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Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas • Page 16

Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas • Page 16

Longview, Texas
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SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 101935." Ttir i rir nrwr fTC A 11 'CTQ ML LU.I I V1 uniL i i PAGE FOJJR tUm cummer a .1.11... i. i I 1 to Mexico City, Monterrey, Saltillo 1 1 1 I Lor.qview Pianist and other point in Mexico. Local Church Services i i Mr. and Mrs, Brown, Longview Musicians, Have "Attractive Studios- Mrs.

Fv G. Whitelock, Well Known Music" Teacher, -To Open Classes Mrs. F. G. Whitelock will reopen her piano studios on September.

11. Enrollment will, begin on September Dr. and Mr. Milton Queen visited in Dallas and Fort Worth 'this past weekend and attended the Casa Man-ana revue the All-Star football game. Longview alter at her home in Nacogdoches.

Miss Mary Wl Mitchell returned from dehghtfuul v.s.t Memphis. and Huntsydle. Ala. She made the trip by plan from Fort Worth. Mr; and MViv T.

M. Utzmin and daughter France Ada and sort Mar-vin Jr. and Mr. D. J.

Dobb nd Bobby Dobbs are visiting in Galveston. rfaiichteri Nadinf F1RST BAPTIST CHURCH, Dr. John Whorton, pastor. Sunday-Sun day school, 9.40 a. m.

Morning worship. 10:45 a-m, Baptist Training Union, 6:10 Evening worship. 1:30 p. m. Wednesday Officers and teachers meeting, I p.

Mid-week prayer meeting, p. m. MACEDONIA CHURCH Rev, W. T. Coston, pastor.

Sunday school. 10:15 a.m. Morning worship, 11. a.m. BXUv 6.30 p.m.

Evening service. 7:30. Midweek prayer service, Wednesday at 7:30. YOUNT-LEE BAPTIST CHURCH -Rev. E.

P. Hardin, pastor. Sunday school, Church, 11.00 o'clock. B.T.U, 6:30. Evening W0.

Mrs. Dale Qumn of Dallas is the guest-of. her and Mrs. A. A.

Kenney. 11. Collecting antique is the hobby of Mr. and Mrs. W.

Millar Brown, Long-view musicians. Their music studios are among the loveliest in East Tex-s. One. studio decorated in. tlie manner with its beautiful bund-carved Bisque and Parian figurines, and lovely old O-dey fashion prints.

This studio with, two grand pianos. Isabel nd Silvio Scionti, mterrwtion- ally known. duo-pinists often stop orj -their tours to practice on these Mrs. Whitelock is well known in musical circles throughout East Texas. She received her early training in Alabama.

Seventeen years ago she realized the need a more thorough and attractive giving foundation work to pupils so she 'finished the Dunning course of improved music under the late Harriett Bacon Mc- Little Mrs Betty Grace Owing has returned from a visit with her aunt Mrs, Neal Schulze of Houston. Misi Rosemary Downing has returned, from an extended vacation trip to Pari. Memphi and other point, in Kentucky and Tennessee, and Mildred visited Thursday in Dallas. Roger McClelland has Tetumed SOUTH SIDE BAPTIST 'CHURCH-Re C. Porter, pastor.

Sunday school, 9.45 am Morning worship. 11 am. BTU, 630 p.m. Evening "worship, 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thursday.

6.30 p.m. SUMMERF1ELD METHODIST CHURCH-Sunday school. 10 o'clock irom a neugnuui, vn Fair in New York and other place Via Alva Sitton. teacher in the Donald. Tlie study was approved by every Sunday "morning Preaching service on every second Sunday morn- a.

in ing at' 11 o'clock. Preaching on each second Sunday evening at 7 30 o'clock junior high school, ha returned to of interest in the East 3 AH v. Vi ill 'MM Epworth league meets Sunday evening at 6:30. Woman's Missionary pean teachers as being the best. society, 3 pm every Monday afternoon.

Mid-week prayer meeting every PERSONALITY A new method is -necessary lor Wednesday evening at 7 30. piano. Another" studio, "decorated in the Modern mode, has a lovely upright piano done in white ornamented with fold cherubs and arabesques. The little children adore Inking their les-rons on this piano, The reception room I decorated the 'neo-classic manner with its white rorcelam fiz-ures, Madame Recarrrier sofa and furniture dnne in white A bust of Mozart on a while crjurhn dominates this room. Everything is done.

to create the right atmosphere to perform lovely music. A competent maid Is in charge here. SIXTH STREET METHODIST CHURCH-Church school, lfl a. m. Young Pehpie's meeting, 6.45 p.

m. Treaching service, 7:30., C. E. Clark, minister. WESLEY METHODIST CHURCH-1115 Mobberly-Rev.

H. Dickinson, Jr, Sunday school, 9 45 a m. Morning worship, 10.55 a.m. Young People's meeting, 6.45 p.m Evening worship. 7.30.

Woman's Missionary, modem time and Mrs. Whitelock-during the summer months, reviews with vamous teachers of ability. She did. post graduate work with Miss Barrus in Fort Worth and Mrs. Mason in Denver.

She studied for five summers In Lot Aneele and two the Katharyne James Play House Monday, 2:39. Wesley, fellowship supper, Wednesday et 6 30. Teacher- summers in New York Citv at Columbia, universitv. She has had courses in harmony from E. Wilder and Rosetta G.

Ctle in New York Citv. This summer she studied modern niano harmony and also studied tl. ano arrordion in Los Aneeies. She attended lectures bvBe-nnrd Wa-nes, Mifhorirv on nre-school music and' harmony. Mrs.

Wbitelock gives class or nri-vai Ivtxrmn nvprmmintf tbeoretiral WINTfcRFlb METHODIST CHURCH-ong. service, 9 45. Devotional. 10' o'clock Sunday school 1,0 30 Epworth league, 5 30 Rev. J.

McCain! pastor. Lewis Richardson, Sunday school superintendent The public is cordially invited to attend the services. FIRST CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH South Green, itreet Rev. H. Cheatham, pastor.

Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock. Evenufc worth ip,, Young Peoples service. 6.45 p.m. Sunday school 10:00 cxclock JUDSON BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Irby D.

Bates, Sunday schools 10 a John Calloway, supt. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. B.T 6 30 p.m. Evening worship, 7:30 p.m. W.M.U, 2 p.m.

Mid-week prayer Teacher Dora Dyer Brodnax PitUburg, Texas Leo Satterwhite Allen White Oak School Pictured above is W. Millar Brown, piano teacher, with internationally known piona teacher, Silvio Scionti They are "shown going over the score of Rubenstein's Concerto in Minor which Mr. Brown will play on, the international program of the Longview Music club next spring. Mr. Brown was selected by the state board of music clubs as a judge in the district and state A recent story published in the National Music club magarine told of hi activities.

1 problems an easy and inferestin? service. Wednesday. p.m. manner. She aperlatiz in classic, to- I mantic.

and modem, music, and- CENTRAL BAPTIST CHUIICH Rev. R. G. Behrman, pastor, throuch knswledce of scales, chords 9 W0hiP' 11 B.T.U, 6:45 p. m.

and amewioa encooraeen her pupils wrvlces- 7 45 octock- The "ub!" lnviled attend- Sunday Evening Their library! music literature contains, not only works from the American publishers but many editions are from EchaniJU Cu 'ban pianst. on his' visit to the Brown studios said it 'was the complete library he h4')n nent several hours playlna? over some scores he had been unable to procure. Throughout their, careers, Mr. and Mrs. B-own have made contacts with the leading musicians of this country.

During his student days. Brown. Kiinered in the Chicago opera and tWe met Schipa. Calli-Curci. Mary Garden and others, Moijsave Madam Ely Nex were mon? the visitors at bis studio there.

Mrs. Brown's association with Dr. Samilov. teacher of Nelson Eddy and others, has been a constant- source of pleasure-to and her -pupils, Helen T'flubel, Metropolitan opera star, has been a friend of many standing beeinnin with their student dav5 in Madame Vetta-Karst's studio. The- inspiration and enthusiasm received from these contacts, they transfer to their pupils.

a "Hamny-Club ttoets--- for Baton Rouge( where she will attend Louisiana State university. PERSONALS DIRECTRESS KATHARYNE MMES Mr. Jessie Lankford went -a dele to memonred repertoires, Mrs. 'Wbitelork uses ensemhle.nrac-, 're which is fr-emendoulsv valuable if Hi-tie as wll as accurate p'avin? mad the objective, whether in the form of duets or trios at one piano or for twb or more ianoa. Interest is enhanced, con fidence pained and acouaintance with material which miaht be tvi difficult in oolo form, is provided.

Reading is point with, pride to formerpupils Silling promi PENTECOSTAL CIIURCH-Oden and Thirteenth streets, Walter, Woods, pasfor Sunday schoijl at 9 45 a. m. Church to 12 o'clock. Night services at. 7:45 m.

Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:35. The Pentecostal church. Thirteenth and. Ode'n streets, started a revival Sunday to continue through the coming two weeks. Rev.

Woods will preach at all services and Miss Margie Lee Woods and Glennia Huff, will lead the singing. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fourth and Padon streets. Rav. Elmer H. StahLy, pastor; L.

Morris, Sunday school superintendent- Sunday school, 9:45 a. morning worship, 11 a. ti.YS'.S., 7 o'clock p. efangelistic service, 8 o'clock p. m.

nent places over tne Lnitei states. gate from 'the Wesley Methoditt church to the district minionary conference held in Kilgore Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Le Grande Kelly Jr.

left Friday for a visit to the New York World' Fair and point in the New England state. Mi Mary, Will John who returned Mondav from a trio to the Gulf coast stntes, has gone to Pine Bluff, where she will visit her parents, Dr. and Mr.J. John. Mr.

and' Mrs. O. A. Kountre and Frank Rea Jr. 'have returned from a visit with Mrs.

Kountje' mother The foremost institution for dramatic-expression a I training in East Txas. With a stage and seat definitely aided, while principles of rhvthm and interpretation are Introdured. in? capacity for revues to be given every two months for patents and invited guests by the PINE TREE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-W, R. Har- br, pastor. Sunday school at 10 A.

Itshef', lupt Preachingrserv- in Elgin. pupils. ices at 11 a.m. and at 7.15 pjn. Young People's meetings et 6:30 Ladies Miss Delfred Few has reTurnecTtrom a visit to.

relatives in Houston, Hmionary auciety ineeUevery londayalternoonat i cluck. Grayer Special clayes for children of' pre-school ages. meeting every Wednesday night at "MiSscGarTand PrgrjesrLrjrille and Madclyn Campbell left Saturday for Raton Rouge where they will attend LSU. Teacherstraining, courses and definite positions TRINITY EPISCOPAL Lgwrence Brown, rector. Padon Mrs.

Johnnie Mae Moore nd on, Doug Moore have returned to San Antonio aftei a visit' with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar. Gallman. guaranteed, Classes and private training for school children, Mr.

and" Mrs. A. A. Frick spent the week-end with relatives in Tulsa end Mr, -and Mr. R.

L. Smart have as their iniests Mrs sister, Mi: Rita Bullion of Sulphur Springs. Okla. Claiemore, Many; of won national, di'rt. ict' and state iion-or in Oie national "plHno-'fitKvthT tournament held here in 1936-1937 and five won national honors.

A larw number of Mrs. White-lock's former pupils arev successful-pianists, organists, and accompanists Miss Relda' Clemens Becomes Bride Of Mr, A wedding of Interest to their -many friends solemnized Saturday evening, Sept. when Miss Relda Clemon of Hallsvilie, dangliter of Mr. and Mrs, J. A.

Demons of Gilmer, became the bride of Mr. J. son of Mr. and Mrs. W- Jones Business and Professional men and women.

Diction-Poise Voice-Pantomine FALL COURSES BEGIN SEPT. 15 and Seventh streets Holy communion, 7:30 a.m.: -church school, 9 45 a.m.; morning prayer and sermon, a. m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCTI-Morning worship, 10 50. Church school, 9.30.

Evening worship, leagues, 6:30. We invite you to attend our services. ASSEMBLY OF GOD S. A Rice, psstor. Corner 4th.

and Marshall' streets. Sunday school, 9.45, preaching, 11 o'clock. Young Peoples meeting, 6 30, evening o'clock. WHITE CAK BAPTIST Rev, Deckert Anderson, pastor. Sunday school, S.

Rundell. superintendent. Morning worship. 11:00 a.m. Evening wofship 7.30 E' societies meet 7:00 p.m.

Mid-week prayer Wednesday. Choir 8:00. p.m. Wednesday, PENTECOSTAL CHURCH-East Cotton street-S. M.

Wood, pastor Mr. and Mr. Phillip H. Lynch, of Beaumont are Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Syril A. Parker and Mis Minnie Diggs Morgan, Mist Margaret McNaughton agrl Mrs. Virgil. have returned from a visit to New Orleans and Pen-sa'cola, Fla. Mrs, L.T' Campbell and daughter.

To Studv.Value Of Deedsi WilIsTSe.cuntTes The' Harmony Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mm. W. League. Friday, Sept. 1.

to study the alue of deeds. wiK'-securities to anv Different types of were discussed by ail members of the Management and budget were the trmics ot discussion given by Mrs. R. F. Sherer.

In connection with the meeting was pink shower for Mrs. Ax lie Winn, a member ofthe club. Tho'e present were' Mrs. C. A.

Sherrinffton. Mrs. A A. Benson, Mri H. S.

McChesney, "Mrs. Hvan. L. Hares. Mrs.

Arlic Winn, Mrs F. Sherer, Mrs. Edward Jenkins-and Mrs. J. U.

League, The next meeting will be held at the horn of Mrs. j. W. Haynes Cr Sept 15 to study rural electrification. Many To Take Art Kilscre Junior.

College This KILG.ORE. Sept. 8. East Texan -hn wish to study art at Kilgore collece will not be required to enter Mr. and Mrs.

C. L. Perryman nd Mrs. H. B.

Aden have returned from a visit to Tennessee and Illinois. Musi Kathryn Campbell, and Miss Sue Cassidy have returned from a 415 S. Main St. Phone 2260 visit to Martin and San Antonio. Mr.

and Elmore Tom have returned from a most interesting visit Miss Juanita Newman left Saturday Services Thursday evening. Saturday night, Sunday at IL Sunday school. 9:43 The public is invited to attend. THE SALVATION ARMY 420 E. Cotton" street C.

J. Parker, com manding officer. Miss Lela Pearl Stone Y.PS.M. Sunday, company meering i 9 45 a.m. Holiness meeting, 11:00 a m.

Young Peoples Legion, 6 30 prri. Open I air Grain's corner, 7:30 pm. Salvation meeting, 8:00 p.m. Tuesday 8.00 pm i Soldiers meeting, Thursday 7:30. Salvation meeting.

Friday 7:30 Teachers! and Secretary preparation class, Saturday 8:00 p.m. Free and Easy 8CIHIOOL 8UPPLY Woman's Home league, Mrs. Viola Harrison, secretary; Mr. Maud Fox. of Garrison.

The wedding took' place In -the Methodist narsonsge in Longview with the Rev. Fred Few reading the Impressive ring ceremony. Their nftlv attendants were Mr. and Mr. M.

Jones, of Garrison, brother and sister of the groom, The bride wore a stone blue ensemble with wine and -navy accessories. Mrs. Jones moved to HallsviUe ev eral years ago from Gilmer and operates the Tru-Art Beauty shop. Air Jones is a contractor being employed with the Garrison Lumber company. After a short honeymoon Mr.

and Mrs. Jones will be at home in ville in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Gilbert Bass; ART of PAINTING Private Class for Beginners andilndividual Lessons on landscape and Portrait MY TEACHING IS CONTRACTED and GUARANTEED For Appointment Call eSZ A AK STUDIO 8C8 S. Green St. treasurer.

Meet Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. Public invited. ALPINE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Rev. Van Puffelin, pastor," Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.

Morning services, 11 o'clock Evening service 8 o'clock. i FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH North street Bible school, 9 45- 10 30, H. C. Johnson, superintendent Communion and morning worship 10 Rev. J.

E. Montgomery, pastor. Junior. Junior-High and Young ih rhool. Gustave E.

Ivan, head; rf the department, said Wednesday Bi-e'ilar courses which will be taught for students are public school art for educatiort-' students, interior drmration and commercial art Others may im up Tuesday or Thursday afternoons for drawing People Christian Endeavor, 6:45 p. m. Evening ervU, 8 o'clock. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES J04 Ypung street. Sunday 30 a.

m. Service a. m. Wednesday, p. m.

Reading. room. Tucsdny and Friday, 1 o'clock to 4 p. m. VHURCH OF aiRIST-J.

A Dickey, classes meet at 9,45 o'clock a. m. Young people will meet for clas at 6 45 p. m. Evenin and painting from life, which In Robert Johnson of Fort Worth visited last week with his grandparents, Jue and Mrs.

H.p. Gossett. dudes water color, oil, landscape, and still life drawing. ON ANY CAMPUS NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST worship beirins at 8 o'clock. Ladies' Bible clas mdet on Monday at 3 p.

m. Mid-week -Bible study on Wednesday evening, at 8 Men' training meets each Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. i' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN DIURCH-Arthur t. pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a.

N. Peters, superintendent Church. 11 o'clock i a. m. Young People, 7 p.

m. Evening seryjee, I p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. m.

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Sharp or Blunt or lSc Paste Tube Tarbaby or 10c Paste Bottle or 10c FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH-Cornef Timpson and Mobberryr Phrtne 2164. Rev. A E. Schardt, pastor. Millar Brown, pianist.

Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Divine service with holy communion, 10:30 a. m.

Evening services, 8-o'clock. Women's Missionary society Thursday at 3 o'clock. Grcggfon Church Now Offer A New Plan Of Low Cost Funeral Finance No Medical fexamination No Entrance Fee No Red Tape INCLUDES ALL AGES Birth To 90 Years I GREGGTON BAPTIST CHURCH-tRev. 0. Morgan, pastor.

Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Evening service, 8 o'clock B. T.

U. 6.45 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:45 pymV Womeo' Mia-onary society Monday at 2 dock, GREGGTON CHURCH OF at Anderson; E. F.

and Grace Brown, Pastor. T. F. Bedsoie. Sunday achewd upt Sunday school at 9.45.

Preaching services at 11 and 7 30 p. m. Young People' 1 meeting, 6 45 p. m. The Ladies' Missionary eociety meet at 2:30 Monday SPRING HirX BAPTIST aiURCH-Rev.

Jesse Devi, pastor." Mrt Ralph Fenton. pianist; M. Webb, choir. director; Don Treadwell, B.T.U director B.T.U, 6,45 p. m.

Sunday achool, 9 45 ca. Morrnng worship, a. CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ELM1RA. OlAPEL-SPRING HILL Rev. T.

Stockton, minister, Sunday school, 10 a m. RundelL supt Morning worship; 11 a.m. -Evening worship. 1:30 p.m. societie meet 6 45 Mid-week prayer atrvice.

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Sunday school, 45; churcb aervicea, 11 clock; B.T.U, 6.30; evening tervice, 1.30. i 1 1 Brown, Mrs. A. W. Ackley, Mr.


Hudgin. Mrs. Greggton Vomcn Honor Mil, W. tit it m. u'n.

Ida Parker, Mr. Bob Breedlove, Mrs, TO CLEAR OUR STOCK! Belber Philadelphia -LUGGAGE- REGULAR $10 TO $22.50 Vi PRICE Stork Shower Wednesday TRACT OPEN TO A FEW RE-SPONSIBLE PEOPLE. VT, T. Bedsol. Mr.

Beulah Bin. ri ivraRier, nira. u. j. Ains-worth and the honoree.

Thofre' sendnlg gifts were Mrs. H. Walters. Mr. Mose Stafford.

Mr. Arthur Barker nd Mr. Berni Reeve Mrs. B6d.le-. and Mrs.

Carl Kessler honored Mr. D. W. Odonely with a stork shower at the- home of Mrs.Kessler Wednesday afternoon. Tlie color schemes were 'pink and blue.

Game and contest featured the ContMt prizes went to Mrs. J. Airvsworth ond Mrs. V. ilrs.

Odonely received many pretty and useful gifts. Ptmdi. cake and mint were served to the following g-iesU: Mr. F. Reins (j Tolley Burial Association Affiliated With Forman-Pierce Funeral Hom Phone 2 mm tcflii St'il i i- SHIVERS SCHOOL of DANCING East Texas' Most Reliable and Versatile- Dance Instructor Class Lesson In.

Tap-Acrobatic Ballet riegili'tion September 11 and 12 508 E. Metlivin Teleplione" 749.

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