The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MAY 1, JO-i? BLYTHEVJl.hK (ARK.) C(iri;iK[{ NKWS PAGE FIFTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lastly rate uei line lot "itious: IIU.B nor line .n~"™~~_"" I!,' ItmcB tor Hue par day . r^c lliues i>er Hue per day Uo [l-i limes ycr lino yer diy I_II_I fie I Motith per line &0c In- Ail . ________________ five average words to the Hue. i aud toHjiid bvlore expiration will te cliarg- d !or Ihe number of time* the ad au. e*'.,-j an.l adjustment of Dill made. All Classified. Advtctlilnx copy Bub- I'lly uL^rrY^.-tomyanied by c-*«l>. Kales . be HM9/ computed from tba above | all,'. Ailvi'rlMnjj order for Irregular luaer- >•'<) ii'spouslljllily will be' takon for |nore tLitu one incorrecl lUBerlloa of any Allied ad. for Sole |l!Al!V CHICKS !J>'|I.I[,|D A *13.75 uer kuiulred. Jim llnmri Slur,,-. aU-r IPRYKUR ?1. Itaised in brood er. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Ahraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on R. Hwy. f. 3-28-ck-l lUAISY CHICKS For Salt MKiU'tlA.N'TS 111 Kivu yui imini'iliuti' O.'livcrj- on • lunbji- duly infill caxr*; LtJ any l.ji|:tlis. AUd liav.' iH-v.T-ttyi' fm,!<•[>. M fl ]k ill ri'friK.-niuus, un<t lii't'ii fm-7.' .nlii nils. IIjt.L.r MI].|,)I,.,. Aim Mills C..jii|irt>s»rs, I'liuiiu Doll Scull. ^',0. tl kinds rough luiiiWr. Winul ; ! '.I ,. r rh'k l,,tin », II laMs. (',, noil c-c i! .11 UolliKiiu'n Mill. W,.sl ur ('.imp '' 'OWER LAWN MOWKKS. See the lust word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. lilylheville Machine Shoi». •t-1'i-i'k-tf I.JU,,::,' iirui ^ir.lrn is l.u.,,1. l'J,j,i v «,f slt.l.i.- 11,.,-s. 1E,,IISI< is l.'ilr,! i,,,,,!,. '.I U* Soiuli Lilly St. ;', j |,|. .s -III ... PLUMBING-! IF.ATING "~. HATH I'lX'll'KKS. KlTl'IIPX SINKS tt'.VI'KK IIKATI'IHS |i(>, 'in & f>2 Ballon NOI-RC clccl ric healers are now available at I'lanlers Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Klements are available for any power lines. •1-21-ek-ti |lne C. i\l. C. panel bnilv with new motor, !;ood (ires. One hiK-rnational V t ton with nep?slake body, sjood (ires. Holli^si A-l condition. Kor (|uick siile, call dav phone 2lili(), ni;>-lil phone i?r>01. pk r>/ A 'i riV' ft v/mimv FANS ' ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & MATING For Rent One Job You Can't Do! No nialtiT liow K|iic and span yon koe)) your ear, or how handy you arc with a tool chest, you can't K've your motor and chassis professional care. lietl-cr drive in for a clicok-up liel'oro wai'ini'r weathur! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blythcville, Ark.—Tel. 4SS5—8715 Serr/cej MONKY '1X1 LOAN Do you need u loan tu or remodel? Nu down pay- menl, no murtgaKC, no red l»pe. F1IA approved rate 5%. AKk fo." details. Max Lot?«n, Ittxitor, phone 20S4. Lynch lild s ., lily I her Hie, Special Spring See us fur »n estimate before you have your tnirlor overhauled. We spi'ciali/e in slcam cleaning and liaintiiiK. IClcctric and acet-1 yleue weliliii}-:. Hnssell I'hillips Tractor Co. Hiwuy' til Smith, i'lmne 2171. | '•M-ck-lf «:,,l, III.I.-1. l,:.>iui; nil.I IN,,.!:, IM \! N(,','l.- M,' .1 ^s |ii..r.:K! Famous Neolite heels by Goodyear ItnlMini; If. v •»:!. « Jii r.-,ir. \\'M| inv..i.-«K' nml lot. U>;iviti !; fur r..'allh Business Opportunity <* hirlnMrt rimiii. Cull S 4fi Arr.'s of lit nil in front of 1," or rr,,].. .1. C I'.llis. Kv,i|le 1. II,.. I'liiinc r.l 1. Male Help Wanted 121 W. Main SI. SAT.KSM AN WANTED jirrfi'i-lly. 4''>|l9 lilvertone radio, table model. In fair condition. SI 5. 310 West Walnut. •! ?.S <lh If |—I! compartment '100 gnl. | nil fnnk \v;i!, r on tank. Also li)10 I-ton International truck with ,°,1fi gu\. 2 compartment tank wa p: o n lank. In good condition. I'lanlers Oil Co., phone (i.">, .Manila. <l|2Sck-T>i5 (i-I'dot meat case. diiire. In K'X'd condition. ' S17T). C'all t. F. De Hakey, phone 1!'2, Stcelc, Mo. ..... f ,-,E,' on M.-i'n Strrnr in Itlv ' 1 .'"',.,. 1 ',',',".-!" "'i'ir''.l l" s.'ll."Trrin' c:i( n])t.i-rirrii>: men 1H--.':, for I r;iv . jnli. Kuril .(I'll • turn ,,,T iv.'.. k Sri- Mr. I'nrl;. Ni.hlf lli.n-l. Tlvir-,ii>i nn. I Krifliiy. 7:(lil In S:.t<> ivru N'.- ]iln>no rnlN. .l!:ii|.g>k-.'.::: Personal iriviiiL- 1.1 Dt'iiVfr, (Vlnnnliv. Miirnini: C:in Hike 11111 i.nsv Cnll n I0:t nfl.T 7 ]i in I>K.M.T:IC WANTHD vill^ nin[ Minlb r..>:,. t u-ritp Kriu'l..^-!, 's " [V].t. A 1-: 1 •_'7-l 12. Mmipliis. T.'iin. f,'l |-l: Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Anfo Salvage, North Iliway 01. 1'bone . i i7Sf.. ^ 27 pk 5 27 Strp on il. frifml ... if you want rE*:il ri'^vriir f-innrorl from lluist' ulil sliui-s. llrini; tlii'in tn us s:ivt: llx* prii'r of a lu'W HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP CHIROPRACTOR "Ilraltli Is your greatest asset. Chlroprticlic is the surest road to Ilr.iltli. An invcKtnu'iit in a Cluni|)r;iulic Iloalth Service will n<ld to your \vo:iHli of lifatth." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalomctcr Service Guard Dr, Tors ten Lindqulst . Blylhcville, Ark. SEAT COVERS Let us sliarpon iiiui repair your lawn mower, regardless tif kind or si/.e. (Jet yours ready now, and avoid tin' rush. We pick uj) and deliver. lilyllieviile' M;iclriiie Shop, 21 1 S. 2nd St., phone 282S. -l-:i-ck-tf louse niovini;, fdiindalion re- liairs. I'lxpci it-need. Have all ei|iiipinent. Call <l!)2 or see l''r;inU Croi-hell. :!HII S. Killi. -l-S-pk-S-S Help Wanted iM;in I'm- assistant iiianaLver'H jii'i ;i!«! supervise salt's personnel.'tiv 1 a n I o ilealer. Kxper:en< - » helpful liul not required. ICxcelli'nl working ronditions and salary. Wrile liox X, '"<• Courier News. '1 2!) ck f> 12 One of tho finest tcronps you'll f>ec. Moik'rn styles, lieaulil'ul nallcni:') to, from, hcntlicretlci (rims. Si/.es for all makes and models of cars. All arc 1 made of ilunible, lonit-laslinjr niati'ri;il. Como iii today and make your selection for comiil'.'t" wili:>fa<:- lion at UKA1. HAVINCH! were $21.95 ro $27.95 As Low Ores:; up your Car for Cool Summer Driving . . . SEAT COVERS Installed Promptly $14.95 We Never Close . . . Sates Department Open Until'8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. ' PHONE 578 Posilinn I'ov niitlo hooUkeep- or. K.\perient'o. recoininen- dalinn veiiuired. I'erinan- erit position with well es- tahtished local 'inn. U'ril'.- l!ox XX. '•'• Convicr News. •I .",11 ck 5 7 Evon \vhi'n :n:\<lr of rr<i/cn .^:ili wntrr. iri-lK'i i:^ cdiilain lilllr :;:ill. This Milt' !ji']>ur:ili-s (nun I hi? \vnU'i If ym\ llvr'il on [lip innnn, ynn'<l •ire tin- emit) ,in llino.s lirl|;IUtM' m i'on utiu 1 ra'O lh(> mrxm. PRESCR1PTIOKS f/rcsh Stock Cnaranfeed He.sf Prlcea Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Ty|ic\rrlter IMan" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA mill UFMINdTON 1'Olt TAIII.F, 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONB 3302 (Kvcry Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typei Kscrpl Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Wtnlr 514 Main, Illj I In- vllle, Ark., Thine Z97,l Wonted SANITATION' — \Vo |>Tim|, ^M,l rt.-nn r.-s Inn^^ nii'l nil iiii1.[.,, nir*. (Mil -ir.7 Wanted to Rent <::!>•!,k-r.!.' ,.,.!, I ll:ll(.,l.l Sl.o,. Simp |o iKive several cash linyers Iwho failed to Ret located || ;1 s( fall. Wi'l buy now, liiocl to posscssitin Jan. |lsl.' li>lS- von want to sell or trade Ivonr farm, see, write, or Irall: r tialcs- I.aii'l Company |fico artVV- 1 .-; from City Hall in Halo lUd!*. Iily(hcvi!!e. Ark. —liroker— Russell V- Uiales —Salesmen— In T). Hamner & \\. M. Reck 29 ;>k 13 1 or f> room unfurnished hntise. Phone 350!1. Job Wonted Personal W.ilrli for bitr binsro i>;irty Wednesday, Sfay 7. Sponsored by Indies Altar Sn- eicty or the Immacntate Conceplion Chtiroh. •1 30 ck H 7 Tmi-lhinF ynn il-'ii't np«>;l! Tru.lo .11 il 11 SMSJ. Rlinp. 401 R Mnill. Ihonc S50. 4!30-ck-tf We are taking orders for Attic Fans to be installed before hot weather. Call us for estimates MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone «5 Lanyston-Wrolcn now has the best choice in clean, well running used cars offered in many, many months! BUY FROM US Our cors ore truthfully represented fo you for what they realty arc! GET A KKTTRR USED CAR FROM LANGSTOH-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Telephone 491 nnd your ortier will Lm on It's way In record llnic. Our Floral ArrnnucjiieiiU tell n complete story. Flowers - - For Every Occasion 491 nnd your ortier will te on It's way In : ArrnnucjiieiiU tell n complete story. L FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anywhere Mi. 431 Mrs. J. M. ( Williams, owner Gknooc T. I. SEAY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS!! We have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crost and Super-Crosf Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange now fo call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited. - -' SEE US AT ONCE. BIytheviHe Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 I'UK'II.LA'S POI' Teamwork Gy AL VERMEEIl Shame on you, Priscil/a! Just for that you can have fnore, Carlytef Here, fill your pockets! I've got to hand it to you, Prise ilia. ....-.[ds «*» i . (o Stcelc, J .riV.hersv-llle. f ; all In MIs- .ast night by toialing 100 Turn Out 'irnlsslon line Stccle was iy's blustery / traffic of . added. First 'Cctcd tv! re- iplng faclti- Reci Cross > Va«o 3

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