The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, .(ARK.);.COURIER NEWS FRIDAY; SEPTEMBER 22, 1939; Luxor a . Society — Personal cpmpanied a gfoyp of homo ecor lipmics girls to the MidSouth Fair at Memphis Friday. John Cowan was m'.tored to Columbia, Tenn,, Tuesday, Sept 12, by his mother, Mrs. John Cowan, where he will be a student in the Columbia Military Institute Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bryant llh their son, Harry Jr., who will ttencl the University of Arkansas here this year, Mr. and Mrs. Dun- vaht returned to Keiser Sunday. COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Tkk*t Will Admit I* Black and Companion Bur*etl« FLAPPER FANNY e Bys y ivia. >„.. i.i..yi»i«rHl«.IDe. T. M. RCOiU.S.fAT. WF.- KIT/ THEATEB _t» «»— "Boots and Saddle Are Guests of Club Mrs. B, P. Potter and Mrs t Ray Williams ol Byhalla, Miss, houseguest of Mrs. Eugene Dickinson, were guests of Mrs Richard DlcK- mson ytsterday aiternoon when she entertained members of the 'Ihurs- aay Dessert club v,lUi a paity at her home. Bouquets of flowers and the tallies foMhe games were in the fal mttif A dessert course of pie anc Iced tea was served before tne games. Mis Williams received high score prize and Mrs Dee Hammock- low prize » * • Club Has First Party Of Season The • first party ol tha Wednesday Contract club, since «d- joLrnment for the summer months was given jesteiaay aiternoon by Mrs Russell Fnrr who entertained eight other guests at her home. Besides dub members, guests were Mrs Murray Smart, Mri. Rosc.e Crafton, Mrs. J P 1 Mrs. J M Williams, Mrs Joe TnebChmann, Mrs S Jiedel, Mrs H W Ford and Mrs Rooert Ham Tlie auUimn shades of red, 01- ange and yellow were carried oui in the party decorations Zinnias, marlgoHs, Japanese sunfloweis were arranged about Hie rooms ana tallies were ornamented wuh an 'autumnal scene The colors were j also used In the tjmg cf the glfis ! ' and m the salad plme wmon was seived wlUi an iced arink. <• High score prUe among the club 1 mcinuers went to Mrs Hn am Wylle while Mrs Jiedel received hign prize among the guests. . All Club Membcis Attend Bridge Part> All the members of tlie Double Four Bridge club attended the party given yesterday aiternoon at the home of Mrs Howard Frisby A fall scheme was carricil out being emphasized in the lahiei and flowers Mis Ed Cook was high and Mr? Theodore L'gan, second high In the bridge games The hostess Bits of Newt Mostly Personal* I,uxora Literary Club • as their, their Fifteen members of tho Luxora ^ ,,/, aue|lu OIBII; ^.^ Literary. B:ok club motored to the Joncsbol . 0-i Mlss Bl . ynn t returned over, the wcekem Mlss Martha Kale attending State College to resume lie The Rev. and Mrs. R. E. L day njght, Sept. 14, for the first meeting .of the fall-season. 'The Beardcn ' Mrsv ' Mar tha Poison guests'.wove vqry unique' and; at- . pl;rence Bush . attended traptlYe-_c;StimYe.s-depicting School h > of ^ Jom , stol . p dist ,| Mrs. Eugene Dickinson will', si to toys'' Mfs.Edwar^ graves-was Is imdoryoiiig' "dxan'Sorf and dispensed "with routine busings be- loin hor mother who. has; been Crouse. The history ol l "« lnl "» vlnrwith Mr. Smart. I tecnth century America withrc - Miss Betsy Bedford .spent the .'eekend at Marie as the guest of MLss Martha Jean 'Turner. Dr. and Mrs. J..T. Polk motored ,c- Memphis Monday. Mrs. Mamie McCullars and Miss Dorothy Bryant visited relatives at Lake City Sunday. Johnnie P. Kciser, who taught school In New Mexico last year and who formerly taught here, returned to Keiser Tnursday to direct Hie Keiser high school band. orphans and. refugees', liv Europe. Membership quota, for Osceola and nearby territory is 800 members No trouble Is anticipated In reaching this moderate number, it «as stated by the chairman Mr, Moore has been chairman ol the Osceola chapter 1917 ^'"Sr'HarrLrStended: townee ETIh.'^^^ niorals _* in; Paraeould. yesterday, oi the day _was discussed, as the I rom Pa'i'agould lie- went vhei'o Mrs. Harrison ' Sunday School 'Conference he] at Lepanto Methodlstr church Pi day night, Sept. 15. The entire faculty ol the. Lux:r Consolidated school attended a meeting of Mississippi County teachers held at Blytheville last Saturday. The personnel Included: T D. Wllklns, superintendent; Rev. Ti!lman Heads Osceola Roll lie exception of two years. British ~^omen expcmUDO,000,000 annually for silk storings;-Ameri- can *omcn have a silk stocking bill of $'350,000,000 each year. ~' TOO LATK TO_C1.ASS1FV Winlcil t° ** U V 35 bushels New Com l'V mc ^? tel ^ Will haul H my- 1 *"- w - ,,,,' P. o. Box 9S. « cl W i ptim[ptt i- Marvin coach; Ray Whttmtr. nlhrr B B Hollfield, his home there. Louise .Shaver ild yesterday, oi the day was dlscusscn as inu Samlcrson coach . rjay Whitmcre, .vent to Rector author saw it in the light 01 inc vocattonal agr i cu iturc; Miss Iva i Is-with her Currier and. Ivos p.rints, and ino ^mrec, home economics; high d, who'ls-crit- value of these prints to cpneciois Ql nnd g| . adc tcachers , Mrs „_ *Vs n ^n ' »™i*\- Thn bloararMlles ot ine^t, o*n«i, n ,,...», >irc nhnrlip »•»•«..,,. i-.,, •>•••- -. today. The biographies c I Ls t«e men added vlth her family. • \ ' ' Ncill Reed returned /yesterday Callis served a "Raggedy Ann" salad with Iced drinks. Stephen.s:n, Mis. Charlie Williams of Byhalla, 'ice program- meetingcf he Luxora "* _ ^. :_ , ut ^ ^^.^I^K \wrtiYinn'i Missionary so- icliool Thomas, Mlss Bob Williams. Mrs B L. Houch( Mrs. Lem T. .Stanford, Mrs. R. W. Nichols. Mrs. Martha Poison, Mrs. R. T. Ballew, Miss Maxine Halstcad, Misr, Ruth Bulloch, and Miss Sue Whlpple. „„„. „„., i Mrs. Charlie's. Scott, her daugh- Royal.Sen Graham, and her r M\o l.iiKnra lu < ^"o-.*"•> ^ . ... lg cf theLuxora - '^^^ vls(Ulv? nmong ^Missionary• s?- s £ ^ i rlc nd s Friday while being he church lues- "J. . h nm . s . n r her sister. iVIIB. na^ I,*.,.......,— —,,--_-.-. . . Miss '.will return to her home, this Baptist . -i,,, r i.h Turn-I " u """ - •• , after,ocn alter haying, spent:, a dety was held at he c™rch lue 5 ^ , lhe homcs , or her sister, few days here with her cousin, day afternoon with 12 .members .* wm . un Thweatt, and Mrs lew <in>!.. _. . . ,.._:.,-,„_. lt Durln? . a |, us iness session . f Dcn(on reports from chairmen of standing Mlss Marg[lreL Mom tt has gone :;mmlttecs were heard; a_nomm«i- ^ Memphte wnc ve she will be associated with the National Funeral CiSCEOLA, Ark.. Sept. 21.—The Rev. Harold B. Tillman. pastor of the Baptist chureli has been named chairman ol the annual Red Cross Roll Call- lor south Mississippi C:unty, it Is announced by C. L. Moore, chairman of the.. Osceola chapter American Red Cross. Serving with tha Rev. Mr. Tillman are G. Harlsill Banks, vise chairman; Miss Allnc Word, secretary; Joe Rhodes, treasurer. . Edward H. Tuttle, St. Louis, fielo representative f:r (he .midwestern branch American Red Cross, was in town this '.vcek mapping plans for the Pall campaign. Mrr,. G Harisill Banks has accepted the chairmanship of women's activities and production work. Groups cf Osc"0la women will be organized for knitting, sewing and pack- In./ clothing and supplies for war MIT. Easy to relieve misery 0,lrjHi- wlthout' "dosing . nnb thrwt, chest. and tick wllb • . . Mrs. Eugcni! Dickinson, and' fnm- "Tell him il he'll transiu to om school well do nll^lns •..iiimp.lH. in' tliemcb foi him |'as- Esther; Mrs. Esther Held 1 Manna; Mrs. Lime Wilson Osceola Society — Personal: Among the Sick' Kpii.iikl SWIi.veil small ion o C J-Orane-who has" been; spend .,. — .-- - IJB' the summer with relatives in ing committee, Mis. J. I. _ Sontcat N C;, and WoodvlUe, Mrs. John-/Jlnveatt and Mrs. W-- home <race . rem has returned here'to 'make. Clark, for the electlon of 910 o^ 1- Mfs uman ^^ who hM „ is home. His daughter, Mrs. Lou-. cerS was appointed by the piesl vlsiH her s | ste ,-, Mrs. Denzel Mc- se Crane Hilev, who Is residing in dent, Mrs. Charlie Evans •— B Gc hec, and Mr, McGehee, of Evans- SC U - ' ' --' nounccinent: was made o .the I ^ for . the , ,, ast four weehs Mississippi Count.y Baptist \vo- l . eUlvne[ , to Luxol - a )ast Thursday man's Missionary Institute 10 a- ^^ accompanied by her nephew held at.Luxora.on Nov. (,_ wi^ |- R i c h a rd Milflin Perrj-, for a few days stay before g:lng to Shreve- Mfs J W 1 Sli'iiSG anfi' uuutjii'- vri » HUM', t* MM*'^V**. -i--" - - i port Ln., uhcre tlicy .will niiii^c Frances' Mrs.: Rolfert und Mrs. Theodore Logan, ^f™ 161 ; tne ir home. Mrs. Freear has made iram-u,, .»"..•...-. „.,_...: ,,„ . ... ., ,,,^i»iiini nnimlv Banllst I ^ hQme jn Luxora for i ne pil st Woodvlllc spent Wednesday, here with in Mrs Mamie F zius. Mrs. Paul" toiiilweu, »os taxen .-to Ui St."jpscpii's h-sp'tnl ii). Memphis Tucsuay VfiW Syinpcpms' Itidieuuni Ucnaid suilered an Tri-inrpi: MrS ttODCll nUUl^ <i"vi ^US. JLIIVVIUV.^ —~a~ • . 'Whte'i- MfeV Mary Ontlaw,- Mrs. dent of- Mississippi County. Baptist •I, o Ch'ambllii and son,' Jiickv aiid Missionary .s:cletics,outlm!iwpa^ years, wiin u?> U4 uv..v., ». -. Mlss'Mail- Outlaw wIlV spend - to- aw i objectives; of. the, Abbocia !on , f ,- Ti lcft . r :r shreveport , iviiuy v« - . . . , , ,- p piemmlne,' leadei o .nom-nn tw-o years, with her brother, J. I. "™ beiiccphailtis. Upnaid su.llered an Ctach Jones Spc^er . 1 atiatK or'iniamne paralysiB in lOJi Football was the chief topic, o',i, l]ul n |, an«en-oi typhoid fever In interest al the weekly luncheon W3(J Kls . cojinnton is serious. mppHm or the Osceoln Rotary cum ,,,i,, rt< , u. nn. small uuiuucei 1 oi interest av *..« ..--:--., .. meeting of the Osceola Rotary club this week v,hen Prank Jones, ath- etic c:ach of morrow Mlss o Vazoo simday- afternron. ) "SHE'S GOT r A MAM WANTS PFMOTALITYVAWOHtiERFUL STZ Everything for your entertainment and comfort. Watch Society Fife Of Courifr Newi F»> Free Show Guest' 6 S S S S §. * * Friday, Sept. 22 Hi Soot! Reasons Why You Should Attend iUiilineD or Night spoke on the new nHeb and changes ji the game since last season. Mr. j Jones then Inlioduced two mem- \ oers of his team, Blllle Beall, who Wancta, small uuuuiuei 1 ol " -••","• ^, . i,« n i Hymo"Popo, umiurwcnt.a tonf') c «Osccola high sshool, ^^ nt - Ulo Bll pi is[ hospital' \Vcd- UC S!'B. B= Smith''Is In. in her home \vcst of town this week. ^, „ | Laura Lou Pope, twin daughter bpoke.<n the duties of a lineman, d Mrs lvUUon lJOl >e, iwa ' - ' " -- ••'" '""- rl '"- been kept at home ihis »CCK with an acutu car and tnroat, conninon is improved. Mlss Mnrv Jidwarus 01 i»i"u me i«"»>»»!'.*. ""'""• •-•,',..„.,... ~ ^r^'-^hcr^'th^^fSK 1 -TSie^ ™l Keiser Kews ,U of iSliss-Jemy. Wren Dilla- l^ story",, rollowd by. prayer led tv She and 'Miss Dlllariunty by Mrs. Charlie- Evans, and a dc- f Voommafo at the. University' Atonal oil' "Sail Winning" from Mississippi at Oxford. She is D!m iel. 12:3; P™vei'bs-11:30, and eting Miss Dillahunty and Miss j onn i : 35-M, by Mis. 9. B. wooa. Swlii Usrey at Oxford this Mrs . plcinmlng was assisted mills- 1 ... • . ..,: _.!.-_ n .ll-\i , J* ii- — - tWnin Ktf MTS. W. Li. and cake. salad plate with coffee . iml Earl Morrison, who lifted, m terestlnglv of the duties In the oackfleld. Maiy Virginia Segravcs, presi- To Have Bate ~l »/•'.'» Sale Tomorrow The Order of the Eastern Star will sponsa a bake sale tamoriow. it was announced today. Homemade cakes, cookies pies and other pastues mil be sold 1 in front cf the Rita Theater at 8'30 o'clock dent of the Boostei Club,:was itioduced and sp ke bilolly of the pait her organization might con- Ulbui-e-to'»- successful -scaspn.:,".?•. f Roy" B inwson, superintendent, of city hchtols, reviewed the past week of beginnings, outlook for the yeai, and asked patrons and Rotarlans C W Watson, vice president of the" club, presided In the absence of H. J. Halo, 'president, who was cut of to\\n . 'A O 'liiyior, rural mail currlc of 'Kpute Tnrce is in bed.this week Toy M-.rgan is suosuWiLing ^or y In Memphis. • -'• Charlie Ctrkran Rcbcrf Herrlck will leave Tues- Smit h. .. nv for Memphis where.heioltends..-- '/.. . ; • » c Soullicrn college cf- Optometry. ,\itends Luncheon e returned about a week-ago. from . Mrs'., Julia Ow Has ClJb Parts Mrs J. E Patterson entertained raemoers of the Thursday- Bridge club with, a party nt her home jestcrday afternoon Bouquets cf fall flowers were *ar- lanscd about the rooms Tallies cut-in the form of rag dolls and matching bridge pads were used A dessert plate was served at the conclusion cf the Barnes IV rhich Mrs Rajmond Schmuclc was nigh scorer and Mrs Charles Alford leceived the traveling P"«! At The Hospitals Walts Hospital Born to Mr, and Mrs Dale Miller, citj, a daughter weighing seven and a fourth p:unds Mrs -Fletcher King and baby, city, dismissed. Mrs Fred Sweotmnn, city, dismissed lilythe>ills Hospital Charles Moslcy, Hermondale, nd- milted Miss Verclie Lee Kelly, city, admitted Miss Blllle Jean Lamb, city, admitted. W M Lcngberry, citj, diinlisv ed John Barch, Luxora, dismissed Jlelhodlst Hospital Charles Elslander, Driver, admit- i ted Honor Past Matrons Patrons Thlrty-sK members o(-U\e Oscce- ola chapter numbei 425, Order Eastern Star, were present: for the special meeting on Tuesday nigh honcrlng all pait, matrons-and- pas patrons ot the chaplci. Eighteen of these put on th work for the evening with the ex ception of Mrs S L Oladish who vCJJllUH w* i» «J •-" *^..-.. , h 111 in the Baptist hospital in Memphis Mrs Emmet Wilson acted In her position. Those taking- part and.their respective positions were Mrs. Elizabeth Rallies, \\ortln matron; E. R Smith, worthy pntron; Mrs. Lull Smith,, associated worthy matron' J. B Bunn, associate worthy patron-' Mrs Sarah Miller, secretary; E. n Bgan. Luxoia, treasurer; Mrs. Rut! D:u?Ia5, chaplain; Mrs. !Uona ^foorc as conductress, Mrs. France: Bbgan as associate conductress Mrs. Annie Bunn as marshal; E. R Reid as warder; A. S. Rogers n sentinel, and Mrs Geneva Fowle ^ iVliii. i>. !.V" •*-"*')'>-.'- .t' i, - - • phis -Mcthfltilsl 'nospital tnis wee ibr'observation'and treatment. M Bryan.accompanied her to tne hos "piia'l. ' Mrs J'. J. Hubbard is Ing-at the Baptist' hospital follow ng a major operation there o Miss 'Louise Trusscll suffer lalnfui- burns on- her right ha and arm M:ndny moniing when skillet of hot grease was overturn 0>1 Am e o r ng thoso being kept in b this'week and treated for-inula are E, H. Stephens, Ed Ohlsenh and Warren Weinbcrg. Miss Mabel Butler of SI. is the guest cf her parents, nd Mrs W. A. Butler this we Star P;lnts \vere taken by Mr Corn Chiles as Ada; Mrs. Mass' ary elLdand will return-home :wlth Mrs. Don Smith: and M,.. Ren Uje Evan Mrs MrS. John r . ~^\ Women of .charm aiKipopulanty Sopliomorcs Entertain , ol , e u—K"U UOIJ^LI.., Members of the sophomore class O j thlose who arc overworked, who •ntcrtainecl high school students s p cm j [ on g hours indoors and don t rhursday night with in get sufficient sunshliie and cxerose the school auditorium.. Mr; C. R. Fcrgers:n and Mrs. ^Ko^venrappetlt C -.thelack o?%nnal vigor. f V«^ mia, which is IVllf).- v-*. *v. * «-n . • .i..p (Q SlU'PlC illlUIUIHi "«•"••• .— W. W. Hall are visiting in Lops- ] ™7 sed by a deficiency of iron in "thai due to TIX nan Smith and Mrs. Ken- EvanB, Mrs: ouiinii, """: -.-•— 'w. vv. nun mo .io^... B •••--;:- t Wetenkamp-arc spending W-, ^ we atti Mrs. T'.t: Hudson Mrs , ew , Mlss .. w itl, friends, and ieta- II ii iy»«,.- i | . «.».«.,-nn ini-1 Ml'S. J. \V . I ' {trnc and -attended a e returned about a- WCOK- ngo. iiu u . Mr s. Juua UY..-I. •" ^-j--- olbrado Springs,-. Colo., .where he i m ichionat,-HotelPeabod5',Me.mphu, Shis brother; Gordon IlerricK, Saturday.'^'honor or Mrs- Leigh- ; , Mrs Herrick 'and was employ- t5n , Anders. Mrs Sanders- >n been d [here this summer. ,v frequent guest In the home oi Charles Fi'ltzius, who travels out Mr s, ov,'cn al Luxora. tuid will ,oc f Jacksonville, Fla',' has. arrived remcm tered by her.. friends here or a visit with Mrs. Frlt'iiuS and ^s Miss Saia Perkins;.. « Singing Convention Slated For Sunday !.,..>. .,111 be r. singing convention at the Nodena Baptist church, six miles east of. .Wilsai Sunday afternoon "at>l\vo o'clock, Wlnford »,"„- . Mreiand', .who Is In charge of ar- ningemcnts, announced today. All singers arc cordially invited to attend this song fesl, Mr. Movc- land said. The terms "longitude and latitude" came from ancient days when the earth was believed to ae grouped nrouiid the Mcditer- Mrs vv «• """••> • -ancan sea. Since the sea-, was and'Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Butler of , ollgRr • CRSt mKl wes |., the- »orl ->\gitude" wns used to denote list- west directions. of Kocial House in liss Biitler is-director ctivltles at Inn .Wesley. - . at. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Butler also ,ad- as guests another dauslier Mrs. W. A,Le«is ptj™^"; and Mr. a Memphis. Boys anTlaid^to 'W keener the n tei>goers g.ltls, but tic latter lead the boVs m leading '" 'Arkansas, for Par- isoslatioiv members. 11.' l^(\v.n^i '^^Y"'^. '".' . .The- Rev. L. P. Flemmins is en- n-iioldlng a scries of revival ,v. t u.-i this week at Pillion, Tenn. Miss Iva Ciabtiee, home economics teacher fcr'Luxora school, ac-j .ivcs. Mr and Mrs. E. Cohn spent Tliuisday and Friday in Memphis. Miss Wylie Siilmi, of Morrilton, came to Keiser Thursday to be instructor of the first- grade. Miss Dorothy Mae Moore spent the weekend in Blytheville as the »ueSt of'her sister, Mrs. Ellen Con- Richard Pannell of Tupelo, Miss. visited with- Mr;-and Mrs. Brock and family Monday. Mrs. B. H. Robinsoii, Patsy Rob Inson. and. Charles Robinson spsn 'Saturday in Memphis. Mrs. Joe Mounts, of Twetsl, i the guest of her sjster, Mrs. J. A Watts. , Mr. and Mrs. iu _ H. P. Dunavai m"tored"to Fayetteville Sahirda bed, —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main * First Fhone HI Read Ccuiier News T<anl; ads. mmmmHSiii* REAL COFFEE — ALWAYS FRESH NOTIC WE WILL BE CLOSED SRT.B8TJL 6:88 P.M, Ouetoths Jewish Holiday WE ^YTt 1 L 15E OPEN. SAT. FUOM « I'.M. ! TIL 12 I'.M. RABER' PHESCRIPTIOHS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Brag Store. ALLIGATORS For Sport Wear J. L GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in Blytheville. Glasses Fitted Corrcctlj ''siirgon,' the famous tonic with ron is hclpiul in overcominil Iron eficlency in the blood, tending to lid nature in building red,- blood cells and hemoglobin. This accom- pUshed. you Ice. like a new person with new pep and vitality ami mrecttai s the lull purchase price wHl be retiivned without question. Kiruy Drug Co. Mi-s. Edith Stephaiv Is Reopening Her PI ANO& VIOLIN STUDIO Monday, Sept. 18lli ;il 50!) Ch I'honc Saturday : 'Boots and Saddle' \vilh Gene Autry Also cartoon & scrinl ." Continuous show. Admission till 5:00 p.m. 10V & After 5:00 p.m. 16c & 3U TAN' ALLIGATOR as illustrated Low Heel . . . - - ^ 5 - 85 BUY A.PKG. TODAY STORES OTHER STYLED ?N ALLIGATOR I5ro\vn Tie, Span Heel . . • • • • • ........ • ' 'S^- Hlack. Tic,.Spim lice! 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