The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1931
Page 6
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STX NKU'S He Calls It "Muscle Sense"^ :Two Places Yet lo be Fill- \ l ," eel On Hagen's Varsity' «~.-'Pro Golf' Team. ":' BY CHESTER I,. SMITH ; '.-..NEA Service SpcLiI Writer j "' The business of ass.-nib'in.: Cr ; >Untted Stales Ryder Cu? learn lor j ••the matches with the lirlt!?h i 1 ! I 'Ecioto. Columbus, O.. Jun? 2C r.'iri i57, has reached ihe point where an .•accurate appraisal oi the caliter o: 'JW entire squad Is ]H>s?ib'.c. c-.Mortle Dulra, whose garnn boars | s distinct far western bl?iul of prs- • JSclly and finesse, smi Tony Mi- \ "nera, an easterner with a s!rai_ "kit of golfing tools, have teen aJ- ded to Captain Walter Ilasr-ii 1 "»ars!ly." Bulra, one of iwo brolii- &i who reccnlly have in-.ilcM.-:: i ttief are ready to step out c; U> • "provincial roles they have here'.'-j fore played on the Pacific Cj.r.:.] finished "well up in Hi? Njtbu-j'. | lOpen at Intcrlafhtn. Mo'-:i-' !.-. a! ! '•Tacoma, Olin at tos Anselcs. anj the two have been winners o! rc::- kiderable cash In the siring of o;>sn •'tournaments which Ins come lo be p feature of the trans-Rocky winters. : 'Manero has come of late until he easily the first-score of t!i2 country's pro- 'leisionals. His selection, as well as •Dutra's, cannot help but siren:;t-- eri .the American team. Choice of the two, made l;y Tla- geri and his former manager. Bob Harlow, who is now the .busings head of the Ryder squad, marks another step In the renovation of the bid'order In the Professional Golf- j '«'»' Association. It wns originally intended to hold a qualifying ro'.ini immediately before the ch.impbn- ihtp matches to select the ;:!.ivi;r« F.illlns in his rim conic-bark a fr.v mciitMs :<-'C, C!i:r.):y WhilL* lin been ccr.iiiicilnu :>. r.cnllh i;ym :'r- i women In Chic:,/.). ]!!< "M-i-vl fifii:; .Tvf.Um," as pictured alrv, i is pan-mi/ fl by many Chicrjo s> I cl?iy wv::ien. White 1 -.von f.i'-ie-.v i' and ! r;-r.]R !U< Icnsr career !rt::i, :u in MONDAY, ramtUAK-Y " 1(5, • 1031 BRUSHING UP SPORTS im ooimllv fist Gcor S c Duncan, and then held !•:.•-] • j* ft* W£'L«* r w -" tcombc cvcn •" iiw ii: '-iAH-Stars to Battle Tt-.c Americans can be co;:n!o:l on to do everything in their power lo win this year r.uj i^mre the series which stands n'_ ura nia'.ch-.-s Wood Murtit-Uutrn. H*rfi'.- 'to fill the four vacancies whlrh existed after the appointment of th; "Big Six." Hagen and llnrlaw dis- reguded this, plan, orbilrarily naming Dutra and 'Manero nnc! dcclr.r- Ing at tlit same time that if t':.t work of any others TCI>S outstani- ing during the next few niDntlv. they would take it upon Ihsnvitiva- to- add them to the list without Iirtther ado. It, was a drastic move and may le»d to hard feelings in some o,uar- .terB, but U good Judgment Is user. •It may result In the formation c: • '.stronger team than coiiid b; gathered together otherwise. : . .Speculation on the last- two members has brought up th? imm;s of Harry Cooper, Craig Wood. JD: "Tumesa, Ed Dudley and a fev. , others of lesser importance. Cecrj: Von Elm, the surp&sing bu = ln;.:s- . man goiter who shot himself int: •second place In the recent. Agua Caliente open while he was talking himself into hslf the first pvis .h»s also been suggested. Undoubtedly, Von Elm vrmld be a valuabl; addition, bat on one seems to lino,-. .Into exactly what classification he to one In favor oi the Knjllsh cen- tlemen. Britannia ruled overwhelmingly at Wentv.crth in 1!)27 when the first Informal rounds \v?-.-i ilaycd, lost at Worccst'-r the 13-1 lowing year but came back with j rush to overcome the Unltecl I States' lead and capture n clc-.-,--1 Lilumph in (he Moortown gnles in , -Nou 1 for LI Masku'i Tilui-vl Things are rapidly leaching : :sta»,' of prosperity in the Ij-ju . -crnnchlirj Ir.rlu^liy. V/roslleii; h\\ 'iwen rcsuued from the n:-ead lln ' And itn't it almcM tlms for : Masked Mnrvrl to appear? ; In days of eld, i'::ese Masked M-.r- '. jvcls often were jilantcd In ihe autj!- • 'ence. and aru'.c ul a dr.unalle inn-! 'ment to t-hiilleiifi 1 t!ie n. ln:i,v. j ] 1 nmkc it liitcrL-ilinv! fiaislimc-d n • iittenllon was paid lo ihi; c!nH;:iij:- jof tha Ma-keil Marvels mull "liu-.- had made tlielr appearance ul re'..Oral wrcstiln^ . i .hO',vs, dourjndjir^ : [chance, l-'inally ihe fans waiil:.. iecrcam for a match bel'.u'pn ti'.i ] Masked Msrvd nnrl iniuil::'! 1 grun;- Cl'. Tile Huild-i:p ' Tne Marvel usually would lin-j-.i ! [the iitunU'r easily, '.vmi!;! l.v match;«1 wiiti other p.rur.k-is ami Uirov. iilicm. Finally the po;m!.ive wjul:i demand a nutch vvlth UIL- c!iii:n-1 plcn. Tr.e. Masked M;ii-.c: v-j-i!cl lj ; ' , Ihrown fcr p. coujile ui 1 t:o il-:. (h:' ' di'-in:ir!:ln» wculd CIIMIO" an-j Hi? : ftnvj wouitl discover th:il :.oir.e pi-i llc.o!:c svit'i a starkinn pullfd dor:!i ' ivrr Ills hi'art had m:!do ssijs ci I liu-in. ! Thru a, pruvldins the wicsll:iv.: ii'.;. -.r.^n't r!all22il ia.-.'f before then . ihsl lie was u s:ip to b:-;ln v,'ith.;v.j Uio:f;r,nd people, a rec- tird i'ro\vd, sav: a recent wresllin 1 .; yho'-v in Madison Square Garden, nnd ]>rob»bly all cf Iliem c.vlio' paid) were fully cugnl/.ntu they were enriowln^' a thsnti-ICLil cntor- pr!.sc. If you were lo call iiny of : them saps '.hsy -would probably cheerfully suinill It. But they The Curd well. Mo. inaopctK'^i 1 . wuiild :'.!-'o !:•!! you they liked ih'c p team nnd the niylhevlllu A!l-S!:i:;. i ^.vx". and vi-n- only buying win; ' ivll meet In tl'ir feature \;rav,' o;i : ihey hki-d Lt) sec. The wieoUin^ sap • tonlflitV C.IRC caril tit the lliylhe-• b the inc.ii i-1-.ji.rfiil of them all. : villc: Armory. ; ... Ti-.c Mi'sain-lans have cs.ablhlvd I Jllsl '"'"• ">e Fitn of H j i>n enviable recorj Ihis sensun r.nrl'. Biykir; gu'.lin;; Ibe tlirill5 of sos- '•10 [icncrall 1 .. 1 lecognla'd ur, m\: of i ins; :'. ni-ni liiruv.n uut uf n riir; I the h~l n'^jsrcijiill-iis in .'-.oulhrast | and wll:iL\..:'.ir.r liie N'olve D.iuv: i Missouri. Tin: visitors will rale nsiluckle at r!o;o van-je. the ivrKllinj I fc\oi-|tes to tho local ni!gn.'- i sn|> gels a let of cMiwdy'o'.it of t'ne I Gallon which was beaten by Hor-! pachyderms. So:iis line" •ilapsllfk Is • norsvlllc last week. I presented in the pnaits and nronii'- | Henry Ilutlson. Abe Kcnnlnsh- cf (liEcaiiifp: 1 ! rmltt".-! by th» b'.r; ham, Tntuni, and other local stars! follows, :nvl !ho In ll-liV-L- bellows oi will be ready for action f.night. j ri , 3C that r?! alu-;- an oppo- .A preliminary game between tivo' ri . n t i, ns CS ;.;, r -j cre o f ^,.5, tocnl trams will open hostiliiics nt; c '-uiicliiii" li-ids- 1:M o- clock. 'pifir.,,'" J^e WUIciic-r, the hors;m;>'i, Jo!in Hlnsllng. elrcm i'.'.c. have eon; In fo.- hijs In a big v.-ay .... :i!n;' h:i5 spent in!!!!:ns 1:11 liis an mii'iciun at fiirant: !•:;.. v.'iierc s:ni3 fomcus Ru- I•••::•; works are liousel .... in:, i! piece.} co;t Wkle:i:-r itrjr. 1 !i:;:ii Sl.CCO.OOO ...!!•: pj|J *5SJ.':W 1'or i wo Kcinb.*an:!ts. . . anc! s:00,COO lor a tapestry i.-y M,-<!:'r!n . . . Wid;ncr .inc. !ii;v:liii;; Bre winter noishborf. . . . Wliener Is a! Mlaiu. -..)' i? Ivj liendi ir.c Hiait-ah •..;:,;! A«>cciaticn . . . an:l ii: ui:r:i;:i; tircus quarters nvi :••'. !•' -..s;;.' . . . i:in;!rng may -.: - : i.j: !". foi-iid at hi; Vc- 1.1 : ; ..:i i.-i:'.! 1 . 1 , hU art nm ..,-: <:;:< .' lifili-ci ovtr ihs b:u:k '.r KJJ "i-ai nou.i"." as clrcu" :r:.r Lvli liie Ji;n:':in..nti i.v-".' 1 ' jir-mhors 01 ttu* foroeiou, i::i!:? f.rnily whlcii Incliidcb 1!- By Laufor f '•] ii i, _ith»UB^M__ ' ..[I .-i|iii-.:nrU. ii:iinl_-J. groin;! ••:-.:! hi- vi-rl in lii: tn.irt to break ll-.i! hnld. In ^^r/ic- ti;. thvrc we' no-.v, liK 1 b:? l:-l!i:.v fiun: I *•. u r. u;ji;;-.'C -J li!-^- ill! l'l? v.h;:i in ih:> chiti'iics of hii foc- Ct;!i;?se, lilt- I'.-cnchm-aii who „'!;•ill-I or .shrinked \v:-.jn lickbd t;y hi* atlvi-rsrj y. Y.:u v.-ill see more of them com- • :;i: al'jn" .win. now that l"c v. p r?.st-j I •:.--. au en thv-ir agjin. The i ii::!iedy the!:;- big billions furiihl:' i^ rjnt of liie chief rcajr.ns wiiv tli;- v.ri'.iifns "P Is iliat \vr.y. iJaajir.y McKinncy Kayo On Big Blanchard Dummy Meicinncy, veteran <.iit Big Coy Bliinchard of Blylhe- ',^lir In U'.f thin] round of their .^haiult-d eif:lit round bout at| ;vrtivlllc. Term I-Tiday night. ] l!l;ii'L-h:tr(l pr:iionsiy kayoed Mi'initiiincrr Jack rrestcn alj Xr.iluiiie nnd i.-cen installed a £LI\ - --I niitc with the Iin;, cf the Tcnn- isr-e cipitr;!. and Blanchard will ;ry their nj'nt over again In Mem- l'!:i-i so^n ncccii-diii'": In veporls. ASEBALL'S BIGGEST ERS BRAKCH RICKEY, former manager of the St. Louis Browns and one of baseball's master minds, once pulled a boner that mi^ht have gone unnoticed but for the sharp-witted Clyde Milan. Before 'amp with Wa^hintytnn D!i*L'a\s fn»-k*nrf ;,-. « ):»,...- j._ ^i r •' -,. IT OX MOVIE N'L'iV BIUTAIN, Conn. (UP)— Ar.tliony Miercziewski tolil the urn he was inspired by a moving ;:c;ure in which tl'>3 wife couldn't ret along with her husband and a game with Washington, Rickey turned in a. lineup to the umpire, with Bobby Wallace batting seventh and Jimmy Austin batting eighth. On another lineup he kept in the dugout, these "two positions were reversed " * u 4. ,. • $ ° Austin and Wallaoe were batting out of order. The first two times a, bat the pair were easy outs. But h'is next time up Wallace doubled and sent two runners over the plate. Milan, Washington's manager, trotted in from center and called the umpire's attention to the mix.ip. Wallace was declared out. the runners jvero sent back and the game was saved for Washington. -a T M 0t' Fifteen ye?r.-. r.?o. a ;;cnt named Demetrius Tofalos, who won the .. '. weight-lifting in the At'r.en.-; Olym-. •• r:.ik a shH at him and got pop-' 'pic of lOCG, used to :-ps2b!izo in I p:d right back." He wns fined SIO. an opponent's wrist and; fir re-actinj the scene with his; it to Ihe mat v.-liib his-wife. Too Bad, Eh? I PHiHips May Strengthen Staff of Pirates i;i:<iix ni:ni; TUDAV | Inp, lier hand touching his hair. ^ fii\,M:it in.i.v TDI.MVKII. jCiinjer wns with Eddy In the porch i ..I~.I[M- i- n m .i ilcr nn »lt-|i- sw j n g_ Km \ £ t j^y >Ya5 reading jokes I ulouil. i fiiiifjer's bright head wns roallng | on lier arm on the back of tlio swing, and though she looked up al sound smile. vnltlir mid ln- mil, VAN n Jiutlur Coun- Ilic miin nl llrA iu Juil li> hri'p life >uitnircr »t-t fruni lic- dull. .dA-nrillnzlr, >lic nlil fnrm knulc flnil |:l:rr:i.-i).i-il nn rrllllllll-ll-ll II. l>'.ltl) tlol.l.nWAV, n yciinE m:i^i \vlu, IMIH h.iliiilnt: nniiinil i In- r.iimlry, nli.iiticil In llnl 'ri:rll-li. Arirnrlril liy nitiKrr. he n::rri-il In Mn- null imlnl rorirntl^ iiii-1 ih-rtiriilr the nrir rluli linn*.'. Hi- prill r thi* "Jiilc lit- \lvri-' 1 To il:r clnlr, nnil [41* him^r^lrtl •r-fti^lnc in till. -.11; n for Ml ni.n i-.M.l. l:\li. nbii .'nalil tonk nnil I.IM-. unit Mrnin u t;ii]inr. ".:il Mi-iilo r.inM nor fnnii-. In 111* olr.rr tlirrr t:rrU«il ihrcc «T I I'li-.THO >-i,uld c,, umld ^.lii-. ninEi k. n i In | of tlio Trap sho did nol Wliclher tio cnmc mcanl nothing to her! The others ran joyously down lo ride out lo Hie ga- rago on tlie flapping running- boards, but sbe remained quietly In tho porch nwlnu with Eddy. t'rom that moment, Hard devoted liiinsclf lo tbu sur|irl:-CMl ami tllacon- !coiled Cotton witli n great show }of infatuation. His stnbloil perfidy liarl no nppnreni effect on Hinder, who was loo low already to be fur- llier cast down. "Why?" bo nskcd. not willi .iny|more than Iho mero maneuvering real interest iu her troubles IJIL-. |of Ktldy Jackson lo deter her. Tbo because something teenier! to b :instant liuril ahnok upcu the iluor expected of lilm. of the Itattlelrap, sbo wns out of "I—don't know, I am doing c* lier ami running back to Hie icily what bo told mo to, r.ii'i j Di<lo, ami before (linger had cvim icaven knows I ,11:1 not enjoying turned the key In llio lock, she had ! dancing feet, there were gay i t. lint he won't srica';; to me." smiled al her. ntco kid." bo said. your head about it. only your brother." "You're a Speed's band In hers. "Sliced," she said firmly, tr.ylns 'Dnn't worry not Uio slitfucsl |,ectl lo lieu and After all. l:e'.- lonty waving pay greetings from Illu! porch, nor lo Bcnitn booming a "Hut I can't hiar for him—fo; • welcomo frnra beside a hlrd-hou^a : nr> liecil to Tietro gai- ] ,1,0 cvcl , joor nf llio anybody— to be su angry with inc. :„ the wum I wish i hadn't corae." |, iq n] , f n , : "So do I— I mean, I wish I Cellar wlino In- spcul :i BIOKI l irl( ^ ]t t -" of iimc ln.-'kin^ after whai lie cnliod They wore wretchedly silent for I |,( s f n ,n firupi aiiil ciders, nnr lo a while. iillle fits. Certainly, he is not an .amateur, but by and large he Is'fibT r. professional. So th; blond Cilitcr- : nian may b; assured he v,-ill go. flcant consideration. '•: In addition to Ha^en, Dutra pn-: Manero, the squ5d now includes '' Leo Dlegel, Horton Smith. G?iv Sarazen. El Espin«52 and J^nny • Parrell. All excspt Dulra nn-J N'.i• nero have taktn part iu p:cvi:u: : Ryder Cup matches, Kagen h«!n; ..," played In all three, Diegel, Sarr.-"'!' ren and Farrell in two ani Smtt:; : ' and Espliiosa 'in one each. : --Of all the veterans, the eccen- I trie Diegel has 'been the most con- | sistint 'scorer for Uncle Sara. The I Don of Ajua Caliente has t won both ; his singles matches. Including • a / .crushing victory over Abe Mlith?!! • 8»nd 8, at Moortown In 1929, anl has had an even break in the fci;i- iwnaes. Hagen has t«en defeated ' AS often as he has won, as has Farrell, while Sarazen'ln his two CDm- i>?titions. won and lost in the fo'ir- tomes and can show no more than • a-half and one setback In the singes. • ... Smith and Esplnosa, who were granted places for the first time \ ifY.'W, proved ct great assistance. .- "file former die! not take part in -,-. the fouTEorncs but downed. Fred •' Ttoteon iu the individual matches. ;.Bsptn«i teamed with Diegel to • -.feu Cy«r Aubrey Boomer and v* •*'• ' i llb n .\'i rv si:.\us ;!. Itul I'jllly IMdy nliinit Ml,, in is-r.^Mr fi, r iiillr llrull,, hint I lilrni.-,, n,ij rc- lun In klilna|i Cln. ^Vl•~tl anrt lil.^ !*Utrr nrrlir. llrr :i;i- Sv <-ti'rri:.N, -, rut f,| 1( . u mil ::ll lllu- i>ii- clrl 1,-lnxrr t-x- nnd boasted ''Aren't llioy having fi:r.?" rather Tollivor ly. • I 1 houseful of boys and girls. It's like tho old life In the parsonasc, \Vbat a good time tlioy nre bavliiR 1 ." "You llitiik so?" asked 1'hll drearily. "Seems to mo I never r-aw n stupider crowd In my life. Every- tiling's in n perfect mo??, r.nd nobody knows bow il got there, nor liow to get It out." TJy Friday, sbe felt tint she could j nol endure the str.iln another'inn- j "Tell you wlial." be said, puilinc-about thorn under fool. "Sliced, IiimseK out of hla depression nml I you come with me. 1 li.ive sumo- rcally wisbing to cliecr her up. j thing 10 ray to you." "when wo get out there, why do:i't Speed withdrew bis hnnrl.' llli you tako lilm off by himself inn! I manner was jiolik-iy i-nlil. "I'm make him tell you whafa on l.lf' 5orr ..-. i lm:sl i^],, Ginger unp.ick mind. Ilo's probably got a p:evu . jj le C r.r." alwnt some little Ihing and Is jusi i -r]] do i!:at." vn!:inlc?rcil llurd ttiklng it out ou you. i'riiti.ihly n:,ui lsiif:ly. "Vcr.: fMt .I]- 1 :::; v.iiii c,it;.j:i lioenuse Olugor is—fo wrupi^ 1 '! i:]'j B mi nhat'-v.M- s ;i.- :i -^,; .,,, i.... r unaij In Kdtly—or something. I ihlnk ]:•; —I L ^;C. jt cu." would Uke to get a break llierc liin:-1 • • • self, but Eilily Is sucli a hair-shin ; oi'EED gave htm a lo.>k a! nobody can get a word in c,l;e^ | lllcmi;i . S:i . >., ,,„„-, „,, w! .. lt "•'Speed doesn't want Ginger,» sai.l • Colt< " 1 ' s K ' M m llor m1uc1 '" 1;c S:lh1 Ccliou. '"\Vhalevc-r it is. it Uu'i; furiously. "Whatever u H. yi,-.i ^n that. You nccdn'l think he's joM • bet it's ti.vir.ii woll Irvjiib'.o fur .sjaie- iiiis of Kddy just because you arc." _ tioOy." "l.ifloil." Ftltd Hard dully. "I'm j "OM. bo n ppoil." i-aid n.iv.l in a n l-.iw to argue. Have it out iviili' ' PITTSBUHQH. CUP)- -The Pl- ratss catchuij staff,.held to be the weakest department In the 1931 squad, was believed strengthened j greatly with acquisition .'of Eddie Phillips, formerly of the Athletics. . Phillips also has been owned 'by the Detroit and New York Ame'ri- j can League clubs and the Boston !' : Braves. Phillips, who played with Boston College nine, is 28 years ; old, six. tea tail and weighs 170. I He bats right-handrd. j RolUe Hcrnsley was the only cx- j p?rienced : catcher . on tho Pirate i squad before Phillips was secured. eDlb 6B U*to lOALKEO- rJOUJTHEYJUMP- FINCH NAMED FOE RELAYS LAWPENCE, Has. (UP)—Robert' I* . Finch .of Des Molnes, la., was appointed .by Dr, P. c. Allen, Unl- vorslty of Kansas -athlelic director, as assistant 1 promoter of the Kansas relays, April 18. Finch who was aiumni .secretary ir Drake University from 1S20 to last spring also wns for ten ysnrs econnecteci with the promotion of tla Drake relays, Dr. O. Lee Schattenburg. o[ Honolulu, has figured that the mathc- i matlcal chances for twins arc one j in 87; triplets, one in 7103; for j quadruplets, one in 757.000, and for quintuplets, one In 41,600.000. HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday BECAUSE SHE WAS— ONCE A SRNNER r? :uir:u-ll\r It* a^rs ll:inl -•;-... ifll. IM :j mi>•• 1.. I.' i.(i ON v.iiii THE STOIIV CIP.i'Tni XXIX , .' '','•' ' ..> p^-, up rKi.-uiy n-i.I tos?e!; ment. Tho mock i«crrii:iont bad lie-! S ^ C(1 " l>! -^> Just as you H!cc. ! come fuucroAt. and slu toid Ciii^r , t!l>!1 't raro a tinker's dam. one w.iy frankly tbnt it sbo Olda't get them ! or thc "tl 1 -"." u"«'i'I "In* 1 an Ollt of ll!C hoiI3C ror a while r.nil' In tllc t\wMA sent of thc ntlifr «:iti'a h"- ! sivo Iior a chnnco to untio Iser knotted nerves, sbo \YAS likely lo RO after some one with Ibo butcher- knife. "All right," assents! Ginpcr EOiitly. "We'll go to Mill Ilusli rislil i after breakfast and s u liill iltl pn^ IMcly nr . ti, ; ,i i.i ni . iiiird innk frlcmlly HA* \virc. "T;v T..J.M ',<.»( A rJl Ciil up rtvcr tl.o v i: y VIM'HI • nctin?- Kiv~l (3i:ic I CYV.T -.iu a ytrl 'Iiay any ntlrntloti io I;.: 1 i-n-rli.M 1 '^ ionfnion. and you're ilcim v.-oii nut ; vvnrlh it. if yon n:- 1 !; I:K-. c i a'.i-im licve nui | car, ratty 11:11) Sjice'l sat In coi Ipietc and fri'^td silouce. \Vlicn ;i ! —pivo ber a chnnro ! svcrvo of I3ic car swuns li!m i ciiiul." Ineatnst her, he ilrow htniself up-. Spcrd pave him ni:o:::er ?r r ;>. |wit!j a cold "j'ardoa me," tft whir's ! |y soarcbinp Kink In:: ;-. thc d<Tftiu-a?t tirl could only nu ] ! pfiriniucc! C^«i«^n lo i[-;'>-. Baseball would be a heavy loser and i _ she wofe h | $ ^ but the box manufacturing business | r would gain an ambitious young man j Would not Surrender her if Sddle Morgan, star first baseman . . . ^ with tha Cleveland Indians last • Heart. A TTOnK aiKI nrnwy yenr, went through with his an- j ncuiccd intention cf rctlrln-j fro:n! the gain'. 1 . EJrtle'? father. J. P. Mcrgnn. wmits to turn over the business of Ihe Loui3ia:ia box factory at La., ir; his son, according in Eddie. An:i brides, the Indians didn't offer him enough ir.cnoy fcr li)31. says Eddie, .uicl i darned it he'll play. The picture shows him in the lumber yards. .drama of mod- Urn marriage. c.'.r^r.s ;:ini i-r.iiitj cnrcloiFly lu. | We'll have somlj peoplo out to diuce I l!;it in Hie front scat Hddy ,!i;k-|vvanl liie swi;ig=-. to tl-a car. ien:;y called to liim lo! lon 'sl" and won't coino home till : . son .it Hingcr's side kept uu n Even while they ami have lea wish i.ur. lr.;t Fi'.^r.k his head. n«iiio reared ilown freia ottlc window to come up nud tl-.e e?;s hi the cloves' r.e:-t, there was no heart wooing of . ImidniglU. We can't be any more! Urcczy ;miserable.there than we are here. day. and you do need a rest." j Eddy cheerfully herded tbcm Into tho rars—Cotton, as usual, In llielwi! can Kcoui.t of his i>!;>;ia for the 'the baskets fpim l!ic c^r ii|i • rolln-^e. KfMy v.os 111:1:;.;:- nis "it w.-.u a Idea, getting iiA.for Hie day's assi.ivsiini:-. out l:oro alone." ho f.iiii "where j " w =' 11 IKCl1 1!u::c lj:itl01 commune with our Innn .cream." lie salil. "I'll hitch up ^ra. Ralttelrnp wllh Hard, bis own car souls ni:<l Uinsc we love best a-.itl Carter to the hiit;y .ir.d we'll u in IM.-rt for lu o! colltln<lin s In »» slnle . ., ., idemolition—aurt they s! •""' 1!<1 """8 I Immediately Hard vta continuing In its slalc of comp'.c-te i what-hive-joii. started out. I old iby nt it. \Vi> pvohibly won'i , • ..»...^ u .».^.j * .fas alone wilh I sec much of r^rou :r*l Baul--l' "" into ll: ° cil1 ' »n'l binapci! [cotton he kit oft Ills ai:o\v of ilcvo-lthink 1 linirrli-.osavlaniiiiis to lose' noisily off doun ihe l.ii-.o. lion and lapsed into ri momly si-' tric-ir.srlvt.: in ii:c- wu.••!;;. Hut wi- As lie « IICCMI! up to noornike. knee, while she for bcr part sccnicil [ lour'll jazz ii^ciVi r .iv.d in.iUc il ;i his eyes eagerly swept tho B roun Ifilad of a chance to relax and think :day lo remcm!vr." on Uic veranda—sonsht ron:;itna-',<iulctly. For several miles tbe> | Criiiser ?nd bine ryes on lion of Ills hopes in Oliver's t.vcs drove lu Bllcnce. 'him ami sa'.d in:f. ii:-;. —denial of Speed's report. , * • • I • • ; Cotton and 1'atty \v(-:e Filiiuj,. itTj'XCUSE me for being so stupid. I pDTTON more llir.n ?:i;uo cross-legged on cushions on the . -^ Bard," she Eatd at last. •Titoi^- J of i'.cle:inlr.-Mtn:i ai:d i.n, c slu fiocr, wllh Spccil lyliig full ienctli' not menu to bo rudo but I feel v,-rv ! lia>>. fully matlc i;p her mind to a belwecrj th««, iU tead In Cotton's I bsidly. Speed 1» just furious al z«." jcoursa or nclion il would rc.-;«lrc Let's innki- il great 'Cotton and Hud over lo l!l,--.i:e'j | for tbc-:ii. Kp:ed n:nl l';il ran I-.T.-SI lisb for our sv.p;-,'r. .ir.'l yr.u ,i;,<l I'll mnke up a l'-1 i i' :iiv.-.c v,-o v..;'.u to ilivilo lo::t^'it." "1 ilnn't wcil;l to fi.-'i." inutti. ['ally driven ni lisi lo desperate pr.ilcst. "Sliced — Sard's uu a-.\Jul .pill, ICdrly." ?he nildod a:;J";clic- Lilly. "He h^sii'l s.iid a word lint i'l'ardon me' for tl:e last lw u days. I—I dou't Ihlc-V 1 Ciiu stand I: longer." .. | (To Uj pf.ntii-.uctl) Results j 306 A , ,.« M. I . •^•••^^••••••IB _ nee a Sinner 1MTH DOROTHY MACKA!LL JOEL McCREA JOHN C Meet -Tony Cavendish. Great Lover." whose heartescap- ades are the i gossip of two continents — he's The Royal Family of Broadujaq Jlfitince & Night—10 & 25c. I Admission—10 and 25c. STA nni« o INA CUIRt FMDRIC MARCH With MARY BRIAN ami Henrietta Cvosman Matinee—2 & 3:30 P.-M. Night—T\vo Complete Shows Admission—15 nnd 40c. I i. V

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