The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
Page 6
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CUUKIi:i; NIMS -HGESLIETO BRIDGE .\merican Delegates Will Attend Coronation of Einpei'or o{ Etliippia. By JOSEI'M •){. HAllll) i nlttd Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. lUI'i—Tlie pio- '•:crlng. west will pay tribute to :' e ancient, mysterious east on NJ-, mbcr 2 wliqn an American delr- • -.lion attends the coronalion of . '> Hoyal Highness, Hullo Selis-^io, I. Em]>eror of Ethiopia. Conmieiini! , .on.of (he Tribe of Juila. When 11. Murrey Jacoby, Ne;\ :rk banker, and Brig. Gen. Wil- .':m Harts enter the ilirone room '•' the palace at Addis Ababa ih;y • .11 we a, dusky young man. who • ices his ancestry, back ta Kins; : '.'ncllk; I, supposed son qf Kins u :lomau and the Queen cf Shcba. ..-spite Uie- ancient traditions • .lich surround him, however, the . tenllal emperor has modem rt-o- • mic ideas, according to inf n reaching tlie State D : nt. " "Educated 111 Europe I Theyoung king umtil Ills coro- i . lion he will bear Uie lltle of Kin^ I : .far! Ma'konnejil Is 3S years old. \ '•• married, and lias several clill-1 (' :n: He was educated in French I .lools and, despite the backward- i : "ss of his realm. Is said to lusv? I i [;0od knowledge of the modern '. M-ld. • Together with his laic ccusin, l.b Empress Wnizcrn Zuudidi . ••• lorn he succeeds. King Tafari :\ts tried 10 raise hts country from ''-.c semi-nomadic state In which ': has slumbered for years. He ' :dlt a few good roads. He and ";:s counselors introduced cotton, to . iiich the climate of Ethiopia is : ltd to be well adapted. Tafari's religion, like thai of lost of his compatriots, is Ciirls- an. Tradition has il thnt royally . ..' Ethiopia came from Judea and j i nt 11 the third century. Anno Dom- : ; ii. they held to the Jewish fnlth. ' heir ecclesiastics now arc a part • f the Coptic church which l:as •umcrous branches in ihe Near ~ast. Mystery Surrounils Origin Mystery surrounds the founding •f Uie present- Ethiopian (or Aby.s- inian) state as it does the. origin -f the people. In America I ho Idea :s prevalent Lhnt the Ethiopians ire. negroes. Ethnologists i:3ld. ',i3« p evcr, (hat these people. thoml Jusky, are unrelated to the true negro race and have entirely different, physical and menial char--| acterlstjcs. However, many. IICKKJ I tribes: live within the Ethiopian borders':" - - • | Although the United Slates lia< little commerce with these easlern people, it renewed diplom.itic relations with Ethiopia in 1028, »f- ter dropping them for 20 years. Addison E. Couthard now Is minister to Addis Ababa. Possibly this renewal of relations was impelled by future com- ..rnerclal prospects. At present the ' Ethiopians -.export only skins, j hides, coffee and beeswax, but If! Tafari's modernization program is j successful it may have more ii|' offer in tlie world market, officials i here believe. i Gets U. £. Aid , i To aid in rehabilitating his conn--] try, Tafari recently secured the | services of -.Everett, A. Colson. for- ! mer assistant financial expert in j Haiti, as financial advisor, and of Prof. E. F. Work, formerly of Mus- Iciiieum College In Ohio, as educa- I tional advisor. j Ethiopia fibounds in \vaten>o\ver I resources. The J. G. White Com- ! pany of New York is understo3:l to' be negotiating with Tafari fcr ^ the right lo build'a modem hvdro- cleclric dam on Lake Tsana at the headwaters of the Blue N'ile, a pro- \ ject long contemplated by the' British. bit 1 uu:l jiroaivv.irirf. S-une six 13 i-ijtn rci;:nl. >ji.iy be 1 pluycd in nil evcni:): 1 . Tiir pair having wun tii,i lnrj-iM u:nnln'i- «f lla^s ;il tlio oiul O f n lt . , • i ,>niiifi iu'p clH-luri'd tljo wlniiu^. II uvo nr nnri- iv.iii.; lmv.> who sinl'l - Nfatch play progressive brid^dr- | The Iwsirss slnll thru u.^ngj! rives Its name from malch play In |niio;lu>r ilac a; cai'!i (nb!e. :mil au- eolf. Although the lotnl sc'jre 1 -i-i-[olhrr in:::.d i.s (iluycd. tiie wlnnen kept for each linnd at l.:c com- ;in.-iiii wn:i:in;; ilie ll.i:; at tneir ta ploilon 'Of each round, the KMI-JS iiirc used only lo determine «m- jiicrs of that round an:l are r.-.i Icaii-icd over from thnt round n 111:; IIMCI. i I'airs are made up by [asrccinent. Two pairs are as* • Iho" ini!n'::i (<!' jfiBned lo- each table mil nu ial!le>! pairs Ihi-n play 1,1: ni sv arc distributed.' The Irj-tL 1 --.. or; 1 " 1 dcclasi'd il^ '.'innpr. icne in charge, shall place a u:-M \ It mn-i be ren-.i-mljcre:! \'r--- |/imei:ffiii flag at each table. Pa'ir! aftci- Un- t.i-nm :-, li;-.ii[(.il ID .. Iik-aLs constlliite a round. 11 a j iho C.IRI o: cadi round lo deler- idcal is pissrd out t'nc deal ]ia^i>i uiinr the «jnii(-r of Hie fl.i;;. ihc I to Hie If-fl and the s-:ori- .-!«:!: '.-core- is U:rn fns-iini-ii aim h nil Uilve mo lo cadi side 0:1 tin sc-ire I farried oM'r lio::i cue round 1:1 I pad (o rilial deal. | i| 1P nexi. It is Mmply a (jiu's'loa j Al the end of each roiu/.!. t!i?]c>f how m.isiy pai:-. you can ;l(.; isrores for both sidVs ai, ij::ii,.i! ln (llu ' > '' Vl "''"!• eacii lable and Ihe .sm.illc 1 ; -c.j.--' ''" llls - v >>"'i'i l- s also id-iptaljk* !»ubtracted from the lr.:-;;rr. I'• :• : to chibi »i a de-ln. to run a s"rl^- jpalr with U:e net plus fco:t- •.'iiisicil ^am(I the lltilf AmerU-ai: liar, a: i!ir-ir nei-.tnp ,t:iule ar.d ••hall );e einitli'! la 1'ro-i flnys, o:- isrc-ss one table toiv.nrd i!i:- hi.iri ta- , each ji!: Me. The losers at tin 1 h'-a:l '.:.b!c 1'lnyers ^": sjo to the las'., or bor.c:n. i/-jl: oveiiin S:tnply cnrry avu 1 eat i ;n.oi-il ol Hie niir.ibc'.- of ilv number of pain,' tha 1 . has wan or dr-few:! tl fhanse i.-arLners o.r.-a tlinvfort- a', thp eml of :• , . ... , il'Inyers rfo net rhanyc [nuiiiTs, bu; Aeries of I!I:TP 10 live i;aiii?.s, i -.-.• j retain t!ie sunn- paniifi- ihrnn-r'.- i one player having '.'.ou the ure.itt.-sl en; Hie cvpnliiK'-s play. Ui::;:i a> • number o: !l:ia.v :;;• di-fealed III- riving ut Die nc-.v tahli; Hie four : me.uesl. mmslrr of pair?. — would h • | players shall cut (or deal. dectarrit ll-.i- \vimu-r of ihc series Don't Forget the $300 in Given Alisnlutely Free by lite ftranil Leader, llti!)!):ird e Cu. and Ihe IlubJiavd l-'urnitui'e Co.. on SEATTLE, (UP)— I. W. Ringer has. gone to court to his lot which lie had paid for. but which he C'uldn't reach' without trespassing, on otbjr people's property. Ringer bought a lot in a r.e\v | residential district, and after a few] months, he discovered that his' properly resembled a little European kingdom—hemmed in on- all sides by neighbors. Not even a. footpath provided means of en- j trance. Vacation of a street- -had created the situation. ' He has asfc^d for a court order ccdemning enough land on his encircling neighbors' property lo pro'- a 20-foot strip to his lot I'scd Books Save .Money i MONTREAL, QUE., (CPl-SUl- dents at McGill University here have saved £1.300 thus far tills term through the purchase of second-hand books from the licok exchange operated by the student's, council, according lo Douglas Ham. i . nton, student, chairman of the' committee in charge PRINCETON, MO.. tUPi _ All' apple tree, 90 years old belonging to Thomas Andrews, produced its annual crop this year. ~k A A •/ •" m-f ' |lla ' n fc 'l 0r ''fl l» l! 1(1 sba'Je cf the mM A KL f II roolll ' r> (Iccoraiion :, "' •• ~™^"- •• Three nnd n ho!f yards of mu- lerlal are- nralnl. Make HH luick nt the shoe wardiobi 1 not (|iil(e the | ileiiBlh or the wiilin cf the door.i so that it wll not Mnnil in the way | ,of tin door's clwUK. Mind all tin:: I'dnes with bias Iji^ij or pieces of I tin. 1 mnlerlnl. llu' lu-.:i- widths of | i lie nmlcrlal \'2 ir.i-!.is when finish- ; nl. Finish (hi; ioi>s uf ihcse slrlp 1 ;' with hems and run Oastlc throiis!i i i ilii'in, stilchliiK it Micuri-ly when. • >ou .slllch ihc 1 ntKkvts onto [lie 'back. After stitciu:i- ; all Hit [>ock- • els in place, a li'v. niches apart. • .-tllch down Ihrcuxh the cenlei of each, dividing all four inlo holv.'s, j each of which still is large eiiousli i to adei|»alely h«"-c a p.iir "'' shoes. L'SEKM. .mil acceptable for llv s' f .;• i>:rlly foulwrar is the Cl!il.t!.:a • -. .51 ol i\ fnllleiigth clos- 31 ll-::>! :!:'-• bag. Gu;h .. luij should be nmdc of tin n: i::.. \v:,.-liable Blazed chlnu or line cre-.ciu:?. either liRurttl C r The total num'oer 01 countries in -| ; the Unllfd Slates is 3010. Tr.e ! tcul (loss no! Include 22 in!lop?i:• dent cities. December (iih., nnd We have (he flienpesl prices in the country Stoves Look These Prices Over CANE CHAIRS SIMMONS REDS, 2 inch post $3« MATTRESSES Ml ^ SPRINGS, folding coil Complete \vi(h stand (P libick Diamnnil Cast qwvi Qr ,^^^^lf, yLliV'S KITCHEN CABINETS, Marsh S19.95 2- iiu-h Kins, for wood u 1 BED ROOM SUITES : '" 1 '" DINING ROOM SUMS s "'"" S7S COMFORTERS, large size $1.95 BLANKETS, large double size §1.45 iture Co. Hlythoville,'Ai-k. ELOTE GROCERY and MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Main BANANAS I'outul 4c Jumho HkMt K;ich IS's Each 100 I'..un,ls S2JHI Pound APPTF^l /111 LRO 72's, IWu-iniis l'c:therry. l.b. iTn-— 5 Lb.s. Each C * 5C PE FRUIT lMnt ^^ 8c SOAP i 1 . & Ill Bars 32 c TOMATOES .i Cans 25 c NnHh(irit Pound 7c o<l. 21 Lbs. (i.'ic. .is I'mmd Sack i'aiH'y Vellnw *J _^ , round W>C iin-:hel $1,25 SALT MEAT' I'wind 17c RATHN (:c DA tUn Sliced. I'ound VEAL CHOPS 17c TROPIC NUT OLEO ,..„„, 17ic ROUND STEAK '•': „„„, 25c I'oimrl SAUSAGE Keel l-D 1'onnri 25 c Full Dressed Hens & Fryers 930 Ton Won't to/ Hit" "If yon liuy of Mr Rowers" 799 "FREE DELIVERY Wc'd-isl ih:i( you will laKe :idviin(ai?.e of c-\ir l-'HKK DHI^VKIIY StiltVICK. .)UH| H(C.';J lo ih^' 'iilioni- mid sive us you;- tnler, we ;issi;ro you il will 'rt'vi'ii'f the .-•lime 1 ::lt(.'nli(m ;is if ymi tiiiil seletled il y:;urscll, and will rcaeh you in dim time. COFFEE Ik'rkeloy Hlend, • Aulr«.'nt( of tht 1 Table PEANUT BUTTER Minurct 1-lb. Jar 17c TOMATOES No. 2 Can 3 Cans 25c PEACHES Courier, Y. C. Halves. No. 2\Can. :i for 5:it". 37c LIBBVS PINEAPPLE Sliced or (.'rated. No. 1 Can 2 cans 25c MATCHES Searchlight 6 Boxes 20c . 4.9c PEAS no Variety. ,\ T 3 cans 35c Knrty .dine Variety. .\'o. 2 Ciin ' •> HERSEY COCOA 1 Lh. Can Can 25c Pure Ho^Lard s 1.29 ONIONS Rod Globe 5 Lbs. 14c CABBAGE New Firm Green Heads Lb. Potatoes No. 1 Red Triumphs lb. 2\c Cranberries Fresh Stock Lb. 19c Grapefruit Nice Size Each 5c BANANAS Golden' Yellow- Fruit lb. 5c APPLES Choice Delicious Lb. 8c ARTICHOKES Nice Large Ones Each Neck Bones r -™" !b.6ac Brisket Roast Fine For 15oilin(f Lb Spare Hibs Plenty of Meat Lb. j Roast Beef •'"" lb. 15c PIG EARS & SNOUTS Fresh Lb. 12Jc Mackerel Fat Shore Caught, 9 Oz. Each 12k Side Meat Streak-O-Lean Best Grade lb. PICNIC HAMS Shankk'ss Sugar Cured, (i (o S Lb. Av. Lb. HOC CHITTERLINGS Fresh and Fine Lb. lOc PORK STEAK Fresh Sliced Shoulder lb. 25c

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