The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY ie, 1934 •LYTBBVILLl, (AJUL)] POUIIU IIVI SECTION- s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate par act roc wtuecu- SUri A S»vlni» Account , With Us On l«r the Automobile Hubtar* lldw., Automotive l>cpt. Wens 176 ri.onc vote* to » un«> One Unw per lint .......... ttc tw* tides pe* Itoe per toy . . One tWf»e time* per ilm per d»y . . Me Ox UBU* per line per Of .. «°c Wtcrtti r»t* par line ..... ..... «* He SEEDS & 1'LAN'fS 3«y Bean «nd ftia will be hart (• end Kit »w*b. Buy now fr»m Hokfcu* Hardware Co. Ack oru«red fo' tore* or ox Utiei tod ttop0ed before exptra- t'on will be charfco lor U» num- kef of ttoes UM «1 «ppe«red too •djnstatent- ot bill made. All Clasiitled Advertising copy mibmitted by persons residing outside ol toe city trust be iccom- ptnled by cash. Rates may bf uflly computed from above table- No responsibility will be taken tot more- than one incorrect tertlon ol any classified «d- Advertising orcKucj for irregu- *r Insertions uk» the one time rate. Peas fur Sale Drive across Hie river for the tin est Whippoorwill Peas in West Prkes Reasonable. William I'ui'ker & Co., Rlpfcy, Tenn. 28-ck5-;!8 Chihuahua Considers Law ™id°i'i u '. Him Is fo-onrrntftig in n.\ effort to divorce iidu'illslni;. Uejilyni" lo ,\ statement ol .••oiiii 1 Jua.vz liiwycrs they, will .ml Mop lulv sikid "I feel ;.ony j who have no rcsix'd for ethics." To Stop Divorce Ads CHIHUAHUA, Mexico <UI'> — hilnKi!iu;i Iws iinder coiriiiior:.- li»n a liiw preventing Juarez iawyeis from advenisiiii! (or cli- voiecs in the 1 United Stales. I.'.ILS A. Trias, Jium'V. city al-1 UMd Courier News Want Ads. OUlTBOARlMN^HOUSE (XWIft I ';p P<SAD. LADS. WELL V»\VE A> \ Bank Goes Broke on Loans provided Dy lliLs i-liy. Only G.OW.Ihe Ijnuk, built blocks of (l;ils'fnr IHjger Sticks t pimmls leiniiliis us u.wi.s. (|lril . wiV( . s . w!nk , om . ^.ipfau. .6 Forkrd Stick Texas. (UP)— Henry Wilson, well digger, bucks a [ork- swllch for lindliig uiKlcrground . , . lmis imwuuvs ol ln ,| U , I)IISL ,|,-c:i(li>. iirior to ivlili-li a "swllcli" will locale tlie wat exiwrlencc. Wmr out of (Ivc times er, , handled iilll Wilson says. Why It niL-Kcs the ] oilier time, he does not explain. 1 COAL & WOOD FOR SALE—100 licks good COOK WOOD ;it C. E. Billion's, Vick- burg, Mo., near Steclc. Good roads. Op klC FOR SAU5 OH TKAOB National Cas n Register. New D Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8ck22 FOR HKNT MODERN 3 room fumislicd aparl- twnt with Call H6. bum. HeuMjnaule. H-c-u GREAT BARGAINS •32. t-S FORD DE LUXE TiiDOR-. A-l Condifkm .. S^ 4 "ft CHEVRO1ET COACH. Rim tike New SHI •Si FORD COtfE. A Real B»> $228 •2* DOBGE SEDAN. Have <o See to ApprecLite $155 •27 CHHVSLErt SEDAN. Real Fishing Cxt $ 3:) 'S> FO'ttir I',:. TON TRt'CK . S2»* OUR CARRYING CHARGES ARE REASONABrE Many Others (o Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR 2 room FURNISHED Apartment and yarage. Cool, iwusonapie. 1601 W. Aiih. lie kl« Nlocly furnished cool 2-rootnj APARTMENT. Mrs. Puncan. 71'j' Chickasawba. lu-ck-n Nicely furiiislied cool BEDROOM. Bess Hal!, 611 W. Main. Call 280. Ic ktl FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin, after b P. M. Ic ktf Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. I Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West Wnliiiil. | aoe. k5-30 UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 W. Walnut. Call tnii. k-lf FOUR room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 10-ek-tf t'sea C*r tot Corner First t Walnut Sts. KOOM & BOAKD Roomers and Boarorrs—Hume-like atmosphrrc. Prices reasonable, i Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 010 W. Alain- Call 278-J. Ic k6 WANTED TO BUY BUSINESS DIRECTORY Furniture, 1-3 Regular Price. Beds, _.-^.. 1 cgnter and end tuoles, • I We buy Chickens and Egfrs, higii I est prkfs paid. Rite Price Gro-1 eery, rhore 234. Ill E. Main. Oc k6-9 :eiutr anu in" i«^.^«.. chairS; oesk, aniokuiB stands. Fur- j «' jullire' repaired, rennisneci. ii|moi- st'ered. tarkniiriit, Main bt. t-norw 31, Asa lor Patrick. Up Kl lf«rnitare Kepairlin—Upholstering Al'so automobile upiiolstering. We win be siaci io reicr you to customers as to quality and woric- riiunship. Complete line samples. New Location 1J8 No. Second JftNKJUSS * SON 5-ck-6-5 Ask as afcwt the Hagen Honey Center GoU Balls. They're Better. M'nbbard Hardware Co. 5ck6-5 WHEN .you are fish hungry come to McFall Fish Market, 415 W. Ash. rieih Fisb At All Times. Ic W5 COUNTS WORKERS UNION Comit BDKC Monday, 7:30 pjn. For men, wonKn over 16 *1 per jear HIGHEST Cash Prices paid brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. »c I "HOME REPAIRS: steps, BOOT*, screens, wall paper, paint, etc, ANTIMITE lor Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO, FHONE 1W Ajiin Borke Sets the Frkr, Boiled Linseed Oil 95c jca Turpentine 75c ga Aladden L»mp Parts 30c c»ch BtTRKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store Mrs. Ji i- Davts. Phone «21 Spencer Corsetlere 2Cc K5-2* EXPERT Tjpertriter and Adrtin Mmenlne Repairing. V. S. Blank eMhip, 1« E. R«e, Call 165-J. • CLEANBRS, TAILORS with or-without board, steam :, hot water, reasonable rales 29c K5-23 POULTKY & EGGS 'e Hill pay lOc per pound for h HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Main • Hckb-H 1'ERSONAL NDIAN HEAD Pennies ol all date; wanted. We pay up lo $47 each >end lOc for buying Kiliilos;. Num- smatic Comuany of Cliirago, Bos 213, Chicago, III. LUMKEK OR SALE—Cypress I,unilM-r. Slf thou5ard. Inj: run. .Tim n ,uxora, Ark., R. F. I). I. 16p k2 NOTICE Annual meeting of stockholder.* ( f Blytheville Cotton Oil Mill will be held fit. 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday June 12, 1034. at oflicc of W. A Gage & Company, Falls Rnilcling Vtemphis. Tenn. Among other maters to be considered will be pro- XKfd change of By-Law providing 'or a.ncndmenls of By-Lau-s bj nimlnating therefrom necessity fo: notice of propo.-ca cnangc. W. E. Gage, E'residoni I. II. Fleming. Assistant. Secretary The only wild cactus found in Michigan is the prickly pc;ir, r,i Inclinn Tiy. Illness tays I^ We clean arxf floro winter clothes and bed covers.'Moth-proof, fireproof vantts. Pay next fall. Cleanini; Service FEEDS TOR SALE: HAY and CORN at a bargain. S. B. Rozelle, Luxora. Ark. 2<p-k5-24 FOR SALE CoTTon Seed: Row*n Kg Bell Nft Zggt Cnr Ihln l»iul; »twi «to»e- vill' No. ). 51-W P«r hmndred. Marvin Robijuon, 3I> K. Main. 18-pk-5-18 Feeds. Flonr, Ornttrles & Meats .it B«t Pricfi. We Deliver. Phone 231, Rite Price Grocery. 9c k6-9 AUTOMOTIVE \ Aatn GltM All Kinds IraUUed Art-Mo L»rte» Co. IOC M .Whether Zarb 'Agha Is 156 years old t* he claims, tha Tencrablo Turk looXefl Hk« a very worn and tired old man as lie lay on a hospital bed In Istanbul. 11 lie recovers, Agha, wbo claims to bo tin Torld'* oldest m»n. will iubml$ to rejuvonation eiperimeals, mi., fun- is n-ixmi'il. II ad-! Uniik is one ol 31 Tur• ))ey, » stuliilor iiiul undt'rlixik In! wilier with 2G years' ,. . Keimil lo Hi-.- viul uattm. Iks lully pile! ui> capital [oroiiii IroliliU from I banklnt;, business. ITS Al,l. IN TIMO (JAMK! B3AD, LADS, WELL V\WE A> ^m LA T1N IS GREEK OF BKCHLED fAUSHP^OOvAS y| TO ME "-BL11 -D\MNEK TONIGHT / \ WCKEO ]( TUCT LAST fAYSELF.TODKV.OUT & SA\U SOUNDS COUNTRY "PASTURE / M\ UKE WHW NEED HKVE NO TENR /SS I TO THEIR EDm\L\TY^I AM AN i. EXPERT ON THE SPxT-E OF THE ASM^\C/\LE ft AND YOU C/^N T/\l<h tv\Y THAT THOSt A"RE THt DEUQOUS UNLUCKV -X It^ LOME THE DOCTOR. WlUL WR.\TE: Z.VOU RUSH \YOUR WILL .-pRESCRiFUON CAM PEST R\ i lll'ftflD IDI'.PMLtOLE (TELLGCCOOl lllilMK ITS / ' )t»»i 'i'-i ). otucioos ) --c > wr 9. \V .X-— ' VOU V1HAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT COOKING? TO WOOTIEIDOTJ, ELL T/XKE YOUR WORD OM TOPIC OF THK DAY! BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES vrxo <b«t'O 6WE OP Vb'.SHe OR^w ' MOV OF T«N6,YOR A ••• VO IMAGINE f at DRAWS J J IT LOOKS SUSI'ICIOUS! WASH TLIBRS THAT'S ANOTHER STRAN66 THIM6 NOWIW& ELSE WAS TOUCHED. D:D THE BUMLflR. AWO EXAMINE til P. r.-'FE FOR EXCEPT UWA.T WAS THE SAFE, BETTY? YA OOTTA HANOLK IT TO SAM! SALESMAN SAW f»ur ^HESE TWO 6CNS (W TH 1 JU6,HEMMeSSV! THE 1 ^ COPPED SAFE AN' (TRACKED 'EM HftD TH' THftT CAME OFFft THtfR TRUCK 1 G01N' ON HERE A .MAN'S MAN: FRECKLKS ANJV HIS FRIENDS I-IAHH...SAY! T. lX>S'T KrJO\V ANY GIRLS....! AIN'T .MO SISSY! WE MILLIE MASOM ? poopoo., TH' NEXT THING fou KWOV/ FRECKLES WILL GET STUCk OM MR.MASOMS DA'JGMTEI?...M'LLIE ..FUZZY *>JOWS WHO SHE ! ( TLIIWK SHE'S A DO MILLJ6 MA50M, ALL I CAW SAY. U AW.TH15 f'TR DWK IS IS TVAT IM6LADV JUST STALLIM'.-You F-CECKLES f> TELL ME THAT is COOO..-MOSIR! DIRK'S CHECK: TURNED OUT TO BE GEE I NEVER KNEV/ "rbu SUCH tJiCE TUETTt. f LZZY. . THEY'RE JU3F LIKE PEARLS YOO DIDN'T LIKE GIRLS ii FRECKLES IS SVORRIGD FOR FEAR HE ACTED TOO HASTILY IN CAUSING THE.- MAM'S • ARREST.,. AMD, OF COURSE, THIS GIVES THE KIDS SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT-

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