The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1931 JH.YTHRV1LLE. (ARK.) COUlURR NEWS PARR THRKr.. He's Gunning for Nomination (Ccnlinued from pa'/e en?) I the people. Pollcfmen are .'list: human bt-lnss and thc salaiy that! a city of thc resources of this j c-'.y can pay dees not appeal to; rr.r.ny cr.pable citizens. We take! l!='lt:mcn" fvcm the tody ol tn3; I^'c^le. choojln'j the brst we can 1 for '.he salaries paid nnd the haz-, 2nli taken. There are none per-, '••i'.. The records will show 1| hi'.'.? kept c!o. r c watch 0:1 i-iy \x>- i ', life force. They have tan di-' - trcted to be cni:rtcous and lo do| ' their duty undrr their cadi at all! • limes, rcgnrdlfss of the persons j jMfecled. Tiiere I'.ave been seme! infractions of the first pan of i , thfse reciulrcnicnts but as soon as , brought to my attention ill? of-! fctidf rs h?.VL- bfen deal', with, su-' • spended without pay cr brim;;!!! ' ' into court, fined ami discharged. ! , "If >H"J will think back to every j administration since niylh'jville! i ha-, been a city of the first clafs ', . u '.vill find the m-ineiple oppo-1 • :ion has been to the police force, i Ij.jhlnk the police force- during my entire administration will com- j parfl favorably with any in the | I am not offering any i apology for the fmce a a a whole j tul . r;er£ ot silcucer-ccjuippcd artomutic rilles like the on'e he oncJ proniiSG if elected for a" I Boys Take Over Cily Government for a Day: Plan Log Cabin. OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. IB—The town ol Osccola WHS ably managed &'.iui(i!iY «: % .en thc local boy scout uccp took charge ol the city's administration for a day culminating a wei-k of scoul activities iTlcbi'jllnj the 2ht anniversary ol ;::ouiin!! tn America. Scout Jim Rhodes presided us ; mayor, Douutas Hose was chief of i iic-ir.'p. Sam Ikdges and Allan Ee: KI tivcs, recorders; and Kidney I l!roi:s.i:ird. <hicf of detectives. Other : detectives. Other detectives were i Claude Shaw. Jack Hook. Edward ' lea lord, Ned Ayres, Gerald Hlnson -rid Jru.k Boyclti', and traffic police were Lindsey Driver, Fred Jan-i.:. C'has. . c -ul!cn^er and Richard C renter. '1 ne tr.'op yesterday attended the j-i:-.l !);i..;ll!,t Church In a body i hearing Rev. C. K. Welch, pastor ; ol t:.p chinch, and on Ftbiimrj 12, memltfrs of Ihc troop pre.-:ei:t- ' id a Lincoln program in the Osce- i (jla hljli school. The organization's most men objccihe is the erccllon of i CEbin en a slle near the Osccola bj is holding j aw:!nmlns poo!, given them bj , I will give the ,amc.|«>" "° "»'5<* »""< Chicago if Judge Join, II. byle is elected, 5 o he; ^ ^^^^M by" Z careful supervision and selection 1 told listeners as he went gunning for votes. He seeks the Republican; stcv[ .,, 5 loea i ,^111111 man, truck to the police force. ' | nomination for mayor of Chicago in the prrsent primary campaign. < lor hauling have been ottered b; "The Fire Department: All of I us are extremely proud of our fire \ department. You citizens will re- cnl! I am the first Mayor of Bly- tneville that did not change Ills Fire Department because I re- gaidcd them and do now as a business Institution, and b;]ongiiv3 to the people, and that it was not right when wi> had a gcod Fire Department to make a change ; niKjn a change of Adminisirfilion.' You will remcmbrr when I v;ent | • ir/o otiice I did not change one • sinjle fireman;' because I believed | Oem eflicl:nt and that they be- : longed to the people. My Admin-; btration hcs spent considerable I money In building up the Fire De-1 parur.ent so that we could better | protect your property. I now be- i lieve arrangements have been marie, i because of the efficiency of cur i fire department, to reduce Insur- j ance rates in Blytheville. The im- : provernents cddtd to the Fire D?-1 partment include new material! bought and incidentally have paid S2.50d.CO indebtedness for fire hose nlout: which I inherited from the previous administration. £• \ No New Bonds %'.0n account of the indebtedness Inherited when assuming office I was encouraged to float bonded indebtedness to satisfy said indebtedness:- But I always have been and now,anr opposed to fastening bonds en people for other generations to pay and have paid this indebted-' |' ness and saved the people from another bond ir.'ue. . '-"Did; you know the prior ad- mlnlstfation used for operating and curren^ expenses of the city the sum of $7,649.71 derived from the Hospital Bond sale? That is, they sold that, amount of bonds more than vras required to purchase and I ' quip the hospital. Tills amount 1! " ALA bl ^ . * .. r . . _ ... & rora Tho "Bible of Amiens" D. S. Laney of the Osceola Moto Company, and the boys expec to linve their new headquarter creeled in a short time. Sing Ho! For a jChinese Children Tanelit Mustache Cup! 1-17 i AT , s n — 1 hv h.vrimnu' \nr nv I m by Example, Not by Command f he were to take them oil jwo- In Knoxvllle, Tcnn., would iOt know W. n. Clack, above, who halleiim anybody tc- u mustuche- siirlu^ contest Clack has worn em since hti wus a lad—and from vlng tip to whig lip they now mea- :rc exactly 10 Inches. Who cnn heat this record? 11V JULIA Ill.ANSHAlU) I NBA Srrvti-c Writer I NF:\V YOHK.-- American niothersi j wlio lire woriyniii alwut pr-vchoolj j Mary and Jchn ml;;ht gel Ire-, , ti'.nid-us cen-'ohtion ll.Uliing to I 1-lcreiice Avrcoush. aui.hmi'i/ on | Chlnr.s3 outline, den-ilui- Ihc trn- . lilticnal Or'.'iilul system at cilu- I ii'iiu. j \\V. In America, are so careful I nboiil .1 I'hlld'a Ilr>l yours—lliow! ; fcrmuilvci pic-seh 1 ol years thai i mir imlsirogucs and bohavlorlslsj rtfll us mat,? or inmr (lu> Itrc-lhuV | character. Net i lip Chinese! MIS. Ay-scouiih explnlns that the [i.ultlioiml Chines? iiubrinelnij Ihnl licgol luyulj model chllilrcn c-n.;!«lrd In '.jUlirjl youngsters do what they want to. i They IAMIH by ludtnlluri j "Thc Chlnefc my no nttentloii whatsoever to moulding lh"! char- acler nnd Inbits of clilldren or ex- Ayscough passes on to the reader nucli of the richness, the beauty of Clilim that English books sel- doni catch. It was Florence Ayscough with wliom Amy Lowell wrote tilt "Fir-Flown Tablets," un f.rigllsh version ol some tc-aiitlful old Chinese verses, Head Courier News Want AUK. Man Jumps From Bed, Feels Gas On Heart l-'lrrenre- Ay.w.outh SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN I'.y SISTEK 3IAKY NLA S=n1cc Writtr With late winier. offering many cp;>oitunit'os for pnrites, new ideas for uariy fare nhvnys are wonted by the alert Ir.stess, llushrODm tlmb.iles with Eech- ainel sauce make a luxurious and unusual dish for the bridge luncheon. Here is a collection of recipes ttmt are p!.inr.?d to. meet tho needs cf the average hostess for informal occasions. v The Amiaw .-Cuhednl lei-vice | pti by two galleries, Ihc .upper "f A rare combinatlin of mighty' which- contains 22 statms of .the paled out of revenue of 1020 is! r: ' r ™l ? ml 3 racer »l elegance of kings .'of Judah. tlml much extra than which I have | a / chltcc - turc - m ? ke the "thedi-nl ™ -• Statu , c5 ' rdlefs > ornamental trae- j Amiens one of (he world's inc:t' e;v. pilasters. ;;ar?oyies decorated eqi . together with tho S5.000.CO antlci- n nnprati- on to opEraie on. magnincent structure The cathedra] was begun more than seven centuries ago. tho firsl s:<me being ia'.d in 1WO. It look '"The salary of the Mayer of Blytheville is not a sufficient amount; to appeal very strongly to any' one wlio hcs any other business to attend, yet I have deemed it an hKnor being a young man to b; j compleUd" l ;[n;n'the U l > 5lh 6 ceiitu,y' 01 !*<• 3 SS?:.JjJ. B .S!*«S lveT °^i Tin plan of (he cathedral was ; buttiesses and pinnacle are applied to the (nbric in profusion, but in thc Ivno1a therc " Sr 'i nin S rythm. the "Virgin anH liks Blytheville, and feel I am entitled to a second term and hope you who do not personally knew the record of my Administration will take lime to investigate and that you will give my cause a fair and honest consideration. If you do that I will be satisfied whatever the results may be. Tt is e'.Lstomary where a Mayor gives a! ec>cd account of his stewardship' %o :iave a second term without opposition. "I am not Hi? candidate of any one man or faclion. rather Ihe candidate for all thc people of Blythevjlls. I hope they are all rp#, friends, knowing they arc all my constituents. I have, served them to the very best of my ability. I. In all probability, have made- seme mistakes but if any one will show me a man In, Blytheville who has not made some mistakes in the past two years I will pay for !iis announcement, pay the fee for placing his name on the llckct. withdraw from this race and help elect him PThankln; you in advance for past favors, and carneslly soliciting your further refcrment, I am re. spectfuliy, ^ "NEILt, REED." drawn by Robert dc Luzarchcs. Thn i-TTldinlK- H/-V, „.,,! ;~i riur <-* n ui; ^en ill uie jiitcriiu ^Wadornmnt rtVSS 'f. ^ *" ?™% .;,*. «~t»* t r -.™ iv,~ i,,,. .";:-j _r chcir to the apse with its radt: ricr dates from the best period of; ^ . Gothic •"•* 1 c - ru; Child," 'The Ijasl JudEincnt," mar- tyiTi, saints and confessors arc arrrng the crowning fealures The same union of grace and beauty that charactrriy?s trie exterior can be seen in the interiior, as the. adtating apse of :.—«n chapels. The west front was called th3 "Bible of Amiens" by John Ruskih, who V.TCI'.O a brok -il/cut it, because th^ v.-r.ole 13ible history is chrono- '. loaicJliy toM in the quarlErfoil r-:- licfa -n ilie;. Federal Agent's Alias Was "Geo. Wickersham" Thc building is 442 feel Icng and 154 feet v;ide. Twice in the last f-fl years Amiens felt th" inni'^d fi:t rf Germany at war. Tn 1870 the city fell c^p'.ivc, but suffered nr> injury. Hov.cver. | dining the World War they play- Mushroim T One and ono-hnlf cups chopper ir.ushroojiis, 2 tahlespcons butter.i 1-2 c.:p st?.'e bread crumbs, 1 cup -nil;:. 1-2 teaspoon salt; 2 wgs. .'". M?H butter and add mushrooms. Cwk n\n minutes- Add milk and bread cr.imb^ and coot five mlri- u;es longer.' Sftson with' -'Bait and pcpicr arid odd yolks of eggs well b^n•.l ! n. r.err.oVo from fire and fold In whites 'I eggs b?aten until itltt and dry. Fill buttered, molds find p!a:e in a pan of hot water. Caver vrfth but'ored paper and bikd. 30 mlnuies in a modcrataly tii)t-dfen Unsold nn'a hot sorvlnB dlih »nd serve with— " obfdionci: while thc children nrc :iit!l }ouni;. That comes latiT; Ihroush the older children [mlluihf (heir eldiTi," Mrs. Ays| cough snlcl. ; Mrs. Ay.iroi'Kh. who Is lecturing j In America this fpilii 1 /, was born | hi China, her fntlier ov.-ncd n lino of steamers that .sailed the Yang«. *lie «rcw up there, was mar-• ,, lr . (1 ; ,, hlm ,i rcds ol i lu , c Chinese Of nl.ll, "Stomach gas pressed so hard on my Itcart I had to g«l up night:. I begun using Adlerlka and h^ve been entirely relieved."—R. P. Kruejer. Adlcrlka relieves QA3 ana ;cjr stomach tn TEN mlnutcil Acts en I1OT11 upper and lower bowel, removing old poisons you ncvsr knew were there. Don't lake medicine which cleans only PART of bswcU. bin let AdlcrUca give stomach and bowels a UUAb cleaning and SM how good you f«ll City Druj Stcii. —Aclv-1. I.:iti rnt.s L'tne cxflctly what their par- lit them to l;0-" A Sliuleiil uf China Mis. Ayscoiigli hns boon Inlcr- rled there and' has spent most of j children during her life there. In the manv ctmrl- Oii"iii clilldr yords of her home at KiaiiKsu on thc Ytxyijt/e. n.-vrral families of Chinese children grew up. "These clilldrcn are loved anil, accord lug to westt'in stand a ids, Mrs AyscDUgh Kn'.d. "Es- Iieclallv (ho boys. Hill of course- the Chinese think some western notions cf iipbrliinliiti the height (if ubsurdlty. They have njvcr been able to see why \vc commantl children. They say, "Until n child icr years In thc (if Hie servants anuml them, of her Chinese friends, llv tiny apprentices who worked on her Chinese house. Shu \'j steeled in Chinese lore Chln.'se philosophy as only the exceptional rnic* person spending a :ero's »IO,Of)0-.worth, ol horsencsh. us.champion Arabian Btced having >ecrr'"pufc4iascd by Philip K.-Wrig- iy. noted for his famous Arab stables, .-for hlsv Catallna Island, Calif., n^cho. -Tija horse's name U v'ft'^y.lUabB...-,>;! Is old enough to appreciate un ample, why Is he to be bothered v:Ph ccinmnnds?" Little Chinese children, uni'.or the old traditional system, were always allowed In do what they liked, without interfer- ( i dice or rules. | !\fis. Ayscouijh incnllor.^d ells-1 jusstng thc (ilainc'.rically oppcscd Ideas of child training wilh her teacher, "Mr. Cultivator of 13am- bcos." "A chilli lias a natural impulse to disobey orders," K> explained thc eld Chinese views In her. "A child hns Jiisl as natural nn Impulse to imitate Its parents," lie continued. "Just consider ther.? two impulses, let the child do a.i he wishes, do net restrain him nnd. In time he will begin Imitating his elders and giow into a son who will he most considerate nnd obedient." "Somehow or other," Mrs. Ayscough added her observation, "Ihe spoiled liltle children do seem loj lift: time there can bcccme steep I'd. Sho hns always ijiokeu Chi nesc and lead it. though she luis a modesty about her accomplishments born of living In the Orient tieincndmi.'Oy pleasing in contrasl " to thi? usuti" American swagger. In her "A Chinese Mirror" Mrs. Your mcssace to Courier News Ad Taker will be transmitted I o 17.0CO readers. Call 300. RE§UU$ fife Certain A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Bechamel One run' chicken stock," 1 The facidc, flanked by twoi «! have- wilh the church, battcr- rquare towers, has thrf,-> portals! ing in many of its glorious win- decorated with a profusion of sta-1 dows as well as part of its stone- ttiaiy. The portals are surromid-1 H ,vork. Censorship of French Mayor Causes Protests- tlon of llle Boston street directory citizens' names apparently were IMPOUTANCE COUNTED BOSTON, (UP)-fn the 1789 ,idi- LA ROCHEI-LK. France. .UP.-'!^ >» ^°!^, T/ "Jfl r . im ,P° r M-lion picture producers and play wrUhts are nrofsling against the . : lance. Facsimile. 1 : of !he first dirco- onion. 2 slices- carrot bay . leaf, 1 snrlg parsley G peppercorns; 4 tablespoons flcur, 1-U teaspoon salt 1-2 cun tliick creim, 1-8 teaspoon white- repper. yolk^ 2 eggs. If chicken stock Is no', at hand dissolve I bouillon cube in a cup boiling water. Add onion, euro! Cover nnd simmer 20 minutes Strain. Mirtt butter, add flour ani to-' leaf, parsley and peppercorns cook and stir until bubbling. Add sleek slowly stirring to avo-i lumping. Oook until thick »n smooth. Add cream and eg£ yolks beaten together and ketr> hot ove hot water. Season with salt ptprw before serving. Canned pears in mint jelly n an attractive and delicious sala lo accompany a meat or fish i or this salad can be nerved alon with sandwiches. Marshmallow pudding is an ex- rvi7iiit dessert lo make early in thc morning and tuck away in tho refrigcratlr until needed. Couglis from cola's may lead lo ee- riinu trouble. You can tlop llicm i:ow ^^il!l CrcoDiuliion, aa euiuUlfied cr(M=otL- llint Is pleasant to take. Grmimlsion is a medical ilixom; wilh .iKn.fiiM action; it aooltici inj lienjs lln; Indimcil mcniljraiK'S and In- 01 nil known drugs ercoootc u zcc^ oKiiUcd liy liicli mciliral auihoritiei us one ol Itio grcilcil hcjlitif ajencit* for couylis from colds and bronchial inilations. Creomulsion containi, In addition to creosote, other heallnB; clement* wtich toothe and leal tho Inllamcd membranei and (top the ir- rilillon, while the creoiolc goei on to the ilotnacli, i> abtorbed into Ihe blood, anaclu the aeat. of the trouble and check* the jtowih of the Bermt. Cieooiultian ii guaranteed uliific- lory in the Ireanoent of coughi froca coldt, bronrhilii and minor forma ol bronchial inlliliou, and ia fi«ll«u for lulldlng up the lyitcm after coldt or flu. Monef refunded if not re- lleTed after taking according todirec- lions. Atk your drujslsl. (adr.) CREOMULSION change miraculously nt ndoiescmce i FOR THE COUCH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON » ( t$ai ;'peso'ns, v . ge '"'•'• '- so'ns, v . generously. apricots, csrt*],'- ei fijn^itgjq \pdaehcd In milk • ' arloy and mush- jpu^orts, .apple and Whole wheat peanut Tjlllli, tea. _.j Ji,^ Broiled Umb chops, crewii^d • "potatoei, buttered carrots and' pets. Jlme "Jelly salad, caramel custirn- crisp -.ccoklcs. milt, coffee. PRISON SHIP TO HAUL BUM PARIS,' tUP)—The French prison-ship Uartlnlere, dreaded convict ship, will pay her way on her ue.\t crossing of the Atlantic within a few days with a load ol 350 convicts bound for Devil's Island. The Martln'oro' will load her lower deck cases with rum on the return j voyaga «nd head for Havre. • , UJ "" ,: :u r ,' for constipation," writes Mrs. G. C. rf * hrr'rt- ll^ums. of this place. "My mother «m a Uht«;mr.ns' " ncl lathcr USCd ll )n " 1Clr h ° m ° ""'tea^SSi^ ''°< S'^ 3 ' a " d : w05 rals< ^ lo thlnk wn-?ms are iiroi'-si.iis asa:iisi mu --- -•-- ------- -— -.- , ;., " of it aa the first thing If I had a activities of the nor n-.avsr of Ui! ^ :f ' "} that >'°f: sl l?*" ^ cut -mr-Mrallows In -.mall nice-' 1" rtacne or was consllpatcd. Rochcllo, M, Leonce V.,lW. who; ^on^bte Ba^uc A,..^ ,c« he | ^"^'nui^'ch^S,^ ^. "Since I have had a home of MarEhmallow One-half oound marahmallows. 1-2 cup English cup ehcppcd CR cup whipping cream. 2 tablespoons SALLOW SKIN ' AND GAS PAINS! Texas Lady Troubled By Indigestion Until She Took Black-Draught. Buna, Texas.—"I hava taken Black-Draught eU my life, whenever I was In need of a medlclno Interesting Homes are Mirrors of those who live in them has imtitutcd him.'Oif as censor of all the city's cinemas and playhouses. The mayor claims his censor lights ss director of the police de- rartn-?nt. He hns ordrred that all plays and films m:ist be approved by him b?fore being sl'.own. An appeal has been made to the Oovernnunl. Icry ever Issued here, which ap-, show that mlla ," led the Cnt -; A's. where:"? tht last name listed f 5 , rnv.-dercd sugar. 1-2 teaspoon va- 'Samuel! Whip cream until firm, add sugai my own. I have taken Black-Draught under this letler was „ ^>, -,,. , . . , Adams, truckman." This nl»n was nna fold »" Feared marshmallows nul3 and cherries. Turn into ever they n«ded a faithfully followed throughr:ut the bo-k. OV) CitirrnO Ascs 101S Years COI.DWATFR. Mich.. (UP)—The combined ages of 11 of CoMwater's oitiest residents tntal 1.018 years, according to canva^ers for the city tiircclorv. Mem ben. of the group j and given it to my children when- u U ,LU i.., L ii,^u *«.i. ...,- - medicin; of and let stand several hours the kind. 'crnrfonrl/ T>° ""',•(• i' I «e Charles H. Bard. 92: James i O»° cup chopr.'cl dates, 1 table- In reporting results irom meir SaUlj,l'Ul'lorO3PAH(I!CatlOn Carrather, 02; Mrs. Martlm Cor- UP°OI« "our, 1 teaspoon baking 1 use of Thedford's Black-Draught, to chill. Serve with a small crisp cookie. mto pudding is- another dessert that can be baked early in thc morning and put aside unlil ready to serve- « • • Date Funding cup chopfi^d dates, S table- "At one tune, I had indigestion real bad. I was all out of sorts. My skin was sallow and I hn:l bad gae pains. After a course of Black- Draught, I got all right. "I frequently use Black-Draught with the children, In cases o! colds ar.d digeslive disorders." In reporting results from their -al P"w'der, 1 cup walnut meats. 1 cup. m any people say that several gene- The money will bo used to ccn- GO1.DSBORO. N. C. CUP) — A i beaten, nuts and floured dates, K-DRftUI Tin o: men wove held tho terminal and improvement of|»hocs behind a lombste.i« in the vanilla .. a hearing on liquor charges, the new postofflce site. All thee» rules are planned to For Constipatioit, Indigestion.Biliousncsf iL/iey have n subtle nir of charm and grnciousncss . . - '" their furnishings .... their arrangements for living comfort .... ^specially telephone ctmvcnir.ncr. , > > * •\ ^ s Homes reflect, (lie. pci-sonalit.ios of ihcirowiiors. A fou-nrc dull, lifeless, inconvenient; otliers nrc sparkling nnd joyous ... a plcnsuro to visit bccotisc you know tlicy arc a pleasure lo live in. And in fliesc homes you will find the sun parlor ... in the breakfast nook, or kitchen ... on the library table . . . bedchambers and guest i-oorn . . . mold's room ... in fact, everywhere they will bring ease in placing and answering calls. Even in n small homo, you can save an extraordinary amount of time and many, many steps by having enough telephones. Telephone convenience is almost a necessity in modern homes. And its cost is surprisingly moderate. that things are plnnned with a view We will he glad to help you select to greatest comfort and convenience. tho best locations in your own home Telephones, for instance, nre located wherever they will save steps and for telephones ..... Just call tho Business Office, Southwestern Bell time and efloi t. By an easy chair in Telephone Company.

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