Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas on May 23, 1937 · Page 4
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Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas · Page 4

Longview, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1937
Page 4
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SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 23, 17 PAGE FOUR The Longview (Texas) Daily News They Brings G (Lamour) and Laughter On The Mike MARCH it ' Vs V ! NBCs Morin Sisters began their i radio oner as an instrumental trio. J Marge was pianist, Evelyn a uxo- j phon.it and Pauline a violinist when 1 they started on a mid-western la- ; , Uoci. As an experiment one broad- j j cast they sang the chorus of a cum- I I ber. Listeners wrote in approvira, ; f their toc1 efforts and gradually : the Moral' S-sters added more sir.g- I jng to the program until they fina i ly djcarded .their insuun-.er.ts f tireiy. i "f- V ' SideLghts cn Frank Murn, ter.cr stair of the American Album cf Fa- ' i miliar Slur.c program on NEC: A . jovial, good-natureo chap who speaks in a hearty, u.-ia:'fected ay about everything but himself ... Is the depa:r. of interviewers because cf j this reluctance . . . Boyhood amb;- . tion s to be -a railroad er.r-r.eer and today exper.ences his greateft ' ' thrill prowling about locomotive ; roundhouses . . . Cherishes ar.d car- -ries a a'tch won at an arr.ater I night contest over 20 jean ago. Cartoonist, sons; and radio scr.pt writer, pianist, tap dancer, character actcr, s.r.ser r.d make-up expert these are sorr,e of the accom- pUshmenu of Ciff Arquette. the "Grandpa Sneed ' heard ' w.th Charles Butterwcrth n the Fred Asta:re program on N3C. Arquetttf. a your.g man who' spec:a:res in aged characters, a'.so plays a granddad in Bob Burns' picture Mountain Music." W. C. FIELDS The last radio "holdout" among the famous stage comedians cf this generation was signed fr a ser.ts of radio programs over NBC when W. C Fields wrote his name on the bottom of a contract which brings him to the Chase and Sanborn Hour for 1 weeks.- Another addition to the cart mho will be heard every week is Dorothy lamour. radio's "Glamour Girl." now starring on the Hollywood f.im lots. T Now 13. weigh:r '.ess' t.an when ! she was 16 and looking hardly half J her age, Irene Rich, heard in dra-'; matic sketches Fr.d?y nights on NBC. is still one of the winder , women. Her career has ten the reverse of the usual. Instead of starting on the stage, shifting to the mov.es ar.d then getting rr.arri.rf. Miss Rich first married ar.d became the mother of two daughters. She then entered the rr.oits at the age of 26 and stiil Inter went cn tre stage. She was 12 when she made her radio debut. The fact she was bem cn Friday, the thirteenth it was Oct. 13. 1691. to be exact-Miss R-ch believes to be the explanation for ; her unique role m l.fe. ! . .J j r! -'.-. f . . . ft ' ' j liLf t?zrf:i?4'' KFRO'S AIR REVIVALTO MARK DATE "The OH Time Revival Church of the Air" program, conducted by Rev. S. R. Goff, pastor of the Springhiil Baptist church, will observe its first anniversary on the air over KFRO Sunday. The program has been broadcast every Sunday from 3:15 to 315 for one year. The ministry of Rev. Goff at the ' Springhiil church since assuming the pastorate has been outstanding. Rev. Gcff states that more than 150 new members have been added to he church roll since the prcgrams were inaucurated. Recently the- church has been enlarged to accommodate the increasing attendance. The increase at the night service has been noteworthy. - During the past year Rev. Goff t has received many letters frcm listeners expressing their appreciation for the Sunday broadcasts. He assumed the pastorate at the Springhiil church November DC'. 1935. coming frcm the Angus Baptist church in Corsica-na. The management of KFRO extends to Rev. Goff and his congregation sincere congratulations and best wishes for their continued success, i RADIO by the HOUR KFRO WBS NBC TQN PROGRAMS OF- ... WFAA & WBAP - WLW KFRO PROGRAM NOTES A feature over KFRO each Sun-dav morning at S 15 is the organ recital with" Mrs. Lawrence Birdsong at the console. This program is broadcast from the auditorium of the First Banti.'-t church. ' A review cf twice cn KFRO r.ew-s. is broadcast a then afain 'at 2 13 p cays, news cn KFRO hour cn the half hou e r.ews Sundays heard me 9 a. m. and m. On wek is r.eard every A new heard tl-.i Four.dat-c present ti cal drami drama is cramitic tr.e a.t-' fares. 0 feature or. KFnO .wil! be evening et 5 X. Tr.e Bible n cf '.Va-htr.rc.-.. D, C. will ie first in a sen .'s of B:bli-l today, the title of today's The St.ry of Eliiha" Tr.ese rr?je.-.ta::cr.s ars based cn -r.t.c facu frcm tr.e Scrip--r zrams z. this series cays :r. KTEO at subsequent : S) p. m. Sun- ETEX DELEGATION 10 JAMBOREE IS IloiUnood-lxirn Eve March finds a strnif similaritv between the movies and radio. Once in the films herself, she now performs over NBC. u i.-.e .anes -Ke'-e.-.i" cn KFRO' day at 3 a. rr. ' 1 Review' is tat.i arr.cn ; the j radio .iitr. the authsnt j u ratine rr' ' program i o'clock. ted to hear exTert Sun- ' Helena's Shopping t.ng much interest tine "crtior. of the ud.enre berause cf -.::n news and in-:':on H-r hV.er.s's y m:rr...-.g at 9 1EST1N i Eve Mir .h, NBC ac're-s who cair.e theater where ate must play to the to raO;o s HoIfwoo"i ar.d Broai way, hl;-:-vo them is vey i:tie dif ference 'i' v.---movie ' jtt.fi. a eerned "whith s y :r. -a hroaooaj:, and a far is i'.t.ng is ccn- t.ir." he ric-clros. '.f a ; art of the back row, has no place in either radio or pictures, because the microphone and camera bring the audience within a few feet of the actor and en-c-urage a subtlety that is impossible to achieve on the stage." STATE ' ' ' j 01 E N CEMENT . HARE FOR KILGORE JR COLLEGE SET Fl a.'-- 1 WW R TODAY i i DOROTHY LA.MOL'R For years the radio producers have been trying to entice W. C. Fields to microphone. Only once before Chaae and Sanborn Hour, Sundays, l:W p. m.. Longvlew" time, NBC-Red Network. had he gone on the air and then it waa a testimonial broadcast to a movie magnate. Never had he appeared on a commercial program. To W. C. Fields, hi first appearance on the Chase and Sanborn Hour In its premiers performance was more By Staff Correspondent KILGORE, May 22. The commencement exercises for Jbe gradu- -I j siting class of Kilgbre Junior college j will be held Sunday, May 23. at the ! First Methodist church with Rev. E. ! L Ingrum delivering the sermon. . i Graduation exercises will be held I l Monday evening. May 21, at 8 30 in , ' the college. The program will be t ' opened with a song by the Choral j club. W. L. Dodson. superintendent j ! of Kilgore public schools, and presi- dent of the college, will give the i I dedicatory address. The dedicatory 1 prayer will be rendered by L. E. j Holt, followed with a. solo by Miss j Joyce Cate. The address to the gradu- J ntes will be given by C. E. Peoples, j B. E. Masters, dean, will award the honors and John T. Crim will pre- ' ' sent the diplomas. j After the exercises Monday night, j j the college will hold open house and a reception for the graduates. j The graduates of the college for ' 1936-37 are as follows: Juanita 'Arnold, Kilgore; Helen ' Batte, Kilgore; Louise Botkins, Kil- ' store; Emmett Crawford, Kilgore; Pauline Crow, Kilgore; Flossie Crutch-field, Kilgore; Elizabeth Curry, Kilgore; Jerry Dennis, Kilgore; Clota Mae Terrell, Kilgore; Relda Fordham, j who was brought Migore; Otis Griffin, Kilgore; Macil 1 ,. ,1.1 I) J HUH . II m . ,. 1 " ... 9 v U7'7 . ! J X fx. Theerlo. old Plpcockl" Doris . Hare, new English comedienne on NBC, projects a litle cockney comedy over the microphone. than lust a radio nrocram. For the better part of a year he had been ! Hales, Henderson: D. I. Harbin, Kil ill in a hospital most of that time. j Hon; Vastine Kesterson, Kilgore; The significance of that first radio ; Beulah Lengham, Kilgore; Lucille Doris Hare, the English comedienne , all right, mind you," Doris explains, to America last : ' But people will listen in on the . 1 I ,L. -II... wintrr hv SP.C doesn't tVo tovi"" u,c u"r The Ea Texas Area Council is sending the largest delegation of any council in the state to the National ' Jamboree in Washington, D. C, this i ' . , I summer. ; j The original quota assigned to this j co'jncil was three provisional troops ' of 32 Scouts and four Scouters each. j This quota was met on the 15th of j April and we have just been informed , ' that the council now has five troops i with leaders registered to make the , trip. The Jamboree in Washington opens on June .tn ana cioses Juiy a-n. : Scouts going frcm Longview are: : Frank Hodges. George Castleberry, ', Jack Peters, Carlos Bell. KL-by Rob- ; erts, Carl Gray. William Cleary, Allan ! Gaston, Craig Rumbaugh, Paul Miller I and J. B. Moore. j The other district centers in this council are sending Scours as follows: Tyler 32; Cherokee 12; Henderson 22: Lufkin 6;. Nacogdoches 16; Marshall 15; Gladewater 11: Gilmer 2? Palestine j 2, and Kilgore 15. I We are advised that the entire pro- i fessional staff is spending today in Waco . where a regional meeting is being held j for final prepartion for departure to.; Washingtftn. The staff from this coun- j cil includes L. S. Harkey, M. H. Mc-Masters, D. P. Antwiler and John H. : Hopkins. Jr. Also, these leaders will accompany our Scouts U Washington ' with the 16 troop leaders who have registered in order to give our delegation proper leadership. SUNDAY Morninr S-(VV-Pir,e Tree Sir.cers 815-Tur.efu! Topici 8:-J-ur.g:e Jim 8:15 Welch Orran Prcgra" 9 AO News Review 9:15 Rhythm and Romance W5S 9:30 1st Cumberland Church 9:45 Better Vision Institute 10; Rhythm Masters 10 5AF:rst Bant:st Services 12:v-S?iceof Life,. Afternoon VI 30-Car!-. Si.s'ersWBS 12.15-X;a!ity Time ' 1:00-Imrer:a! Ma! .Quartet lilo Fror.t Page Drama 1:30-T;nic Tur.es-WBS 1:15 Devoticr.aV 2.-0a-Dancmg Echoes 2:15 Review cf the News 2:30 American Family Robinson 2 45 Singing Strings 3:00 Travel Radio Review 3il5-Sprir.g Hill- Baptist Church 3:45 Los .Angeles Dance Orchestra 4:00 Notes in Swing 4 30-T. C. Stockton 4:45 Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra 5:00 Chet Harper Orchestra WBS 5:9) Story of Elisha 5:45 Salon Interlude 6:00 Lawrence Birdsong. Jr. at the Orgtn,, Evening 630 Baseball Scores 6:35 Soft Tone Harmonizers 6:45 Hollywood on Parade WBS 7:00 Mrs. Franklyn Martin and Mr. and Mrs. LockJeer , 7:15-S,gn Off Morning 8.00-HighIights of the Bible NBC 8 30-Music and American Youth NBC , 9W-Chuck Wagon Gang TQN ' 9:15 Peerless Trio NBC 9 3iTo BeArmouhced 9 15 Henrv Busse and His Orchestra-NBC jO :oo Organland from Blackstone Hotel 10.15-rlce Cream Twins 10.30-Radio City Music Hall Sym-phonv Concert NBC jl 00 Services of the First Methodist- Church Afternoon 12 M-The Magic Kay-NBC 1:C5 Monty Magee 1:15 To Be Announced l:30-Howard Marshall, 'British CommentatorNBC i :45 Chucho Martinez, Tenor NBC j 2:0)-Tne Parade of Talent-NBC -2:15 Nathaniel Shilkret's Orchestra NBC 2 30-Adcif and the Boys from Schulenberg 2:45 Music in a Sentimental Mood 30 To Be Announced 3:30 The Dickies with Don and Donna 3:15-W. Lee O Danie! and His Hill- biilv Bcvs TQN l"0-Catho!ic Hour NBC 4 30 Pepper Uppers. Sugar and Her Boy Friends-DN 50 Jack Benny and Mary Living-' stcri N'BC 5.30-Robert L. Ripley; and' Ozzie Nelson's Orchestra NBC Evening G.-'A Don Ameche and Edgar Gergen NBC 7 VL-Ma.n'-.attan Merry-Go-Round NBC 7:30 American Album of Familiar Mus:c-NBC ?i'0-Cal:fomia Concert-NBC 8 30-Sou.th'.a.id Life Revue NBC 94-Morin Sisters and the Ranch , Boys NBC 9 IS-Walter Winchell-NBC 9 30-Ripp!ir.g Rythm Revue NBC 10.10 Dance Orchestra from Casino Park 11:15 Del Courtney's Orchestra-NBC 10.30 Paul Pendarvis end Orchestra -NBC 11:00 Stan Norris and Orchestra-NBC 11:15 The Jamboree from Ringside Club Word to the Wives hp not llkfi I.tilip. fiav that rhvm critics are comparing her to fellow- fjogpnt now?'' performance to the former star of a long; lne of "Ziegfeld Follies" was freedom. It means that he was back on the active list again. A rehearsal or two of the script and - th ambling Mr. Field was nady to take on a longtime feud with Charlie McCarthy; Mr. Bergen's "dummy." Fields will be heard every week m the Sunday broadcasts over the NBC-Red Network at 6 p. m Longview time. The regular lineup of the Chase and Sanborn Hour now includes Don Ameche as master of ceremonies and dramatic star; W. C. Fields, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in the comedy bracket; Dorothy Lamour, as a singer; and Werner Janssen as musical director. Ray Middleton, the young baritone who sang "All Points West" on the premiere program, will be heard frequently too. THE VOICE D EVENS Andy Devlne owes his success on the air to his queer, pebbly voice. Any line sounds funny when he rasps it out. He owes his success on the screes to the fact that he was a great lootoau player for the University or aanta Clara. In his motion picture debut, the round-faced Andy was cast as a villain, and not a soul hissed. Then 'he played the part of a heroic, yet clumsy lineman in "The Spirit of Notre Dame, and won immediate popularity. He's now beard with Jack Benny on NBC. Litton, Henderson; Bill Lucas, Kilgore; Miurine Moore, Henderson; Louise Ross, Henderson; Lsvem Sal-yer, Overton; Laurine Sloan, Henderson; Mary Evelyn Smith, Glsde-watar. Credelle Tucker. Kilgore;. Lo-rinda.Webb, Kilgore; Edith Welch, Longview; Ivonel Williams, Overton. Berlin has a monument honoring horses for the services they rendered to the German army during the World War. See All, Nose All countryman. Beatrice Lillie. "Not that I don't think she's a bit ' Doris Hare. NBC-Blue Network Tuesday, 5:45 p. m. Longview Time. WARNOW HITS ON A NEW NOTE IN HIS MUSICAL CUES Cueing music for the average radio GREAT ACHIEVEMENT "Introducing Maestro Toscanin! to leave his retirement and give the world his genius aa conductor of the NBC Symphony ranks with -me as one of the greatest musical achievements! of .all time." Werner Janssen, internationally famous conductor, now heard on NBC. DA n C E Nightly Except Sun. r.lattieV E all room ... ' s- 1 I Kmtnel Durante, suh Mr. James Durante of the "Schnoz-xle" Durantes, renews his. acquaintance with the microphone at the Sealtert Sunday Night Party on May a nsvsavran. -.rit.-. in U ,. IWJiiCU ytfs.lt, WIU1 isCI. I UUT5CU VfO. of a musical director, but not so in. the i0 unU hymns to introduce case of Mark Warnow, who provides j church and charitable acts, none is the musical entree for each of Phillips ' l"" known than "Lead Kindly ri. Lord s We. The People. acU over i the NBC-Blue Network Sundays. When Warnow was engaged for the program, he immediately set to work to dope out a suitable musical in troduction for each man, woman and child who would appear during the L : 1 f ft V; J S'n ' MONDAY Morning 6:00-Hill Billy Jamboree 6:30 Today's Almanac-WBS 6.45 Organ Reveries 7:00 Top O' Morning 7:30 News-Journal News Room 7:35 Melody Parade 80 Eddie Crain 8:15 Tonic Tunes WBS 8:30 News ' 8:35 Opening Stock and Market Quotations 8:45 Treasure Chest 9:00 Helena's Shopping Review 9:05 Rhythm Rambles 9:30 News-Journal News 9:35 Let's Dance '."BS 10:00 This and That 10:30-News 10:35 Concert Miniatures n:0O-Rhythm and Romance WBS 1150 News-Journal News Room 1! 35 Farm ar.d Home Hour 12:00 Mystery Boys Afternoon 12 25 News-Journal News Room 12.30 It's 'a Racket 12 15 Luncheon Dance Time " 1:15 Salon Musicals 1:30 News-Journal News Room 1:35 Closing Stock and Market Quotations 1:45 Daily Devotional 2:00 Songs of Hawaii 2:15 Concert Band 23 News -Journal News Room 2 35 Dancing Discs 2:15 Florence Patterson, Vocalist WBS 3O0-Hils and Encores-WBS 3:30-News 3:35-Tea T;me Tunes 1:10 Music You Remember 130-News 1:35 Request Program 5:00 Swing Time 5:30 News 5:35 Accordiana 5:15 Cosmopolitan Singers WES 6K)0 Musical Varieties Evening 6:30 Baseball Scores 6 35-KFRO Sports Parsde 6:13 Piano Rambles 7:00 Tunesters i 7:15-Good Night Morning 7:00 Children Hour NBC 8:00 Church Forum. The Rev. R. B. Ditmyer. 8:30 Walberg Brown String Ens NBC 9:00 News Review 9:15 Henry Willem Van Loon NBC 9:30 To Be Announced 9;15 Wildeson'i Wildcats Orchestra (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute.) 10:90 Cadle Tabernacle Choir 10:30 Radio City Music Hall NBC ill-W ToH Wop'n' Orchestra Afternoon 12:00 Magic Key of RCA NBC 1:00 To Be Announced 1:15 Danny Dee. Philosopher 1:30 To Be Announced 2:00 Romance Melodies NBC 2:30 Choral Echocs-WLW Cathe- dral Choir 3:00 To Be 'Announced 3:39 Ave Maria Hour 4:00 Arnold Johnson and -Ray Knight 4:30 Court of Human Relation Drama 5:00 Jack Benny NBC 5:30 Strands of Beauty. Vicki Chase, Soprano; deVore Sisters and . William Stoess's String Orchestra 5:45 Sunset Dreams NBC 6:00 Don Ameche, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and Werner Janssen's Orchestra NBC 7:00Shep Fields' Rippling Rhythm Revue NBC 7.30-Waltcr Winchell-NBC 7:45 Jimmy James and His Symphony Swing 8:00 Smoke Dreams. The Dreamer Presents Musical and Dramatic Memories. 8:30 Unsolved Mysteries. Drama. 9:00 Clyde Lucas' Orchestra. 9. 15 Jerry Cooper end His Music. 9:30 Concert Hour. William Stoess and His WLW Concert Orchestra. Guest Artists 10:90 Paul Sullivan, News Commentator 10 15 Just Between Us.' Pat Bames 10:30 Red Norvo's Orchestra and Mildred Bailey 110 Moon River. deVore Sisters, James Leonard and Organ. 11:30 Jimmy Joy's Orchestra NBC 12:00 Signs Off. Atlanta-Commerce Road Via Talco To Be Inspected Ej&Ut to th Ne' . TALCO, Tex., May 22.-Immediste inspection of the proposed highway "7 from Atlanta via Talco to Commerce was promised a delegation of 40 or 50 representatives ' from the towns along the route who appeared before the state highway commission in Austin on Tuesday. Officials of the organization say heavy traffic to and from the Talco, Marion. Cass. Rodessa, and East Texas fields makes the new road imperative. SCOUT REVIEW BOARD TO MEET TOMORROW Boy Scouts who expect to get swards are to be present at the meeting of the board of review Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock In the assembly room of the court house. The court of honor where the awards will be made, will hold Its monthly meeting st the court house In the assembly room at 8 o'clock Thursday evening, with Rembert Rea in charge. Joe Dunsworth will be in charge of the board of Veviewl ' We, The People, NBC-Blue Network, Sundays, 3:W p. m. Longview Time. broadcast to tell some human interest story. The problem arose in supplying a suitable musical number to usher in the individuals with unusual stories. One day he hit upon the idea of choosing a song which was appropriate to the person's experience, and then working out an arrangement of his own. When Lawrence Le Sueur, who calls himself the prize sucker because he can't pass a street vendor without buying a gadget, appeared, Mark Introduced him with 'Jimmy Had a Nickel and Didn't Have It Long." Fr C. Richardson of Watertown, Mass., has the hobby of sending self -ad-: dressed postcards to the postmasters i of odd-named towns o get the post , marks. Mark greeted him with im Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter." Harry B. Karter. who heads the only club of d tinkers in the country, stepped to the rostrum to the tune of "You're the Cream in My Coffee." "Everything I .have is Yours" was the cue for young Robert Bleeker, who sold cases of measles to his school chums. Jack Gordon cam all the way from Fort Worth, Texas, to tell everyone to obey their impulse. Musically Mark Warnow Columbia Singer Croons For Jury Nick Lucas, radio singer, currently featured on the Ford Dealers' "Watch the Fun Go By"- program 'over the Columbia net work every Tuesday at T p. m. (Longview Time), recently won a federal court battle over a song written by two Pennsylvania youths without having to put up a defense. Then he celebrated his vie. tory by rendering, sans guitar, "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" in the mar ble corridor of the courthouse at the request of six women jurors who sat on the case. RAY'S BAR LIQUORS BEER ' FREE DANCING RAT JACKSON, Prop. PICTURE FRAMES MADE TO ORDEB We feature Quality and Variety to Moldings, reasonably priced. W. R TERRELL, CI S. Mala St Pbatw SI Allie Lowe Miles is confronted by many a domestic problem on Husbands and Wives, the NBC-Blue Network feature. Sedley Brown is co-conductor of the Tuesday night broadcast Good Skate V t-A i V " " 'I 1 11 "" "" Sonjt Henie, celebrated for her educated skates. Is going to sing on the Chase and Sanborn hour on Sunday, May 23. .. "aw '- ' -5 CD HrVhaaJ mhM ' t s n im .... At M M ':c ir ffi t i ; 113.1 n i l i aw1 I t ' i i LI JfbVJ r ; ft Wit r ' Hill -Li if Li.? r He-' , mm;- t 4 tIQ)HIMS(OT5)IRLY. J OFFICE PERSONNEL TELEPHONE NUMBERS FLOOR LOCATIONS FRED HUMPHREY Public Accountant-Tax Consultant LONGVIEW TYLER W. E. McAaally, Resident Associate Glover-Crim Bids. Phone 384 P. F. MAGEE CO. e PRTNTERS - .STATIONERS 715 PHONE 713 THE GREGG SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 605 - 7 . 9.11,621 -23 . 25 - 27 Glover Crim Building TELEPHOVK T3S C. T. Jones, B. C C A. 1 President Public Stenographer Notary Public HAZEL AUTREY ' Mem bet Shorthand Reporters' Assv . CI Glover-Crfaa Building r hones 312 and 1488 - FRANCIS FLOWER SHOP Floral Artists Traods Flowen Bring Happy Boors" Bosevine Pottery Day and Night Phone 2111 ' Opea Sundays and) Holidays LESTER DENSON'S SMART MAN'S SHOP Featuring Needle-Molded Suits Tailored to Individual Measure Ground Floor Glover-Crim Bldi.-Pbone S8T

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