The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1953
Page 2
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TACT TWO fARK.V COtmiErt NEWS Vwir /ftcom* Tox Primer— Do You Have a Refund or Do You Owe More Tax? EDITOR'S NOTE:' Here's Ihe 13th at 14 irUolf. in NE.Vs 12(1. annual .Income Ta* Primer, prepared by a top-notch Washington (ax Mithorlly and deslgnrd (or use with .th« official l« rule pamphlet. By RICHARD A. MULLENS • NBA Income Tax K*pert Do you have B refund coming or do you owe more tax? Tills article takes you through HID final steps of filling out a Form 1040 —stepsthat will (jive you the-answer to the above question. First enter your tax in Item & (A) of page l.,If, uack in Article 7, you computed a self-employment lax, enter tlmt amount In Item 5(B) and add the two together. Then show'in Item C(A) the total lax (hat lias been withheld from your pay. Try to get a Form W-2 from each employer who withheld tax. If. for some reason, you can't get a Form W-2, attach a statement giving details of the amount of tax withheld. Many of yon will have Social Security or F.I.C.A. tax withheld from your pay In addition to Income tax. If more than $54 was withheld from any one person's pay for the F.I.C.A. tax, then the excess should be shown In the "Income Tax With, held' column of Item 2, page 1 and added to the total tax withheld. You won't have any trouble filling In the rest of page 1. If you owe an additional amount to Uncle Sam, payment must lie made when you file the return ami the relurn must eHlier lie in Hie Bureau's hands or postmarked not later'lhan midnight ot March 16. If ydii, have a refund coming, you can either have all or part of it paid back to you or credited against your 1953 estimated lax. Do not ask to have any creditert unless you expect to file a-Declaration of Kstl- r--ted Tax on or before March 16, 1953. ' ' ' ' ' Ailer your return reaches Ihc Director's office, It will be checked for mathematical accuracy. If you , haye made an error, the Director will send you an explanation together, with either'a bill or a refund depending on whether you figured too little or too much tax. If you should receive a notice tolling of a mathematical error In your return irid you do not agree, write the Director- explaining^ why you don't concur in his statement. .-Your return will also be reviewed to'determine whether It should lie examined by a revenue agent. Ordinarily only those' returns which have,doubtful or auspicious. items are examined closely. The Inst few years, however, the Bureau has been picking out some returns al random and giving them a close examination. This ,year, the, newly reorganized Bureau hopes to shift more people to audit and investigative iyrork. K --. 'V^' 1 If' your return «' examined and additional tax proposed, you have the rlfht l» ask for » reconsideration of the change it you do not ajrte with It. 1( you are not satisfied with a decision niade In your Director's office, ask the Director for the addreM of the District Commissioner. . There have been 11 new District Commissioners set up throughout the country who are responsible for the operation of the Director's of- WASHINGTON «»—The Washington Post said loclay tlie Truman administration has tsfcen steps to drop a grand Jury proljo of the O. S International oil Industry and substitute, for it a civil suit. Tho Post said It had learned on high authority that the National Security Council, which Is headed by the President, had recommended that the Justice Department call qfl the grand jury Investigation, now In Its preliminary stages. "At Die same time," Ibe newspaper continued, "a key government official said he was Informed (hat President Truman has adopted the recommendation and will direct the attorney general to dismiss the criminal proceeding u "d substitute n civil injunction suit." The newspaper said such a suit would nsk for n court order direct- Felix Carney •Were you able to watch one of the Bowl football games on New Year's Day? A lot of people did, all over the country . . . thanks to the second micro-wave to the Pacific Coast which went into operation during the holidays. Three games — the Sugar, Orange and Rose Bowl con- teats — were seen from coast to coast by millions of sports fans. This new development means that all of thfc big national shows will soon be flashing on the screens of viewers just about anywhere in .the United States where there's a television station . . . and that reminds mt that there are some 2,000 new ones being planned within the next two or three years around the country. We don't know whether the "Grandma" bank bandit j out in Los Angtles owned a television set, but she must be unhappy about television these days. It seems that a bank cashier watched a reenactment of one of Grandma's crimes on 'her television set, and the next job Grandma tried to pull was at thisf cashier's window 1 She recognized Grandma, gave the alarm, and that was the enu of another bank robber's career ... So sometimes television can cause trouble. And if your set is giving you trouble, our expert trained techriiciana will soon have it right', again. -For guaranteed service call on us. BIATHE- VILLB SALES CO., 109'E. Main Street. Phone 3616. flees in their districts. You can appeal from the Director's office to (he District Commissioner if you desire. . ; Ordinarily the Bureau has three rears from the lime you file jour return In which to charge you additional tax. But, If you make a fraudulent return, or If you fall to file a return, action can he taken by the Bureau at any time to collect the tax and penalties. Tomorrow't final arlllle will have a relurn compkltly filled out to show how It'i done. Tax Primer Q. & A, (). I'm nuppOMd (o get » refund on my 1952 (»». What should I do If It doesn't arrive? A. Walt a reasonable time and then send a letter of inquiry to your Director of Internal Revenue. In Civil Suit May Replace Probe Of International Oil Industry ing Ihe oil companies to comply strlclly with the antitrust laws. The White House, the Justice Department and the National'Se- curity Council declined to comment on^the Post's report. The security council Is comprised of the President and vice president, secretaries of slate and defense, and the heads of the Mu- i.unl Security Agency and Die National Security Resources Board. It Is Iho top'planning agency concerned with national security. The Posl'sald It has learned that the council.made Its decision Fri- dny, basing It upon "evidence that Die global interests of the U. S. would ho Jeopardized by disclosures to be mnde to the- grand Jury or nl the subsequent trial." The grand Jury Investigation was your letter give exact Information as to the names and addresses of the persons filing the return, the amount of refund shown on the return and when it was filed. If you filed on or around March 16, wait at least, three months before writ- Ing. (J. Why do I have until March 10 to file this year? A. Because March IS. the usual deadline, falls on Sunday. Federal Trade Commission report which alleged that seven oil companies had carved up the world's oil reserves, supplies and markets with the aim of fixing high prices. Subpoenas were Issued for documents last August, but legal'argu- ments so far have prevented the presentation of any evidence to the grand Jury. 'Hie oil companies Involved are due to appear today with voluminous records. They have been fighting against the subpoenas on the ground- that to supply the millions of records asked Is unreasonably burdensome. They also have objected to making public agreements they have with foreign countries. Atrocities In Korea To Be Probed WASHINGTON ltr> — Represent- atlves Shcehan (R-II1) and Ayrcs <R-Ohlo) say they will-ask Congress-tomorrow, for a full-scale Investigation of alleged Communist atrocities against American soldiers In Korea. > Atrocity reports, frequent during the early'days of the Korea light- Ing, grew more numerous after Communist China's entry. Last year Gen. Matthew B. nidgway, then United Nations commander In the Far East, said 8.000 Americans reportedly were war crimes victims. Sheehan and Ayrcs Mild yesterday they will offer parallel lesolutions. Sheehan said his measure will call for a seevn-man special House com- for a seven-man special House corn- Information and travel anywhere (or evidence. Isometric drawings, which look like pictures, but which have much of the accuracy of blueprints, eliminate the necessity of a workman consulting several blueprints before he drills n hole. Shown In picture form, the design Is so clear that one can see at n glance exact- ordered after the completion of a ly where the hole la to be drilled Boston Common, oldest public park In the United States, was Bet off in 1634 for common use as a "cow pasture and training field." WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chleka- saivba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Mary Ixiu nidge. Ptf. vs. No. 12,295 Clifford Rldgc, Jr., Dft. ' . The defendant, Clifford Ridge, Jr., Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the Complaint.- of the plaintiff, Mary MONDAY, JAW. 18, 195S Lou Ridge. Dated this Slit day of January. 1953. Geraldlne L-lston, Clerk By Cherry Sue Barnes, B.C. Guy WalLs attorney for pltf. Ed B. Cook, attorney ad lltem. NOTICE Proposed Budget of Expenditure! Togelher with Tax Levy for Fiscal Year Beglnninr July 1, 1951, to and Including June 30, 1955 The Board of Directors of Dell School District No. 23 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public - the proposed budget of expenditures together with the lax rate as follows: RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, cliest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot alTord to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Crcomulskm which goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and eapel germ laden phlegm and aid n.ilurc to soothe and heal ran*, lender, inflamed, bronchial membranes. Creomulsion blends betchwood creosote by special process wilh olbcr lime tested medicines for coughs. 11 contains no narcotics. No matter how many mcdiciaes you have Irkd, Creomulsion is guaranteed to please you or druggist refunds money. Creomulsion has stood the test of many millions of users. (Adv.) 0»«n«r«l Control, »1900; Initruc- tlon, $58,210; 'Operation of school Buildings. »«00; Maintenance of School plant and Equipment, »1500; AuxIUary Agencies (Including transportation), 17500; Fixed Charge*, »2000; Capital Outlay, »5000; Debt Service, 112000. \ To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 39 mills. This tax levy In- cludes the present continuing levy for the retirement of present Indebtedness. • , GIVEN 1953 this 6th day of Januar/, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Dell School District No. 2J Of Mississippi County, County, Arkansas M. R. Griffin, President R, B. Crawford, Secretary SO UPSET BY "CHANG! Of LIFE" "I SCREAMED AT MY HUSBAND!" wiles Mrs. A. W. at New York, N.Y. "Now I don't «offer from hotflaihet' and nervous- n»»« . . . I feel fine!" HOW TRAGIC that change of life makes some women so irritable they offend those they love! How tragic- when it is often so unnecessary! Those terrible "hot flashes"those nervously unstrung feelings -those clammy sweats and feelings of wiuaJtncss- areall too common to women who are going through the "change"! Such functional distresses--in clinical tests conducted by doctors — were stopped or strikingly relieved by Lydla Pinkham's Compound and Tablets in 63% and for. (respectively) of all the cases tested) And that Is good news for youl Lydfa Pinkham's niedi- ctttesact through a-woman's sympathetic nervous system to glue relief from those "hot Cashes" and oilier/uTiflfonalli/-aiu»d dlslressofcriangcajltfe." Modern In Action Actually, Lydia Pinkham's Compound and Tablets are extremely modern In action, They exert a definitely soothing—calming—effect. If you experience the sinking sensations, suffocating flashes and irritability of this time of life- why not benefit uy the experience ol thousands? See If you, too, don't find relief from your suffering by taking these famous Lyclt'a Plnkham medicines Take either tin Compound (liquid) or new. improve^ Plnlcham Tablets ., . . , with added Iron final sUe only 53t). You'll particularly welcome the convenience of IheTablets that you can carry with you. But...whichever you decide to try ... don't delay 'seeking this medically-tested form of relief! Pinkham's Is wonderful, too, for the functional cramps and other distresses of monthly periods. ial Purchase! 4-BURNER GAS RANGE READ THIS AND SEE HOW ITS POSSIBLE! We were fortunate to acquire 70 Dixie Gas Ranges at a very low price .., now we're passing the savings on to you! It's the Dixie 4-BURNER GAS RANGE that sells regularly for §109.95. These ranges have been slightly used ... but we guarantee every one. Some doii't have a mark on them! They're uncrated in our warehouse and we've put this low price of only $39.95 on them to move them quick! Come in and look them over ... they're wonderful for apartments or small space kitchens. You'll agree that it's the best buy you've ever seen ... HURRYl They won't be here long'! Jimmie Edwards Furniture Go. 301 EAST MAIN ST. "See Jimmie First" PHONE 2487

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