The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1936
Page 6
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( PAGE SIX ' ~ Indians Defeat Balesville, •~^3 to 1, at Forrest City ;\" Celebration * • , BY J. V, FRIEXn -FORREST CITY, July 24—Osceola nnd Balesville, members or til* Northeast Arkansas League did their share !n making the .Eighth Annual Ciowley Rldgc Peach Festival a success by slag- jug a brilliantly played baseb.Hl game here yesteidixy aflcinoon, the Indium winning, 3-1. ', Alfred Kclley, Hie PmMn Kid, youngei brother of Harry Kelley 6t the Atlilelics, nnd John Corcell, a long, lanky soiilhpiw, who .. usually holds down (list base, hooked ui> In a lunling battle. Each allowed but (he hils but .twoj 1 Indinn blows were for tliice bases and plajcd a prominent part In ilie scoiing \ The Kid wns seldom belter. His Control '.was perfect, nnd ho luul the Whlic So\ nibbling fmn- tlcally at his cmve bull Prom tlie second inning to Hie eighth Ije reined 15 consecutive bailors. He had.'n shutout unllMhc ninth \Vhen Altiilght nnd New, pinch hitting foi Haikey, singled In 01-' fler, and John Mabiy thiew bndly tpflhtrd In nn effort lo head off Albnglit 'Cordell \vas not bad/either, niid displayed the same wlmdry ho lias evcrclsed over Hie Imllnns nil yeai. It uns the Hist lime lie lias been benlen by Osceola this sea- ton Only one of the thiee runs tallied off him was eaincd. ".With Uo nway In the Ihlril Kelley slammed n long high fly to-right field. In 'chasing It Prather slipped nnd fell; the Kid Etniek mil for third and scoicd ^hen the tlnow got llnongli Illirst. Alfred opened Ilie sKlli wllh a single. Oono Wlllltiius moved him up with n sacrifice Blgnnlgo popped to second, but John Mabry got hold of one for bh Dad, who was in the stands, nnd It was good foi tin ee bags, Kel^ley coming in on the rnp " ! The" .Indians scored their last In the ninth Aflei Kclley nnd Ci.i Williams had been disposed of,! Signaigo nenily knocked dov,n : Campbell with n hit Mabry was nicked on the nrm Cordell partially blocked Ruckei's smash, but Rucker had it bent out when Albright let the ball get through him, Slgnalgo scoring. i vllurst and Campbell of the So\,' and Gene Williams, Al Slgnnlgo, and Gmdy Mills of (be Indians received generous applause for tbelr fine fielding. Mills lobbed Strunk ,of a probable home run by racing lo deep center field and pulling down n.drhe \vltli a beautiful > mining catch. *Dibrel Williams, brother of Skipper Rojcc nnd Gene, was on Hand, too. Dib Is now v,ltli Little Rock. Ernest Blnghani, Indian pitcher, and L C. Burgess, Batesville hnrt- er, assisted 'Red" risci in the umpiring Rojce Williams had n busy , aflenioon, handling four nsslsls and four putouts. The bo\ score: R. H. E. Batesiille COO 000 001 - 1 5 2 Otceola Dot 001 OK - 3 5 2 Cordell and Strunk, Kelley and Rucker Turtle :. Slabber lluntrd TOLEDO (UP) — Zoo officials offered $500 reward for Inform.i- tlon as lo tlie, identity of the person who stubbed a O.ilnpagos turtle In the back will! n steel rod, severely wounding the turtle CUTIE OF CLOUT Lindner ' startled Walla Walla, Wasli, by appearing as . l'ie slar of Ihc Connell, Wash , 'men's baseball team. Nor was i It a publicity slunt. Miss i Lindner is a fine all-around ! player, ;cqually at home in in- i field or outfield * She is bat i ting .438,'and throws, calcines ! the ball, and runs like a boy • The 17-year-old girl excels on (her boys' high school squad I plays basketball and ' tennis, . feK) swims tod By Harry Gray son CHICAGO, July 21.—The defeat of Discovery In the Stars and Stripes Handicap at Arlington Park oiice more Illustrates the li-ulh of the trite, but (rue, say- Ing, "Weight will slop a train.' H does more than that, for It iroves' how difficult the way Is for the really great horses. The Slurs nnd Stripes Is the inndlcap not unlike hundreds ol olliers now being carded on American tracks. Thoroughbreds mist carry such' weights as lire 'onslslenl with their performances. Hypolliellcally, two animals may uich. be able to nin a mile "In .130.'.The difference Is that one vlll do It under 136 pounds. Hu vtt] run slightly fasUr wllli less board. The other cannot achieve liat S|)eed unless he Is hj at 100 loinids or less. The theory of the hnmllc'np is mt you weight the steeds In such mnnner Dial each, theoretically . least, has nn c<|iml clinnce, The dual race, plus the slight viirla- ioiK In the condition of llio In- lyldunl horses, luck, etc., then lilci-mlnc Ihc winner. : However, you can't blame young ilfred Clwynne Vimderbllt and Vainer IJtiddy Slotlcr for threat- nlng lo lake Discovery out of ucliig if lie Isn't trenlcd more jiiiently. Neither can they be rlllclzed If ; they: feel that the iimllcappcrs arc keeping DIscov- ry out of the winner's column— nd more or, less deliberately. .» » * 'here Must Be a Limit As n clmmplon Discovery dc- :rvcs an opportunity to earn a hamplon's Income nnd record, lore-over,- the public wants to see tm gel an even brcnk. 1'lace Discovery !« n weight for ge race, In which older horses nrry 120" ixunids, 3-ycar-old.i round 118, nnd '2-year-olds 100 nd the Vanderbllt star would ome close to winning every time ill. No horse In America, of any K<V Is able lo beat Discovery at iiywlicrc near level weights 'for ge unless he Is slaggerliu,; Trom ack of cbiidlttou. . • •; . This makes It evident that other oi-semen will not start their Imrgcs . aealnst him, -unless tlio vent carries rich second niid bird prlws. - . Mr enouBh, you say. u,it there uist be a limit lo penalizing out- amllng . horses. The betting titt- le—largo fields nrc desired, par- Icuiarly with pnrUmiituel ma- hlncs in . operation—must not be wrmltted to smash the ' eiirnlnK osslbilllles nnd.ruln the records r cxceptlonnl horses. The top tics' come nil, loo seldom anyway The cost or , producing thi-in -U IniMt pl-ohlbltive. ; Time nfler time, such as olse, Discovery, Bntlon, ucstlou- alrc, and Sun BCJUI have been orccd to bow lo excessive wetpht urdcns. .'•"'• ' Top ROW twice beal; Discovery vlieii haiidicappcra nllolted the , ,1° f" ,P f Ppanuts enormous '"'Is In the weight - 15 lo 20 minds.. Discovery has had to IUB 39. pounds, nnd has been nllolled veil heavier loads. It 1 1[1S - ,, oL ecu unusual lor him to spot his pposlllon ns much ns 38 or 40 minds, c. V . Whitney once dcxl B - »ue when Equipoise was BUM 142 .pounds. That was "ml he shoi Id have done *'.•»-' Scales Sent Omaha Abroad American racing woidd have vT», J: 5r , cnr - olti Performances > . b ° 1 > Gallant Fox and Omaha iiici it not been for J*,'" 1 ?" 1 Woodward knew that 10 had a champion of the nrst voter in Gnllnnt Vox, then the Id's richest money winner, and be foremost money winning 3. cr of the Belair 'sind nUo'"™- ilized (hat Questionnaire and Gal «»t Knight were Hrst-cS .^ "at given n pull hi the wcleliLi l>t=y Probably would rob the ' or Imported Sir C intcli of his fame. although he hadn't copped a race^ In some 14 starts oh this side. : Yet the fact remains that opportunities still are far better for superior steeds In England than In the United States. It would seem that, handicapping that' drives Gallant Foxes and Omalias Inlo the slud or out of the country is loo severe. _\_ BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 47 n 'ay B le "»"">". "since their | ( ,. s t '.'.'.'.'.'.M 42 ]512 K "j" c was l>° s| l»n«fl <luc lo, rain. 'hl'l'iideluhln' '".'.',','.'.'.."'34 B4 -MO'!,'j nlt 1' e " Fal " ollft « ce . niul'Uanny Brooklyn .... . 31 57 35" Wa "l>W". Paslime's No. 1 lllnj- ' ' , cr . will <lo Ihe hcfivln;; for their Araerlt«n lx*?vt W. L. Pet. New York 69 32 048 lloveland 61 Dctrolt ..... 49 41 5«j'"l'ovc«l pitching. They ma Chlcago ........ 48 4 539 "i , "if, ? r ° C , C ' s ' Ulm ' E " tllc Barton .. , e ' y te ll « '"Wile ........ 3arton . . . Washington t. '.Louis . 'hlladelphln W. L. Pr.t. Osceola n 3 .788 Newport 10 5 .667 Canithorsville .7 g .4157 xJonesboro r, 8 '.) Rr ; Omh 1C re(1K °» Why Omnlm was sent to Enginnd It h rue that the Britk.f pu ' £ v-cigli on Omaha In his first two «^tp<r,K,;rLt 11 ^ the long-legged chestnut rai second H is also true that MaK «s given top weight ,„ Ell ,„ ^' REFRIGERATOR BARGAINS New Refrig H. ..Electric eralor $95.00 Klcclric Refrigerator Demonstrator $115.00 lileclric Refrigerator Demonstrator $125.00 - .... Kerosene Klccirolux Refrigerator Demonslrwtor $240.00 7 ft. Kerosene Eieclrolux Re fngerator. Demonstrator $275.00 Hardaway Appliance Co. ft. n fi. 5 ft. The Standings Southern Allanln Nashville ... xChattniiooga Bin Ncv *Ull!c Meriipht Knoxvllle xNlght game. National W. f,. Pet ..63 30 .630 ,.68 42 .614 ..48 4G PJBTKETICES '.T Joe Applebaurn's Club Opposes Leaders; Grocers Meet Motorists By J. f, FRIEND s£SSH?t?£ f iMsS= NOTICE OF SALE DNDER EXECUTION' Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, as sheriff of Mississippi County, Arkansas, by virtue of the levy of n certain will nf execution Issued on the 13th dny of July, me,, out of the Chlcka- sawta nislrlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on transcript oi judgment rendered' by said courl on the 28 day of June, 1035 in a cause therein pending In . said court, wherein Marlon Wti'-son Slate tiftiik Cominlsslonei 1 In dial-Re of Hank of Manila,'' and . r Famous Store, In the nrsl enmc of he Commercial Sodball leagu« <loiib!eheadcr tonight. Phillips Mo' =H=S»- BssftiSS. collide in Hie nljhtcap ™ »«",«'* V 1 "" = = ' » == - -i S ."™-!?'? «' ?,'£?. is"«»»>•»»< c,™,,. .IM,M.,,I, »»«",„'; ;naunnooj>a 18 w .511 •••"" i"">-v- WHCH iiouinson .Drug rmlnghiim 49 48 .505 lcl1 before tho Hotpolnts Weil- :w Orleans 47 CO .485 " e f. y nlght ' mlti «'»1 liiive a .Ittle Rock 43 61 .457 e ", t °" ,||"-' !r ''"'"Is to maintain eiiiphis 40 57 .412 l pcsllloii. Jcc Applebanin's loxvllle 33 67 ,40fl , ' cw °' y oll "Bslcrs has always Jhlcngo W f, IYL ' St. Louis 'Ittsbnrgh New York iinclnnnll Boston 65' 32 C32 !"T , W01|I(I 04 35 001 to a ' S °" nm !)llt aways been like n .sore llminb. altliough i iny Glover's gang managed to wreak n five game supremacy In their last meeting. A win foi F-i'. W01|I(I bou " co Pastimers 40 42 02' , tllc "' 8amc bcllil '"' " slnce one half last respective clubs. Phillips MbUJr Comi-Jiny hni been doing ( |uilc well lately, showing evidence of power and I Improved pitching. They may up- Northeast Arkansas I.rague 49 43 &, ,„ y « '"Wile, Mc- 40 « 'B,f ",""" ' ms b(!cn I'">1''»B without 29 59 •5li lLlt *."aiii!y..who has Joined Par- f f n •™ ! »KOuld;.Diite ! , Welch, now - nmn- - 320 agcr of Jackson In the Kitty Ix'agno, nnd Ilnnnoii Gray, perhaps the best shorlstop "in • Ihc Intesville Pnragoiild .x—Night oame. Baseball Result* Southern T.rirnr ' Nnshvillc 1), Mcmplik 6. Allanla 4, Blrmlnglinm 3. New Orleans 9-8, Knoxvllle 4-7 Liltle Rock nt Clmttahooga ilgtit gnme. league, Yet, they have been - nhig Just the same, thanks to some clutch lillllng and pilchin». Jlnnnlc Smolhcrnian, ilght-linnd- r m n"i cr ' P'^nbly will be''ilie' pitching J lu • J7j I choke for the Motorists and ' ir,v- .6 11 WJ erett Enbanks Is In line for Ihe Ciroccr mound Job. I'lay will begin nt 8 p.m. Nallonn.1 l,mmr St. Louis 4, New York 2. Pittsburgh 10, Philadelphia I. lirooklyn 8, Chicago 5. Uoston 4, Cincinnati 0. Ameriran Lfrtrar ' Chicago 7, Washington 6. Detroit 2,. Philadelphia 0. Boston B, Cleveland 8. New York 15, St. Louis 3 Northeast Arkansas leag Osceoln 3, Datesville 1. Newixirt "9. ParngouW i. Only games scheduled. CarutheVsville Pilots , Buy Class C. Infielder CARUTHERSVILLE, MO.— The Cnruthersvllle Hnscball Associn- llon has purchased Ed Amelung, Infielder, from Sp'ringfleld, Mo.,' In the Western Association. Amelung reported Thursday nnd will probably get Inlo the 1'ilol's lineup tonight. He will likely play first base. Amt'limg." of Clnss C rating, bnls left and throws right. He Is 19, 'six feel one inch, and weighs 115 pounds. His home is : Granite City, III. ! : '' It' Is' l)Cllcvcd Cnnilhersvilie l.< lllc ni-st team in Ihe Northeast. Arkansas League to make a pur- clntse of tills kind, buying a player from another league higher rating. Today's Games Soutlimi l.rajur Memphis at Nashville. .New Orleans'ut Knoxvllle. Little Rock at Chattnnooga . Birmingham at Atlanta. • National Chicago at Brooklyn. St. Louis at New York. •Pittsburgh nl Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Boston. . • American league Boston at Delrolt. New York nt Chicago. Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington at St. Louis. Northeast Arkansas Bntesvllle at Osceola. Jonesboro al Caruthersvllle. Pnragonld 'at Newport, Sead Courier News classified Ada of Road Officials Defend Contradiction In Signs BEND, Ore. '(UP)— Highway signs here rentl 'U8-miles lo Redmond!" On his return trip, the surprised traveler reads that it Is only if miles-from Redmond to Bend. ''Nothing wrong," hlg'nway officials • explain. Hjghwny mileage Is determined from' sign to city center, not from cily limit lo city limit, nor from center to cenlcr. OuBOUCHETT SLOE GIN! , n O. Cosdier was defendant In favor of said Marlon Wasson Slate . , ver Assignee of linnkof Manila phin- ' ' - fcin. pliUll JV, \_J C'u'.nrr. 'lefendant, will as i,uch fhrj-lir on Ihc 21st day of-August iflJO, between Ihc hours of nliw o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock In the afternoon of sale' date at the front door of the courl lioi'so in Ihe city of Ulyllie- vllte. Arkansas, offer for sale .said rcnl estate, on n credit of throe muillis, and said pcrsonnl property for cash, nt puh][ c n ,, c || 0 ,, to the holiest and hest bidder selllns Ihe following described proprrly. to-wit: Ural Eslatc as follows- S'i S',i NE 1-4 section 1 Tmvnsblp 13 Norlh. R, m » c K East, 40' ncres. su. NH 1-1 Sec It'. Township "H North Itnnge 8 East, -10. I'l'r.scmnl Properly ns follows: 1 btnck horse mule, weight I ICO pounds, seven years old, 15 1-2 hands high. Selling' only nil ,,r u lc r |g| lt lillo and interest of s;nid R o Costlier In and to snid -property' subject, however, to all liens eii- cunibranccs nnd ''Indebtedness which may exist against said property, both personal and real if any. Witness my hand as such shcr- ifl on (his 22nd day of Ji'ly 1935 C. H. WILSON, Shcr'ili, .' By Arch Llndsey, D. s. 24-:il-7 noon and three o'clock in the aflc-rnoon of said date at tne front door of the court house In the city of Dlylbevllle, Arkansas, offer for sale said real cslate on a credit of three months said personal property for cash, at public auction lo the highest and best bidder, selling the following described properly, to-wll: Heal Estate as follows: Fractional all of South Hair of Northwest Quarter of Section 30. Township 14 North Knngc 9 East, containing S4 91 acres. Personal property as follows: Selling only all of tlie right, title and Interest of said R. E. Tucker In nnd to said property subject, however, to nil liens en-' Jiimbrances and Indebtedness willed may exist against snld propel ty. both personal and real. If any. Witness my hand ns such sheriff on this 22nd day of July, 1035. O. II.. WILSON, Shciiif, Hy Arcli Llndsey, D. S, 24-31-7 1936 NOTICE OF SAW-: UNDKR EXECUTION' Notice Is hereby given (hat Ihe undersigned, as shcrill of Missis, slp|il County, Arkansas, hy virtue of Ihe Icv.v of n ccrl.itn writ of excculimi issued on (he I3lli day of July, 1030. out of the Chlckn- .sawbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on transcript filed out of the justice con-t, of E. F Alston. Justice of Peace of bis I.nke Township, Mississippi C'ouiiLj'i Arkansas, rendered on Januarv 0, IMC, in a cause therein pcncllm; in snid court wherein 'Marion Wasson, State Bank Commissioner, in charge of.'Bank of Mniiiln, and W. L, Oliver, Assignee of Dank ' of Manila,- were plnlnlifTs nnd R. 15. Tucker was defendant, will as such sheriiT, on Ihe 2ls't day of August, 193«. between • the I hours of nine o'clock in (he fore- NOTICE OF DNDEK EXECUTION Notice is hereby given that the iidcrsltiMcd us sheriff of Mississippi County, Arkansas, by virtue of the levy of a certain writ of execution Issued on the 23rcl day of July, 1930, oiil- of the Circuit Court for the Chlcknsawba District of Mississippi coiinly, Arkansas, on transcript iilcd from Hie Circuit Court of Greene County, Arkansas, on a judgment rendered on the second day of March, 10M, In the Circuit. Courl of Greene County, Arkansas, Iranreripl of said judgment having been Iilcd at Blytlieville in Ilie Chlckasawb.1 District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, nnd Is found in judgment record D. page 341 in a cause of action in snid court in which Marion Wasson, Slate Utuik Commissioner,. in charge of Bank'of Leachville, Insolvent, and W. L. Oliver Assignee of Bank of Leachville. were plain- tills, and J, W. Wilson, Clara Wil- wn nnd John K. Sharp were defendants, will as such sheriff, on :he 25th day of August. 133C. te- :wecn the hours of nine o'clock ill the forenoon nnd three o'clock in Ihc afternoon of said date ati .he front door of the court house In the City of Blytheville, Chicks-! sawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, offer, for sale said . real estate hereinafter described I on a credit of three months at prbllc auction to the, holiest, and besl bidder, or so much thereof as may be necessary, Hie following described properly located in the Chlekasawba District of Mis slssippi County, Arkansas to-wlt W',i of Lot 3, Block 15.. Nelson's First Addition to Leachville, Arkansas. North 55 feet of Lot 4, lilock B., Nelson's First Addition (o Leaehville, Arkansas. Ijjt 7, Ulock Ii.[ Slnuclcmeyer's Addiiion (o 1-cachvllle, Arkansas. Lot 12, Block O., Smith's Addition to Leachville,' Arkansas. Lots 3' 33, 34. Block G. Smith's Ad"-' dltlon lo I.eachvllle, Arkansas. Also south 25 feel of South Half of Lot 4, Block E., Nelson's First Addiiion to Leachville, Arkansas. Selling all of the flint, mie nnd Interest of tlie saitl defendant, J. W. Wilson In anil to said properly, subject, however, to all valid liens and encumbrances' and liuleblencss which m a y exist against, said property. Witness my hand us such sheriff on tills 22nd day of July, 1038. C. II. WILSON, Sheriff, By Arch Lindscy, D. S. 24-31-1 Snow nover falls on one-third of Die earth'!! surface. FACTORY TRAINED RADIO EXPERT Now available for repairs on all makes of radios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. Before You Bny Ahj Outboard . See the NEPTUNE 2 "• p Single Cyl. (Oilier Sizes .to 1C H, P.) HUBUARn TIRK & HA'ri'KKY CO. Sc Secure Insure your growiujj crops against damage by' hail. THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST CO. 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