The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY IS, 1949 BI/miEVn.l.E (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS PAGE SEVMT House to Vote On Housing Deal Democrats Seeking ., To Give Truman at •fr" Least One Victory By Ki-ancl* M. t.r May WASHINGTON, May IS. liTl— DcmocraUc leaders hope to hand President Truman Uiis week, at last, one major victory In his program. This would lie In housing. The House tentatively set a vote for Thursday or Friday on the administration's rmilll-bUllon dollar housing bill, it calls for a far-thing program of slum clearance, low- rent public housing and farm hous- !«K aids. House passapp would head the legislation toward the President's desk. The Senate approved ft April 31 by a top-heavy 57 to 13 vote. However, there still Is a possibility the measure may be delayed In the House Rules committee. Moreover, Republicans a"d some Democrats are expected to try to amend it on the. floor. Faces Slow. Itnuth (lolnf Nfeanwhile. other parts of Mr. Truman's program still hit rough or slow going. In the first four and a half months of this Congress Mr. Truman has seen passed only one major bill based on his domestic legislative proposals of the 1948 poli- iiral campaign. That one. conlinu- ^f.g rent control, was not quite *hat lie wanted, in • number of way*. Now, with only two and * half months remaining before Congress Is supposed to adjourn, here Is about the way other portions of his program are Retting on: Taxes—Economy blocs on both sides of the capitol are crying for slashes in government spending— Instead of tax boosts. Mr. Truman wants n M.000.000.000 tax Increase. If congress cannot balance the budget by economy, it may try to find means of getting more money In the treasury in the fiscal year beginning July 1. Labor—There nrf behind the ncenes efforts To find » compromise, following House defeat of the first effort of administration forces to repeal the Tail-Hartley labor law. No date is set yet for a new showdown in either house. The problem is to find a way to deal with na* tional emergency strikes. This Involves decisions on whether to use Injunctions, plant seizures, or both. Mouse Studiel "uueallm Kill Social Security—The House Ways ^nd Means committee now is work^Kig on » bill. Indications now are that it is disposed to write one to Mr. Truman's liking, going well along the way with his requests for extension of old age insurance to many millions more persons, and boasting benefits. But this bill may get caught In a session-end legislative logjam. Education—The Senate has approved n bill providing MOO.000,000 in federal aid to schools. Democratic leaders think it has n good chance or passing the House, too. Civil Rights—A Senate filibuster stopped such legislation early In the session. Efforts to write anti- segregation amendments into housing and labor bills have been defeated. Some friends of anti-segregation legislation want it handled Independently, and a House subcommittee now is working on a general civil rights measure. There is doubt it -will pass at this session of Congress. Medicine—Mr. Trumans' proposal for a national health insurance plan—special payroll taxes and government '.jayment of doctor and hospital bills—probably will not get to a vote until 1950. and its face is doubtful then, roreign Trade—Th« House has Staphorsters Pull Ostrich Act to Avoid 'Evil Eye' ——.^••^•••^^•••^— .^- —. ••—•»*. •• —^__^_.—. Young girls of Staphnrst, an intensely religious arid Isolated community In nnltnnrl, pull HIP it 1 black aprons over Iheir bends as an American photographer, passing !n nn open, nttomplcrt to *et a picture. Slaphorslers actunlly fenr cameras nnd will do anything to avoid boinp photnurnnhrd. 14 Methodist Bishops Support Atlantic Pact Grateful Is Grateful As Dog 'finds Himself NEW YORK, May IS. (VTi ..... Fourteen Methodist bishop. 1 ; have »ti- j Be nounced disagreement with a church \ a classified ad that brought commission's report, which refused ; his u-nndcrlng rtog. OS ANGELES, May 16 <,Vi— t Grateful is grateful today for back to back the Atlantic Pact. The 14 bishops, in n statement j Friday, snid they support the pact ! "with the necessary controls for its I promotion of peace because in our \ opinion it will help to advance and \ protect the ideals for which our nation poured out life and treasure in two world conflicts. 1 ' The .statement referred to a resolution adopted May 2 at Chicago by the church's 27-member commission on world pence. The 14 bishops said the commission. although an official church body, "was speaking only for the 27 members (bishops, ministers and laymen) who compose It." Bishops signing the statement in-] eluded Paul E. Martin, Uttte Rock. T efl i u, R fenmle springer spaniel, left home last Wednesday mid aj ppared . yesterday at the door c Stanley T. Gray, Severn] miles awn The dog was carry ing a copy of tl: Los Anodes Times In her nmuth. Gray looked through the lust an found nils in the paper, found or fitting the dop's description, an telephoned Grateful. As early as 1740, three Marine regiments were recruited in America, assembled in New York and performed valiant- service in the West Indcs lor the Royal British Navy. voted to continue the reciprocal trade act. Senate approval Is expected well before the lnw expires June 30- Farm—Farmers are hound to liave a povrrnment |irice support system in 1950, but what it will be U just about anybody's guess. It in not likely to be more than a small par I of the administration's new "production payment" program that some farm orgiin- Izatinns have attacked as a subsidy of "dole" program. If the housing bill gets to a vote it will top a busy week. 00,000 Refugees jiven Shelter in Camps in Trieste ROME --L1V- Over tUO.OUO ief- ;res nud pii.soneis of \vtir from utern Kurnpc passed through rleste's IriuisU ennips Alnre the iri of the wtvr. Hie Allied Military ovemnient < AMO) of Hie Tree 'iiitnry sny.v Sliu'o May lSHf> the vrfiiRee I'innps i Trieste ton-dory RHVP slu'lter to 0,741 refugees from enstern Kurc in count ill's, ?0,M 1 prisoners ot nr, niul to IO.HISI Ittiliau dllmis ho abundonnl the Conner ItalLnn astern torrltories n.sslRurd to YIIBO- nvin Ijy the peace trnily. The rrfuuees ixnd prisoners of wur •ere cured for by officials cif the irlUsli. Amrilrnn. Swiss. Yugoslav, ml itnlliin !?rd Cross oi'Kfinl'/n- ions, They \VPIT sent to dlsplncec: H'Lsnn.s <OP> ciUiipK In Itiily o ihelr m\ n coujitries. The largest shipment to Iruve 'i Imlr tn 1 MM \vji.s ihe roceni nm iiortrd the "OimrinlK Buy" whei .[)?& rcluKec.s from Poland and Ui l»llLc roimlrii's from DP eninps h IT'S tern Ciernwiiy left for i tortile The AMO never eoiisUtered tin conditions of Die transit en nip t< )e .satisfnclory". Therefore nev mUdlngs are being consl nicted ti RIVP bet let' niTomoiliiliim to refn PS In Tries! e. AMO Is uccotintiiiR wllh the In •lint inn ii) Hefucees Oiganii'.filloi for the use of Tries!'s transit enni ft ha He for the Western Knro|i ran rflupeo* sallhiR lor Ihe \ eni I!eini5phrre and Australia. Tlio dr.v-fnrmlnR; aieiu nf Nc Mexlc-o are mostly In (he imrll eastern one-fomlh o( thr state an n-R the enstern border. "Thai sett/ej it.' I'm going to get GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION to finance a car for us!" RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Mondiiy Jt- Tuesday Mile. Popp A snoler IK a type of sea duck. DraKonflles cnn fly at a rate o( iu ini!<>« nn lioui'. Sa.v it * , . Willi KlowtTt THE FLOWER SHOP Dilute ll'JI ut £747 Annie Uobinemi, ^0, cjf I'm is, wns chosen Kronch "Poppy Ciiil" during (he nnmial poppy s.ile di ivu sponsored Ijy llic Anici I- c;ui Legion In I'mnce. She will 11 y lo New York wilh pofipies from l-'landcis fields to take pni L tn tlie U. S. |)O])py sale mid \viil \ F uit Arlih^t' 111 Nullonal Cemetery with Preside nl Truman. I lore, Annie holds Ihe U. S. mid l.cKion flnRS. (Photo by JS'KA- Acme ilulT correspondent David S. fioyer.) The SKCIItKT uf Rothrock's EXPERT Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO I'HONK H,M Dorothy <* D*-k»v*// at Armrifa't moif lamov* Cov» r Girl... ^HK ih* mo^dcir <r»w \V';irticr Nrws A- Shntt Hux OHI>n OIHIIS Kt 7:00 Slum SUrls »i 1:30 Last Time Twlny RKXVAKII for lih iiiplnrr: He'ii a 5py (or Ixith »lclrs£ Knl Skflloii ns 'A SOUTHERN YANKEE' wllh Bil.ui ll.mlrvy • nci Arlene l);\hi Sli.nK .1- Snihil, Chupler 12 of "HKUCK OKNTRV GUARANTEED SERVICE ON Household — Commercial * * • • Air Conditioning RiKlios— Itrcord I'liivt-rs + * + Sucli elfin Venetian btlndif Diul ikiils right vS Fltii- linn, il'i M Mtln4no«lht Tlii» ilumlaum ben<U for ijuick brwh'Hpt, >nip< b*ck Into porftcl »h«n«! Lifilef, taiitf la op*rll». Aid Uw >jf>nlf USK! Plittlc tfitk w.n'i tti\f tr < r tck. Fk««- kim ft hrepiaoj, rMl-pr«*i. wctllier-proo*. Cuilam-mtdi »nty. CMB» ehuote from b««iitifi]| col< on ... hri»( winrfow mtu- ureiiienli. So ineirieniivet Cusluni - madn unly. Cam* clinDM- frcntl hemillful rnlnrt ...iisk fur rsllmalt williKut BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO Inc. W. II. Vt*s.r. Si>. Illway 61 .1. \MI«im Heni7 Phnri. 24S4 • Ons We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J06-20B W. Main I'hnne 207 Tuesday ,l*ir I'iiliirikii 111 'THE KNOCKOUT" T.pon Errnl, Jin Klrkunnil. ,lr. Srriiil: CliaiHfr K of "BRIICK OKNTRV" The 111 fllllnj, loose niford that iliir« not "luij the ankle" ta made »nii| anil comfortable her*, rin- eal wiirk at reauinabl* e«»t. Hfl LT£RS QjflL'Ty SHOC SHOP 1 l W M a i N S ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SKKO SOYBKANS R«cleaned. Tested and Tntged. PRICE J2.75 Per Bushel. I!M9 Snybcnn Support Price 90 % Paiily. Wonderful New Comfort 1800 West N*w Conv«n[*nci! into Anil 'Hit -it! W'trm-ii rnlrr ari'L lr, ".!} 1 -. .iinl cr to h.ive lo wrrsltt )i»ii[ M.IV in Rinl iMJl of a c-ir. N«'« SmoolSn Driving I Oiryslri'. miclily ,lttir<- rn^in^ linn llil. 1 *lllt hlsrilT ri,in[iM'-'ion fur f.i'lT ,11 i r-!,.r,ili"ii, New Eatior Slevring! In <m<- of Lhr irrr,,l .i.U ,\m r* -im r llie N*w Wicftt CKou-H*igM SeoH! Wr rlnn't fnlct you up likr a "j,u\Vmlr." Vnir Protlure more «n;-hcans per acre by pl.inlliiK Dorlchjoy No. L liUhcnt ylcldcr Irr 1EH8 yield Seed Tor Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1'hone 856-857 SHEET METAL WORK Duct wnrk, blowpipes. t"H" ... all lyjies. For eipert work rail Taylor Laytnn, 8i8. 112 Nurlh Flr;t. Blythevillc Tin Shop 1 EXPERT SERVICE or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regaid- jkless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage Furs, Woolens, lilankels and Drapes NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone 4-174 nlrf you up likr a ],u\knil'r." Vni sit comfurhihK in :=rai«, \]\? lirij of your easy chairs .il Iminc. \Vr"\e more hraiironni, Icjrroom, and rimm for you, Arnl nn nlV ha* r< r.i licoi ! from Oir n romforl. y.>ur ronvi-nirnrc. > |,rarr of ntirnl. >->u ilon I c\en li^\c In |irr-= 3 sprier bul{on urn tlic ignilion Vcy and llic engine finrrs. llnnj! jln.ui il,,-. ,-,, r i- .Ir-iLHiM f..r -,h on ihf ftrrriiig ^lirrl, rr-lnrc? drntri^ <"[i,iin. Villl'l 'l.lll. N.lll I! I- 1 i|lllil.>T Sl.lIllll.J. CV.'I ..... lll.l|,l--t «r.ilhrr. 'll ...... lior nllinp. lilr. /•. rra!/\ f ni>l>tr< i'llf llii\jni'- rut n«li jor 1 >lrru»mti>lh»n /C-/.M ? • Created by CHRYSLEI T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. - 121 East Main St. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Pknly of I'HrkmK S When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME D. C. FREEMAN 31 Years Kxp«ri«iit« • Din'ont I'ainta • imperial Wallpaper I'hortt 4281

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