Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 30
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yi JMA · We Invite Your Inspection ROSETONARMS Mod.l$ «t 11445 216th SI.. ..kwood (N««r Now Nivy Hoipitd ft DougUt) Brand New--All Electric I I: : IRf. 1% tuft.,, d-isn.a.her, pool. ,,«·.««, ,,,,, Seperaf. unit for (.mill., .ith sclwol age cniUran UnfurnliKtd ItO up--I BR., $125 up--2 IK FvrnishW $115 up-1 «., JI55 .p_2 I*. Mion. 140-4022 er 421-343? IMA 1NA 104 LONG BEACH ""CHILDREN WELCOME Mod 2-Br., nr. echls. I bus. ««81 L.B. Blvd. «24I21 " MODERN I-BR. FURN. Funilttitd Apartm'utt 1tU LONG BEACH ·«»%. pftiM rtis: Ino ftdlltlti. 747 Simrlsa Blvd. 436-y70l ave. . 44JOS $45-OLDER BACH-GAR · Nlct nriv. UDOtr. Nr. ivervthlno. UHll. pd. im Clm«. ToV87i9 2275 EUCALYPTUS BEAUT, new dlx. I- I, 2-BR., turn. »· unfurn. Bullt-lns, w-w col., din. a. r 'i$i? i i. | yn? r L 5 B 1 ' »· 1030 GRAND BY WEEK OR MONTH $12.50 Wk. Cln Aph. Util. Telephone service free. Nr. buses. -- . HILL GA7-TOO MONTH -- Bachelor «ot. with Executive Type l-Br. Apt. FOR LUXURY LIVIN6 HEATED POOL NICELY furnished Untie iMrtment Infludlnil stove and refrigerator ' "P»"" LUXURY POOL APTT New 2-BR., 2-bath, air cond., al elec., beaut, gold crpt., 1700 SQ. ft. living spc., soundproof, bit-Ins. Close to beach 8, dntn. Nice view. Adults. 4 U. tie Reyn HE Wife. WEEK-MONTH-YEAR NR. BETM E bN H T SHORE BUT CHEAPER $25WK., UTIL. PD. Htj. Pool. Prltg., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. ON ALAMITOSW , . NEAR MARINA 2 BR. TOWNHOUSES FamlllM, vour home on the ocenn »13J 1745 E. OCEAN NAVY BASE NEAR 1211 MAGNOLIA, largest, CHEAP, 1 t 2 br In city. Adults. GA 7-7576 "NLB NR. FREEWAY BEAUTIFUL 1 A 2-Darm., furn. uflfum., htd. pool, w-w carpet ·drapn, BBQ, gar. Close to bus. JPO.Ii UP. Ufa Atlantic. GA2-3341 LARGE I-BR. $90 MO. 5430 Atlantic GA 2-1247 . 'Furnished Apartments 145 to S75. Includ. utlls. 43S-3M1 Ii27 E. OCEAN BLVD. I l-B'drm. $110. Adults. HE 2-5653 "Electrically" Clean FURN. or I'NFURN. Deluxe 7-br Buill-ins, carpels, drapes. Elevator. 4 blocks to f r e e w . _1720 CHESTNU LONG BEACH REAL COUNTRY LIVING !! WITH SPACIOUS GROUNDS t SHADY TREES FOR CHILDREN A ADULTS TO ENJOY 5 Pools 5 MINUTES TO DOUGLAS UNUSUALLY LAME AfARTMENTS UNFURNISHED--FROM $110 FURNISHED--FROM $140 I-BR.--$110 I-BR.--$140 2-BP..--$125 2-BR.--$155 ATHERTON WEST I7I8XIMENO GE1-503* ( I V , lit N*. *J tacit* C^et Hwy. 1 Mm. tt S*. K»t» Itwy.) Nf«ltfc«dAo»fin «H 1M BEFORE YOU MOVE DO SEt THE LACUNA VISTA Spacioui Gold Medallion DELUXE APARTMENTS at 500 Ximeno Quiet, Country Club Living FOR ADULTS (No P.h) Dofinlfcly Nothino Lik. It 'It Will Ov«rwhtlm You' Gift for Newly Wedi SEE MOOEL5-» A.M. TO « P.M. L(0)(0)K I Month Free Rent With Thit Ad. 2 Bdrms-Furn. from $115 2 Bdrnu Uufurn. from $85 Children's Play Area Large Enclosed Heated Pool. Wall to Wall Carpets. 15724 ORANGE AVE. Paramount -- 633-9416 BELMONT SHORE NEW EDRM 124 OUINCY ' IDEAL--For Inly, Dili cutest sol COIV, cln. lilt. beaut, turn. uooer front. New w/w cpt. Nr. beadt, nurtitii town. busiTytUi. liKl.No clean, dig. Vjmo. 274 »onlt« Av. $wrSGL7UTfLSTPDT 1 BDRM., cJaui and comfortable. Near St. Mery'i $87.50 BABIES WANTED itll. od., Idrv.. . , ITIh. 6A 4-5053. ARTESIA U t, US mo.--1 «. 1 bdrm. aoti., 1 £ J children ok, waltr e. Trash Dd. Ph: 42X105 BELLFLOWER ACAPULCO APTS. EXCLUJIVE-Clein t-bdrm. apis. Haatad pool, carpett. Adlti. only. Pkwtant atmospnar* and food living. Uflls. Included. »in.SO m? H212 BELLFUOWER TO 74852 __ GOLD MEDALLION ~ l-BR. soundproof, swlmmlno pool, w-w crpt., drapes, all electric bullt-lns, adults only. 815 LOMA AVE. GE «-2237 $79. BIS DBL. GAS PD. Lsroe 1 BR. + pull dn. bed, llv., din. rm., ill* kltcn. t ba., w/w newly redec. Adults, lye? Cedar. DELUXE 2-BDRM. W-w.. carped, drapes, disposal. 3-BDRM 2 BATH Gold Med. New crol. soundproof. Air cond. Pool. 2444 Pasadena 2o-3733 or I BEDROOM »IXBY KNOLLS. 427-5653 1430 ELM-- I BDRM. ^LargejnrKllye, pttlo. oar. M5. | : 527 W/3RD, UTIL PD. . Ue. attract. Sgle.. MUI.JJbr.jis | " -'«· AVAILABLE NOW · DELUXE 1 8. 2 Bdrm. furn. Apts. Heated Pool. Lots of parking. $99.50 up. Cpts., drapes, bit-Ins. .,. .. .. __,.._ --^__-__ i - , »42 Paramount Bl. NLB ME 3-34M -- Single". Utilities paid. Quiet 4£44 LKWD BL U D Ighborhood. Elderly person pr~ _ .T* TMTM DU.U. I75-OUIET dean 1-Mrm., laundry nKllltv. Walk to Belmont Center Ihopplng. 1075 Orizaba. HA W893 single. " $29 WEEK 2 BDRM. Util. plld. Child OK. 43M120 EL HEIGHTS--NR. OCEAN HO-euiET, clean. 1 bdrm., nr. Ralphs store. Bus. Pensioner OK. 1844-81. Louis l!E_WBO? 904 PARK CIRCLE Pentlonu' special--Spies., doles. US t in. UMLJncl., clean. SOLE, upper, middleaom""lady ,only. 1557 Incl. ullls. ' 1920 E. 7th " ' · I BLOCfTTROAT BEACH Extra large 1 hdrm., ww crpts., drapes, built II: even range. Manager Apt. 2. HEATED POOL By week or mo. Clean, modern l-bdrm., disposal, built-in »na* Rec. room. T334 Walnut. $28 W«ek--2175 Atlantic Less by the month. New l br. Utilities, linens, dishes, available. All stores, bank same block. I5TH ATLANTIC , .VK, Ol SIS wk. or US Adults. 436-S190. STARGLO APTS. 3 Bedroom apt*., utll. pd. Colored bullt-lns, carpats, drapes, walk to snoDofnt. Adults' ne Mts! 9707_J._Cedar^ Call M7_j711_ iS $79.50 MO. UP £ DELUXE -- 1-bedrm. 1 singles. He.ted.pc.i.Adu,,, *, PillflQwer NR. DOUGLAS NAA DELUXEI2BR$85UP Near Douglas--I Br. Apt. FURN. Near rww. ttfJO tno. im or s» weekly, un E. Arteiia ME 4-WiS. S«eMcr.. Apt, e SWS115. AIR COND. Beaut, deluxe 2-br., bath enclosure, w-w crpt., osure, w-w crp., ets, caroort. 15719 4674;^^2S«»4. _ _ ^ l 4 2 BDRMS. W/w. bullt-ms, air cond., priv. patio, tots ok. S9t.50 up. 1574J El ~" ------- BELLFLQWI 2BR. +POOL $115 Jt ofJL.kwd. Bl. Child ok. He-4774 COMPTON-LYNWOOD mo., utll. pd. i FROM 185.50 UP 2-Br. or l-Br. modern oDts. · 17ttl. 430-1205, HE 4-9701 eye BELMONT SHORE"" New 2-Br. Carpels. 1150 438-9354 1520 E. 2ND Sglas. 8. Dbles. Ullls pd. Adulls $60--Adulfs Nr. Market _W5_G|Bdys_ HAJHM REDECORATED I-BR. Infant OK. 2509 E. 151h. 433-4151 NICE Slnjlf e'pt. newly deror.ted w.w carpet. SU. Utll. pd. «91 Hammona. ME fr2654. S45--COTTAGE In rear. Utlls. Dd. ·Prefer 1 pensioner. 917 Lime. . Utll. pd. Park- __ , no pals. 801 Gladys AVI DELUXE 1 Br., nr. new, w/w car- »gfcl. Pkng. MS. 826-3497 GE 0-1189 1 BDRM! off street entrance S95. 3H1 i. IQIh. _ GE »-2l7l 1 SUNS UNSET nr. si EL..SH Beach. ~i mo. NTjE RGE single. 1 adult, utll. od.. ir. ocean. 1404 E. 2nd. 1 BDRM + Diilldn. Utll n-l. NrT bOl line t mkh. 1056 Mollno. . , . . . New paint. HE_5-dW3 STACIOUS "! BR.'i. Carpellng. . drapes. FM music, laroe kitchen with colored bullt-fns. Near Doug- i las North American. U7-OI« ! cr 925-7320. · NEW SGLE. 3035 MARIQUITA Between 3rd 1. Bdwy., of! Qblsco DOUGLAS WORKERS 1 Bdrm., utll. pd. Pool. S10S mo. 2308 Lakewood Blvd. at Stearns. »7-2»l or 431-iai 1-BDRM. $85 Newer, w-w crpl., drapes, oarb. I __dlspos«l 1705 Lime j " I-B"DR"M. FURNISHED' ; $89.50 Children Welcome^ 904 Alflmltos [ BEAUT. NEW I 2 BR. p.a'tMviSfflx'^'W.a.. " $ 3 5 WEEK 3'bdrm., 3 bath, child ok. Ulll. _ Furn. Call 438-813". $20 WK. FREE UTIL. l-bdrm. turn, apt., children ek. 724 Chestnut. Ph. 43J-7397 NEW singles, »75 mo. or J35 wk. Utll. Dd. Bullt-lns. W-w cpt.. drapes, dlsp. 5 blks. to new Cl* v Hal" Close to transo. GE 4-3104 $79.50 PAY WEEKLY OR MO. LUXURIOUS FURN. SINGLE? : BERMUDA" 1601 BULLIS RD. COMPTON M block N. of Rosecrans) 1 block E. of L. B. Blvd.) NE 2-8919 \Bhha gy ' a *te m LAKEWOOD" ~AD DOWNEY if 2 WEEKS FREE NEW 2284 LOCUST Delux 2-Br. S130. W/W carpets, drapes, bullt-lns. 42o-5464. FREE TV. Lights pd. Sole., new paint. Quiet. Inf. ok. 1604 Magnolia. Mod. Ig. l-Br. House $95 2663 LIME AVE. __ NEWLY Furn. t-bdrm. apt. Water softener. Idry. paid. Child OK. Nr. shopping. 1950 Henderson. 591-1706 " BR. Bachelor Apts. + Pool. Day, wk. or mo. Walnut cabinets, air cond. 169-9015 utll. od.' Central htg., 13431 Woodrull 2 WEEKS FREE RENT! SPACIOUS 2-BR. GARDEN Apts. Dlthwasher, thermostat, air cond., bullt-lns, garages, mwr markets t, freeway. HEATED POOL CHILD O.K. sill 1018 E. 32nd 424-1085 NEAR ORANS1 WARDLOW BAY FRONT LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSE APTS. On Uw Ptnlnsulfe with boat Hips. Unsurpassed view. Many extrae, Pirwnal ttrvlcn. Radio controlled ledcrnB Bar. 1 t 2 Mgr. 4IMBI. Courtesy to Bkrs. (Owner by appt" only, 4MH1I1 RENTAL CENTER We have new dewi 1 1 2 BRs.. furnished unfurnished apts. -Ready for Immediate occupancy. Various locations In Long Beach No rental fees. For Information cell 4154547 between t a.m. and 4:30 pjn. THE GAYTONlA Qui«1, Specious Apts. l-Bedrm. li singles. By month or Unfi.mlth.xl Apti. 107 LONG BEACH ALL ELECTRIC--I-BDRM OK, tullHn tHrra., w-w Ava. Spac. 2 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba. Heeled pool, all elec., w-w crpls. drps. 2M6 IStn Way, N.L.B. I4-4157 wkends. or alt. 4:30 p.m $89--Children OK--$89 Large 2 Bedrms. W/w carpet. Bel Shore Deluxe 2-Br. Upper. Stove; ntw rgtrtg., drapes, I HO WEE KENT ·5OR6EOUS 1-STORY APTS ------- rmte. "even, WibwV, suck 'be?! Your own private laundry rm. Private patios t yards. Eacti act: like e woexatt houst. 3-BR or 2-BR i DEN l-IEDRM. APTS. $90 MONTH 3-BEDRM. APTS. $120 MONTH Sun KMM5 wk davs aft 4. CLEAN. CtW lt. Nawtv dac." Mrm.AdwltL O.E. washer. New ', · dftvaMjjort chatr. loa. 33? S. *Hi . N E_£T«*'- . i .-- ... Toti. NLt I tfl E. Market Si . 7U-7rl57 after « PM. "CALUJS'FIRST Wa hav: - - sl/ed. ·rand naw 4 raadv fef trnma*- -- ·t* occuoancv. Adlecant to school, jarki, trantport*i:'jn 1 freeways, i UerfM.ll.TSWd HMHtH 2»0 E. M.rl.r St.. L.I. -- _SESL3___ .__ PRESTIGE $185 Mo. Up Cerritos Circle Defence lisas ·»! Duplex umts, «m»l«l«Jn tverv (letall All adult community. Adlolns Virginia Country Club an« Low leach's Kit to 7 p.m. 4103 Dal Mar THE KINGSTON 2 Weeks Free Rent $79.50 DELUXE New 1-HR, t dan or 2-BR., w-w A OCEAN FRONT fc~ LIVING 2-br., balconle WRIGLEY DISTRICT SOUNDPROOF 2 BR. Built-in*, w-w crpts., drapes. 1901 F«shion 432-4349 2 WEEKS FREE RENT specious lower 2 bdrm, range, re- frlg. dlsp., play aree, park, nr shoos I. echls. «7.» iho w. wii- UPPER 2-BR. $85 ural cabinets, patio. Ample parking area. 6503 E. 72nd St. (Between Orange * Atlantic) 414.85M Gold Medallion I-BR. BRAND NEW-$IOO CARPrrS, DRAPES, BUILT-INS AdulH. no peh, 530 E. Willow. Just palntad, laroa es^f i c si «t a «., SO REASONABLE Carpctad. lowar floor. Stova frlg, ivafl. Nr. tramp, E. 3rd. - . . . rafrlg, ivafl. Nr. tramp, and marfcats. Adults. 15H . CAPITAN _ J W SANTA U AVE. j ·tient 427.1114 ' ?"*}'«!" -»*Hlgn"t.trii | 1lU' »2«l,\6^-*edrm.r J (iHI battw, w- 1 w carpallno ihruout. dracc:, lira- p*.Ka. Larva.. Conwiaiftv h. - -Kusat-Mi. -« f. i HARRY TcSwAN COt PRESTIGE REALTV""^" 1 ' e - p?M " **-*» H60 E PAC. CST. H'XY. CE 3-9l NAPLES Newer sharp 2-br* , w/w crp fireplace. itov* UKlud«4 Outtf Pffi'o w/bir-fra. Leiit, *l« m 58?t C . ItxJ. 4M-tM5. Beaulv. two 4lxl corner Cleric 4 HarnoM. L*rt ov»,hf*d doori. Can make aofne one e real not) ouelne^ WoV a* A rxlce which la rletill Owner. 8o501» 2 WKS. FREE Ltt. dtx. 2 8r. Built-ini ' Hunting an Apt? Wr h«v« · MlKllon from UO to tltt. Fum. or unfurn. Child wtl- com« In torn*. No pol»-- No ttt. MAXLIVONI^LTY 1101 Atlantic HE 4-«ni 3 HUGE CLOSETS-475 Spac. mod. vary claan 1-Mrm. W-w crptt.. itova ft rtirlg. avail. ARTESIA ARTESIA AREA BELLFLOWER I. 2-BDRM., Apt. ff^'ELiF 1-BDRM. Apt.""«5 InQUIre Shoe ilore, llower Blvd. sof-4«ie. LARGE 2 tR. dtluxa apt. c?n drapas, bullt-lns, nr. bus, m ' Park. $M. TO 4441Q or 'ME 2-Bdrm., 5-ba. Crotv ran ok, Naar ithools. rVir Blvd. tJB-4914 upoar, datuxa, many COMPTON-LYNWOOD FREE RENT TIL lit LARSE J-8r. upper triplex. Stove a, refrlo. avail. 191 434-3653 LAKEWOOb For ApM. Call 425-4831 "AMACULATc- "} BPRM. Stove, patio room, redecorated hv sidt and out. 114S. 1st and last month + uamM« deposit. Ray HllUwtise, Jltr. MA t-)4Jt LOS ALTOS 3 br., 1M., iuniire.. ecutlve compTetelv redecor. thru- out. | tin Lena. M3I Varnon. NeAjr"ste»rSlleoi-J*r.. TSarS; convertible den, new carpet I NAPLES New 3 br's. ) bath, mod., crpts., dram, tmiMni. nils mo. 439-3101 LKWD. Clean 3-br.. ]' b.., drapes. carpet*, fenced yard, wafer paid. leS. 865-1801 eve. 4jweeliendsT_ NEW OWNER!. fiEED USED FURN. A ALLIANCES. _ C 8, F Furn. I4U Cherry CE 8-0433 4-e.DRM., j~ bath's, redecorated In 8, out. Bullt-lns, close to schools. »155 mo i _GE_OJS3)._ _ 3 BDRM., m baih, SIM. B72 Ro«B St., ·145 - J-BR.. J ,, Nr. schools, shopa. welcome. Bkr. e-BDRM., 2 beth, fireplace, bullt-lns, w-w carp., nr, San Olegt Freewv. JIM, Children, pet OK. m-irK IMMEDIATE" POSSESS: 1 ' 8, 3 Bdrms. Coast Rlty (No Fee) COffAGETMRear. 1 br.,"~sm'l.rprlv. pallo, stove, relrlg., nr. Rec. Park S75. Pfl. 44205 ·««: _4_pm_ _ "NEW 3-bdrm., 2-b~am. Tl'le, w-w" carpet, bit-In kftch.. double garage, llij. 424-7237 or 422-9o71 eves. 3-BEDRM. Yard. Close to school, ** *3Bfrasr,p_?- w'cVr.n.'iffifiJweV U.M 6XMJ4I aftar 5 P.m. Para"- _lnq._at__ 2 BR. hou_t;~iY 1-BR. HOUSE-- Clou to Ihopplng", church schools. 195. 3037 F. 63rd _St. NUB. K27ia or CA 3rXM. SPACIOUI, naw 2BR.. «!«; kl'lch., UNBEATABLE 3-BORM., 2 ba, bit-lni, flrapJ. Draots, dt». oar. Nr. tcfils. and Fwv.__H55. J.Vejtmlnjt.»r^ 43MS01. IVi BRS.-«S. 6630'Leomts si." Lafcf- wood. Go to end or Arbor Road, fast, put Paloi Verda*. GA 2-21M 2-flDRM. House. W5 mo., wafrr'and trash pd. 22209V] viotetta. Hawa _ Nr. DougUs MiuiU Ctr. fltiM B«*ch. . No TM to C* II T t rovn at »»nf rentati 1. 3. or 4 B L . tenanti. Brady Ntw*v d*corat«d «· b a l c . idcVil tor itor* or 7JH5 or «· L««t Avt. MxN tat wtft CtoM to park A tlto* LOS Alamfto*--Rossmoer t 4 Bcdrm, family rm, Jt _ __ . 3 batns. 2 »torv--3 car ear. tga fenced back vd, Leaia. wiS tno. _*·*_*«_ ·*·£**'"·· _'Jo*?*? HUHTINOTON HARBOUR - «275 I, up. 3 4badroom homes A Marina Aoti. with boat HIM within waltclne distance. Hun ting ton Har BELLFLOWER ., var., ftnc*d. kld» . . . . MOULD RLTY GE 0-7561 NEW'modern stora" MRW-WRieUY-AREAl 1"^^^^ el (o s 1 «. 1 tmthi. Bn Mrutt. fmcM yards. Avail. Mar. nth. 1135 A _il«S mo. GE ?«1JO in. ^0 a.m._ 2 BDRMS.'EASTSIDE Rtdtc., icttools. martctts. bMch cto»a, child ofc. 1035 E. ath. M33 LOS Santov 2 bdrrn. I. family rm.. tlrrel., cpt«. t, drapci. Wlrtd no. tlS mo. Watar pd. L«a». Harl, Rllr. i»»-71S3, 432-15H. _ fenced, mo,,! . N L.B. cltan 2 Br., Avt. dracwt, ww dltp., oar., adulti, _ lnq._JTO Myrtlj _ _ Walnut HUNTINGTON Baach, 3 Br., 2 ba. Nr. Dowlas t, ichools. Ntwlv dtxor., rww draoat I. w-w cptv buljtjnt. __ _ _ 5WJ4J03 2' 3"-BR.-- LEASE V. MOORE. GE 3-746 1 "VEtlRENT-OPTION.BUY Norwalk-- $12t mo. 3-br.. 1^ bath*. H«wd. noon, ftncxl. I6Q.3M7. -BDRM., w-w crpt thrvout, 2 bathi, TVt car tar. slaS. Includts club- awlmmlng pool, malnt. n Town HOUMI. TE 4-»5] DOWNEY newly dec. 2-bdrm. house w/carport. Trash a water paid. lawn kept. 2 children, no pets. S100 mo. 9340Vi Elm Vista Dr BELMONT Htj-Loe 1 BR. partially furn., water and gardener paid Washer dryer, garage. S100. _31t_Prospect Aye. OE HJ4I IfjE.SO-- 2-BR, HOMd. firs. Stucco. Sm. fenced yd. Water a, trash pd. Rear hie. 1224 3rd St.. Paramount ~ " " " WIN WITH A WIN-A-CHECK STATION Flying "A" station for leaee. ( location, mln Invest. llnun on approved BEAUTY'SHOP il50-^2-Bdrm~carpet,"dr»pei,"bulil" | Ins, fire 431O054 " arpet," . 241 , Nleto Ave. , 1126 E. 5TH Dlx. nr. naw 2-bdrms., buHt-lns, i crpts., drapes, sundack, Infant or J«n wale. JtO to ItOS. 432-3«l I BEDRMS." UPSTAIRS" Deluxe 2-Br, 1'A ba, studio ALL LUXURY FEATURES 1 block to Lakewood Center PARK DEL AMO 49lo _ c _ a$Ta 5? ME 4-3567 $80 I .Bdrm. Also 2 and' 3 Bdrmi. Furn/Unfurn. 5024 H«yttr MONTAIR PARK APTS; _ DLX. 3 BR. 2 BA. ONLY $130 436-8070 Also l-Br. ___ l5_l_Cerrltos BELMONT HEIGHfS HEATED POOL 1 I. 2 Barms. Ptllo. 70. 1 BR., Near new, deluxe, crpts drps., bum-Ins. Stundproof, adulls V^bllr.^ Mam Hosp. at M001 $68--HOMELIKE I-BR. ? " R. Just painted. Nice area US. all Mr. Ellis, F I, M Trust Co for details. HE7-OOI1. ext. 47 Monday thru Friday. 2" * 3 BR.--SPACIOUS 4550 _ ORANGE COUNTY crpls., drapes. A'l'l dean. No pets. $150 mo. 925-4945. ., crpti., drpi. jv--uvc. j Dunn.. ETPIE., arps. Nr. Douglas, public i Catholic _schools._T4o__peti._3*17_ Rutgers. 4-BR. carsQn-Dornlnguex vrs. oidT n i -- ' H830Ch.shir., Norwillc 1 Br.. yera. Cleen. I7J. m 7-S504 ______ __ ^BR:" den, flrem., builNn's. 144 I bfl., fenced yd., dbl. gnr., Buena | Park._SI65._ ___ CE_1-J405 LOS ALAMITOS 2 bdrm house. fenced yard SIIO mo. mln lease. After I pm 431-3M4 Mountain, Itaek, DwMrt--Rml . a mos. 11U 6REENBRIER APTS 4312 Green Ave. -- Los Alamttos Deluxe 2 3 bdrm. apts., ell from malor freewtvs, l 'blk. s. of Katelli Drive n minutes to 704 U Ave. between {all 8. Lin save. J bdrm., ftrebtl" ~ ., 2 bglh. All ed. 17141 «70--SPACIOUS I br., CD!., dros. plsi Dl-'x! 'Viand area. 714 Kl 3-20S8 eve PARAMOUNT--T-bdrm. duplex, nice area, w-w, dlsp., gar. Adulls. I _17»_SO _Re»ltor. WA 5 1301 RENT OR BE OWNER 3-Bedrm., 2 bath. S135 month. _Cvpress. Bkr. CE 1-1671 ! SPA.clbUS NEW 4 BR., carpets, I drapes, fences, bullions, sep. din. ; _rm.,Jo«._fBm._rm._»Z!5._«3IH«l3. 3 BDRM., newly redec., fireplace, dble. gar., 17078 Woodruff, Bell flower. 1125 mo. Cell TO M7II 3tus, nr. fjasdrver book-u itT jiets._7334_.Exeta pets. $45--1 BEDROOM 3444 Haves. Rear. W.V CA i-4011 2-] BR. hses. Front, J75, rear, S4D. Fenced vd. Children OK. Un- restrlcted. Reft. «H-1Pf, GE 9-0373 ARTESIA--IISOS Eia'lne. J-Br., dble: ger., walk lo SiurcS. 1135. Real. SELLFLOWER-4-BR., Bar., mod. 2 stlldren. Nr. Lkwd. «, Alondra, i957 BTas Dunbar. 925-1305. NEAR ST. ANTHONY'S Z Bdrma., stove, refrlg., gar., front balcony. 737 "|. 5th. HE 5-l7»; LGE. 1-BR. w/gr ~w/guiTrange 9, refrlg. Hot, cold water pd. 575. Car. avail, U mo. TOP 1-2S1I; Reasonable Rent N.L.B7 OTHER CITIES 2 BEDRM. Children welcome. Utll. K ., $29.50 wk. 6930 Marlow Ave.. _ rtl Gardens. PARAMOUNT FREE Brand New Furniture JIM-LARGE I BRS. Brand new lovely Danish modern furniture Is yours free If vou stay 1 vr. 15724 Orange Ava., Paramount Phone: 633-9414 WEEK or mo. 1 or 2 bdrm., i prices, mils pd. ME 3-l( SOUTH BAY ilS. WK. S60 mo. sgis cpt., clean " utll. pd., EXTRA loe. single dining rm. drenlng_rm. Child ok. 437-4J95 ':".4-?351 1 BEDRM. -- S95. Adults, deluxe, soundproof. 840 Gardenia. 432-7834 I5f DNTN. -- Nice aulet cor. sol. ^nils. pd. Adults. 419 W. 5lh LARGE--2-bedrm. 7 blks. lo beach. 434-I4JO 'LARGE I-BDRM. APARTMENT mrM^ u , ,,,.. 4UJM1 CLEAN, Ige. l-Br., adults. 3872 E. 7lh St., Apt. 1. Ph. 847-7885. 1-BEDROOM. rear, 572.50. Ut'li pd. --- San Francisco. TH6LES. Ldry. facll.. ndlts. tS2JO_SI Coronado, Apt. 12. N.L.B. LGE. I-BR., GAR. Dlx (eatures_S99.5g rnp. GA MS* - $73--UTIL. PD. 127 W. UTH -- 43»-n4 121.50 WK. Incl. utll. l-bdrm. 351 W. "E" St., Wilmington. HE J4417 furnished * _Unfurri^Aph. ^OM VILLA CAPRI 1 Bedroom, furn. nr unfurn., bullt- lns, carocllnfl, drapes, alr-cond., WRIGLEY-- 20M Cedar. 2 br., naw, mod., w-w crpt, draper, dlao... adults. $100. Gar. avail. «. Drive by or call G* 4-774B. 1 LGE. Bdnn., llv. rm. and kltch.", fanced vd, BBO, tss + utiii. or $75 utlls. pd. Call aftar 5. 433-5391. ing. In rear. EXTRA LSE. QUIET Newer 2-bedrm, w-w, drapes, dlsp. bit-Ins. 1110. tWOrliaba GE3-5074 3020 E. 3RD ST. LOWER 1-BR.. ww crpts., drapes, bullt-lns, adulH, 9S $75--MODERN I-BDM. hot cab., dlsp., 1725 Freeman LOS ALTOS--3-Br. 2-BaT Carpal, drapes. No pets. 431-6142 $90-UP 375 GLADYS 1-2 brs., W/W, dlshm. 438-4M2 EXTRA LARGE 2 bedrooms, close In downtown loc. Children Only 145 p, time, at 101 265 MOLINO Lovely 2-Br., IVi battis, studio apt. Prlv. pallo. 8135. Adults. OHt tl20.--POOL, Ige. ^Br., 4 dosets, dlsp., dishwshr, stove, crofi, drps, 1 bin. business dlsf. 1 fransp. 444-F San Antonio Or. GA 7-04M BEL. Hgts. Big sunny, lower front. Book shelves, dinette, tile, disposal. 2-Bdrm. Adults, no prts. SI40. Utll. paid. GE 3-H57. LUXURIOUS new 3 badrm., 2 b»tli apts. unfum., htd. pool, bullt-lns, crpts.. drapes, lockers. 6d. loc 210 E. 2Hn St., L.B. 426-4121 2-BDRM, Harbor view. Carp., drps Bit-Ins. 1,000 «q. fl. Closed gar. "" 5t - stn · ELLFLOWER "-- 9OT VValmil SI. Older 2-BR on lot ov used. J9S. 4~sr84plf T-|TIP*S Drive by - ^cl! cwncr ZUtHX. _ "'"*·" »-mm» | ft. LKWD.--J 8. 3-B*. fjjt.,^ stove, 3 BDRM, laroe. clean, detached j rtfrlg., oVapes, IncdT vd., no pets. Odrege, draoes. Nr. scnools UI5 «"S «'35._Call MO-1077. Walker, Cypress. J* 7-M70' --- ' ' ' tsoo CASH. BEST BUY on Market! Blxtiv Knolls area. Hlon society damn tor clients. Lo rent. 4 ste- lloni. MUST BE SOLD NOWII Owner must eo somewhere?? GA 3-M01_ «v*rs_ ME 3-4377 TEXACO SERVICE STATION Liq. store--$12,00 mo. on ~ «W lad. a rti. BEAUTlWrLOCATlbN ^'fSW."."r- evesV-rlE Mm CkTiI^47300 Wo. Soli/ BOOKS to PROVE. "Ml USUAL" on West ut;j em 3 _ u.rn_._ to 2 ejn. th a 10-polnf rent Droarnm. *·'?£%* EfS?«. BMr - 32 "^+«"«5S '""'. ?..-?K..Csl._H«ry. OE M9M| POTENTIAL UNLIMITED. IIJT" Schwenn Property Mqmt. I £L,J'!' cr Ki;K' v i Si! 10 FEE - 4*7010 .HmElflM ALL TYPES OF RENTALS ! f!,·_!£,-- SO 8. up. Dnmtown » Easlslde SNACK Immediate possessWl. t, day, closed SunTlven a operate. Nets UOO mo. 13 CHIOE«TEg$ H~ PALM SPRINGS--3-Br., Me., pool. 15 oerson by day. Not less than i people. CE- t-lUo, HE 2S17I eve. Rttital AijtuclM OWNERS P90TECT YOUR INVESTMENT with a 10- Nl IX SERV'ICL Compl BERYI :E ' Families " Our Specialty nwtiXF fosss* MILITARY ONLY--Fret Rental Service. ?. Rose _Rltv. OE^JRl rroftfilonal and I Officti for Rsint EASTSIDE. New all glectrlc suites 2000 so. ft. Beautiful PARAMOUNT^ ~PARK-LikE~~ Apt. living, xtra Ige. 1, J t 1 Pamiount. Tl """··/' '·""·^*!!."L.«"5!"! a N ! CE "f""- "· L - «·-· 225,' 2 STORY, 4b., 2-ba., dlsp., dbl. oar. redecor. 1 blk. to ocean. _ Corner. 1430 E. 1st. 4390929 ^BR. newly dec. drapes, water, trash pd. Carport, fenced yard, unt. TO 7-9447. IncludTng ulijilies. ^t.i«K H S A TELLAT -- a-2121 OFFI 'ney Ava. 2 BR. apt. carpeted, w/drapes, children OK, 15310 Colorado St., Ph. 2-BDRM studio apts. Carvel, drapes^ bullt-lns, IVi beths. Itt45 Posage, MODERN 2-Br., 1.000 so. ft., w-w crpt., drapes, bullt-lns, ·-----· pool. tllD. rney Ave. 34-7o42 LARGE 1 Br, w/w crpts, drps, hullt-ln. stove, gar. ett-7M4 . . . ., w carpet- Ing, redec. comer lot. gar. 2 chil- dntn ok. 1140 mo. 425-8530 S59. 1 BR, + sml. child's rrn. 11640 E. 20Bth Sf., Arteiia. 43MH7 LKWD. 2-BR. Clean. Lge yd. Vac. Leasg only 1130. Bkr. HA 1^6411 SOUTH BAY 1-BDRM. UNFURNISHED $69.50 Children welcome 904 ALAMITOS DELUXE 1-BR. upper. Nr. Ralph's. new w. to w., range, refrtg., dlsp. Adult], no gets, |90. '.134 Raymond SAVE $20 ON FIRST MONTH'S RENT 1-BDRM. S89.50. 1123] Ferine, Nor_ 1 * a *^_See,_then cell. ME 3-5947 CANAL Front, 3-Bdrm., IVi bafh, enclosed pallo. 1250. GE M7I9. US--2-BR. Newly decor. 2041 Llm'e , A.e. GA 3-M3. ! RENTAL Problems? See phone book Yellow Page 505, Degley HE 6-9751 ... t . .... Secreterlal servlci a vailable, elr cond., carpets, rapes, lanltorlal service, utlfllies Included. ISO up. NAPLES CENTER Bldg. neer Marina. 5855 Naplea Plata. Suite 101. 45.2905 NEW OFFICES From 870 per mo. for MO ft. or more. Air cond. with excel, park. Loc In L.B. adl. to Lkwd. Call HARRY L. COWAN CO. 100 E. Ocean HH S-48O 4429" VILLAGE RD. No. of Carson. E. of Lakewood Blvd. Approx. 950 so. ft., forced air, 3 rooms + For into- WHY SO CHEAP? Heart .Hack A good coin laundry. 11500 dn. Total enlv sflfc. . LARGE Volume Service Take nnprox. I Brst loqstlon 1 rTSTABLlSHE6~varn shop, . . owner 70 veers. Due to III I must sell. Clientele ai ' liftings Included; Days ' I _tVeji_or_weekjsn«OE @ PARTAKE FRANCHISE C0~ finance quellflfd man ft ..... fnelr Own Frandtlstl ffff INFOI PARTAKE, iYJO Bellftow _L.B. 421-» L GREEN HUT CAFE For inn. SMOO Establlsned busl- _S«"E 1 3raN"" m "'' ° m * TSF3b Beer bar-Pin* houM Has wL Off it. parking. "THU Lot Altos"Area--E.L.B. 2750 Bellflower Blvd. I blk. to San Diego Frwv. Air- cond. suites In new office bldg. Call 421-9354 Mon.-Frl. OFFICE for laase. 3121 LlB. Blvd., j BY OWNER-30 Bed"rest home wSl . eslab. E.cjllint location. Take trade as part down payment. ' Write Box A Kef-- InoVPress Tel. DRY CLEANING PLANT "'lHii"sq.'"ft."M"odern"bldg"'Cornpi' ' _F P^Gji 165-DUPLEX, See to appreciate how really lovely. 1-Br., w/w cpt.. _dlsp. Adult. 1027_Paclflc._GE 44159 $50"SGL.-$60 I-BR. _ytil«. pd. Pet-child ok. 1930 cherry. J15 WK. Utit. Pd. Kids, Navv'oli. 733'E. 17lh. 730 E. Esther. tijSO WEEK -- 1 br apts. Gas/ I waterjJd.J32 E. Esther. 432-0680 ] NoFetCrabtr M GE4-990l ISO TO S150 PER MONTH SIS TO $25 PER WEEK 20M E. Pacific Coast Hwv. PARK ESTATES $95 Extra large 1-BR. W-W carpets. Adults. Mgr. SllV Anaheim ^td! at Greenbrler. A'LL ELEC. I i 2-BR. 1011 Ohio 1070 St. Louis NLB. -- 1-Bdrm., dtsp., hardwood floors, far. 880. 361-B Elm. Call for app~ 42U114 aft. S. 1-BDRM. overlooking tx ._ Ho pels. 175. 343 Termlno. rear. ' 1100--2-BR. Gar. Westslde. DeolfV 900 L.B. Blvd. HE A-97S .--. ., -- - - -,. -- . I «l"35^*BRT~b"bl. Gar. nrds7~Pet. | ·"Lf" ld -us? c isS?T la- P 1 """! Deoley 900 L.B. Blvd. HE M751 _P»Jjllng. HE_2-9717. PRIME loc.--entire 2nd fir.. N.W. cor. Broadway I* Lime, will com- snould make «IS» i Incl. prkl --*-- BIXBY KNOLLS--Large 1 bedrrr BEL. HGTS. Lge. front 2-br., prlv. ! entrance, range, refrlg., $97.50; also 1-br., $76. 4421 E. 4th St. SfO--DELUXE 2-BR.--POOL Crpts., drapes, bullt-Jns, disc «755 Atlantic Avt. GA 6-4M WRiGLEY--Lovaiv 3 bdrm., 2 bath., Crplg., dlsp. Sea to appreciate. Adults. 916 Handerson. 591-2924 i . _ .. Carats, drapes. Adrtti. 303i E. 3RD--Spacious 1 Br. w/w SIGNAL HILL--See to appreciate cpt. extra bed Adults. $95. ·-~ -- -- --- .jre·"-.?'_· MODERN large 1-BR. $80. Nr. bus I, mkts. AdulK. 1070 Gardenia I I 2-BR. Pool, bulll-lni. oar. Lux- US MO., $17, ury. 549 Johnson Avj,__42l-3154 I loc., pool. 1 I-B. neerly new apt. Fully furn- "-[shed. Modern. _1412__E. 9th^ $70 L UP. Utll. pd. 1 Br., wall bad. Nr. shopping. Redec. 1424 Chestnut «5^Lge l"BR. Children ok. Idry. Mr Stale College. 3031 E. 7lh _.. Shore, nicely furn. sln- is 8. water pd. GE 94369 77 'cherry.' 1 BLM, A'DULTS. UTIL. OLES, FROM (70.75. Hosp. free -.----KBR. nr. Memorial UHI pd. Adults. 426-0.123. IIS WKPl-br. S, Sol., utll. j: TV,_J464 Gavlota. 4''l-2feB. 1-BR. close to mkts. loir/j Orizaba. Pet _B.k., Adults. GE 38670. 145 B, UP Cl'esn sole aot« Ufll pd. Adulls. 555 Golden. 432-4TO. Fmnllhtd Aportm'nh 104 ROOMY, REFRIG. 1753 Gardenia, L.B. Ph: GE 7-8356 SB"- 1-BR,"" ADULTS. NEAT i, CLEAN. I4J4 Coronado. GE 4-8»01 t«5 -- REDECORATE, large l-Br. ulll paid. 1639 WALNUT 1-BR $65 mo. Nr. buses ft mkts. Child OK. 1046 Gavlola. BACH SSO-l-bdrm. opper $7S. 1455 Rcdondo. 433.1698; 925-5037. LARGE furn. l bdrm. Newly redec. Ulll. pd. ilS OE 9-2243, Apl. 6 LONG BEACH 1 ft 24«drms., furn. i unfurn. Carpeting, drapel, bullt-ins, forced air heel. 5*7-1175 1 MO. Freg Rent--New 2 l-Bdrm. Utll. pd. Carp., drapes, music, pool. 195 up. Child OK. 1404} _ Orlzahi, Paramount. 434-2712 J120 TO S140. 2-tr., 2-ba., all guic Gym, steam fc recreation rms. Carports, elevator. Adults. See Mgr. Apt. 2, 2691 Pasadena_Ave. $77.50--$99.50 1916 Henderson. 3-BR. 2 ba. New, spacious, crpts., drapes, FM music, 1072 Bclmont. Ph. 3Mli6; HE 5-2026. _ 2-8DRM. $89. Redec., w-w cnrpel. drapes. Children OK. No pels. 2551 Pasadena Ave. . $79.50--LGE. I-BR. POOL NR. BUS. 745 ORANGE RETIRED COUPLE--$ui»*! 218 Belmont--Nice U2 Br. Sliding glass door lo pallo 3 BR., CHILDREN " $120. Extras. 426-7572, 437-J406 ' ^- NR. NEW I BR $80 £·: Near 7fh t Walnut, 1533 Hallm»n j $79--GOLD Medallion. Avail April 1st. Drapes, bullt.ln stove, upper 1626 Pine. GE3-MM; 436-Z594 NEW 2-br., w-w carpets, i drapei. disposal, near, shop, center. $95. For appt. 439-1145. 1055 Euclid. I LOVELY 1-br. upper. Stove, refrlg. i Avail. Must .see to a^precllte. Wat*, and lawn paid, hardwooo floor), lirga clostn. Avalon Sheridan Gardens 556 E. 331ST ST 3 miles Nnrlh of Wilmington en Avalon; Mon. r Frl. 9-7 p.m.-Sat., iun. ^. Rendondo 434-o48e; REDEC".'5 rm._t»use, "$95. 439.5532 IM GULF ST.. WILMINGTON LKWp""s'h.rB Jir early. 116M Masslnger. 4-BED~RM house, 2 bath, 2 car gar. «, pallo. Fenced yd. »I70. 596-9730 "BDRM., 2 bath. Fenced. Kids OK. 4th St. New triplex. Igg 2 Br, 436-33571 2-BR.--I-YR. NEW. Range, refrlg. 471 St. Carpet, drapei. MS up. 471 St. Louis. Nr. 4W8. Cherry 4^-1349 ' ' ' " ' 2-BdrT FABULOUS Continental Townhouse, l. 2, 3-BR's -- Gold Medallion. 3455 Elm In Blxby Knells. 2-bdrm., BELLFLOWER dip type, indlv. patto. m i-uia BELMONT HEIGHTS--4-aroe"2".bdr. retrlg._Nr._busJlne. GE W287 N.L.B. 2-BDRM. upper, $97.'" W-w crpt., drapes, stove, refrlg.. 7 children ok. «S E. Louise. 422J862 2 BDRM Brand new, all "Elec. w-w! Adults.'1134 yempie' GE 9*2539 NEW IMrm. W-w cpt., draoes «. stove, 1 month'a rent FREE. HE e-lea2 eves. GA_4j7928 VIEW t balcony 2-br., sTfs «. $100 Nr. new delux. Lge. E-slde. 434-2290. SU'B-LEASE 3 wood paneled offices, approx. 435 sq. ft., carpets, drages, air cond7si65 mt 4?9^IS.__ STORE--Ideal for T V or Brautv office, etc. Downtown. Reas. H .E_7;U?' DESK. S'PACE In office at 3105 C. Anaheim St. Utllllles fur.ilihed. _l3p_per_ month. GE 3-746B 100 FT. MEblCAL'OFFicE PTOWN PROFESSIONAL BLDG. _ 431-2715 ' TOY 1 PARTY SHOP 150.000 grs. Ideal tor cpl. Trade home. Inc. TO. McDenloT. 437-714* (W2I7I 437-12S1 REX L f 636 E. 15lh 438-8166 000 OR 1200 IQ. ft. office. Air cond. Cametl. 4940 L.B. Blvd. GE 1-3373 S25 MO. Modern, alr-cbnd." desk space. Ing. 2385 Allanllc. LKWD. _.. Medical Dental, ground floor, ample parking. HA 5-4405. DELUXE office" suite to share. _4252_Atl»ntlc GAJ-8W son. Redec. $85. ftealio'r.~UN'SJ444 I NEW Offices w/AIr cond., 1 prlv. .-..-=-.-. ------------- fa on ; bath. Reas. ME Mloo or ME 4-1678 WA s-37921 "EXECUTIVE CENTER; iop C B Ice., luxury offices. $75 up. 422-0407 ft. 2 restrms. New! GarrKldsToK. ! . j.".TM: ""'"°; y" 5 ' lease, nomini to buy,. slmipltig center. 15714 Pioneer Blvd.. Norwalk. Courtesy Broken. UN «-H4t CAFE, approx. $275 a day. Business district. Low rent. Bast modern eoulp. Small dn. Reedy to eMM. 137 No. Pacific, San Pedro. BEER lever.i east L.B. area. Large bldg., great potential. AMtntea owner cannot control, will aacrl- Heel Owner, 714--539-1351. MARKET'. Neighborhood w/lg, 7- bdrm. home ettadiedTEiH'' " yrs. Ph. Owner (714) Buena Pk. - . ross 000 mo. property avail. Bkr._ME 3-t570; 423-2363 14 KEGS. I1D dn. S1U Not fancy BUT A M MA B.B.B. GA 3-7CT. Furnished Hoflltf I W T CYPRESS-- 3-Bdrm. den on 2 i D " l747_Shernw,_PI.' _ 4M-1710 S "mac B " C cllofce'ioc'."iikr' 5v6°39li j ATR^C'Orife^W'Mi: LOVELY 3-BR., Cars'on Pk.", 15x30 LARGE 2-br. New. Gar. Kids OK ! Storage. Parking. ' 7317 Moli. Paramount. HA 5-2929 , L.B.-Lkwd. Medlcel olflce. 25c so REE RENTALS-Anv area 1 prla . »· " a - «*"· ro ''"' or_Ul-»«e. SIGHT SOUND ADV. 638-9140 ' LKWD. at Pan Am. Park. 1200 f --· $150 mo. NE 7-1921 or NE 1-2016 BEER-14. KEGS. ER( BEA'UTY salon, Reas., no down G vment, i sletlons well eoulo*. nwood area. 639-9884. PPESS'SHOP--GROSS TO 12500 MO. TOP PRICES. Bkr. ME 3US70; 423-2J63 _ AUTO Repair--tiillv eoulg. Also ttxll suitable for steam clean 1. car wash. 426-3826. FURN. HSE., WASHER, NO PETS , WnplT FENCED YARD. ME 34369 2 |S? M - ME 34369 BELLFLOWER -- 2-BEDRM., not fancy but livable. Kids ok. $100. ME 01778 $85--WITH Utll./upper 5 rms., nr. loth 8 L.B. Blvd., children pet ok., fenced vd. Owner GA 7-4852. ND A HOUSE nr. St. . . . _ Adults^ _HA 9 : 7126,-_425-6132 j »y« t |«dy PraD. 115 HAMBURGER H.6. S300 full Ortce, LKWD. 3-BDRM. W/W CARPETS] /lU K · m a n operation. DRAPES. $150. Adults. Garage. oauy \j.f,. 4..» c. !4Tn. 4Je-yj/4 jjn E TTr EXTRA MICE 1 B R " Mod. rBdrm. All Extras i _kJij^:.v«pE!- GEvmn 1070 Stanley. Adults. 433-0125 · DELUXE, i BR ; . usi _j_ ·R J $n. orean transp. Low Vent. HE 2-9010; GE 0-7571 Ntar Walnut St. !S19_E. 5th BI.XBY Knolls._]-Br.Jower.w/gar. j I FOR GUYS GALS W». r*«lly III* *· lln Brand New Apartment Heiel SHANGRI LODGE COMraRTM Iwcwn. efneeno apertmettfs . . . Air camitleried . . . SawKltrMfas] . . . TV, pfwnt Mltets. COMVtNllNCEII Free meld service . MCC linen . . . MtlTetllmei . . . F»l (MM service . . . Near freeways * * trmwertetlen WEEKLY RATES 75 6975 Long Beach Blvd. *·.*«**. _ BARGAIN. DOWNTOWN OYO w/option to buy. ~ elor. Lovely vie $42. _ GAJ : 1472;_GA 2J2B J)I.50-I-1DBM. Choice anal You'll like. OA 6-4560 OCEAN 1249 EAST I BR Larga sunny. 43MW; 43M57I. DELUXE--All .«c. Pool ft rac. rm. 1-BR., bullt-lnt, w-w crpt., drapes, M'd. pool, air cand. adulti. 271 _A_ 8 .y KNETT. RETIRED--Delightful l*r.. ground fir. Nr. store 1. P.O. (JE 8-7335 BIXBY KNOLLS 2-br. w/oar. S81 Redc^AdulU. CT6 Elm. GA 2-8659 S80. 2 BEORM., modern, carpets S. drpes, 4 yrs old. Cln^ GE l : «09 BIXBY" Kno'lls " 2 " "br.V child ok. 41» Elm., 427-6271_qr 4M-1735 _ .. _ . . .-clrlc, can Adujts, no_ pels. _GE_ NLB--2-BS. Iwr.," w-w crot. diso.. $87.50. .115 W._Markel. GA 3-7491 . 1-BORM. HeAled pool."Adults only. $90._1727 OWspo._GB 9 016! 3027" E. 3d. Upper 2~ br.." take Child. $95. 43«-4769i 424U74. $60--NEAR traffic circle. 1 BR". upper. Redicorafed. 594S48 Lake Ave.. Paramount. 866-3213. R'ENTAL ProWenis?"See"phone : book Yellow Page 50S,_Deglev_ HE_6-975l $85--i^Br. Kids. Yd. Deolev 900 L.B. BJyd. HE 697S1 $75--UTIL. Pet. Kids. 'Yd Deglev 900 L.B. B|vd. _HE_6-9751 '$67"50-1.BR Gar. Pet Deglev 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 *100-- "TrL Pd 7 Br~ Kids Deglev 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 Ml R--1 FV1,r- n . i dry room SM mo. Call GA 2-40O. NEAR new 2 br. -t- gar. Part. fum. _»950. 22327 yloletej Artesle. V7275-N L.B." 1-BORM. GA"R 63 W. 4»th St. (JA 2-9239 ~HA~~l!A6fi i irvn RENT) i*7hT^ ' BUV. N. w.'Corner^m Row/ _T -l-icn 2-Br. . )r-c i| we window). 1 rooms w removable wallt. Some off it. parking. M»nv uie* Bkr.. 1779 E "' I37-J7- " . . an operation. RntSU njo., e., good loc. Agf. ME Ht " I-BR. lectrlc L water Dd. , I NEW lot. 2-bdrm., Wfl ckktaU, drps. I WW. Pool. HE7-.935; HE 7 516*. [ SEAL BEACH. Oaluxa 3-Br., 2 All al«c.. adultt. 473 OHIO--1 J. J-br., cpts., drtoej. rcfrlp.. stove. Aduifi. . 10! $15-- 1 BR uo Newly d«C- far. In-; ' ' » witntr. ina. i3H E. im. · I _UT(LS^Pd. 1711 E. 4trt St. T OR 2 BRS., ELECTRIC . 460 St. Louli. Ad.lM GG 3-34*4 LGE. 2'br». unfurn."lilor2~Bn. furn. SU5. 1576 Elm. HE 5-ltM I BELMONT HEIGHTS I a roe 3-bdrm. I _Adylts. G§r._$110 4 t1». 436-tNO I 3-BDRM. Aptt. Pool A patio. Xlnt locifton.Txit ClBrKdileT ArlttH. ctutf*. ALL ELEC. **" 3 br, toll dYov »ee * _ . _ _ ("DEAL for any sma'll otflce~ iv. _mwrteri. No Children. GA 7-«77p. EXTRA LARGE l-iRVA'PT." " 173.* Wanay Drlvf _ W1-57U " , ran 94! W\AGHOLIA-- J brj, 2 r, town, Hex. AM at*K. Nr, 175--tGE mod. 1-br.. Wilton hlon *r«. A(Krltf._776_B_ennfM. 59J-6I27 (90--L0£" j-Br./wop.r," MI p»ld C5I|d._355^ Myrtle. H_L*V81tt N'L.B.--m SOUTH ~st. "i-br. ,/. Yftwvs ~~rr!cd_cooolei._^2Hi.3l '60.9 CHtKKY 1-br, --US. Adult.. Newtv decpratfd._ 423-316* , SEAL Bt.Kh,~lM., 1-Mrm.. garaot I » pt - H * wly dtc - TE *" IH ; ^ " ' "".* *g. dr J5h?' *"*' ! KIDS i. PET no pr^bkm-MO FEE? SIGHT SOUND ADV. 4M-93M 1 BR., fenced. 1 ChJkJ. $75. 717 ! 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(Back of -* r'.'\ Pllia. HE 2 6881 n:i. 3 o m. PRIME LOC ." reilaurant 'ow. wiM f frnodei 643 E . Bdwv. AcrOW frcvn n-w Sat'WAv HF 7-A8DI fift T i m STORE for leaie 15x60. Available WeiIrniniter._454-SS28; S96-1377. GOLD MEDALLION--'Brand new store unit* m ihoDOmg cntr. Iix45 tach. 530 E. t Wll.ow. GA iV*9SI VACANT -- $torei-~Whse« - Offlcet EXD. Mleioeoole no«d«] HARRY L._CpWAN CO HE S4W9 "$65 MO. "(5x45 _ 7^50 E. BROADWAY HA VM79 .tied bids. liidmVdoori.**!,'"!'"* 175 GE *-3i«. 1351 Orizaba RM~ Mldrn Cypri 2-BEDROOM -- Gar, (me* , 2136 Locust Ave. ME 3-2! 7500 SO ft. K«au1.. new thi For (rancrtu* byi "no G»rd. Or. (}13t 176-3116; NEW fftCti 3U(X otil.jflld."f*i4"E."l«ttV 4323756 " " Chiujrn"c'vpreiv" S13S mo. 935-7411 N'L'.B. i raee 1 2 HSES on lot-l'V Br. »7S. «44|v. I l BDRM, in, Adultv ISTW Cornyta. - - . _ ._ ,,.._ 'w. M«rcos. Paramount. WA 3-4097 5.11. 6.!! I6VS-1056. . CDFN ROC JUalty 431 »M9 J135-2 BDRM., m. am.~rm. 40M STORE -f Apt., 195/EMtsxM. Ai«, N. Brt«rcre.t, Lkwd. 430-7143 , Itth * Cetrltot. $15. GROCERY store Betr I. win*, feed nelahborhood. Ideal for cauota. S Days. HE 5-4515, L.1 BEER, win*, groc. t dell. Great Bivtj. io. jlioo + Invtntorv. V* On. SQ33 L. B. Blvd. GA M310 KEMNEL wT-c-^e pool. Desert rrsort «rea. Very artxloua. Submrt. GANNON'S GA 3-J4.6; ME 3-4753 REAutV"Shoo, WU"mlr»0ton, ntHi. ODport.nlty. Cloiing oro6*ta, mupt sell, bv owner. Att. 6 p.m. OT-Tgy A.I SHOE Rc0alr~.ocv.lon. MAM car. a day ?TM Alondra Blvd. corner ol ciarh. _ RESTAURANT BA*NQ New shor- c^nier, new l.flif E'llton Rltv H LAUNDERETTE ESTAB. .5 Y*. OD INC FOW CPLE. LOW ON Will ttach. J947_ E. B'wa' Book' orovc* TtnTrefit. Si $2000 dn SlNGEg B'EER" BAR "prove over 10 kto for - lai» 5 yr.. Rt. $1», no ; cont\ lu.coo FP trm. A^r. i ! AUTO reoal location if. _ oan St., Lot SEMI RET. NEEDS _PAi KITCHEN tor ' location^ _ BARBER SHOP--J cftair«, . or buy ??ll A-*"!^* 1 " 1 ^. AUTO Reoair, fully M(rt.. By owfer, Bc»-. raflt^ BFAuTr SA'LON. "BUSY LI'TTLC SHOP" Call OWNER HA »7?7j irrnyd*. VE ' ChlMr _ extra tot. 1 br. w7**j\K7~r* I Wt. 2072 ChMtfwi. ..I-UM EASE 4-bEDRM. HOUSE, 1158 i M-1 MO. S40t HKir-oit, Lkd. TO 4-23M St. HOE SHINC $TANt TOW MINI W« · ONS BIACH BLV6.

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