Independent from Long Beach, California on April 21, 1962 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1962
Page 11
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State Fund Soon to Pay Back Debts : ·SACRAMENTO MV-State Controller Alan Cranston said Friday he expects the state's General Fund to be out of debt by the end of April. - Cranston said the fund still owes $50 million of the $100 trillion it borrowed from other funds during a low-revenue period several months ago. · He noted that the fund had a cash balance of $25.4 million .at the end of March, and estimated April revenues at $200 million. : Cranston said General Fund revenues from -July 1061 through March 1062, the first pine months of the 1961-1962 fiscal year, totaled $1.12 billion, an Increase bf 4.4 per cent over the same time year ago. : But he said expenditures reached $1.27 billion, for the same period, up 8.4 per cent from Ust year. 'Barak Doomed to Czech Jail PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia (ffi -- Rudolpf Barak, ousted deputy premier and Interior minister, was sentenced Friday by a military court to I! years In prison on charges o embezzling money from the state. "'The official news agency CTK said Barak used money from state funds to buy goods In capitalist nations. LOUISE FAZENDA Rites Held forQ of Comedy HOLLYWOOD m--Movie omcdienne Louise Fazenda, lapstick queen of the twen ics and thirties, was buried Friday in nearby Inglcwood 'ark Cemetery. Rabbi Morton Rauman culo- ;ized her as "a woman who ovcd people In every walk of ife." An estimated 300 friends and relatives--including her msband, producer Hal Wallis, and a son, Brent--attended final rites at Grace Chapel. Mils Fazenda died Tuesday o f « cerebral hemorrhage. She was 67. M O U R N E R S from the movie colony included George Cukor. Earl Holllman. Vir ginia Grey, Zasu Pitts. Ed ward G. Robinson. Edith Head, Cy Howard and Chester Conk In, one of the original Key Ptoqcchra -- -"3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER'! Debra Paget Weds Oilman, Nephew of Madame Chiang · By JAMES BACON LOS ANGELES W) -- Ac- tresj Debra Paget is honeymooning today with her third husband, reportedly a nephew of Nationalist China's first idy. Mme. Chiang Kai-shek. The 28-year-old actress was married Thursday In a Las Vegas, Ncv.. wedding chapel o Ling Chieh Kung, 40. an lilman from Houston, T«. Friends In the Texas city said Kung is the son of Mme. Al-ling Soong Kung. one of Chlna'i three famed Soong listers. The others are Mme. Chiang and Mme. Sun Yat sen. Mrs. Maggie Griffin, Debra's mother, said she knew nothing of Kung's background n China. "If* unimportant," said Mrs. Griffin. "He is such a fine, lovely boy. I just love stone Hops. . Rabbi Bauman cited the 'EST COAST THEATER LUESTCOnST OIM NIM · IW1IM PtrtM ^UTflMOWTONITI-A- THE BIG NEW ONEI FIRST tlMITOGHHIRl SHOWN 11:00li4l AT 7ilO-11i1l ·W.M-. ·BRUSHFIRE 1 : tuuii OMN DAILY · 1ft A.M. · IlCUt tMlf IMPERIAL OCUMMvAWCIICAN . ntE-ni OMH DAILY " 10 A.M. Walt x Disneyi IVlOoN Pi LPT DIlMj'lS Pill IQTH IN COLOR ·ThellTfliSTOUTiA BEimonr ''TWOJWOMEr.M ' AOULTI ONLY IMIU.U 4- fcJT*a VMll IIIOM-IIWI IINTA "ROMAN SFRINQ OF MRS. STONE" In Color JAMII CAONIY . », One, Two, Three BEimonr EKIUiiV: INQiQtHENT STARTS WED., APRIL IS Doctor comedienne for her efforts to resettle Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany In Baja California, adding: "She was available to people who needed her 24 hours a day. She proved a true comedienne -- not one who knew only the flippancies o life but one who knew life In all dimensions . . . She dc voted herself to the down trodden, the hopeless and the helpless." ovcs my daughter, too. · · · · "HE WOOED my daughter in such a wonderful, old-fashioned way -- so proper and correct--and with such gentility and consideration. I just couldn't ask for a nicer son in-law. "1 think my baby has found real happiness this time." DEBRA PAGET Takes Third Husband Mrs. Griffin said the wed f » him and I know his mother ding, which she attended, was performed by a minister bu ihe couldn't remember wha denomination or what hi name was. "I was as excited as Deb ra," she said. In Las Vegas, the ministe was Identified as the Rev Richard Ewlng of First Meth odist Church.. About 15 peo pie attended the rites in thi SHOW TIME Hft trf I**f1!r»§ tlrrtl ftf fffl*VTtl IT Lent fctiefl IMIttn «t Ililrt 61 tftfi'tr fnfi*tt£t* «...,-- ·Flcwff Onrn lo-l." 1:11. I:X, M-U. UPM w ». PIMU/'ii:to. ^«T»:w. -UPM in If,. -HUfft y:: . T i n »'.r." « «).VpJ. 11:14. ·). -Th. till M«i.- li:«pYir H:M. *Ti Ajirtmtnl," I:M. 7:I»M:M. ·Filiw TMJ P'M'Y !:?. ·D»m» DUO." fjjXL^rsa. f ·WlM» Th«l DriyrVJiJj 'DM1 DwB.*^ irSO : KJ :1 - ':»· i "Tw« V t^n." *" . tl Tlllnrl." i»V t.n. 10). it. ··MMI r m v o M l -ts, 111 H.ST-Tkt lln!«!l Oulllw," tl:lt ill . I h. 1:11. i .,- 1:64. 2 Deaf-Mutes Guilty of Gypping One Here A deaf-mute couple Friday was convicted of bilking victims, Including a deaf-mute Long Beach man, with phony torse-race bets and tips on oil land. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury of seven women and five men convicted Royal James Burns, 56, and his wife, Stella, 52. on two of three counts of grand theft. Bums and his wife were arrested Jin. 29 In Reno. Ncv.. and brought back to Los Angeles for trial. . · · ONE OF THEIR victims. Claude B. Russell, 75, of 1005 E. First St., also a deaf-mute, had testified In sign langutge that he and hli wife met the ? i!tle Church of the West. The honeymoon site, somewhere in Southern California, s known only to the married ouple. 1 told them not to tell me." said Mrs. Griffin. "I'ra uch a blabbermouth." She said she expected to icar from the newlyweds be- ore the day was out. "You know Debra." said Mrs. Griffin. "She calls me every day--no matter where she is. You should sec our phone bills." The mother added the couple will make their home n Houston. But she said she doubts her daughter will give up show business. "That's her bread and cravy," said Mrs. Griffin. "She loves it too much." Dcbra, shapely, sloe-cyct and almost Oriental in ap pcarancc, long was known a: Hollywood's only unkisset starlet. * « * · THEN S I N G E R David Street, an old friend of the family, dropped in one nigh to watch the late, late show on television. He kissed Deb Brigitte Bardot's Bard Freed in Boudoir Poesy FLORENCE. Italy MV-A persistent poet who Invaded Drigittc Harriot's hotel room here in search of Inspiration was freed by police Friday after spending six days in Jali. INDEP£NDENT-Pi 5 s A-M C«M. IM, AKII II. IMI SWEET MUSIC to you will be buyers for the piano you want to sell « . . who come after you start an ad. Dial HE 2-5959 to start It. Domcnico Duono. 33. left for s hometown on Verona-- omctown of Romeo and uliet--as soon as he was reused from the Florence jail. He was freed after the rench actress dropped a per- inal molestation c h a r g e ;ainst him and Italian off!- aldom decided to press only minor molestation charge Burns couple near a Lon; Beach drugstore. Over coffee, Burns scntcd himself In sign language as an expert on horse racing, Russell said, and claimed he could make "a lot of money" for the Rujsells. Russell said he gave Bums $600 to bet on races. Another witness In the two ra during a commercial anc they were married a few day later. They were divorced aftc 10 weeks. Mrs. Griffin said "David was a nice boy but little unstable." Dcbra wa his fifth wife. Then she married dirccto Budd Bocttichcr in Mexico The couple's first split cam n three weeks and divorc 18 months later. 'Dcbra was living at horn with me." said Mrs. Griffin "Then one day producer Be Bogcaus, an old friend, sai a Chinese bachelor friend o his wanted to meet Dcbra This was only a few month ago, right after the holiday "It was all so proper. } invited me. too. And intrr day trial testified that the duccd his mother to us. Sh Burns couple took $2,600 from her for bets and for oil-land is a lovely person. It was a so proper, so old'fashionc purchases. The couple Is to be that Dcbra just had tn fall sentenced May 22. |love with him. I know I di SPECIAL EASTER KIDDIE SHOW AT 9:1 S A.M. ONLY "The Littlest Hobo" Cartoons and Shorts KIRK OOUCUS UURENCE OUVIER IEAN SIMMONS CHARLES UUGHtON PE1ED USIINOY - IOHN GAVIN IONY CUR1IS b WINNER OF ACADEMY 4S^-^AWARDS 4 DOORS OPEN 10 A.M. PERFORMANCE STARTS Ill00-2l25.5l55.9l25 UNITED ARTISTS HE 7-1267 " fl ESrNOQDIE MOVIE YETr "PLAYBOY'S FROLIC" Reserves Told to Integrate WASHINGTON (UPI) lie Defense Department said ~riday orders have been is ued to integrate racially eserve units which now are "ithcr all white or all Negro. The drive against segre- jation was begun under an irdcr signed April 3 by deputy Defense Secretary Roswell L. Gilpatric. Gilpatric's directive was ;cnt tn the Army, Navy and Air Force. It asked them to dcntify all-Negro and all- white reserve units and insti- utc action "to integrate them as rapidly as is consistent with military effectiveness." THE PENTAGON said Gil- wtric's order docs not apply o the National Guard. This, t said, is because "the National Guard of the several states is an organization of volunteers under the command of the respective governors." However, a s t a t e m e n t added that "it is necessary for the Department of Defense to seek progress in this area through consultation and persuasion." The Pcntnpon statements were made in answer to in quiries concerning an article in the Army Times saying that "integration nf the guard is the main target." of its own. Ho will be left at liberty pending trial. Miss Baidot was ordered to pay court e x p e n s e s stemming rom her withdrawn complaint. Buono was taken into cus- ody last weekend after he argcd into a hotel room where Bardot was asleep. He told police he was seeking first hand Inspiration for a poem -- c a l l e d "Sleeping Beauty in the Woods" -- to be dedicated to her. A week earlier police had ordered him to leave Florence after he obtained a hotel room next to that of the actress and kept her awake by loudly reciting another poem he wrote for her. She told authorities he never showed any intention of attacking or kidnaping her. She is in Florence working on a picture. orEN NOON DAILY frf? «iant ~i'/ R K E U U O O D MATINEE PROGRAM OPIN 11:41 A*L-«1tlNUOU» "GIDGET" plus "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" EVENING PROGRAM ACADEMY AWARD YlimR ·IEST A5TRt$$' SOPHIA LOREN IN "TWO WOMEN' -- U litlilitKr l iciiiHi mi" mull AUDREY HEPBURN IflEAKFBST FOLLOW THAT - EXCITING CO-HIT DEADLY DUO HILL MARCtA HC.NDCNSOM PODLRT tOWt*Y "SHOWN AT Ml AND Ml RICOMMINDID tot ADU1TS Nt Oiw Ulrtw H Atoiltlrtlinltf I ACCtmfMlM »T ·* Afctt tml--"TWO WOMIN" ·»« ···KEAKFAJT AT tirrAMT'J *lll iMwn MlHn«t IK* EtKllnf. 11:11 Ctittbwwt ROXY 11) W. OCtAl OPEN II AM - OFEH AIL NIGHT »,'. WMffllr. iftA «S8« "LITTLE HUT" UK* HUDSON · Jim«« JTtWHT 'BEND OF THE RIVER 1 . «0tt. K A Y K O t r - K K X M0««ll "ATLAS" "PARAMOUNT^: Firint.tCBpl.Elid, Fitimt. · ILLY WILDER'! COMCOY "ONE, TWO THREE" "GEORGE RAFT ,,, c ,r STORT" Tn Intl. $150 ************************** · OPEN 12130--CONT, lODCm t HtUMtHUIII TiOlrVER . ; Atlantic ; ART J * II Mill * Ilk I Ilirr; « tllll Illlltil · II Mill * rWiTl aunu i M.«IT Miatu im '(WCTtwM'.iuctHGtM I "tight In the Piazza" tj *· .urvntuiufri I «_ "Errand Boy" TOWNl (I2S Allinlle i OAj-IHI U PINF »Vt. PHONt HE i "It ·THE APARTMtNT" "THI TAIL MtN" 'THE TIN STAR" THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE Ik* fn« llt^ tl.lll LAtT TIME TONITCt I Vi 'J-ftrtei 1 !S:| Andereonville Trial j tan I I t l l l . l l l l I Illltllt I Illl Vlllllll 111 LIME LAST KITE OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE "MR. ROBERTS" ON STAGE 8(30 P.M. HE 1-3511 auiiiMiiiNiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu | NU-PIKE WATER POLO CLUB I BUD BROWNE'S I "Cavalcade of Surf" = SUIFINO HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 10 YEARS = HAWAII -- CALIFORNIA -- AUSTRALIA = FRI. AND SAT. --APRIL 20 AND 21--8:00 P.M. | | NORWAY HALL = 7lk ti REDONDO. LONO IIACH ADM. SUS AT DOOR = oowNEr HIIUl.tliMf till. I 10 I III! t ICIBIMI long mum "1 IHMII"--"lUlllMIHO !··__ nil Mimiti. iinif ti Tiin ttit. ii I.M. -- "Mtti rait" "tITUttT _IHU1»" _ io«*u"t, ir.». int.ii 111 inn ··imiiig lit" "jgumn 11 tn im unit" __ HEOONOO IE/ICH itmig tin iini I.M. n J 1111 )!·· Tltkilnx l.trl. Illfli IMI! It,.. I M K i l l M I trurtowf* luill cm «" ··(cue* · B l l l l t tU" __ B»OITE iiei ~ Ji Mill "Mil *«i mit uiiiti mini" WllMIHGTON Illligi lUillit liliil tl I till ··in t«i IIIIN iiumt nil" ··in, mi, Tumi" mm*. inn i.TiriMt tuuii ruitiM null" _ _ . u Miiigi iKH'i iKiii ·7«I»«IU( lUHIIl" "IHI Nlltlllt" rillMIUII Illliririal. HI lllll ··en, tiro, mill" "tiit_iitm nn ttut" 111 « *ll»l|1t« *krlll ( ··git tm mm iiumt nil" ··iimig in" turiitui riiKttniiix ill-nil "Mini mill" ··in HI IIIIN tmut mi" ataaaassiiansu'z^a xs.i 8329 Firestone DOWNEY DANISH RESTAURANT Chooi* your own mtal Iiom our 25 dillmnt Itrmi. LUNCH . . . . Sl.OO ... $1.65 Cloud Mondays Lunch from 11-2:30 Dinntr (erred 5-9 PM. SUNDAY HOURS 12 NOOH TO I P.M. InviUi You 10 a Sptciol EASTER c Jtri-t«l tin IKM .. . tiv C I ^ . . . IH Yl-l n Frv . . . Cr»f VMiliVtl . . A CMItt tl II ll'Mi vt · tnltn PACIFIC THEATRES u *" "HI" -rouow mi D R U M " · tuoti tut- STtTC . ociiilFlm · HI T-HII ll *» '"III" ··Mini lur- MATINEES TODAY1 Town, Stall Rivoli ·IUMI XIYOll LJ.BIid.!tk Ht HI it itmu urmi lt iii "ill ftomc* · IIIIIU1I IT tiruifi" . PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES * SHOWS START AT DUSK emeu »·» ·'»·«'·» TllHIl drill "««· Hilt" Ct I-SU "11111111 OUIUH" L1KEWOOO «'" ·«»«·· Cirjin.Chtr7 ··»n«Tim»" Ci I-IS1I "·" «'" '" tllt ItNCQlN "IIIOCCKII- llrealn W. Il ..,,,,, MRII , , tll | H" win · MIII . II ;_ IOND IUCH nitd ii Jir.ll Ft TE 4 «4JS IOS UTOS EilllU Sprint HI J-KJI Hi-wir » Nr.G.G.BM. It 4 (JIJ WtKKtll Wirnir W. il Hl-Wiy 11 VI M59I t. WIIM 1. IK-irt "Mil Kill INOt lllllll YllUK" ··iiumnif . mil Mititt; ··rim* tmi . «MI«" ··unit iui" IIYI1 Mllllt ··rtiti* tHii HUM" ' tlinn luo" ·MIMItUM lUIIIL* ··/lUlllt tl TKI ItH Hlllt" i n n« cuing NOW! STATE ond TOWNI THEATCtS ·Mf J- f .-* ·· NOW! LAKEWOOD DRIVE- IN NOW! LONG BEACH DRIVE- IN NOW! CIRCLE DRIVE- IN EU/IS PHESLIV FOLLOW TMAT , JAMES STE\VART JOHN WAYNE lf?P The J/flc/7/yWance r....*Bru»hrrt!' ^.·THEUmESTODTLM" NOW! 101 AIT05 nud Hwr. it D R I V E - I N t SHOW STARTS AT DUSK SHOW STARTS AT DUSK SHOW STARTS AT DUSK MORGAN HALL STAGE DOOR LOUNGE TOMMYWAT'NAIIII ,^ 1TII|: Ml- SAT. 1:0.2 A.M. FLOOR SHOW --TWIST CONTEST $1.50 *M *tf $2.75 Moron MOTHU 30f S. WESTERN AVE. SAN PEDRO TE-32401 NOW, FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS AND TWtnlf.flVt CiHTS FER MONTH RICHARDSON TIRE COMPANY OFf[»5 THESE TIRES FROM IRAND-NEW I14J CARS. EXTRA. SNCIAL SAVINGS THIS WIEKI LAR£E STOCK OF CHANGE-OVER TIRES ON HAND. IRIN6 THIS AD FOR FREE IRAKE CHECK. 500 E. ANAHEIM ST. Hueoo. (Long Bocuh) HE 6*9681 DRAWING FOR FREE DODGER TICKETS DAILY \\ « See it Sunday... Spring CARPET and HOME FURNISHING Fashion News J/n/r/icni/cnl April 2'2, 1962

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