Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 15, 1968 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1968
Page 18
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Comics Movies ** ' ' * Haifa ditiztn FRIDAY. MARCH 15, 1968 PAGE 19 Television Radio DON SCHELLIE Tucson Boys Chorus NBCing Us On CBS The latest newsletter from Jeff Haskell, jefe of -the Tucson, Boys Chorus,' brings word- that, our boys are -- as usual --.wow- \ ing the public on: their current \ tour. ; . - ' .;.. " " " ' . " '. ". .. ' "" ' '.· · You know, standing* 'ovations ' and such. The lads have had some chilling experiences, what with buses breaking down and A Thrilling Encounter with Canadian customs people and sub- subzero temperatures and the likes of that. AH of which is show biz, as they say in the trade. But the reason we called this meeting today is to mention to customers that our lads in Levi's will be featured.March 27. en the Mike Douglas 1 television show, seen here on KOLD-TV (Channel 13) at 2:30 p.m. ! Among the several songs the boys chorus will sing on the program is the theme of "The High Chaparral." David Rose composed the music for the filmed-in-Tucson TV show, and the TBC's own Jeff Haskeli supplied the words. The boys have included the Chaparral music in each concert and, we're told, have received fine response with it-.. But when the number/is', presented on the '·; Mike Douglas show 1 ,, it ;vviirhave its .first nationwide 'TV airing. ' , " . ' · :' Which is a pretty interesting thought, when you realize that "The High Chaparral" is an NBC show, and the Mike Douglas program is a CBS one. Peaceful coexistence, maybe? (P.S. -- When the Dauglas show is aired, the boys will be warbling their way across Maryland, or some other such state, and won't have a chance to see themselves on TV. So the thoughtful folks at KOLD have promised the boys they'd make a color video tape of their performance . so they can see it when they return' to:the.'desert-' · lands.) ' , ' . . : · PUBLIC RELATIONS gal Gwen Townsend, who does business with the Nicki Orsborn-PR and ad outfit here, : sends along an item she snipped : f r o m ' a ' CONSUMER REPORTS publication, thinking it might tickle our collective funnybone. The item is a letter to the editor of the magazine: "My . wife purchased a "tin of nuts labeled 'Mixed Nuts' which . listed as the contents the following: . ''Virginia peanuts, cashews, .Brazil nuts, 'almonds and pe- ' ' ' "The picture on the tin depicted a rather even mixture of all of these. I was somewhat amazed to find, however, dpon opening it, that it seemed to consist almost solely of peanuts. "I decided then to make a count in order to determine whether or not the package was deceptive. The results were as follows: "Peanuts, 435; cashews, 12; Brazil nuts, 3; pecans, 2; almonds, V." In case any of you were wondering . . . . · , _ FROM 'UP in the north country comes this'n. '·Tourist -- "Are; we"; lost?" Indian guide -- ·'* We no lost. We here. Trail lost." Nuts. Action, Please! If you have a question or a problem to be solved write to Action, Please, care of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing and contain full name, address and, if you have one, your telephone number. Names will be withheld on request. QUESTION -- Where does one park near a school when going there on business? On a recent Thursday, I went to Catalina High School at 9 a.m. to talk with my daughter's counselor. I drove all through the school parking lot and could not find one empty parking space, so I parked outside the school fence on Pima Street. When I returned, I found my car had a parking ticket on it. (By the way, the officer had to have entered my car to get my name and address.) It seems there are "No Parking" signs all around the school on both sides of the streets. There is not a legal parking space within walking distance. I am sure I'm not the only one this has happened to, and others would like information on this, also. -- Mrs. D. H. Flanagan, 2558 E. Sylvia St. ANSWER -- Principal Rollin T. Gridley explains there are between 15 and 18 parking spaces on the school parking lot right in front of the school, reserved for visitors. Sometimes they all do get filled. But, with space available to it, this is what the school feels necessary to provide. City traffic engineers say they have signed the no parking areas around the school strictly to prevent hazardous conditions for motorists and pedestrians alike. And it is up to the school to provide visitor parking. Also, it is illegal for the police officer to enter your car. But it also is required by law that your registration be visible from the outside. That makes this one a draw. QUESTION -- All of the residents of our neighborhood in Menlo Park have to either fix our homes if they are in distress or tear them down in conjunction with this rehabilitation beautification program. My beef, and I'm sure others feel the same, is: Why not make the owners of empty lots in this neighborhood clean up their :,.s? I am all for this beautification program, but I would like to see these messy lots cleaned up as long as we must comply with the program. ANSWER - They should be, and they shall be. City inspectors will go through Menlo Park and notify the lot owners to do the job within a specified time, oi the city will do it for them and bill them. ANN LANDERS 19-Year-OlcTs Pills Worrying Mother Dear Ann Landers: One hears so much about drugs and pills and pot these days it is frightening. I'm writing about my 19- year-old college son. I respect hi? privacy. I don't snoop in his belongings and I don't ask too many questions. But I always go through his trouser pockets and turn them inside out before tossing them into the washer. Yesterday I came across two little green and white capsules. I had no idea what they were so I asked him. He said, "Oh, those are for when I have to cram for an exam. They help me stay awake." I asked if he got them from a doctor and he laughed. "All the kids get these pills from students whose dads are doctors or mothers are n u r s e s . Free samples, I guess." When he saw I was concerned he assured me that the pills are harmless and said, "Don't worry!" I AM worried, however, and am asking you to tell me what you know about these pills. -- EASTERN MOM. Dear Mom: The green and white capsules could be one of a number of things and I hesitate to guess, but they sound like pep pills. This is one of the amphetamines (goof balls) and Ihey can wreck the central ner- vous system and cause convulsions if taken in excess. Tell your son to leave them alone. Dear Ann Landers: I am a stenographer who is employed by a firm of lawyers. Several months ago the firm paid the expenses involved in my becoming a notary public. Every one of my employers has, at one time or another, asked me to notarize signatures which were affixed to documents at a time when I was not present. This always bothers me but I have been told "It's not important. It's only a technicality. . ." Today the senior partner asked me to notarize his son's signature. The young man has been out of the city for several days and it would not have been possible for him to have signed it. His name was put on by someone else. It was only an automobile license application, but all the same I felt guilty. I alone am answerable and I am becoming extremely uncomfortable about these occurrences. Any suggestions? -- INDIANAPOLIS o o o Dear In: Tell your bosses that from now on you refuse to notarize a document unless you are present at the signing. You may be canned, but a girl with such sterling character should have no trouble getting another job i£ her ability matches her integrity- Dear Ann Landers: My mother is a lovely woman, 66 years ot age, and she has terminal cancer. She knows of her condition but she is cheerful and non- complaining. The doctors tell us sue has six months at most and all we can do is keep her comfortable. A neighbor who was always a gossip and a troublemaker has told several friends and relatives (hat mother has the kind of cancer that is contagious. For this reason she has had very few visitors. I've telephoned some of these people and tried to explain that this is untrue, but when fear takes over, logic flies out the window. Please say something on this s u b j e c t . -- GRIEVING DAUGHTER Dear Daughter: No physician with whom I have talked knows of a single case of cancer which resulted from contagion. A person who would not visit your mother for this reason displays abysmal ignorance. ® 1968, Publishers-Hull SvndlcaU Court Won't Halt Cochise Murder Case PHOENIX (AP) -- The Ari- ,ona Supreme Court has reused to bar Cochise County au- horities from proceeding with a murder charge against Sgt. Alex j. Mclntyre, 37, a Ft. Huachuca oldier. Mclntyre was arrested Dec. 14 in charges of killing M.Sgt. Raymond W. Thomas Jr., 40, at the railer home of Thomas' ex-wife, Helehe, 38, in Sierra Vista. Mclntyre's lawyer maintained hat Cochise County Superior ^ourt wrongfully directed t h e iling of a second charge against VIeln.tyre when the first was dismissed for failure of the county prosecutor to file it within the 30 days allowed by court rules. CONGRESSMAN SEES DANGERS Computer Credit Data 'Frightening' WASHINGTON (AP) - A New York congressman says the use of computers to record personal date on individuals, such as their credit backgrounds, "is just frightening to me." "Anything can be fed into the computers," Rep. Benjamin S. Rosenthal, D-N.Y., said. "It can be fed erroneous information as well as it cau be fed correct information. Within minutes, this false information can be disseminated to thousands of businesses, and can be'very harmful to the individuals:" Rosenthal said computerized dosiers are being stored at the rate of 50,000 per week. He soid there are no safeguards as to who would get the information. Rosenthal is a member of a House Subcommittee on Invasion of Privacy which is investigating data-gathering organizations and the dangers of unauthorized access to potentially damaging information. Henry C. Jordan, president of a computerized credit reporting company, testified that the credit background of any of 20 million persons can be made available upon request in two minutes. Jordan, head of Credit Data Corp., said all the data in the company's files can be reviewed with a few hours. Jordan said his company has established voluntary controls and guidelines without the government telling it to do so. "What frightens me," said Rosenthal, "is that you have the power to establish these voluntary controls or not to establish these controls." John L. Spafford, executive vice president of the Associated Credit Bureaus of America, Houston, Tex., said the public's best guarantee of privacy lies in the integrity of the local credit bureau. "We believe the privacy of the American consumer is protected by local credit bureaus which report the information they have on file only to those 1 who have a legitimate interest," said Spafford. Credit bureaus have protected privacy for the past 60 years and we believe we can do it in the future," he added. "We_believe we can do it with computers and frankly, we believer we can do it with whatever may come after computers." " Spafford's organization is .'an international trade association consisting of more than 4,200 credit bureaus and collection service offices. D-M Seeking Bids Officials at Davis-Monthan AFB today invited bids on a painting project involving 19 Wherry housing units. Contractors must furnish all paint, labor, material and equipment for the job. Official bid opening is April 4 at 3 p.m. in Building 2617. ;F l 0» ^..^··s Saturday Only . . . Sidewalk ^ u tf\ sy ION; ^ » -x\. T?VV Discontinued Factory Close-outs SAVE 36% to 61% While Quantities Last!!! Interior Paints Latex Flat P a i n t ------ r. , . . . , , _ »^^^--^^^^^^···^·^·····^··Mi Latex Flat Paints YOUR CHOICE tit SAVE~$i:09T.7K7g.$2.97 A O W !.«« \jj[ffl Super Latex F l a t SAVE S2.91 ... Keg. S4.79 .\O\V Sears Interior SEMI GLOSS PAINT Save $3.31 to $5.02 Salin Semi Gloss: SAVE $5.02 f) f\^f Reg. $8.99 Gallon NOW O.tf 4 SAVE SI-66 Qi Keg. S2.99 .NOW 1.32 Semi Gloss: SAVE S3.3 I Reg. $6.19 Gallon i\O\\ _ _ SAVE S I .11 Ot Keg. 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