Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 44
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 44

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 44
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HELP WANTED, MALI manage court. In exchange for space. Also man for l«wn work tHE"rbRt~Ht'ACm.'CA~Posi~Ex- change Is wlicitlns Wd» rtr · Tennis Professional to glv# private Instruction at Fort Huachuc*. Arizona. For Information call Mr. Coition H Soper. General Man- »rer. Bide. SO?!, t e l e p h o n e GL t-sm e« «S3. Written pro- roust be received no later SALESMEN HAVE OU 3MJ _ rwionsKTO MUST TOP COMMISSIONS - -Dictating Machine Operator ihou- vou how to «*rn fl» pivu »er »··«)£. Rout* work.. »Oe» b»cic- «round helpful but no: e»»enU»l.| We am u» ; t«*cher« to t«ke ·krteni from rerui*r ,, CUIt 2 ntr *.' I while the rerular Fuller Bnuh tn»n i* on \icttion. rul! or p»n! time. AX- BODY MAN With Sport »r*J rare tea our ·»· 5«rt«oe 0.11 MA. 3-034. «l ior tavde or P«n -I BraeLLXNT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. Apply INFILCO INC. SO) S. CAMPBELL AVE. j»hon» MA. J-M01 HEll* WANTED, ftmoU 1Q| HELr* WANTES. ftmaU 1Q LADIES Tupperwait horn* parllM ha* openings lor four. Two part time and 2 full tin» to help with summer business. Car necessary. Com- JM i -J^ijL?rjB*5iyi£ w Woman's Opportunity O*n you **y this? I love my hiu* Mind--i lov« my horn*--I'm Ambi- ioua *nd want to h*l_ all 1 c*n. not U*j. und I'm w»»n* to SITUATIONS, MAli 111CHILD YOUNC married man desires evening employment, any kind (truck driver, farm work, labor) MA. 4-3411. after t p.m. working " ) Uir_*/_cKjl« L _MA...4-W7. WAlfflKSStS wenW.~ Apply"tn person. Holiday House Cafeteria. StCRfcTARV. Permanent positton open In downtown law office, j Work for one attorney only. L«M gal experience not essential Plsaae'i-r^r; ' ''-^'' .2 '"'""·_'"'». '" ', jj reply aa soon as possible to SUr-! SITUATIONS, FEMALE 12 ClUMn Box jas-G. _ '- -'RESPONSIBLE woman. tJv'e in' HouMfworx. Laundry. CrtUd care. Reference!. Health card. AX. MWI. J' work 'oart-tirnf: right here in my: CRfcfrtT and Cbllectron work in ^ · - - rtllnne Klnd«rgsnen all sees includl Inisnls. L o v i n g efficient can Reasonable. 1TST t Broadway MA 4-OBII. , Ci5bb care, 1 or 3 chlUSran, my home. Reasonable. KA. «-Mo4. TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 TRAVEL 0|»*ftvniti«i 15 MAW WANTED to h«lo dri B _ . G'OOD'ieieetloB of Jo" «Ha«d~g 10 **'· ** home With txtn money ! earn I'll I fine )ewelry alar*. t-iUy week help p*y the bill* or get^those little Jl*w*nt wojrktag conditions. Apply are the I extras we've been *»««"*· lean say tlese things. YOU i woman we want. Call now. HA jJ-MI' -- | Johnles No. I 'Ladies qualified for i tn person. Grunewald and Adams, «0 E, Congress; HOPS ~" a nd~ waitresaei I II phone survey work callj HAIRDRESSERrimf^pgRil WINDOW cleaning Mobi' waxing. House cleaning. Tree estimates. EA. S-ajCJ, City Maintenance Com. psny. JA"6HlKG~in my home. M5~up and delivery, AX, 1-fMI. TUTOR primary grade*--all gub- lecta--phonic* usetf in reading. VAN MOVERS! flrrt ye*r raac with Aero haw averaged SS.OCO » »ll.on» NET.! Here if your opportunity t« Biake- snore money ae contract truckman, j Experienced. *uU or part time. Exceptional poalOon with good commission and guarantee. Apply in person CatKerine« Beautj- Salon. 1442 E Mh SI WHITE, middle-aged woman cam of home and two school children. Girls, Women--All Ages BE A RECEPTIONIST paid W* an expanding World-««5e moving service. ! We give you o*i-the-jot training j S tf you ws or e«n finance Uu | model t*»etor. j i Applicants must be over 22. free to [ travel, and hav« good safety erd. SALESGIRLS ^^ {OT i-u^^in,. w «u in selling women's posltioru. Day and night .. .. time or evening*. I sun Monday. Your choice of train- Steady. I inf. PBX operator, bookkeeping. - - -- - . , «». --.. -'inch at M«y«. KU E Broadw»j". ^^ OFFICE NURSE PART-TIME 22nd. or!business machines. IBM card pun land Speedwrlting Shorthand in 8 weeks. Jobs await, call, write or visit -- SPEEDWRITING our Silei Oejurtment. DignUied txrtunily for advance- to »1M weekly. C*r ncoeaaary. For interview, call Mr. reiocX at Holiday Inn between » a.m. and 1 p-m.. MA. 3-0371. ' ~ time. Caui Adobe* Drug*. 7191 N. Oracle Road: ...... _ Mechanic and Ser. vice tUtion aUMUUmt. Commlulon plus nlary. Good pay. EA. (-MM. AX. Guaranteed. RA. 7-CO». "wSTC CHILD CARE 13 , achool -- also boarding under years. EA. 9-+470, " ~ " ~ night Nursery Boarding. Uocrued, Insured. 4*02 E. VKh. gA. I-CM. ' . Uny. Paoooeg Ntineiy, MA, 4-iMT. CHIIJ3 CIAHi: in my homer Call MA. SITUATIONS, MALE 1 1 I SCHOOL Write or Box 1OT. . »-3441, ftrt. Jack Adurts. P.O. j t. Indians.! (IruJlansp- S? ^^i^rffva. Tuc * m \ Registered Nurses f T J t t CU_\jriiTl»-«W»V "" r*VJCWjCJ*J»M te shorthand. t-nlng. bookltieping caihlerine it ofilc* maeWrie* call Business College. Ph. MA 5 A L h b M / \ N grr VOUK KEAKT ON MODELING _^ Panted. Tull time. Inside Iron AN TPCCrTTNG CAREER IN ». Positions in surgery and general duty 3 to 11 shl/t. New hospital opened July with new surgical suite and hospital lacllltlei. Ad ' PING CLERK. EXTERMNATOR. MA . J-0403. _ _ I*AfiT TfSffi, work evening-- weeii ends. Anything legal. College r»du»te. EA.7-43M. ' ' cajrlan college graduate. 3D, looking for career u»ln* this rarity. References. EA.8-49M. AUTOS FOR SALE _ . Complete *erv- Ice. Floors waxed. Windows washed. Estimates. MA. 4-4083 Wanted. TuU time. Inaide ttltKOna- Good wac«. Group taturanoe. paid v«- o«tlaB. Good -»trlttn« condition*. Advancement for Ujbt rana tax roanarer train- inc program. Apoiy Mr. Maurcr, We»ttm Auto, ll · ftji. Bowntown. D9T oana S- iQi. muat have lrivers Ut a ir»«)c. McGinnls. 1 THE MODELING The experience of Fashion s h o w . Photographic, and many jther tne« of modeling plu* the look of a Model . Cw be yours forever. CAM Now! EA *-jP33j _qr_.jEA:-.Ulf~l' w£*TJ(iAjcSr you and place you. See our ad on pages 73 and 105 of the vellow section In the telephone book Aril- College ol Commerce. The Accredited Business School, 'debts contracted by aro-one other --Illam A. Tucker. Wllliaji saiestrtj tnan for dealers. Our new air cooled automobile powend ae«t euchion. Plugs into the da-arette lighter of your auto- noblle. ron»d, powerful air con- dlUcow! breww. Phone only Mon. * Moo. night, Factory division. EA. 7-0485 HELP WANTED, M * F ?A COUPLE Lady u do housekeeping, gentleman emre. of grounds. Livtng - t»n and salary. EA. g-5M7 J B±ALTHY cu-v^x^i couple with trailer JOT rnaintenanee work. Adults. No pets. Very good salary. See manager. 44J8 t. and after 10 a.m. YOU WANT TO BE A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL? OM9T TO THOSE who want TO TAKE the STATE EXAM or tho_e who are ALXZAXW LICENSED . . . Next Class Starts June 7th, 1960 UMTTBD ENROLLMENT PLACEMENT AVAILABLE CALL ALLIANCE LAUNDRY SHIRT 7TUSSSER* Experienced preferred, but will teach young, strong, capable _ gtrU. NO PHONt Avenue. CALL*. 40*. N. 4th Legal Secretary K M n | Hospital. TiU4 7-3444. Maids At Your Service 1«41 X. Bceadwiy MAJMM1 . ainbTtlous young men need employment. Do any- AX. a-1714. 1 and 6est paint Jofi in Tucson. lUllable. MAT 2-J704. (*AfNTlHCr, Interior, exterior, crscic itching. References. £A. FULL CHARGE housekeeper tor I child, plus parenu. Live In only-private room. Spanish speaking preferred. Diys. MA. 3-0831 Evenings. ZA. S-1977. 'v/OMjCRTtn do hand or type ad" dressing at home; capable of con taeting our euctomtrs and prospects by phone. Write Star-Citizen Box by p between »-M. Must have wn transportatloti. Free sirllne travel and other benefits. No phone calls nlease. Apply In person at Skv Chef Restaurant. Mu- nlctpa! Airport.. EXPERITNCZD clerk - typfit witti general office experience. Permanent position. Good hours. Salary «Z7S per month. Indicate t«t. edti- oation. avalUibility and type of experience. Reply by nuill only to PAINTING: Small npsirs. Interior- exterior. Reasonable rstes. Call Jack. MA. 4-73S7. KSCTRieiAN, *) yrs. exp. Ail types of wiring te utlmatlng Comm, Sf resid. Control wiring. Service 4t mslnt. EA.. 1-Vtat it EA. «-MH. RAV~soRTiEMIMr~P"It5r;bTng- Write Star-ClUien Box" UW-G .J^.!SHJlJ2_fiLAriSS.«._5E stating age, experience, and references. aecreu SpsnUb. Downtown ·alary and working Write Star-Cltlieti Box retary apei licauon Go g conditioi IOY 373-1 ale od la "·\.IUVK* , _ " _ u.n,t.jt,M Arizona Beauty Culture Instructor. *t*ady position, good ·alary. Call MA- 3-4333 days. EA. ' -SJiCUt Private Room--Bath Light housework. Help with children. Plain cooking. Live In.- 5',i day. MB Local reference*. EA, SECRETARY Downtown offlre needs capable girl interested in advancement. Excellent opportunity' Pleasant surroundings. Age 31-» Shorthand, tvping required. » day week, rringe benefits. MA. 4-5M6. Gammon PJacem't Serv. XII N. StoM Garden Plaza MA. 3-4MS SBC. lite irtono, reds, know fig. »00 BKKP. Acctg. oHl« rxp.. pro- fldenl with 10 key add math. $J7» SECRETARY, steno. personnel dept. GOOD TERJUTOHIES OPEN for qualified women-- demonstrating LUZrtR QUALITY COSMETICS to old and new customers. Excellent ·arnlngi. Experience or car unnecessary. Full or part time. C»ll now EA. 1-S47I. FOUNTAIN WAITRESS Drug, ano r 3rd. only. Apply Geronlmo AUTOS FOR SALE 23 _ _ and maintenance »«rv- ice. 30 Yean experience. Excellent r f ere nces. MA. 3-83M. ttANDY MAN. Service cooler*, have pads, maintenance, yard work. EA. 7-«m yARDWORK--OjandBCapinr -- rer- tUiier -- HaiUlng -- TopsoU Tree Service. -- Renovating, EA, .V48S3. work of any kind wanted. Phone MA. 3-4983. aria wiring. Cooler maintenance. lerv. Ice calls. By hour. EA. 5-31«0. (5CRFENTRY worE. Interior «Hd exterior painting and stucco work. AX. a-M«4 J . RETAIL"" Cumberman. fifteen years experience in all phase* of operation. References. Star Citizen Box «n-r. HOME Owner desires steady em" ployment-^watchman. guard, janl, tor. cooler maintenance, painting. Day or night. MA. 3-8370. BbOtOCEEPER. Experlenced7 permanent full time employment ««nttd_ immediately. _1EA, 5;1»»3. URSERVMAJi wants yardwork Tuesdays. Too In necessary. I1.2S hour, MA...4-laM,_.. ; OUALTTY Painting.^ Reasonable. EA T-MM. ,, CftMXNT finishing, blociui, briclm. rockfalls. Odd jobs. Rocks. Xbcperi. enced. MA. 3-SJ02* Andy. AUTOS FOR SALE 23 " " Local, aoUhUihad Compiny Tiaafln I «r 1 sale* persona to fUl otOo*. staff. If dis- *mUafl*d with present poeitlon * income, it will pay to call A make an appt, Jrnmedtate inooine, company benefits. ·swore futures. Jbrperienc* telirtul but not ne-i.issiry. we wtu train. Call EA. 7-«M ·or appt. PIBnUJIUTORS wanted fair'NUTKl- XJIt FOOD SUPPUMI-^T and Ihrat MKNBORO cosMrncs. Full or part time. Apply 3037 N. Campbell; or phone EA. 7-MH8 LEGAL S«c. heavy «t«no. » day t300 FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER, good future, CORSETTJCRE. mature. «nj. ASST. D*pt. MaT. ladles wear exp CASHIER with dept. store e»p. WBn ·»'tft'lFVVf IT\TtrrC*y +immt · tfrv-tlra *WR u - . EXPERIENCED Full charge bookkeeper, for bulld- rr'i offioe. Eastside location Sand letailed resume to SUr Citizen SALESMEN IF YOU really want to get ahead and fed you are limited in your present employment, here's an opportunity tor you to become aeoodaUd with a really (ait- growlng company. No sales experience necessary. On- lhe-)oh training, with a good income, for excellent management career. Mrs. Pettus: Day* MA. I-1BJO; evenings, KA. 1-1*7. :ftt~_G"HT In the Tucson are*. Take abort auto trip* to contact customers. Write O. T. Swallow. Pres. Southwestern Petroleum Co.. Box education (or telephone sales Pleasant working condltlona. rul) time. Permanent. Guaranteed s»l- ary plus bonus. Call Mrs. Hicks. MA. 2-DD91. Monday or Tuesday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for intar- vlrw · appointrnrnt . HOUSE MOTHER Mature, capable woman. Permanent position. Privite school. Opportunity for advancement. Live in. "Write SUr-Citlien-Box W-C . -.""wt. CalfMr. ' jaor-t sap p.m. EA. »-4Bi 3^ SHOE SALESMEN boeptional opportunity. Must be experienced--Also ne2d salesmen tor summer months. Apply 40 "L. Fannington. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for middle-ajred retired or aeml- letlred man or woman in electric advertising sign aales field. Experience not necessary, but help- nil. Equal opportunity for yonng sales person desirous of advancement. Particulars or your phone sjumb^r to _Star-Citizen. Box 163-G, ELECTROLUX CORPf aferporience not necessary, will train. 1Z11 E. _«Ul 31; EXPERIENCED House Salesman One GOOD salesman needed lo complete statt in new office. Top ·onunAsdon. bonus, lots of ads and guE cooperation to a qualified num. For aplxnt. phone Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 "ATTENTTON Salesmen Executives Want high grade men from sell- Ing;- field or executive group. Petition carries very substantial Income u* you qualify. Want man underpaid in his present field. Lifetime position in per- · rnanent. growing industry. Tor interview call Mr. Clark Monday 1M Tldelands Motel. MA. coyrrppmAL EXP. WAITRESS 7 A.M. to S P.M. No Sundays or hpJWayj.^lrv^Placej_*4 l^.E^Brd wj. Stock and Sales Girl tf Permanent Position Excellent Salarv. Ace ae-3* APPLS" £1 Chlco._70_E._pennjnfton fcSCPKnlEN'CED weitreas wanted for nifht and days. No phone calls. Appear In person Triple T Cale, 44*1 Benson Highway^ _ ,,,,. ,, WOStAN" wlih oar to" »Vlf famous Studio Girl Cocmetlca in your neUrhborhood. Full or part-time. Can earn up to M 9(1 per hour. Cell EA..JM»1«._. ..___ Appear in person. No phone calls Triple T Cafe. 4«1 Benson Hi/h- REGISTERED NURSE Needed tor mirl'g cjunp. hl*h In the coo) CaUllrai Mountain*. June 19th-Aufu*t 8th. Good auUry, plu* mjiintgnjnty. MA. -U«7.__ SECRETARY TOT Doctor's Office. Must be mt- cclleflt typist. Brperlence preferred. Write details Star-Clllicn Box 1IO-G WAITRESS Apply Kinsley's Cow _^_ __ EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN! Career opportunity In aales and merchandising, women's Sportswear. Hlffh scliool graduate. Ase 30-35. Hitch earning potential with finest company benefits, write and ive full qualifications to P. O ox 30S«, or Applv Pcnncv'n. Tucson OD honest hard-workirif a*J . GTLES MOTOR CL.vitR. 711 HIGH DEMAND NON-COMPETITIVE Tou will aee. our trainer earn M · sp tocr. rxpadsrrf* not neeviMj-y. ·ae Mr. LSHmark. 7 pjn. 'til 1 pjn. «aflr, Hi W. Grant Ha. TOP EARNINGS Could This Be You? _ ___ KE-OS HTNCH WATTRESSIS _ MATURE LADY Live In. plus »100 monthly. Cook one croal. Four hour care one child. Light houaeworic. Sundays: off and some evcnuurs. Call h tween five and aeven p.m. t 7-MP1 . _ \ __ BARMAID WANTED Good steady Job. Top wages. Nn experience necessary. Apply Girto's Bar. 37 w. 33rd si. __ ; _ EXP. WAITRESS Cocktails only. dab La Jells. Apply after 4 pjn. 1«» S. «h, _ .._ Kl«h School Grad. looting for advancement with «ele« ability? If you are tired of wasting time and money, and ar* Interacted in a b*se of Sim per wMk. call D. W. Harrington. KA. a-Mn. 10 v X pjn. Van. or Tue*. and be rsady in start | Housekeeper-Cook II!xTerlenc«5. Winternaven. Own i 11rar_portati£m. i\, days. Adults. ISA. »-275«. ,_ | B^TENSivSt secretarial and business : courses prepare you quickly for I ood petitions. Graduates are placed immediately and without fail i ARIZONA COLLEGE OP I COMMXRCE t 131 E Broxlway _MA. 4-1M1 i $200 WEEKLY ' U you arc 3t or over, have, i ·w. you osn make SMO a week ·very week, worldnj with me Ufa talk tt over, fat an appoint- ·tent, astU KA. 7-»aa. WOMAN. 40 yean: or e-ver, for cooking and light housework. Family of 3. Lrve in, tlTS month Permanent position. Give working references in reply. Write Star- CjUien, Box 1S«-G. i , - . COUNTER GIRL 1 Neat appearing for carry out ·· (location. » or over. Nitej Ap: Iply anytime after S p.m. Marco's 1 . 1st A Ft. Lowell. _ | DO YOU WANT A SECURE FUTURE? In the bank, and *e »«y»i Umllt for rapid ·dvaincemem? If yea hevt a Matt apsceTarx*. a.xl »cces* to a ear, ANT like to meet fft ns between » Mtmtty SALESLADY | Xxperienced Ilngwrie snd found*-: ont Permsment. Saary plus rorn- mlssiwjs. Apply Switier's, 45 E. Bill Hoffman Pontiac A N N I V E R S A R Y !!One Price Sale!! I I 3 3 N . Stone -MA. 3-6330 Choose from any of the Price Levels. Don't be late. They won't last long. Take Your Choice $88.00-488.00 Lie. No. AYT-768-- 48 Hudson 4 dr. sedan 'AUW-547-- 49 Buick 2 dr. sedan AZV-442-- 50 Plymouth 4 dr. sedan ..AUF-243-- 47 Pontiac 2 dr. sedan ATM-422-- 50 Buick 4 dr. sedan Take Your Choice $197.00-$ 1 97.00 BBM-132-- 51 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. ATA-573 -- 51 Ford, stand, trans. ASL-953-- 51 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. AUG-195-- 52 Hudson, 4 dr. Sharp Take Your Choice $294.00-$294.00 AVB-425-- 53 Buick 4 dr. Stan, trans. AVK-789-- 53 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. AUN-343 -- 54 Mercury Convertible cpe. AAS-153-- 53 Ford 4 dr. 6 cyl. Auto. AAT-395-- 52 Olds 4 dr. Hydramatic Take Your Choice $389.00-$389.00 AVW-228-- 54 Pontiac 2 dr. sed. Hydra. AVN-827-- 54 Olds 4 dr., full power ASW-639-- 53 Chrysler, 4 dr. Windsor AUT-009-- 54 Pontiac Catalina 2 dr. AWM-863-- 52 Cadillac, 4 dr. Hydramatic ATG-321-- 53 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydramatic Take' Your Choice $499,OCu$499.00 ATG-22.9-- 52 Cadillac, Air Condition AVU-039-- 53 Olds, Full power, like new ATT-983-- 53 Ford Station Wagon, 4 dr. AUM-242-- 54 Chev. 4 dr. PG. Sharp ATM-382-- 53 Chev. Station Wag. S. shift AEW-515-- 53 Pontiac Sta.-Wag. Hydra. Act now, take advantage of our Dollar Saving Anniversary Sale. No down payment, with approved credit, -2 CHILDREN. iBcperieneed. Inferences. Lunch. Snack*. Flay «qulim«-nt. VUI WANT. Will give experienced motherly care, my hem*. NorOi- we«t. MA. 2-TOO- ilu«. Viasouri. Leavin*- *SaSt^.^??,TC.TXsias an rrancisco-vlduity. Anytime week of June llth. Zvenlnfj. EA. MOM. 40 GiCC 'Vi'fon ud. R«in.bi«. Crfvcrott. _ drivihc and expenats to Rhode Uland or vicinity, next * ' i. IW r.JKh. '56 Willys Pickup N**rty new motor, tour wh»eJ drive. 11,18*. Hot E. A1U ytrt«, MA. 3-«77l. LEAVING lor Connecticut about June 17th. Will take one or mom women. Share expense*. Writ* Star-CIUam Boje__l'WX». 'Prive a* your own. MA. -»MS. CHEAP UM International pick-up Autet Traniportotittn YOUB AUTO DKUVZHXO any dly Bonded UwnMd driven AMERICAN AtTTO DEL1VIRY E. 7th MA. 4-1M1 I'.i-Ton: new engine: U ft. van or ft. rtalce. MA. 4-77K, ·vtningi. AUTO REPAIRING 21 ALL make* of auto tranamlatloni repaired by apeciali«t. General motor work done on all can. We guar. all work. K-z budget termi. .Auto Bey», HM S, «th, MA. AUTOMATIC trananua*lon«--general repairing--budget terroi nmuiged-- guaranteed work. Ruacell'a Automotive Service. MM S. IJOi Ave. MA. AUTOS FOR SALE 23 C-E-m-U-U-T-O S-A-LE-S C C 820 S. 6th Ave. 15 W. 18th St. A a Keally Good Car? Weil, head to CENTRAL AUTO SALES TODAY and let one of our talesmen show you one of these really good buys to help make that vacation the very best yet. AUTO REPAItlNG wmr 21 wheels ».*»: b»tt«r1e» U.tO: gen. ewtors. starters $4. miajons Wrecking. 4101 t. imnoj*. east oM Alvar- non. IA. 5-4«M home phone. , ·* «»: Si Jr»cxuP. or delivery trudt, r*Se6tt oompreoor, M cubic fool «tori(«. aoii N._C«mp.btlJ. ' ' TRUCKS FOR SALE TA^7T? W «^ 8 B H _D NI Gi. MOTOR AND TTRKS. «a*v. jjc ar.» _ forced steel body. Rack, 4 new tires, 5 spares. MM. HOI E. JOrd, AX. «-!»». AUTOS rot f ALI . tooi. Original paint. ,,»-- .._.-- Urei. Mao N. Jordan Drive (Illvef. bell Terrace l. 'ilMPOKTEP CAMS 22* | '59 SIMCA COUPE j The most gorgeous little) car in town. Must be sold. Let's make a deal. Call John Stephens, MA. 3-34*4-- GENERAL. 3*0 S, Stone, j Ooen_JSundiij; i _ in '54 CHEV. $650 '59 FIAT COUPE · * enable "oH.tr considered. Want aWO ! Call MA. J-J444. ask for John Ms-j ilanga--General--KO f . atone. PERSONAL CARS -*7 Ford. V-l, Auwmntic trvumluion. JUdto WM Huter. very cl»in--eu»wn MO. n««r n** 1 Tiret. ·U Ch»v.. JUdlo «nd HMt*r. SUnd»rd Truumluion. 4- door. llint blue, new tlrtfc CALL MA. 4-2481 TUCWMI AUTOS FOK SALE Used Car y Salesman · iwc't* rollln*. our W if b«inM 'loaded with iatr model e«n. 0 vou Xiw ambition, atoad CUES ill N. STONE TRANSPORTATION CAM IMPORTED CARS GALLOWAY RAMBLER BUGS WE GOTT 'EM YOU 5WATT 'EM gj _ JfTH _ iS CHEV. MO 4 dr. ,., ..-over payments. fM a mo. atth '57 Buick Wagon Cost 1*000. selling tor a fraction of New Car Price. Save MMMM. Call MA. 3-J4M. aak for Joe Mesa. MO S. Stone. OPfgRAL, -~N : '55 Olds. Hoi. Sedan I DON'T PUT Ali YOUK MONIY Real bar««ta if you buy thi« weelc-- full price IMS. No cjUh required. Low u «M Mo. Call MA. 1-34M. art for Manny. W) S. Stone, General. Sun. _ ___ _ '55 Buick Cpe. Air-eond. Super Jtode-l-m**) »uy. Will accept trade. M4 Mo. No money need**. Call MA. 8-S4M, a*k_for At, Stephens. JBO S. Stone. Open Bk SI PANHARD 4-dr. M RENAULT Dauphin* M SKODA 2-dr. 40 SKODA Sports Conv. M SIMCA Wagon M GOLIATH 2-dr. M TXIUMPH Sedan VAUXHALL 4-dr, Enjoy FUN in the SUN and SAVE too! "IMPORTS'" REDUCED! 1540 L B'lY Se Habla Espanol MA. J-t44» '57 Triumph 1390 "TR-J" CoBVtrtiblel '60 Renault 1690 Deluxe; 4-dr.. like n*wl 'BSVIkswgn 1390 Smart, Sun-roof, 2-4rl '56 Me reds a DKW li Ton P.XT. yi MGA Roadster . SIMCA 4-dr. WE THADT - 1959 OPEL Clean. Radio, heater; whltewaUa. »14«t, MM E. Bermuda. EA. S-1M*. 1960 ISETTA Take my payment* over at ttl manth. Mth Craycroft. W fariiltorfnp 1AQS JJ UdUllldUuptJ., 14jJ AH power, a/a 52 Cadillac Cpe. DeV. All power, a/c 57 Ford 4 Dr. Sed., AUH. 51 Ford Sedan 100 56 Ford Country Sedan 57FordCust.2Dr.,std. 55 Ford Pickup 59 Ford FLSOOSed., like new 2195 59Ford300,6cyl.,std. 1595 58 Chevrolet BAJ1, PS, PG 1695 56 Chevrolet Station Wagon 53 Chevrolet Sedan 57 Ford FL500 Sed., PS, AT Benr. 4-dr. Performance vlual 1237 N. Sid 'MA. 4-0434 '59 Mercds 3990 Benz. Convertible. "Top" e-f all sport can. Local! '58 Metro 1290 Metropolitan, cut* red Jk wh hardtop I '56 Alfa 1490 Borneo roadster) '56 Metro 690 Metropolitan «mv! XIL Tucson INEWCARDEALERS Association YYV kV«V»»V*Ve'*'e4'»Ve'«'e GALLOWAY RAMBLER Ctosed Sun. Open Eve. AUTOS FOI SALE 59 Chevrolet BA 4 Dr., PUT 53 Buick Sed., a/c 51 Buick Riv. Cpe., like new 295 58 Edsel Cit 2 Dr. HI Fully equipped . 55 Lincoln Sedan 54 Mercury HT Cpe. 55 Olds 98 Hoi. Cpe. 56lFd?88 Sup. Hoi. Cpe. 58 Plym Belv. HT, Fully *qm.p«tf, at/e 51 Plymouth 2 Dr. 56 Pontiac Cat. Cpe. 59 Volkswagen 2 Dr. 51 Nash Utility Wagon 23 *»9$ IMS (1799 «124S MS 899 995 IOCS U95 MS MANY MOWS '54 Buick $495 full price. Better hurry to let tbl» one. No money required. Call MA. 3-MM. atk for Xoxer. 3BO S. Stone. · OPEN SUNDAY 12-6 p.m. STATEWIDE MOTORS YOUB SKODA DUAUOl 26th Craycroft '56 Chevrolet 4-door *ed«rt. standard trarumls. sion. Whitewalls. XxcaUent oondl. HMI. nan ZA. 5-11*7. '58 Triumph Conv. Ope. Test this on* out--It'* Heady tc Nice. Low, lew price--will trad* * finance. Call Manny. MA. 3-MM. GENERAL. 1*0 S. Stone. Open Kite* Sun. EXPrRT Imiwrud -e« makes, franchiser! Flat A! Continental Mt Palo Verde AVI reDalra-all Ifa dealer [otors Ltd.. H» N n L fA T-M11 LKSWAGEN ·j? VOLKSWAG: CY. 7-Wi SELL OR TRADE 'S7 Triumph TR3. ftoorta convertible, Private owner. EA. JS-J742. aft»r ». '59 Karmann Ghia Must be sold this week. Call 3-3454. ask for Manny. 1*0 S. Ston*. CENTRAL. No cash needed. We trade, too. 1959 SKODA S.dofl milee. Will take used eor for equity. 4140 E. Grant Rd., . XA. I-3R67. $129 And take over paymentsl ItM Flat "MO." 3TM S. Forgeus, MA. !t-aS50. · AUTOS FOR SALE 23 '59 IMPALA CONVERT. 0 cylinder. jKwer irt«*rinf f Pow*r- lUd*. radio h««ter, B«ige. ID.XK) cmsh. QL. $-mn, cxt. M01. Ft. Hua- chuoK. '56 Olds. Sedan 1 Dr. JUd.. Htr. AT--Fine transportation at low, low price. Use your good name. No money needed. Immediate delivery. Special attention to Out of Town Buyers. Call MA. 3-34M. aak tor John Stephens. 1*0 5. Stone. CXKCRAL. OWNER MUST SELL Either 1M1 Uulrk ((»».) mr 1*4* Dodge (*100.) XA. t^SWr.. __ "$95 Or b«st oKerl '4* Convertible ·tuto- bekor Champion. Good trannpnrta- Uon. .EA. T-ilC. BY OWNER 1*M Buick aonvsrtiblt. Runs and looks like new. Must ·»]!. AX. ._ ___ ____ MUST iODLL. '« Cbdlllac coupe. Immaculate' condition. Beet offer. Mr. Gronman. KA, T-IMR. __ PLYMdfffH. Ch««p. Coo3 transportation. Needs a little work. 13B1 ernflne. JjtA^-ltM. '57 Chev. Wagon I Pass. V»~Local Car--This »na_i» .ike NU-U you want a GoodCM it rslr nric* call Roier Marshall, JA. 3-J4J4 " " '91 Tord V«. Strtijrht Shin $797 nth * Crayei-ott THUNDERBIRD »!.*». Very clean. Zxnllent eoruli- ·Oon. WWW. U13 N. Columbus, ZA. ·-ma . - , 56 Buick Spt. Cpe. Suver model-- selling reeJ lour U «W next two eey«. Call MA. M4M. «*: for Roger, xn M. Stone. GKN- tRAL- Open Sun. '56 Ford Wagon Re«l bargain--no otati needed--Call finance nurr. at MA. 3-3494. ask ier Mr. Meu. Ho S. Stone. GENERAL. '54 Pontiac Wagon $595 full price for « Pax. VI. Excellent buy. Call Finance Mgr, Mr. Ste Pherj it MA. I-J4X. GENTRAL ONE OWNER U Tord Hardtop. Radio and heat er. Overdrive. Power steering. Xx. cellent condition. See or phone alter S:» p.m. 1IM I. Ind St. Apt. S. BA. 7-7M8. '56 Ford Tudor Sharp condition. Pmts. low a* MB with otMlUied rating. No money needed. Call MA 3-MM. ask for Manny. 100 *. Stone. CENTRAL '56 Ford Victoria $995 Full price-rl-tene - AT - lUdio, Htr. Sharo cond. Low an M5 mo. on the no money down plan. Call MA. J-HM. ask for Mr. Malangi. 3BO S. Stone. GENERAL. '53 Chev. Spt. Cpe. BelAir--Nice low priced car -- No cash needed. Low as *35 Mo. Csl Manny. MA. 1-M84--Mo ». Stene- GEN1CRAL._ '59 Ford Conv. Cpe. Galsxle Model -- Pull pwr. -- lO.OM miles actual. If you want a tine auto eall MA 3-J4M. «sfc for Manny _» S- Stone. General. Open Sun. '56 Chev. Wagon a-tone V»--Real Nice Car--Perfect for vacation time. Use your awx rwme -- No money reouired. Cal Roger Marshall. MA. 1-MM. MO S Stone. Open Sun. '58 Volvo Wagon "The hard-lo-find" kind. * Pass Like NU condition. Let's trade--No nth needed. "Low. low Pmts. Low as *JO mo. Call John Malangi. MA 3-:4M. GPTCRAL. X) S. Stane- PWVATII,Y owned ISM Mercury Mceytclalr hardtop. AX. «-S25i. ' ·S3 STUD*. 4-doar. Economic*! t-m? I MEHIUR1 Montdalr convert- Ible. Full power. *WS. 404* X Harley. IA. T-as4B. '55 Chev. Cpe. $500 lull price-- aak for Ja* sH KA 3-34*4. No oash neceeesjy U vou haA'r good eredit. aKNIKAL. '59 Plymouth Sedan On* owner, new ear 1m*i, oondltion. Must Mil at once. No eaah dwn. Cjll Mr. Stephens. MA 1-3464. QKN1ERAL. JM f . StDIM BUY WITH CONFIDENCE OWN WITH PRIDE "SMILE" WITH GILES SOUTHERN ARIZONA BANK FINANCING New Toyopet Station Wagon 4 days only $1998 full price 58 T-Bird $2995 ReMl vharp with full power 58 Olds; 98 Convertible. J7.000 actual miles, full power At fact, air- conditioning. 4 Day Sell-out 56 Ford Wag. $995 55 Pont. Wag. $995 57 Chev. 4 Dr. $1295 55 Chrysler $795 57 Ford Wag. $1195 58 Imp'la Con. $1995 tt CHBV. «an*l «: srtick. heaur 1T*I 14*1 »7 CHEV. 4-dr. H-tee Bel Air. R*H, P.G. . ......It**!** M CrTJCV. 4-dr. ·; stick. V«ry clean !·· *· M PACKARD J-dr. H-tfP, P.S.. P.B.. A.T.. R*H J»§ «·* H PORD VI J-dr. R*H, A.T. Clean "** **· 1 TODAY'S SPECIAL M CHBV. bnwa» eonir. J0»i iltOWH'* QUALTTY CABS 947 Avt. MA.4-at« T O C 8 0 N M A . W * BROWN'S BROWM'g BKOWH'8 1*4. LINCOLN- 4 Door. Radio, heater. Coed TXJLLARS. . . your choice »j reconditioned low prica* ears. W« CARRY OTJR OWN CONTRACTS. BRANDON MTRS..J7M 8, 4th Ava bsto t dvBUU JLtfe -N6iNi£ V-l's * overheads. Also all kinds of used parts. Terms. Shousa Body Shop. 1«M w Prince »d. MA. ·»4 PONTIAC. 4 door »edan, »400 cash. S212 I. jMth_St. __ . "'58 Chev. Conv. Cpe. New Arrival. Come down * «ee this one^it's out 01 this world. No cash needed. Call MA .1-3454, sslc for Joe. GENERAL. 990 S, iJJVf. i_r.-_- T IMt FORD. 4-door hardtop. Air- eondltioning. radio, heater. siS«, After » p.m.. phone EA. 8-3775. 57 Custom 2'Dr. Ford V8 Stick: ONLY $797 Take ever payments 131.44 a m». No down. 3»th ib Cravcrolt. '55 Cadillac Sed. Factory Alr-cond. Kesl Bargain. Must aell at once. Will trade -- No cash necessary. MA 3-M34. ask for John Mal .OIXT. t pass, wagon, i owner, good tires. Assesaories. powergllde. HM. tr. Vector, AX. «-»31. _, '58 Chev. Impala Coupe. HT. Local Car -- Drive this ar.d discover what a DANDY it i«. Will trade -- No cash required. Call John Malanga. MA. 1-MM. GEN- rRAL. ·SS FOI _ . FOJRDTV^* itick. Like new condition. One owner. Guaranteed aver 11 rnlln per gallon. Bargain. Trade. .BA.J.JMJT] '58 Dodge Spt. Cpe. U you want « DODG» Hun «m* right down end M* this aharpe* one in town. Call MA 3-MM. · far Ttoger. MB S. Stone. CPfEKAL, '54 Ford Coupe $300 Cash, I cylinders, conventional ·hilt. Oood condition. Good tire*. '55 Olds ·upar H, 4-door. X tone blue *nd white. tf¥. Call HA 7 '58 Ford Victoria Cpe. Hedio. Htr.. AT - S-tene - M - P. Ifa loaded and priced to aell. Call Mr. Stephens. MA 1-MM. General, ieg_ S,_ Stpnr._ f AKE'YOUR PICK ·H Chevy Bel Air 4-door: 'M Chevy Be) Air 4-door Hardtop. Btam Phllp, MA. 4-0411 weekdays; after * p.m.. SA. 7-77g. '57 Olds. Coupe Air-cond. The works. If you want a nice buy call MA. 3-34(4. sale for Xoger Marshall. JW I. Stone, GZN- BRAL. Open Sun. _ _ RED 1956 FORD 4.door I.dan. Whit* stdewalli. Automatic transmission. Radio. Heater. Xxcellent condition. Orlsl- nal owner. Priced to sell VAST. OH K. 4th Street, MA. 2-7174. '59 Ford Sedan Alr-cond. Like new cond. A real bargain U aold NOW. Call MA. 3-34M. ask for Joe. General-no S. Stone. We trade--No oaah needed, Open un. 2700 S. 4th AVE. "ONE YEAR GUARANTEE" 57 Olds 57 Chev. Wg. $1595 j H««tcr Powerflldc. Keal nler. $1895 Fri :;, S ' t i ;! u ;- tB fI on - 57-BeiAirH-T $1695 SUN. 12-6 PM I'.IfliSIISfStt!!!^!"'""*** A " car * ^ ave ^ cn *"*"* carefully c h e c k e d fl^ nNANPINP and are reac ^y ^° r U/O rilinllUlllU your vacation. · SW 4 fir. Holiday Sedan. Local n*w car trade-in. A truly beautiful oar. Completely *qulpp*d Including factory all*. Lots of Standard Shifts with Overdrive es Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. 1 Year Guarantee 157 Ford Wag. $1195 Par * and Labor VH SUnd*rd .*lft. Perfect | condition. i 59 Chev. Wagons | 59 Chev. Impalas | 59 Chev. BelAir 4 drs. ! 59 Chev. "6" "8" cyls ! 59 Chev. Convertibles 55 Chev. 4 Dr. $595 s- M7. A little Mfie. Run* food. '56 Chev. 4 Dr. $695 54 Chev. 2 Dr. $595 «3U. Heal nice. Station Wagons w ^^a..H 5 Hardtops 54 Ford 2 Dr. $595 '59 RAMBLER aam. VO. refriger $2495 '56 CHEV. a«on "Wo r. $1195 '56 CHEV. ja* "II $895 Station waam. VO. A.T. and refrigeration. ·Ution wa«on "Wom«d" ¥«, A.T. Hfcir. Mstiost wagon ··»·· a, ·nd S.S. rU15 Ttadio. hMter, O'driv*. 58 Ford Wag. $995 mim.i.»-» 54 Chev. 4 Dr. $595 100 more from 1960 and older. Come in and see ',£$* sIulr '"- A TM' llt1 " 2-DfS. and 4-DrS. T * 4M -»^^ We ^*" n ; ney us today and no reasonable offer refused. Open rr _ , - * r _.- TiTTmnmrnnrmiijim Sundays 10-5. 55 Ford Conv - 5595 175 Cars jnfYYYVVyy_ and IKM IT. Mi. or Ttmday. M«fi Women _ ___^___ j F a r Western Placement |»1 Aril. Larol TfQ« Bdg. MA. Z-ZT12 LEGAL secretary ster.o. »34S JR. Ac«. ]» key adding m»ch. J370. (SEC. Steno. Trust or THA exp J335: STENO. Ifte Wekpk t3l»; SEC. to Eacrc. Statistice] repta. tmi SHCRCTARY. bookkeeper, ear SMftl POSTJ?vG rrmchine operator } NATl6NAL"FObD~C6 TllCSOn KYVY AaocUtion y,t» It** yea lw». S hotrn a yen ftrwn tlSo-fJflo Ve*ds 7»dy to wssijt local rt«s»» nor ncfM-iMosI have car »rtd » xcffllrit" is i. 1MB IKr. tttt^m. · st*n tmrneHiirttly. Cstl IA. 7-T5S1 ,' fw fpfyotflVftfTd, Bill Hoffman Pontiac H33N.$tone-MA.34330 } Open Sunday from 10 AM til 5 PM i CENTRAL CENTRAL I Auto Sales Auto Sales i i Division Division j frontier Motors, lnc. t frontier Motors, Inc. ' 820 S. 6th Ave, 820 S. 6th Ave.! 55 Ford Conv. $595 Run* reel rood. Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. to choose from MA. 3-3411 J" * i * « ·5 * *·- - « - s 1' £ £ 16 Years in Tucson MA. 3-3412 Large Selection of % ton Pick-ups * I and 4 speeds '54 CHEV. 4-DR Heater and «.*. "' rttoM1 ' ! $695 '51 FORD 5u*t. "I" «^ir. A.T.. $245 Thirty (30) Trucks! ! All Size? it Kinds BOGARD G.M.C 2700 So. 4th Ave. "New Truck Dealer" MUST SELL! MA. 3-3413 « a I m n mm m m Pr. . Mew tires. * m . over_p«jrm«ni. Boy Take T57BUICK CENTURY

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