The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
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Served by United Pre** BHTHEVILLECOURIER THK DOMINANT NKWBPAPEH OF NORTHEA BT AHKAN8A8 AND BOnTHEAffT U1B8ODRI HOME EDfnON VOL. XXXI—NO. 52 Blythevillo Daily News Blytiievlllo Courier Misstsf'npl Vullcy Leader Ulythevllle Herald Hl.YTllKVlLLE, AliKAN'SAS, THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Who rc Crowds Gather as Authorities Question Men; Solution Promised TUCSON. An/. May 11. lUin One-man was h?!U. iiiuomrnLinicul'' and two others were being t|iieslion- ed by authorities today In 11 gone^l round-up o! subjects in t>.- kidnaping ol G-ycar-old June Uo- bles. Department of jusike agents said thai after the C[iicst1onin-> the suspects were to W viewed by June lor purposes ol a possible idcntifi- cation. Large crowds gathered threateningly about the county jail wSer the nues'.ioning of the suspects wa: in urogress. Women with children in their . armi mingled with cowboys ami Mexicans wrnrhi" high r.celed boots and 10-gallon hats. "We ha\e several other very likely siiioccts we exuect to pick today for questioning. 1 '' oliicf of Police Willard said. "I believe we arc close to u solution." apors Imprisoned Girl 19 Days > : • :*?$<*$& '%#%&£. *-&<$-• W : ;v- \i IVcnulions Taken as Car Full of Heavily Armed .Men Is Sought .ST. PAUL. May 17 (UP)—1-Var- inp an iiltemplrd rescue of Marinn Evelyn r'ri'chi'iii', John 1)11- Imuer'.s swirlhr.irt, the Biiard about IKT was doubled loday us a ili-iK-ial alarm wiirned all police .ilitl slu-liff.s squad nil.s to be Oil the lookout for n hujn- sedan carryiiu: six heavily aimed men. The autumiibile wu.s dcbc.-llitd us '.i tri-cn Packard. I Meanwhile John nillliiger's ac| L'luiipllrr In tin- .spcvliiculur mn- icliine gun battle that exposed his 1st. Paul hldeoul was Identlllcd as 'Homer Van Meter, Indium con- Vll'l. '1'lie Identifleallon was revealec b> Federal Agent Uufiis C. Couller at the trial ol Miss l-'rcchettc COURT WILL SI! ME II1IL1 ISTJF IKE irsl Sessions ;it Manila und Uachville Will Be. iaiul co-defemlaiils on charges Fourth Arrest Made Today in Gettle Case LOS ANGELES. May 17. (UP)— Comnlete solution or the k:dnai>iiv of William F. Oettle. Beverlev Hills million-lire, wis claimed today bv aut'-orities wi'.li the arrest of Clyde Stoddard on suspicion of kidnap- ing charges. A few liours after Jaun-s F. Kirk. Roy Williams, and Larry Kerrigan were wrisked away io San Quemin nrlson to be?in serving terms of T.fe imiirisnnm'-nt. Stoddard was ,'irrctted and charged with providing the automobile in which an at- lempt was made to collect SSO.DOO ransom money from the Gettle family. Stoddard dented actual complicity in the kidnaping. He said he and Kerrigan owned the michin? nnd The stifling coriugated iron cage in which kidn:i|X'rs held June lioblvs, B, a prisoner lor 19 days is shown here as oiiicers and their helpers remove it from the threc-lcot pit cactus and mesmiite. Here, nine miles from her home in Tiicioii. in which ii had bem hidden under Ari/... tin- child was chained, bencatli the blazing desert -sun, until rescuers, directed by ati anonymous ieltcr from Chicago, umnd her prison. Tile child* could raise herself only to her etbovi.s and the cnly ventilation was through nallhotu.s in thcrool. ijf conspiracy lo harbor and con .•t:il nillinger. It was the first time lhat Vai Meter had been linked with tlv gun bailie, which occurreil whei Coulter and two others made ai investigation of Dillingcr's apart mem Mny 31. Previously H !H en Inferred (hut Dllltnger's ai<l lhe fighl was Eddie Orecn, lal by federal agents. MIES! FOURTH OF Lightship Sunk by Liner Meld Wednesday Mace Markham Holding Ouachila Mountain Boys in Slavery GHEASY COVE. Ark.. May 17. •UP)—Haggard and starving from that lie loaned il to Kirk and Lo- a week in hiding. Mace Markham reIta... Woody .reputed feminine was .arrested today in• connection member of (he ganj, without know"big their, pm-psse. •'•;. •-•"" BOSTON (UP)—Boston, famous lo.- its baked beans, also has a inste for meat. A survey revealed lhat Bostonians ate no less than 111,631,765 pounds of meal in IS'J.'i. New York Cntton NEW YORK. May Cotton closed steadv. opm high mo . 115D . 1166 . 1177 . 118+ .' 1193 May July Oct. Jan. Mar. 1149 1159 1175 118C 1192 17. 1DP) — lox close 1139 1143 1147 1155 1162 1113 1175 1185 1182 118!) 1191 1200 Spois closed steady at 1170, up 15 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 17. lUP> —Cotton futures ze;med up nearls SI a bale on the locil exchange today with favorable developments in silver monetlzaliun proposals and advances in stocks and grains. The close highs. May July Oct. was firm, near the day's with, the kidnaping and enslave- mertl 'cf two"young mountain boys, Ezra ai'.d Jabo Fox. Markham's two sons. Homer ant! Albert Markham, and Ruben Von Marsr, have b?rn sentenced to three years in t"e Arkansas penitentiary for the kidnaping. Jabo Pox is still .missing and officers arc searching for the boy's body. Markham was captured when lie returned to his home. S.-eriff Frank Hale had been guarding the cabin constantly. Questioned by Prosecuting Attorney Houston Emory, he admitted j being with the kidnaping gang when Jabo t»x was beaten insensible May 6. He could not say whel'rer the b;y had been murdered or not. "I was too dog drunk." he tol:l I lhe proseculor. His sons and Von Marsh previously related that JabD was places on a freight train at Mcna. Ark., and ordered "never to come back' "Tr.; boys were with u s a year." Markham said. "T.-i-y were homeless. Their mother is dead. Their father is a drunkard. Thev jus: Jan. op?n . 1H6 . 1147 . 1104 . 1174 . 1181 . 1191 high 114G 1157 1171 1185 1183 1199 low close 1145 1147b 1144 1151 1153 1170 1172 1183 1181 llSBb 1191 1199 drifted around. We had to beat :t:em to make them work. J.ibj is simple minded and stubborn." Officers arc continuing tVflr search for the fifth membrr o[ t : ie kidnaping party. Djllas Perkins. Markham probably \vill be tried tomorrow Spots closed steady al 1165. up 18 Wheat May July May July open bigh 90 1-2 92 1-4 89 90 7-8 low close 89 5-8 87 3-4 91 3-E 89 5-1 Chicago Corn op^n 47 3-4 50 3-8 high 48 1-4 50 3-1 low close 47 3-8 43 49 7-8 S'J !-•; Closing Stnck Price* NF.W YORK. May 17. (UPi-ln- dications of furt' inflation thru silver monetb-allou and talk of » revolt on the stock exchange regulation bill accompanied a substantial rally today In stocks and commodities. Stocks rose one to six points in the main list. A. T. and T 115 7-8 Anaconda Copper 15 1-3 Beth, Steel 3G 1-4 Chrysler 41 1-8 Cities Service 23-4 Coca Cola 119 Gen. Am. Tank 38 On. Electric 21) 3-4 Gen. Motors 34 Int. Harvester 33 5-8 Montgomery Ward — 20 N. Y. Central 29 l-« Packard '. 41-4 Phillips Pet 13 3-8 Radio 8 Simmons Beds 17 1-4 St. L.-S. F 31-2 Standard of N, J 423-4 Texas CO 24 1-4 U. S. Steel » 7-8 U. S. Smelting I Id uclowi. sister ship of the ill-falcd Titanic, rammed and „.,„), n, c Karttuckcl Lijhlship Hop) the most important lights of he trans-Atlantic service: had crew of II men. seven of whom perished. The lli'sl session of lhe IMylho Ille munlcl]>al court lo In' I eld west of lllg Lake will oo nl U-ach- •Ille next Wednesday, [I was aii- louncod hero twliiy. The IjonclivllU 1 srsilon will opi'ii I nine o'rio-.-k and will In- fol- owt'd by another session of lhe courl al Manila later in the inurn- ng. Beginning In June Mimlcluai Judge C. A. Cunningham, his clerk Frank Whilworlh, und W. Ix-on Smilh. prosecuthit! attorney, will go to Lonchvllle 1 niuj Manila twli'e n month to "hold court. Muulclu'il courl will be held In lx>achvllle arid Manila on first and third Wednesdays of each month thereafter unless the number of cases is so small that once-n-imVh court west of the lake seems sufficient . Judge Cunningham could not be readied for'a statement Icday but Mr. Smith denied lhal a Judgment rendered by circuit Judge Neil Klllough recently al Joncsboro entered Into the decision to carry tile municipal court 01:1 of this city Iwlce a month. Judge Klllough held. In effect, that Justices of the peace oulside a township in which a municipal court Is located but in the same district have concurrent jur- isdlcllon for trial of inlsdeuicauor criminal cases. The deputy proseculor said such a course had be"ii planned for a vcar or more. When first proposed II did not meet with a favorable reaction, he stated, but dcelar- Would Refuse Military Service in Any Form KVANSTON. III.. May 17. <UP>— i'fusnl at chrlsllans to tnguge In war In "Lilly way, tor any puriHiso," even 10 llic extent of withholding naval and military chaplains, was recommended loday by the Mirt:\- udlst Episcopal church general cun- 'ivnci; commission uu world pcuco. Tlu 1 commission predicted thai abandonment O f war would lead lo an International uovcinnuml lln'li Kiich iigenclcs us llic world court, the International labor ollke, und l!:e league ol tuitions. No chrlstliin. the commission snld should serve as a inllllniy cliau- laln. since his post made him subject to mlliiury oidere. Fled to Denver From Tennessee With Boy Awarded Divorced Wife DENVER. Col. A (rail followed May halt 17. (UP)— across the IBS PROVED FOR Two Car Loads of Mules Expected Today for Rehabilitation Program OSCEOLA. Ark., May 11.—Ttv tippllcallons of 105 client* unde lerms of lhe rural rehabllitatioi program have been approved Ii Mississippi county, according to County Supervisor B. N. Wilson. The applicants will be given the use of tracts of land ranging from live to ten ncres and will be advanced food and seed for which they will pay out ol proceeds from the crops raised on the loaned acreage. They will also be given the. use of workstock. Two car riads of mules were to be unloaded In the county loday by the re- or habllltatlon supervisor for distribution lo the approved applicants. The farming 0|>eratlons of the rehabilitated families will be supervised by E. V. Caraway In the territory around Manila and ed renewal of the proposal re- Lc nc hvllle, J. C. Manes. In the vie country led to the arrest of two men here early today for the alleged kidnaping of Percy Lamar Armstrong Jr.. 10. .from his home in Clarksvllle. Tenn.. May 11. ' ' Tre l»'o men held in Denver for Tennessee and federal authorities arc Percy Lanuir Armstrong sr. and Robert Miss. McPlmil. 21, of Jackson They were arrested In North Denver apartment bv federal authorities and city detectives. They offered nj resistance. According lo advices reaching Denver pilice from Ciarksvllle the father took trc boy from a school- •ynrd In that city list Friday. Since then their trail has tourist camps In a. stuteo. Tr.c lioy • was led through number awarded tlie moi'rer four years oso following a divorce. The child is a grandson of former Tcnncss-e Governor Austin Peay. ilder Will Hold Four Conferences in County The Rev. Sam B. Wiggins of Jonesboro. presiding elder of the Jonesboro district of MethuAlsl :hiireres. will hold seconrl quarterly conferences Sunday at four M;S- slssippl couniy churches. These will precede the district conference it Bo''o on Tuesday and Wed-ns- day when dele'ales from nil rhur- che.s of Mississippi. Cralgl-eid an:' Poinsclt counties will attend. He will conduct conference at Itc Lake Street. Methodist church of Blvthcville al 3 o'clock In th? morning. W lll preach at Yarbro ai '1 o'clock, followed by the conference, will be at Half Moon at 3 n.m. and at Osceola at 7:30 p.m., where he will also preach. Urge Embargo on Arms for Warring Nations 1 /•.*»,«.„ llckcu lo Istan>>»l tram-rldfrs will X! i, nc V Ayala of the Juarez GENEVA. Switzerland. May 17. vary In the future with lhc> cast cmlr t, atdenl exponent ol nnr- Methodists of South and North to Meet Together CLEVELAND. May 17. (UP)— For tlic first time since 1841 the Methodist Ep'.sconal church South will meet with officials and delegates of the Methodist Episcopal Church North in convention at Baltimore. Md.. October 10 to 14. This move (o reunite the two factions of the Methodist church split by Hie question of slavery nearly 100 years ago. was voted by t:c board of bishops of the Methodist Episcopal church, meeting In executive session here. cently received enthusiastic suu- porl of residents of the western secllon of Chlckosawba district of the ccuntv. What effect the prooosed sessions of Dlythevllle munlcloal court In towns west of tile lake will hav on possible renewal of activities of matiistrales remains to be seen Magistrate E. F. Alston of Manila told the Courier News Tuesday ttiat rie. Wanned to become active as a trial court for misdemeanors with the announcement of Judge Kil- loitgh's decision in the Jonesboro municipal court case. It is understood that magistrates west or Big Lake planned to do likewise. .Exccnt for 1 fow'cases thev have not been active since lhe cre« atlon of the municipal court here. Those xvho have b»en consistently back of tie municipal court since Us creation believe that the decision lo hold court, twice a month In towns west of Big.Lake will go a long ways toward alleviating resentment which undoubtedly has exisled tward the courl In • lhat section. T!:e result will be to lessen hardship of attending court on witnesses and defendants found not guilty, they believe. There is still no manner, however. In which residents of Chlckasawba district outside, of Blythevllle can have a voice In election of the municipal Judge, a matter thai has corTTributed largely lo what dlssalisfaction cx- sts. inity of Blythevllle, Jo« Mounts al \dvocates Fail to Muster Sufficient Support to Insure Vote WASHINGTON, May 17 tUP)— Currency Inflation and 30-hour week legislation went down to de- eai In the house today when itd- vocule.s of . the proposals failed 10 win over enough memlieis lo force votes on lhe bills May '^8.- As a result of failure of lhe petition light, the measures will be killed for the session unless congress delays adjournment uu- lil after June 11. ' '; The leadership's victory came 'as 11 was Indicated that lhe presi- denl was anxious to shelve labor aid bills this session, pending a broad study of social legislation to the end of putting a "new deal" labor program through the next congress. SHs JI.2S An Ounce Umll Partial monetlzatlon of silver apiKtired virtually assured today following approval late yesterday by President Roosevelt of a program cuVInj for the purchase of sufficient silver by the governmeht to make the metal 25 per cent of the nation's monetary reserve. Under the - program, to be ou't- IhiL-d In a special message to congress within u few days, the secretary of the treasury would te directed to purchase sliver until MX price readies $1.29 an ounce until the quantity equals 25 per cent of the metallic- reserve. Silver certificates would be Issued at tlie rule of $1.29 an ounce against the' metal "taken in. Oil Bill Offered The administrati6n oil control bill was Introduced In the house today by Rep. Wesley E. Disney Osceola, and S. R. -Bradley of (Dcm ., okla.) afler a conference Joiner In tlic south end of the county. , Mrs. Ethel Lane Redford In the Blytheville dlstrlcl and Miss Ruby Woodruff In lhe Osceola district will supervise home uctlvllles and gardens and will also supervise relief . gardens In their respective dislrlcls. The. relief gardens are mode-by- perporis on- the • relief rolls last winter who werp furnished garden seed this spring, but who do not come under the rehabilitation program. Former Steele Man in Airplane Crash STEELE, Mo. — Dave Spencer, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Spencer and brother of Mrs. Abner Ash- with the president. The measure KM Introduced In the senate by Senator Elmer Thomas: -ID«m.. Okla.). DUney said the president indicated he desired action on the'bill this session. The bill establlslies federal conlrol 'of 'petroleum production and broadens' the powers of Oil Administrator Harold Ickes. Sayt TVA Will Protect , Interests of Inreitors NEW YORK. M»y 17. (UP)—TJie Tennessee Valley Authority, organized to operate government public utility projects. Is committed to a policy of protection and fair pl»y for the investor, David E. LHten- thal, director and general counsel croft, narrowly escaped .death lost of'the authority, told members of Sunday In an airplane accident the National Association of Mutual nt Baltimore. Mil. Savings -Banks today. Spencer, who formerly lived at | "Tre authority Is under duty to Stcele but is now employed as a' acquire a market for its power" compositor on the Weshlngton Lllicnthal explained. "H is author- Post, nt Washington, D. C., was' Ized to compete with existing util- rldlng with J. L. Hamby of Vlr-1 Hies and for this purpose is ex- glnla Highlands, Va., who had I pressly empowered to erect duplt- Preston Woodside Dies at St. Louis Prcston Woodside. 29. formerly of this city and late of St. Louis died yesterday In that cllv. The deceased, who was a half-brolher A. O. Hudson, made his home hc-c In 1910 and 1917 when he al- lemled lhe cily high school am made the down payment on the plane only five minutes before. In attempting to take off from Ruth- ftrford Field, Baltimore, wlwre he cate facilities. But no competing facilities have been'constructed and I am authored to say that under its present board none will be con- 3fficers Free Hickman in Big Lake Knife Death Tile knife slaylnq of Luther PRS- ley. Big I/ike bootlegger, continued to baflle officers tcdav. more than 48 hours afler his body was found floating on the surface of tile lake. U mile's west of here. Arrest of Joe Hickman. who shared houseboat quarters at the lake with Pasley, by tr.e Manila town mar/Sha] yesterday, apparently brought the mystery no nearer solution. Hickman was freed several hours afterwards by deputv sherifjs. Paslev left the houseboat about 10 o'clock Saturday night and did not return. Hickman says A woman, wr.ose name could not be imnwdiyely learned, has been had bought the plane, Hamby crashed Into a tree. The plane was : ternalive has been exhausted demolished but both occupants es- ' caped without serious Injury. The crash was attributed by field authorities to Improper ringing. Harnby, a licensed pilot who has been flying slnci . strutted until every reasonable al- Negro Greets Sheriff, Ending Reward Hopes 1928. fjild thnl he could not get up sufficient s;x.'cd lo control the plane after the takeoff. Cooter Girl and Father Reunited After 16 Years was employed In the Hudson Tail- 1ailptl *»' Sheriff Clarence Wilson. or Khop. He Is also survived by his wife and several children. Funeral services are being held today. Former St. Louis Mayor's Carfare to Vary | Mexican Judge Saddened Wife Arr «»t«d in Florida primarily for her failure to appear s profcutln? witness against an- 'Iher Big lake man whom she had aused to bo arrested, but also for about other matters, ^irlher developments may icllow >:er detention. With Living Costs. By Slumbering Cupid ISTANBUL <UP>-The price ot jtjAREZ. Mex. (UP) - Judge s . nt lhe c ? lm " of " vln * " lclex |SS11C(1 monthl >' by ricd life, has offered to waive his '' " " ell table of the League ot Nations, the Turkish Chamber 'misting that tre cruel and bloody merce. war between Bolivia and Paraguay must stop, clamored todav fo- 1:1 inlernational embargo on ship- menu of arms to cither nation. Great Britain took the lead ivit'i Anthony Eten prop-sing as the first step that a telegram be s'-'if at once to the cr.lcf powers of the world askln<» t^em lo Join the embargo, " ol Com- jff ns nn inducement to American MIAMI. Fla . May 17. (UP)-Mrs Victor J. Miller, wife of a former St. Louis mayor, was described today as near collaojc attorneys were arranging bond for her and Tvx>:iard C. Schofield. who were arrcsied on charges ot Immoral- ccuples to marry, been Tnc d ., ilv mlpv of electricity he cost of car increasing the number : '- rlages In Juarez. I '" Juarez saddens Judge Ayala. and them by of SchofieM. described as ca70 Insurance broker. Cht- "Cupid must be asleep." obscrv- Plowed TJn Old Gold Rlne f( 1 the Judge. "For many weeks STI.VERTON'. Ore. (UP)—When ' liave not performed a marriage lie was backed al on:e by Fred Knight plowed in a field near ceremony for Americans." with enticing a female for Immoral purposes, am his bond Is set a |.$7500. Mrs- Miller Is charged wit! ;ndultory, with her bond s a t 42,500. France, Italy. Spain, Argentina and here he turned up a gold ring in He believes lhal a new law rc- cther nations. But Ihr chief ques- perfect condlllon. It was idcnti- quiring bachelors to marry would lion concerned United States par-.Tied as one laM by Kd Pinlay. nnw be a good iliing for Iwlh bachelors licipation. idcad. moro than 42 years ago. land lonely spinsters. Drew n>d Sentence for Assault HAMILTON, Out. (UP)—Alber Irwln. 23. has been sentenced I go lo bed at 10 o'clock every nigh or llircc months or slapping policeman's face. Officers in the Osc"ola riic'i-lnt of Mississippi county bellevsd they were well on their way to a- nana- come reward when they took' a r.pgro, answering the description of one wanted .'or murder In Illinois, Into custody at Wilson this morning. They rushed the negro here to compare him with & picture ol the negro desperado sent thu sner- ilT's otiice. When the murder suspect greeted Sheriff Clarence Wilton as "Mr. Big Boy Wilson," hopes of ihe south end trticers for & reward vanished. It developed that the negro held had worked here. One of the men from Wilson Sues Farm Operators for Accident Injuries Nathaniel Johnson, a minor, has lied suit in circuit court through ^Is father, seeking $2.000 from Dll- llard and Coffin company, operator of the Clear Lake farm, for usuries sustained on November 2, 1933. The youth charges that serious Injuries were sustained when he was accidentally caught In a belt attached to a motor shaft at a giu on the farm. He alleges the belt was wrapped around the shaft In such a manner that It Jerked him off his feet as he was walking to o jiurap nearby. He states that he was employed as a cotton picker on. tho farm at Hie time. Claude F. Cooper is counsel for Claude the youth. • • i ^ (Johnson COOTER, Mo.—After 16 years pretty Miss Marjorie Wagster Paul, member of this year's Cooler high school graduating class, has been reunited with her father. Claude Paul. Memphis business man. Miss Paul, who has made her home with her grandfather. S. F. Wagster, Cooler merchant, since her mother and father separated when she was a baby, did not! who brought the suspect here said even know where her father was. A few eeks ago, however, Mr. Paul earned that his daughter was Hv- ng In Cooler. He came to see her at once, and following her graduation last week slie went to Mem- ohls to make her home with him. Mr. Paul never remarried. on would give the negro their return to Wilson. Job He left In a car with them. $500,000 in Highways Jobs Will Be Awarded LITTLE ROCK, May 17. <UP>Contracts for approximately }500,000 worth of highway projects will be awarded by the state highway commission late today. The work includes grading and drainage, culverts, and short surfacing Jobs In Phillips, Lincoln. Chl- cot, Sevler, Greene, Conway. Pu- laskl, Baxter and Perry counties. Seeks $6,300 Danufes for Injury to Back J. W. Johnson, dragline mechanic, has filed a personal Injury action In circuit court here against the Trlnltyfarm Construction company, seeking J6.30C damages. Johnson charged that his back was severely wrenched, caustrcj- olher serious trouble, when he was j forced by orders of a foreman to • attempt repair of a dragline ma-1 Arkansas—Fair, warmer in «wt chine alone and without necessary portion tmlght. Friday partly aid. He complains that lifting of cloudy, warmer. heavy machinery by himself caus-1 Memphis and vicinity—Fair and ed Injuries which resulted In acute! warmer tonight. Friday suffering, an operation, and con- fair. finement In a hospital for some The maximum temperature hwe time. yesterday was 75. minimum 5T, Claude F. Cooper is attorney for clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rij, offklii «atti*t WEATHER

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