The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVII-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1017 Nicaraguan Sees Danger in Communism •MANAGUA. Niciu'flgun, -May 1. (UP)—Gen. Annslasio Xomoza, on the eve of retirement from n 10- year term as president of Nicaragua, today urged "my friend, tlie United Stntes, to open its eyes a little more to the danger of Com- iminism, which is getting closer, daily:" Gomoza nshed the United Stales to "draw ai( America closer, not to tnkc the offensive but to lake the defensive against the communist danger." "I ahvrivs believe it is lietler (o prevent than to remedy," he said in an Interview. Somoza will retire sjs president tomorrow bul will continue to weiM political power as rhief director of the Army. The new president is Dr. Leonard Aryucllo, n member of Somoza's par;v. The Keneral Mid thr United Stutes could cniint on him as a pincere friend in the stru'-'[!lp in keep communism from the Western Hemisphere. He said he hart fought Onmnumism in Nicarnviua wilh all his energies for 10 yenr.s but admitted thrre were sonic Communist agents in the country. Somozn said ho hnrcil to visit (he united states for hvo months to have a physical checkup and a rest. , vA.< Kirsten Flagstad Picketed Crowds around the J'liiLuiHpliin Ai'iidomy of Music o.s (hey picketed !t|',amst having Kii'Hlen T-'la^s Norwegian ^oprunn, ;ur:ke :m anix'jii'iince b"to':e the 1'holirk'lphia audience, stench bombs were set r,i| durint) (he rccilal which went throut'r in rpitc ni ne.-klcis. (NEA Tclephulo.) Name of Dam Changed WASHINGTON'. May 1. (UP) — President Truman tod.iy sit;iH'd u reFolulion chansins the nains of Boulder Ham to Hoover 2 Indicted by Grand Jury For Contempt of Congress WASHINGTON. May 1. (UP) — Eugene Dennis, general secretary of the American Communist Patty yesterday \\TI.S iulicl<'<l by a Federal Grand Jury for contempt of Congress. Indicted with Dennis was Lean Josephson, a New Yoik attorney (Dav&Hfiofd Copyright by Gwen Davcnpcii; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. THIS STOHV: S:iHy nnil Vlckv pro N ti 11 hi^r. S »11 y k i •. s L > s li i- r, , finil* JVcll I •Im:iti'. :\ frh-nil c.f S:i1 <>-•.«. iv:ihLm;r for him. Fur I IK- flrvi ilnic hi lirr t life, VK'ky is jcnUnis. e => * : ^ ' xvn ARRIVING bad; nl home, Vichy •^ went into the library through Uie French windows from the vernndn. In Ihc? drawing room Basil Vasilov was playiny liucli's "Little G' minor Fugue" on the piano, which \v;is slightly, out of tune but very sweet in-tone. * Sophie \vns Jyini^pn tlic sofa listening to ihc nuisti^ ;'arrayed, in n rather startling niugentri Sown, ankle length—as always—because the van Eyck legs:, concealed by the fashions of her, bcyclny, had never been all that 'they might. Sophie's cheeks were flushed like a girl's unde$ rijugc. Vicky slopped!. ; 'This was no time to talk to hor. prandmother. Sir Charles lay in his -armchair, feet on the ottoman, and Marcel •was stretched on the floor, nodding his head against the carpel in time lo, ,lhe ;• music, his eyes closed appreciatively. They wero7a\yaiiirig the arrival of Godfrey ManVbridgc. Vicky went on upstairs to hci own room. She lay face down or ter .white counterpane, thinking about Salty nnd iiis mother am Well. She did not hear the tax which brought Godfrey buck to his love. Madame van Eyck heard il though, disturbing the gravel 01 the driveway just as Basil rcachcc Ihe end of the fugue and brough the melody out of the minor kej info its inuniphal major resolu tion. Sho clasped her hands to gclhcr, pressing her rings into th •white flesh, nnd tnrticd her fac toward the hall. There was a mo ment's silence as the music ccase< then the doorbell rang, 4 V No one moved. \\\ "Sir Charles," Sophie whlsporcc vill yen go lo Ihe door? 1 * IJu.sil and Mnrc-el looked cx- ctantly at tho hutler, who rose oin Ins chair and moved slowly il of the room. Defore he had cached the door the bell raiif* lain, imperiously. The three tilling In the drawing room heard le door opened, and Codl'rey'.s jice saying, "Ah—Charles!" Sophie's eyes sparkled and she vew in her brenlh. "Godfrey!" ic called, while llasil shivered ilh cesUisy at the pure beauty " her lone. * * * ODFR1SY appeared in the tlnor- way, who c* he p-Aised jusl His enough /or cfTecl. His six et of weH-propurtioned height •as slill imp revive and sli [lowed traces of the figure whic nd thrilled a million women. H now-white hair was thick and his ycbvow.s bushy. There \vns yiiitf the command of his pros- nee or llio resonani'o of his vnici s he spoke his first line. "Guiii fternoon," he said, "I see every •ody is \v:iiling for me." Gcmtinely overcome wilh emo ion, Sophie murmured his iiami giiin and shed a few tears. God rey slrelched out his arms lo ho \ theatrical K ( - s ^ ur ^ which iis raveled cuU's out of the sleeve his ..shabby coat. He dmppe arms hastily and ndvance vilh graceful dignity, bowin. slightly and saying, "Sophie, m :lciirl" On his way to hev 5i(! l\e called b;u-k lo the hal : "Chnrles, v/ill you p;iy otT tl eab? And bring in my bags." Very much moved at sight i !iim, Sopliie took his hands ;n rose from the M>fa. They gcixi at one aiiolher for a Icny tim during \vhich Marcel hail to In awny, trcnnblin;! with indignatii' lo join Sir ^Charles in the tlu<i way. Basil, on the piano b-.'in:li, waited for his presence to be acknowledged. "My dear," sattf Sophie at last. breaking away. She looked' and alleged member of an international fraucUileul pii.ssporl ring whu-h helped JMsslim secret a- liotli were indictotl for falling lo obey subp'inns issued for their ap- pi'iuaiUM' be lore 1 I he House Un- American Act ivilies c'Oimniltees. TJic indictmeids were bnsed on con-. Icmp: citfitions vated liy llie Tho maxinuun penally for conviction is a year in jail and a. •onml. "You remember Marcel, course." Godfrey turned Ins heml. "You dn't tell me he W;LS still bore." "I wouldn't have been," said 'arcel rjitickly, "if I had known >u \\ F oi'e com ing." "Then I'm sorry you didn't now," Godfrey siiid. ^ * * * *'• x ' A ^' please—" Sophie Tje^getl. "And Gudfrey, I have a sur- rfse for you. Tliis is 13asil, Basil cisilov." The two men bowed coldly. "Come, 11 said Sophie, "let \is all clp CUxlfrey lo gel setlled. We oil ant him to be happy, to feel he? :is n real home—" She look his nri and started him in the diroc- on of the stairs, "Sir Charles, el the luggage, please." Sir Charles moved with im- assivc features to do Madanic'a i (id ing. lie paid oft Clarence iathaway, who it ad been taking i everything from the hall, id brought two suitcases to the iot of Ihe stairs, setting them ;>wn. "ITI carry one of them upstairs you'll take the other," Sir 'navies ottered. "Hold on a minute," sakl God- Yey. "Only one of those is mine." "You brought only enough .hings for a week-end?" asked Via re r-t hopefully, "Perhaps your trunk is at the station," Sophie said. Godfrey coughed, unwilling to idniit that everything he owned n one suitcase. "I always travel lii;hl," h6 said, "like a good trouper." "Then whose is this other one?" asked Sir Charles. "H was in the cab." "It is mine," said Uasil. He had left it a I the station the day he arrived, in ease an invitation was not forthcoming. When Godfrey had st'iiL ;i postcard saying he was on this afternoon's train, Basil had culled the station lo have his suitcase scut out with Godfrey. <J CioncU" cried Soph'.e. "Splendid! Then you will swy? Permanently? 1 ' For I'lasil had not yet indicated he was more than n bril- thuil bird of passage. "If you insist." "[ do, indeed I do. We all do," said Sophie. ,,.,^ t <1o Be Continued) £j,-."rf $1.000 fino. Wife Slayer Sentenced DAY MTNWrPE. Ala,, May 1 <UP>—Jackson Grant, 39-ycnrold Pcn.sacola, Fhs., paper mill worker. \vns .setitence<l to death loduy for tin- staying of his wife in full view of his seven-year-old son, who was the ebief pi'o.seciiUon Ciiant. \va s convicted last nigh I, For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium sizo :mtl large lra*:ts. No cvlras. Full rojKi.vmenf privi- VKC. HKK IIS FOR QUICK SEUVICK ON FHA LOANS Tor lluilclhiK or Ilepairtn?. Also Auto Truck and Tnctor I^oarts. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guani's Jewelry Store Rlythcvillr, Ark. Z?e Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. 1HTTNER FOR SALE oncrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fil at Stale Line Phone Ktvtiicville 714 Just Arrived! 1 New 12-fr. Double Duty Meat Case For Information, Phone DELL SCOTT telephone 2250 "I'm losing faith in the radio—I've been using all those soaps and shampoos and still haven't met an eligible. millionaire!" UKCKLKS & HIS FRIKNDS By ^IKKUILL Iil/)SSKR Revcui^o SLOW DOWN.HILDA] JTNAT 8usiwES5 WITH Tut , i LARD'S MADE HIS / DUPAISAY pEFisirfELY TEARS IT/ 1 Lav/nmowers ... Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215^, 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Casrs Arriving Every Week— • Pontiacs • Fords 0 Chevrolets • Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Didlar for Clean I,aie Model C.'ii's & BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main- Si. YOU'KE ^ f AMD I KMOW How WE CAM DO rr/— 5EWD AN FJVR/ ,5 Arkansas State Planting Seed Grade 7 A'D, & P. L Ho. 14 CIe;metl f rented New Sarks Purity 99.5 Gcrsramafricm 85% LIMITED +4 Qft PER SUPPLY )ldU TON Also Ogden and RoyaT Soy Beans S4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas^ 1 WASH TUBES No Out HI LESLIE TURNEH Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleQut Our Way GAD, MRS. E I'M FeeLlf*3 ATClF A DROP OF Sr;KtTS 'REMISES ?,^~~'^ ^-v*"~"' ' -^ "'^ \ «/O« TfY» .vUflce cv- r.-A.C NICHOLAS i ~-_" s5p !• WHY, \ 1 I'LL SEE IF TMESIS V. YOU'RE ) N ? A'JV VA.S.S!'.SW COI.OK I > EOT X -WirJiiTHE OPA )\ HOOS.E. is AST3EV 7 DILL -\V AS A covsiRsp KS/. '^^ & ByJ. R.Williams ' YOU JUS.T HOLD "HE HORSE /VJD LET \1E ATTEWO TO TM!~ FELLOW-MO PIGi'S t.OlhvJG; TO CUM ME OFF A PUBLIC ROAD.' ALL RIGHT, KJM'T SAY I \ DIDM'T 'IELLVOU.' T W-VT- >. RAISEP 1M THE COLIM'Tf.'V -\MP^ VOU WCCEM'T'-rA AUVi-V/-^ ' HE'D SOOMER SLAF'A •' LIOW THAM A K^IOK- / a«M! HE?-E.P vou'ce A nur ^ HOPE TIL WOUT CWS...WUSV S2 7XUE. \ LOOK SOE.T OKW...WTO VOURLAB! A'JP I O' LIKE .^ <ER \CU GE1" TK " ' "~ EE IT'lL BE CN ; (WD ALLEN 1 Si^^' ^gkkm , 3.fe> ":fK THE QUICKER VCU Get TKRL' / CHEWIST THE EA5IEE IT'LL BE CN A_ M WORK WJlNGLE fVMD ALLEN 1 I'LL PC 1 THE BcST t CAM._C^X T CHEMIST WKO'lL <WOW IF XiVOEK WirHCUT M'( .3'.,VS5-5 "'" THE FORMULA SOU FINISH V •••• AH, HERE THEM ARE! IS A. PHONY' BESIDES. NO ONE WILL BE EELE\5EC iilL ftFTER. I'VE SOLD IT, BO WN ! : .,,^ BidJ .,. ; -' ' ;••>&.-. .., \ •'.'•{'r^i *•- '-I £**, r l r L..I :••' ••'.'•.! ! \^"S -'v -L.L The Han 1!Y V. T. HAMLJ.:" BOICKl THIRTY -iEAC-5 TOO 5C\?M VIC FLINT Haltlci- ;u\d lllontle IF YOURE INTERESTED 7 DO I HAVE ' N SPORTSKEADLINERS, TO? ID RATHER . TfiKE A LOOK AT UOOK AT THE THE C*AP WITH THE yivBlOND INTERESTED IN THE MANLY ART, EH? VVEll, THAT'S TLER DENVER, THE LIGHT HEAVTWEIGHT. . 7 HY MICHAKI, O'SIAU.KY and HAl.l'H I.ANI^. /'THAT PROVES ^X/^A LOT OF ^ ^YOU'RE FULL OF CLASS, CONNIE.' IT'S ASMAU \TORID.YKOPIE THINK THE • PEOPLE CAN'T TAKE IHEIREYES OFF CY. I KNOW OENVER'SI BATUER WILL BE , li VOU.' WAITll YOU SEE THE HIKE MANA6E8, WEARY 1TH£ NEXT CHftMP. ] ^^ SURPRISE t GOT FO^ YOU. WHUOH.WECRtVV UP\A)I, HERE'S OUR IN THE SAME ICM -ME GIRL'S RELEASED AND 1>\ BACK AT THE H1DEOU1 WHERE ICA> PROTEC1 LlltLE- BEAVER.' f YOLl'LL START A ~ ] CO.^VNOTlOS! OUTSIDE" THE ' HIDEOUT ASSD iY\.5uRpRi5 i"\OO5E AND ALX.AUI V-OlTrt ALLEY OOI' C-\=N CEC-VTU'C. I ALL H'£-i7. ^• S«f THE SHIP'S r\\CS<'5 VE! v£4...C'»^ v.ers SET - - 'GO OJT IN Th£6= CM THIS \ Fi^^TE D-_O5 A^'CE.T FU\MIN3 \ CrP THIS TUB XJBSELVES.' K=3'. NOVA t C.HANCE! I'.y V. T. II AM I, IN ^•&2AA^^- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ROD, Tyxvi 11 v^t'o fxv.MC'iT tM'OViUO, . j \ CRG>OT"Kt.W HOVJ PUKl^' tt * 4 t.L^f!^ ^HOMvV'T \V!io Is H? UY KDOAU M . K. PlStT^V [ (AlNlOtO 's. TO ^o^At lj BW '. Qu «BW«rV* «[i^ ^-"-J 1 , j

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