Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1968 · Page 13
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 13

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1968
Page 13
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NO,CHINESE IS AT HOW COME CHINESE CHILDREN KNOW IT? WELL/THE/ 6REYV UP WITH IT. I 6UESS THAT'S WHY I TALK ENGLISH SO GOOD LIKE. VERY DIFFICULT HUAGE TO LEARN. CAN VOU WLK CHINESE/ DAPDV? ffl AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS -TwoVww£JB SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1968 PAGE 13 LET'S TRX IT THE HARP WAY THIS IS 00RJNC? ·3NVD v8 '38ldWn 'L '138V1 '9 'VNV1NOW ' 'QV3HMOWIV ·£--UMOQ 'aioNVlUl '01. '038 '6 'HV10 'IIVW -S 'OOa JLOH -Y 'NOAYBO 'l--sso«v.:S»3MSNV NANCY THESE \ WIZARD OF ID ^*t / SEE THAT TAMEF? BUTIVE WOULD Have PASSED W THE OWE/? LAUUCU fOP [ CUTWEKE-. OTHEgt WHY PIPfJT ·. - v BRENDA STARR S I THINK IN LOVE SHE BLUSHES EVERY TfME I MENTION HIS NAME WITH THE COCKER SPANIEL DOWN THE STREET OAGWOOD/ COME SEE YOUR SILLY DOG MAKES YOU THINK THAT? BLONDIE YE5 MK. THOKNE/y WHEN PO y TUESPAY/ I HAVE A 6007 AFTERNOON,yf VDU PLAN ON } COMMITTEE MOW, POMT POK6ET TO TAKE VOUK KeSPUAKLY/ REMEMBER, THE *· POCTOK THAT YOU NOT M\S5 A POSE/ Y3V HAVENTTOLC- BETSY ABOUT GETTING BACK.? THAT AFTERNOONS REX MORGAJM / WE'LU KAVE / MY BOOTS.,. ( \M4EN- ALL THE ^-\ FKOZErt MUD'6 AND WHAT WIU- WE HAVE HERE WHEN WE ARE FM5H6P? KNOCKED Off BEETLE BAILEY n" OH-THERE S VANILLA --JUTA5 Hc'P BE / ANP THE AMUMENT GROWS 50 LOW YOU COUUPNT HEAR THE CLOCK TICK M TH£ WHICH SWINGS INTO THE HOSPITAL DR(V£WAY.. 1ST YOU TRY H' POT£ET--I'LL B1TSY BEEKMAN,IP\ CREA5E YOUR W(6 TILL THAN YOU I'D TEAR. OUT THAT SCZA66LY r* STEVE CAJVYOW TELL ME WHY! Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The New Book of Knowledge 20-volume encyclopedia for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: JAMES GILETTO, 10 Camden, N.J. Who Was Elomer? There are two great poerns, :alled the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey," which are the greatest vorks of ancient Greek liter- ture. Many people consider hem to be the greatest poems :ver written in any language. Who wrote them? For a long ime it was believed that they were written by a man named Corner. He was supposed to be )lind and to have lived in Chios in Asia Minor. But, today, most experts on the subject doubt ·hat Homer, or any other one man, made up the poems by hhnself. Then how were they written? Mobody knows for sure, but this is what the experts believe: In ancient Greece there were many poets who traveled from ;own to town telling stories. They entertained kings, noblemen and commoners by reciting poems made up by themselves or by others. One of the favorite subjects of these storytellers was the Trojan War. Each poet had his own version of that great event and made up his own way of telling it. But at that time writing was jrobably unknown. So poems were learned by heart and passed on by word of mouth. Every poet would add something of his own to a poem, and so the traditional tales would keep changing. Then, about 800 B.C., a very great poet came along. Perhaps his name was Homer and perhaps it was not. He put together many of the older poetic stories of the Trojan War and made them into one great poem. It was putt ogether in .the same comes from Ilion, another name for Troy. A little later the "Odyssey" was called the "Iliad," which way. This was done either by Homer or another great poet. The "Iliad" and "Odyssey" were so much better than the other versions of the Trojan War story that almost all the traveling poets learned them and recited them all over Greece. When writing was introduced, Homer's poems were written down. Since the poems were very popular, many copies were made. And so today we have these two great stories that were recited by a wonderful poet almost 3,000 years ago. * * * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why do. birds fly south? 2. Why does the President sleep on the third floor? 2. Why can't you go broke at the seashore? Answers 1. Because it's too far to walk. 2. Because that's where his bed is. 3. Because each wave comes in with a roll. * * * DID YOU KNOW? THE PHANTOM Many young people today are wearing their hair long. The world's record for long hair was set by a Miss Owens in the 19th century. Her hair measured 8 feet 3 inches! Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Surf, Turf. Send your tricks, riddles, or puz/les to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A iVcw Rook of Knowledge Yearbook will he- awarded for the Idlers selected each week. Copyright 1968 Blood Donor Slate Next week's Red Cross blooc program schedule is: Monday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., blood donor day at 222 S. Cherry Ave.; Wednesday, 1:30 to 3 p.m. bloodmobile to St. Joseph's Hospital; and Thursday, 1 to t p.m., blood donor day at 222 S Cherry Avc. YOU CAN LEARN A LOT WCtim -- 6AMESOMTV1 O, t^,. SNUFFY SMITH THIS 5ALL SAME ON REAL/WATTHE UMPIRE,AND HIGH POINT OF THE JUNGLE OLYMPIC fJIGHT 6flM£S - THE SPECTACULAR POLE VAULT - l OVeRFIRE.'^ WHERE'5 REX ? , THE PHANTOM. TKOPHY-AUP KEX,' OUCH.'- THIS )/ HURRY, KID'S HUSKV -*-\TAKe /T AS A WILD Doe- )AWAY.' NEWPAPER AM ESSENTIAL Hv A I WOULDN T SAY HE'S ENNY COTER'N IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF, THAT THAR TATER ISTH'CUTEST THING OWTH'TOP OF THIS GREEN AIRTH JUGHAID AC\J' OL? BULLET WELL, LAME, YOU HAD QUITE A VIOLENT REACTION TQ THAT SCORPIOM FISH TODAY. ,- ^ YOU \ BET I DIP, / IMH A SCORPIOM FISH STIMG IS N'T USUALLY THAT BAP. ARE YOU ALLERGIC BY CHANCE TO INSECT STIN65? WHY,YES. OHCE I WAS STUNG BY WASPS, ANPX PASSED OUT. THEN THAT'S THE AKSWER YOU-HAD A O.OSC CALL. TOMORROW NIGHT--ROAST B.UMPOFHAMMCJS ALABAMMUS.'.'- PROMISE? VICE PRESIDENT'S HONOR//' WHY SO GLOOMY, IF THEY REALLY HAVE THE. " WHY MV7:?--70N!GHT? ~ OH, THERE'S A CREDIB!LITY ' ' v v GAP SOMEWHERE.'/ RUMPELMVER DEAR? RUMP-WHY WAIT TILL TOMORROW? - I'm not ridinq i (IVn su'prised'at you, hat animal across \v5hm boy/ I -thought i-Ui^i \w\i\no T^oii 1 -- ^ iiouwa;a more gumption myself -£lim gumption that this bridge, Joel! Not in a zillion you was a lad with gumption 'C/HEN W1LLYOU START. DELIVERING THIS COLD?' T DELIVERY TO BE MADE TO ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD YOU NAME, FROM THE MOON. ILLCIVEYOUONE CHANCE MAKE GOOD YOURBOAST. ME TWO WEEKS." VflU.COLD,THAT DIET SMITH HAS KEPT IN RESERVE PENDING HIS '. CALL. BE USED TO DESTROY WORU3 ECONOMY? BUZ SAWYER LIL ABNER GASOLINE ALLEY DICK TRACY OH,CLERK! I'M LOOKING FOR ONE OF THOSE 8A66y PRESSES FOR MY WIFE! SMIDGENS YEAHJHKT'* ITJ is THERE A PARTICULAR STYLE FOR A WOMAN OVER TWENTY? LIKE A TWO- BY-FOUR! I I THEN GET HER. * f A STICK SHIFT! GOOD MORNING, DAVE/WHAT SETS YOU APARTMENT 3-G '

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