The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1931
Page 4
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if AGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.Y COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1<)31 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBUSHEB8 C. K. DABCOCK. Editor H. W. HAINES, AavertlsWt; Manager Bole Nitlonal Adrertuuii Representative!: The Ttiomis P. Olirlt Oo. Inc., New York, Philadelphia,' Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San ?r»nctsc<). Chicago, St,' Louis. Pubilihed Every Alternoon Except Sunday, filtered ai second class matter it the pott oaict at Blytheville, Arkansas, under »ct of Congre" October 9, 1817. Served by tne United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier ID the cliy ol lilythevllle, 15o per «<i or *6.50 per year In advance. By mail within a rcidius of BC mUw, 13.00 per year II 50 for six months, S5c for three months; oy wail tn pcstal tonci t«o to six, Inclusive, 56.60 per year, In zones seven fid «lgM, 110.00 per year, payable In e47anc*. A Trifle. Protracted The delays of the law, are pvoverljinl; but occassionally a case illtisU'alo.s the snail-like progress of our judicial machinery so excellently that it is worth citing in detail. In October of 11)2!) a New York jury indicted the directors of a certain bank that had failed. That, as such things go, is relatively a long time ago. But it was just the other; day that the New York court of appeals ruled that the indictment was valid, and that (he indicted men may be brought to trial on it. Here, then, we have a delay of approximately 1C months befoiv even so much as the validity of the indictment had been established. At that rate it final verdict as to the guilt or innocence of the accused men ought to be ready, say, by 103G. If that weri im isolated instance, of course, it would not be important. But it is not isolated, nor is it peculiar to New York. It is typical of the sort of delay that is always cropping out in American criminal procedure; and it is one of the chief reasons for the prevalence of crime in the nation today. 1 Up to the Individual There have been a good many explanations oltcred for the business depression ol the past year. Not often however, has anyone, suggested that ll:c irou'jl; had Its origin In moral shortcomings Miner than economic defects. But Solomon Lcvltan. stale treasurer of Wisconsin, touched on this theme In a recent, speech In Milwaukee, and nls remarks are worth examining a llltlir. "The stability of a country," snys Mr. Lcvl- tan, "is directly traceable to the ethics of its people. We hear a vrsat deal these days about changing standards of life, but thfrc arc some (hinge that, i-annot change, and one of these is honesty. The principle of honesty is as uu- ^ changeable as the principle of mathematics, and it miiGt b? the basis of all our dealings, national and linornattonat, If we arc to expect a solution of tome ol (tie problems now confronting nations. "What is it that has brought on present conditions? lias it not been false values, gambling, Ignorance, fear and lost of cunndenco? The only way to restore normal conditions IB by restoring conlclciice with true values, honest pay for hones: service rendered—in short, the application of Hie Golden Rule. "Yon may lliluk 1 am old-fashioned to talk (o you along three lines, but, there are certain .fundamentals of business and ol living that cannot be ignored. I believe Russia's present system of government is doomed to failure because It has set aside nnd is opposed to the basis of the laws of every civilized country. I refer to the ten commandments as wclj as to the Golden Rule. These undent rules of conduct constitute the law of Individual rights— set them nsldc and you ns Individuals will Imvc ' no rights nnd no protection." All of tills is somewhat out ol the ordinary, in a discussion of economic and political ills, Vet Ihere Is a great deal ol sound sense In it. What a nation is. after all, depends in the h\st analysis on what Its members are Individually. During the boom times preceding the stock market, crash of 1329 we had, as individuals, fallen into some unhealthy ways of thinking. We had the desire to gel something for nothing, and we forgot that the old standards could not safely be Ignored. Is II, after nil, stretch- Ing things to trace the ultimate cause of many of our recent misfortunes to the source that Mr. Levitan Indicates? . —Hope Star. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark even In emitting sufficient heat to be of value. Somehow hope springs eternal In the breast ot the bald and thousands of failures Jail to destroy it. Men who arc cool-headed, both physically in general and menially in matters of buslnes, become as [rusting as a virgin lamb In the [ presence of promises of new tecli- nlcs lor the restoration of their pristine beauty. Thus far the only actual methods known for improving the growth of the hair Involve improvement ol circulation in tlie scalp by suitable massage; proper cleanliness, brought about by washing once each v:eek; the use of oil when the hair is tos dry, and an ancestry which has had a profuse and luxuriant hlrsutagc. Apparently the possession of p. fine head of hair by one's father, mother, and al; of the grandparents on both sides of the family lor suv- eral generations 'back Is the bsE possible Insurance that the person In pursuit of hair for hlmsslf and his progeny will have what in wants. MOTHER NATURE'S CURiO SHOP "I'm going to send her one more money order and, when that runs out, she can just give up this movie star idea and come back home." WASHINGTON LETTER DECATUR'S EXPLOIT Oh Feb. 1C, 1804. Stephen Deca lur led a small party which burn- 1 ed, In Ihe harbor of trlpoll, Ihe American !rlga:,3 Philadelphia after its capture by the Tripolitans. The Philadelphia had been sent to Tripoli with oilier frigates lo take action ngninst that country for moLr-sting American shippinj. The frigate was captured when it attempted to clinse an enemy cruiser and struck a reef The Tripoli- lans surrounded the helpless boal, floated her and brought her under the guns of a fort. Th2 officers tccame prisoners of war and the crew, 300 or more in number, were put to hard labor, On the night of the 16th, Decatur ran into the harbor, bearded the frlgat:-; within a half-gun shot of the Pasha's castle, drove the Trl- set • Jkl /M17*AIT.\MT rt& ^ .—-^.>-i\-t.-'ir>'A\V l-S.lft. SWAMP WNO, IS A AT HOMS. IN WA7K<! AS ON iANP SWWlS KW.7WE SPORT OF iTASWfiL "• ; CHURCH EXCUSES =^r Lly Ocurge W. Well, 1 don't know when we came, little hats I've ever had. So you can so near going to Cr.urch as we did see we really have uio Caurch's in- last Sunday—not to actually gjv i terf st at heart. 11 in t niusi get br>.i>: there. You may know Jim—that's I to how v>e missed it Sunday. my husband—is really a very ro Nov, as I've told you, Jim is a The Usual Story The gentleman in Bclvidcre, 111., who induced his fellow citizens to invest around ?400,000 with Mm because he was paying interest that in some cases ran as high as 50 per cent, seems, to have come to the end that awaits all such financial "wizards." His story, indeed, follows the Ponvd pattern quite closely. When he finally failed, he was quoted as saying that he could surely have succeeded if only his "enemies" had allowed him a little more time; and several hundred of liis investors promptly held a mass muet- ing and expressed their fnith in his ability to make everything right again. Strange, that people cannot seem to learn! The most unfortunate part of such things is that it is always the people who can least afford to lose their money .who provide the bulk of the investments. A speakeasy, acutely observes the office Is only as strong as Its weakest drinlt. One disadvantage to that railroad France is planning to build across the Sahara Is that they will nnd it difficult to advertise Its grand scenic route. t.?en mcst conspicuous for his sil- r.^re, dating back through the days Coolidse. announcements, subject to the will gions man and I he lakes! very religiojs mr,n at heart, a:icl ] his religion in his busir.e may think •It will stir the envy ot many a bridge fan to know that lit the Orient all you have to do Is bow lo make a grand salaam. South Africa lias decided to conduct, its boxing contests under American instead ot British rules. We fear foul play nhcad. " Accept, this," snttl the man ns he turned over his second-hand car, "with my kindest depreciations." Hti has yet to arise on the Senate floor and has yet to Introduce a bill. He has studying plenty, lie lias been talking to a lot of people, first asking questions and then consistently with listening. He has voted adviser Bingham of Connecticut people at the municipal he served in the aircraft in- • election to be held April 7: Three stages In the life of » baseball player: holdout, dugout, out. tlv? admlslstration on such con trovcrsial Issues as relief and power regulation. He has uccn active socially, in response to the shov;er of invitations which a man of his prestige was bound to receive upon entering public life in the capital. Incidentally, you can r.ft,?n judge the >;tent of a nuin's social activities icre by whether he shows up in he morning unshaven. Most men a'o to shave both in the morning and agnln before going out in the bill YESllBiUicn, and Reed of Pennsylvania, with whom he went to Lon-| don nre nmrng Ills associates. He lives with Mrs- Morrow at the New Shoreham hotel. Small of Stature He is a small man with curly hair and nose-glasses and wears dark gray suits. In conversation j lie is alternately attentive and. KOTmmaaq soft-spoken, considerate and more JIlSfiSBiHB than courteous. More often than Vos 1 IVLiyor A. B. FAIRFIELD NEILL REED (Rc-Elcction, 2nd Term) For City Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (re-election, 2nd term) -some' always v.ant.i tj do the riglr, lh;arj. I He often speaks of how he tSvinki V.'t; began planning inst Thursday : everyone- shouia. in n:s dealings re- jiist, how we would arrange our ai- I member the things the Church lairs—that is Jim's business and ' stands for and lake his religicia in- my social and home affairs, so that | to his business. So Thursday nigh! v;e could get there on lime. Yo:iiwe made .our plar.s and Sunday- know, the last time we got started : morning we were siill in the no- so late that when we got almost j lion to go and was all but ready there we found services about half i when Jim happened ID thini he over and to go in then would only j had premised ii man to ne? him a: disturb those who were there, cs- ' eleven that day to discuss v.i;h him peclally those well up in front. You nets deal J::.i lisi cloijd «-;i.-. nir.i know in a Church house it takes IEM-.C time ba-.k ii: i.-liic-i :!i'-, mar. : I very littie noise to make pecpii' said Jim had no: j;;it ex- ' j turn and look. And if the p;vs3ii .plained everything at the time. And 'coming in is just the least bit u:i- ;he says if Jim don't s«t ih? r.v.'.t- ! usual cr dressed a hit c,ut ci ths'lev adji;sti'd soon he would l:~™ u j ordinary, it is hard for. the Minis- .lake it lo court. I sires i'. ca::.' 'ter to hold their attention. And if j alright, fci 1 Jim came in :;t t{ I do say so mys^W 1 buy fairly up- j o'clock that evening and '/.over to-datc hats and that Sunday I re- ! mentioned it, 50 you se«.ho\v ihlnss - 'member I had cne'of th£ io'vefcs'. \ change your plans. When Edison said rubber will IK produced from goldcnrod in about two years, he was pa-haps stretching it a little bit. The Harvard student who threw a grapefruit at Ruciy Vallee and mUssd. has been dismissed The college seems justified In dealing thus severely with a man with no better aim in life. Critics snys Hint "Genesis." new statue or Jacob Epstein, famed British sculptor, lias ruined his reputation. Thus creating the paradox that his "Genesis" may also be his cud. Bloodhounds, a news Item says, are being used In England to track down escaped convicts. And perhaps they arc goaded on by tlic cry. "Fie. fl. to, mm. I smell the blood of an Englishnmn." OUT OUR WAY By Williams not thera are persons waiting to see him in tlie reception room outside the Senate chamber—constituents, persons going to Mexico cellanccus visitors. He sees tl:,?m cellmiems visitors. He sees them all. •veiling. S'mc senators do, iiillionaircs such as Morrow usn- sometimes it has seemed as if ally refuse to bother. i MOITDV: were, nfont to say some- Sits in Bear Kow ' | tn ( n , on t |i c Senate flonr, but ilj When Morrow came here they appears )10 w as if he would re- shoved him into tile rear row on| ,- ra j n throughout the short ses- ObM l T"VMORpy-'5t4E | MAvte.,Vou GOOD LOOK'IM'- •BO voo c'M.MARqy SOME Ricrt A^i TAVfe \-\Ve. 'cASV. Bi.iT VM^uT AM T- GOMMC\ MAFtRV v.oov<iNi' uvfe A BUM, so KW s\sTec? C'M VOOV^ MIFT^/ . LATE FER scv-ioot- , V-AT&FER SISTER HRSTA'QE GOOD '- CAMT 1-lAviE Kio \T QOOO LOOV^ivj'— AKI' Me.-ME.E-- VJHOT'M 1 AROOMO ATfEKSTlOM "TO VMM MOTHER! llie Republican side cf tile Senate, Is customary with new' senators. As ex-ambassador to Mexico it night liavc been thought thnt he would have been assigned to Ihe Foreign Relalions Commil- t.;e. or ns a fcrmcr Morgan''parl- ncr lo the Banking and Currency Committee, or ajaln, as a- delegate to the London naval conference, to Naval Affairs. Morrow did get en Military.. Affairs, perhaps because Republican leaders had forgotten his a'jle service as head of 1'rosldent Coalirtee's aircraft board sonic years ago. liis other committees nre Educati-n and Labor. Postofflccs anrt Post Reads Printing and Public Buildings [tnri Grounds. Their work is relatively uninteresting, but one understands that Morrow hasn't m!s:?d a single sossbn of any ol Ihe five commilceK Studies Extensively Morrow's past successes in various fields hnvc been partly altri- bnlcd to his capacity for cxlnuis- UVD study and full camprclnnsion. In Ihe last, two or three months he sion. He is still "new here," he :ias explained privately. One also hears that, he was quite ill in Mexico and is still conserving his strength. Frequent mention as a prcsidcn-i Hal possibility has also embarrass-1 cd him. H,? has announced his! support of Hoover lor 1032 and there has been less talk about Morrow with the growinR belief that Hoover would be ronominal- ed. Morrow's most intimate thoughts on the subject of the presidency are best known lo himself. His illustrious son-in-law. Color.?! Charles Atigralus Lindbergh, lia-^ visited Ihe Morrows twice sine; they moved here, but has nol ccme near the capitol. j A check of his vn!,:s in the Son-! ate reveals that Morrow voted witli j r.dir.inistr.Hion foices ajainst the [ prcncsrl to authorize distribution! rf Farm Bcavd wheat fcr relief of I the c'^titntc. ajjainst the Robinson] amendment to Rlvc $25,000.000 to Ihe Red Cress ior "adequate hu-l has b"cn delving into such works I man relief n the prcf.inl national as Hinds' Precedents—which has'. emjrecncy," a:v.l against the rcs- aboiit a dorai volume*, each six inches thick. Ciishlngs Manual and the Senate Manual. He has chition to recommit the noinina-l ti'ns of the F.?den>.l rower Com-1 niis«!oncrr, Smith. Garsaud and • Draper to the Interttate Commerce. di:g wav back into the history of . the Senate rules. He studies cure-1 Committee. 1!: voted to ccnfirm: tully cvcrv bill that coxes up on Edgar Broiisfnrd lo Ih Tariii I the floor "as 'veil ns those btfcrc I Commission. He voted with iiis committees. He inns around . asking questions to clear up ob- ccurc points. His policy hn- always been to make himsall an expert on He voted with the I wets to refer the Kcwell District] of Columbia prohibition "h:ir,e; raid" bill to the Judiciary Commit- j tee. Find No Evidence That Rays Help Promote Growth of Hair uv UR. Monuis I One cf tl-e mo?i a:r,r.r.!i;; splits In the current scene ;•> t!ir picture cf n bnld-hcadcd nun In a Uirb^i a produces few. if n:iy. intra-vinht i rays. ', One of the device; n!ri f> th? ever | hcpctut &3ld-hfsicci p'.iiilir is f?li', with llic r-bl^'. lh,T. i'. prcclucci a : growth of hair by tho ;i:c.:uc;io:i cf' THIS PAPER HAS • INTERESTING NEWS ABOUT OLD FRIENDS OF YOURS Whenever you find an item alJout one you used to know, or see the picture of a once-familiar place, there's an extra thrill in the news of the day. Fading memories grow bright... in a flash you begin to ''remember when --" Actually every newspaper you read is iuii or good news about friends of yours... friends thai come into your home every day to help get the work none... friends you take with you when you go out .. . friends that make life easier, brighter, richer. These friends are the foods, the clothes, tin; furnishings—the many moclrn comforts you nioet in the advertisements. You know them weil... knov, "inv.v they look and what they can do. Naturally you !!k- Lo read all the news about them, for even old 1 Ykiuis are constantly changing, growing more iiHerescmg, offering new ideas. Advertisements bring you frc<h and >\ liable ;ic\vs of things you could hardly do without. !';;! ;^. the '^ood habit of reading them thoroughly every (lay. Yv'atcn them for news of your friends—old ;-.ud new. infra-red. Thar- nvc iiisri v.ivij:]- caps 0:1. tlif mivko: s.^H ;it extrai- : prlcrs ;.-.r tiii^ puvpcs.?. 'n;c'..i shop rc-eivii-.g f.ealiv.Mil tram bald-headed birtcr »hn W.IVCE Innv.i. cchrcd purple, j tclfmnly arcunn tl'.r of Hie |. t contiibut:v hccausL- tii? latter is caps nr-clure r.oihniT tut heat, an 1 ' ccminccJ t'/at iiUra-vblet lishlwl"'arc not \\\\i y, cfncic:-.: .TS vc;;la ; niFC thn src'-viV. cf ha-.r. be an rlcctnc tca.-lrL- \\[\'\ theh:a:l There JF n;t thr •5!i;hlc=t jclcn- ' lirldai:_-i;t an ir.rh Ir,-m tho loistci". I title evidence to indlcat: thai ultra-' The:? are inrminrrab'.r- devices 1 violet light will acliiaUy brin? about - with qr:at b'-slts a: the ;o;:s of re- I fuch a drsidcralum. and there U | Hectors which alro faii to tr.insinil j 1 plenty o! cudenc-e to indicate tint. civiush it'i'.ra-vic'.f. :\iys tT a b'.ue colored I:'.??v,dc3:c": la;n?,ar,y e^rci. ;>nd •.:i^c~ J . v^lch fail:]

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