The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 3
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__WI<;i)i\USUAY, JANUARY 10, 13LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1945 Income Tax Primer Changes In Income Tax Law Offer Real Simplifications Survivors Tell Of Jap Torture Bound Prisoners Left On Deck Of Jap Sub When It Submerged COLOMBO. Ccj'lon, Jan. 10 (UP) — Twenty-three' survivors of an American Liberty ship Imvc n 1'er- sonul score to settle with tlic Japanese. Their vessel was torpedoed by a Jap submarine. And the submarines' crew murdered some of their shipmates and tortured the rest. Tlie sunburned bodies of tlte 23 survivors still bear scars from the beatings and bayonetiiiss inflicted by the merciless Japanese. It seems they were Merchant Marine, Army and Navy units bound for India from San E'edro Calif., in a 10,000-ton Liberty ship Last July, when they were 1 days out of Australia, two torpcdoe; crashed into Hie forward part tlieir boat. The order was given abandon ship. But before radioman Cullie Stone i of Tulsa. Oklahoma, left his post,' lie sent three SOS signals. They' were received by stations in India, which relayed (hem to the Royal Air Force patrol plane station, anil the subsequent approach o( one of the RAP patrol planes forced tile Jap submarine to crash- dive, and saved the lives of the 23 survivors. After its torpedoes rammed the American ship, the submarine surfaced. The leering Japanese crew ordered the survivors aboard. The first man to climb aboard flic enemy craft was a 17-year-old messman making his first voyage. The Japs led him to the bow of the submarine, shot him in the back, and tossed his body overboard. As the others climbed aboard, they were stripped of their watches, rings, wallets, identification tai and shoes. Then, they were bound and taken forward, where they were forced to sit with their heads bowed. If any man lifted his head —he was beaten. The Japs then formed n 'i |lc (> f death. Armed with' bayoneted amis and iron' pipes, they formed ail aisle through which tiie Americans were compelled to walk. 'As they walked, each Jap took his turn at stabbing or beating the defenseless .American. As the brutality progressed, the submarine commander addressed I his capiives saying: "Let this be a lesson to you that Americans are weak. You must realize that Japan will rule the world. You Americans were stupid for letting your leaders take you to war. Do you not know that the entire American Fleet is now in the bottom of the Pacific?" The Liberty ship's officers were taken to the conning towcv. They were never seen again. The Japanese had been enjoying their role of torturers for about two hours when'' th'e" 'RAP 'patrol plane appeared. The submarine quickly submerged, giving no thought for the Americans sitting on its deck with their hands tied behind their backs. As the men swam in the water, the plane dropped life" jackets and cans bf food and water to them. Thirty-six hours later a; rescue ship 'appeared on the .horizon: It was a' vessel of the -Ceyloiie'sc' Navy commanded by British officers. ; Here is Ihc second of 10 authoritative, oasy-to-follow articles telling the wage-earning taxpayer how lo prepare his Income tax iclurn. Readers should clip and save each Installment of the sc- ries. By S. BURTON HEATH NKA Staff Wrllen Three really radical changes have been made in the income tax low this year, In Ihc Interest of simplicity. Of tliose the most drastic is the new $500-per-]>crson exemption suggested by this writer a year ago in articles written for NEA Service and The Courier News. Formerly, you will remember, an unmarried taxpayer had a personal exemption of $500 unless he was legally head of a family, in which case he hnd the same $1200 exemption as a married couple. Each dependent was worth n credit of $350, except the first dependent of an unmarried family head, who was worth nothing for tax purposes. Now you can forget these complexities. You merely count the number of persons supported by I'our income—you are 1; your wife, if you arc married, is 2. each dependent counts one. And'each, including you, is one exemption. Jusi multiply $500 by the number of exemptions, and there Is your tax- family exemption DKPKNnKNCY TESTS Hi lax families of three or less, ihis reduces the total exemption a trifle. In families of four or more, It Increases the total exemption substantially. The second major change is in the test for dependency, which has been altered In three respects: First, against a few taxpayers, by eliminating all dependents who are not "close" relatives — natural or adopted children or descendant of children; step-children; parents or ancestors of parents; step-parents; parents-in-law; brothers and sisters (full, half, foster, step- or. -!n-law); uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews by blood, but not in-law. Second—For any of these the lest is actual dependency, regardless nf age or mental or physical condition. Now the taxpayer can claim credit for support oi nn over-lB- year-old child still in school. He no longer is refused the same credit for support of a close relative, healthy but out of work. ,that he always has had for gifts to charity for the benefit of total strangers. And finally, yon no longer have to figure, to the nearest month, how long you supported a dependent, and pro rate your credit. If n close relative was dependent at any time during the year, you can take full credit. Ttie third radical change Is eliiii- Ing of the tax liuv, rallier tlmn upon who paid the tax. Over a period of years, however, through custom and with the assistance of such articles as these, taxpayers had learned that they could deduct customs dudes i on articles im|>orted for personal use or gifts; admissions tax on tickets and Imposts such us tho cabaret tax; the wartime levy (now 15 per cent.) on transportation tickets; the cost of stamps required to be affixed lo certain business documents; tlic use lax stami: on automobiles; Ihe lax on lele phone and telegraph messages costing above prescribed amounts the taxes on safely deposit ,bo> rental, club dues, clc. Now all of Ihcse arc out. You pay them, but you can't deduc them, You'll have to leavn (he lisi all over again. Other cluiiujcs worth mcntlonlni Include a new $500 special excmp lion for Ihc blind; elimination o Installment payments on Income tax; a juggling of lax names and rales. ination of the old "earned income credit." That was based upon the theory that earned money ought not to be taxed so heavily as non-earn- Corp. Hallmark's Outfit Praised By Gen. Bradley AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE RECONNAISSANCE WING HEADQUARTERS, England: Jan, 10 — In a letter of commendation signed by Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, cqm- inanding the Twelfth Army Group, Corporal P. I. Hnllmavk, Blythc- ville, Ark., wns among (he personnel of the photographic laboratory at tins headquarters lauded for its outstanding work in support ol llvi ground forces. The commendation cited the lab- Btory's ability and readiness to reproduce Important photographs and photo-maps to exact specifications and with the speed necessitated by the rapid timetable of the war in Europe. Corporal Hallmark is n maintenance and repair man at the photographic laboratory. Working 'round the clock, Ihc laboratory is capable of reproducing some 128,000 photographs per day and is a part of- the Eighth All- Force Reconnaissance Wing commanded by Col. Elliott Roosevelt, During one rush period, the laboratory reproduced 72,000 photographs in 10 hours. The laboratory, beginning operations in April 1944, In an unhealed building witli windows not installed, Is now probably Ihe largest of its kind. The American knack ol improvisation, plus some of the best equipment available operated by Alt Force experts has developed the laboratory, in spite of severe hall dicaps into the smoothly function- Prosecutor Will Discuss Pardon State Officials Will Be Given Information In E. A, 8udd Case LITTLE ROCK, Jan, 10 lUP) • Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Duly of Rogers has notified .sliitc officials Hint he would lie In Little Rock Tuesday lo discuss with Ihcm nn investigation of n pardon granted to E. A. lliidd, Knypttcvlllc business mull, by Governor Homer Adkins. Adkins lust week granted u full pardon to liudd, convicted ot voluntary irmnsliuiKhtor of Miss Nor inn Snillh. 11 Fliyctlevlllo seliool teacher, nnd sentenced lo five years, despite objections of Duly end oilier Kayelleville city officials, Washington 'county officials denied Muiidny Hint liny present county oflidal had sunt a stale- nienl to Governor Adkins recommending clemency tot lludd, A spuki'snuin for Ihe officials said nil |)rcscnl olliclnls of Ihc county have been polled nnd nil wish to deny authorship of uny iilatciufitt ivmtTi'iiliijT lUidcl. The governor was quoted OT saying he l>:ul .sliileinenls from several couii- ly officials. Dan Allen, said by the governor lo have wrilten in Iludd's behalf, and described by Ihe chief executive as Fayetlevillo police ehlef, Is no longer hcnd of Ihe Police Department nor n resident of Washington county. He resigned In the Miring to rim for sheriff nnd was defeated. Pearl Will Us, described by Governor Adklns as chief Waslv inglon county deputy .sheriff, Is no longer employed by Ihc county. aforementioned inortKHRc, ami by tlic laws of Ihe Blnlc of Arkansas, will on the 12th ilny of Jnnunvy, 1945, between the hours of 0 o'clock In the forenoon and D o'clock In the afternoon of said dntc. ut Mlssco Headquarter, 4 ml. Wi'sl of Murlc, In (he County of Mississippi, State Arkansas, olfcr for sale lo the holies! nnil best bidder for cash, the Jollmvlni; described properly, lowlt: 'i Black Horse Mules; 1 Jersey Cow; 1 John Deere \Vai;on; 1 John Ueci'e Ciillivulor; l Jolm Deere Plainer; 1 John Deere Turn- Ing Plow; 1 Yellow Jacket Middle Buster; 1 Shopmadc Harrow Double Shovels; 1 Victory Prcssim Cooker; 2 collars anil 2 scls plow gear; All small tools. Witness mj hand this the Oth day of January 1915. United Stales of America, 13j floucrl w. Downs, PSA Supervisor 'clock In die afternoon of said date, t Mlssco Headquarter, 4 ml. W. oC liirle, In the County of Mississippi, jtnlc of Arkansas, oiler for sale to ho highest and bo,st bidder for 'ash, tlic following described prup- 'i-ly, lo-\vll: 1 Mule; 1 Jersey Cow; • Curtwrltfhl Wiigun; 1 WakefU'lu 3iiUlviilor; 1 Wnketleld Harrow; Middle Duster; 1 Turnlnn Plow; double Klunvl; 2 Double Tree; 'i single trees; 1 Planter. Witness my id (his Ihe Oth duy of January IMS. United Stiiles nf America, llj IloUeii W. Downs, 1'SA Supervisor Also an unsuccessful candidate foi sheriff, he Is row a patrolman ihe Fayellevillc police force. on NOTICE OP SALE. Notice Is here by jjiven Ihul Hie undersigned mort gagce In a mortgnue executed by !• M. l-'letcher lo Ihc United Slules 01 Ihc 22 day of March, 1013, nnd dul nied In Ihc oltlce of the Uecorder !i mul for Mississippi County, Arknn sns; the snid I'. M. Fletcher having waived all rights of appraisement, -sale and redempllon under the laws of Ihc Stale of Arkansas; pursuant lo the powers granted under Ihc terms of (he aforementioned morl- Biigc. and by the laws of (he State of Arkansas, will on Ihe 12lh dny of January, IfllS, between, the hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon and !> 'clock in the afternoon of said ale, nt Missco Hcaikiuarlcr, -I ml. V. of Marie In Ihc County of Mls- isslppl, Slale of Arkansas, offer for ale to (lie highest mul test bUldvv or cash, the (allowing described iiopnly, Ic-wlt: 1 John Deere Ciil- Ivator; 1 111C Middle Busier: 1 IHC runilnu Plow; 1 Shop Made llur- •ow; 1 Double Shovel; 1 Trailer, Shopmndc, Unick Chassis; 1 John 3nerc Planter. Witness my lunul this the Olh day of January, IfllS. United States of America, Hy Robert W. Downs, 1'SA Supervisor. ed money. But there were floors and ceilings and exceptions tlut made 'this' credit fail to 'achieve''^ avowed purpose. It was coinplidut- ' e(t, and its tripped more, intricacies probably taxpayers than ;; any Brainy Avoid Politics, Fulbright Complains WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UP) — One of the nation's youngest senators complains that the nation is suffering from a policy of putting its best brains into business rather than government. The senator, 39-year old J. Wil' liam Fulbright of Arkansas, n Democrat, reports that in a recent questionnaire 70 percent of a group of American parents said they didn't want llieir sons to be congressmen. And Senator Fulbright adds: "Business has been for the bright boys, politics hits been for poor relations and people who couldn't do anything else." single Form -1040 feature until last year's : Victory ;Tax and "Forgiveness" computations broke ;the cle- phant'S:back., ,: , •. This ineth6d : of computing medical credit^ -hiis :been changed so thajt fewer taxpayers can. lake advantage t ' ; of • the ; 'deduction, and tliose benefit \vlll obtain less advantage.:'lt is 'a trifle simpler, hofrevejr. •' , , ,' BEFUDDLING CHANGE , ,, ; There has been considerable reduction in the number of taxes thai can be deducted. This change, far from simplifying the situation, increases the size of the income tax and also further befuddles what always has been a source o[ annoyance and bewilderment to most taxpayers. It used to be the theory that any tax could be deducted (except the federal income levy) if it was imposed directly upon the consumer. That theory meant little, because Ihe deducibility of each tax depended upon the technical word- ing organization it is today. Corporal Hallmark entered Ariny in April '1942 and^wa'S signed to. the European Theater of Operations in .April, 1944. He is thi son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hallmark of Blythcville. His wife the former Miss Pntsy Kaspbero of the some city. Read Courier News Want Ads. 5C 'TRIPLE RELIEVES DIAPER RASH MOROLINE I0 • TIWHITE PETROUUM -'FHY \ IU CAItD OF THANKS^ . \VC:Wish to express our npprecia tioirlo all those who were so kiiv to us during the recent Illness an dentil of our father and grandfnth er. We especially llmiik those, wh sent llowei-s and cnrds. : \ E. H. Johnson and family R. H. Cherry nnd family. NOT1CK Ol' 1 Notice Is li by ylven that llui iinderslBiicd miirt- :niice In » inuvliiiiKi 1 executed I)J Anderson Honey In the Unllci Stiites on the 10 day of May, IUH and duly tiled In the ollliv nf 111 Recorder In nnd for Mlsxlsslpp County, Arknnsiis; the siilil Anderson Honey hnvhiB wnlvcd nil rlnht of appriilseiui'nt. suti; mul redemp lion iiudei' the ln\ys of the Stnle o Arknnsiis; pur.siuint In lln- pinvcr Ki'nnU'il under Iho in ins nf Hi nforcmcnllimed nuirlniiKi 1 . and I) tin' laws of the Stuti' "I Aikunsii will on the lath dny of .himiary, ID-ID, between Ihe hours ut 1) o'clock In tin; forenoon mid fi o'clock In the Hfternoon ot BiiW dnte, ut Mlssco lleadtiuiiitcr. •! ml. West ol Murlc, In the County at Mississippi. State of Arknnsiis, oiler fur side lo the highest mul best bidder fur cash, (he tolliiwlnu ilescrllH'd properly, lo\vll: 1 Illnck Horse Mule; 1 Hluck Mure Mule; 1 Jersey Cn\v; I John C Cultlvntor; I John Uccre llddle Ilusler; 1 John Doric 'I'uni- it! Plow; 1 Jolm Ucere Pliintcr; 1 iliopniuilc Iliirrow. 'i i-olltiu, mul 'i els plo\v (;cur and nil Kiiuill tools. Vllncss my liiincl lliLs llu 1 flth day I Juminry, lfi-15, United Slates ot \merlcii. Hy Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. nry. !(M5, Ijclwccn the lioura of 0' 'clock In the foraiuon nnd & o'clock i the alleriioon ol unld ilntCj.nt llssco llcndquarlcr, '! ml. west of mile In the County ot Mississippi, late ot Ailuinsns, oiler for stile to lie highest nnd Irest bidder for cnsh, lie following Described property tovll: 1 Dny Mine; I Black Mure; 1 ei'Soy Cow; 1 John Deere Wagon; 1 olin Dfi're Cultlvntor; 1 Avcry Middle Duster; l John Dcoro Tuning Plow; l Oliver Planter; 1 Shop- mule Hiinow; 2 collars nnd 'i sets •low sear, Witness my lumd this .ho Oth day of Juminry, 1015, Unit- Hi Slnles ol AmiTlcn, Hy Ilobert W Downs, FS(\ Supervisor. NOTICK Ol 1 ' SAI.K. Notice Is hereby ulven Hint the undersigned mort- gagee In n morlKagc executed !>' Kloyd Ixc. Prlvelt lo Ihe Unltei Slates on the 10 dny of April, 10-1- nnd duly filed In Ihe otflcc of tlv Recorder In nnd for Mlsslsslpii PAGE THREE ' . Bounty, Aikmisas; llie said Floyd jx Prlvcll having waived all rights i[ appraisement, sale nnd rcdemp- lon under the laws of the StateVof Arkansas; inirsunnt to the,powers rnnlcil under Ihe terms of (lie, nrorciiiehtloned mortgage,.'and by; .he laws of the State of'Arkansas/ will on tlic 12th day ol January, 1015, between the hours'of 0 o'clock ' n the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the ifternoon of said dale, .at Mtssco Hendfiuarter, •! ml. wiist of:Marlc,' In the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for the' highest ond best, bidder for cash, Ihc lollowlng described property, towlt: 2 Horse Mules; 1 Jersey Cow; 1 John Deere Cultivator; 1 Avcry Middle Busier; 1 John Deere Plnnt- r; 1 1110 Breaking Plow; 1 Homemade Ilnrrow; 1 Cnrtw'i'lght'. Wagon: 2 sela plow gear. Witness 'my hand this tho Olh day ot January, 1015, United Slalcs of. America, By llobcrl W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. NOTICE OF SAI.13. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned inort- Kagce in n mortgage executed bj Ixiyd Poll" to the United Stales 01 the 11 dny of April, 1044 and duly filed in Ihc office of Ihu Recorder li anil for Mississippi County. Arknn sas; Ihc snld Loyd Poll hnvliv waived all rights of nppnilsenienl nlc nnd redemption .under the law f the State of Arkansas; pursunn 0 the powers granted under Hi erms of the aforementioned mort :nge, nnd by the laws of the Stnt >f Arknnsiis. will on the 12th dny o ainiary, UJ45, between the hours of o'clock In Ihe forenoon and 5 /clock in the afternoon of snid date, it Mlssco Headquarter. 4 ml. West f Marie, in ttic County of Mlssls- ippl, State of Arksuisfts. olVev for ialc to the highest and besl bidder :or cash, the following described uopcrty, to-wll: 1 Black Mnre Mule; 1 Dork Bay Horse Mule; l Jersey !ow; 1 Avcry Middle Busier; 1 IHC rurnliiR Plow; 1 Avcry Cnlllvator; 1 IHC Double Shovel; 1 IHC Planter; 1 John Deere Wagon; 1 Dixie Pressure Cooker; 1 Harrow, Shopmade: 2 collars nnd 2 sets plow Rear. hnnd this the Dili day of January, 1045, United States of America, Hy Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is herein 1 given that the undersigned mort- gagee In n mortgage executed by P E. Vermin to the United Stntcs or the 0 day of March, 1914 and dul) filed In tlifi olTlcc of the Recorder h nnd for Mississippi County. Arkansas; the suld P. U. Vcriuin hiivlni, waived all rights .ot appraisement sale and redemption under Ihe law ol Ihe State ol Arkansas; piirsunu lo thu powers granted under th terms of the aforementioned morC gage, and by the laws of tho Slat of Arkansas, will, on the 12lh da January, 1045, between the horn f 0 o'clock In Ihc forenoon and NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given Hint Ihe undersigned mort- gagee in a mortgage executed by Guy Jnmincrson .to the; United States on the 27 day of March, lO-H and duly filed in the office; of the Recorder in nnd for Mlssissipp County, Arkansas;, the salii On; Jainmerson having waived all rishli of appraisement, sale and redemp lion under the laws of the Stale o Arkansas; pursuant lo the power, granted under the terms of tin Charter No. 14383 Kcscrvc District No. t Two simple steps in Improving the LOOKS .... boosting Report of Condition of The First National Bank of Blydicvillc, iii Ihc Slate nf Arkansas, at the close of business on DC. ccmbcr 30, 1911. Published in response lo call m:ulc by Comptroller of 111 Currency, under Hcclion 5211, U. S. revised .statutes. ASS ETS Loans and discounts (including $253.79 overdrafts) ,..$1,457,032.0 United States Government obligations, direct and guaran- t. CC(1 1.184,509.0 Obligations of Stales and political subdivisions 129.20C.2 Corporate stocks (Including $5,100.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 5,100.00 Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection 2 233 505 3G Bank premises owned $23,551.14, furniture and fixtures $0,377.12 29,928.25 Oilier assels • 29.751 Grandma Switches Millions of Mothers To Her Mutton Suet Idea For Chest Colds I'ionurr Krnu<linn liked lo "rub umro cornfortiililo— (IJl'cnelro re- oolttfi" wllli n "lionui rub" contain- llcvua oolilK 1 pain as ila mutton suet ing mutton suet. Kucli n rub WIIB liulps curry • medication to nerve lior"oM rclliiWo" for relieving diesl <>»<l» '" the skin. (2) liolioyes imisdo tl|;lilni'sa, nuotlilnif bron- muscular tinliliie.SH ami coiiKeUion chiiil Irritnti loiuiiMiiiig iililcirin,l l » rou Kn, coimloi-irrlliilion (in- cliei-kiiiK coiiliiiiK i-iisin stiii|; of c l' ( ! llsCl1 blur)l1 flow ):-..(3) clui|ipc<l lips mul nostril*. Toilny nclenco luia nioilcnil/.cd tills principle) with I'eiiclro, (ho salve with u biise containing tins tiatuo old fusli- loued mutton sucl, plus fi iiclivu in- now Grmidma'H oltl NOTICE OP SALE. Noltcu Is hcrc- )>• iilvcn (hat the umlcr.sli;ui'd mort- ce in a moi'lRiiKi! executed by rhiirman Wiillncc lo tho Dulled Stales on Ihe 27 day (it March, 1014 nd duly Illed In tho office of Ihe Recorder In and for '-Mississippi County. Arkansas; Ihc said Tlmr- man Wallace having waived rlj;t>ts of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant lo the powers liiantrd under lln; lertns o! the aforcuumliiinctl mortgage, an< by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the I2lh day of Jan- Men hi switching millions to tills newer rcliof thai la Ijc'mp Imiled nil over America. You'll like 1'rnulro llio first time you feel 11 spreml amootlily on chesl, tliroal, liiiclc—lls million suet kra II mult Itislanlly, vinilnl My. H tfcli) to work .'( ways til unco to imiko you and your clillilror YOU CAN'T I1UY ., moro in n^itirin (linn tlm ns.siirnnco o iliinlilynniliiurily i;iiimm(TOil whcuyoi buy St. J»w|ili A«i>lrin j.'i'oilil'n lurpra nellorntlO/. DcmnmlSt.,mscriliAspirin Loosens cases couching thiough ilcii^iiiil InluihiUon ot insliiiilly rc- euseil viipoia. You'll fcql relict so quickly—as imiiifnl misery eases, couKli'nfC is lessened, phlegm loosencil, chest rawness soothed. You'll rest more comfovliibly, pivp nature n clmnco to restoro vitality llnoujjli soimil slcc|i. That's why so ninny mothers lhaiili Craiiihnn for her lilen—praise .science for iierfectiDK it—anil buy I'onctro at ilru^^isU everywhere.' llcliGve yotiv chest colil miceites us millions are doing—today (jet your Jar of white, ciisy-lo-use I'enclro. Report of Condition of The Farmers Bank &. Trust Company / f Blylhcville, Ai];:ins;is, Lit Ihc clusc uT business Um'mbi'r 30, 13It, a te hanking institution organ l/cil aivd oiieraUnf; titular llm In tilling ivv.s nf tills Stall! :nnl u mcmhnr of Ihe Teilcra! Uescrvi; Syslcni, ,l'tib- .•ilicd In accordance with a cull iniulc hy tin- KluU: Bunking Aullmrltii^ nil by the Federal Reserve Hank of this IHslild. ASSETS joans nnd discounls .(Including $2(10.00 ovenlrnfls) $:t,2lll,fl9'lM United Slntes Government obllRnllons, dlrccl mid Ktmnmleed l.BllO.iiCD.Dt) Obligations of Sliiles nnd ]>ollticnl .subdivisions (i 1,000.00 Oilier tends. Holes, and debentures '10,000.00 'orporatc slocks (Including $9,000.00 stock of Federal Ho- . i serve bank) '...< 8,000.00 Cash, balances 'with other b'nnks, liicliidlni! reserve Ijiilnncc, . j nnd cush Items In protcss of collection :i,(!GI,llf).f>3 Dunk premises owned, Includliii; MonlEOiucry Ward Bldi;., ( $12,500.00, furniture and fixtures $1.00 72,501.00 Assets of Insurance Department : 1)0,901.10 Other assets 1.00 t h| Siekness and in HeaSth •••*• ,.,it is comforting -to know that you can depend on someone. For many years, folks everywhere have been depending on our store for their every-day drug needs in time of health— as well as accurately-filled prescriptions in time of ^ sickness. Prescription Service KIRBY BROS. DRUG STORES Main * Second—Mnin & Division—Slnin & Ilroaclwny AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT. INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 200 Lynch !Hil£. TOTAL ASSETS $B,!)90,021,'J3 LI ABI LIT I ES Demand' deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations ' $0,427,727.57 Time deposits of individuals, parlnciVnlps. and corporations 731,081.44 Deposits of United Stales Government (Including postal savings) : : GTO.'im.OO DeposiU of Slalcs and political subdivisions :]27,78. r >.D4 Deposits ot tanks '211,381.47 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.! 102.205.09 TOTAL DEPOSITS $0,542,675.41 Liabilities of Insurance Department 30.907.70 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including subordinated gallons shown below) CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* Surplus Undivided profits Reserves for dividend obli- $3,51.1,583.17 150.000.00 150.000.00' 15,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 422,4311.16 TOTAL ASSETS $5,030,310.60 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals', partnerships, and corporations $3.007,182.44 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corimrations 371,208.09 De|H>siU of United States Government (including postal savings) 397,715.47 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 318,067.10 Deposits of banks 122,087.01 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) 33,330.63 TOTAL DEPOSITS $4,851,090.74 Other liabilities 4 840 00 TOTAL LIABILITIES $4,855!930.7! CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Common stock, total par $100,000.00 100,000.00 Surplus .' 80,000.00 Undivided profits 74186 Reserves (and retirement account for preferred stock) 2.C38.00 TOTAL CAPITAL THESE TWO STEPS may help you. So if you are subject to poor digestion or suspect deficient red-blood as the cause of your trouble, yet have no organic complication or focal infection, SSS Tonic may be just what you necil. It is especially designed (1) to promote the flow of VITAL DIGESTIVE JUICHS in the stomach and (2) to build-up BLOOD STRENGTH when deficient. Tlicsc are two important results. Thus you get fresh vitality ...pep... do your work better. ..become animated ... more attractive! SSS Tonic has helped millions... yon can start today ... at drug stores in 10 and 20 or., sizes. OS.S.S. Co. JUllD STUSDV IIEMIH ar<J tie;, SlAlWAR! • SlEADV • SlRONO " helps build STURDY HEALTH ACCOUNTS 183,379.86 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $5,039,310.eO M EMORAN DA Pledged assets (and securities loaned* (book value): United States Government obligations, direct and quar- anteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities 381,000.00 TOTAL $ 381,000.00 Secured liabilities: Dcposils secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirements of law 386,615.4' TOTAL .$ 386,615.4 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS. S8,09li,02l.:i3 This bank's capital consists of: Common slock with total par value of $150,000.00. MEMORANDA | 'lodged assets (and securities loaned) (book value i: U. S. Government, obligations, direct and ijuiuantccd, pledged lo secure deposits and other liabilities $ 000,000.00 TOTAL $ 000,000.00 Secured and preferred liabilities: Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirements of law 802,037.63 TOTAL S 802,037.03 I, P. E. Warren, cashier of the abovc-munud bank, hereby certify Mia the above statement, is true lo Ihe best, ol my knowledge and belief. F. E. Warren. Cashier Correct—Attest: li. A. Lynch J. L. Cherry I. U. Johnson. Director; Slate of Arkansas, County of Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscrilxxl belore me Ibis ftlh day of January, 1045. (Seal) E. ll - Hryan, Notary Public. My commission expires 3-25-47. Recapping and Vulcanizing Slale of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, s.s: I, D. C. Paflord, casliier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best ot my knowledge and teilef. D. C. Paffoi d. Cashier Correct—Attest: S. H. Williams E. M. Hcgenolcl J. M. Stevens, Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8 day of January, 1945. . Mfivy Bnnitn, Notary Public. My commission expires 3-20-4G, ADD LIFE TO YOUR TIHKS MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Hwy. II North Phono 2291 SEE.,, CALL... or WRITER me for your STONEVILLE COTTONSEED Swiff's Red Sfeer and Nifrafc Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL MIS. IMuv. Bljllicviilc, Ark. Ph. 2631 J. LOUIS CHERRY Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. e, Aik. If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's -. At AH Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" DRS. N.IES.& NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS Re era I Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blythcville, Ark. Phone 2921-

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