. W. Vfain St. Call 220. 24c-k31 WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES 'IES—Fresh Daily. AND tf. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7M S- Lake St. 17ck-tl WANTED—One or two unfurnished rccms. John Lane, Phone 173 • 741. 22C-K25 WANTED—Downstairs three room apartment, close in. Phone 274. R. L. Ciirlin. '• 24c-k27. LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. tf. The Texas state house at Austin is said lo b3 Ihe largest stats capitol In thr Unitrji States: It was built between 1881 and 1833. NEW YORK. Oct. 24. (UP)—Colon, closed steady. Open High Low Gloss Del. old 1Q34 1035 1080 1080 Oct. new 1078 1090 1075 1089 Dec old 1100 1100 1095 1095 . Dec. new 1007 1101 1039 1094 Jan. old 1115 1117 1105 1107n Jan. new 1115 1117 1102 1107 Mar 1135 113G 1124 1129 May 1159 1IGO 1145 1151 July 1178 1180 1165 1170 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 24. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open Hish Low Close Oct 1079 1080 1072 1074 Dec 1001 1100 1087 1092 Jan 1105 1110 100D 1108 Mar 1133 1137 1124 1129 May 1160 1160 1144 1150 July .... 1178 1178 1184 1172 Spots steady at 1068, up 0. Spots steady at 100, up 20. Latest statistics show 2,233,149 births and 1.381.987 deaths per year 'in the Uniled States. MILES CITY, Mont., (UP) — Charles M. Dayhoff of Rock Springs claims to be the champion rattlesnake killer of the world wilh a record bf 115 raiders in Ihree days. ' ' According to Dayholi's story he j earhe upon a snake den while herd-' ing cattle for shipment. He found and killed more than 80 reptiles that day. The next day Dayhoff took several friends with him to another cf the chain hills where he killed Ihe snakes and killed 90 mote. Tto following day 27 more were slain in still a different section. WON^ OtK <* Vt — WV\\, WEEK. "WcY Wtat 9Erir\V«tO VrXTO^ v\Vo!w> J DO voo FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GETTING A HEAD ON THAT ROPE! By BkMS« PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S 31VK-ANI1-TEN CENT STORE —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Hain at 21st c»U 66 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Bpcclallzlng in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 £ngram Bldg, Blytierllle, Aik H WERT .e Makes 'Em Set! V. R. WASii.VM—Tfinafc'r' Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliycr freight and j.iei;.i|5«! anywhtre. Sjvcclal «te^ on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-0;- GOOD ' HOME MADE PIES IDc I'cr Slice. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE 103 Jf. Second St. Phone 17 OUR PREMIUM is goods lo suit your taste and (he best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you gel and ^ct what you pay for. Blylhcville Upholstery & Repair • Shop J. H. Jenkins, Mgr Phone 46D 117 S. '1st. St V&O& THAT Rop£ LOOKS LI^£ A FWE ( IF 1 CAW JUST GET A 7 BEAD OM IT IU AS ViX) MA«£ op voae wiwo To TELL OS V4HCBG 1 StfTTA Tose~mea OF P£TER Tue HEttwrr AMD rr ANUOYS THStt IUTEUSEL.VI THAT P6AL176S THAT TM£ NOT THE SATISFACTION Or STROSSUMS AT TWS euo OF me NEWLY MET OLD FRIENDS

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