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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 63
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 63

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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THK I'HII -hH J'HU S) IMH 17 Morning it mrrTrmsrj mirr mivr tvt mv.rAv,rir,r.nrrn e4 jAei PM1 that, tai JNt III A 4-M Fox series visits science's fringe; NJN explores its cutting edge J1 jfel Its Aj jMM ja ibi e.M la to i ii mm vj wa ii iiaaaej paw I Hi i 1 frmm MU I Imp eaar tfcXwaaj Wiiaj I Way Mt rUDCS Hll ISm' l'M -T fw mm; jm a jjaCa Cl VartM mwm I k. lT" OxF Um (ten iiiwui 0mm 1 Pi mam aa Hmm (W 1 1 jfci. iM iHMW lrOr 1 CI mm mi i ii Hwi isw CiJ I i lMi MWf i i.Eosnnzzi: BEE Hum UtS I i C- Am "i Mnk ill CmM ll- tki im Umm kiMll Thertf'i weird uritnc tin TV to night. And the rrally vrird thing Sime of It it real Kux debut! a rrirt callrd fh ftltt, which obiij people ihuugh they'n not trying wry hard would like jrou to bi heve on real csc that hive btxn covered up by the HU You know, the kind of thing you rrd ahuut in the Clone or Weekly World Newt Too unbelievable even (or the National (Inquirer and the Star, And the little New Jervy Network hu the pilot fur thow called fti cover Tomorrow, about the culling edue of kvience. technology and medicine, that's on Its way to becoming national et.

iimi! Iw kii 1 toM IhaM K' 1 MAI i to ku MaikMitw'iittttiftwa '4 iw i iHlnil Hilt 1 iwi) kiM I I iw hji 'tt iwii Ml: tkUlM Ma. rM Ml Ii INI UNI 1 I A kup iw-m; Hm Mill IX I LH no il III If MM A 1 unn mm ISM Allan 1 Am. Im l- jX Ml Alimil 1M jtCIV JkMiHt Hkll weekly series. The btnis are former CNN tc. ence guy (and occaMonal NJN contributor) Marc lvenMn and, of all people, Nancy Class, who has already graduated with her tabloid IV magazine act from local haunts to such national fo Ml Vm 1mm hikmMUtOmtim MCmw Mm AjWm" MCm jlylCMH wm Jiam'm iaa jliUiaMtiw IfMy Wm lw m.ip' th00cL t-i mWmiA mI I mIm M.

JWM jriiimiMI mU Wlyat.A. wi TKt AMi-j mm MlVtrii IU Mm km mIV 1mm NK Ja Wi4 1mm tlw tMij ju CM)T IhmjiCmH MT'I ISJ Am-jm jwot jlfcuMM-M 'AyM HiWmi IhatftanMi Wim I HC IMii III H'J AM At Cm AoJMJ janW I I I Alapr Aot jluiT. Ul ItA m1 iAmm Ckoi I i 10 1 Ul Hm Amuh CmAmw TtC W(i I 1 1 kiM Omw twia Iw mii Coat- I Prr.M.ti JmAoi tiiw (P Uaimi IiM Imi Cjiyi Iwimw UOmm, Oiiifiw imXmm jtt "umiv fc MtiMt II Cmimi ixAlMj "iAwAjmjm IWiT IAOm lli.j Vmmm vVm fff Jonathan Storm The New TV Season rrWay. SH 10. mm is.

Afternoon 3 rums as Inside Edition and, now, American Journal It may help If you've had a few when you're watching The Filet. Television has a hard time translating the spooky stuff that can make feature films so scary and even rox draws the line at the routine blood and guts of your typical slasher flick. So, even though The Files tries pretty bard, you may not actually be scared unless your mind's already a little bent. II MH AJArpAl'Ai AJi.TTlGAlManwjl WAr 3 Mm lmTTlM mVwC mmm mAm "Im" USU Niauw ImnOiM AVwyaA Mm 41 Nmi IU Sawwn Wmw AAntTbw -CllM HiwIWAI WVi Wm A Sum tKMt tfiMf Nmi 1 MhhAi hJ Scmtm TL. lmOop Ommi My 5TT VmhwiM Akca to.H.1 WntiJi Smmm A Q9H ttiMt I -MM Squ0n fcj Ao li" H.1 jStiMy nVIGmm "TmjSm 0AMnf Goo TiooTOT Bom Wm.

fQ' Cmt NWmi attfMAy lWlt MiIm TiiJtv Tr Took iIUwtmi WH WCi QJ tfafcTftM Wll Oiw TngMAM VHM OrranA ltm 0kM Boom AbMno tom Wtl II'I'M 0t lyiwIMM lM IPMtfroyii fpopMA l-iMMm )Hno jT-ito. WmjBfChmim David Duchovny is Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson is Dana Scully on "The X-Files," on Channel 29 tonight. I CD Ckai iMwj mm fmri mi, jijMiiii'wiwiiM trrffTywgrro h-m-i ryrri MKHMMinlMJUdMt iltoMoMtaibH Mr 1 AMW 'IT i 4liCl Tm Wtnl tvttwlO Hp't -Ml OwM H-rtfr Mynnloy) MW1 il WS DMMProwM 61) IJrniy AMi lK)nm 'f IvVortar-JTc B-. OuA lute, kc. HBO 11 JODMIUtel flloalL lUd-nM-A.

(Pi J. fcl lAUnhM. Bradr SKi. 8bi IMmjm Mm 'AW JASFm AW.Mdlnti.Aor 6J iPO. 731 Uotm Cmti Mvina Mmi tern rt 3vjdw Two Aw a) Mo Ami I Ul tHut-rt (PaJ Know Owft Scmiu) JVM iff Msrin AUvn Mctii tttlfX 00 Tkuivloi AiyoMAl Kl WdifVai ICkMwnoor Vovov lOoar IPm) Program NOS ri rtr.

11 utti a ToMram ffoi; Mdi 1m 'Bor Shot (POi 11 30BrtanF tfl 911 PSA4 4144779 lMnml ftrSlifl Cmi ilnSkyl43)lltM WMH Edit l('641 BMChM IPC 1 3 HHI iBloi Mfc.l tm ml SHO ItlMl Allwool 714AIU7 30omi9 won nani wntcM bmt wnnt nr wiwf $Mni60t (Vii Brym Ek Tha TMCiMovw AAjgwncont Roivfi to in BAj Loojoon (PG-13, '9U IMA iJovuMriv BVwiri KjkimI WOTO TMMwAAjonMrulTirrJMl: Th I Wi Oora (Pul 4euM WWrhl rh" 11.00 But th Badman 151) Wifan Rvin, Darn iKng Kong (Coknndl I 33i Ir ny Wm. Rtuca Th AnMcan ClocA 1 931 iMary McOomHI. Owd ToJT IfMOl 17771740 Smrifu-jnl MW1 Hut don't fret, teetotaler. This show, which features a renegade C-man determined to rid the world of aliens, devils and other mysterious evildoers. Is prelty entertaining even without its special effects and it's mild enough for anybody who's survived even into the early double dig-Its.

The folks at the HH are convinced that Fox Mulder is just a little fetched. And they're afraid he might go spreading some of his far-fetched Ideas to the tabloids. So they hook him up with the beautiful Dr. Dana Scully, a skeptic if there ever was one. She's supposed to be helping him solve the eerie cases, but actually she's reporting back to her FIJI bosses, while she's slowly drawn into the sort of love-hate relationship that fuels so many contemporary TV romances.

And, of course, it will turn out every week that Mulder isn't so crazy after all. He was smart enough to pick the first name Fox, and guarantee some attention at the network, wasn't he? Tonight, someone is eating the great high school seniors of Podunk, Ore. Or is it some thing? Wait until you find out! cation I'sing high-tech effects and hot background music. Dixover can be pretty cool as it travels to such decidedly low-key places as Cal Tech. Georgia Tech and Woods Hole Ocean-ographlc Institute to explain how scientists are trying to engineer robots with vision and to make cars quieter, among other things.

The Jet Propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, is a little more happening. Here you will learn, Mom and Dad, that maybe there is a future for Junior, even though he spends all his time and your quarters down at the video arcade. The show's mission to keep Its audience abreast of current technology and to interest young adults in science sounds rooted in the stodgy world of public broadcasting. But, by describing how compact discs work, or playing rap music as it shows how fiber optics are becoming even more amazing. Discover Tomorrow could have a future explaining the future on conventional The X-Files Executive-produced by Civs Ca'tet lot Twenlielh Television Airs Fridays al 9 m.

onFok (Channel 29) Tha cast Fox Mulder David Duchovny Dana Scully Gillian Anderson Discover Tomorrow Created, written and produced by Marc Levenson; Ray Cordeio, co-pioducer. Executive-produced by Janice Selmner for New Jersey Network. Airs tonight at 8 30 on NJN (Channels 23 and 52) Hosts: Levenson and Nancy Glass When pressed, the producers of this show do acknowledge that these are not real FIJI cases, but emphasize that they arc based on actual reports of things that people out there say they saw somewhere. Usually late at night, after they'd had a few. They're still haggling with distributors, but the folks at NJN hope that their hot science show, Discover Tomorrow, is going into national syndi AtT City ot AnoMi nwio Ho.lo.d r-Mi fiinnyflow( 7l VM Hnl IHW ifan II PoarSlory Tubiii BtT a HaartSoul Vko SoU Top 20 137X0 Vio Vcmtwn 7iohB RapCity CW OO Monay yVhaa! 76M7? iMarkat Wrap CWN MwW 3W)13? 5onyi Uv gf.W Nwly 440l Intamwiona) Hour EttlyPrim PoAwc LnnlDm Showfait COM Siand-Up fcUgUH Otl Short Attamwn Span McHah ISCTV Come IWhoMUn.

Stand Up London Saturday raaht 67873 DSC EatyOowH Homawort Paaauala lOraatChahi Gourmat 0. Karr EaiyDooaH Homaworit Mcftoty Vidao Trip Bayond 2000 177973 ESnT Motion Shapng Thorobrad Amarica Horta g44.T00 Boat Raqng Flag MotoWortd GoK: Omixlur) 0w wcxmd roind FAM fmrM Trwal Nam Tuna MakaDaal My Pool MakaDaal Gadgat rnario Bro. HaathdrW Archl Popy 843 CfT Gourmat Born tucAy Suparmkt ShopDrop Anythng t. Ulrnan Moorgrinng 73447 A Changa o4 Saaaon 1 8ffl 1 817873 MTV 1 1 flOMT Jam rnWicVidao 7393U0 fotaty DrHaram Paufy Tha Grind llySarvic Haal World Raal World NiTcappa Coat Muppat Lmf Bit jDanrM Fappr Yogi Boar loony Undardog Mupprt HayDud GUTS TBS" Parry Mason 40 Gum to Apacha S764403 Tom Jarry 1 Funhouaa Captain Brady SavadBal HaadChm IVhxtaV Cookng Mrcrowav lYanCook Cumt MadeWia ICooliing Ranovation Homtim anCook Cooking TNN KrtrfiT Cookm- OooA and Chaat aeww BStr Sacond. CooH-V IR) On Stag Club Dane Baa Star V-oaoPM USA 11:00 Conquator Tafcabout Sta JoAar tic Tac PrwalucA Soabbl Pyramid Pyramid Two Dad TanotUi irVGfi QaraMo 430300 raawt 416770 Joan Rrvan 771774 DaMorwig Cooky Yogi Farrttoria Captaai Wav "(TQ" MadtM EgorrtM 974774 tlavatalo BB7794 Da From, al Sol 869738 Tama.

Qua SarTu Crntin NyMaa IOS519 Bout Bom? Bamabyjona S97794 Magnum. I. 313774 Hot Fiva-0 777BW Hart to Hart 968497 Lova Boat 407779 TftT'Vicfcil 446h? Shalay FamttooM Dnnti Tata Spin jDaniywng Goot Troop Bonriri Savad'Bl Wonoar Yr. Saturday, Sept 11, midnight to 6 a.m. Night Owl ABC leads the pack in news Emmys with 11 awards; PBS is No.

2 with 10 HETT Ml ImTi Tonight Lata Night IHI Fnday raotit Vioooa currant Jonn lwii im. "(fj OutonthaEdoal 89) 3737737 ln (ncrt Nawi t3ad Company (721 760750A3 Oft th Air 13" Lat Show Tnnii Coby Urban Anoal IR) paid Program Von Richlholan and Brown 79057508 Dudley Charlw Rosa 17966 Off th Air (Programming begina at 7:00 a "jg" i Showtim Apollo Th Davil and Lafioy Bataatt 73) 584374 iLegand of tfw Charnpiona 1681 555035 Kate Ala Delaware Th Chevy Chase Show Rush Whoopi Paid Program Gidget Gidget Baywatch(RI 778817 13 Stoogea ScriitchRI "flS" Face of th learning WarewoK C59) 9007577 Sensational Sapphire Sensational Sapphire Event 7258577 75R337 lEHis Island (Part 1) 6739S8 Paid EMis Island (Part 1) ltyjonasi mnmnmnmn That Hamrlton Woman 411 Ivivmn Uigh) 10O9B5 Your Life Tha Three Mutkatews 1 3b) 86904 11 00 I rw tijgandl AMC South Bank Show Cecilm Twin Peaks 875985 BRV One Upon a Tim In th Wen (PG, '69) (Henry Fonda, Claudia Carrimale) Railroad baron's gunman fights stranger for wklow's land. 568343 South Bank Show Cecilia Bartoll 705072 Band! 804459 Whit Fano IPG. '91) (Klaus Maria Bfandauer, 11:30 Incredible Amy Mil www (jenny Agutteri urea-isuu woman DIS A Conversation With Betty White 'Ethan Hawkel 649053 696701 tewiies the deaf and Mind, meets doctor. Shrinking Woman HBO Single Whit 4:25 Doctor Mordrid 17687053 3:25 Inside th NFL 4757968 DoubkKrossad 91) (Dennis Hopper, Robert Carradine) 1479324 Ross Perot? was honored in the same category.

In the category of informational or cultural programming, PBS won for "Clarence Thomas Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain," which ran on Frontline. In the same category, ABC won for "Secrets of the Golden River," broadcast on ABC World of Discovery. Other awards: General coverage of a tingle breaking new story covered in a segmerrt: "Moment of Crisis," broadcast on ABC's PnmeTime Live, "The Bishu Massacre," from UN, telecast on Cable News Network. Instant coverage of a single breaking news story: CNN's "Saving Somalia." Background or analysis of a single current story: "Tides of War," on TBS's National Geographic Explorer, "Caitlin's Story," on CBS's 60 Minutes, "Whose ChiloYen?" on PrimeTime Liver, "The Lambs of Christ," on 60 Minutes. Investigative journalism: "Bad Medicine," on CBS's 48 Hours, "Ape Trade," on National Br Hicks: Revelations 720477 Russell Simmons ASSOCIATKI) PHKSS NEW YORK ABC has won a leading 11 Emmys for news and documentaries, including awards for a behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton campaign in its final 72 hours and a profile of Ross Perot.

PBS picked up 10 awards at the news Emmy ceremony Wednesday. CBS won seven, TBS six and NBC four. ITN and CNN won two apiece, and cable's Arts Entertainment channel and the Discovery Channel were each honored once. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented the awards for work broadcast in 1992. The award for general coverage of a breaking news story went to ABC's Nighrfine for "72 Hours to Victory: Behind the Scenes With Bill Clinton," anchored by Ted Koppel.

ABC's Peter Jennings Reporting: Who 'Is Geographic Explorer, "The Serb Camps," from ITN via CNN. Interview or interviewer "One on One With Roger Payne," Discovery Channel, on Charlie Rose; "A Conversation With David Miscavige," Nightliner, "Arthur Seale-Patricia Reso Interviews No Way Out," on ABC's 2020, "The Color of Triumph," PrimeTime Live. Coverage of a continuing news story: "The Heroin Connection," 48 Hours, "Race and Rights," CNN's Democracy in America, "Gay Cops," 60 Winutes, "Somalia," ABC's World News Tonight. Informational or cultural programming broadcast in a segment: "Free From Silence," PnmeTime Live. Historical programming: "The Meiji Revolution," PBS's T7 Pacific Century, "Cuban Missile Crisis," Historical programming segments: 'To Catch a Spy." NBC's Sunday Today, "Survivall The Shackleton Story," National Geographic Explorer.

News or documentary program achievement: "Valley of the Kangaroos," National Geographic Explorer. Tha Resurractad (R. '921 (John Terry) Pnvata eye 4:1 5 And JustK for Al IR. 79) Lady Chattariey in Tokyo (R, '9 1) Iturm IMAX 1 1:00 Alien 3 (R. '92) 906710 finds client's htisband out to revive thedead.

6068985 (AlPacmo) 67170140 ahima. lerumo Matsunagal 780430 Paid Program 386256 Etrtas of San Angalo ('47) iTexes Masquerade ('44) jShopatHom Wendy and People's NOS WW '533577 WW 7W1UZ Me 573650 Chore 974072 Bank Shot Death Ring (R, '93) (Mike Noma, 8iiiyBasebal: Houston Astros at Phillies IRI PSM 10:30 Grand Canyon (R) 814687 Z17256 Drago) 608469 2:55 Carnal Crimea IR. 91) SHO Lobster Men From Mart (PG, '89) (Tony Cuts) 21776275 Futurekick (R, '91) (Don Wilson, Meg iFoster) 3689904 Ron Shock: Bad Gig 11:30 The Otfwr Woman (R) 820749 ilMartm Hewitt, Lmda Carol) 69786756 3:40 Thunderheart (R, '92) Movi Movie (5:461 TMC Terminal Bkss (R, '90) (Tim Owen, Luke Perry) 80559922 A Kiss Before Drying (R, '91) (Matt Dillon. Sean Young) 4093695 63666343 (Val Kilmer) 10:15 Women's Prison C55) (We Lupino) Inmates start TNT Women in Chains (72) (Ida Lupino, Lois Movie 6:20 Caged ('50) (Eleanor Parker) Innocent lands in women's orison with cmclesters. 31755237 Iriot and bring down tyrant 91496698 Neltletonl 911188 mil Fraternity How (77) (Peter Fox) (An Evening at the Improv Ancient Mysteries Time Machine 971782 Investigative Reports AaE 827850 Paid Program 424237 Video Soul Top 20 Midnight Love Videos RapCttyTop10 908817 BET Showbiz Overnight Sports IR) Showbiz Overnight Worldwide Sports CNN Newsnight Crossfire Larry King Live 201701 A gigantic film festival has Toronto reeling 1-Nt.

Stand Comics Paid Program Kids in Hell Tha A-List COM Mystery Science Theater 3000 Colleoa Football: Syracuse at East Carolina (R) 114166 Up Close IR) Senior PGA SptCenter 127566 SptCenter 10:30 Baseball ESN 935633 Larry Lea The 700 Club 889343 Paid Program 236362 Paid Program Bonanza FAMi thirtysomelhing 638879 Paid Program Mysteries Football Sportswire SC CHiPs All in Family I Love Lucy 2:50 Thank God, ft' Friday 395652 Hot times at Montclair High 3673343 10:00 Baseball TBS Paid otter Zoo Radio (9 1) (John Martini -981411 1 1 :00 Sex Puppet Senior Week ('88) it (Michael St. Gerard) 829968 IwriNICnnvufv Poirlr (781 ISnSBn Ponrwliofint 436492 912985 Outdoor iTwiliaht (Too Late th Hero 70) Los ParientesPobres(R) El MH Ffijoa 997633 Cristina (R) (3 Dr.Perez World 140698 Celebrity Shopping Celebrity Shopping IR) Feud Simon Simon 849430 Paid Program C9D 731985 Twilight The Kitting Fialrte C84) (Sam Waterston) News(R) Paid Program Designing H'moorwrs Radio Highlights Tale, Morgan Freeman's Bopha! (both making their directorial de- buts), Roman Polanksi's Bitter Moon, Ken Loach's Raining Stones, Peter Greena way's Baby of Macon, Stephen Frear's The Snapper, lius Van bant Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Canadian Denys Arcand's Love and Human Remains. Some folks are waiting to see the work of lesser-known filmmakers," such as Zero Patience by John Grey-son, young gay Canadian filmmaker. Even Torontonians who aren't curious about the latest film by Ber-trand Blier or the next name in Finnish filmmaking are excited about the arrival of stars and celebrities. Over the next few days, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Matt Dillon, Holly Hunter, Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons will be in town, along with all the booking agents, studio reps and assorted wheelers and dealers.

By Judy Gerstcl NKWS SERVICE TORONTO Picture the conservative Toronto elite, stewards of the economy and patrons of culture, gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum for the private opening of an important exhibit. Gazing at wall mountings and peering through glass cases, they see grotesque exploding rubber heads and gynecological instruments for mutant women. They murmur appreciatively, as patrons do. The surreal opening Tuesday night of "The Strange Objects of David Cronenberg's Desire," an exhibit of objets d'art from Cronenberg's movies, was only the beginning. Because for the next nine days, the symbol of Toronto is no longer the CN Tower it's the film reel.

The Toronto International Film Festival of Festivals almost as grand as its name implies opened last night with the world premiere of M. Butterfly, starring Jeremy Irons and directed by Toronto's own, the admittedly strange Cronenberg. The festival will end 299 films and tons of popcorn later on Sept. 19, with moviegoers crying uncle. Torontonians schedule vacation time after Labor Day to coincide with the festival, which is open to the public.

They go without sleep and food in order to see a half-dozen movies a day. "What've you seen that's good?" is the greeting of choice here. Already the hot tickets, besides Butterfly, include The Piano and Farewell, My Concubine, which tied for top honors at Cannes this year. Other flicks arrive with advance buzz because of their directors, including rjfobert De Niro's A Bronx WFLN Listener Requests TALK SHOWS 7-10 WHAT (1340) Mary Mason 10-1 WHAT Debra Anderson 10-2 WHWH (1350) G. Gordon Uddy Noon-3 WWDB Rush Limbaugh Noon-1 WBCB (1490) Lee Fielding WNPV (1440) Comment Please 3- 6 WNPV Larry King 2-3 WBCB Sesame Place Live Programming for children and parents.

4- 7 WHAT Cody Anderson 6- 7 WDAS (1480) Community Magazine WHYY Marketplace 7- 8 WXPN (88.5) Kid's Corner WWDB Murray Needleman ment, WHYY. 6:30 p.m. Friday With Frank Sid Mark features Sinatra recordings, WWDB. 8 p.m. BlueaStage Weekly broadcast hosted by Ruth Brown, WRTI-FM (90.1).

11 p.m. Afropop Worldwide The best music of the Afro-Caribbean world, WHYY. CLASSICAL MUSIC WFLN (95.7) Highlights: Mendelssohn, Italian Symphony: Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 5. WFLN Highlight: Beethoven, Symphony No.

3. 1 WFLN Parry, T7ie Soul's Ransom; Berlioz. Symphonie Fantastique; Brahms, A Gerrnan Requiem. 10 a.m. Radio Times Ted Kerasote, author of Bloodties, about the ethics of the sport of hunting, WHYY-FM (90.9).

1 1 a.m. Susan Bray Charles Inlander of the Peoples Medical Society and author of Good Operations Bad Operations, WWOB-FM (96.E). Noon Selected Shorts Short stories read by actors and actresses, WHYY. 2 p.m. Science Friday Topics: Importance of science topics as part of secondary school education; useful inventions such as electric car, batteries and their worth, to the environ.

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