The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .THE BLyrjIEVlLLE COURIER NEWS ' TlfX COOKIEk NEWS CO. H W. HAINES, Publisher ' - • . ;J. GRAHAM SDDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F, NORRI3, Advertising Manager ' .Sole Nation*) Advertising Representatives 1 Arkansas DaUlw, £n,c. Key? yoik, Chicago, De- St. t*uis, DaU&s, Kansas City, Memphis Avery AJterrioon Except Sunday Entered RJS secohd^clkss mutter at the post- offlce "at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Co.i- October 9, 1917 Piess „ „ .SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In tile City of Blythevillc, 15o per *eek, or 65c per month, By rial), *lthlri a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $\,W lot. six months, 76c for three months, by mall In postal zones two to six inclusive, $6.50. per year; !ri zones seven and eight, $ld,6& per, payable In advance. , . r,ee Pnss There is a ceridin fiisclnaUon about the speeches of Adolf Hitler. To lake one of these speeches and rend il cure- fully, sentence by, sentence, is always absorbing, especially it one has previously heard the speech delivered in tli!U hysterical, emotional voice, tuned with .stibii Thespian precision to produce tlie desired eft'eets. Th v e iDiiiizijj spe'eeh, aimed obviously at shaking British' and French cleter- ' ruination f as well as at convincing his own people that any general war would be forced on him by British and Freticl) , relentlcssncAs, was about the best con- ceivilb'le slaiement of Hitler's case; its general phases have already been commented upon, But here is a passage that, really deserves special attention : "In democracies one may agitate for war, (here foreign regimes, statesmen, and heads of slate may bo attacked, slandered and viliiied, for there freedom of speech aiid press reign. . "In authoritarian slates one may not offer resistance against that, for there discipline rules, and only in slates without discipline is it accordingly permissible lo t»."jrHnlo for- war." If these statements were (rue, it , would certainly make a powerful case • for a "disciplined press!" Perhaps as they were shouted in a rapid-lire/ and hysterical ' voice, they •ssounded plausible enough. Certainly the ivponiibil- ' - ity of agitating for war should not be assumed lightly. But the moment, yon read them in cold print, you realixe Hint these words not otiiy are untrue, but thu prccisu opposite is the case. There is certainly some truth in the charge^ that the press in democratic countiie.s has often, with some violence, criticized the totalitarian regimes and their leaders. But they have never done so with one-tenth the vigor wilh which the German press aswiilccl Soviet Russia for 10 years, taking their cue from Hitler's own words, "We must never forget, that I he regents of present-day Russia are common bloodstained criminals; that here is the scum of humanity, which, favored by conditions in a tragic hour, butchered and rooted out millions of its leading intellects with savage bloodthirstincss ... a nation which combines a rare mixture of bestial horror with an inconceivable gift for lyiiifr . . ." And they never have done .so with the unan- OUT OUR WAY iriiity I'Oin'jftils'or'y lo'llib GeVmlth lire'ss: Agifatidii. for rtm : ? It is loo .short a time afeo to have forgotten the uniform and sirhulliiri'eo'iis 'camp'aighs bi." the German press against "oppression of 'Germans'^ lii Atistil'H, in 'Cxcchb- ' Slovakia, in Poland, and 'agaiiist Ihc leadership of each country. In each ciise the campaign was obviously staged to \vhin up enthusiasm for jho invasion Which promptly followed. No, it won't do. Under freedom, im- qtiesi toned abuses do happen. But under "discipline", when an entire country's press is simply a great pipe or- •giih oh.Vvliieh the rtiici- plays ii win- tlicina whenever- lie wishes, the possibilities find the itetuiU pei'forn'iiiiicc ol the press as an "agitator for war" is infinitely greater. .- demanded, which When slie cleared licl's Ivy to kcc]i rjui- hcmls - aWul (his spy Inislifes. Qiiceiis, N; Y., is l-cpoi'lbd to have stppoiiitc'd 1200 "rtpc- ci;ii and honnnii'y deputy .slierill'K" who nrc "lo i-bpoi'L any iin-Ahicrlcai) fb.s- sip thai niii.v be nb»ilin^ "j\ r'oii » tl C-Jiicoiis." Uiiilo'ublcdly weH-hieiuil, iliis"i» ilic sui-t Of gcsliil-c I hat is Ujit io become an inl'cnia! iiuiHiiiice. We, arc not, at M'im II is Lo , lie'pi'Ufiumed that tlio ihiiitary h'ii.i lakeii i)i-ecaiiiioii lo gilatxl its own secv.cls. There is iiot yet any reason to believe that alien action against civil objectives is under way. And just what is "un-Amcrinui gossip"? Let's he .vigilant in every vital mailer. But lot's nbl tiiileuKh armies of amateur sijoopcra • lo -aiinoy peiicetly ' self-respecting people, by eavcsdvoi)- piiiK aiul whispering, it's loo early in the game to begin playing "I Spy." Li list ties* Sti\}> 'A' o It is commonly believed that eagerness of industrialists.-ami business men for profits was a principal HiiHo ol Ameiica's entry into the World War. It was not that simple, as any student of the wai cause's can tell you, hut the behoi, duo tf> the munitions and ..other investigations, is finite general. '- ^ In 193!), business goes to some pains to make its point of view clear. The National -Association Of i\Ianufacturers, through its president, Howard Cooii- Icy, has. issued a statement w h i c h means, briefly, ''include us out." Does Ihe N. A. M. speak lor business? Well, the congressional investigators have been assuring us : for some time that' it does. . Its position today is that a public will to peace, plus wise policies, can and will keep us put of war. A war, the business men believe, would bring solid and permanent gains to no one, even to business. SIDE GLANCES SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES FRIDAY, _SEPTEMBE1V. 22,. 1939 ,BXLOUISE HOLMES t»». NEA itlwiciT, INC. f f >f t/ii* nnulvi-rhury imriy—. I'nnun, i;o\ie« ana lirltllfi Auiy ' Kill .V:n>d», lnu>j>j- Ju Itirlr **! lumily JU'finw, bni>i]j»i>iMf, . HnnJ>'« tn(vrent lu Cnr- ftiii«s ILK Hollr U lutcbduccd. CHAPTER XI dined informally and with gaiety, Dan serving, Dolly jumping up when occasion was seldom. (he table for Bill and Randy helped. Over coffee, when Marian had admitted that it was an anniversary called upon Dan for Ito arose, smiling upon 'Friends and fellow citizens," he began ceremoniously, and Marian at him wilh pride in her eyes. Ho was so good-looking, so outstanding-looking. The old cry came back to torment her. ',Vhy had Dan not found his place? "We are gathered together—" "Sounds lilie.thc v;edding ceremony," Amy Ellen put in. "Well, listen lo it, my good "U's af tor closiiii'g time, young num. Try ami decide whal you wanHvith ihc otticv two cenls!" THIS CURIOUS Y/ORID By William Ferguson SdHiYSAif MADE XXSCENT OP .f=OOT CONGS JULY 24,' AND ASCElNjf ON JULY 2A-, 1-324 AT FHE ASE OP - FOUR BIRDS USUALLY WEA UhiOUED us-illy ineubdlcs Ihe bjjgs and brlz'ht mcli as most mi.le birds wear -.vmiltl lhc'ncst.- ; - womnn, mid mend your ways." They oil laughed. They wanted lo laugh and It came easily. Carma gave Randy n carefully prepared smile. He smiled flcclingly and roiurned his yax.e lo Dolly's sweet profile. She looked at him, her eyes trusting and childish. Involuntarily, he leaned toward bur. Iln said something and her dimples Ilickered. " Dan (lumdercti, "May I have your attention?" All eyes turned back to him. "We arc gathered together in celebration of an event, the greatest event of .my life." His eyes caught Marian's and held them. "Twelve, years ago today two people cnlered upon an agreement, Ihe man to provide, the girl to keep his home. If the agreement bus not been carried out to the lill (here, wailing ti: So lib was to provide, was he' Well, why hadn't he? And shi. was to keep his house. She had And she had paid for lialj 61 everything in that house. Because of her efforts, Dan had lived in luxury—well, semi-luxury. She bit back angry, condemning words They left (he table 'and a girl appeared from somewhere to whisk the dishes into tlie kitchen Dan removed the extra leaves from the gateleg table ani shoved It back against the wall Carma turned on the radio nnc asked Randy to dance with her in the uncarpcled hall, ban look Dolly and there was inuch hilarity as the two couples tried to pass in the narrow.,corridor. 13111 examined Marian's fesv books, Amy Ellen arid Mariaii sal down on the davenport. "It can't, bb 12 years since I saw you," Marian began. "1 halo to think of our last inc'et- ing," Amy Ellen laughed. "Gracious, weren't we in.a mess?' "1 don't mind telling you thai it got a Jot worse before it got Defter," Amy Ellen was saying. 'We moved into one room, we scarcely had enough to eat. I can't •einembcr that.we minded mud nil we must iiave. Unless you were crazy you'd mind being hun- ;iy, wouldn't you^'i"I don't know—I never was .iiingry." No, the only hunger (Marian had ever known was for imported gowns, soft silk next to her skin, hose like cobwebs. To justify herself, she said, "You cried (hat day—you were frightened.' "Only for the ours, Bill's and baby, mine, lie we was had There was an instant b£ silence around the table. Amy Ellen glanced at Bill and he nodded. The nod seemed to say that their ugrcem'cnt had Handy dropped been fulfilled, his gaze from Dan's serious face, Carma twisted (he stem of her water glass, Dolly's troubled eyes turned to Marian. Dan threw back his head, lie laughed, his voice lightened. "After 12 years of married life 1 want to go on record as saying that 1 like it, darned if I don't." He sat down ainidst hand clapping and shouts of "Hear—hear—" ~ * c CURIOUS tears burned behind Marian's eyes, but her lips did not relax- their smile. Daii's second, light-hearted,remark had not succeeded in wiping the first from her mind. •'.-•• \ •: ' , ' brought him into the world, we couldn't let him suffer. Jt was good for us lo have him. We might have gone soft." "Tell me about it," Marian said •gently. She must iind the intervening pictures, they must put her right wilh herself. "What happened—after you were hungry?" "Tlic-worst day was when Bill sold rfiy engagement ring. That was the last thing we had to sell. We bought oranges anil cod liver oil and milk." '•'I. remember—you spoke of. oranges and cod liver oil." "The money got down to $5— then ?2." , . "Why didn't you go to work Amy Ellen? Girls can always get- something to do. I why, but they can. don't know Why, didn't you get someone to care for,the baby and help out?" ask. She had to - • Amy Ellen moved uncomfortably. "Oh, I don't know."' 1 : - > i -..Marian put nil insistent hand op her nrin. J''t.bc.afraid.of: iiurt- ing.riiy feelings.;':,i'here's ; "isvo sides to the Cjucsilon. I svant to understand your side." "I had to Jet Bill do it," Amy Ellen s,a'id. "My mother went out and got a job when the going was hard for Father. 1 saw what it did to liirh." "Did Bill feel that way, too? When the ihoney gave out didn't he want you to help him—for the baby?" • « * A MY ELLEN shook her head, "i .,.-, think he would have given tip. Men have pride, Marian. If you take pride away from them they're licked. Bill was never licked. He kept trying and trying and I kept waiting—he cheered me up arid I tried to keep up his courage," She laughed with a little cafch in her vojce, "It seciris funny now." 'And then he got a job?" . ."Just, a.Jittle one at first. I'll never forget, the' first Saturday night. He brought his pay check .lome, iind p.iit it in my lap—we had steak and custard pic—there never. WHS such a meal." She smoothed her dress, not bokinj: at Marian. Marian said nothing. That was achievement. She and Dan had no moments like that to remember. "Bill was so proud," Amy Ellen went on, her pretty voice gentle. "He had done it himself—without iclp. When he's sin old man he can always remember that he took care of" Marian looked at Bill, his head )ent over a book. "And now he's successful," she said, half lo herself. "He .has to be," Amy Ellen aligned. "With a wife and four children—" "Four children—think o£ it" "They're cute, Marian." lier eyes shone, her smile was soft, and sweet. "When each baby came along, Bill had to do better I .uppose it is just a coincidence but with every baby Bill went up another step," "Will he slop now—if there arc 10 more babies?" "Goodness, ho., ije wants me to nave, he's thinkinf about college, arid a House with six bedrooms." . Mariaii, clasped iiiid unclasped iei; hands while hei- .eyes looked hid, Am'y. Ellen's life. The joys t held—the richness. She said,.. "Thank you for telTiri;? me, Amy Ellen," anil went to the • lall. Randy arid Dolly were ilanc- ng together. They weren't talk- ng nor .laughing, just dancing, "here.was something in the way ie held her. Dan, and Chrmii omped past and JVIarian caught t Carma's arm. * "Cijt, plcase/,'j she, said.; "I >voiit o dance with my husband '."' (To Be Continued) tHE FAMILY DOCTOR Swiiiimiiig Eiuiangers Ears, Siiidses As Man Lades Valves di' Water Ahihial Cur present jKeiido-Dcnlwlily punishes England and France and- rewards Germany.—Uoi. Frank KHOX, bhicflsp piiolishrr, - * T ' » The . great majority - of Ihnialrs of prisons luck education. Ti iriny be truly said that crime has Us rcols in lgnor.incc.~-Warden James A. Johnson, of Akatraz prison. 'Mail Marriage" Brings English Girl to Canada ' ROSSt,AND, 13. C. IU!';—Another : "mill) mnrrfat; " tens performed : here when Margaret Mary Mulligan, nn English givl. and Ba.'.n Molinaro, n rancher of Die 'How- lunri district, tied the kn:t dence Although the pair had never seen each other, Miss Mulligan made the ocean crossing Biirnely, Lancashire, for the from vrcci- hours It takes approximately for a new day to ctawh around'tlir ciirth. Another 24 hours First of two articles advancing iicw theories en how. to keep healthy while swimming. BY I)K. .SlORlilS FISHIJEIN Editor. .louriial of the American Medical Association, and of . Hygcia, tlic Health Magazine Research done by Dr. ii. M. Taylor of Jacksonville, Fla., oti the effect of swipiming on cars and sinuses ha's won him the Casscl- bcrry Prize of tlie American Laryngological Association. Dr. Taylcr has tovind thril infections of the and thrbal arc caused by .swimming Irecaiisa tnnn has Invaded a.n environment, to which he is no Ibnger'fldapted. Man is c.">cntlally a land animal and not a water animal. Mind Your Maiiners GK5D GOSH-' HE SMOKE AVJ' PAPCTS H15 HAIR. IS! THE By J. R. William. OUH BOARDING HOUSE withllajbr fldopfe HAW, SftW, JUST DSOPP&D 111 — — '<•£ KAFF-KAPF .'; THOUGHT YOU fAlGWT BE HAPPV TO KNOW •{ itAVE JUST ARP,Ati3t: TO SELL AM IMPOffWMT INVEMTIOM-^*-fv'.( VvY S&CKtTAP,Y WILL SHORTLY TAt-'E CAl?r- OF THAT TRIFLING STATEMENT YOU SFNT ME ..•RECEMTLY/ 3Y THE W4.Y UfvVE YOU SOME SN&PPV PATTERN ifJ \TOR5 MiR-RUMPH/; PERMAPS A BIT T?rt 50METMIN6 I COULD USE IN A P|,._ UNTIL \ SEE fAY BOMD STREET TAILOR WHEN I VISIT LOMOOM THIS PAlX? ORSTEDs VES, MOOOLES, [ GOT WORSTEDS SOT YOU OWE AAE I? DOLLARS SINCE HOOFED WA5S PReStO&MT-^iJNO X WASS PLEWTY WORSTED IN THAT DEAL — fOOP/ V6M YOU PAYIMQ WE, I SOT 'iORSTEDS, TWEEDS, ' DUM'T LOOK ' -|?f? M *£"" •^ f:C[it nnisl by glandK \vhich sc- cveirt inirais. Tiny hairs keep ma- , in motion .so Hint gcrins do- ' posited in the breathing area arc ' enmeshed in the mucus and car-; ripd away f:r disposition. j Animnls that, live in thr, \v;itrr | have a diflorent kiiid of'nose and throat (hun have human beings. They can close Ihp.nos.e ,to keep Test yoiir knowledge of correct social iiittgc by answering the.fol- lowing <iu'e°3li:ns. then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should a wbmiih monopolize the only mirror iii "a public p'.tfder room, when there arc other women waiting? 2. If i'oii ask trie attendant to Iciid you needle and thread, should ycii tip her? 3. Should you try not to spill powder on the' dressing table? 4. Should yon \vi]ic the. lipstick off your finger by nibbim; il. n tlic wall? , . - - j 5 If you are will! a friend in 3 tion of water. As substitutes for ' u ^ > dcr room . s ,, ou , a ,.,„ tlic valves prsscBsed by animals liy- j ^ frir oH ri r . ol ^ ersat i-n - m „ .„,,„ in. v.atcr, )mm9ns may use ruh- f d , oll( i clloliqh to ,,i OT . rhn :-;j " n " OT "'"Si W Wlcd ^vdol | b>l . . tyct> . onh in ttl e rODm? Wliat winild y-u f.a if—. You arc a girl on a date, ami wislijo leave your table tn '40 to the powder ro'in. \Vould you— (a) Say. "Will yon e:<cush ;rie. 'I'll be righ|, back"? (b) lUoavc the tnblfi without .saying anything? (o Say, "Will yoy excuse iiie ". '.vliilo 1 po pmvder riiy hose"? Answers 1. No. 2. Ves. :i. Ye.s. 5. N;.", tteot "Wliat Would You Dn" si- fr:m coming*in contact with the eardrum. The human .bciii^ h:is no such apparatus, ii a person has a permanent opening in the eardrum because of aii infection he must cither avoid swimming and diving or arrange some method of keeping water cut of the car. Swimmers frequently suffer from infections like boils in the car, proving tlint the external cairn! is not intended _to stanrl long the ac- j • her ! or .cotton. • n3ct:r Taylor poinLs out that you inay hold your band, in \vater for 30 minutes and tlic action of i • the water will be sufficient to Doini Memory Laue the water out if they wish lo do so. This is true ;f ailigntor,", 1 , pelicans, diving petrels, hippopotami nut! porpoises. I'l Vcars ,Sgn Waging a desperate battle agaii].',t an endless stream of. fresh luliov.—l 'J'hi; only way in vhich nian can prelect himself while shimming is j (o develop ii proper mcllv.ri of breathing. By exhaling through Hie nose v.'heii the head Is under waier and iniialing through the mouth wluui it Is above, (lie swimmer can maintain a positive air pressure m the nasal cavities and protect, his stiluses find his Eustachiaiv iubes fr;m 'Aatcr, Air new methods of swimming, such as the Australian crr.wl. provide for this kind ol hreathtn?. Doctor Taylor points out that the swimmer should take n dscp inhalation thr:ugh the mouth just baforc, .diving and then exhale slowly through tlic nose while under water. The . p «.sh ol i\lr Into the nasal cftVlties incident to div- ,ng feet I tret causes frequent In- fcclions of the sinuses, the middle car and the mastcld In swimmers c ill a£i\s Investigations tnsdc Ijy l)u;l«v T'!>ylyr shO',v thai all nquullc animals have the ability lo clote Ihe tar in order to preveni walcr piayerr, the Blythevillc high school Chick'! \vert defeated by the Pinci BluiT Zcbia.s; Arkansas stale chain-' r.iom, 32 to 0 at Pins BlnfT yos- ! icrday. l-'ivc Tears A?;n i Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peters ov .^anlo, Texiw. 1 urc visiting friend?, here. Mr. I'clcrs formerly lived in this city. The Krv. E. K. Lathncr. minister ct'thc First Chrtsllatt ChUrch, resigned as pastor lo occcpl a cnH to the State. Street.. Christian church of El Ccrilro, .Calif. Tne F<ci'. Mr. . Lalimcr has .served..the io'cal church sine?. CMObcr 1, 102S. One Vc;ir Ago New England hurricane- ycslcr- day claimed 20G lives and damaged property to the extent of $100.- OCO.COO. --"We're, down 2300 feet but, no sign cf oil yft" IS the report t)i prdgrej.s at. Blythevllle's, oil 'well . . . Pine Blurt's police chief Met L. Galiajer. wired Police Chief E. A. Rice loday tlmt tlicy wanted Blytiicvlllo people lo have a good lime at (he game Friday nlghl but that, there, would be no whiskey drinking at ih'c game. . Ufe«l Cuttrler. News .Want, Ads. Texas Meteor Of Years Past Hunted By PWA ODESSA, Tex. (UPl—A ere*. o ; 20 WPA liibsrers are diggins ni^bt rnilc.s s'uthca.^t of here in se.ii'ch of « meteor that struck the. earth niaiiv years ic^o and lett a craisr 600 tccl In diaineter. Dr. K. 11. Sellards. University •'.' TOVIJS gco'o?ist. ta.ld that tlic only known mr.trcr crater ot larger sjzc Is t)\c nnle-'.\ide Canycn Diablo pll in Arteoiia. Dr. Sellards discovered |hc Ector county crater In .1927 .and determined that it was caused by an "iron" meteorite tlifti struck the earth "thousands of years ago." 'The geol:gist did not predict how larqe a meteor mav be found burled at the bottom ot IhD crater, "It may easily have exploded >•! the Impact." Dr. Sellards said. "We. have already lound several frm- menls;". The, CNvayatioh Is expected (-: fufnlsli coiislderablc Infonmllon about the cried, ol a meteor lalllu" lo earth. A Uvu-nillc branch ro;itl h;is been built l.j Ihe tr,xij«ct. irlilcli is cxyeclcd to be ilnlshed within it year. - ...

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