The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2-1, 1030 E. (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Lee Wilson Improving in Methodist Hospital WILSON, Ark.-H. E. l*c Wilson, i who was ttaken suddenly 111 last Friday, is reported Improving in the pfelhodisl hospital In Memphis. D II' >v7-n r- i • c ' °' Wlllla "'so» s l>-" 1 Tiu-iday KepUDUCans Will Ltldorse In Memphis attending lo business. ' Mr. nud Mrs. U. C. Wayne i spent last. week. In New York city. Miss OoUlen .Moore nnd Mrs. Herron spent. Wednesday Hi Memphis. Roy Brown, who has been war ling In Dyersburg, Tenn., is visitini Her H Named by Demo crals Says Cobb. LITTLE nOCK, Oct. 24. (Ul'l — Arkansas lie-publicans will make no attempt to oppose Mrs. Oiis T.! Winjo .should she be nominated, to .succeed her husband, whose doiit!' occurred early this week, it wa' indicated here today. Tile name of Mrs. Wineo was being prominently mentiened as inc-in- bers ol' the st-<ite Democratic committee gathered here toady. The meeting U called to name a successor to Congressman Wingo. wir before the primary i-leclicii rad ii 1 endorsement of both (he major parties and was unopposed at the polls Republicans will meet here Mem day to decide whether or not Ir pla«i a candidate in the field. Cw Cobb. secretary o[ the stale Republican committee and likely nomine' of the party for the fourth- distric- vacancy. s=id the tact Wiiwo /we been (he nominee of boih partler permitted them to enter a nominee's name. Cobb added the Republican party -would probably endorse Mrs Wlngo should she be named by the Democrats. Hallowe'en Parties Require Spooks and Witches Galore Alleged Accomplices i n Killina of 10-Year-OU Giii Questioned. DENVER. Col., Oct. 24 (UP)— First degree murder charges were formally lodRed today against two l>ersons for the slaying of Leona O'Louslilin. 10-year-otd daughter ol O'Louglilin. a city detective. A bill ol information filed in west ride district c'mrt here charged Mrs. Pearl O'Loughlin, step-mother nf I^ona. and Frank O'Lbughlin, the dead girl, with the Ills family here. John Foalborstono. of Blythevlllo. was in Wilson Wednesday. Dido Lesmeister and Thomas, Chandler visited Misses Glady Clayton and Dorothy Gideon Wednesday evening. A. F. Glascoe stopped' here n short while when on liis way to r orrest City on business from Mc- r'erren. j Miss Juanila Grecr sp:-m la-si I week-end here with friendi. She | returned to her home Hi Oicccla i Tuesday. | Johnny Mauker went to Osccolu | Tuesday niglu. Oliver Clark, of Frenchman's Bayou, was here Wednesday evening, j Miss Nina Ferguson of Memphis, i visitwt here last week-end. She was' accompanied home by Lowry Pa;e i and Miss Cu«ie Clayton. Wiley Hut-son spent Sunday in Memphis with his brother. Tile Boys and Girls Glee club of which Miss Mary Syraonds is sponsor, entertained with a. party at trie Community club Wednesday evening. Nfrs. J. W. Dolcn is visiting in Jonesboro this week. Miss Dot Gideon, Howard Norwood and Guy McAlexander wen' ,o Blyiheville Wednesday morning, h^ad. Jesse Glascoe suffered severe burns about 'the right hand and arm Monday afternoon when he I! 'ortiine should pretllct : love travel. 'ortune. flump,,? ot pennnnc-nt address career nnd charscter. the fortune teller's room. it is tii'.ilthy to emerge into li:? too::: wlmv regular HnllowrVu 's ,ni- played, nobbing for np- JiU-s. 'Minn raisins from n Mlrliuj swlr,uu:ii In m dm ceiling, inking ui ol doitgliiiuu nlliiclii'd by to ihc clmwlclicr, pi'ding r,ml throwing the peels over oukler lo sec the loved, one's .1!) must be Included. Or a Candy Hull Hi don't want regular Hallow.°'u: s«iiies, try a molasses candy pull. Nothing Is. more fun than to give all of Hie children n given umo'ii.i of molasses candy uucl awuul prl/e for the one. who tils o: lii-vs lightest and smoothest in :i BIV..-II time. oui-r.ishioncd tames, like golnt to JtTMk-m. Charades, post ofTice clri:p ilie hiiiiilkerehlcf, itrunt-plg- sy-(r::ui, nnd others ure gooil iiu: when vf\l planneil. I-is:. but by no ineuns least a tusiy buflet suuper InsleiK" of tin- tiMinl desultory HallowcVi: dougluuit and decorate the du\lnn room with your Chrlstmtis tr..'c ciihili.s sinmi; up and dcwn the will!, shuwmg through the eyes of cats or tla> inoutlu of owls. This ijive.- a iili-.isantly spooky uftCft. You yet inner, napkins and plutv.s with llnlioweVn decornticns. It is simple lo arrange a liot dlfh and rolls, pickles, olives, nuts and hoi pumpkin p!c -and eider. Alter a strenuous, evening, the children will Iv.' hungry enough to appreciate rf-al food. Capitol Honors Jefferson Davis dies make satisfactory borders: sued from'the San Francisco mint" nice lends- Itself particularly well I In 1521—Is beln? shown here by '" •""' " "" - J Hany Buehring. The. die struck oil center ot the' dollar, between an elght-Vand a.'. quarter .of an Inch, making an Imperfect, coin. The edges are not milled. (o molding, Miwatoiil. noodle* and spaRhcttl nrc easily arranged- to form u boulor for any preferred meat. Fricasseed chicken In R border of mncllra with a yarnlsh or candled SWPC". potatoes, pot rnsl of iMirf .surrounded by a ,rlnu ol macaroni or boiled mutton In'a ring of spaghetti are appetizing dishes. Tin- rrmcnroul and spaghetti are espcclnlly njod combined with :i tomato or Creole sauce. Slulfal ttnimtcx 1 .'-'. stuffed \KV- ix-vs, (stayed or buttered onions, beet mathles anil grilled toinatocs add distinction dish. to tiny hpl main ' D.illy Menu BKEAKF'AHT—Houey dew melon with k-iuon, civ.'tun. crisp bacon, eoriimPiil pancnki's, honey, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Molded .spinach »'ll|i hard cooked tjjijs, popovcrs, brown llcity, milk, tea rjlNNEIt — Dolled mutton In spaghetti border, turnip cubes and btcl. mnrbles. cole sluw, butterscotch pie, milk, colfec. NEW CANAAN, Conn. (UP)—. WheUier the Republicans or Democrats carry the November election', the new state representative from this town may be a Republican. John U Stevens, dqfeulcd for tin Republican nomination, was c'nosen as one of two candidates by trio Democrats. RITZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday Now running in Loews SUUc Memphis accidentally caught hold of a live wire while nutking repairs to seme machinery in the ice plant. POMEROY. O. (UP)—A Set ycur buffet sur. :er table in spooky *t)lp"for your Hallowe'en party. AH orange yellow decorative crepe piipt-r clotli, as shown here, has black cats and witches. Abgve it, t he Christmas tree candles give eerie Hfc .and Hjht lu u 'string of y cllow and black owls placed over them. The centerpiece which holils favors for everybody Is a crepe paper and pasteboard yellow puc^tlrln ui'iirin^ a wicked blai-k cat's Insrts show two favors: left, a <al with a Cheshire grin that hLs candy c-ijaret Ictth; rit lit, a «iU-li wearing loumrinff pa,4 of ura i,e anil Mack. tractions hora and there that will emit weird sounds as the leader steps en them. Fine anyone making shrieks nnd make each one fin.;d redeem his or her flue by SISTER BY JULIA .BI.ANSIIARD NEA Service Writer NEW'YORK.—Hsv.»,a rendezvous 'with witches, cats, owls nnd spooks, parrot it you want the Hallowe'en party (ilvcn 11 position nra'r llio statue ot Gcevpc 'WaslilHMlon, tliU *ll(c- flieil elniiie ot Jclfcrson, first president of the Conteilcracy; wa^ ic- ccntly placerl in St»tuary llriH In ilic Capllcl ill Washington.. Tlio name will t'e unveiled with cerc- uionlcs v-'licn Coii[ire;i convmrs in DANVERS, . Mass. (UPI—Th: scarecrow, winch lnul come lo b- nn institution in New England,'! agriculturnl ri'glotis, is now out ol style here. Fanners who contribute to Dan- ve:-s' annual crop of 300,000 bushels of oiinns reixirl. that virtually nc 'Crowj, or hawks MHVB appeared dur- hig pust Minimer. Airplanes liindlnii at and leaving trom the nearby Beverly aln>or: arc credited by tlie farmers wit' liavins (righteaeU- away the crop- olrds. «Y SISTER JURY Attractive garnishing and appro- that repeats "Nearer My God to you are giving the children to be Thee" is owned by Miss Surah a real success. Brarmon here. ; !,fBhts should be dim and or- A short time ago a neighbor ange-toned, the reading lamp walked into the Brannom lioir.e should be dressed In witches' al- singing the hymn, slightly "off key.' tire, with the color gleaming Polly iminediatcly broke in with .through her eyes, pumpkin faces "Hold on there. Newt, you've lost : or ghosts should ccv.^r some stunt or funny song. A trea- priatc serving arc economic mras- js n good to0i w,-ll worth careful consldera- with each string leading to some tlon. Simple, n'cryday dishes gain favor when untangling Is d^ne. ;new inteicsl and the lltllo extra Hallowe'en would not be itself if : '"T"; Inve5l «' '" dwsslng up the cv.:ry single guest did not nave his "• "1 mc *,ii .o^ c ^ fortune told, his success in love j ln pleasl all other predicted and some understanding One of the simplest methods of uncle of inurc'?r. DENVER, Col., Oct. 24 (UPI — A bill of information charging Mrs Pearl O'Loiighlin with the murder of her slep-daushler, Leona. was prepared today for filing in district court District Attorney Earl W.?tlengel announced the first degree murder charge would be filed before 10 a. m the hour that has be™ set for a 'heating before District Judge Jame< Starkweather r.n a pcli- virn tor. a.writ of habeas corpus filed Monday-by Mrs. OLoughlms Decision to chart's the stepmother with the slaying was made after Wetlengel, Chief of Police R. F Keed and Captain of Detect,^ A T Clark announced she had made an oral confession to them of her guilt after four days of re- lenllPSs Qii3Stioning. Frank O'Laughlin her brother-nv law whom the three officials said Mrs O'Loughlin implied had some knowledge of the case was held for ql? Mrs 0> Ethel Sparr, a North Denver ha'irdicsser whom the attractive blond step-mother claimed she vis- I iten twice Tuesday night a wees ago when Leona i\as silently stolen from her home and slain wiln a iiistv tire "iron and-thrown into Berkeley Park lake, and her former husband. J. S. Alien, were taken into custody and 'questioned late last night. CLEVELAND. O. (UPI—One hundred years have not shaken the loyalty of P. B. Lasley to the Dnn- ocratic party. He entered the ranks of centenarians 'Oct. 17. makin? the assertion that "the country will correct- its error of 1928 and sweep the Republicans out cf power." Aisocialion with younger persons is believed by Lasley to be the secret of his longevity. He declares he has not watched his diet carefully, nor has he been B total abstainer from liquor. And, he toasts, he still chews tobacco. '•Why, anyone con see that prohibition Li all wrong." Lasley said. "Ten years old and no nearer the solution—rotten whiskey flooding the country. Times are bad and l>eop!o are bad." Announcement the tune." According to Miss Brannon. the 'Spookily dim- lights, and the whole house be kept of his loved one's character given.] improving the np|>«trnnce of tin Have n witch dressed up ghostly, I ordinary meat-polatoes-nnd-vcg- I MONTROSE, Colo. (UP)— An 1m- polnloes. Thc-n for eiich two cups perfectly minted silver dollar— is <*' mashed iwtalo, add 4 table- i SIXTHS of hot milk or cream, l-i! i teaspoon salt and 2 tablespoons. melted butter- More milk mnv U2 needed to make the potatoes tho right consistency. Bent with slot- notato innsKir or slotted sp - on until light. Butter a deep pan or wwl on the futslde nnd place It In the center of a hot plutter or chop plate. Press u mound "I the t'ottilojj r.round this nnd then ro- movc bowl <T pan and fill with crenmed fish, meat or eggs. Reheat for n moment and arrange remaining vegetables around outside : potato mold. Sw,?ct potatoes or squash can be only thing the matter with Polly Provide fancy caps that look like seated in a dark hut in one room,' elaWe meal is lo annnge the po- is that shs swears cftener than she j cats' heads for the girls to put en. will: a caldron of written fortunes . laioes or starchy I'Od in the form and owls for the boys. Have U which she call stir up. As each • of a border with the meat In ths sings or prays. . ! thoroughly understood that in ans- gucsi approaches, her bony fingers, center and the other vegetables as BARBER SfNGS TO CUSTOMER 0 iwcr to all questions during gRm.?s. which she wears on the-end of'her n "garnish" on the outside. Plain. ' WAHKESHA. Wis. (UPi- Paul R. ! the girls must meow their ans- own hand under long sleeves. Ivmely fare presents an attractive D'Amato. tarber, doesn't just talk Iwers and tho b-ys must hoot theirs, should point out dramatically and festive appearance when serv- to his customers. He sings to i Start With Games .which folded fortune the guest ed in this fashion, them. D'Amato is the author of j There is nothing like a good should reach for. This way she several songs. Potato Used as Border Mnihcd potato is perhaps the rteart C.iurier News Wanl I game to break tta ice. Follow the lean keep th; brys' fortunes oa one jleader is an excellent game tor Hal- 'side. i!ie girls' on the other, soisimp'^st and easiest border to pre- 'lowe'cn because you can have con- that each will read light. Each 'pare. Rice or thoroughly mash Coffee Canova, 1'oimd Can 36c POTATOES Red Tri- umps, Peck 39 ( I have opened my place of business at IM W. Main Street. See o;ir ONE-CENT SALE on loilet preparations. Pellagra Medicine H. C. Campbell Chemical Co. (Blue Front) CELERY ^DMBBHH MUSTARD .lumlio Stalk Quart Jars 10' ••i 17 FLOUR R I'otmd Sack. Guaranteed $1.25 BACON Jaekhawk. Slic 29c Genuine RJaekhaivk. Sliced, Pound CRANBERRIES,..- IT SOAP »r Crystal Wh 25c .•M Syrup Rrer Rabbit or New Soulh !i 1'ound Pail 40c I MATCHES HOME THEATRE Friday anr] Saturday Charles Dclancy in The Lonesome Trail' A SMASHING STORY of A Youn Man who fought for Lovn antl Honor. A Thrilling Talking .Picture mended form or in"the lorm of a. Also Comedy and Lightning border. ivcd for a border In. place of Irish polnf'cs with excellent effect. Greens present a more Inviting cupoarancc when served either in Express. The mellrd of servii.; is at- ' Allm. Mfltia'iC and Night— tractive for cabbage or saurkrAUt. JQ and 25c •T^' w^W.^ £' CO'""* .T Bebe ™»M*™ A tulo pil2d high in irregular contour. Lowell Sh.crmail ill LAW Surround border with brown sad- FUL LARKN(<- .. safe cates or crisp link sausage. Rice, macaroni, spaghetti or noo- A dramatic UirilleV that will amaic you! >A love fitory that you'll nevcv forgft! with Edmund Lowe '; Joan Bennett Comedy and.Fables' Adm. Mntinet—10. nnd • HOc. Adm. N'i^ht—10 and 3'5c.;, Swan, 2 boxes CC For 3' I'. ;ind G. or Crystal White, 8 Hars TOMATOES No. 2 Can :i For. 25 C FLOUR Guarante<xl 21 Lb. Sack 65 ( CHUM Salmon, Vi s Flat Can 10° SORGUM Tennessee Gallon CRACKERS 2 ,. k . ^ 28 C MACKEREL Salted 2 For 25 C STEW MEAT Lb .12% c HAM Homc 65 IIAMC pi ^'<-. Su<?ar OOC JI/\l?Ik3 Cured. J'ound Ld SUGAR __ !0 Pounds 49c DflAMC Great Northern DMNiS Pound NUT-OLA ,,„„,, tf'/f BUTTER iery. All Bra 40c Pure Creamery. All Brands. Pound LARD ompound. S Pound Pa $1.05 GRAPEFRUIT T S 5 C POTATOES Sweets Pound OLEO Forest Park, Colored. Pound 32 ( McMullins Cash Grocery A Home Institution SNAPBEANS Pound 8 C HA UK Su ^ a r Cured, Half OOC llrtlUOor Whole. Pound LO SALTMEAT.ai7'/ 2c CHEESE rnllc r:, 24° CHITTERLINGS;.^:-r RITZ THEATRE SUNDAY and MONDAY First time being .run in Arkansas The Most Popular Mrm on the Screen! -Maurice aims to pleasa! With n:w songs to sing, and a new kind of love! ' . • ... tip Pops Maurice! Bubbling like a ti e w ly opened bottle of cliam- pnirnc—with nrw ladies t o woo, new songs to sinj, and a ntn kind nf lore for you. hEVALIER Playboy of Pans SPECIAL PRICKS TO ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN Matineo Only— Grammer Grades lOc. High School 25c. . AdulUs AdmU.-ion '!0c. Afternoon and Night , Sunday Afti-i-noon shows — 2 and 4 o'clock. Night— 2 complete shows — 8:45 and 10:00. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery in "OU! BLUSHING BRIDES". Thursday ami Friday—Richard Arlen in "SANTA F TRAIL". Salurdav—"CODE OF THE WEST'. HOME 1HEATM ' Monday and Tuesday Bebe Daiiiete m 'Our lawful Comedy 'and Short Reel and Night 10 and 25c. IVednesday aiid Thursday Fannie Brice 'Be Yourself i\Iatinee and Night-— 10 and 25o. Friday and Saturday Ken Mayiiard 'Sons of The Saddle' COMING Conrad Nagel - in The Second Wife'

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