The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1949
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Phon« 4461 All-While Party Fete* Miss Mary Ann Parks Brld») motif YI« carried out in th«'»!l-»-hite dessert bridge honoring Miss Mary Ann Parks last nWlt when Mrs. L. E. Baker entertained at her home on Chlckasawba. • Miss Parks' engagement to Edgar Oslin, Jr., of Little Rock was recently announced and a number of parties have been given for her and others are planned. A single slender white taper tied with a white statin bow centered esch of the two small tables at which guests were sated. While baby mums floated at the base of the centerpieces. »• Mixed white flowers with chrysanthemums predominating and speared with liny white candles formed the centerpiece for the main table. White -lilnn figurines of i wedding parly stood at either ' side of the Moral arrangements. A bridal doll dressed In white satln : with a veil and a tiny bou- miet stood before Miss Parks' chair. The doll was later presented to her. Other places were marked by liny wedding bells attached lo white place cards with white satin bows. Plate favors were white wedding bells tied with white bows All \vhite refreshments were served. As a gift from her hostess Miss Parks receive^ china In her pattern. Her mother. Mrs. Max A. Parks, was presented a gift. In games played prize for high score was awarded lo Mrs. William Jontz and Miss Barbara Monaghan was awarded second high. Miss Parks wore a summer frock in pale blue chambray with white | accessories. • • • First PreniiDtial Event Given for Miss Turk „• A novel way ot presenting Bills to an honored gnest was \iscrt Tuesday night at a party for Miss Billle Jean Turk with Mrs. Clyde Wilson as hostess. ; Miss Turk, whose engagement to Mlllard Edds was recently announced, was showered with linpti gifts In the first of a series of pre- imptial social affairs. In keeping with the motif of the party, » "clothesline" was strung fcross the side porch of the C. E. Edds home on Chickasawba, parents of Mrs. WJlson, where the gifts were displayed. Miss Turk was told to "bring in the clothes of! the line" »nd thus was presented her fifts. i During the evening the K guests played games and prizes were awarded £o Mrs. E. C. Brown, Mrs. Fred Becker, Mrs. Ted King mid Mrs. Hazel Brannen. Miss Turk «so was presented s gilt from her $osfes5. f_ Tor the occasion she wore a green Wald two-piece original with black iccessortes and pinned white gardenias, a gift (rom Mis. Wilson, at her shoulder. ". Guests were served a dessert, plate in a pink and white color scheme and received as favors pastel nlltcnps of bridesmaids holding- tiny nosegays. Miss Turk's favor was in white. • Pottery vases Riled with gladioli «nd "tuberoses in yellow and white were situated about the home. The centerpiece for the main table was a gold pottery bowl holding white stock, golden Peruvian lilies and pink crown asters. Mrs. Wilson was assisted in seri'- ing by Mrs. John F. Fields, Mrs. J. P. Friend and Miss Billle Sue Burks. BJytheville Girl Studies Fashion At College/ Models In Summer Book 1'arnin' isn't all one gels* out of college. Miss Aiden Ferguson, a sophomore student Ht Stephens College In Columbia, Mo., this fall, can tes- lify lo Dial. Her latest extra-curricular plum is a place on the College Board of one of Memphis' department stores. Representing her college on the 14-glrl panel, Miss Ferguson will appear Friday In a fashion show modeling the latest In campuswear. Her outfits for this occasion will include a purple velvet evening dress made In the Empire style, a sports outfit, and lounging pajamas and robe. Each board member, she explained, was allowed lo choose, her own fashions, later approved by the store. Monday morning Miss Ferguson will be a guest on the Olivia Browne television show originating from Memphis for an Interview centering around trends In college clothes. Next Wednesday and Thursday she will show college fashions In a style rente during luncheon hour* In the tearoom and throughout the entire week she and other board members will be on hand to advise clothes-conscious co-eds on what lo Itik-e bact lo school with them. Miss Ferguson, daughter of Mr. "id Mrs. Joe Ferguson, Is major'"R ill fashion-merchandising Stephens. at Bits of News Mostly Mr. and Mrs. W. returned today from *her« they have been the guests lor the past four weeks of their daughter. Mrs. Vernon Cato and family. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Robinson nave returned from SVInslon-Saleni N.C., where they visited Mrs. Robinson's sister, Mrs. Charles M. Oer- rald and Mr. Gerrald, and her mother, Mrs. y. j. McCarthy. Mrs Robinson was away two weeks and Mr. Robinson went' to North Carolina the past weekend for her Mr. [joWnson left this morning for Little llock where he nil! attend a meeting of the Slate Approval Agency for Velrans Training. More American Dollars Held Vital to Remedy Money Woes oi faltering Economy in Britain THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1949 physically and morally (irnl. Great Britain Hy I.EON DKN.VKN- -N'KA Special Correspond nit LONDON -<NEA>— Even 111 the view of the most irdcn supporters Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ebcrdl and daughter. Miss Ann Eberdt Birmingham. Ala., arc the guests i of Mrs. Cal Gossett and sons 'J security if Mr. and Mrs. jimmy Lunsford ! wl " hf SCiierous of Labor, i(, is already too late to remedy the British sitmtwn without additional U.S. aid. His Majesty's Government may soon '-avc to go a third time to Washington to ask for more dollars. Will the American people, it is asked here, give and give again? Are they ready to embark upon bigger and costlier. Marshal! Plans? Those who believe that tho security (! , of •"> democratic TMroije depends f B y °" a sll '°"8 Britain hopc ' (hat " lc Unilcd States—lor Its own for In order other third to achieve time, mythical Afternoon Party Given For Sorority Chapter Three hoKle.sses entertained lor members of the Alpha Delia chap- of Beta Sigm yesterday with an informal afternoon party at the home of Mrs. A.L. Sullivan on Davis street. Mrs. Maurice Luttrell and Mrs J. N. Smothtrmou were co-hcutesscs with Mrs. Sullivan. A green and yellow color scheme was carried oul In the refreshment table covered with a handmade cutwork cloth. Lemon - yellow gladioli, golden Peruvian lilies and while tuberoses arranged In a low bowl and flanked by two tall yellow Liners centered the table. Lime sherbet punch was served from one end of the table by Mrs. T. H. Caraway. Assorted party food. 1 ; were »]«> served. left yesterday for a vacation in 1 ..-.- „. the Smoky Mountains. Al Jack- ' soc " llis " 1 ' ! - cl 'in land Stalin after son. Tenn., they will be joined by h '"" Iholl 8"' little of sacrificing ""- ' '---•'- ' ; ' ll 'c Russian people, in the Soviet . ., y Mrs. Luiuford's -istcr and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Newman Misses Betty Harbor and Shirley King Are In Wilson for a few day's as the guests of Misses Mary and Maiih Taylor, who formerly lived here. Rayfotd Lunsford of clear Lake "experiment." the ordinary became a tinv screw In EDITOR'S NOTE: England, wracked by an financial crisis, is preparing for the first general elections In four years. Leon nenncn, NEA's roving European correspondent, sizes up the background of this critical election •n>d finds British Socialism fighting for survival, a likelihood of a new appeal lo the Uniled States for dollard aid. and inefficiency in the too-fiuickly-nalionalizcd industries. Here is the last of liis two dispatches. Ivan vast! is reluming lo Pcoria. 111., this lolaiarian machine. But Britain was and remains one of the most democratic states of our lime. nie -common people count in the concerns of those who govern then. Ami the British people after a decade of austerity and bell-tightening, are physically and morale- lircii. The top Labor leaders rite tired. weekend an,i will be accompanied as far as Belleville. III., by his mother. Mrs. Lunsford plans to visit anolher son, Sgt. Joseph E Lunsford, and family there. Miss Lorene Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Balrtridge am) Mrs. Waller J. Ross spent a few rtays In New | and Jean Sarber Albany, M| SS . „„,, Pocahontas, Mrs. Neil Mizcll was Tenn.. with relatives. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan left Wednesday for her home in Troy, Tenn after six weeks with relatives and friends here and in Hot Springs. Miss Laura Swain will return home today after spending a week in Carbondale. ill., and st. Louis. , ,„ *...,*., ,.,t llttj?, loo. Hie casualty list among them I Ings and In queues like this—the British peeple are won one war, now (aces a fljht against bankruptcy. profits, however restricted and diminished. The middle class is being taxed out of existence. The standard of living of the workers—on whose behalf the Labor Government is courting all this trouble has not improved much over the wartime austerity level. Ever shire the arrival in Europe of John Snyder, U.S. Secretary of (he Treasury, persisten rumors arc current, both ill London and Paris, that the State Department is about to abandon its support of the "non-Communist Left." as represented by the Labor Government and Henri Queuille's middle-of-the-road coalition hi France. These rumors are partly attributed to a statement made by Henri Reynauci, former French Premier, following his return from Washington some weeks ago. According to Reynaud. the days of the Queuille government are numbered because Congress is now on the warpath against state planning aiiri the nationalization of industries in Europe. Well-informed diplomats doubt these rumors. The State Department, they say, is only too well aware that the deatfc of the "Third Force" government would create a vacuum In Europe which only the Communists would be in a position to fill. is extremely high. Lijile new blood has been injected into ihe Labor Party during the past four years. Should the present leadership be forced to retire, there would be none to replace it Wiser heads, like Herbert Morrison, Labor's brilliant Parliamentary whip, and Foreign Secretary Ernest Bcvin. forsaw the dangers of rapid over-nationalization. But 'Jiey were too weak to resist the pressure of the Harold Laskls and other "Marxists" who 'lainorDd for ••socialism in our time." Thus. England is today neither socialist nor capitalist. The well-to-do are still able to live lavishly on their past earn- even on their present _ ecently dismissed from n BlylhevUIr Hospital and is at Ihc home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Richards, on Clear Lake Road, until she Is able to return to her home in Osceola. E. B. Gee, Jr., has gone to Pil- rim, .Mich., where he will be the Mrs. Dave Abbott Gives. Talk on Vacation Safety vJ-Mnn"" " H ° W l ° S "T l " Safe ""• ""« »'•'• "»»"* Moore of Vacation were given to Yarbro Marked Tree were recent tmesis of Home n*mr,n<.lr<j>r~,, ^I,.K i i. " leceilL gue.Sls OE welk b p'nri an ?- Y1VO " ne ^" lsf °' (l were S"" 1 of Br 'b KirslmeTand parents week-end visitors .1 Tiptonville, Mr. and Mrs. R. F Kirshner as renn.. gllests of Carolyn whUe thcir jummer ^ ™r£.,™, \Y ,, , Lake ' He »'l" be aw-av for' two Mr. and Mrs. c. G. Hornsby and children or Columbus. Miss., have been .ipendinit a few days here with her sister, thews. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. L. R. Mat- Burnis Moore of W. P. Home Demonstration Club members | her pa nils, Mr and Mrs by Mrs Dave Abolt Tuesday after- I Lunsford or clear Lake noon at their regular meeting. ! Condition of' Mrs. Morris Zell- I he club met at the home or Mrs. »er. who has been a patient at Zoe Thompson with 12 member* '"' present and enrolled a new member. Mrs Chester Cato. , "---« n IKAL.l-ln, - A ± Walls Hospilal for (lie past few da.vs. i.s improved today. -...-j.^. v^niu. ^Attending the MOAT production •Melodies" was sung by the group °L"-The Chocolate Soldier" In Mem- 1 ""-" "'" ™—"— •-••- • • '•"'"' last night were Mrs. Nora Mrs. ?,al Harrison, Mrs. e group to open tiie meeting, followed by a | P llls repelilion of the ard Psalm. Mrs. 1 '. . , . Thompson read a poem followed by l w - A - Dobyns, Mrs. Alice Womark Mrs. Abbotts talk. The annual rest camp wa.s discussed with each member reporting what she planned lo take. After the business meeting g-ame-s were conducted and each person present, was given a gift. Tile hos- les-s served ice-cold watermelon. Has Appointment Wesley you Ihe Information girl at Memorial hospital — and, as ,„,. shall see. she's pretty good at that sort of thing. A woman telephoned as follows: Miss Nikolich asked the woman what she wa.s being treated for. Then she came up nuickly with the names of three specialists in the TitUifleld building who would handle an ailment of lhat type. One of them was the doctor the caller was seeking. The patient was on time her appointment. Coming Events Social Calendar Thursdat Sunday School clasj of First Baptist Church will meet tor covered supper at 7 p.m at home oi Mrs. S. R. Jackson. Mrs. Floyd Simpson and Mrs. Dixie Morris will be co-hostesses. Friday The C.B.C. Club will be enler- tained at the home of Mrs c S Dowdy ' ' Church will meet at 3:30 p.m. at me church. Preceding will be the executive board meeting at 2-30 p.m. and bushies meetings ot the circles at? p.m. Circle One of the Women's Missionary mcei with Mrs. Joe Waddy. Auxiliary Represented At Meeting in Osceola Six delegates front the Blytheville American Legion Auxiliary'traveled to Osceola Tuesday night for the banquet and installation of officers of the Auxiliary fhere. Attending from here were Mrs Jess Russell. Mrs. Paul Mahon. Mrs. Ben Clune. Mrs. James Nlers- theimer, Mrs. Ed Rice, and Mrs Sam Godwin. A n are officers except New officials for the Osceola group were Inslalled by Mrs. George Hames. outgoing presidenl, at the Max Grider post. Ghastly Coiffures Tseo people of least Circle Two of the First Baptist Women's Missionary Union will meet wilh Mrs. C M. Smart A: 2:30 p.m. the Women's Society of Christian Service of Lake street r Methodist Church will meet at the - . _ . -^-« KCU/.JC Hi 5OUI/1C, irst 8apt:st Uganda. Africa, have coiffure c Uiuon will [ bellished with hair collected from the heads of their dead ancestors FEINBERG'S Shag lleere spectator An alUiround [ocd •port i« thil *ll-vioo! irui fl«c« con that'« irudc for looks, for warmth and wttr. Itt iwat back and unart front detailing- go b*iutifully -with er without th« hell. L««th«r button*. Com« in daired iport eo*t colors- red, f reen, camel, nude, | Junior j «, 7 $ 45 Us« Our Lay Away Plan Shop In Air-Conditioned Comfort . ~..^.. u<.4iM (im.c.iujr3 stuck losclher with blood, and decorated with feathers. In early colonial rtays. when families made nails at home, a good worker could turn out 2.000 small Dogwood Club flans Annual Chicken Supper August 12 was selcclcd by Dogwood Ridge Home Demonstration Club members yesterday as the date for 'he annual chicken barbecue .supper. Members of the club arc to be responsible for the food for the sup- pei 1 , scheduled to be at the clubhouse Six members attended yesterday's meeting with Mrs. Edit)) Eppeivsou hostess at Ihe clubhouse. She served cookies and soft drinks. An "eye-opener" for the meeting was hand-crocheted doilies demonstrated by Mrs. Bob Scott. At The Hospitals Bl.itheville HospJUl Dismissed; Mrs. O. R. Nave. city. Mrs. Granvllle Scott. Caruthers- vllle. Mo. Walut Hospital Dismissed: Mrs Hazel Kennedy, stecle. Mo. Mrs James Atkinson, Rt. 1. city. Ruby Mae Kelly. Holland, Mo. Mrs M. J. Site, city. Harold Kincald. City. Clyde Talkington. steele. Mrs. Q. T. Sprayberry and baby city. Automotive Hint Unless the engine Is started slowly, the pistons and the cylinder* will not expand evenly, causing unnecessary wear on the motor. Box Office Op«i» 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Opens Sumlay i : oo ; starts 1:1S Conlinuous Shows Sal. & Sun. Bargiln NlgKI K\-try Ni t ht Kvcept Saturday No passes honored on Sunday at Roxy Theatre Thursday & Friday Read Courier News Want Ads RFTZ THiATR BY REFRIGERATION Thursday and Friday UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS who, one after another, f ring true, crowd the pages \ of Willard Motley's great f novel with vivid life. HumpAret, BOGART KNOCK ON ANY DOOR -JOHN DEREK.. 4^.^ » :urm ««fcCTi*» * -.i ,.,< $. „" .'i »-. . Kr, : ,NICHOUSMY ,»,„-, ROBERT LORD Paramount News and Selected Shorts Continuous Showing Everyday PEAK—Green, Sun Tan, Copper and Black $3.05 HOLLY—Black Only $3.95 BITTONS —Brown alu i Black Smart Girls Buy KXin—Black Otilv 3.95 BAI.LF.T —Red, Green, and Black 2.95 ff

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