The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 8
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c.A —* _ ___*U BLYTIIBVILLB COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1945 At Los Angeles s 'jhlard : HitHn9 Golfer ,\'; prom ^Virginia Takes ^Tournament Money, jlQS v ANGELES Jan 9 (UP)— Tpp' money ,in the ricli Los Angeles Open Golf Tournament jesterday »en{ to Virginian Sam'Snead The victor) «RS Sneads third since the West Coast circuit t*'p' montlis ago nl Portland' Ore The hard driilnc golfer from White Sulphur Spi)nes, v Va, shot a tvpo-undei par flnal'rcrand for a •\i hole lotal of 283 v.. c(is> One strode behind ca|iip r last sea sons Gold Dust; Twli ca rafrla ins v? Li>r< BV- ron Nelson and Haioln ''Jug' Me Spaden jvlth 284s i Nelson had a chance to uc Sncad II he hnd sunk a 20 foot put I on the slanting green of hole 18 While the crovd hushed Lord Hjron took his time to line It up, but his Up fell h\o feet shmt o! i>elroil finished DOPE BUCKET Sanun> in fourll} place while Johnnj Re \olta and Ra> Mangnun tied for fifth Pro Football Leaders Meet To Make Plans ',CHICAGO, Jan 0 (UP)—The Professional Material Football League launches Us annual whiter meetinif today with ft myriad, of plan.-; and problems On tlie planning ^sjde, ol the agenda comes a projecl ^hlch calls for* the addition of modern designing, to \\\e game plus sonie plans for a stcpped-up 1945 season "Hie -annual winter Ineet la fwn ous,Ior Us hecllo v 24-hour ses adnj. and the"gov eminent s thi'eat- cned national 1 senfaie dralt should ridel even more confuilon this year Iporoe time during the meet, the j. r. BROTHER MOVES Ul 1 Big brother had belter step lively or little brother will Jw catching up with him night now Dick Is blowing hot on the neck o[ Jimmy.. I'm referring, of course, to the Tip ton boys. James and Richard. . . It has just been learned that Dick recently was promoted to LIcul. Colonel. . . Jimmy Is n full colonel. Both arc in the Air Corps and overseas . . .Col, Jimmy is in combat In the European theater, while Lieut, Col. Rlchnrd has completed his required missions, with some to spare, and now Is operations officer In Corsica. From what Dick wrote Mnmu and Papa Tlpton the promotion not. only came as a complete surprise, but was ! clouded with a great deal of color ami drnmn. . . Gen. Knupp his commanding officer, set the stage by Inviting him to a big dinner party'on Christmas Day . . . All the brass In Italy and Corsica Manassa Mauler Recalls How Miss Jack Dempsey Gained Moniker By Quick Knockout must liavc been there During Ihe gala affair, Gen. Knapp arose and began extolling the merits o a certain officer He ramblet at length and finally cnmc to Ihe point. He wns talking about our boy. Dick, and was the Introcluctlor to Hie nnnounccmcnl thai he not, ; entitled to wear the 'silver Icn emblematic of n Lieut. Colonel . . ''You could have knocked me dowi with a feather," lie wrote. had no Idea whom ho wns talking about, and least of all did I drenn he was talking about me." I)(CK IS CURIOUS The •Inimitable. Dick always I good for n laugh. . . He forever is bursting out with a new mental aid he was disappointed that he lldii't go oh over to Constantinople. . . "I won't be satisfied until I go to Constantinople^ . . I want to ice If I can talk Turkey to the prct- .y girls, there." ; Flying with the' 358th fighter group, (APO 374 now), Col. Jimmy vas In much better spirits when lie iiist wrote. ... He had been moved Into a large palatial estate of some sort, which was a far cry from the .enls and Inadequate water facilities they have been subjected to In recent months . . . "I hope it lasts, at least for the winter," he added. Jimmy Just missed a visitor from Blythcvlllc Sergt. Travis R. V, (Howie'Doin?) wrinkle.. The lalcst came in a previous letter to the Tlplons. , . . He sent some pictures o( himself which 'Were taken while he was in Greece. . ..Ho had flown General Knapp over ..... While lie said he liked Greece and had a big time among all Ihe historic places, Dick Brooks, .who saw considerable athletic service while In high school here, dropped In to pay respects to his friend and former school mate , But Jimmy was out. , . There is every reason to believe they have gotten together by now. . . (Travis' address IK 355th Fighter Sfjdn. 354 Fighter Group, APO Ml.) USING FIRST STK1NG You have the word of Scrgt. Paul Buckley, younger brother of Enrl, that Ihe Allies are using everything they have against the Germans on the Western front . . . We used our subs while going through France, bill belicvc-yoii-nie, we have the first string In now." . . . He told hts family the calibre of the German flghlers hi Germany was i>.r superior- to anything they had met before they hit the Fatherland, and Indicated 11 was anything but a picnic as the winter set; In and look a firm grip on everything. . . . Paul, now In the hospital back In England, was with Gen. Hodges and the First Army Since Oct., when the Buckleys received Ihelr nexl-lo-lhe-last letter, Paul has risen from Private to Sergeant. , . "I am like my buddy who, wallowing In a muddy foxhole, mused, 'England docs:have its good points." lar demand Ma Boss changed the name of her place from the New Orleans Cafe to Miss Jack Dcmp- sey's, and it's been known by that monicker ever since." 'Sounds incredible," I demurred, "that a mere woman could knock out a giant stoker with a single wallop." "Not at all," came back the former heavyweight champion. He went to a filing cabinet, searched through and came back with a pic- ture.of a husky looking woman who resembled Tony Galento In build. 'That's Miss Jack Dcmpsey," he said. "Came with the original letter. Looks like she packs a wallop. And Ihcre was one thing the mailer with the stoker thai It took Miss Jack Dcmpsey to discover." "What was that?" "He had a glass chin," said granite-jawed Jack Dempscy. Arkansas State Beaten, 75 to 6, By Kentuckians LEXINGTON, Ky., Jan. 0 (U.P.) —The University of Kentucky's Wildcats continue to make basketball history. For last night thcj swept aside Arkansas State by a «:oie of 75 to 6. It was perhap the most one-sided basketball garni ever played betwen major col let'iate teams In Kentucky, If not the enllre Soutli. Although undefeated thus far in the 1945 cage season, the boys from Ol' Katntuck were not'expected to roll up such f a lop-sided margin over Arkansas'Stale. Lucky Dog Sergeant Msinnon, is top sergeant of Company A of a Military Police battalion. ALWAYS ONi: INSTATE COLLEGE.—In nearly 20 years of basketball coaching, Penii Slate's John Liuvthcr has maintained an average of two victories for every loss. pnss on proposed plnn -the league's officials will rule changes, Jail schedule, and place tlie league's draft/stamp on 330 of the nation's lop.collegiate grlddcrs. •The':'rules committee starts off t,oda\ with a 12-hbur session devoted (o a study of 21 proposed changes which range from the duties of a referee to the tradi- tloilfjl tij foi e\lra point. ; ', ' Appnrentlj nndlsliirhcd .by the possibility of n government "work, qr fight' ordci the National League plahs to send oiic. or' two nc\v tcami Into action next full. "The; professional football • inORuls arc cxoecled to take new steps this" season in streamlining tlie cr vanced (lying school of the AAP Centra) Flying Training Command where he will finish his career-as n. student and ; receive the silver wings' and commission of an Army Air Forces flying officer. ' •' « • • Irvln Coopc'rm'iin of Caruthers- vllle, Mo., has been, promoted to the rank ol slatf sergeant, It has been announced at a 7th AAF heavy bomber base-in tlie Marianas. Sergeant Cooperman, who is the son oT Perry Cooperman of Ca- ruthersvllle, is a tall gunner on a 7th AAF Liberator bomber. Pvt. : Joe Popham', 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Popham of Hayti, Is sta- tloiiC(] i\l the AAP at Florence, S. \Lphes ' as center 'fan find Brooklyn* /fi^s nf stjll reaching lor Jug * ' Mlrthes'ol ug la: fHarnlme University 'Youngsfe came ar6und to "renew acquaint «ance \uth the lanky first sacke .when Hardline met City Colleg 1 , r in New York nit on the decisions of the rules omriilttee; : ' Keeping Up With The Men jln Service Popham, Is stationed at Washington, D. C. . :' "ON OTHER 1'IELDS .'.." ANN ARBOR.—Two former Mlch- 2an grid greats, arc fighting the var on aircraft - carriers—Bcnn; 'rledmnn, • All-America quarter ii 926. and Paul Goebel, captain-end n 1922. ffs; Minnie Lee Parncll o[ Osceola has three stnrs on her service flag representing three of her sons now serving on foreign duty. Pvl. .Walter Parncll is in the Easl Indies, PU Bobby Pnrnell is h lialy and Virgil T. Parncll, seaman In the' Navy, is in the Soutl Pacific. • • • A-C Harris M. Hunt, son of Mi rf'Wrs. Ncy Hunt or BlythcvlHt has. begun the 10-week basic, o second phase of his flying Iroining at Eagle Pass Army Air Field, on the Texas bank of the Rio Grande. : Upon .completion of his training there, A-C Hunt will enter an ad- MANASSA MAULER 2-1 with art By NED BROWN NKA Stall Corre.siiomk'nl NEW YORK.—Jack Dcmpsey wns ill reminiscent mood as he pored over bushels of holiday greeting cards, lie wns meeting old friends now, scattered all over the globe. R u d d c n 1 y lie came across one p i c tu'r I u B the; front of a cafe bearing the title Miss Jack D e in p s e y. On the reverse side was the original message "Having a good time; wish you , were here." It ; w a s dated fro m Sydney, Australia, and bore no signature. "What's t h L score?" T asV-.cfl. "Who's it Irohi?' "Duniio," replied the old Ma'nas- sa Mauler. "Got the first one,.oh maybe 20 years ago. And it wasn 1 a postcard, it wns a letter. Near as I can rcmemlicr, it went something like this: "Seems the place was a cafe near the wharves on the wate front, where sailors off ships Iron all over the world used to stop fo> n snort or.a souse. Tt wns run by a woman, known to one and- a! simply as 'Ma Boss.' She vulec with an Iron hand, but still fight were common. One big guy, a stok er or something frotn one of th ships, had everybody buffaloed. H bullied other sailors into buying litn drinks, beat, 'em up if they refused STARTS A FRACAS "One night the joint \vas Miss Deinpscy won her monicker. The five-year-old fox-lerrici, above, aptly named Jack, will get plenty of jusl Ihal, barring legal difficulties. His former owner, the late Mrs. Margaret Myers, of Detroit, made him sole 'heir to an estate Climated nl •$20,000. Her liamiTvriltcn win ilso provided that "who«v"r lakes care of him at oy horoe shall have free r«nL" • Railroader Is Sailor, Too BEVERLY, Mass. (UP)— Bclyln* the traditional busman's holiday, Iralnsman Harry C. McCaiisland of Beverly doesn't take a train ride on his day off. Instead, McCausland spends so much lime sailing with his son on their 35-foot sloop that he can toss nautical term's around as freely as he can lalk! railroad ' language. ( Miss Jack Dcmpsey. nd joy was uiiconfined, when the if; guy pranced in with a snoot,il. night oil Ihe bat he declared, la John U Sullivan, that he could ck anybody In the house and dc- iniulcd free drinks. "Somebody took wlml they call irnbrage and the fracas was on. The 4g stoker belted guys over like len- ilns, and soon had Ihe bar all lo limself. Nobody look, a wallop at lim, or if Ihcy did, they missed. "Suddenly Ma Boss came down he stairs, climbed over fallen ars, surveyed the broken glasses trc\vn about the Hoar and calmly vent Into action. Walking up to he bully, she put a hand on his shoulder, spun him around and clouted him on the point of the chin with a haymaker that was a iciiutlful sight to see. "The stoker swayed for nn instant, went glassy-eyed, then sank to the door, out colder than an iceberg. "A mob of sailors, who had taken it on the lam outside when the firing began, seeing all Ibis, stood in stunned amazement for a few moments, :hen rushed into the cafcj seined Ma's hand and hailed her as Miss lack Dempsey. .MA CHANGES NAME "Word of Ihe event spread like wildfire, of course, and from then on. Ma Boss was known as Miss Jack'Dempsey. "The following week by popu- Receives Bronze Star WITH FIRST U. S. ARMY .HQ , Belgium, Jan. 3— First Sergt. Otis L. Mannon, brother of Mrs. Loyce Jarrett, Roule 3, Blythevillc, Ark., has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in connection with military operations Old You're Not Too To Feel Young This Is a message for men who have known life but no longer fine It thrilling because of the lack of certain vitamins and hormones Tromone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hormones may multiply'the vim ant zest and enjoyment you once knew Your whole approach, your wholi iltiludc toward life, may Improvi when you begin to use Tromone Maw it may be possible for middle aged men to again enjoy Ihe sainc spirit, vitality and pleasures tha made' their youth a thing to re member. Added years may not sub trad from your pleasures when yoi use Tromone, the new medical for inula combining vitamins and nor mones. Follow directions on labe Tromone for sale by Robinson Dru Co. and druggists everywhere. gainst the enemy In England, •ranee, anil Belgium. A Blytlicvlllc farmer before he intered tlie Army four years ago, THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Bt»rt» at 7:30, BATURDAl'8 & SUNDAYS Coi OfQce Opens 1 Show Btartt 1:15 New Theater Mani/a's Finest at Ijave you done today thai some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Night Is OPPORTUNITV I KITE "NEW YORK TOWN" «HIi Fred MacMurray, Mary Jlardn, Kobert Preston RKO Ncivs and Comedy Tuesday 'MURDER IN BLUE ROOM" i Ann Gwyn and DonuHl Cook ScriiU & Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. \ Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 * Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens G:45 -*':•-_ ConUmioiis shows Sat. and Sun; Wednesday "WILSON" \\itli Alexander Knnx and • Charles Cobiini I*o\ News Jt Short CoW Preparafiona as directed Oil for .Tuesday : BUDDY NITE Two tickets for the price of one. "PASSPORT TO SUEZ" with Warren William as "the Lone Wolf" Also Comedy ....-.' NEW THEATRE Manila, Arkansas WEDNESDAY ONLY WHOLE NEW WORLD ^ WILL OPEN BEFORE YOU! IT.WILL b« as if you never saw A rA<5ti6n picture before, .when you see Darryl F. Zanuck's ."WILSON," in Technicolor. IJefeJ truly, is something entirely different in film entertainment ..';» motion picture that opens a fehole new world'of Emotional experience for every man .woman ind child.'. , ' K«u Will live iUi^mngstbry. .the Mory of in American family.. any American f apiily. "i-i* ^ * T?6u will «hare lt« Inhmatejomante .. • thrill to it* powerful drama... \ enacted by 12,000 players...surging through 200 scenes... to the heartbeat of 87 beloved songs. • You will be enthralled by its colorful spectacle...sweeping from the Wnilc House to Ver8ailles...6nd recapturing all the glitter and glamor of a fabu-. louj age I 2H years in production I • Global in scope, yet warm and intimate in ttory, no other picture is comparable to it in size, splendor and immensity of concept. • " W H051 IMfOMJttn fVW W 50 VIMS OF MOTION NCIIUE EHIERUIHUENH .20,, LaGuardia Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills . giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S. Airline, relics on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear, on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dewier. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL J WAN IE tJRQENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP NAVAL AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Valley and Sollrtt (PrinM Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "NEVER A DULL MOMENT", .. - ! with Frances Langforil & the Kitz Bros. anil "UNDYING MONSTER" with ! James Ellison & Heather Angel Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Tuesday PAL NITE ! 'Paris After Dark' with George Sanders & Uremia Marshall Scleclcd Shorts _ Af»t ~ illt, Ark. If you arc now cngngei In an essential actWty at your highest skill, do not apply. All hiring done in accordance with War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men under 21 and women under 18 must have minor's release form signed by parents which can bo obtained at Employment Office. (Id slims btz ha-mm tome new mm trip CHARUS WINNINGS PHIL SILVERS

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