The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1934
Page 4
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(AKK..J COURIER NEWS IS t[ BUI dTllIS TO mm Ark-Mo Shortstop Setting Fast Pace; Hughes Pit' chers Stingy. Soft ball times postponed from last night btcaus* of wet Kiuutids will be played tonight, rfarllnf at 7:30. The KHMII-S tin: Terry iKIrby) vs. K. I), llushi's and Haynes vs. Teachers. Blythevillo Tigers Will F:u!<; Engineers At Oseeola Smuluy The lending trams. Pastime. R. 3. Hughes, and Robinson Drilu. not only are In from ot the Commercial Softball title parade, lint i l=o are hogging most of the bal- tln° nnil pitching honors. Individually and as a lomti. uvcraues at (lie rncl of tin- fourth week hy J. P. Frleiut, k'ague stiiltslteian, (Its- With the exception of the colossus of swat. Earl "l/7.y Thomas, sporting the spangles of Ark- Mo Power, \\ho continues to be Die "hend man" In the blndyeon show with an average of .778. al- Ihmigh idle lost week, all Hit- leaders of Hie various departments r-re member. 1 ; of (he most prominent teams. Rev. Stuart Salmon. H. Crawford anrt E. Sallba, all of Kirby. have percenlaRPS of 1.000. but have npixjarcd hi but one game. Robinson Scorers I*ml Three Robinson's tollers, Marsh Callaway jr. Carl Ganske. and .!. W. Roricry, nre onl In front in scoring each having ciotscd Ihe ulate nine limes. Vernon Rimer, who spends of his lime chunking southpaw slants from the mound and first base chores for 'Robinson, lias Denuded out eight hits to lead In llmt department. ; Dick Potier, Robinson's manager, leads in total bases wlih 18. .Rimer has fourteen, und "Tiny" Glover (Pastime) 13. Tliree have cracked out two doubles, B. Lutes (Hughes), Glover tPasllme) und Rodery (Robinson). Buford Jenkins (Pastime) und Potter (Rnh- inson) each are lied In three base hits, each with two. Potter anil Callaway failed to annex a home run last week and remain ahead, each with two. "Tiny" Glover, has driven nine runs across. Aycock (Liberty) Potter and Rlmcr( Hob- inson) have driven In eight. Robinson Drug, Pastime ami Hughes arc the only teams batting .300 or more. Robinson leading with .325. Pastime has complied .312 and Hughes .300. Fielding honors also go to Robinson with a mark of .884. Pastime and 1 Hughes are tied with .860. Ilvghrs Pitchers Stingy With only tight runs scored against, them in three games Hughes pitchers have been • the ..stingiest. Jimmy Smotherman, Pastime's star right hander, has allowed his opponents a batting average of only .212 in registering three wins. Talnmilge Huey, 'ace southpaw for Huglics, has also won three but hns allowed (lie opposl- ' lion .234. Kirby Drug's pitchers have allowed 55 runs In four con- lesls. ' Thase batting .300 or more are is follows: H. Crawford (Klrby) '..000; Salmon (Klrby) 1.000; Si\- 'iba iKIrby) 1.000; Thomas (Ark- Mo) .778; Cox (Liberty) .000; Ed- v;irds (Haynes) ,5T1; Joe Apple; aum (Hughes) .571', Louis Apple- 'iinni (Haynesl .556; Morgan ' • Klrby) .500; Wright (Liberty) 00: Tyrone (Klrby) .500; Rimer Roblason) .500: Roclery (Robin>n> .500; Glover (Pastime) .500; Ikins (Teachers) .500; Yurbro 'jiberly) .455; Potter (Robinson) '50: B Lutes (Hughes) .429: nnch (Pastime) .417; Hartwich 'tirby) .429: Palmer (Liberty) 17; Clyde Hues (Hughes) .400: r. Haney (Kirby) .400; Scruggs ' Mbcrty) .400; Caldwell (Ark-Mo) "0; Kramer (Teachers) . .385: T arshall (Hughes) .385: Ganske • tobinson) 375; Callaway sr. 'eachersl .364; Peters (Liberty) (; Smolherman (P.isUinc) .364: owe (Robinson) .353; Maxwell ughes) .333; Bud Lutes (Klrby) 1; Klnningham (Hughes) .333; V Ic (Robinson) .333; Humphries • -ughes). 333: K. W. Gootlwln ' ughesl .333; Barnes (Pastime) 1: J. W. Adams (Ark-Mo) .333; t :ock (Liberty) .333; Hunt •' rollers) .308; Steadman (Tcach- f ) .300; Charles Lutes (Liberty) I; Huey (Hughes) .300. John Smith's Blythovllle Tigers will be loaded lur "bear" when they Journey lei Osrrulu Sund'.iy to take on the O.wuln U K. Engineers ball U':im :md Iroin all repoits the O;c™la club will be thoroughly prepared for the Invasion. It may nialk the lem-wal ot baseball rlvulry Ix-iurrn llu- I\MI capitals of Mi5,sirs:ppi coiuity. a 1 rivalry thai at one lime v::is Intense. Years ago O.scrolu and Ulythevlllc took their baseball games very scilou>ly. Then IJly- Ihevllle advanced out of tin- O.s- ccolii class by piililnu Mich lr:un.-i on the Held as llu> |:IM Indrpi'iul- (-ill tennis thai tauslcd .luc Juckson, Bwcde Kl.stx-rK of the ulil was bonstfd Incnlly for a lime. Then It txcanir llu 1 laiWi- Ini! clock uf Uii- M-itimi Stormy Kroiix'i :md Ms chuiiKlnv UMIII jimi.a&H'd lo : v,01 Id's ririml fui (•uiiMTiilm- H's In [)tK:iiii/''ii b:iM't;all. Atler bii.srlull I flop here will! llu Class 1) lujp O.-ci'i.l.i !»• come lo ll.i- hunt | organization nre ncl quite so for- i iiniiitc tut Smllli, who has •promoted teams traveling out, ol Uly- thovllle for several years with ni- di II eve IH success, believes he will have n real t>nm tills yrar ami alio ilnnv well nl home, soni.-- Ihlnij that hasn't fciu.ii done ir- rintly. A ulnncc at KinlUi's pn>- ixiri'd hni'-iijj for .Sunday r<-:id; like 111? rosU-l of :l MiMnphh wnil- pro club. Tin- 'J'ljjiT inanin'.i i .'.ays If U lakes 1111 Implied club ;.ll the way around lo bcal OM.-•il ola he Intends lu lake; 'tm. U i. notorious lllnck Sux ami oilier I charts, oil tin- ^ outlawed playi'is anil tin- Tri-I ccnla citizens. Slate organized b.ill icmn [liaij John Hmilh :nui :iko ri'uuilid jHialny lliai Osmila !"|);lan.s lo usi! ii slur Memphis |:ii- iind lcr |t |n-r ;ii;:il] ihi- Tl;;era. '•iid-nij on one thlnj; thu managi-rs i,f "'..„!, I l;otl ' t ' lul;s M - "'N'i'i'it. Tliuy woiiiil like to SA- a n-iif.val of Inleu-t in games tdwri'n i:hilw ivpr<-Mv'it- inii lilyllii'vlll.' and O.sf.-eola wwilil KWI-II t;:ile ri-cclptii to i.i . ]l|-(>|M)ltloiLS. KlllKlny limy gIV.- llii-in :.omi; lilcii ol whal to ,-•lied. Ei-vei'iil jTiirs inaluml lnili-i--iid-nlj o ,, onc Mn t| icains Hint ll'Mlii-villi- '•'•••' I • • - niaicli. H (lcvil(i|«'il lnl< ly . plO|Hl.sltl(ill hlill'i'VrV HUH year aii- ail M'( lur ;i Cli-nt .sciron with iilrno',1 < \'i i j player un lln-ir i-luli rm|>h>yid on Ihe rlvi-r llci'i hiking clal biirdi'ii. c\n|ii [ni' Near Riot of Players Marks Bitter Gjnlcst; Dodgers lake Cards. A near rlol iimong players In a (iianl-Cub tilt ut Chlcngo enllv- nn-d a major league card curlall- t-il by r:iln yesieioay, only iwo i :!inc'.s Ijollg played. Tin- Cubs and Glanls almoU 'jiit ii/'.i-tliiT at Chicago but iinlck ac- licm ol iiiii))iri-.s jjreivntcil troi Me llu- Ciliinis fx-uled dow lo win Ihe ball Maine. 10 lo 3. Truii!)!) 1 occurred in ll e fuinlh inning; when Charlie l?oo action ns deliberate, rushed out to the box to meet Root nnd other players swarmed onto the flclil but umpires prevented irouble,! Carl Ihibbell, Cllant pitcher, hadj struck C'liiick Klein on the arm with a pitched ball carlli-r in the le. lluUx'll W;LS the winning • pllchej' and i^oul the IOM-J-. i Biooklyn's Dodgeis defeated llu 1 ' Bl. I.uui.s Cardinals G lu fj at St., lx)ui.s. Mooju'y liultt the IMduorrj i well in hand lor seven Innings- tut thtry broke luose in Ihe dglilh '. sumiiiK llirco runs that decided' tin 1 ganii-. liollnoc'k hit a homer i'.nd made four other lilts u> lead Ihe Curd altaek. Lnca.s was Ihe winning pitcher. Defeat Birmingfi'am Bar- !J,« .^ ons al Naslwille; Pelicans Outhil Crackers, .MAY 16. 19M [Arlett snd Weli hit (or the cult. | The New Orleans .Pelicans fcntod I lie Ailaiua Crack«is t \ i BI Atlanta. Tlie Pelicans ed out 14 tills to 10 blows for Ci ackers. Johnson was the w nlng pitcher, going the seven played be/ore rain hal l1 "-'- Schmidt was the losid St|Ulrrcl Was Ungrateful UOCKLAN1). Mass. (Ui'i—Here's Ingratitude fjr you—Police Chief Cleorge Popp rescued u squirrel thai liaj tx-en corm-iej by a c.u. jilckiiis tr.e squirrel u]i iinO driving the r:it away. The wiuirrcl luL [Jiion^ii cue ol 1'opp's lin-^cis. While the lending Lookouts were klk 1 yt'.sierdtiy the second place Vuhmtei-is defeated the liirmiim- linin Baroiib 7 to 0 at Nashville. A four inn rally In the last half of 111 t-ninth liL-d Ihe score fur Ihi' Volumi'i-is and eniibk-d ihi-m lu (;n on anil l:eui Oie liajon-: in 1! mnnn»=. Li iber's hli lull stored the lying und v, runs ufler the liarons hud eti one run in Iheir half inning. Sialluid wu^ ihc- i Ihe nnnij , All other Southern league tean| iv.ere idle yesterday. Sandy Ridge to Meet Lutes in Game Sunda| , Sandy Ridge and Lutes w| 'dash al Sandy Ridge park Suil day. . The Hidgei-s have been rounil ini: Ir.lo form rapidly and hope dcfeai Iheir next door rivals Sun liny, l.usl Sunday they look ih| lianlstov/n le'inn for a 17 to ride. • Lutes has teen playing good bafl |aiiil always Iwasis a ycod Itam. cker Brings Ball Scores, Inning by Inning Vilh radio broadcasting ot base 1 games limited this year, FTK iba. 'proprietor of the Pastimi 1 Hard Parlor, has Installed r • stern Union leased wire ticker I'.vice to enable local follower 1 ' the sport • to keep up with '1\K games inning by inning. 'Tie ticker, placed In operatloi terday, 'gives the score by In- •gs »nd all other essential In. rratlon on all National. Amer- h_.i and Southern league games. Don't Forget CaaffTs Agency General Insurance Head Courier Now; Read Cuurlei NCKS \Vani Ma lie losinj pltclier. KNEE-ACTION WHEELS Fully-enclosed and weatherproof 80 HORSEPOWER 80 MILES PER HOUR A valve-in-head Six of matchless economy CABLE- CONTROLLED BRAKES— smooth and safe ' in any weather BODIES BY FISHER—the f-'ggest and finest on any low-priced | ! motor car SHOCK-PROOF STEERING—not found on any other low- priced car rcstfnlly you ride, In n Fisher Italy car. How much more safely yim ilrivc, vilh callv-ronlreHed brakes. TVTHY do you suppose Chevrolet keeps repeating, in all of its " advertising, "Drive il only 5 miles"? Very frankly, licre's the reason: Chevrolet engineers liavr Iricil out all the various makes of care iu today's low-]irice field. They have compared performance—on rough roads, in iranV, over hills, through saml anil mud and water! And they have proved, lo their ronipliMu salisfarti»n, the «ame things that hundreds uf tlinnsaiuis of Chevrolet owners are proving in their daily driving: How much more smoot/i/v a car travel* with genuine, fully-enclosed Knee-Action. How nuii'li more oorn/ortailyil handles, with Bhotk-priKif steering. How much more CHEVROLET MOTOIl COM I Compare fj/inrdtf'j Ion 1 c/f/nxTfJ prices ftntl *o And how much finer performance and better economy are secured from an overlicad-vulve Six! In other words, Chevrolet engineer* know fur sure that tlic Chevrolet ride simply can't be matched hy inn ntlu-r in the low-prirc field. T/jcyknow it—hundred:) of thousand- nf owners know il— and now ire H-nntyou lo know it loo, before yuu make your final choicu of a low-priced car.' That's why we urge you ID "On'iie if only 5 miles" —and that's why we promite, "you'll iii'ivr ic sutifjifij inl/i (HIV other loii'-priccd cur" ANY. lurniori 1 , Miciiu;.\>f >.v 0'. .If. .I.e. r,Tmj. A Gi-neral Maori Value Save with a CHEVROLET SIX SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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