The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1956 · Page 9
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1956
Page 9
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 21, 1956 ad 9 LOCUST TONIGHT 8:30 MATINEE TODAY 8:3 HELD OVER! Move To Forrest Theatre Monday Far Ob Extra Week , Da3nPi3cGaVifi i aw JoidQiitOan WALNUT TONIGHT 8:30 MATS. TODAY St WED. 8:30 "A RATTLINS GOOD THRILLER" ulletio IEO G. JESSIE BOYCi CARROLL LAHDIS IN A NEW TMULLEk fclMlYN WILLIAMS " wiffc HGWAR3 ST. JOHN ROBERT HARDY ou.cfj by ALLAN DAVIS FORREST Last Eve. 8:30 LAST MAT. TODAY 1:30 "A Comedy as Delightful as it is comical." Bulletin tHS PLAYWRIGHTS COMPANY presents BAUD 17AYEE A New Comedv by JOSEPH FIELDS and JEROME CH0D0R0V Bssed on EUDORA WELTY'S Novel gTnnrs'o"o"oo"a"o'o B"asirgflo"o'0'gs 'SKUBERT Last Eve. 8:30 LAST MAT. TODAY 2:30 "A must on your theatrical list! " ! INQUIRE "Broszy & amiable It's all fun!" BULLBTIN "Rollicking musical, deliriously funny daily news SMASH EITMSSiCALCCMEDT I SEATS AT BOX OFFICE LPJO LOeUST2Ss.B8g.MEN-Jan.23 ST. inCAIKE SEATS NOW ON SALE WARD G. ROBINSON C " A Lore Story by PADDY CHAYEFSKY Iroduced & Staged by JOSHUA LOGAN ' as GENA ROWLANDS H1LADELPHIA V,? of?umc ORCHESTRA TONIGHT AT 8:30 SZELL Conducting WFRFR "Oberon" Overture BEETHOVEN :. ; Pastoral Symphony DELIT7S Prelude, "Innelin" DEBUSSY : "La Mer" Tlrkets at Box Office Mail Orders Filled 7302-04 Sansam St. Admirnl 2808 Walt Disney's 'African Lion' ul N. 5th Also Disney Selected Shorts Plus Randolph Scctt "Lawless Street Sat. Matinee 1 :30. Special Big Kiddie Show AIJ.. Midvale Free Parking Lot Mlae" atCresson JANE WYMAN CHARLTON HESTOI nUCY GALLANT" TECH. Special Kiddie Show Matinee 1 P. M Boy Scout Jamboree' Feature plus li nr. '5Uckey Mouse" unom caiiii'ai Amhicuirlar 56th A WAT- AT 1 PM . Amoossaaor Balt EVE FR 6:30 Craord "QUEEN BEE" VAN HEFLIV "THE GOLDEX MASK" Mat. Onlv "Taraan t Green Goddess "THE GOLDEN MASK" 5 CARTOONS 5 'QI.'EEN BEE" Not Shown at Matinee Anthony Wayne S5. W VIVTE? LEIGH. KENNETH MORE "DEEP BLUE SEA" FEATURE SHOWN EVENING ONLY MAT "T4RZAN AND THE APE MAN" PLUS MICKEY MOUSE FESTIVAL, a 5'2nd A Cont. Battle of .u v.,. Ti Mnnatera juuinywu i'wii - BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES' THE DEADLY 1 HORRIFYING I TtBKllfluI "KING DINOSAUR" Mat. Added 3 Cartoons 3 Stooges Comedy A won mo Gtn. atf Cont. from 12 Noon I,hirh ' Cinemascope. Technirolor tTf-iTATjr Fr.AN DANA WYNThK "VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD" Randolph Scott "LAWLESS RTREET" MATl.NJ.fc l..ArC 1 KJi ,lmnu Bala ??vcS7d "MARTY" Err.est Borgnine. oest "-L" " u-iA Mat "Kin Richard" Cartoons j B Cm. st Annat Free Parking Sana BOX Continu0us Fr. 1:30 P. M. Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Wendell Corey "THE BIG KNIFE" Plus- Vivien Leigh. Kenneth Moors "DEEP BLUE SEA" a.,,., 6054 Castor. Ray Miliand penner .Girl ta the Krd velvet swings Mat. Big Kid Show Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll A Mr. Hyde' csrts ser. shnrs Rancnn Big Kid. Mat. 12:30 P. M. Benson Fnlll of the iMands" Tech. 64th A Abbott & Costello Feature Woodl'A . 5 CARTOONS 5 SERIAL AFTER 5 P. ti. Zacharv Scott. Yvonne DeCarlo "FLAME OF THE ISLANDS"Tech. PLUS "NO MAN'S WOMAN" Rnulavnrrl Brkline ASTONISHING! I BOUierara & Great Bwk Brought to Life VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD" Big Kiddie Matinee Every Sat. at One Jungle Jim" & "Sob of Davy Crockett" b.j fkottpr CINEMASCOPE. Boyd-tnester COLOR DeLuxE LANA TURNER. RICHARD BURTON FRED MacMURRAY. JOAN CAULFIELD "THE RAINS CF RANCHIPUR" Presentations: 1:25, 3:25. 5:25. 7:25. 9:25 B-flrf S13 N. RICHARD EGAN . " Sroad "View Fre Posieey's Head" Rrvn Mawr FREE PARKING Bryn rviawr ConL from p GRACE KELLY CARY GRANT "TO CATCH A THTEF Cambria WICHITA" "SKABENGA" 6631 GRACE KELLY aSTOr Castor "TO CATCH A THIEF" 1 P. M. "Jungle Maneaters" A 8 Cartoons frffflfr" y mm ED ft I I I i i m m . m a s e ara i ntiT n n mam avsiyirjk. me m . . r? ww rm wm m rm as k b v si ' ' m t m z -uaiiii" u r s it j;iihvi.iii.i . . . . . -I For speed and convenience in olacin, a I I 6 N. I ZTil Die " 9. a-- - wil ' ' "WnWIUHB ! . LOT-W0" 15 ..CO.9 ' ll'N JHVUSAtiU li A "Treasure of Pancho Villa" Color h Want-Ad in Philadelphia. Leading want- ,,.- R,rf,WMi JrTl U V'.A Kn '' 'DAT iBhtWH tV H....iuiiS .. S W"'1 .mTZV" a'ArfmsWt Mat. 1: Ee. . Wavwljr: HIt.l;Et.7 Id newspaper ... call Rl 6-5000, a ttirecs i " ii i iu . 1 mw mtmw atom " vnwn as a JSJ , J ? --rrr ....... m line to an Inquirer Ad-Taker. - Terminol Ooroge. 26 A Jtttaast iht. I . . .. . . - ' fc. , ,',,,' ll I . -J 'jrri i a e a. ST. ...... t J; i " VISIT d " ylV 'TyTf 'JrZ OOOO FAMILY .' Amusement Guide MUSIC ACADEMY Philadelphia Orchestra, 8:30. THEATERS ACADEMY FOYF.R-HFDGEEOW "Androe- lea mad the Lion," 8:30. FORREST "The Ponder Bears." 3:30. 8:30. LOCUST "The Innkeepers." 2:30. 8:30. SHCBEBT "The Boy Friend." 2:30. 8:30. WALNUT "Someone Waiting," 2:30. 8:30. FILMS , V ARCADIA "Trial" (109 mln.), 11. 12:50. 2:40. 4:33. 6:25. 8:20, 10:15. 11:55. BOYD "Cinerama Holiday" (119 mln.). 2:30, 7:30. 10:30. FOX "The Lieutenant Were Skirts" (98 mln.). 11:20. 1:20. 3:15, 5:15. 7:15. 9:15. 11:20. Opens today. GOLDMAN "The Square Jnnrle" (88 mln.)''. 10:30, 12:30, 2:25. 4:25. 6:25. 8:25. 10:20. 11:55. , , :. MASTBACM "At Gunpoint" (80- mln.), 10:55. 12:40. 2:25. 4:10. 5:53. 7:40, 9:25. 11:10. MIDTOWN "Diane" (110 min). 10:03: 12:03. 2:05. 4:10. 8:10. 8:10. 10:15. 11:55. y'-'-i NEWS "Boadhoose" (95 mln. ).: 9:20. 12:30. 3:40, 6:50. 10. "Cinanaron Kid"- (83 min.). 8. 11:05, 2:20. 5:30., 8:40. 11:40. RANDOLPH "Gars and Dolls" (148 min.). 8. 11:05, 2:20. 5:30. 8:40. 11:40. STANLEY -Ransom (103 mln.). 11, 12:53. 3, 5. 6:55. 9. 11. STANTON "The Man With the Golden" Arm" (119 min.). 9:30. 11:30, ,1:30. 3:35. 5:40. 7:40. 9:45. 11:45. STUDIO "I Am a Camera" (98 mln , .11:10, 1:05, 3. 4:50. 6:45. 8:40. 10:35. TRANS-LUX "The Trouble With Harry" (99 min ). 11:15. 1:15, 3:15. 5:15. 7:15. 9:15. 11:15. TRANS-LUX WORLD "Dance Little Lady" (87 min.). 11:10. 1. 2:50. 4:35. 6:25. 8:15. 10:05. VIKING "All That Ream Allows" (99 min.). 11:15. 1. 2:45. 4:30. 6:20. 8:05. 9:55. 11:45. PHILADELPHIA academy nnpu rcT o a of Ml sic via. v, 1 Third Children's Concert SAMUEL ANTEK Conducting JOAN NORMA DOLGONOS, Pianist CORINNE SWALL, Narrator Members of BALLET GUILD TODAY at 11 A. M. SOLD our '"music TODAY at 2:30 BURTON HOLMES TRAVELOGUE THAYER SOULE Presents "SUNNY PORTUGAL" $1.95. $1.65. $1.10 Intl. lax. Academy Box Office. Next Wlc. "Cruise to Rio." SATURDAY EVENING, JAN. 21 RALPH FLANAGAN and His Orchestra Sat. Jan. 28 WOODY HERMAN NATIONALLY FAMOUS SUNSET BEACH AIMONESSEN, N. J., JUST 3 MILES $. OFF EXIT 3, N.J.T.P., OFF ROUTE 41 DANCE TONIGHT EVERY FRI. SAT. & SUN. AND HIS CBS ORCHESTRA OSCAR DuMQNT BROAD AND SPRUCE STREETS List .Times Tonight "DETECTIVE STORY" . ". . . Unlimited Supply of Acting-Talent." Schler, Daily News. Prices: $1.10. $1.80, $2.40 Phone KI 5-6299 VI 4-3878 j PtlCCIAN I KIM I w I w ws w 1233 LOCUST ST. KI 5-4423 DINNERS from 95c ; Try Our Hew Continental Chefa Tempting and Wonderful Dishes Open Sun. from 3 P. M. BRTDATj SHOWERS " PARKING FACILITIES DOWNTOWN PHILADEIiPHlA HAS EVERYTHING FOR SEA FOOD Recommend Opposite Reading Terminal 16 N. I ITU ST. Carman ? eb- cont. fr. I P.M. BURLESK Featurinz Phllas Only Theatre Runway On Our Wide Screen JACK PALANCE IDA LUPINO, SHELLEY WINTERS "THE BUG KNIFE" Ctffuna 4o Two Technicolor Hits wyi"'u Gtn. "View Fram Pompey's Head" Don Barry "Jesse James Women" Centurv 6th & Erie Ave. RA 5-6360 wsui ui j B,e Kiddie Snow at 12:30 8 BIG CARTOONS 8 A BIG SURPRISE COMEDY 4 "CAPTAIN VIDEO" BOY ROGERS "MAN FROM OKLAHOMA" EVENING ONLY LAST TIMES RICHARD DANA 2 TOP EGAN WYNTER NEW STARS "View From Pompey's Head" a. Feature 6:35-10:07 Fla&SINCERELY YOURS' City Line Center Vl30? Free Park. 1000 Cart Academy Award Winner VIVIEN LEIGH "DEEP BLUE SEA" Color, CinemaScope, Stereo. Sound Feature at 5:45. 7:50. 10:0O Special kiddie matinee today 12:30 P. M. i no Kohot Monster' Extra Cartoons Clearfield 2512 E. Mat. Lucille Ball Clearf'd 'MAGIC CARPET' "ILLEGAL" PLUS COLOR CAKT00N3 JAMES DEAN. FEAT. 5:50. 9:15 "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE" EDWARD G. ROBINSON 'ILLEGAL' 7:45 College Swarth- SPECIAL CHILDREN'S more SHOW SAT. 1 P. M. "RED SKIES OF MONTANA" PLUS COLOR CARTOONS & SERL4L HELD OVER Alfred Hitchcock's Mvsterv Thriller "TO CATCH A THIEF' VISTA VISION. TECHNICOLOR STARRING ACADEMY AWARD WWINNEt GRACE KELLY. CARY GRANT TONIGHT ONLY FEATURES 5:45 & 10:10 PM AMPLE FREE PARKING Colonial 1101 continuous showing Vl Ritner DOORS OPEN 12 NOON SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW 25c TO ALL AN ALL DISNEYRAMA SHOW 12 CARTOONS 'A PAL ADVENTTTUE "PROWLERS OF THE EVERGLADES" Eve. Only "View From Pompey's Head" Crest " "Pel ARTY" Mat. Only "Abbott Csstells Ge t Mars" Carts. Dante 1?L Federal Cont. from 1 P. M. Double Feature "Count 3 & Pray" Also 2nd Feature . GRACE WILLIAM KELLY HOLDEN "Bridges at Toko-Ri" Devon 6333 evening from 7 p. m. ... . THIS IS HORRIBLE SPINE CHILLING DOUBLE FEATURE "KING DINOSAUR" "BEAST WITH 1,000,000 EYES Both features will be shown at Sat Mat. 1 F. K Plus Chap. 4 "Phantom Empire" Gen Antry SslS. SUNDAY "DLSPERAIB HOIKS" iMssaeOsu ManWithGoldenArm' Film Drama at Stanton By MILDRED MARTIN More horrifying than any so-called horror picture, "The Man With the Golden Arm," starring Frank Sinatra as a "golden-armed" dealer and drug addict of the Chicago slums, opened yesterday at the Stan ton. Produced and directed by Otto Preminger in "defiance of the Motion Picture Association of America's Production Code, which forbids the showing of narcotics. addiction on the screen; released by United : Artists despite the withholding of the MPA.A.'s seal of approval, this dramatization of Nelson Algren's novel provides a sometimes revolting, sometimes dreary excursion into the lives of a full set of American lower-depths characters. , SENSATIONAL ASPECTS Since none of these people is basically interesting enough to arouse pity not even Sinatra's Frankie Machine the film must depend upon Its sensational aspects for attention. And sensational it is, under Preminger's direction and with Sinatra fighting against and being drawn back into the narcotics habit, taking "fixes," wavering between his supposedly wheelchair-bound wife and a doe-eyed girl, dealing the hands for Schwiefka and his big spenders, and, through his own inability to shake off the "monkey" on his back, losing his longed-for chance to play the drums in a band when he muffs an audition. There are horrifying scenes of Frankie locked in Molly-O's room as he subjects himself to the "cold turkey" treatment for "kicking" the habit. And there are grisly scenes of the preparation and ad ministration of "fixes." But these are only isolated episodes in the whole over which hovers the un healthy climate of physical and moral decay of a world peopled by drunks, thieves, dope peddlers, morons and the hopelessly inade quate. BLEAK AND UGLY , - "The Man With the Golden Arm" is, as adapted by Walter Newman and Lewis Meltzer, a bleak, ugly, purposeless drama. Even so, it has been considerably altered and softened in translation from book to screen, which may or may not be an advantage. Now, un- Phila.'i "Off-Broadway" Theatre last Time Tonisht 8:30 MARTY COHEN Staged by Hewers' Pell SI. U.K. S1.50. For Bee. Phone LO T-0900 (day) rv s-9885 (area.). Abbey Playhouse, 5265 Kidge Ave. 1 Min. from City Line Are. Bridge. 15 mine, from Center City via Blver Drive. Also E, Z, B buses. Free Parkins. vwraasosweaassi lAf I t QP THE PICTURE OF THEl YEAR! 3UYS and DOLL! MARLON BRANDO - JEAN SIMMONS FRANK SINATRA VIVIAN BLAINE m CinEMASCOPeVno in COLOR I TALKINGr ABOUT TOE Thrrific fiq hi Scene 1 -Luis, , SorCf ACfempow GAT TftE OIDMAN LanaHjrner amea ROSFB ARMENDAR!ZrV100RE - Dell 40th Tech., James Dean Girard Jnrenile Delinquent Problems 'REBEL WITHOUT A CACSE" Diamond 6and Continuous GIANT 3Vz HOUR SHOW RsSuph "A LAWLESS STREET" Lex Barker "Duel on the Mississippi" Matiy 10 BIG CARTOONS Tomorrow: The Horror Show of All Time! nulociniun County JACK PALANCE new J lsiw ww Theatre "I Died 1000 Times" Fllic Fkd. Ave. Free Parking K,H Bridice St. Kid Show til 4 P. M. Jack Palance, Shelley Winters, Cine., Color "I Died 1000 Times" "Flame of the Islands" Yvonne DeCarlo, Howard Duff, Zachary Scott Giant Kid Show 13:30 Abbott & Costello "Last in Alaska" "Flams of the Islands" C-3-m 19th & Cheltenham, Mat, 1:30 PM Abbott & Costello "In Alaska" "Cartoons" CONT. TONIGHT FROM 5:45 JACK PALANCE, IDA LUPINO "THE BIG KNIFE" 7iop.aM. Plus 5:45, 9:00 P. M. Frank Lovejoy . mo "SHACK OUT ON 101" ..;.. Rrosd k Olney. Free Parking t5Sulrc Continuous from 1:00 P. M. JACK PALANCE, IDA LUPINO, WENDELL COREY "BIG KNIFE" Plus: Vivien Leigh, Kenneth Mora "DEEP BLUE SEA" Fans 40th Jfjrkrt KIRK DOUGLAS l," aLT S SE S ' "APACHE A.MBrSH" Fern Rock 6stet . VIVIEN LEIGH. KENNETH MORE "The Deep Blue Sea" CinemaScope-Color-Stereophonic Sound Sts. Children Mat. 1:30. Res. Feat. Not Shown Girard lxhk Bl Kiddle Mat, 12:30 Girard "Tonsrhest Man Alive" "BOWERY BOYS MEET MONSTER" 5 Cartoon Last Chapt. "SEA HOUND" . AFTEil 5 P. M. DANE CLARK "Tha Tcughsst Man Alive"' CINEMASCOPE, COLOR JENNIFER JONES "GOOD MORNING, MISS DOVE" GretnA 7th k "Man .With a Gun" Snyder "Escape to Hong- Kon k" Green Hill phi la, premiere " FOR MYSTERY FANS Whole snow is a Pleasant One N. Y. Times it 3 CASES OF MURDER ft With Orson Welles. Leueen McGrath From Short Stories by Somerset Maugham Roderick Wilkinson. Brett Halliday Mat. 1:30. Feat. 1:30. 6:30, 8:30. 10:30 Hamilton Spec. Kid. Mat. 12:30 RANDOLPH SCOTT 60th Lans. GABBY HAYES WESTERN PLCS CLYDE BEATTY "BIG CASE" Eve., color. "Rebel Without a Cause" Hill 8324 Gtn. J. A. Rank Presents W. Somerset Maugham's "QUARTET" A Cleverly Balanced Mixture of Humot ana jueioarama With 40 of Britain's Top Star FEATURS 6. 8. 10 P. M. - -jc v - a l ' -Ji m m Mm jssi. ss m an ii arav iijmv rnurer u.jmi -rn cw-'- m--ii ,. r- .j .z u j i m r tit n. r n, - , r t r-ntsn w a 11 UuiiurDivnt.i,inm "i died like Algren, the film finds hope for Frankie, largely through turning his poor slattern of a wife into a hypocrite who can walk if she wants to and who only uses her injury to bind Frankie to her as relentlessly as he is bound by his addiction. Moving with Sinatra through this macabre nightmare is a large and gifted cast which, like the star, shuns no part of the death-in-life study of a sickening world. HONORS DIVIDED Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak divide such feminine honors as there are as Zosh, the petulant wife at whose presumably crippled feet most of Frankie's trouble is laid, and Molly-O, who, with a heart as golden as her hair and Frankie's arm, risks death to help him. Darren McGavin, currently having his own footlight difficulties in "The Innkeepers" at the Locust, plays the smirking, oily and melodra-matical vicious "pusher," Louis; Robert Strauss, Schwiefka, Frankie's double-crossing boss; Arnold Stang, dim-witted Sparrow, who steals dogs and adores Frankie, and Emile Meyer, police captain Bednar. George Mathews and George E. Stone provide a welcomely normal if nasty, bit as intended victims of a three-day poker game. Others swarming through the depressing action are John Conte, Doro Me-rande, Leonid Kins key. Will Wright, Frank Richards, Tommy Hart and Frank Marlowe. Marriage License Applications Elizabeth Coulter, 21. 2351 78th are., and Clifford Bader, 22, Phoenixville. Catherine High. 30. 817 E. Girard BTe.,i and Ernest Schmitt, 35, 3249 N. American St. I Anna Williams, 45. 2118 Reed St., and David Whitfield. 47, 2118 Reed St. Cecelia Mary Conlin. 24, 6623 N. 12th St., and Joseph DiGiacorr.o. 2?. 6529 Windsor st. Shirley Theresa Allen, 24, 17 N. Peach St., and William Bunch. 24, 5419 Pine st. Johnie Russell. 37. 901 S. 16th St., and Edward Hillard, 47. 901 S. 16th st. Anna Rose Langfelder. 53, 4516 Old Tort rd.. and Philip Gross, 66, New York City. Cecelia Elizabeth Low. 21, 7527 Briar rd., and George Carey, 24, 7521 Woolston aye. J. Lucy O Byrne, 22. 832 N. 63d St., and Philip Bender. 26, 5927 Malta st. Olivia Harbin. 22, 8403 Holstein aye., and Cecil Valentine. 32, 3817 N. Grats st. Joan Corriston, 21, Yeadon, and Fred Prederickson, 25. 1819 S. Cecil st. Charlotte Albey, 21, 5136 Ranstead St., and Janses Popley, 26, 29 N. 50th St. Odessa Baynton. 21. 1615 Swain St., and Frederick Williams, 23, 1614 Swain st. Victoria Cusanelll, 32, Presidential Apts.. and Waldron Malone, 31, 937 W. Fishers aye. Irene Burrell. 19. 126 N. Yewdell St., and Ralph Clark, 21, 534 Mercy st. Edith Dillon, 23. 1804 N. Front St., and Robert Gallagher, 27, 1617 E. Eyre st. June Stith, 18, 2232 N. 21st St., and James Bland. 21. Louisville. Ky. Jacqueline Anne Hauser. 25, 4748 Hazel ave.. and Louis Tucker, 31, 922 N. 63d St. Angeline Traboscia. 25, Wyndmoor, and John Villano, 31, 1030 Morris St. Prince Bila Smith. 36. 115 Summer at., and Robert Harris. 44. 115 Summer st. Myrna Marquette. 23. 1534 B. Pastorlua St.. and Joseph Gura, 24. 3610 Wharton st. Ehe OlAMIS MARKA SWCCUfilC PAVAN- HARDWiCKE w "5 Howard Front beL Continuous fr. 1 I. M. CARY GRANT. GRACE KELLY "TO CATCH A THIEF" ALDO RAY, PHIL CAREY "3 STRIPES IN THE SUN" PJC Kens. JACK PALANCE SHELLEY WINTERS. WEXDELL COREY "BIG KNIFE" Yvonne DeCarlo, Howard Duff. Color "FLAME OF THE ISLANDS" Jaeircen 5lh& Sp- Mat- 1:30 ejaua'.'u law. in-iA ai la TON'ITB "LADY GODIVA" MAl'BEEV O'HARA EDWARD ARNOLD "MAW OF CONFLICT" Jeffries ?- "YELLOWNECK" "The Green Buddha" mint Jumbo Kirk Dous138- Tech- Front V Girard " U L Y S S E S V JOHN PAYNE. RHONDA FLEMING "Tennessee's Partner" MAT. ONLY 5 CARTOONS 5 SERIAL Keswick-GIenside Tkn. FJtEE PARKING Returned by Popular Request Frank Sinatra Katharine Grayson GENE KELLY, JOSE ITURBI ANCHORS AWEIGHCoIor by Tech. Evening Feature 6:45-9:35 KIDDIE SHOW TODAY 1 P. M. ' BLACK EAGLE" PLUS 5 CARTOONS & A 3 STOOGES COMEDY Lawndale 6613 Rising Sun Ave. Continuous from 2 P. M. OUR PATRONS CHOICE FOR THIS WEEK-END IS PROOF ENOUGH THAT THE NEED FOR GOOD ENTERTAINMENT IS ALWAYS FULFILLED ." BY A GOOD MOTION PICTURE. THIS PARTICULAR FILM IS A GOOD ONE. IT WON NINE ACADEMY AWARDS. AND IT HAS AN ALL-STAR CAST HEADED BY" SUCH GREAT ACTORS AS FREDRIC MARCH DANA ANDREWS MYRNA LOY . THIS FILM IS CALLED "THE BEST TEARS - OF OCR LIVES" Lansdale LM- cinemascope dale. Pa. View frem Pompey's Head I.... 54 ih "To Catch a Thief" Chester Not at the Kids Mat. "ROBINSON CRUSOE" 6 CARTOONS 6 Liberty, Tac 6S18 Torresdale Ave. Eve. Fr. 6:30 P. M. 2 Horrifyins Monster Hits "BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES" Plus: "KING DINOSAUR" Big Kiddie Matinee at 1 :15 I Vrie 2nd Special Kiddie's Mat. ' Morris Aevestsres st Rebinses CrsSM" "The Lion and the Horse" Evs. Only left Mass sf 60s 4 Tannest' Partner rimzzz&szri ... i STiinin mu , . i LIT. f ' stsrrlne MAI 2ETTERLING 1830 MARKET ST. WdRtP t Matinee Today IS to 5 P. M. Big Shows Tonlte 7:30 k 8:55 NEXT WEEK IRMA, "THE BODY"! A WONDERFUL TREAT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY daily o nmiirn l Z SUNDAY UlllllLrU Served 11 A. M. to 9:30 P. M. ROAST CAPON M.55 i VEALSCAL0PP1NE ft BROILED PORK CHOPS Varied Menu of 35 Other Selections Shopper's LUNCHEON f Enjoy tint torn puts Linchesn, Dinner mi Linek Inel. Coffee, Bmb4 mnA Buffs ,nJ Rucwf ,13 N. 13th Coot Open 10.45 A.M. i Bra r " t.. rSwif. LATE SHOW TONTTE Last feature 17:20 pjn The LIEUTENANT WORE SKIR.S CINemaScoPE WPJOIAJ sstsrraif THE THAT I neuct 52nd & Locust. GR 6-2600 Lotu5' Continuous From 1 P. M. VIVIEN LEIGH. KENNETH MORE "Deep Blue Sea" JACK PALANCE, IDA LUPINO "BIG KNIFE" Come as Late as 9:50. See 2 Features Movfair Frank ford at Cottman Mat. 1:15. Eve. fr. 5:15 PM CinemaScope, Color JENNIFER JONES. ROBERT STACK "Goad Morning, Miss Dove" Feature: 1:50, 7:00. 10:15 Plus: Terry lioore, Frank Lovejoy, Keenan Wmn "Shack Out on 101" Feature: 5:30, 8:50 Media Humphrey Fredrio Boart March "THE DESPERATE HOURS" FEATURE 7:10, 9:15 Merben Fkd- free parking Cottman Eve. From 4.45 P. M. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN Hottest Hunk of Film Shot! Jack Shelley Wendell Ida Palance Winters Corev Lupino "THE BIG KNIFE" FEATURE: 6.40. 10.15 Plus: A Story of Illicit Lovw VIVIEN LEIGH "THE DEEP BLUE SEA" CINEMASCOPE-COLOR' Feature at 5.00. 8.35 Gig-antic Kiddie Matinee 1 :00 P. M. rJpKarti Children's Show 1:15 - 11,1 Charlton Heston in 'THE SAVAGE' 4 Cartoona k 'SEA HOUND' Serial Eve. Only "Girl In the Red Velvet Svrintr" New Lyric '.'i:' r'TJm'tl H ' (Feat. Not Shown Sat. Mat.) 5133 Otn. "Treasure of Pancho Villa" Naur Mnuvelii 59th k BATTLE OF Market MONSTERS IT'S TERRIFYING IT'S HORRIFYINfi! "KING DINOSAUR" "BEAST WITH 1,000,000 EYES" NlTOn 52nd Market SH 7-8910 Continuoift Today from 12:30 55c TODAY UNTIL 6:00 P. M. LATE SHOW TONIGHT ! TERRY MOORE. FRANK LOVEJOY "Shack Out on 101" Shoien at t:tO, S.-iS, 8:S0, 11:0 S DANE CLARK IN "Tcughsst Man Alive" Shown at S:iS, 7:10, 9:59' KIDDIE MATINEE TODAY AT 12:30 "The Werewolf of London" & 5 Cartoons STARTS TOMORROW: MARLOV BRANDO "On the Waterfront" & Rita Hayworth "MISS SADIE THOMPSON" N Orris Nornstown. Pa. Year's Best Romantic Comedv FRANK SINATRA. DEBBIE REYNOLDS "THE TENDER TRAP" Technicolor. CinemaScope Overbrook 63rd 6px- Kld- Mat- 12:30 V Haver. RANDOLPH SCOTT & GABBY HAYES WESTERN PLUS CLYDE BEATTY "BIG CAGE" EVE. "VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD" OvorrJ7211 NOT RECOMMENDED ' - - Bis. Sot FOR CHILDREN "THE DEEP BLUE SEA" VTVIEN LETGH. KENNETH MORE IN CINEMASCOPE, COLOR SPECIAL KIDDIE MATINEE 1:00 PM "CAPTAIN PIRATE" CARTOON3 a. -i..:-. , .-. H ll t 4Mf "I am a 1 tc;. (f 7 Camera' V-&Rlias rfsmV Atl. w sss. ....... ... .1 31 s r'a l ? vff-j- -fflUi Pill T IIMIIY"f Ummm7I i ad , II il - " I 31 w nil St nieeass asa aaaaaav a Aats n nil Jano i YiiiA.. uom uudsuh H EI II I II II X THE jIfaiMitirfijff'Rrnao g H I K doors , x 'Zijrz::. fJ&W iiOPEH 1C-.45 ur-BiHumriLtrij ubion' M&l 11 3 W .nee t-s t II 3 If IAST FfcAlunn rj . . t tVoT yl 11 3 all e."- II AXU''. 113 HI 1V.55P.. n - : . m i i a iiitv. v. si m v n is-1 ii" ii ra i m m. m i mi LAST 4 mrf , ZZF P6"A. N. 16 CHESTNUT TRANS-LUX 63RD A LANCASTER FREE PARKING LOT CONTINUOUS TOO AY FROM 1:00 P. M. Feature at 1.20-4.10-7.30-10.30 Rurlesk at 3:10-:R0-:HI f OUR BMm.innt.irM mtK KAK3 1 n.P$ OTWCRS f OM oo noe scseen 1 Lm PALAr&E SHELLY WIXTEESC Its RITA - MORENO MOST TALKED-ABOUT PICTURE OM MOST TALKED-ABOUT SUBJECT Park 3l5t k Dia. Humphrey Bogart. Fredrie March "DESPERATE HOURS' Pearl 21st Ridge ROBERT GUN BATTLES LOVE BATTLES SWORD BATTLES BLOOD BATTLES TAYLOR. DONALD BARRY 'QUE NT IN DURWARD" "JESSE JAMES' WOMEN" Prciffon 23rd Special Kiddie n caiucni Sny(jer Matinee 12-.0O to 4 -JO "Night Monster" & Bowery Boys Feat. Eve. from 6:30, Technicolor 'To Catch a Thief Regal Sat. Mat. Osford Circle, fr. ames Dean "Rebel Without at 1:00 "Houdini1 Cause" & Cartoons Renel 7-3) l'rom 7 F- M- Humphrey Bogart Ogonts "The Ieperate Hours" Mat. Today Lock Hudson "Benoal Brigade" 5 Car. Cinl6153 Spec. Mat. 12:45 IUII0 GtlL 5 CARTOONS 5 "Chare-e at Feather Kiver" Technicolor Evening from 6:45, GRACE KELLY "To Catch a Thief" Binnt lonsho- HUMPHREY BOGART 1X1 UH bocken THE DESPERATE HRS. Mat. 'Desperate Hours' 'Target Earth' Diwlorn'4! Unui, Mat. at 1 P. M. vi w era Mnayimk Eve- fr. 6:30 RONALD REAGAV. RHONDA FLEMING "TENNESSEE'S PARTNER" GREATER THAN KING KONCJ "MIGHTY JOE YOUNG" GIANT KID. MAT. 5 CARTOONS 5 FREE PARKING NEXT TO THEATRE Rival! 53nd Bisrd Conte, Lee J. Cobb Ssnsora "THFEVES HIGHWAY" Marie Windsor, George Montgomery "DAKOTA LIL" Rockland Brd vivien leigh Bock. "The Deep Blue Sea" Terry Moore "Shack Out On 101" Matinee Added "Cosraoe sf Lassie" Cartoon PREVIEW TONTTE 8:30 ONLY 'MARTY Roosevelt 1739 Frankford Ak JE5-1473 "THE DEEP "THE BIG AND BLUE SEA" KNIFE" Extra Today Mat. Onlv 12:30 P. M. "WEREWOLF OF LONDON" 5 COLOR CARTOONS 5 Adults 55c Until 6 P. M. Powvr 6189 FREE PARKING 1 Kidgs Jack Palance. Ida Lupino "THE BIG KNIFE" SCOTT BRADY, AUDREY TOTTER "VANISHING AMERICAN" Special Kiddie Show Todav 1 P. M. 'Arrowhead' 3 Stooges Com. & 6 Cartoons Reg. Feats. Not Shewn Box Office Reopens 4 MS Bavnl Sown ' at: 16th Yvonne Zachary Howard DeCARLO SCOTT DUFF "Flame of the Islands" ALSO FRANK LOVBJOY. TERRY MOORB "Shack Out on 101" Seliersville JACK PALANCE "The Bis: Knife" Sherwood th4 Cont. from 1 P. M. 44 BjK. DOUBLE FEAT. JAMES DEAN 'Rebel Without A Cause' "TARANTULA" The 100-Foot Giant Spider 1519 Chestnut O.l J J'l Ftst! 1 356 :30 ! i H -f M 8J30;10-30 LiXLLLi It 5 ' TODAY-SPECIAL STUDENTS' SHOW at 10:30 A.W. Doors Open 10 A.M. Special Students' Price 12,h MOilTH - snd still the Set It from tht btjinmnj f RANK SINATRA ELEANOR PARKER KIM NOVAK LL2L M 9 S IhE wr. s I lUtf KMSQ REST! LESLIE NIELSEN JUANO HERNANDEZ ROBERT KEITH . A PQwerful Sforyfranfc. Sinafra is UNFORGETTABLE" IWIM MALQHE BRENNAH "GUNPOINT-? LANEBroasa ! 67th Ave Hsmnhre BOGART Frtdrlc MARCH in! i-rcapci sio nuuis Only KIDDIE MATINEE! Th, Arizoniarr" t CARTOONS g Mat. 1:30; Eve. 6 PALACE I3tn A lUrkst Frank SINATRA C'Scopm Debbis REYNOLDS Color -Th TENDER TRAP" &Sterllni Nayden 'Top Gun' CENTER Lex BARKER Color 'Duel on the Mississippi1 A Scott BRADY "Vanishing American" Color 3 i : (ASTOR I Franklin A Glrara j Cont. 130 MIDWAY j Alleg. & Kens. BENN 63ri A Woedlanl Cont. frow 1 ORPHEUM Gtn. A Cneltea Cont. from 1 ARDMORE Cont. 1:30 3 AMBLER Ambl" ra. Mat. 130; Eve. 7 Mat. 1: Es. 6 Jack PALANCE "I DIED A THOUSAND Broadway. loa?, erphena. Strand: Added Ftatsre Lejan: " DIED" E. Only. Mat. ABBOTT A COSTELLO In "HIT THE ICE" Midway, 69th: Added Featsre "SHACK OUT ON 101" Benn: Added Featsre "The BIG KNIFE" from 5. Mat. " DIED" A Cartoons Astor: Added Featsre 'WITNESS TO MURDER' Ambler, 6ro: Added 'TARGET ZERO' Orphean A Logan: Evening Balcony 65c ijSAVOIA Mat. 1, Ee. 7 ! Broad A Morris Walt DISNEY'S l "The AFRICAN LION" Color & Dane CLARK "Toughest Man Alive" 2 FELTON RIs. Ssn.kel. Blvd. '2Dte "est fcut gitb Mat. 1 Eve. 6 special Kiddie EARL"'U Keed Mat. 1; Eve. 7 GRACE KELLY TO CATCH A THIEF" Color Piss: "Jesse James' Wo.en" FAIRMGUNT 26th at. 1; Eve. 7 Glrarrl Dana WYNTER Color "View from Pompey's Head" C'Scope & Walt Disney's 'The African Lion' Color KENT Cantinsoss from 1 Walt DISNEY'S tumu. "The AFRICAN LION" Color Jt 'Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" from 5 Kiddie Mat. "Wizard ef Or" A "African Lien Hi rihCD 41U Centime., tram 1-3Q 3 1 Lane. Robert MITCHUM "MAN WITH THE GUN" & "Treasure of Pancho Villa" Color SLBLRliAN 'AMBLER Ambler, Jsek PALANCE C'Scope jr.. onviipj .micna uukit GROVE wmow "i died ft Richard CONTE, "Target Zero" Ambler: Mat. 130; Evs. 7. Grove: Mat. 1; Evs. 7 Ambler Mat. "Tareet Zero" CARTOONS. Comedy Res. Doable Featsre Shewn Eve. Only. ARDMORE -JiTAT Cn..a 60th & Spruce Sts. SH 7-0805 "r' M-c Bis Kid Show 12:30, 4 hrs. Don't Miss the World's Funniest Comedians Tonits EVENING ONLY EXTRA SHOWS Last complete double 9. Late Feat. 10:30 ciftfe9. "GAME OF LOVE" io:3o "0ne Summer of Happiness Sfn 52nd & Cnestnut Streets wiviivf Continuous From 12 Noon JACK PALANCE, SHELLEY WINTERS "I DIED 1000 TIMES" Plus: Yvonne DeCARLO, Howard HUFF "FLAME OF THE ISLANDS" Stonehurst WALT DISNEY'S 4IWIICUHI Jl "AFRICAN LION" JANE WYMAN AS "LICY GALLANT" Mat. 1:30, Walt Disney Shorts k "African Lion" Suburban Ard" Fre Parking 1000 Cars J more Feats. 2, 6. 8, 10 A Vista Vision Production HUMPHREY FREDRIC BOGART MARCH "The Desperate Hours" ADDED MATINEE ONLY 12:30 "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE" To wer 68th Near fl 2-0313 Continuous From 12 Noon Every Nite 1100 Balcony Seats 55c VIVIEN LEIGH JACK PALANCE "DEEP A "THE BLUE II BIG SEA" D KfilFE" Shown at Shown at 8:40-6:25-10:10 1:45-5:30-8:10 ADDED MAT. AT 12 NOON "ROBOT MONSTER" 5 COLOR CARTOONS 5 TfiWrlP Levittown, Free Parking TECHNICOLOR JACK PALANCE. SHELLEY WINTERS "I DIED 1Q00 TIMES" KIDDIES' MATINEE AT 1 P. M. "PANCHO VILLA RETURNS" "I died 1000 times" PLUS CARTOONS Tvcnn 7000 RICHARD EGAN Castor "View From Pomnev's Hess" MAT CARTOONS PLUS "DAM BUSTERS" II nto Wrl Broad k Continuous from 12 Noon r Dauphin JACK PALANCE "THE BIG KNIFE" ALSO CLARK GABLE "HONKY TONK" Sts. Tomor.: "BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES" k "KING DINOSAI R" Vnina 190J First Run North Phila. """"Columbia Cary Grant. Grace Kelly WTLD BILL ELLIOTT "REBEL CITY" Walton Chew k Big Kiddie Snow at Mat. Chelten Abbott Costello "MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS" A Carts. EVE. ONLY "TO CATCH A THIEF" Wayne Ave. Playhouse LAST TIMES TONIGHT . . ?" see these Different Films Soto or miss them forever . , "RASHOMON" "THE BRAVE BCLL" WITH MEL FERRER FIRST SHOW AT 6 P. M. COMT5 AS LATE AS TEN. SEE BOTH FILMS SUNDAY. WiW (JMAKLtY CHAPLIN FESTIVAL. 5 FAMOUS COMEDIES I greatest! reserved seats now on saic Calm by TECHNICOLOR 3 SHOWS TODAY 2:30 7:30 10:30 P.M. BOYD Theatre I9th ond CHESTNUT IntrtclSthSL SECT10M...Trirt 'baMPUI Cwmri PARKING g REASCNABLE RATES DOORS OPEN 9 A.I H-8:M t M.-I1 J0-U5 P .E-l-4-J;45-,:45-Il.SI F. MAN With "The GOiPEN ARM Film hj OTTO PREMINGER DOORS OPEN 1045 A.M. Tr GLENN DONNA IVA'FORG'REED OOOSS OPEN 10:45 AM. U-IXlAtl llllllllllllllim E.s. i FAMILY 12th A Market Randolph C0TT "GUN FIGHTERS & LIBERACE "Sincerely Yours" 8 BROADWAY Broad A Snyder Cont. from 1 69TH Upper Darby Cont. from 1:30 GROVE Grove LOGAN Bread A Wyontlnt Mat. 1; Eve. 6.30 STRAND Gtn. A Venange Cont. from 1 WAVERLY"' Mat. l;Evs. 7 Mat 1; Ever 7 Shelley WINTERS TIMF5" C'Scope u initiw Color "FLAME OF THE ISLANDS" Color YORXTOWN Eitins Park Free Pkf. Mat. 1; Eve. 6 Vivien LEIGH C'Scope' "DEEP BLUE SEA" Color vn!n Only "KIDDIE MATINEE TODAY." CARTOONS thatjtruhe" tmo "test Kias Him irlitternacijf' germ an Matinee Today at 1 P. M. NEWS COMMODORE 1"' Jdat. 1; Eve. 7 Grace KELLY nainui "TO CATCH A THIEF" Color LIBERTY Broad A Contineott from 1 Columbia Dana WYNTER C'Scope 'The View from Pompey's Head' Color Pls: "Green Buddha" t NEW PALACE art cont. tr. 1230 it South Rav MILLAND Color l "GIRL in the RED VELVET SWING" & Sterling Hayden 'Last Command' Colori SEDGWICK Gtn nr- " is E"- Free Psrkinf Mt- Airy 0a"a fV1,t,f C'Scope 'The View from Pompey's Head' Color L & Walt DISNEY'S "The AFRICAN LION" P WISHART1 Mat. 1; Evs. 7 Grace KELLY "TO CATCH A THIEF" Color TERMINAL !9t? M"-. J..n-A,. pnc. Walt Disney' 'The AFRICAN LION' Color & 'Girl in the Red Velvet S wins' Color - LANSDOWNE Both Th.atr: jj. Mat. 1; Eve. 7 J HIWAYJenkin" WYNTEB C'Scope Z town Richard EGAN Color The VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD' Z MANOR f" " 1; E"- 7 Park Walt DISNEY'S "The AFRICAN LION" Color z A "Treasure of Pancho Villa" Color ; FREE PARKING! Wendy Darby. Penna. 2 Horrifying Monster Hits "BEAST WITH l.0O,0lO EVES" "KING DINOSAUR" Yeadon ""J? "n jae1,nD?an Without a Cause"; HATBORO, PA. Hatboro "BIG KNIFE" JACK PALANCE, IDA LUPINO Wendell COREY, Shelley WINTERS iis si Mil Andalusia Drive-in " Cont. of Fkd. Avs. CinemaScope, Technicolor Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack . "GOOD MORNING,, MISS DCVE" Rory Calhoun. Shelley Winters, Color -". 'TREASURE OF PANCHO VILLA.' Bucks Countv Bout 611 5 ML MM North of Willow Gross Jack Palane. Sheliev Winters CINEMASCOPE. TECHNICOLOR "I DIED 1,000 TIMES" 2ND ACTION TECHNICOLOR HIT "THE GOLDEN MASK" Chester Pike Drive-In j" Eddystona 1 Robert Mitch um. Jan Sterling, Cartoons "MAN WITH THE GUN" . Tony Curtis. Janet Leigh "Houdlnl" . Family Drive-In Hemhts, Pa. VTSTA VISION. TECHNICOLOR "TO CATCH A THIEF" CARY GRANT. GRACE KELLY "TARGET EARTH" RICHARD DENNING Lincoln Drive-In "fT1,1 .B1 at City Line FIRST SHOW STARTS 6 P. M Spy Expose! Terry Moore, Frank Lovejoy "SHACK OUT ON 101" 2nd Hit! Dane dark. Waterfront G-Man "TOUGHEST MAN ALIVE" Main Line Drive-In f Strafford. Pa. "The Desperate Hours" VISTA VISION PRODUCTION Starring Humphrey Bogart, Fredrie March "Return to Treasure Island" Tab Hunter, Dawn Adams, In Color South City Drive-In Brotd P&ttiW)B CINEMASCOPE. COLOR "DESERT SANDS" RALPH MEEKER, J. CARROL NAISH Plus "NASaED STREET" 30? Drive-It Bethlehem Pike atWelshBoad "DESPERATE HOURS' VIST A VISION PRODUCTION BLMi'HREY BOGABf, FREDRIC MARCH "DAWN AT SOCORRO" Hory Calhoun. Piper Laurie, Tech.

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