The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1930 BLYTHEVILLK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE7IYE TUPLE UIEfl Badger Hopes Against Purdue Badger Fans Looks to Their Ace for Fireworks in Purdue Game Saturday. Ill' WILLIAM BHAHCIIER XEA Service Sports Editor Besides, facing the necessity of dodging machine-gun bullets, a pedestrian along Chicago's Midway en a fall night n couple ol years - ago stood n good chance of being beaned by a football. The. fcolball was being tossed and kicked back and forth by an elderly gentleman and a beardless youth. The practice went far, far' into the night, as they say in the story books. An hour of punting and drop-kicking; then an hour of passing. Long passes and short. Swift underhand shoots. Long overhand lobs of 50 yards or more The two people engaged in the nocturnal pattlme were William (Ernie) Lusby and his dad. Trt«y were just getting ready to do something for Wisconsin in a big way. Bill Lusby this year Is the ace in a Badger backficld that has been wreaking wond.°r and puzzlement among Big-Ten grid pastimers. He kicks with either foot, but his best foot is his right. And with a forward pass he can hit a ground squirrel scuttling along 50 paces away. Not only does Bill punt the ball and pass 11, but he can tuck It under his arm and reach far flung destinations. Maybe he learned by watching the bosses run in his home town, Louisville, Ky. Wherever he picked it up, it's a good trick and, added to his punting- passing repertoire, makes him a triple-threat. SLIDES wTL. The Unknown Soldiers The man who carries tiie ball ict'i t!:s> headlines. There are glow- hit .-lories of his runs through b-.oV;...-, ilelds. Sports wrllcis call ' li:i "n snaky-hipped ghost of the ru'.iriiji." Tlicrc nre long stories of i" iirawess at crashing his way thsu'.itfli the enemy line, or running Savoldi Runs Hard; He Sure Hates to be r \ lly NKA Service NOTRE DAME, Ind—"Hods lo ; ttierc would be no ball-car- .it all. Tim blocHcr Is the im- i kr.o'in soldier of the attack. He | cli'.ns the way for the man with the ball. Ills task Is more import- ar.t than (lie ball-carrier's, because the operation he performs on the cnt-:ny comes first, and if he fails, •all-carrier Is going Into every time. Wncii you read of touchdowns from kickoll. or of backfleld me:i limits and dodging and 70 yards down the field to the enemy goal, the boll-carrier .s \ulUcn In glowing terms, list whenever yo'.i vend of thcss drcils, l>? sure that a number of unknown soldiers participated In thai touchdown, ami without these it never could have happened. Friedman's Speech Several recent happenings brine thU ^'.rlkingly lo mind. Never before iliLs season have there been it seetns, so many long runs with During the recent Iowa disturbance, a tlir.? when one or two of the Hawkeye stars were declared ineligible every few days. Coach Bob Zuppke of Illinois unlimbsred himself of the crack, "With so many ineligibles, flat team must be gude " The same remark might be made now about Wisconsin. For a time thi eligibility of Lusby was in question But "it was announced the other day lie had made enough grade points during the summer to qualify. The eligibility of Russ Rebholz, who shares the ace honors with Lusby, was in question until Rebholz passed a" condition examination For a lime even Captain Gantenbein, the trusty end, was hovering on th? brink of scholastic disaster but he made the grade a le*-days;before the Purdue game^ • * • . There are innumerable Btg Ten traditions. Minnesota and Michigan battle annually for possession of the historic "little brown jug." Indiana and Purdue annually con- trie ownership of the "old oaken bucket." But when Wisconsin plays Purdue, it's for blood. Bright hopes for a championship are Wisconsin's this year. The Badgers have iwwer combined with a bewildering forward pass attack. But in their way stands the Boilermaker. » * * Besides Lusby and Rebholz in the backHeld, Wisconsin has Sammy Behr and Tury Oman, veterans of Iwo reasons and Walter Gnabah. Oman, the "silent Finn," is 100 pounds ot bone and muscle and one of the best driving backs in the conlcrcnce. Behr is the best of the four on forward pass defense. To judge by the game he played | a"ainst Pcnn, Milo Lubratovich will be the sensation ol the Big DID VOU KNOW THAT— Joe McCarlhy's chief reason n going to the Yankees instead of the Boston Red Sox was the possibility of a world series with :he. Cubs as foes. . . . Detectives have been on the trail of race horse poisoners at Jamaica. . Patiently Burt Ingwersen Is laboring to rebuild the great grid machine at Iowa that was wrecked on thp grade crossing ot Big Ten purity. . . . Burl's boys have teen taking it on the chin with heart-rending regularity, but Burt is looking aheac . . . and he has a couple of twins named Jensvold, a halfback named Hickman and fullback named Warrington'who display symptoms of becoming football players . . . meantlnn the merchants of Iowa City an liblting placards In the win dp\gs f saying- "Back the team.". Milwaukee Pros Invade Memphis Stadium team of Chicago fell be- Wisconsin and should they defeat the Tigers Sunday, they will be Q constant threat to the Packers for the remainder ot the season and will have as strong a drawing er. Gene Smith,, All-Southern Con fcrencc i;;;ard selection with th • University of Georgia two year . Is ilie only southerner on Hi team and Is considered one of Ihel fore the advance of the Hawks. With the exception of Green Bay Packers, national pro } St. Mary's College on the Paclf '.league champions, the Nile Hawks I ccast, will join the Tigers and pla aces. Butch Simas, star quarter froi , , Joe exclaims as one o! his Not only on the gridiron but also In tlia classroom Joe has rcspond- (o hls tas ^ s ^ Ml a v l g cr that would may sound like the Ina general store but It's merely the qualifications ol one Oallopin' Joe Savoldi, Notre Dame hod carrier de luxe and touchdown specialty artist, nom Three Oaks, Michigan. Football he's crazy about, and least of all docs he like to be tackled while on a running spree. Sa- voldi ivculd rather have an arm twlslod off In a. close melee than to be brought down from behind while he is galloping down the greensward. 'llie huge shoulders, ICES like tree ,ips anil steely sinews pumping _ body up anil down, were dei'- oped by shouldering heavy hods bricks up. the mugs o! a ladder, A little slow thinking, (hey say, id "We'll letter Die plays for you cxt year, Joe, If you can't remem- cr the numbers," Rock told him wing a recent workout. Joe only nll3d and went the rest of the (lenioon wllhout a Midi. "Pccchus, keed, dqt was a guud A first class worker, his professors Humes High and Chicks Meet/Today Ttw Humes high football squad of Memphis arrived here thi» mom- Ing in good shape to take the field against the Blythevllle hl«h Chlck- asaws this afternoon at Haley Field. Humes, according to reports, has a veteran eleven and Coach Hudson will probably start his strongest line-up against the Uemphiaus. Blytheville's probable line-up follows: Matthews, center; -Luckett and Alexander, guards; Jaggers and Colston, tackles; Wiggins and Hall, ends; J. T. Craig, uarqtcr; Short and Westbrook at the halves and Pete Craig at fullback. Capt. Rayder, veteran tackle of the Chick. 1 -, will be out at the game, being ruli u Ineligible because ol scholastic- difficulties. add that It's pretty cammates knocks down an enemy har(l (flr ftn> . onc to keel , up u , c i ass r«v^ r M 8C S oT« «* wtth a busy grid season star- he best, Hkcd Bayers on the team ing one in the face. klckolls mid punts. Not only In ml- lor games has this phenomena bobbed up, but In Important contest ictween the big lci«feue teams ot ootball. Another reminder was fur- ilshed t» a.-rcccnt speech by Bcn- ly Friedman, toe former great Michigan quarterback. broke Uuough and nailed t!ic man Friedman spoke man who played of Drown, tlie center on the Michigan team In the years when Friedman nude his reputation. Brown never was given much of a tumble by the writing people. Yet Friedman spoke o( Brown as one ol the greatest football players he ever saw. When the attack went over Brown's sector, he nearly al ; ways did his work, taking out the man in front, of him. cleaving the way for a halfback to clash through and make yards' 1 and n name;. On f-\ ' nr 'league champions, the Nile Hawks coast, w on te gers an pa an mae yars an n am. , UCt. ^Olhave the most powerful team in] his first game with them Sunday, the defense, Brown time after time Bulldogs And . Seminoles Are 011 Road Today Hie WUson Bulldogs and Osca- ola Seminoles will invade foreign gridirons for games today. The Bulldogs Journey to Rector . ., i Tt i i . t « 1 iirc uiuiuuHs juufiicy iw jveuiut WI i!l.. l " e ™"" to ±.?, l .. llc ."J. 1 LK.J»» 1 "" ihcy.piay «w Rector high squad. Little Is knovn ot the Recor team but' the Bulldogs have been developing steadily ail season and trimmed Earte last Friday. '': The Seminoles have been hand! 7 capped by Injuries and taexpertencb his season. They move over to Par, iKould lo play the best Paiagould, eleven in several seasons. The Pit* agould team recently won over Newport, which . gave BVytlievllle such a hard battle. Although the Seminoles beat the Paragould teorrj last year, they are doped to.coind out on the losing end today. No', man people remember 3ro*Ti. The name ol rvieilmaii Is uiown from coast to coast. ., How many passes could Fried man luue thrown had not Brown iila \IM£ the man opposite luiaV liow Jar could Friedman have run wll.i the ball, If the raan play- uwxKite Brown had broken tnrough und nailed Benny. behind tlie 11112 before he could get started? The country Is full of "ordinary" linemen—tackles and guards —and ends who never achieve Iha notoriety of a Friedman. Most of their work is done mispectacularly, like stage hands who prepare a great scene. They are the unknown heroes, unmentioncd doers of mighty deeds. The estimated retail value ol liquor consumed annually In thi United States prior to 1918 was from $2,500,000 to $3,000,000. WARNING ORDER Chancery Court; Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Dona Caughran,-Plaintiff, vs. No. 4843 Mark Caughran, Defendant. The defendant, Mark Caugliran, is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Dona Caughron. -W. W. HOLLIPCTER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Dated Oct. 16, 1930. W. D. Gravette, MEMPHIS, Tenn.—Invading Dixie to avenge the defeat of the Green Bay, Wis., Packers, the Milwaukee Nile Hawks will clash -with the Memphis Tigers Sunday, October 26, at Hodges Field, here. The Nile Hawks have defeated three opponents this year and held Benny Friedman and his New York Giants to a 6 to 0 score. Osnkosh, Wis., Columbus, O., and the Mills COMMISSIONER'S SALE Nctice is hereby given that the undersigned comissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the chancery Cour for the Chickasawba District of lississippi County, Arkansas, on he 22 day of September, 1930; herein East Arkansas Lumber lompany was Plaintiff, No. -1642, nd James T. Hall, et al, were de- endants, will, sail at public auction o the highest and best bidder, for ash, on a credit of three months, t the south front door ot the iourt House, between the hours Described by law, in the City of Atty. ad litem. 17-24-31-7. Ten this year at tackle. IN THE JvflSSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT (CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT). American Building and Loan Asso- cialion and W. L. Delony, as Trustee. Plaintiffs, vs. C. H. Garner, el al, Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendant E. L. Gerome, as Trustee is warned to appear in this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint ol llie plaintiffs, American Building and Loan Association, and W. I.. Delony, as Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal ol -the above court this 9th day ot October. (SEAU. W W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk of the Above Court. By Harvey Morris ,D. C. J l-n-2*-3I WARNING ORDER Chancery- court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Clyde Cunningham, plaintiff, vs. No. -1844 Sadie Cunningham, 'defendant. The defendant, Sadie Cunningham, is warned to appear within lirty days in the court named in e caption hereof, and answer ( omplaint of the plaintiff Clyde unningham. W. W. HOLL1PETEB, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Dated Oct. 16, 1930. W. D. Gravette, Atly. ad Utem. n-24-31-7. WARNING O.WEB CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISS1P PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John Hancock Mutual Life In surancc Co., ct al. Plaintiff, No. 4837 vs. William B. Amberg, et al, Defend Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 15th day of November, 1930, the follow- ng real .?statc. to-wit: Lot Thirteen U3) Block Eight (8). Chickasawba Addition to Blyllievillc, Arkansas, Subject to prior lein of Equitable Building & Loan Association. Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum of $433.38, with 6 pe r cent interest from September 22, 1930, and cosls. The purchaser at raid sale vril be required to execute bond will approved security, to secure JAie payment of the purchase money and a lien will be retained npoi said property as arlitional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal o sai'd Court, on this," the 24th day o October, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Commissioner in Chancery Frank C. Douglas Atty for Plaintiff. 24-31-11. WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chickasawb; District, Mississippi County, Aransas. Bessie Parks, Plaintiff, vs. No. 4845 Tom Parks, Defendant. The defendant, Tom Parks, is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the aption hereof and answer the com- >lainl of the plaintiff Bessie >arks. ' W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Dated October 17, 1930. Sam Manatt, Atty. ad Hlem. 17-24-31-7 • ant. The defendant. William B Ainbcrg. Charlotte H. Amberg, L. Cantley, State Finance Com of the State of Missou in charge of the liquidation Liberty Trust Company, at Kansas City, Missouri, are warned to appear within thirty days In the court nair.ed In the caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, ct al Dated Oct. 3, 1D30. W. \V. KOLUPETER, Clerk By Harvey Morris, D. C. Church & Gannaway, Attys. for plaintiff. E. M. Terry, Atty. ad Utem. 3-10-17-241 WARNING ORDER To Clevc and Fannie Carter: Take notice that on the 15th day o! October 1930. a petition was ft! ed by Ethel M. Wilson, probation officer in the Juvenile Court o Mississippi County, to have certain children named Elsla Louise, Claud jr., and Alton, declared dcpenden children, and to take from you th custody and guardianship of sai children, and to appoint tor thei some suitable person as their guar dian, with power to consent to th COJOUSSIONEU'S SALE Notice is hereby given that th undersigned commissioner, in com pliancc with the terms of a decro cturncd by the Chancery Court for he Chickasawba District of Mis- issippi County, Arkansas, on the 2nd day of September, 1930, u'liere- n East Arkansas Lumber Company vas Plaintiff, No. 4810 and Enoch Chapel A. M. E. Church, ct al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of thrco norths, at the south door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blythcvllte, Arkansas, on the 15th day of November, 1930, the follow- ,ng real estate, to-wit: Lot Five (5) in Block Seven (7) ot the Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Third Addition to the City of Blylhevills, catved out of SW'.i NW 1 .. Sec. 16, T. 15 N.. R. 11 E. aild s.ile will be had to satisfy said decree in the s;iin of $6.395.60 with 10 |>er cent interest from August, 29. 1330 and costs. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with ap proved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a adoption of said children, or to place same in some suitable institution In this state for the care and guardianship of dependent children. Now unless you appear within 20 days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application the petition shall be taken ias confessed and a decree granted. GEO. W. BARHAM. Hen will be retained upon property as additional security fo the payment of such purcha' money. Witness my hand and the sea of said Court, on this, the 241 day of October, 1030. W. W. HOLLIPETER Commissioner In Chancer Frank C. Dou^as, attorney for plaintiff. 10,24-31-11 Chesterfield Cigarttlts an manufactured by JUGCETT.& MYERS TOBACCO Co, One out of thousands! V/NLY outstanding valor is thus- signally rewarded. Only exceptional merit could win for Chesterfield a following among smokers greater than all the armies of the world combined. In two things—two highly important essentials — Chesterfield is unsurpassed: MILDNESS — the •wholry natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness of bitterness. BETTER T/1STC—Such 23 only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. \i BETTER TASTi ™ ,U«s

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