The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1954 · Page 13
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 13, 1954
Page 13
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if! THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. SATURDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 13. 1954 ad e f 13 : f f I 1 i Police Break Up Teen-Age Mob Continued Fretn First Page rounded up ret ently there for act of delinquency and hoodlumism. Lt. Jo6eph O'Neill, commander of the Juvenile- Aid Bureau of the Police Department, will assist Kronbar in cor ducting the confer' ences. "The parents of these children,' said Kronbar. "must be made made aware of. the seriousness of what could hi.ppen in outbreaks such as the one last Wednesday night." . -The importance of auch confer ertfes was underlined by O'Neill, who reported that his agents. In their investigation of the recent outbreak, had run into a wall of uncooperative silence on the part of the youths involved and equally baffling attitule on the part of parents. Almost every one of the youth's mothers, when questioned, showed a "completely protective' vfhtude toward her particular child, O'Neill reported, and a refusal to believe that her son was in any serious trouble. DEFENDED ET PARENTS "In almost a 11 cases, the parents told us their child had admitted to them that he was there, but had said he had no part in the fight. O'Neill said. "They accept the boy's story and" will not try in any way to find our. if it is so. In that way they are failing completely to cooperate w th the law enforce meat agencies in quelling this thing." O'Neill described the youths taken into cusi ody, without exception, as "cop haters," who hold loyalty to the sang above any respect for the law. and who "clam up" under questioning as proof of their allegiance. The few who might have talked, he added, ap parently refused to do so out of fear of reprisals. Wednesday's rioting, said the Juvenile Aid Bureau head, broke out as a showdown between allied gangs brought into West Philadelphia by "The oBttoms," who control the southern part of that district, and "Thft Tops," their longtime rivals fror.i the northern part. GANG ALLIANCES "The Bottoms" have been outnumbered in t lis local rivalry for some time, investigators learned, and formed alliances with gangs from South Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, and the central city to bolster their ranks. "The Tops" retaliated by forming an alliance with what O'Neill called the "Woodland Avenue Gang," 'hoselcol-XSLQRS territory in uie soumwesi part oi the city borders on that of "Thej Bottoms. The existence of these f V 1 ' ft v $ 'k , :A I - ; ' ' - -' V Ar -i - t' j I ! 7 f' I ' K ) s. PRE-TEEN 'SPORTSMEN' were generally agreed that there become evident through chronic or was no one clear-cut solution for continued absence from school, the problem of juvenile delinquen- All truants do not become involved cy or gang warfare, and that only in other types of delinquency, but closer cooperation between such ' all of those who are otherwise de ac- agencies could do much to complish an improvement. "As far as the solution to this j Back-f o-Church (Move Initialed Continued From First Fage jsumably asking; "If not, why not." Whiting said the posters through the permission of Police : Commissioner Thomas J. Gibbons, j would be put on every police ve-j hide in the city. They also will be ! 1 placed in stores, civic associations. churches, schools and on PTC' trolleys. ! The conference, to which heads; 'of churches and youth orgamza-j jtions have been invited, has been' I ?et up for 8 P. M. Monday in the ' j lodge headquarters at 1626 Arch st. : Invitations to attend the con-! ! f erence have been accepted by the J Rev. William D. Powell, executive; j secretary of the Philadelphia! Council of Churches: the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Rilley. archdio-1 cesean director of the Catholic) Youth Organization; Rabbi Leon1 S. Lang, spiritual leader of the West Philadelphia Jewish Com- imunity Center; the Rev. Luther j Cunningham, Civil Service Com-I miasioner; Judge Leonard M. Prop-' per, of the Juvenile Court; Francis Bosworth. of the Friends Neighborhood Guild; Nochem S. Win-net, former Municipal Court Judge and chairman of the Crime Prevention Division; and Mrs. Walter Craig, co-chairman of the Philadelphia Clean Up Committee. CURFEW BACKED Whiting said Gibbons. District Attorney Richardson Dilworth and other heads of law enforcement agencies also will be invited to attend thtm rnnforanp. jGauchos, the Haverford Tigers I ' "There seems to be a general; The lodge official asserted the and! but, as a rule, work off their energy1 apathy about this problem, evenj0rganl,zatl0nf is behmd" in sports and social affairs under, J;.. talfr Jjw? curiew th? .c"y end proper supervision. All too often. I J iinai mey nave sent a teiegram to though, Jones' most important oomeumes wnen one ot my ooys councilman r aui u urtona. spon contact with one of the Junior : eets into trouble with the Dolice r 01 me ordmance, to express rluhmpn rnmp n-hpn thi mpmhpr - . ... Hnier Ktnrp nH inu nthpr niof ... L can i, even nna nis parents at r , : v jT. V : lanos m juvenile court m i Enclosures to Fit Any Style Tub or Shower ' Cuitom-md, cu(tom-instli4 lor discriminating komt cwmrt. Lrt aur cipcrh k'p you without Srg or ebligition. Call BAring 2-0501 Or l;sit Oor S?tirw"i, Ird'i fri.vf The 14-year-old woodworkers above are James Oliphant (left), of Brandy-wine st., and Theodore Matthis, of 38 1 0 Wallace st., who put finishing touches on articles made in the shop of the West Philadelphia Boys Club at 3512 Haverford ave. The quoit pitchers at left are Charles Maurer, 1 1, and Eugene Bannister, 10, members of a club for younger boys in another section of the city. Indifference Seen Root of Crime Continued From First Page any number of quartettes "choral societies." STREET CORNER WORK Most of Jones' work is on "outside," on street corners, the in linquent have also been truants. "Sometimes the help of the prin cinal. teacher, counselor, attend prooiem is, concerned, there is noiance officer and other specialists, " one answer," observed President j SUch as school doctors, nurses and giamorous name Judge Hazel Brown of Municipal psychologists, has not been enough ne s mceiy to una ooys Between it -when I first started." Jones re ana 17 wnat ne tries to ao is or-.call3 ..we WOrked mostly with kids! simc "1C"1 tluWB "ctuic uicy i between 15 and 17. Now we try to gravitate to one or another of thej bring tnem m at 13 or 14 and work vicious gangs that are always on with them they're 19 . Ifs just "L1000111 for recruits. a quesUon of work, work, work. The clubs might meet any here: .-The trouble is. things seem to in an empty store or the cellar of get worse houses are more crowd- a meiiiueri nuuse. nicy uuhsi ph than si or mn,-o nni. t-o-r. Court. "The only way to attack this problem is through the full cooperation of everyone involved the churches, schools, welfare agencies, and the courts." Judge Brown pointed out that her court always had enjoyed the full cooperation of the Juvenile Aid Bureau and other agencies directly involved, and that they were doing everything within their power to combat a situation of! to help the child in trouble. Only the firm authority of the Juvenile Aid Bureau of the Police Department, or of the Juvenile Court, may be of service to these young people." Judge Leonard M. Propper of Municipal Court agreed that "the juvenile delinquency problem as whole can be met, and well met, if the home, the school, the church. and our community resources are : kept on a strong and high level. .v w... o w ...... By community resources, he ex aUare. nliinarl -T v,ao UA .m-O i ententes explains the fact that ACTIVE "Counselors in all secondary schools, and counseling teachers in about half the elementary tounci . moving into the neighborhood, i There's so much to do and not enough to do it with." WHO IS TO BLAME? Who is to blame? Jones couldn't list all the reasons. They are social. Deputy Mayor Michael J. Byrne, , economic, they are in the make-up in the absence of Mayor Joseph S. of the individual boy. Clark, Jr., yesterday sent to City il Receives Plan for Parkway can't even find his parents nome i nave to iook tnem up in said, "is to weave a taproom. sponsible spiritual PARENTS CLOSE EYES "When teachers ask the parents' to come to school because . their child ! ior youtn s nome training, ne continued. "We can't do the job cn- his views on the subject "Our primary purpose," Whiting a knot of re-leaders to 'O- operate, with the police in curbing this rising tide of juvenile lawlessness. is in trouble, the mother iue uuu muui h hnthPrPrf PpnniA rlnu ' 0I the police officer and the church their eyes to this civic cancer. They're like ostriches, putting ation facilities, and sufficient probation officers for the Juvenile Court." Judge Propper centended that "the formation and tho Falrnn th ' iiiuviiik 1 1 1 1 , Lim nr ynnnrnnnn I . i , . 1 , uieir neaas in ine sana Doesn't Jones ever feel like giving the whole thing up? ; "WTiy, of course not," he laughs.. "Over the years, I see enough im-, f provement among the boys to '! I make me want to keep going. It ' ". ,gets mighty discouraging some- "Walk around thin netehhnrhonrf lune5' t0 e a Doy go to jail ana h. kn.,. ' then come back to the same awful Council the proposal of the Phila-Ithese peope hve in ,. he advifies i home life he had before and start delphia Redevelopment Authority -Most 0f them should have been ; omg bad all over again. to redevelon North Trianele No. 1 torn rinu-n inn nn Th r,pr,ni I "But then, every once in awhile. along the Benjamin Franklin need education, the parents as well ! one. of th maks something j , as the chiiaren. They need to go w anu JUU nun, uwjuc ; to church. you na( a llttle 10 do uiln il and We need more places for small :ou jeei ue tnrowing your chest tuely. but will fullest extent." cooperate to the OIL or GAS Automatic HEAT BY DELCO THE LEADER N iKy riownl taf only $1.00 wk! iiimolci by ngitrd end kdd kaatinf ciparttl Call day r nighl. W7 7860 Subvrbm mtiat call callxt Hasting Division of DELCO WINDOW CO. 64S6 M.rlat Sfraaf little cowboys will shop at '.K."7- Lu " J ""L, Vt;'need specialized service and help juvenile gangs is a ve addresses from all sections of .vl c. Iype 01 Wey gavi the city, the lieutenant said. ; school adjustment," she said. Tne attendance service. Parkway, into a four-building modern apartment bite. Council will hold a public hear- groups to meet and work together, out possibly in December, to act, instead of big dance halls that at- operation of ;on the proposal. The area con- lrat't D18 crowds ironi rival gangs, verv sDecial i cerned is bounded bv Callowhill That's how trouble like the riot in hirh mn .st.. the proposed Vine st. express-est rruiaaeipnia starts re- and must be broken up by the way, 22d and 24th st. The plans The battle began alter. dance jsponsibie lor tne enforcement of iPolice Department. The police are,Parkway Triangle corp., for con n. in xiuioj BMiuiBnu, school and child-labor laws, seeks, not using enough men to combat I struction of an 880-unit, 8100 and Spruce sts., as members of th ' rival mobs set out for their homes. Market st. has been the traditional dividing line be .ween the territories of "The Tops" and "The Bottoms." Councilman Alexander, in the resolution introduced yesterday and referred to Cou ticil's Committee on Public Safety, asked the Mayor to ; "appoint a 'Youth-Family Study! Commission' of outstanding men and women of Philadelphia, repre- senting the various city and civic agencies, schools and colleges, to study the many problems involved in the outbreak of lawlessness on the part pf j iveniles and youth ' gangs, to hold public hearings thereon, as som as possible, and make public its findings and recommendations to abate and remedy this unfortunate situation in the immediate futire." MANY FACTORS INVOLVED In the preamble to his resolution, Alexander pointed out not only that the growing incidence of juvenile crime has brought the city face to face with "a crisis," but that many other factors than the youthful offenders themselves are involved. He recommended that the study commission investigate the adequacy of police detailed to juvenile crime prevention, both as to numbers and deployment; the adequacy of courts to ha ndle the increase of crime generally and especially juvenile crime, to determine whether addit onal Common Pleas and Juvenile Courts were needed; Also, that tie commission seek to learn whether sentences presently imposed on juvenile offenders were severe enough to serve as a deterrent to o Jiers: "whether our probation and parole offices as at present estabLshed are adequate and competent, to handle parolees; whether an addition to the staffs of psychiatrists of the Municipal and Quarter Sessions Courts is necessary, and whether, in the final analysis, the breakdown of the family, the aosence of parental care, and the indifference of parents, making the parents themselves offende and giving rise to a large body uf "parental delinquents,' may lie the prmcipal subscribing cause." Spokesmen for other agencies to help those whose problems have ' this form of delinquency One boy will get sore because nis girl is call for a sale of the land to the dancing with another and he threatens to 'wash somebody.' 000,-; First thing you know, the whole. gang is fighting. Dr. C. G. ALGASE DENTIST PLASTIC PLATES MADE IN ONE DAY voir i WAlMt 241.1 SOt MARKET 1 Ssjj U "I 14 - wynnewood AAA nm,.r.t M.i i tl mm i y iwn' wii t. fu.mH-yiwu,, uiw ""'J "'i"1l uiawMyw-J... ajiauiiii.ijMai'iiwii ..ij.nj.imjgij y.u, i...ijiiij.iJJuJ.ja''ii' am ia. ifmyfummmipm" 'll'"'la'aaMiiawiaPppi L'VyV AVE. XewestsUtore Jr (f7) LSv ! WW' J X J BRAND 51 X NEW 1955 BRAND NEW FAMOUS MAKE 1955 Big Screen, Console f?W mm It TELEVISION 11 bSSfk Hera It Is at L t ! Tha C 1 a r Set You'va Baca Wait in r far . . . Perfect Reception at Law Price. One More Example of S k S U n b eatabla Values! Ciant Screen Color TV in a Beautiful Hand Rubbed Full Door Console. 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